SRCD Biennial Meeting 2015-Mar-19 to 2015-Mar-22

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"Doing Gender" as parents: Father’s Involvement in Housework and Childrearing Tasks in Contemporary Urban China
 Zhou, Yun. and Li, Xuan.

"Getting ill by the wind": Cultural differences in children's understanding of illness causation
 Nyhof, Melanie.

"I'm his big brother and he's jealous”: Children's Descriptions of Older and Younger Siblings' Conflict Goals
 Recchia, Holly., Peccia, Stephanie. and Rajput, Amandeep.

"Is it Pink? Does it have Wheels?": Examining the Factors that Contribute to Children’s Gender Schemata of Toys
 Dinella, Lisa., Weisgram, Erica. and Fulcher, Megan.

"Less Work, Less Worry": Examining the Relative Positive and Negative Quality Balance of Cross-Sex Friendships
 Ford, Hannah. and Nangle, Douglas.

"Lift Here": How Tool Features and Orientation Affect Grasping Choices
 Hirtle, Jane., Needham, Amy. and Wiesen, Sarah.

"Membership has its privileges": Student incentives and stigmatized identities in the accountability era
 Domina, Thurston., Penner, Andrew. and Penner, Emily.

"That's my blankie": Children's attachment to owned objects
 Davidson, Natalie. and Gelman, Susan.

"There's the fep!" vs. "Fep!": Infants of 7 months learn novel words better in naming phrases than in isolation.
 Fennell, Christopher., Driver, Thyra. and Waxman, Sandra.

(Absence of) Maternal Gatekeeping in Early Triangular Interactions of African American Fragile Families
 Coates, Erica. and McHale, James.

(Pro)social emotions: The development of guilt and gratitude
 Vaish, Amrisha., Hepach, Robert., Carpenter, Malinda. and Tomasello, Michael.

1. Early Childhood Educators’ Social and Emotional Capacity: Findings from a Systematic Meta-Analysis
 Buettner, Cynthia., Jeon, Lieny. and Hur, Eun Hye.

1. Parenting, Family Dynamics and Socioeconomic Factors as Precursors of Sibling Bullying: A Meta-Analysis
 Heinrich, Martina., Samara, Muthanna. and Terry, Philip.

1. Primary School Truancy: Risk Factors and Consequences for Subsequent Dropout
 Cook, Philip., Crowley, Max., Dodge, Kenneth. and Gearing, Maeve.

14-month-olds’ Representations Include Word-initial Unstressed Syllables
 Archer, Stephanie., Ference, Jennifer., Mihalicz, Patrick. and Curtin, Suzanne.

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A 15-Year Prospective Analysis of Adolescent Self-Esteem and Positive Affect as Predictors of Adult Happiness
 Coffey, John., Warren, Michael. and Gottfried, Allen.

A 5-year Longitudinal Study on Mood Variability Across Adolescence Using Daily Diaries - Developmental Trends and Sex Differences
 Maciejewski, Dominique., van Lier, Pol., Branje, Susan., Meeus, Wim. and Koot, Hans.

A Basic Explanatory Heuristic Promotes Stereotype Formation and Endorsement
 Bian, Lin. and Cimpian, Andrei.

A Behavioral Genetic Approach to Understanding the Connection Between Reading Motivation and Reading Outcomes in Early Adolescence
 Schenker, Victoria., Wang, Zhe., Lukowski, Sarah., Soden, Brooke. and Petrill, Stephen.

A Breakthrough Series Collaborative to Support Trauma-Informed Practice in Early Childhood Programs
 Douglass, Anne.

A Brief and Home-Based Adaptation of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for At-Risk Infants and Their Families
 Bagner, Daniel., Coxe, Stefany., Hungerford, Gabriela., Linares, Dainelys., Barroso, Nicole., Hernandez, Jennifer. and Rosa-Olivares, Jose.

A Classroom-Based Field Experiment to Motivate Adolescents Using Social-oriented Life Goals
 Destin, Mesmin.

A Comparison Between Twin and Non-Twin Sibling Relationship Quality
 Shaw, Katharine., Pike, Alison., Oliver, Bonamy. and Latham, Rachel.

A Comparison of American and Chinese Children’s Imitation of Motion
 Wang, Zhidan. and Williamson, Rebecca.

A Comparison of Children and Adolescents with ASD, ADHD and Comorbid Diagnosis on the Behavioral Assessment System for Children
 Salley, Brenda. and Mancina-Smith, Catherine.

A Comparison of Vocabulary Learning From Joint Reading of Narrative and Informational Books with Dual Language Learner Children
 Bergman Deitcher, Deborah. and Johnson, Helen.

A Conceptual Framework for Describing, Explaining, and Supporting Kindergarten Transitions
 Mashburn, Andrew., Yelverton, Rita., Cannell-Cordier, Amy. and Tremaine, Elizabeth.

A Contributing Role of Parents’ Preacademic Stimulation to Head Start Impacts on Children’s Language, Literacy, and Mathematics
 Oh, Soojin. and Yoshikawa, Hirokazu.

A Corpus-based Crosslinguistic Comparison of the Interrogative Functions in Early Child Cantonese and Mandarin
 Li, Hui. and Wong, Eileen.

A Cross Cultural Look at Parenting Beliefs about Child Rearing and Talk to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
 Smith, Veronica.

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Baby Sign but not Spontaneous Gesture Predicts Later Vocabulary in Children with Down Syndrome
 OZCALISKAN, SEYDA., Dimitrova, Nevena., Scmuck, Lauren., Bailey, Jhonelle. and Adamson, Lauren.

Baby, it’s cold outside: Seasonal effects on infant locomotor experience
 Mladenovic, Dejana., Karasik, Lana., Abraham, Evelyn., Zaloom, Juliana., Khan, Spogmay., Tamis-Lemonda, Catherine. and Adolph, Karen.

Background Television: Effect on Attention and Learning in Preschoolers
 Frizzell, Lynn. and Courage, Mary.

Barriers to Children’s Mental Health Treatment Adherence with Court Involved Families
 Thompson, Dianne., Mastergeorge, Ann., Timmer, Susan., Urquiza, Anthony. and Fernandez y Garcia, Erik.

Barriers to Parent-child Communication about Sex, Monitoring and Sexual Behavior among Mexican Adolescents
 Pond, Jr., Richard., Espinosa-Hernandez, Graciela. and Dark-Freudeman, Alissa.

Baseline Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia Moderated the Prediction of Maternal Parenting to Early Childhood Internalizing Trajectory
 Li, Yi., Eisenberg, Nancy., Eggum-Wilkens, Natalie., Spinrad, Tracy. and Lemery-Chalfant, Kathryn.

Basic Needs Disparities in Low-Income Households with Young Children with and without Special Health Care Needs
 Rose-Jacobs, Ruth., Black, Maureen., Coleman, Sharon., Ettinger de Cuba, Stephanie., Casey, Patrick., Cook, John., Cutts, Diana. and Frank, Deborah.

Basic Psychosocial Need Satisfaction and Internalizing Symptoms of Urban Low-Income African American Adolescents
 Sala-Hamrick, Kelsey., Kohlberger, Brittany., Richardson, Patricia., Franklin, Marilyn., Carroll, Matthew., Mucka, Lilia., Simon, Valerie. and Barnett, Douglas.

Beating the Odds? A Follow-up Study of Children of Incarcerated Mothers
 Siegel, Jane.

Becoming Prosocial: Reliability of Individual Differences in Early Prosocial Behavior
 Winer, Abby., Newton, Emily., Thompson, Ross. and Goodman-Wilson, Miranda.

Becoming a Woman too Early: The Role of Parents and Early Puberty in Aspirations for College
 Halawah, Amira. and Carter, Rona.

Bedtime Learning Together: Exploring the use of technology to support children's math learning and attitudes
 Berkowitz, Talia., Schaeffer, Marjorie., Beilock, Sian. and Levine, Susan.

Behavior Problem Trajectories in Children born Preterm
 Gerstein, Emily., Woodman, Ashley., Burnson, Cynthia. and Poehlmann-Tynan, Julie.

Behavior Problems in Toddlers Born Extreme Preterm in Comparison to Moderate Preterm.
 Cassiano, Rafaela., Gaspardo, Claudia., Servidone, Doane., Martinez, Francisco. and Linhares, Maria Beatriz.

Behavior problems and learning difficulties in children with Specific Language Impairment
 Janke, Bettina., Becker, Elisa. and Teichert, Katherine.

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C4L (Connect4Learning): Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education—Math, Science, Literacy, and Social-emotional Development
 Hemmeter, Mary Louise., Clements, Douglas., Sarama, Julie., Duke, Nell. and Brenneman, Kimberly.

CACFP and childhood obesity: a longitudinal look into the impact of program participation on child weight status
 Feld, Anneliese. and Fiese, Barbara.

CONNECT Mentorship Program: Promoting College Efficacy and Life Skills
 Creasey, Gary., Lee, Robert., Gallegos, Martin. and Bueno, Daisy.

CRHR1 variants interact with early childhood parenting to differentially predict amygdala reactivity to threat in young adulthood
 Gard, Arianna., Shaw, Daniel., Winslow, Emily., Forbes, Erika. and Hyde, Luke.

Call Me Princess: Attitudes about Dating, Gender Roles, and Romantic Beliefs among Females Self-identifying as “Princess”
 Favero, Domenica. and Walker Marciano, Alisha.

Callous-Unemotional Behavior and Emotion Discrimination in Young Children: Differential Associations and Gene-Environment Etiology
 Petitclerc, Amelie., White, Stuart., Feng, Bei., Blair, R. James., Briggs-Gowan, Margaret., Wakschlag, Lauren. and Boivin, Michel.

Callous-Unemotional Traits Influence Pupil Dilation During Exposure to Negative Emotional Stimuli
 Truedsson, Erik., Wesevich, Victoria., Gredebäck, Gustaf., Fawcett, Christine. and Wahlstedt, Cecilia.

Callous-Unemotional Traits and Behavioral Impulsivity: Associations with Adolescent Social Goals and Aggression
 Valdes, Olivia., Findley-Van Nostrand, Danielle. and Ojanen, Tiina.

Calm and controlled: Inhibitory control and parasympathetic influence predict the development of externalizing problems
 Kahle, Sarah., Utendale, William. and Hastings, Paul.

Can 2-Year-Old Toddlers Switch Targets During Visual Search?
 Smith, Hayley., Kaldy, Zsuzsa. and Blaser, Erik.

Can Adolescents Recall Verbally an Event They had Experienced in Preschool?
 Tamari, Revital. and Aviezer, Ora.

Can Contingency and Ostensive Cues Abate the Cognitive Demands of Infants’ Minimal Pair Word-Object Learning?
 Mills-Smith, Laura. and Panneton, Robin.

Can Discourse Expectation Interfere with Novel Name Mapping?
 Wall, Jenna. and Merriman, William.

Can Early Care and Education Close the School Readiness Gap for Language Minority Children?
 Hoff, Erika., Ribot, Krystal. and Mock, Sarah.

Can Infants’ White Matter Integrity at Birth Predict Their Working Memory Performance at 1 and 2 Years of Age?
 Short, Sarah., Goldman, Barbara., Steiner, Rachel., Ahn, Mihye., Styner, Martin. and Gilmore, John.

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DNA Methylation: Mothers with Major Depressive Disorder and Their 12-Month-Old Offspring
 Cicchetti, Dante., Hetzel, Susan., Rogosch, Fred. and Toth, Sheree.

DNA co-methylation patterns in neurotransmitter system genes at birth and youth psychiatric symptoms
 Cecil, Charlotte.

DRD4, Peer Social Preference, and Children’s Behavior: A Longitudinal Test of the Differential Susceptibility Hypothesis
 Buil, Marieke., Koot, Hans. and van Lier, Pol.

Dads and Daughters: The Changing Nature of Relationship with Fathers during Puberty for Early and Non-Early Maturing Girls
 DeRose, Laura. and Shiyko, Mariya.

Daily Exposure to Community Violence in Urban African American Youth: An Analysis of Violence Type and Severity
 Romero, Edna., Carey, Devin., Deane, Kyle., Quimby, Dakari., Zakaryan, Arie. and Richards, Maryse.

Daily Mood and Sleep: Reciprocal Relations and Links with Children’s Mental Health
 Kouros, Chrystyna. and El-Sheikh, Mona.

Daily Phone Diaries, A Qualitative Exploration into Parental Caregiving Activities Post- Pediatric Injury
 Hanlon, Kelly., Minch, Nori., Taylor, H. Gerry., Yeates, Keith., Stancin, Terry., Narad, Megan. and Wade, Shari.

Daily Worries and Fluctuations in Adolescents’ Diurnal HPA Patterns: The Moderating Role of Depressive Symptoms
 Arbel, Reout., Spies Shapiro, Lauren., Kellerman, Ilana., Ramos, Michelle., Timmons, Adela. and Margolin, Gayla.

Danish Preschools Support Social Development but Neglect Emergent Literacy: An Analysis of Process Quality
 Markussen-Brown, Justin., Bleses, Dorthe., Justice, Laura. and Logan, Jessica.

Daring Temperament and Risk Taking Behavior Predict Increases in Conduct Problems in Middle Childhood
 Bai, Sunhye. and Lee, Steve.

Data quality may affect many key dependent variables in eye tracker analyses - both in experimental and free-viewing paradigms
 Wass, Sam., Forssman, Linda. and Leppanen, Jukka.

Data-driven Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation with Teachers to Improve Children’s Engagement in Preschool Classrooms
 Downer, Jason., Williford, Amanda., Bulotsky Shearer, Rebecca. and L\'\'hospital, Ann.

Dating in Rural America: A Comparison of High School and College Students
 Letcher, Amber. and Carmona, Jasmin.

Deception in Children With and Without Severe Conduct Problems
 Zanette, Sarah., Augimeri, Leena., Walsh, Margaret. and Lee, Kang.

Deciphering the time course of infant’s visual attention
 damon, fabrice., meary, david., Porcheron, Aurélie. and Pascalis, Olivier.

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ERP components of judgments of learning in 7-year old children
 Tsalas, Nike., Müller, Barbara., van Schie, Hein., Meinhardt, Jorg., Sodian, Beate. and Paulus, Markus.

ESL and Classroom Teacher Collaboration: Findings from a Professional Development Progam
 Babinski, Leslie., Amendum, Steve., Sanchez, Marta. and Knotek, Steve.

Early Adolescent Depression, Peer Substance Use, and the Onset of Substance Use
 Siennick, Sonja., Widdowson, Alex. and Feinberg, Mark.

Early Adolescent’s Popularity Goal: Influenced by the Peer Group and Associated with Aggression
 Dawes, Molly. and Xie, Hongling.

Early Aggression, Social Competence, and Peer Rejection: Associations With Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia and Heart Rate
 Kalvin, Carla., Bierman, Karen. and Kopp, Lisa.

Early Associations Between Eye-tracking and Electrophysiological Measures of Familiar Face Processing
 Wagner, Jennifer., Luyster, Rhiannon., Tager-Flusberg, Helen. and Nelson, Charles.

Early Behavioral Inhibition and Reactivity to Peer Context in Later Childhood
 Usher, Lauren., Burrows, Catherine., Dajani, Dina. and Henderson, Heather.

Early Building Blocks for Learning: Testing a Developmental Pathway to School Success
 Bub, Kristen.

Early Child Development Among Low-Income Preschoolers in Rural India: Impact of Nutrition Intervention Varies by Preschool Quality
 Black, Maureen., Fernandez-Rao, Sylvia., Hurley, Kristen., Balakrishna, Nagalla., Tilton, Nicholas., Radhakrishna, KV., Harding, Kimberly., Reinhart, Gerg. and Nair, Krishnapillai.

Early Childhood Aggression Trajectories: Associations With Teacher-Reported Problem Behavior
 Wildeboer, Andrea., Thijssen, Sandra., IJzendoorn, Marinus H.., White, Tonya., Tiemeier, Henning. and Bakermans-Kranenburg, Marian.

Early Childhood Development and Preschool Quality in Bogotá, Colombia
 Maldonado-Carreno, Carolina., Guerrero-Rosada, Paola Andrea., Votruba-Drzal, Elizabeth. and Betancur, Laura.

Early Childhood Educators’ Perceptions of Teaching and Learning Math
 Winters, Dana., Romero, Stephanie., Trahan, Keith., Herman, Everett., Tananis, Cindy., Swartz, Mallary. and Bunt, Nancy.

Early Childhood Educators’ Social and Emotional Capacity: Findings from a National Survey of Early Childhood Educators in the US
 Hur, Eun Hye., Jeon, Lieny. and Buettner, Cynthia.

Early Childhood Intervention and Postsecondary Education: A Preschool-to-Third Grade Perspective
 Ou, Suh-Ruu. and Reynolds, Arthur.

Early Childhood Representations of Parent-Child Relationship, Self, and Self-Regulation Predict Pre-Adolescent Borderline Features
 Strimpfel, Jennifer., Kurdziel, Gretchen., Skadberg, Rebecca. and Macfie, Jenny.

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Face processing differs between ASD and typical development early in infancy
 Hirshkowitz, Amy., Lee, Vivian., Walsh, Jennifer. and Rutherford, M.D..

Face-to-face interactions increase social viewing preferences in infant rhesus macaques
 Paukner, Annika., Simpson, Elizabeth., ferrari, pier francesco. and Suomi, Stephen.

Facilitating Japanese children’s theory of mind: A training study using perspective-taking discourses
 Tsuji, Hiromi.

Factor Structure and Stability of Temperament in Mexican American Infants.
 Crnic, Keith., Lin, Betty., Rystad, Ida., Holly, Lindsay., Gonzales, Nancy. and Luecken, Linda.

Factor Structure of the Speed DIAL-4 Developmental Screening Tool
 Frye, William., Baker, Kaitlin. and Shapiro, Steven.

Factorial Validity and Measurement Invariance of an Ethnic-Racial Socialization Scale across a Diverse Sample of Young Mothers
 Contreras, Mariah., Chaudhuri, Jana., Mistry, Jayanthi. and Easterbrooks, Ann.

Factors Associated with Cyber-victimization in Early Adolescents
 Maghsoudi, Rose. and Shapka, Jennifer.

Factors Correlated with Children’s Willingness to Revise their Beliefs
 Danovitch, Judith., Fisher, Megan. and Moser, Jason.

Factors Influencing Children’s Reporting of an Adult’s Transgression
 Fogliati, Rhiannon. and Bussey, Kay.

Factors Predicting the Transition from Residential to Non-Residential Fatherhood among Poor, Rural American Families
 Cao, Hongjian., Mills-Koonce, William., Zvara, Bharathi. and Cox, Martha.

Factors affecting computer-based data collection: Timing accuracy, operating system, and device type
 Schatz, Philip.

Factors influencing measles vaccination among children in Ghana: An analysis of the 2008 Ghana Demographic Health Survey
 Haligah, Raymond.

Factors influencing preschoolers’ information seeking behavior
 Jacobson, Rebecca., Jimenez, Sofia., Osina, Maria., Weaver, Claire. and Saylor, Megan.

Factors that Predict (and Do Not Predict) the Frequency of Low-income Parent’s Reading to their Children
 Treat, Amy., Morris, Amanda Sheffield., Sabol, Terri., Chase-Lansdale, P. Lindsay., Love, Jordan. and Chor, Elise.

Factors that Predict the Course of Maternal Emotional Availability Across Time: A Four Wave Longitudinal Study
 Matte-Gagné, Célia., Stack, Dale., Doiron, Kelly., Serbin, Lisa. and Schwartzman, Alex.

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G X E Predictors of Infant Attachment Disorganization: The Unique Role of the Oxytocin Receptor Gene
 Gedaly, Lindsey., Leerkes, Esther., Calkins, Susan. and Henrich, Vincent.

G X E Predictors of Maternal Responses to Infant Crying: Oxytocin and Dopamine Genes Moderate Effects of Childhood Experiences
 Leerkes, Esther., Su, Jinni., Calkins, Susan. and Henrich, Vincent.

Gains in Parent Academic Expectations Mediate Child Outcomes in a Home-Visiting Program Targeting School Readiness
 Loughlin-Presnal, John. and Bierman, Karen.

Gambling Trajectories in Adolescence: A Canadian Longitudinal Study
 Giguere, Claudine., Vitaro, Frank., Boivin, Michel., Brendgen, Mara. and Girard, Alain.

Gaming for Good: Using Educational Games in a Youth-Driven Problem-Solving Curriculum
 Hilliard, Lacey., Buckingham, Mary., Hershberg, Rachel., Stack, Caroline., Gansert, Patricia. and Gelgoot, Erin.

Gaming the system: Teaching Preschool Children Number Knowledge Through Games
 Bleiker, Charles. and Hernandez, Gretter.

Gaze Alternations Between Hands, not Faces, Increase Over First Year
 de Barbaro, Kaya., Johnson, Christine. and Deak, Gedeon.

Gaze following and gaze alternation: A comparison of infants with and without early sign language experience
 Singleton, Jenny. and Brooks, Rechele.

Gender Attitudes Among Ethnic Minority Children: Consequences for Intergroup Behavior and Social Cognitive Antecedents
 Halim, May Ling., Ruble, Diane., Tamis-Lemonda, Catherine., Shrout, Patrick. and Amodio, David.

Gender Differences in Adolescent Cognitive Control in the Face of Emotional, but Not Non-Emotional, Stimuli
 Botdorf, Morgan., Rosenbaum, Gail., Patrianakos, Jamie., Steinberg, Laurence. and Chein, Jason.

Gender Differences in Adolescents’ Daily Negotiation of Time with Family, Friends and Schoolwork
 Tsai, Kim. and Fuligni, Andrew.

Gender Differences in Developmental Assets, Developmental Problems, and Play During the Preschool Period
 Kotynski, Anne., Short, Elizabeth. and Gross, Susan.

Gender Differences in Infants' Spatial Ability and Social Skills
 Noorderhaven, Rebecca. and Hines, Melissa.

Gender Differences in Mathematical Knowledge Over the Prekindergarten Year: The Impact of an Early Math Intervention
 DeFlorio, Lydia., Mulcahy, Christina., Starkey, Prentice. and Klein, Alice.

Gender Differences in Mother-Adolescent Conflict Narratives in Relation to Self-Competencies and Self-Esteem
 Marin, Kelly.

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HIPPY Home Visiting: Effects on Mothers’ Parenting Skills
 Tucker, Molly., Nievar, M.. and Nathans, Laura.

HTR1A methylation predicts threat-related amygdala reactivity: Modulation by rs6295 genotype and early environment
 Nikolova, Yuliya., Koenen, Karestan., Galea, Sandro. and Hariri, Ahmad.

Habla Conmigo: Facilitating Caregiver Talk and Toddler’s Language Processing Through a Parenting Intervention for Latino Families
 Marchman, Virginia., Hurtado, Nereyda., Goei, Veronica. and Fernald, Anne.

Hair Cortisol in Highly Disadvantaged Children in Rural Pakistan: Relations with Socioeconomic Status and Children’s Adaptation
 Obradovic, Jelena., Portilla, Ximena. and Yousafzai, Aisha.

Hand over Foot: Differences in Bimanual and Bipedal Coordination in Children
 Ducz, Jennifer., Berger, Sarah. and Chin, Brian.

Handle with Care: A Program for Promoting the Mental Health of Young Children in Communities at Risk for Mental Health Problems
 Farnia, Fataneh. and Cohen, Nancy.

Hands-On Second Language Learning: Gesture and Novel Word Acquisition in Grade School Children
 Factor, Laiah. and Anderson, Raquel.

Happily Ever After: How Princess Preference and Exposure Relates to Romantic Beliefs and Gender Role Attitudes in Young Adulthood
 Favero, Domenica. and Walker Marciano, Alisha.

Happy Children Respond Well to Stress: Shifting the Paradigm from Reactivity to Adaptability
 Huizink, Anja., Menting, Barbara., Evans, Brittany., Dieleman, Gwen., Greaves-Lord, Kirstin. and Van der Ende, Jan.

Haptic Exploration of Tools: Insight into the Cognitive Processes that Drive Haptic Exploration in Preschool-aged Children
 Kalagher, Hilary.

Hard Work, Drive, or Talent? How children reason about the causes of scholastic success.
 Thomas, Ashley. and Sarnecka, Barbara.

Harmonizing Longitudinal Data on Adolescence from the National Addiction and HIV Data Archive Program for Secondary Analyses
 Pienta, Amy.

Harsh Parent-Adolescent Conflict, Gene Expression, and Symptom Severity in Adolescents with Asthma
 Ehrlich, Katherine., Miller, Gregory. and Chen, Edith.

Harsh Parenting and Parental School Involvement Predicting Differences Between Parent and Teacher Observations of Problem Behavior
 Portnow, Sam., Hussain, Saida., Wilson, Melvin., Shaw, Daniel., Dishion, Thomas. and GARDNER, FRANCES.

Harsh Parenting, Parasympathetic Activity, and Development of Delinquency and Substance Use
 Hinnant, Ben.

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I Wanted Her to Feel as Bad as She Had Made Me Feel: Children's Desires for Revenge and Reasons for Enacting or Eschewing Revenge
 Wainryb, Cecilia., Recchia, Holly., Pasupathi, Monisha., Babin-Molina, Melina. and Zentner, Daysi.

I Was More Asian Today: Daily Cultural Identity Variability and Mental Health Among Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Emerging Adults
 Ferguson, Gail., Nguyen, Jacqueline., Iturbide, Maria. and Lindbom, Taylor.

I am Whatever I say I am: A Mixed-Methods Study of Self-Presentation on Facebook among Multi-Ethnic Emerging Adults
 Michikyan, Minas., Subrahmanyam, Kaveri. and Dennis, Jessica.

I am a Soccer Player and I Belong: The Benefits of Identification with School-based Extracurricular Activities
 Knifsend, Casey. and Juvonen, Jaana.

I can lie to you: Effects of number of experimenters on children’s propensity to lie after having been lied to by an adult
 Park, Joseph., Chen, Joshua., Hays, Chelsea. and Carver, Leslie.

I see Myself as I Think Others see me: Using Relational Self-Esteem to Predict who Uses Facebook to Portray Drinking Behaviors
 Engle, Corey. and Badanes, Lisa.

Identifying Adolescent Mothers Most in Need of Targeted Interventions to Prevent Physical Child Abuse
 Hollis, Nicole., Umana-Taylor, Adriana., Jahromi, Laudan. and Updegraff, Kimberly.

Identifying Distinct Risk Subgroups of Mental Health Problems among College Students: A Latent Profile Analysis
 su, Binyuan. and Zhang, Wei.

Identifying Risk Factors in Intergenerational Foster Care Placements
 Lavi, Iris., Green, Julii., Chen, Stephen., Smith, Gwynneth., Holloway, Lauryn., Glowacki, Elizabeth. and Lieberman, Alicia.

Identity as a Mediator between Stigma and Stereotype Threat on Postsecondary Outcomes for Autism Spectrum Disorders
 McDonald, T A.

If You Can, So Can I: Grit and Self-Worth among Urban Ethnic Minority Girl Friendship Networks
 Kamal, Zareen., Burdette, Kimberly., Ward, Amanda., Bohnert, Amy. and Shoham, David.

If it's not positive, don't say it: Role of expertise, consensus, and informational valence in children’s evaluative judgments
 Marble, Kimberly., Boseovski, Janet. and Hughes, Chelsea.

If you’re happy and I know it: Four-year-olds’ emotional perspective-taking during on-line language comprehension
 Khu, Melanie. and Graham, Susan.

Imagination and Well-Being in Blind, Deaf, and Typically Developing School Children.
 Smith, Maureen.

Imitation practice enhances motor-spatial learning by preschoolers in a brief training study.
 Barr, Rachel., Zimmermann, Laura., Speidel, Ruth., Krajkowski, Edward., Etz, Alexandar. and Subiaul, Francys.

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JUMP and SPIN: A Case Study of Early Math and Science Learning
 Nakagawa, Kathy., Earl, Emily., Cocchiarella, Martha. and Arzubiaga, Angela.

Japanese adaptation of the Attachment Security Scale in middle childhood
 Nakao, Tatsuma. and Murakami, Tatsuya.

Joint Attention and Early Language: A Micro-Behavioral Analysis
 Fondren, Kaitlin., Suanda, Sumarga. and Yu, Chen.

Joint Attention, Parent Mental State Language, and Overall Language in Children with ASD and TD Children
 Geib, Ellen., Hamilton, Katelyn. and Wilson, Beverly.

Joint Contribution of HPA Axis Regulation and Motivation to Adolescent Depression
 Rudolph, Karen. and Troop-Gordon, Wendy.

Joint Inferences of Belief and Desire from Facial Expressions
 Wu, Yang., Baker, Chris., Tenenbaum, Joshua. and Schulz, Laura.

Joint Parenting Projects Supporting the Transition to Adulthood for Young People with Intellectual Disability
 Curle, Deirdre., Marshall, Sheila., Munro, David., Parada, Filomena., Stainton, Timothy., Wall, Jessie., Zhu, M.., Zaidman-Zait, Anat. and Young, Richard.

Joint Trajectory Profiles of Aggressive Behavior and Emotional Distress Among Palestinian Youth
 Niwa, Erika., Boxer, Paul., Dubow, Eric., Huesmann, Rowell., Shikaki, Khalil., Landau, Simha. and Gvirsman, Shira.

Joint engagement enhances young children's performance in a verbal false belief task
 Psouni, Elia., Wallin, Maria., Sidén, Lisa., Falck, Andreas., Boström, Leni. and Persson, Martin.

Judgments about reality status and museum-worthiness in museums of natural history
 Bunce, Louise.


Keeping It in the Family: Commodification of Family, Friend, and Neighbor Child Care among Low-income Mothers
 Vesely, Colleen., Speirs, Katherine. and Roy, Kevin.

Keeping Track of the Numbers: The Effects of Working Memory Capacity and Load on Mathematics Performance and Learning
 Ibrahim, Amira., Buschkuehl, Martin., Jaeggi, Susanne. and Shah, Priti.

Keeping the Child in Mind: The Influence of Reflective Functioning on Parent-Child Relationships
 Rostad, Whitney.

Keeping the conversation going: The importance of fluency and connectedness for language learning
 Reed, Jessa., Hirsh-Pasek, Kathryn., Adamson, Lauren., Golinkoff, Roberta., Bakeman, Roger. and Owen, Margaret.

Keeping up with child development: community-augmented meta-analyses
 Bergmann, Christina., Tsuji, Sho. and Cristia, Alejandrina.

Kids today: Changes in School Readiness in an Early Childhood Era
 Bassok, Daphna. and Latham, Scott.

Kinder: A Novel Task to Assess Neural Response to Social Acceptance Versus Rejection
 Bress, Jennifer. and Proudfit, Greg.

Kindergarten Mathematics Instruction and the Common Core
 Watts, Tyler., Farkas, George. and Duncan, Greg.

Kindergarten Readiness: An Ongoing Conundrum
 DeBruin-Parecki, Andrea. and Slutzky, Carly.

Kindergarten Risk Factors for Comorbid Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity and Conduct Disorder Symptomatology in Adolescence
 Morgan, Paul., Li, Hui., Cook, Michael., Farkas, George., Hillemeier, Marianne. and Lin, Yu-chu.

Kindergarten School Readiness Profiles Predict 2nd Grade Competence among High-Risk, Low-Income Children
 Abenavoli, Rachel., Greenberg, Mark. and Bierman, Karen.

Kindergarten and Early Elementary School Children’s Social Relations with Teachers and Peers and Working Memory Development
 de Wilde, Amber., Koot, Hans. and van Lier, Pol.

Kindergarten teachers in the new first grade: Factors influencing adaptation and agency in the face of large-scale reform
 Briggs, Jennifer., Russell, Jennifer. and Wanless, Shannon.

Kindness from a Polyvagal Perspective: Parasympathetic Functioning Predicts Prosociality and Positive Caregiving
 Miller, Jonas. and Hastings, Paul.

Knowing that you don’t know: Individual differences in behavioral and neural indices of uncertainty monitoring
 Fandakova, Yana., Wendelken, John., Lee, Joshua., Bunge, Silvia. and Ghetti, Simona.

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Lack of preference for speech predicts language delay in infants at elevated risk for autism
 Vouloumanos, Athena. and Curtin, Suzanne.

Language Augments Relational Reasoning: The Effect of Late Exposure to a Standardized Language
 Zettersten, Martin., Paul, Jing. and Lupyan, Gary.

Language Gaps between Rich and Poor Children Begin to Emerge in Infancy
 Fernald, Anne., Hurtado, Nereyda., Weisleder, Adriana. and Marchman, Virginia.

Language Outcomes of Mandarin-Speaking Late Talkers: A Longitudinal Study from Two to Six Years of Age
 Liu, Huei-Mei., Huang, Pei-Han. and Tsao, Feng-Ming.

Language Risk and Temperamental Profiles in Italian Toddlers
 Usai, Maria_Carmen., Viterbori, Paola. and Garello, Valentina.

Language Use in a “One-Parent One-Language” Bilingual Family: Maternal Perception, Noun/Verb Use, and Code Switching
 Qiu, Chen. and Winsler, Adam.

Language acquisition & the onset of relational reasoning
 Gopnik, Alison. and Walker, Caren.

Language and Literacy Behaviors of ELLs from Low SES: Language Disorder or Lack of Language Proficiency?
 Zaretsky, Elena.

Language and Literacy Beliefs and Practices of African-American and Puerto Rican Mothers of Children in Head Start
 Sawyer, Brook., Cycyk, Lauren., Sandilos, Lia. and Hammer, Carol Scheffner.

Language problems among maltreated children: A meta-analytic review
 Sylvestre, Audette., Bussières, Eve-Line. and Bouchard, Caroline.

Language, Inhibitory Control, and Explicit False Belief Understanding: A Longitudinal Structural Equation Model
 de Villiers, Peter., Chen, Meng., Lindley, Elizabeth. and de Villiers, Jill.

Larger Right Orbital Frontal Cortex Volume Predicts Better Inhibitory Control
 Dyer, Sarah., Lee, Sylvia., Vadnais, Sarah., Constance, Jordan. and Kibby, Michelle.

Lasting Effects of High School Bullying: Female Victims’ Ability to Retain Friends in the Transition to University
 Earle, Megan., Provenzano, Daniel. and Volk, Anthony.

Late Adolescent Adverse Social Environments Contribute to Young Adult Physical Health and Functioning
 Hessel, Elenda., Loeb, Emily., Tan, Joseph., Schad, Megan. and Allen, Joseph.

Late Electrocortical Activity From a Go/No-go Task Related to ADHD Symptoms in Late Preschool Aged Children
 Soto, Elia F., Garza, John., Nelson, Jennifer., Wakschlag, Lauren. and Espy, Kimberly.

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Maintaining old friendships and forming new friendships one year into college.
 Cullen, Laura., Cain, Shannon. and Witkow, Melissa.

Making Amends: Children’s Expectations about and Responses to Apologies and Restitution
 Drell, Marissa. and Jaswal, Vikram.

Making something out of nothing: Children’s developing understanding of zero
 Mou, Yi., vanMarle, Kristy., Chu, Felicia. and Geary, David.

Maladaptive schemas and social information processing in adolescents with aggressive behavior in secure residential care
 Van Nieuwenhuijzen, Maroesjka., Schuiringa, Hilde., Embregts, Petri., Vriens, Aart., Van Bokhoven, Irene. and Matthys, Walter.

Malleability of Friend Selection and the Effect on Problem Behavior: A Social Network Analysis of a Randomized Intervention Study
 DeLay, Dawn., Ha, Thao., Van Ryzin, Mark., Winter, Charlotte. and Dishion, Thomas.

Maltreatment, Oxytocin, and the Perception of Emotional Infant Faces
 Bakermans-Kranenburg, Marian., IJzendoorn, Marinus H.., Bhandari, Ritu., Voorthuis, Alexandra. and Riem, Madelon.

Managing Classrooms as Culturally Foreign Teachers: Effects of Classroom Composition on Teacher Quality
 von Suchodoletz, Antje. and Barza, Lydia.

Mandarin-speaking Three-year-olds’ Representation of Lexical Tones in Familiar Words
 Ma, Weiyi., Zhou, Peng., Gao, Liqun. and Crain, Stephen.

Mandatory Naptimes for Preschool Aged Children in Early Childhood Education Settings and Duration of Children's Nighttime Sleep
 Staton, Sally., Pattinson, Cassandra., Smith, Simon. and Thorpe, Karen.

Manifestation of Family Obligation Values in the Lives of Vietnamese Adolescents in Rural Vietnam, Urban Vietnam, and Urban U.S.
 Park, Heejung., Lau, Anna., Ngo, Victoria. and weiss, bahr.

Manipulating Visual Attention to Ambiguous Provocation: Effects on Victim's Hostile Attributions and Perceived Anger
 Troop-Gordon, Wendy., Vogel-Ciernia, Laura. and Gordon, Robert.

Manipulating Visual Perspective to Test Core Knowledge and Simulation Accounts of Theory of Mind
 Cohen, Adam., Kim, Sangin. and Maximos, Melody.

Mann Ana? (Who am I?): Identity Explorations of Arab Muslim American Children
 Reyes, Chin., Amer, Mona., Britto, Pia. and Fallon, Nancy.

Manual Exploratory Selectivity, SES, and Salivary Cortisol in Infants
 Clearfield, Melissa.

Mapping Adults' Behavioral and Electrocortical Responding to Happy and Sad Infant Faces: Evidence for a Caregiver Module
 Mossad, Sarah., Colasante, Tyler. and Haley, David.

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Naive Epistemology: Children use social cues when determining what others know
 Landrum, Asheley., Mills, Candice., Johnston, Angie. and Pflaum, Amelia.

Naive realism influences preschoolers’ understanding of unconventional opinions
 Holubar, Taylor. and Markman, Ellen.

Naming and knowing in typically developing children and in children with word finding difficulty aged six to eight years old
 Best, Wendy., Fedor, Anna., Hughes, Lucy., Kapikian, Anna., Masterson, Jackie. and Thomas, Michael.

Napping in the preschool years: When sleep maturation outpaces memory development
 Sandoval, Michelle., Leclerc, Julia. and Gomez, Rebecca.

Naps in preschool children preserve memories and promote subsequent learning
 Kurdziel, Laura., Pietri, María. and Spencer, Rebecca.

Narrative Abilities in Preschoolers: A Bilingual-Monolingual Comparison
 De Houwer, Annick., Bornstein, Marc. and Putnick, Diane.

Narrative Development of Spanish-English Bilingual Children and the Role of the Home Literacy Environment
 Bitetti, Dana. and Hammer, Carol Scheffner.

Narrative Language Competence in Youth with Down Syndrome or Fragile X Syndrome
 Channell, Marie., McDuffie, Andrea., Chela, Mandeep., Bullard, Lauren. and Abbeduto, Leonard.

Narrative Skill and Memory Accuracy in Low-SES Children
 Chae, Yoojin., Kulkofsky, Sarah., Debaran, Francisco., Wang, Qi. and Hart, Sybil.

Narrative Skills and Socio-Emotional Functioning in European-American and Chinese Immigrant Children
 Koh, Jessie Bee Kim., Fok, Evelyn Chi Ching. and Wang, Qi.

Narratives about forgiveness or lack thereof: The role of justice in Colombian Adolescents’ resolution of conflict
 Acero, Jineth., Posada, Roberto., Recchia, Holly. and Wainryb, Cecilia.

Narrowing Meaning Specificity from 12-20 Months
 Bergelson, Elika. and Aslin, Richard.

Narrowing in categorical responding to other-race faces by infants: Evidence for social category formation by 9-month-olds
 Quinn, Paul., Lee, Kang., Pascalis, Olivier. and Tanaka, James.

National Database for Autism Research, NIMH Research Domains Database, National Database for Clinical Trials in Mental Health
 Hall, Dan.

National Standards of Care for Pregnant Incarcerated Women
 Medel, Nickole., Mullins, Carson., Kelsey, Caroline., Dallaire, Danielle. and Forestell, Catherine.

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Obesity Risk in Children: The Role of Acculturation in the Feeding Patterns of Low-Income Hispanic Families
 Hughes, Sheryl., Power, Thomas., O\'Connor, Teresia. and Fisher, Jennifer.

Object Properties and Vocabulary Size Influence Word Generalization and Retention
 Perry, Lynn., Axelsson, Emma. and Horst, Jessica.

Object Retrieval Using Interactive Video: The Role of Visual Selection in Learning from Screens
 Kirkorian, Heather., Choi, Koeun., Schroeder, Elizabeth. and Etta, Roxanne.

Obligation Norms in Young Children's Notions of Ownership
 Summers, Pauline. and Friedman, Ori.

Observational Learning in Ghost Conditions: the Roles of Agency and Affordance Learning
 Huang, Chi-Tai. and Chang, Pei-Wen.

Observed Indicators and Parental Perceptions of Family Chaos: Relationships with income and executive functions in young children
 Finegood, Eric. and Blair, Clancy.

Observed Maternal Support, Conflict, & Adolescent Respect for Elders in the Context of Racial Socialization with Black Adolescents
 Smith-Bynum, Mia., Gray, DeLeon., Franco, Marisa., Anyiwo, Nkemke., Davis, BreAnna. and English, Devin.

Observed Triadic Interactions in Turkey at 3 Month Postpartum
 SALMAN ENGIN, SELIN., McHale, James., Sumer, Nebi. and Sagel, Ece.

Observed and Perceived Relational Aggression in Adolescent Sibling and Friend Relationships
 DeHart, Ganie., Herd, Toria., Ebbers, Maribeth., Katomski, Anna. and Seifert, Daria.

Observed and parent-reported emotion in toddlers is associated with mother-toddler conversation quality
 Fields, Margaret. and Cole, Pamela.

Observed climate in peer cliques and children’s well-being
 Ellis, Wendy., Zarbatany, Lynne., Chen, Xinyin., Boyko, Lisa. and Kinal, Megan.

Observers Rate a Child as More Hyperactive if Falsely Told the Child Just Consumed Cookies: Controlled Study of the Sugar Bias
 Hupp, Stephen., Legg, Kari., Everett, Gregory. and Jewell, Jeremy.

Observing the Interactional Experiences of Victimized Children and Early Adolescents in Their Peer Cliques
 Zarbatany, Lynne., Tremblay, Paul., Ellis, Wendy., Kinal, Megan., Boyko, Lisa., Chen, Xinyin. and Ji, Eugene.

Odor Presence Negatively Affects Facial Expression Recognition in 5 and 9 Year Old Children
 Goubet, Nathalie., Leeds, Shelby. and Mason, Kira.

Offspring Internalizing Problems Predict Parental Psychological Control: Associations Across Age and Parent Gender
 Vaughan, Erikka., D\'Onofrio, Brian., Bates, John., Lansford, Jennifer., Pettit, Gregory. and Dodge, Kenneth.

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Panel 1: Grant Myths, Legends and Rumors: NIH Processes Revealed
 Crump, Aria., Riley, Anna., Sims, Belinda., Pintello, Denise., Price, LeShawndra., Shirley, Mariela. and Sirocco, Karen.

Panel 2: Mock NIH Review
 Griffin, James., Hopmann, Marita., Freund, Lisa., Miller, Brett., Mann Koepke, Kathy. and Maholmes, Valerie.

Parallels between Language and Motor Ability in Monolingual and Bilingual Children
 Sanjeevan, Teenu., Mainela-Arnold, Elina., Park, Ji Sook., Komeili, Mariam., Miller, Carol., Rosenbaum, David., Weiss, Daniel. and van Hell, Janet.

Parasympathetic Coregulation between Parents and Preschoolers: Differences by Child Externalizing Problems
 Lunkenheimer, Erika., Tiberio, Stacey., Boker, Steven., Buss, Kristin. and Timpe, Zachary.

Parasympathetic Nervous System Dysregulation Underlying Working Memory Deficits in Children with ADHD
 Ward, Anthony., Alarcon, Gabriella., Nigg, Joel. and Musser, Erica.

Parent Depressive Symptoms and Children’s Early Literacy: The Mediating Role of the Home Learning Environment in Dyadic Data
 Froyen, Laura., Skibbe, Lori. and Bowles, Ryan.

Parent Emotion Socialization, Gender and Socio-Emotional Competence as Determinants of Teacher-Child Closeness
 Bardack, Sarah. and Obradovic, Jelena.

Parent Engagement in Latino Head Start Families: Precursors and Changes over Time
 Schick, Adina., Melzi, Gigliana. and McWayne, Christine.

Parent Guidance of Young Children’s Scientific and Mathematical Reasoning in a Science Museum
 Vandermaas-Peeler, Maureen., Kendall, Alyssa. and Massey, Kate.

Parent Internal State Language and Infant-Parent Attachment with Mothers and Fathers
 Planalp, Elizabeth. and Braungart-Rieker, Julia.

Parent Involvement in Part C Early Intervention Services
 Schmidt, Kelly. and Sonnenschein, Susan.

Parent Language During Shared TV Viewing Compared to Other Activities
 Hanson, Katherine., Lavigne, Heather., Anderson, Daniel. and Gover, Stephanie.

Parent Meta Emotion Philosophy and Parent-Child Interaction In Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence
 Gurtovenko, Kyrill., Stettler, Nicole., Kawamura, Joy. and Fainsilber Katz, Lynn.

Parent Peer Relational Aggression and Victimization and Child Peer Relational Aggression
 Godleski, Stephanie., Ostrov, Jamie. and Kamper-DeMarco, Kimberly.

Parent Perspectives of Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivor Social Adjustment
 Hocking, Matthew., McCurdy, Mark., Turner, Elise., Briggs, Nell., Fleischer, Jessica. and Deatrick, Janet.

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Qualitative Investigation of Gender Differences in Parental Racial Socialization Messages
 Williams, Justin. and Smalls-Glover, Ciara.

Quality Counts: Developmental Shifts in Associations between Romantic Relationship Qualities and Psychosocial Adjustment
 Collibee, Charlene. and Furman, Wyndol.

Quality Factors in Head Start Associated with Kindergarten Language and Literacy Outcomes for Spanish Dual Language Learners
 Reilly, Shannon. and Johnson, Anna.

Quality and Quantity of Vocabulary in Narrative and Non-Narrative Talk in Diverse American Families
 Sperry, Douglas., Sperry, Linda. and Miller, Peggy.

Quality of Child-Directed Speech in Native and Non-Native English
 Shanks, Katherine., Senor, Melissa. and Hoff, Erika.

Quality of Children’s Spatial Language Use Predicts Spatial Skills
 Miller, Hilary., Vlach, Haley. and Simmering, Vanessa.

Quality of Parent-Child Interaction and Other Predictive Factors of Child Adjustment in Foster Care
 Dubois-Comtois, Karine., Bernier, Annie., Tarabulsy, George., Cyr, Chantal., St-Laurent, Diane., Lanctôt, Anne-Sophie., St-Onge, Janie., Moss, Ellen. and Béliveau, Marie-Julie.

Quality of Parent-Child Interactions During Book Reading and Television Predict Language Outcome in Low-income Minority Infants
 Barr, Rachel., Zachary, Chloe. and Linebarger, Deborah.

Quality of Parenting Affects Response and Recovery From a Social Stressor
 VanZomeren-Dohm, Adrienne., Doom, Jenalee. and Gunnar, Megan.

Quality of Parenting Communication and Language Learning in European-American Monolingual and Latino Bilingual Children
 Ramirez-Esparza, Nairan., Garcia-Sierra, Adrian. and Kuhl, Patricia.

Quality of father-child interaction, father psychosocial maladjustment, and child behavior problems in a low income sample
 St-Onge, Janie., Lessard, Mylène., Dubois-Comtois, Karine., Cyr, Chantal. and Bernier, Annie.

Quantifying Subjective Experience: Is Pre-recorded Video Really Non-contingent from the Child’s Perspective?
 Myers, Lauren., Steinbeck, Lauren., Danis, Makenzie., Crawford, Emily. and Murphy, Claire.


Race Centrality Development in Black Youth and Parents
 Hoffman, Adam., Kurtz-Costes, Beth., Adams, Elizabeth. and Perkins, Katherine.

Race Matters: The Role of Racial/Ethnic Identities and School Composition in School Climate for LGBT Students
 Palmer, Neal.

Racial Attitudes and Socialization of Black and White Parents of Preschool Children
 Lim, Chaehyun. and Kwon, Kyong-Ah.

Racial Differences in Alcohol Use Risk Factors with Adolescent Serious Offenders: The Role of Ethnic Identity
 Wilson, Shawn. and Prelow, Hazel.

Racial Incidents in the Classroom: A Qualitative Study on Preschool Teachers’ Perceptions and Intervention Strategies
 Ramzel, Melinda. and Moreno, Robert.

Racial Socialization, Racial Identity and Academic Success in African American and Latino College Freshmen
 Zuckerman, Allana. and Smalls-Glover, Ciara.

Racial/Ethnic Socialization and Academic Performance in Adolescents Across Racial/Ethnic Groups: The Mediating Role of Self-Esteem
 Fang, Shixin. and Yip, Tiffany.

Racial/ethnic Differences in Alcohol Use Trajectories among Adolescents in the Child Welfare System
 Huang, Cindy. and Connell, Christian.

Raising Grateful Kids: What can Parents do?
 Ruscio, Danielle., Froh, Jeffrey., Lomas, Tara., Muller, Meagan., Bono, Giacomo. and Emmons, Robert.

Rapid facial mimicry, a low level empathy response, is selective to positively-valenced stimuli in the preschooler period.
 Datyner, Amy., Richmond, Jenny. and Henry, Julie.

Rat Stereotypic Behavior Depends on Time and Dose of Iron Treatment for Developmental Iron Deficiency Anemia
 Felt, MD, Barbara., Hurst, Amy., Kaciroti, Niko., Lozoff, MD, Betsy. and Unger, Erica.

Rationale and Design of an Interdisciplinary Physical Activity Program (SKIP!) for Diverse 2-3 Year-Old Children
 McCullough, Aston., Duch, Helena. and Ewing Garber, Carol.

Re-examining the Language Account of Cross-National Differences in Number Representations
 Vasilyeva, Marina., Laski, Elida. and Ermakova, Anna.

Reaching Behavior Reveals Dissociable Processes Underlying Cognitive Control in Flanker Task
 Erb, Christopher., Moher, Jeff., Song, Joo-Hyun. and Sobel, David.

Reaching Behavior in Numeric Comparison Task Reflects Mental Number Line in 5-6-Year-Olds
 Erb, Christopher., Moher, Jeff., Song, Joo-Hyun. and Sobel, David.

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SES Differences in Input on Mental State Verbs
 Dudley, Rachel., Rowe, Meredith., Hacquard, Valentine. and Lidz, Jeffrey.

SLC6A4 methylation is associated with social stress reactivity in 3-month-old very preterm infants
 Provenzi, Livio., Casini, Erica., Fumagalli, Monica., Giorda, Roberto., Pozzoli, Uberto., Morandi, Francesco., Sirgiovanni, Ida., Beri, Silvana., Menozzi, Giorgia., Mosca, Fabio., Borgatti, Renato. and Montirosso, Rosario.

STEMscopesTM Early Explorer: Implementation of an Inquiry-Based Digital Curriculum to Enhance Early Childhood STEM Education
 Bell, Elizabeth., Rangel, Virginia. and Whitaker, J..

Safe Haven or Secure Base? The Function of Caregiving for Parent-Adolescent Conflict
 Romero, Christine., Sturge-Apple, Melissa., Davies, Patrick. and Martin, Meredith.

Salience and Social Cues in Early Word Learning
 Yurovsky, Daniel. and Frank, Michael.

Same Game, Different Name? Examining Latent Class Profiles of Parents' Privacy Invasions and Psychological Control.
 Tilton-Weaver, Lauree.

Same Parenting Practice, Different Ways: Culture influences parents’ goals, behaviors, and the relations between them
 WANG, WEN., Su-Russell, Chang. and Vallotton, Claire.

Same and Opposite Parents’ Support and Intrusiveness on Latino Adolescents’ Adjustment: The Role of Family Structure
 Halgunseth, Linda., Reid, Alexander., Behnke, Andrew. and Plunkett, Scottie.

Same – and Cross – Ethnic Bullying Among Elementary School Children
 Logis, Handrea., Gest, Scott. and Berry, Daniel.

Same-ethnic, Interethnic, and Interracial Friendships among Asian Adolescents
 Chen, Xiaochen. and Graham, Sandra.

Say You’re Sorry: Children Distinguish Between Willingly-Given and Coerced Expressions of Remorse
 Smith, Craig.

Scaling up Spatial Development: A Closer Look at Children’s Scaling Ability and Number Knowledge
 Jirout, Jamie., Holmes, Corinne., Newcombe, Nora. and Ramsook, Kizzann.

Scalp locations projected to cortical anatomy for infant NIRS
 Richards, John.

School Bonding Influences on the Relationship between Parental Knowledge and Delinquent behaviors
 Ma, Yanling., Kerpelman, Jennifer., Pittman, Joe., Gibson, Jatunn. and Wells-Marshall, Jennifer.

School Class Composition and Youth 3rd Grade Reading Achievement
 Legette, Kamilah. and Smith, Nina.

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 Hughes, Diane.

 Neblett, Enrique.

 Sellers, Robert.

 Yip, Tiffany.

Taiwanese elementary students’ strategies and performance in numerosity estimation
 Cheng, Yi-Hua., Lai, Meng-Lung. and Yeh, Yu-ching.

Take Your Mind Off It: Coping Style, 5-HTTLPR Genotype, and Children’s Internalizing and Externalizing Problems
 Jaffee, Sara., Cline, Jessie., Li, Zhi., Melhuish, Edward., Lysenko, Laura., McFarquhar, Tara. and Stevens, Suzanne.

Take it From the Top: Top-Down Speech Learning in Children Using Lexical Information
 Marino, Aimee., Apfelbaum, Keith. and McMurray, Bob.

Talking Shape: Parental Language During Play with Electronic vs. Traditional Shape Sorters
 Zosh, Jennifer., Verdine, Brian., Filipowicz, Andrew., Golinkoff, Roberta., Hirsh-Pasek, Kathryn. and Newcombe, Nora.

Talking about Cancer in Families of Latino Young Adults
 Corona, Rosalie., Quillin, John., Rodriguez, Vivian., Guyre, Maria. and Bodurtha, Joann.

Talking to Preterm Children Matters too: A Study of Caregiver Talk and Language Processing in Full-term and Preterm Toddlers
 Adams, Katherine., Loi, Elizabeth., Marchman, Virginia., Ashland, Melanie., Fernald, Anne. and Feldman, Heidi.

Tantrums and self-control: Maternal strategies for promoting preschoolers' self-regulation
 Leland, Alicia., Russell, Beth. and Jessee, Von.

Target-specific Prosocial Behavior in Early Adolescence: Variations by Popularity, Preference, and Dominance
 Closson, Leanna. and Hymel, Shelley.

Targeting Teacher Practice & Classroom Climate via Social-Emotional Preschool Interventions: Findings from Head Start CARES
 Mattera, Shira., Castells, Nina. and Morris, Pamela.

Task-Related Physiological Change for Shy and Non-Shy Children at Age Four: Differences in HRV and EEG Coherence
 Wolfe, Christy. and Bell, Martha Ann.

Teacher Beliefs, Classroom Quality, and Low-income Preschool Children’s Academic Skills
 Jeon, Hyun-Joo., Burnham, Melissa., DeFlorio, Lydia. and Walsh, Bridget.

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U.S. Chinese Immigrant Mothers’ Migration Experiences and Perceptions of their Children’s Adaptation
 Leung, Christy. and Cheah, Charissa.

U.S. Military Parental PTSD and Child Outcomes: A Literature Review and Meta-Analysis
 Casper, Deborah.

Underlying Motivations Reported for the Use of Social Aggression among Young Adolescents.
 Quigley, Danielle. and Daniels, Tina.

Understanding Authoritative Parenting and its Relations to Conduct Problems and Hyperactivity in Singaporean Children
 Ng, Leong Hwee., Qu, Li. and Cheah, Charissa.

Understanding Children’s Mathematical Difficulties Using Components From a Numeracy Pathway Model
 Skwarchuk, Sheri-Lynn.

Understanding Chinese Immigrant and European American Mothers’ Expressions of Warmth
 Cheah, Charissa., Li, Jin., Zhou, Nan., Yamamoto, Yoko. and Leung, Christy.

Understanding Cyberbullying and Cyber-victimization Through a Quadripartite Motivation Typology
 Bak, Michal. and Runions, Kevin.

Understanding Dimensions of Parenting in Low-Income Mothers
 Cook, Gina. and Roggman, Lori.

Understanding Effects of a Parent-implemented Communication Intervention: Case Studies of Two Children with Autism
 Chung, Moon., Snodgrass, Melinda., Meadan-Kaplansky, Hedda., Akamoglu, Yusuf. and Halle, James.

Understanding Elementary School Truancy
 Claessens, Amy. and Engel, Mimi.

Understanding How Mindful Parenting May Promote Youth Disclosure, Parental Solicitation, and Parental Knowledge
 Lippold, Melissa., Duncan, Larissa., Coatsworth, J.. and Greenberg, Mark.

Understanding Isolated and Non-isolated Victims of Peer Victimization in Middle School
 Aoki, Sayaka. and Brassard, Marla.

Understanding Low Engagement of Ethnic Minority and Low SES Groups in Parenting Programmes: Lay Beliefs and Access Barriers
 van Mourik, Krista., Crone, Mathilde. and Reis, Ria.

Understanding Why Early Temperament Leads to Adolescents’ Maladjustment: Social-Developmental Processes
 Buil, Marieke., van Lier, Pol., Brendgen, Mara. and Vitaro, Frank.

Understanding Young Children’s Reasoning about Children and Families Living in Poverty
 Nenadal, Lindsey. and Mistry, Rashmita.

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Vacant Land Use and Child Academic Performance in a “Shrinking City”
 Zaika, Natalya., Elliott, Margaret., Leventhal, Tama., Hollander, Justin. and Graves, Erin.

Validating Adolescent Time Inventory-Time Attitude Scores in Samples from Eight Countries
 Worrell, Frank.

Validation of Hair Cortisol as a Proxy Indicator of Toxic Stress in Early Head Start Participants: A Multisite Validation
 Laudenslager, Mark., Sarche, Michelle., Watamura, Sarah. and Constantino, John.

Validation of a Paradigm to Elicit Jealousy in Expectant Toddlers
 Harris, Jennifer. and Hart, Sybil.

Validation of an Electric Maze as a Novel Planning Task
 Sheppard, Kelly. and Cheatham, Carol.

Validation of the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) in 4-Year-Old Part-Time Kindergarten in Québec
 Bouchard, Caroline., Cantin, Gilles., Charron, Annie., Hélène, Crepeau. and lemire, julie.

Validation of the Mexican Parenting Questionnaire for Adolescents (MPQ-A) among Early-Adolescents in Peru
 Halgunseth, Linda., Noblega Mayorga, Magaly., Barrig, Patricia., Macavilca, Karen., Espinosa-Hernandez, Graciela. and Reid, Alexander.

Validity of Attachment Measures for Moderate-Risk, Rural Early Adolescents: Questionnaire, Interview, and Observational Methods
 Kidwell, Shari., Deaton, Michelle., Blevins, Morgan. and Hamm, Ashley.

Validity of the Dutch Adaptation of the Children’s Loneliness Scale (CLS): Self- and Peer-Reports
 Maes, Marlies., Van den Noortgate, Wim. and Goossens, Luc.

Variability in Preschoolers’ Cognitive Search
 Bonawitz, Elizabeth.

Variability in Relationships with Early Elementary Teachers: Longitudinal Effects for Children at Risk
 Lee, Phyllis. and Bierman, Karen.

Variables related to maternal depression during infancy: Focused on different age of infant
 Kim, Yeonsoo., Kwak, Keumjoo., Cho, Hyun Su., Lee, HyoJin. and Rim, SooJung.

Variables that Moderate Attunement in HPA-Axis Reactivity in Mother-Child Dyads
 Kalomiris, Anne., Kiel, Elizabeth. and Gibler, Robert.

Variation in Impacts of a College Course and MyTeachingPartner Coaching Model on Preschool Children’s Development
 Hamre, Bridget., Pianta, Robert., DeCoster, Jamie. and Downer, Jason.

Variation in Impacts of a Discussion-Based Vocabulary Program for Early Adolescents: Examining school and classroom conditions
 LaRusso, Maria., Jones, Stephanie., Miratrix, Luke., Snow, Catherine. and Donovan, Suzanne.

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Walk the Walk or Walk the Talk: Mimicking Actual or Perceived Substance Use of Peers
 Pattiselanno, Kim., Dijkstra, Jan., Steglich, Christian. and Veenstra, Rene.

Walking skill and its relationship to toddlers’ physical growth and cognitive ability
 Gill, Simone. and Saudino, Kimberly.

War trauma in transition to parenthood: pre-and postnatal outcomes in a Palestinian community sample
 Isosävi, Sanna., Qouta, Samir., Diab, Safwat., Kuittinen, Saija. and Punamäki, Raija-Leena.

Watching and listening to Mama: Messages to African American and Latina daughters navigating school and ethno-gendered challenges
 Johnson, Deborah., Yoon, Junghee. and House, Sherrell.

Wave to Nana! How infants and remote relatives connect using video chat
 McClure, Elisabeth., Chentsova-Dutton, Yulia., Barr, Rachel., Parrott, W. and Holochwost, Steven.

Wayfinding Anxiety and Childhood Experience
 Schug, Mariah., Stefanucci, Jeanine., Creem-Regehr, Sarah. and Cashdan, Elizabeth.

We Don’t Need to Teach Infants Not to Cry at Night. Addressing Sleep Hygiene without Behavioral Extinction of Signaling
 Stevens, Helen., Middlemiss, Wendy., McDonald, Susan. and Ridgway, Lael.

We cooperated so…now what?: Infants expect cooperative partners to share resources
 Wang, Ying. and Henderson, Annette.

We're in This Together: Joint Engagement during Parent-Child Conversations about Conflict
 Johnson, Kristin., Halberstadt, Amy., Griffin, Jessica., Leon, Ebony. and Stegemoller, Sara.

Web-based adaption of a home-visiting program for low-income mothers of infants: Preliminary results
 Feil, Edward., Baggett, Kathleen., Davis, Betsy., Landry, Susan. and Johnson, Ursula.

Weighing the evidence: Prompting conceptual change through storybooks
 Simons Ghafari, Kadria., Walker, Caren. and Ganea, Patricia.

Well-being enhances resilience while at the same time stress diminishes it
 Jose, Paul.

Wh-Questions Are Really Hard For Children with Autism to Understand
 Jyotishi, Manya., Tovar, Andrea. and Naigles, Letitia.

What Are We Teaching the Teachers: Child Development Curricula in US Higher Education
 Andrews, David., Buettner, Cynthia., Hur, Eun Hye. and Jeon, Lieny.

What Blind Spot? Preschoolers Successfully Attribute False Beliefs About Object Identity in a Spontaneous-Response Task
 Scott, Rose. and Pagobo, Jacqueline.

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You violated a commitment once, but you won’t do it again: Infants' expectations of joint commitments in a third party cooperation
 Henderson, Annette. and Low, Rachel.

You're Doing it Wrong: Does Efficacy of Observed Behaviour Influence Innovation?
 Carr, Kayleigh., Kendal, Rachel. and Flynn, Emma.

Young Adolescents’ Narrative Accounts of Their Own Social Aggression
 Mayeux, Lara., Dyches, Karmon., Michalik, Vanessa. and Seidel, Tom.

Young Adults' Essentialist Beliefs About Social Change
 Eidson, R. Cole. and Coley, John.

Young Adults’ Recollections of Discipline and Punishment: Relations With Externalizing and Attachment
 Curtner-Smith, Mary., Mahone, Equiller. and Jordan, Erica.

Young But Not Older Infants Remember Impossible Events: Learning Biases for Intuitive Physics
 Wang, Su-hua.

Young Children Discriminate between Accurate and Inaccurate Information when Rewarding Peer Informants
 Nelson, Laura., Ronfard, Samuel., Dunham, Yarrow. and Blake, Peter.

Young Children Prefer Scarce Items, but Also Variety
 Echelbarger, Margaret. and Gelman, Susan.

Young Children Show the Bystander Effect in Helping Situations
 Plötner, Maria., Over, Harriet., Carpenter, Malinda. and Tomasello, Michael.

Young Children and Great Apes Infer Causal Relations From Patterns of Variation and Covariation
 Völter, Christoph. and Call, Josep.

Young Children of Incarcerated Parents: Chaos in the Home
 Weymouth, Lindsay., Poehlmann-Tynan, Julie., Runion, Hilary. and Burnson, Cynthia.

Young Children of Jailed Parents: Emotions and Behaviors During Jail Visits and at Home
 Poehlmann-Tynan, Julie., Runion, Hilary., Weymouth, Lindsay. and Burnson, Cynthia.

Young Children's Compliance: Associations with Maternal Responsiveness and Maternal Control
 Hodskins, Kathleen., Reuhland-Powell, Jennifer. and Hungerford, Anne.

Young Children's Tablet Use and Associations with Maternal Well-Being
 Pempek, Tiffany. and McDaniel, Brandon.

Young Children´s Play Situations: a Matrix for the Development of Argumentation Skills
 Migdalek, Maia. and Rosemberg, Celia.

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Zooming in on Children’s Behavior During Delay of Gratification: What Do Difficulties in Delay Tell Us?
 Neuenschwander, Regula., Eberhart, Janina., Wang, Scarlett., Santa Cruz Leyton, Catalina. and Blair, Clancy.
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