89th Annual SPSA Conference 2018-Jan-03 to 2018-Jan-07

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"By the Authority Vested in Me:" Executive Orders and Statutory Citation
 Kennedy, Joshua.

"Craft" Economics and Public Policy Challenges
 Saladino, Chris. and Smiley, Mitchell.

"Federalism and Executive Action: Memoranda, Executive Orders, and Vetoes."
 Ruggiero, ashley.

"I just don’t think she has a presidential look": Sexism and Support for Trump in 2016
 Knuckey, Jonathan.

"Most of What We Do is Blocking and Tackling:" Lobbyists for Higher Education Institutions
 Marsicano, Christopher.

"Resent Thy Neighbor”: Republican Backlash from Democratic Migration in Florida
 Licari, Peter.

#LGBTQIA: The Queer Movement on Twitter
 Osterbur, Megan.

(Un)equal Representation in Low Inequality Contexts?
 Elkjaer, Mads.

'One Thing's Born from Another': Rebirth and Time in Machiavelli's Mandragola
 Bermingham, Katherine.

¿Sí o No? Explaining Policy Differences towards the War on Drugs in Latin America
 Scherlen, Renee. and Cisneros, Jose Antonio.

‘But, I didn't know!’ Using Contracts to Address Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty in Introductory Political Science Classes.
 Mitchell, Nathan., Morton, Tabitha., Nojeim, Michael., Monroe, Billy. and Huss, Stephen.

‘Selective Instrumentalization’ of Europe? The EU’s Role in Reforms of the Judiciary and Military in Turkey
 Cemen, Rahmi.

“A Tale of Two Cities”: An Examination of Mass Polarization in the 2016 Presidential Election
 Faust, Brody.

“Federalism and Intergovernmental Issues: Impeachment and Recall of State and Local Government Officials.”
 Taulbee, ashley.

“Federalism and Representation in the First Congress.”
 Hail, Michael.

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A Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science: Are we training Researchers, Analysts, or Both?
 Franco, Josh.

A Comparative Study of Elections of French Overseas Députés and U.S. Insular Territorial House Delegates
 Cain, Sean.

A Critical Assessment of US Space Strategy: Falling Behind?
 Harding, Robert.

A Cross-National Study of Negativity Biases
 Fournier, Patrick., Soroka, Stuart. and Nir, Lilach.

A Domestic Explanation for UN Peacekeeping Operations: Burden-sharing and Public Opinion
 Asano, Rui., Yasui, Kiyotaka. and Kita, Munenori.

A Drive to Engage? How Citizen Engagement Impacts Public Servants
 Resh, William.

A Granular Study of the Effects of Nonpartisan Elections on Participation
 Kent, Thomas.

A Multiplicity of Voices: Does Regional Independence Serve a Judicial Learning Function?
 Shauku, Adamu.

A Network Approach to Understanding Innovations in Urban Water Management in Local Governance Systems
 Gomez Fernandez, Edna., HEnry, Adam. and Pivo, Gary.

A New Lender of Last Resort? Examining the Rise of Bilateral Currency Swaps
 Vaughn, Abigail.

A New Way Forward: Detecting and Reacting to Complex Security Challenges in IR
 Ridder, Wolfram. and Niedermeier, Alexander.

A Panel Experiment on the Effect of Dynamic Policy and Party Cues on Vote Choice
 Uttermark, Matthew.

A Relational-Based Measure of State Legislator Consequence
 Kulesza, Christopher., Wu, Charles., Schostak, Walter. and Waltenburg, Eric.

A Rusty but Provocative Knife? The Rationale behind China's Sanction Usage
 Huang, Wei-hao.

A Study on the Presidential transition in South Korea
 Kim, Byong Seob.

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BIG Issues: Measuring Polarization on the US Supreme Court
 Kingsolver, Austin.

Back in the Shadows, Back in the Streets
 Michelson, Melissa. and Lavariega Monforti, Jessica.

Bashing over Time: Has Congress Changed in How It Talks about Public Employees?
 Abner, Gordon. and Fucilla, Louis.

Beginning to Explain Representational Differences Among House Incumbents
 Hunt, Charles.

Behind The Same Mule? African Americans, Caribbean Americans, and the “Black vote”
 Pena-Vasquez, Andrea.

Beyond Rentierism: United Arab Emirates’ Exceptionalism In A Turbulent Region
 Antwi-boateng, Osman.

Bicameralism and Partisan Coordination: Houses in Motion
 Moser, Scott. and Lewallen, Jonathan.

Birds of a Feather: The Effects of Race and Gender on District Court Nominations
 Robinson, Ann. and Kennedy, Brandy.

Black Lives Matter Beyond Police Brutality: How Knowing & Supporting BLM Increases Support for Other Black Marginalized Groups
 Juarez, Melina. and Abrams, Brooke.

Blinded by Wealth? What Voters Think About the Descriptive Underrepresentation of the Working Class
 Carnes, Nicholas. and Lupu, Noam.

Bot or Human?: Fake Followers on Senators Twitter Accounts
 Straus, Jacob.

Breaking Bad or Breaking Pitiful?: An Empirical Analysis of Race and Quantity in the War on Drugs
 Unah, Isaac., Kennedy, Joseph. and Wahlers, Kasi.

Broken Record: Causes and Consequences of the Changing Roll Call Voting Record in the U.S. Congress
 Lynch, Michael. and Madonna, Anthony.

Bureaucratic Federalism and Political Differentiation: Sexual Orientation and the EEOC
 Napolio, Nicholas.

Bureaucrats as Patrons: Administrative Chiefs and Resource Distribution in northern Kenya
 Peterson, Brenton.

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Can Celebrity Support Increase Presidential Popularity?
 Nownes, Anthony.

Can Factual Misperceptions be Corrected? An Experiment on Public Fear of Terrorism
 Silverman, Daniel. and Kent, Daniel.

Can Mismanaged Democratization Spur Violent Extremism? Evidence from Tunisia
 Macdonald, Geoffrey. and Waggoner, Luke.

Can developing countries expect the effects of E-Government on anti-corruption? Panel Analysis between developing countries and OECD
 Oh, Jeongmin. and Lee, Daewoong.

Candidate Selection Methods and Party Loyalty in Korea: With Focus on the 19th National Assembly Election
 Seo, Daeweon. and Bae, Eunjin.

Capitalism in Motion
 Digiacomantonio, Ida.

Care Ethics and the Politics of Presence
 Back, Laura.

Caught in the Fray: Signaling Resolve, Indivisible Issues, and Britain during World War I
 Atkinson, Douglas.

Causal Contexts of Citizens’ Distrust in Governments
 Choi, Heungsuk. and Han, Seungjoo.

Certainty in Uncertain Times: Citizen Forecasting in 2015 Canadian Election
 Leiter, Debra., Reilly, Jack. and Stegmaier, Mary.

Challenges Managing a New Hazard: Earthquake Mitigation and Preparedness in Oklahoma
 Chang, Ray., Greer, Alex., Murphy, Haley. and Wu, Tristan.

Changing Electoral Systems and Ethnic Representation in Russia
 Klein, Aidan. and Moraski, Bryon.

Changing Norms of Apprenticeship and Specialization: Amendment Sponsorship in the U.S. Senate
 Howard, Nicholas. and Owens, Mark.

Changing Perceptions of Media Bias
 Goidel, Kirby., Goidel, Spencer. and Davis, Nicholas.

Children Beggars and Vendors On City Streets of West Africa: Visible, Bold, and Neglected?
 Bamfo, Napoleon.

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DMV Closures as a Trojan-Horse Suppression Mechanism in Strict Voter-ID States: A Study of Alabama
 Peay, Periloux.

Dancing in Shackles: Strategic Authoritarian Power Consolidation through Anticorruption in China
 He, Ning.

David and Goliath? Party Capability Theory and Local Governments
 Myers, William. and Downey, Davia.

Deadly Misinformation: How the Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens the Health and Safety of Americans
 Blackburn, Christine. and Winnike, Allison.

Death of a Culture Wars Issue? The Unusual Case of Same-Sex Marriage
 Camobreco, John.

Decolonizing concepts: Exploring the conceptualization of climate justice, women’s empowerment, and happiness
 McOmber, Chesney., Mundim, Karla. and van Wees, Saskia.

Deconstruction of Feminist Pedagogy in the Southern College Classroom
 Mancillas, Linda.

Deferring, Deliberating, or Dodging Review? Examining the Mechanisms Behind Panel Effects
 Hinkle, Rachael., Nelson, Michael. and Hazelton, Morgan.

Degrees of Social Pressure in a Partisan Voter Mobilization Experiment
 Monson, Quin., Riding, Scott. and Schultz, Tom.

Delegation and Political Turnover
 Sasso, Gregory.

Democracy and Caste Politics in India: A Study in Andhra Pradesh

Democracy's Public Meanings
 Davis, Nicholas., Gaddie, Keith. and Goidel, Kirby.

Democratic Peacekeeper or Decision Taker
 Esparza, Diego.

Democratization and Political Islam: A Comparative Study of Indonesia and Pakistan
 Khaliq, sohaib.

Demographic and Political Influences on Public Support for the Arts
 Jacobsmeier, Matthew.

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Easy Pickings: An Analysis of Public Procurement Fraud
 Smith, Christy. and Andrew, Simon.

Economic Openness, Industrialization Stage and Regime Stability in Developing Countries
 zheng, li.

Economic Segregation and Unequal Policy Responsiveness
 Flavin, Patrick. and Franko, William.

Economic Statecraft and National Security Objectives
 Nurullayev, Dmitriy.

Economic motives, strategic behavior, and Chinese construction of artificial islands in the South China Sea
 Finnell, Rachel. and Crooker, Skip.

Economic openness: Risk, return and growth perspective
 Dicle, Mehmet., Dicle, Betul. and Beyhan, Aydin.

Economists at the Gates: Democratic Resurgence, Vietnam, and the Birth of the Modern Fed
 Thompson, Nicolas.

Effect and Duration of Corrective Messages by Communication Mode
 Bergan, Daniel. and Carnahan, Dustin.

Effect of Legislative Malapportionment on Subunit Allocations in Unicameral Systems
 Vieweg, Christian.

Effects of Multi-Family Housing on Property Values and Crime in Little Rock, 2000-2016
 Craw, Michael.

Elected (In)Justice? Explaining Racial Disparity in Incarceration based on Judicial Selection Mechanisms in the States
 Taylor, Travis.

Election Administration Financing and Its Determinants in North Carolina Counties
 Mohr, Zachary., Pope, JoEllen., Kropf, Martha. and Shepherd, Mary Jo.

Election credibility and leaders legitimacy. Fair vote representation model
 Nina, Takwi Tacha.

Elections and Child Labor Protection in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Crippin, Tiffani.

Electoral Acts and Post-Election Violence in Nigeria’s Fledging Democratization Process: Challenges and the Way Forward
 Awosika, Felix.

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Facilitating Classroom Interactions in an Era of Political Polarization
 Fraser, Ben., Beyer, Marcia. and Bonnette, Stephen.

Fake News Inoculations? Fact Checkers, Partisan Identification, and the Power of Misinformation
 Morris, Jonathan. and Francia, Peter.

Fear and Loathing in Presidential Campaign Rhetoric, 1952-2016
 Rhodes, Jesse. and Vayo, Amber.

Federal versus indigenous constitution-making: Constitutional texts and governance outcomes in American Indian and Alaska Native communities
 Kern, Florian., Gleditsch, Kristian Skrede. and Cordell, Rebecca.

Federalism and Immigration Policy: A Look at Texas
 Haynes, Victor.

Feeling Politics: Efficacy and Well-Being
 Davis, Brandon.

Female Leadership and Foreign aid
 Imamverdiyeva, Ulkar.

Female Successors in the U. S. Senate
 Brant, Hanna. and Overby, L. Marvin.

Fight or Flight? Negative Emotion and Individual Retreat to Ideological Poles
 Enders, Adam. and Armaly, Miles.

Filibustering: What’s the Point? Filibuster Success Rates and Policy Outcomes
 Rackey, John.

Financing Health Care in Ghana: Are Ghanaians Willing to Paying Higher Taxes/User Fees for Better Health Care? Findings from Afrobarometer Round Six and December 2016 Follow-up Study
 Adisah-Atta, Isaac.

Finding Normal: Re-conceptualizing an ‘Assertive’ Japanese Foreign Policy
 Catsis, Nicolaos.

Finding Partisans in Unexpected Places: Anti-Identity Movements in Latin America
 Cyr, Jennifer.

Fitting the Stereotype: Partisan/Ideological Group Stereotypes and Social Identity
 Kelly, Jarrod.

Follow the Corporate Leader: Inferring Business Influence Networks Through Lobbying and Campaign Finance
 Kowal, Michael.

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Gender Affinity Effects in State Judicial Elections
 Stauffer, Katelyn. and Badas, Alex.

Gender Attitudes and the 2016 Presidential Vote: The Power of Attitudes about Feminism and Feminists
 Oceno, Marzia., Wayne, Carly. and Valentino, Nicholas.

Gender Bias in Political Science: Does the Monkey Cage Blog Practice What It Preaches?
 Bekafigo, Marija., Linville, Aaron., Simmons, Zachary. and Boyle, Kathryn.

Gender Differences in Violence Against Mayors
 Herrick, Rebekah., Franklin, Lori., thomas, Sue., Gnabasik, Eveline., Godwin, Marcia. and Schroedel, Jean.

Gender Gap in Voter Turnout: Longitudinal Analysis of European Parliament Elections
 dassonneville, ruth. and Kostelka, Filip.

Gender Quotas and Women’s Legislative Agenda Power in Mexico
 Kerevel, Yann.

Gender, Campaign Fundraising, and State Supreme Court Elections
 Kazungu, Conny. and Smith, Andrew.

Gender-Salient Issues, Generations, and the Gender-Gap in the 2016 Senate Elections
 Paolino, Philip.

Gendered Vulnerability in State Judicial Elections
 Norris, Mikel. and Glennon, Colin.

German Millennials In Post-Unification Germany
 Peterson, Geoffrey. and Zellner, Sierra.

Getting Through the Gates: Interest Group Access to the White House
 Miller, David.

Global Governance, Tax Treaties, and Credible Commitments
 Johnson, Austin.

Good Question! An Inductive-Learning Approach to Teaching Political Science Research Design
 Anson, Ian.

Governance and Changing Hazards Vulnerability: A Comparative Assessment of Climate Change and other Hazards Adjustment Practices in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States
 Gerber, Brian., Provost, Colin., Ross, Ashley. and Sanderson, David.

Governance and Disaster: How Do Emergency Managers Perceive Social Inequalities When Preparing for Disaster?
 Williams, Brian. and Webb, Gary.

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Has Bureaucratic Power Really Been Reduecd in Korea?
 Kim, Byong Seob.

Hazards and Obstacles of Redistricting Across U.S. State Legislatures
 Curiel, John.

Health Care Policy in New York in an Age of Uncertainty
 Kraus, Jeffrey.

Health Care and Cost Containment in Aging Society: An Experience of Japan in the 1970s and 80s
 Yamagishi, Takakazu.

Healthcare in America: The Relationship between Subjective and Objective Assessments of Hospitals
 Cheon, Ohbet., Song, Miyeon., McCrea, Austin. and Meier, Kenneth.

Hegemonic Rivalry in the Horn of Africa: Exploring the Implications
 Engedayehu, Walle.

Helicopter Parenting and the Decline of Political Ambition: Anxiety, Trust, and External Locus of Control
 Bunch, Jaclyn. and Milita, Kerri.

Herbert Croly and the Idea of America
 Turner, Brandon. and Zink, James.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Progressive Ambition and the Behavior of United States Attorneys
 Miller, Banks. and Curry, Brett.

Heterogeneous Partisanship and the Conditional Effects of Source Cues
 Loepp, Eric.

Historical Knowledge, Propaganda, and National Identity in China
 Huang, Haifeng. and Liu, Xinsheng.

Hobbes’s Social Contract as Horror Narrative: the Wolf-man, Leviathan, and the Politics of Monstrosity
 Robbins, Nicholas.

Hong Kong: A Success in the Making
 Turner, Kimberly.

Honorable Chair and Fellow Delegates: Using Model UN in the Classroom
 Wheat, Elizabeth.

Hot Politics: Physiological responses to political communication
 Bakker, Bert., Schumacher, Gijs. and Rooduijn, Matthijs.

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I Beg to Differ in 140 Characters or Less: Understanding Political Disagreement in Gubernatorial Campaign Communication
 Smithson, Anne-Bennett.

Ideas, Executive Offices, and Institutional Design in the War on Poverty
 Carrigg, Daniel.

Identical Goals, Conflicting Results: The European Union’s Impact on Good Governance in Post-Communist Europe
 Kartal, Mert.

Identifying Age, Period, and Cohort Effects on Regime Support in China
 Wu, Jason. and Meng, Tianguang.

Ideology on the Federal Courts of Appeals
 Hughes, David. and Howard, Nicholas.

Image Management and Campaigns: The Case of Republican Women
 Eckelman, Andrea. and Scruggs, Xavier.

Images of Political Protest: Investigating Media Bias In Magazine Coverage Of Ferguson
 Friedman, Michael. and Gomez, Katharine.

Immunizing Legal Mobilization: The Effects of the Autism Test Cases on the Decision to Litigate
 Hall, McKinzie. and Plowden, Shalanda.

Impulsivity and Voter Turnout
 Dawes, Christopher.

In Defense of Historical Context: Jefferson’s Declaration as Foreign Policy and Enlightenment Political Legitimacy
 Smith, Brian.

In Defense of Methodological Adventurism: Models as Metaphors of Causal Processes
 Mustillo, Thomas.

In Defense of my Faith: Competition among Religious Sects and Armed Conflict in the Developing World
 Danzell, Orlandrew. and Yeh, Yao-Yuan.

In what is an African citizen’s Self-esteem to be Rooted? Modern Colonialism and African Cultural Assimilation
 Sabi Goura, Soumanou.

Incentive Distributions in Heterogeneous Work Groups
 Marvel, John.

Income Taxation and State Capacities in Chile: measuring institutional development using historical earthquake data
 Bahamonde, Hector.

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Job as Judge: Reformed Political Theology’s Appropriation of Job as Model Magistrate
 Carrington, Adam.

Judgment and Narrative is Nussbaum's Capabilities Approach
 Forshee, Jennifer.

Judicial Guardians: Court Curbing Bills and Supreme Court Judicial Review
 Uribe-McGuire, Alicia. and Hager, Lisa.

Judicial Humility and the Jurisprudence of Chief Justice Roberts
 Slomski, Ben.

Judicial Review in State Supreme Courts: How Selection Mechanisms Influence Constitutional Review
 Hack, Jonathan.

Judicial Tone and the Utilization of Legal Doctrine in the Federal Courts
 Porter, Chase.

Jump Scare Politics: The Political Impact of Nonpolitical Horror Films
 Hill, Timothy. and Van Fleet, Ashley.

Justice Anthony Kennedy’s Judicial Philosophy: An Analysis and Critique
 Phillips, Stephen.

Justice Speaks: Nemesis, Rhetoric, and Nature in Aristotle's Rhetoric
 Basil, Christine.


Knowledge Hubris and Humility: A Theory of the Antecedents of (In)Accurate Self-Knowledge Assessments and Their Role in the Policy Process
 Tumlison, Creed.


Labor Market Competition with Immigrants and Far-Right Voting: the case of the French National Front at a Local Level
 Bolet, Diane.

Laboratories of Democracy: Opioid Policy Across States
 Patten, Joseph.

Latino Millennials and Atttitudes about Climate Change: Examining the Importance of Overlaping Identities
 Ross, Ashley. and Rouse, Stella.

Latinos por Trump: Colorblind Latinos and racial appeals
 Alamillo, Rudy.

Latinos/as and the Texas Judiciary: The Intersection of Race, Gender, and the Judiciary
 Navarro, Sharon.

Leadership of Luck: Randomization Inference for Leader Effects (RIFLE)
 Berry, Christopher. and Fowler, Anthony.

Leading the Faithful: Issue Salience Among Evangelicals in the Trump Era
 Parent, Jonathan.

Learning By Doing: Student Evaluations of their Internship Experiences
 Jenkins, Clinton. and Wiley, Susan.

Learning Democracy Digitally?: The Internet and Knowledge of Democracy in Non-Democracies
 Placek, Matthew.

Learning to Fight: Information, Uncertainty, and the Risk of War
 Fey, Mark.

Legislative Capacity and Committee Autonomy: The Case of Committee Amendments
 Madonna, Anthony. and Shay, Laine.

Legislative Conflict: Are Ideologues More Uncivil?
 Schraufnagel, Scot.

Legislative Constraints, Ideological Conflict, and the Timing of Executive Unilateralism
 Barber, Michael., Bolton, Alexander. and Thrower, Sharece.

Legislative Representation and Policy Floors; Reconceptualizing the Court's Role in Local and National Policy Desires
 Hoole, Adam.

Legislative Roles in Addressing Major Impediments in the Process of Democratic Transition and Consolidation: Corruption in Ukraine
 Khmelko, Irina. and Bonnal, Michael.

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Maintain, Don't Gain: Public Perception of Slimming Practices for Voter Rolls
 Smentkowski, Brian., Goidel, Kirby. and Freeman, Craig.

Making Room for Religious Diversity: Texas Public School Policy on Religious Expression
 Gooch, Donald., Abel, Charles. and Abel, Carolyn.

Managing Diversity: Clients, External Environment and the Practice of Diversity Management
 McCrea, Austin. and Zhu, Ling.

Market-Oriented Reforms and Democratic Values: A Lesson from Contracted Property Assessment and Tax Equity in Virginia Local Governments
 Lee, Gyeoreh.

Martin Bucer and the History of Political Thought
 Finnigan, Christian.

Mass Opinion and Party Coalition Formation
 OBrian, Neil.

Mass Repression and Political Loyalty: A Dual Legacy of Stalin’s Famine in Ukraine
 Rozenas, Arturas. and Zhukov, Yuri.

Massive Flooding versus the Olympics and the Presidential Election: The Trends of Public Interests in the 2016 Louisiana Flood
 Yeo, Jungwon., Knox, Claire. and Jung, Kyujin.

Measuring Dehumanization in Cable News Coverage
 Moore, Steven.

Measuring Identity: Linked Fate, Whiteness, and Ideology
 Fowler, Matthew.

Measuring Moral Conviction: Lessons from Experimental Evidence
 Nicoletti, Nicholas. and Delehanty, William.

Measuring Norm Robustness: A False Promise?
 Pezeshk, Ardeshir.

Measuring Substantive Representation for Women in India
 Turnbull, Brian.

Measuring and Assessing Latent Variation in Alliance Design and Objectives
 Campbell, Benjamin.

Measuring politically-relevant identity, with and without groups
 Marquardt, Kyle.

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Narratives in the Policy Process: Hurricane Katrina as a Condensation Symbol
 Warnement, Meg.

National Narratives: Representations of Independence in Bangladeshi History Textbooks from 1971 to the Present
 Herman, Elizabeth.

Nationalism, Genocide, and Historical Negation: The Strategy of Emending Genocide out of a National Identity
 Figgins, James.

Nature and Convention in Locke's Political Philosophy
 Henary, Sara.

Need for speed: The effect of high-speed internet on political behavior
 Lelkes, Yphtach.

Need? Interest? Effectiveness? Why do donors give humanitarian aid?
 Grossman, Allison.

Neighborhood Household Structure and Composition Predicts Child Abuse Maltreatment Substantiations in New Mexico Census Tracts: A Bayesian Hierarchical Spatiotemporal Model
 Salerno, Gia.

Network Connectivity and Message Reproduction on Anti-President Protests in Twitter
 Bae, Su Hyen.

Never Said “No”: The Normalization of Rape Culture and Its effects on Millennials
 Griffin, Allyson.

New Asian Great Power Dynamics: Security Relationships in the Trump Era and Beyond
 Campbell, Joel.

New Technologies, New Social Movements, and New Challenges to Political Representation
 Edwards, David.

No Games, Only Sports: The Politics of Global-Athletic Events and Media Ownership Biases
 Major, Mark. and Bailard, Catie.

No Help: The Decline of Agency Comment on Legislation
 Lewallen, Jonathan.

No Love for the Enemy: American Evangelicals and the Hostile Media Phenomenon
 Watson, Brian.

None of the Above: Third Party Voting in the 2016 American Presidential Election
 Rivard, Alex.

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Oil Wealth and Public Attitudes towards Government and Democracy in the Middle East
 Mazaheri, Nimah.

Old Friends, New Enemies: Political Change, Shared Interests, and the Path to Rivalry
 Saunders, Richard.

Oligarchy or Class Warfare? Political Parties and Interest Groups in Unequal Public Influence on Policy Adoption
 Grossmann, Matt.

On Gerrymandering, Strategic Redistricting, and Manipulability of Electoral Districts
 Brierly, Allen.

On Savants and Slow Learners: Evaluating Heterogeneity in Behavioral Acclimation on the US Supreme Court
 Armaly, Miles. and Black, Ryan.

On Testing Theories of Constituency Conditions and Political Polarization
 Alexander, Dan. and Magazinnik, Asya.

On the Durability of Supreme Court Legitmacy: Changes in Legitimacy from Real-World Treatments
 Strother, Logan. and Gadarian, Shana.

Online Media Choice and Presidential Preferences in the 2016 Election
 Starling, Anderson.

Opinions on Free Trade Policies in Taiwan
 Knight, Lucas.

Optimal Turnover Rates and Performance in Public Organizations: Theoretical Expectations
 An, Seung-Ho.

Ordered Bayesian Aldrich-McKelvey Scaling: Improving Bias Correction on the Liberal-Conservative Scale
 Cikanek, Erin., McAlister, Kevin. and Shin, Hwayong.

Out of Many, One: The Postwar Rise of Civil Rights Interest Group Coalitions
 Gelbman, Shamira.

Outcome Driven Analysis in Glossip v. Gross: An Eighth Amendment Error
 Reneau, Miriel.

Outsider Candidates Inside Congress: An Analysis of Campaign Rhetoric and Legislative Behavior
 Dancey, Logan. and Counts, Theresa.

Overlooked in the 2016 American Presidential Election: The More Conservative Generation Z
 Brauer, Jeffrey.


Parliamentary Activities of Anti-Establishment Parties in Europe
 Cornacchione, Teresa.

Partial Couplings, Issue Linkage, and Multiple Partial Couplings
 Dolan, Dana.

Participation Puzzle: Why Village Elections have a Higher Voter Turnout Rate than Urban Grassroots Elections
 Kennedy, John.

Particpation, Inequality, and Rational Responsiveness
 Libgober, Brian.

Parties, Groups, and the Development of Policy Ideas
 Albert, Zachary.

Parties, Voters and Political Polarization
 Carroll, Royce. and Kubo, Hiroki.

Parties, platforms and populism: Party organization in an era of online-decision making
 Lioy, Alberto.

Partisan Bias in Economic Perceptions: How Political and Economic Contexts Condition the Strength of Partisan Screen
 Santoso, Lie Philip.

Partisan Media and the Public: Reexamining Who Leads and Who Follows
 Tumlison, Creed. and Cuellar, Jarred.

Partisan Preferences and Policy Outputs: How Much Does Winning Matter?
 Branham, J. Alexander.

Partisan Reassignment: Investigating Transgender Political Behavior
 Levy, Meyer., Simpson, Sid. and Wilson, Hannah.

Partisan norms in environmental action: Examining the effect of ingroup views on partisans' attitudes towards climate change
 Benegal, Salil. and Scruggs, Lyle.

Partisanship, Gender, and Policy Frames in Congressional Campaign Advertisements
 Hayden, Jessica.

Partners or Providers? An Analysis of Nonprofit Federal Contractor Performance
 Brunjes, Benjamin.

Party Incorporation and Teachers' Unions: Argentina and Colombia
 Chambers-Ju, Christopher.

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Race and Identity in Gun Regulation Policy Preferences
 Medina Vidal, Xavier. and Shields, Todd.

Race and Space: Tax Increment Financing and Chicago Public Schools
 Blackmond Larnell, Twyla., Todd-Breland, Elizabeth. and Larnell, Gregroy.

Race and the problem of Community
 mcknight, utz.

Race, Representation, and the Ballot: An analysis of poll worker representation and citizen’s perceptions of election administration
 Barnes, Alicia. and King, Bridgett.

Racial Antipathy as Motivated Reasoning: Attributions of Blame for Poor Economic Performance Under President Obama
 Wilson, David. and Davis, Darren.

Racial Priming Beyond Black and White: the Utility of the Implicit-Explicit Model for Latinos
 Lisi, Rebecca.

Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Congressional Campaign Advertising: How Candidate Party and District Demographics Matter
 Henderson, Michael.

Raising The Bar: Judicial Efficiency and Prosecutorial Discretion in Mexican Adversarial Reforms
 Dauzat, Braden.

Rather Than Flip a Coin on Ballot Initiatives Voters Say, "Roll-Off Man!"
 Grynaviski, Jeffrey. and Mulligan, Timothy.

Rationalizing Inequality in Modern Liberal Democracies: A Re-conceptualization
 Pierman, Garrett.

Rawls, Calhoun, and the Problem of Discovering Moral Foundations for Laws in Democracies
 Larson, Brett.

Reactive Proliferation and the Israeli Bomb: Why Nuclear Dominoes Didn't Fall
 Wolf, Albert.

Reconsidering What We Know About Private Military Companies and Their Effect on Conflict
 Faulkner, Christopher. and Lambert, Joshua.

Recovering Public Opinions from Social Media Data in the Wake of Catastrophic Natural Disasters: Blame and Hurricane Sandy
 Canales, Kristine., Pope, JoEllen. and Maestas, Cherie.

Redefining Maritime Security Threats in the Eastern Indian Ocean Region
 Banerjee, Arjun.

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Salafi-Jihadists and suicide terrorism
 Thiagarajan, Karthikeyan.

Say Everything: Frank Speech and the Characters of Style in Demosthenes
 Goodman, Rob.

Scandals, Presidential Approval, and Motivated Reasoning
 Basinger, Scott. and Key, Ellen.

Scottish independence referendum: Risky or not?
 Dicle, Mehmet. and Dicle, Betul.

Searching For a Signal: Motivated Reasoning and Blame Attributions for State Economic Performance
 Dickerson, Bradley.

Second Street Gangs: Ad Hoc Policy Commissions in the US Senate
 Allen, Kristen.

Security and the Uses of Exclusion: Haiti, Haitians, and U.S. Immigration Policy
 Bradfield, Holly.

Seeing is Believing: The role of place in mitigating partisan attitudes towards the environment
 Kirkpatrick, Andrew. and Bitecofer, Rachel.

Self-Governing Institutions and the Voluntary Contribution Mechanism: An Agent-Based Model
 Hale, Christopher.

Sex-Based Glass Walls and Parity: Two Tales of U.S. State Bureaucracies, 1987-2015
 Hunt, Valerie., Rucker, Larra. and Kerr, Brinck.

Shaking hands in public: Co-appearances of political elites in opaque regimes
 Keller, Franziska. and Sanovich, Sergey.

Ships Passing in the Night? Transatlantic Relations and China
 Baun, Michael. and Marek, Dan.

Should Trump Have Lost the Nomination? Retrospective Simulations with Alternative Voting Rules
 Maloy, Jason.

Signaling Commitment and Decommitment in Extended Deterrence Relationships in Northeast Asia
 Platte, James. and Rasmussen, Ivan.

Similar Origins, Different Destinations: Explaining Cross-national Variation in Post-Communist Europe’s Fight against Corruption
 Kartal, Mert.

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TIF Funding and Chicago Public Schools: Where's the Accountability and Transparency?
 Powell-Young, Darry.

Targeted Issue Appeals: Backlash, Persuasion, and Turnout
 Endres, Kyle.

Taxation, Information, and Electoral Behavior: Evidence from a Developing Democracy
 Gottlieb, Jessica.

Teaming Up to Introduce New Freshmen to Research: The Librarian and the Professor
 Cox, Gloria. and Leuzinger, Julie.

Technological Change, Education Upsurge Slowdown, and the Rightward/Populist Shift of Politics and Policy
 Mosher, James.

Telephone Town Halls, Deliberation, and Constituent Attitudes in the U.S.
 Esterling, Kevin., Freebourn, Justin., Kennedy, Ryan., Minozzi, William., Neblo, Michael. and Solis, Jonathan.

Tell me 'who is responsible?' How does Clarity of Responsibility Affect the Voter Turnout?
 Park, Brandon Beomseob., Shin, Jungsub. and Frantzeskakis, Nikolaos.

Terrorism and Right Party Vote Shares in Legislative Elections: A Cross-National Analysis
 Hunter, Lance., Robbins, Joseph., Ginn, Martha., Hutton, Aaron. and Rutkowski, Adam.

Terrorism, Gender, and the 2016 Presidential Election
 Holman, Mirya., Merolla, Jennifer., Zechmeister, Elizabeth. and Wang, Ding.

Terrorist Attacks' Electoral Impact on Rightist Parties
 Robbins, Joseph., Wheatley, Will., Hunter, Lance. and Ginn, Martha.

Testing the "Trump Effect:" Hate Crime in New York City
 Crabtree, Kiela., Crosson, Jesse. and Tyson, Scott.

Testing the Steps to War Theory: A Sequencing Approach
 Atkinson, Douglas., Jackson, Joshua. and Owsiak, Andrew.

Testing theories of enforcement in international criminal law with a survey experiment in an autocracy
 Hashimoto, Barry., Jabbar, Rameeshay., AlJuwaied, AlJawhara. and Ahmed, Bakala.

The "Luv Governor, " Robert Bentley: How the Alabama Constitution Impeachment Framework led to Governor Bentley's Resignation
 Walthall, Howard.

The "Notorious RBG": Justice Ginsburg and the Development of Gender Discrimination Jurisprudence in the US
 McLauchlan, Judithanne.

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US Trade Policies Towards Africa: Comparing The Obama And Bush AdminiSTRATIONstration
 Danso, Richmond. and Zakari, Shaher.

US-China relations on the brink of war? Crisis instability 2.0 under the Trump Administration
 Ridder, Wolfram. and Niedermeier, Alexander.

Uncivil Religion: Trump, Political Polarization, and Changes in Religious Rhetoric
 Maloyed, Christie.

Unconditional Hospitality and the Case for No Borders
 Chamberlain, James.

Uncovering implementation problems in voter registration: the case of youth pre-registration in Florida
 Merivaki, Thessalia.

Underestimation of Inequality: Understanding a Cause of Redistributive Preferences in Japan
 Yanai, Yuki.

Undergraduate Moot Court as Experiential Learning
 Keil, Julie.

Understanding China’s Evolving Role in Global Environmental Governance
 van Wees, Saskia.

Understanding Creative Placemaking: Roles and Motivations of Institutions
 Salzman, Ryan.

Understanding Democratic Backsliding: A New Theoretical Framework
 Macdonald, Geoffrey. and Sands, David.

Understanding Insurgent Survival by Looking Backwards
 Blaxland, Joel.

Understanding Public Support for Local Government Regulation of the Sharing Economy
 Connolly, Jennifer.

Understanding the pipeline for women: A study of women and appointed office
 McLennan, David. and Manzo, Whitney.

Unfixed at the Root: The Strategic Manipulation of Insurgent Recruitment
 Sun, Jessica.

Unilateral Delegation: A Principal-Agent Model for Presidential Use of Executive Orders
 Culp, Derek.

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Vacillating views? Global and subcategory evaluations of Common Core
 Lynch, Emily. and Fine, Jeffrey.

Value, Etymology, and Liberal Sovereignty
 Wolflink, Alena.

Victim Discounting: A Study of Police Shootings and Racial Resentment
 Goodwin, Alexander.

Vietnam: A Successful Socialist Underdog
 Kolasa, Thomas.

Volunteers Building Resilience: A Case of Emergency and Fire Services in Essex County, UK
 Reinhardt, Gina. and Chatsiou, Kakia.

Voluntourism and the end of the Era of Orphanages
 Zavodny, Audra.

Voter Accountability and Ethnic Minority Political Parties
 Aha, Katharine.

Voter Distrust and the Election of Celebrities in Japan.
 Reeves, Justin.

Voting For Babies: Comparative Family Policy and the European Demographic Crisis
 Way, Christopher. and Patana, Pauliina.

Voting Location: Participation and the Partisan Affects of Distance
 Bilbo, Andrew., Joslyn, Nick. and Joslyn, Mark.

Voting Restrictions and Representation in Congress
 Szewczyk, James.


War Made the State and the State Made War (Until Now?)
 Schwarz, Christopher.

War in Disputes with Multiple Issues
 Kennard, Amanda., Krainin, Colin. and Ramsay, Kris.

Was Justice Scalia a “Great” Supreme Court Justice?
 Staab, James.

Welcome to Thunderdome: Utilizing Issue Positions to Measure Ideological Competition for Presidential Candidates
 Norris, Justin.

What Counter-Majoritarian Difficulty? Experimentally Evaluating Citizens’ Views of the Democratic Nature of the Supreme Court
 Young, William. and Morgan, Kyle.

What Explains Arab Attitudes Towards Democracy: Attitudinal Evidence From Competing Theories.
 Kostanecki, Ryan.

What Political Reforms do Citizens in an Electoral Autocracy Want: Evidence from a Conjoint Analysis
 Wong, Stan., Ho, Karl. and Clarke, Harold.

What Public Comments During Rulemaking Do (and Why)
 Libgober, Brian.

What about Active Representation? The Effects of Minority Female Bureaucratic Representation on US Health Inequality
 Wright, Kenicia.

What did the POTUS say?
 Sagarzazu, Inaki., Sievert, Joel. and Bassett, Jamie.

What do China’s Communists Think? Analysis of the Attitudinal Effects of Chinese Communist Membership
 Gasemyr, Hans. and Midtbo, Tor.

What does the state surveil? Evidence from a micro-level study in Moscow
 Zhukov, Yuri. and Crabtree, Charles.

What is Conservative about "Conservative Fundamentalist Protestantism?"
 Deak-Bardos, Tamas.

What makes experts reliable?
 Marquardt, Kyle., Pemstein, Daniel., Seim, Brigitte. and Wang, Yi-ting.

What was the Impact of Decolonization?
 Lee, Alexander. and Paine, Jack.

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Young Adults: To What Extent Does Contacting Matter?
 Skipworth, Sue.

Young or New? A New Temporal Approach to the Institutionalization of European Party Systems
 Casal Bertoa, Fernando. and Enyedi, Zsolt.
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