SSSA Annual Meeting 2013-Mar-27 to 2013-Mar-31

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"Celebrating a Return to the Jim Crow Era?: Persisting Segregation in ‘Post-Racial’ America and How to Measure It"
 Henricks, Kasey., Byrnes, Bill. and Brockett, Victoria.

"Data Fundamentalism": Implications of Data Decisions for University Actions
 Hill, Hamner.

"Street Credibility" of an Athlete
 Brooks, Adrian.

"The History of Beer: From It's Babylonian Origins to Today's Microbreweries"
 Sewell, Steven.

"The Political Economy of Conflicts in Bangladesh"
 Islam, Syed.

"The Touch of a Feather": Ohio Valley Print Culture and the Making of the Louisiana Conspiracy
 Smith, Matthew.

"Un Macho de Corazon, Amor a La Mexicana": An Ethnography of a Hispanic Drag Queen Bar on the West Side of Chicago
 Aldana Marquez, Beatriz.

2012 Presidential Selection: How and Why President Barack Obama has succeeded in winning the Election.
 Thompson, William.

 Howard, Sally.

‘It was Just the Right Time:’ Negotiating Gender and Culture in the Texas Judiciary
 Navarro, Sharon.

‘Neat’ or ‘on the Rocks’: The Construction of Masculinity Within Cocktail Culture
 Kowalski, Amanda.

“A Case for Continuity: Texas Feminism Between the Waves, 1940s-1970s”
 Baker, Nancy.

“A Force to be Reckoned With”: The Reagan Administration and the Antinuclear Revolution in the Political and Popular Culture
 Maar, Henry.

“Anti-ERA Women in Louisiana: Negotiating Gender, Culture, and Politics in the 1970s”
 Brown, Yvonne.

“Candiditas en la Ciudad: A case study on female mayoral candidates and ethnicity in a minority majority city”
 Hernandez, Samantha. and Navarro, Sharon.

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A Bridge too Far: Rick Perry’s Inability to Translate State Success to the National Level
 Beech, Thomas. and Smith, Brian.

A Climate of Terrorism: Latin America and the Origins of U.S Response to Terrorism, 1965-1975
 Hove, Mark.

A Comparison of U.S. and Scottish Fisheries Policy
 Washburn, John.

A Compilation and Assessment of Tax Policy Measures in Jamaica, 1988-2012
 Forrest, Patrick.

A Critical Examination of the Experiences of Latina/o Faculty at Predominately White Universities
 Dawson, Mark.

A Dual Methodological Approach: Asians, Blacks, Latinos and Whites in Poverty: Who Believes What about Whom and Why?
 Hanson-Evans, M..

A Free Academic Community: Racial Harassment Policy in Higher Education
 Bell, Joyce.

A Home-Based Exercise and Dietary Intervention for Chinese-American Cancer Survivors: Preliminary Results
 Burk, Jessica. and Deng, Furjen.

A Look into a Christian Mega Church: The Gospel of Lakewood
 Gregory, Brittany.

A Mile of Disparity
 Bradley, Celena.

A Mixed Method Approach to Determining Individual, Environmental and Cultural Factors Affecting Illicit Drug Use among Latino Migrant Workers in Post-Katrina New Orleans
 Kissinger, Patricia., Schmidt, Norine., Hembling, John., Althoff, Meghan. and Shedlin, Michele.

A Modern-day Examination of Childrearing Practices As They Occur in African American and Caucasian Cultures
 Jones, Isis. and Holmes, Erica.

A Myth for America: An Exploration of Walt Whitman’s Poetry
 Gill, Rodney.

A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Child Rearing Values in the Middle East, Central Asia and Eastern Europe
 Madanipour, Ali. and Michalikova, Nina.

A Realist Aquinas? Realism and Pre-Modern Political Thought
 McCormick, William.

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Beyond Mommy Dearest: Casey Anthony Media Coverage and Feminist Criminology
 Chaudhuri, Tanni. and Scruggs, Jennifer.

Biodiversity Conservation and Human Livelihoods in Serra do Mar State Park, Southeastern Brazil
 Katin, Nichole.

Bisexuality in America- A Preliminary Analysis
 Farris, Nicole., Compton, D\'Lane. and Chang, Yu-Ting.

Bishop John Hughes of New York and His Representations of Catholics and Protestants During the Public School Controversy, 1840-1842
 Maine, Bryan.

Black Women and Basketball: Portrayals of Black womanhood beyond 'Nappy Headed Hos'
 Clay, Charity.

Blindness, Civic Hospitality and Enabling Civic Space
 Chappell, Larry. and Bray, Bernard.

Blurry Boundaries: Word Divisions in an Oral Language
 Blainey, Darcie.

Body Talk: Exploring Dance in Theory and Practice
 Lopez, Jaime.

Branch Davidian Beginnings: The Thought and Practice of Victor Houteff
 Pitts, William.

Breaking Bad or: How Machiavelli Learned to Stop Fearing the Medici and Advance Republicanism through Pro-War Discourse
 Brown, Ted.

Build Your Own Navy for a Dollar a Day: Los Angeles's Targeted War Bond Drive of 1943
 Carroll, Christopher.

Building Ties between Outside Agencies and Korean Seniors through the Korean-American Protestant Church: An Exploratory Study
 Kim, Eunkyung. and Cready, Cynthia.


Cambodian Men and AIDS: Who knows and Who gets Tested
 Campanaro, Candice.

Campaign Money and Contribution Mandates in State Legislature
 Vonnahme, Greg.

Camus' Dialogue with Nietzsche
 Illing, Sean.

Can an Afterschool Program for at-risk Middle School Students Reduce at-risk Behaviors?
 Rapp, Lisa., Rowe, William. and Stewart, Chris.

Can poor science be good? Ethnolinguistic analyses and cultural revitalization
 Maxwell, Judith.

Capitalism With a Human Face: Waging the Cold War Through the American Exhibitions, 1959-1991
 Hester, Kayla.

Capture Theory through the Eyes of School Superintendents
 Copeland, Gary.

Challenges Homeless Families Face in Housing Programs
 Wise, Jasmine.

Changing the Way We Want Things to Be: Inter- and Intra-generational Variation in Norm Agreement Over Time
 Powers, Ed. and George, Douglas.

Chi-Square Analysis of Texas Judicial Elections
 Monroe, Billy.

Chick-fil-Activism: Visual Responses to Vitriolic Rhetoric
 Fehlbaum, Amanda.

Child Abuse and Hechter's Rational Choice Theory
 Osborn, Shelby.

China's Grand Security Strategy: Peaceful Rise or Looming Threat
 Trevathan, Michael.

Christian Political Rhetoric and Non-Christian Voters
 Marshall, Jennifer.

Chronic Offenders: Examining School Infractions
 Forsyth, Craig., Howat, Holly., Pei, Lai., Forsyth, York., Amus, Gary. and Stokes, Billy.

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Decentralization and Environmental Governance in Multicultural Areas: Lessons from Two Colombian Communities
 Velasco, Marcela.

Deconstructing Deconstruction: How the Post Perspectives are Crippling Social Activism
 Chandler, Jahaan.

Defiance of Cosmological Order in Shakespeare’s Richard II.
 Reppert, Matthew.

Defining Childbirth: A Comparison between Physicians and Mothers
 McGuckin, Michelle. and Choi, Jin Young.

Defining Feminist Environmentalism: Linking Gendered and Environmental Activism in the Contemporary Era
 Istvan, Alesha.

Democracy in Action? The American Tea Party Movement and Jacques Ranciere
 Jozwiak, Daniel.

Democracy or Revolution? Explaining Democracy and Autocracy in the Middle East
 Goldman, Matthew.

Demographic and Religious Trends of "Spiritual but Not Religious" Americans
 Gabhart, Elizabeth.

Desensitization Exercises and Their Influence on Understanding Physical Limitations of the Elderly
 Reeger, Julie., Hurd, Shanice. and Pruett, Charlie.

Design and Difference: The Experiences of Students of Color in Architectural Education
 Fincher, Warren.

Determinants of Cable Television News Coverage of Members of the 109th U.S. House of Representatives
 Padgett, Jeremy.

Determinants of Faculty Salaries at Elite Liberal Arts Colleges
 Green, Steven.

Determinants of Gun Ownership
 Hale, Karen., Karbhari, Shilpashri. and Brethauer-Gay, Helen.

Determinants of Migration of Hispanic Population in Indiana
 Srinivasan, Arun. and Dufrene, Uric.

Deus Vult: Redefining Modern Parallels with the Crusades
 Brown, Nicholas.

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Ecological Modernization: Roadmap for Sustainable Success?
 Gholson, Melanie.

Economic Growth and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa in Historical Perspective.
 Keleta, Ethiopia. and NORMAN, EMLYN.

Educational Attainment in Second Generation Immigrants: Creating Context for Predicting College Graduation
 Halbesleben, Katie.

Effects of Education, Language and Nativity on the Fertility of Mexican-origin Women in the U.S
 Cruz, Cristina.

Effects of Zero Tolerance in Schools
 Posey, Stephanie.

Egyptian Democratic Revolution: Testing the Injustice Frame Hypothesis
 Niayesh, Vahid.

Emotions and Gender in Southern State Legislative Committees Associated with Domestic Violence Decision Making
 Rauhaus, Beth.

Empirical Determinants of Consumer Spending in an Open Economy Setting: Panel Data Evidence from the Caribbean
 Sutherland, Richard.

Employing Simulation Methodology to Test the Effects of Credit Discrimination on Residential Segregation
 Clark, Bridget.

Establishing Community, Memory and History through Food Blogs: An Examination of Digital Narratives about Food Written by Indian Immigrants in America.
 Paul, Newly.

Estimating a Macro Stress Test Model of Credit Risk for the Jamaican Banking Sector
 Spence, Dena.

Estimating the Equilibrium Real Interest Rate: A Benchmark to Current Monetary Policy Stance
 Mcleod, Sylfhen.

Ethnic Minorities Use of Terrorism in Democratic States: A Case Study on Northern Ireland and Basque Nationalism
 Walker, Ann.

Euthanasia: The Religious and Moral Debate
 Krey, Devon.

Evaluating Political Leadership at the Substate Level
 Wang, Richard.

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F2f or Online - Does Time Make a Difference?
 Carlsen-Landy, Bev., Michalikova, Nina. and Shows, Mitchel.

Facilitating the Reduction of Recidivism: A Political Philosophical Approach to Community Justice
 Waggoner, Philip.

Factors Influencing Sorghum Production in Lubbock County
 Goforth, Joseph., Yu, Mark. and Ewell, Frank.

Faith, the Forty-Ninth Parallel, and Participation: Political Involvement Among American and Canadian Evangelicals
 Jacobsmeier, Matthew.

Family Identity versus Identification: Same-Sex Families and the American Community Survey
 Compton, D\'Lane. and Baumle, Amanda.

Family Life Education with poor Mexican origin families
 Curiel, Herman Curiel.

Family Policy in Post-Communist European Societies
 Primak Kingsbury, Marina.

Fatal Child Maltreatment and Social Disorganization
 Warehime, M. Nicole.

Fatness group membership and discrimination effects on mental and physical health
 Davis, Jenny., Guillen, Jennifer. and Le, Huong.

Fear of Crime among Turkish Elderly People
 Solakoglu, Ozgur.

Filling the Gap: Disparities in Access to Health Care for Arkansas Hispanics
 Williams, Nichola.

Flappers in Utah?: Suppression of Female Sexuality in 1920s
 Cuthbertson, Dierdre.

Flaws in the UN's Responsibility to Protect Doctrine: A.K.A R2P
 Hallgarth, Matthew.

Forecasting Energy Consumption using Economic Variables: Evidence from Jamaica based on OLS Estimation, Cointegration and Granger-Causality tests
 Samuels, Rochelle.

Forgeries in Stalinist Russia Purpose, Extent, and Legacy
 O\'Sullivan, Donal.

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Gaines v. Canada: The First Step in the Journey to Segregation's End
 Endersby, James. and Horner, William.

Gender Differences in Health Media Use
 Dougherty, Devyn.

Gender Inequality
 Ponce, Katheryne.

Gender and Child Welfare Agency Decision-Making Process
 Crawford, Brandon.

Gender and Media Reliance following the BP Oil Spill
 Kenny, Christopher., Bratton, Kate. and Weber, Christopher.

Generating Activist Networks Online: Disasters, Transformative Events, and Collective Trauma
 Ortiz, David.

Generational Replacement and Partisan Change in the Northeast
 Knuckey, Jonathan.

Geopolitics of Transnational Natural Gas Pipelines
 Gul, Murat.

Getting involved: the politics of working with NGOs in a highland Maya community
 Bennett, Joyce.

Globalization and Agriculture
 Angirasa, Aditi. and Morrish, Douglas.

Grief and Bereavement in Eastern Armenian-Americans
 Gharakhani, Annie., Okada, Rumiko. and Edmonds-Biglow, Krystel.

Growing Our Own: Nascent Business Survival in Rural America
 Mencken, Carson. and Tolbert, Charles.


Hannibal Barca's Strategy and Tactics during the Second Punic War
 Welch, Brandi.

Hannibal’s Decision to Pass on Rome after Cannae and its Consequences
 Foret, Jared.

Hay Republicanos? The case of Latino Republicans in the Texas State House
 Valenzuela, Rosalinda.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: Interorganizational Relationships and Their Effect on Policy Outcomes
 Davis, Belinda.

Health and Natural Gas Extraction
 Gullion, Jessica.

Healthcare in 21st Century Appalachia:
 Cohen, Jennifer.

Hispanic Paradox among the Homeless Population on the United States-Mexico Border
 Smith, Curtis.

Homelessness and the Civic Engagement Community in Greater Cincinnati
 Bradley, Jena\'.

Homonegativity and the Moderating Impact of Higher Education: The Confluence of Place, Race, and Grace
 Davis, Russell.

Hospital Preference and Its Relation to Income
 Kang, Su Jin.

How Could a Mother Do Such a Thing? A Review of the Literature on Mothers that Kill Their Child(ren)
 Johnson, Natalie.

How Does Law Rule? Plato on Habit and the Art of Legislation
 Cusher, Brent.

How Electoral Rules Impact Health Policy in Latin America
 Rey, Denis. and Ozymy, Joshua.

How One’s Psychology of Time Matters in Attitude Towards Risk
 Spencer, Marilyn., Chambers, Valrie. and Benibo, Bilaye.

How Sentiments Affect Behaviors: Applying Affect Control Theory to University Students’ Voting Behaviors in the United States
 Madanipour, Ali. and Guffey, Thomas.

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I Saw it on the Internet: How Online Fact-Checking is Overtaking Presidential Elections
 Sams, Madison.

Identity salience and the rally effect: an experimental approach
 Martin, David.

Ideological Moderation During the Course of Campaigns
 Gershtenson, Joe. and Plane, Dennis.

Ideology Matters? Measuring the Effect of Ideology on the Election of Women Legislators in four Latin American Democracies (1983-2011)
 Alles, Santiago.

Imitations with More Laughable Results: Socrates' Analysis of Comedy in Plato's Philebus
 Duplessie, Derek.

Immigrant Generation and Academic Achievement in Post-Secondary Education: A Longitudinal Study
 Nino, Michael. and Brockmeyer, Kevin.

Impact of Diversification in Times of Economic crises: Evidence from Blue Chip Companies in the Dow Jones Index.
 Wansi, Theresia. and Ryerson, Nicholas.

Impact of Monetary Policy in the Presence of Theft
 Hazra, Devika.

Implementing Team Based Learning: "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"
 Fisher III, Samuel.

Imposed Identity in a Post Racial Society
 Boutte-Heiniluoma, Nichole.

Improving Women’s Health in Native American Communities
 Rodriguez, Yolanda.

Improving post-combat readjustment using a client-directed photographic activity.
 DeCoster, Vaughn., Lewis, Sevena. and Hess, Kelly.

In Defense of Popular History: A Portrait of Tom Holland
 Rivera-Pitt, Dinna.

In Pursuit of the Political Philosophy of Charles Murray
 Schaff, Jon.

In Search of the Soul in Amazonia
 Whitaker, James.

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James K. Polk and the Whig Press During the Mexican War
 Diaz, Casey.

Jeffersonian Visions: Lewis & Clark and Astoria
 Rohrbaugh, Collin.

Jim Crow Never Died
 Belleci, John.

John Rawls and Philosophical Anthropology: What is the Basis for a Stable Social Peace?
 Stuart, Kevin.

Judge Lamar Cecil and the Struggle for Civil Rights
 Kuhlman, Marty.

Judicial Appointments to Brazil's Superior Labor Court, Rates of Reversal Against Lower Labor Courts, and Regional Jurisprudential Ideologies: A Formal Model with Empirical Evidence
 Joyce, Stephen.

Just War and Cyber War
 Gendlin, Gerry.

Just Words?: Candidates' Promises & Presidential Persuasion
 Cobetto, Joseph.


Kansas Voter ID Laws: Advertising and Its Effects on Turnout
 Bright, Chelsie., Lynch, Michael. and Torrente, Steven.


Land Tenure Security in Informal Settlements in Lahore: Does Access to Basic Services Matter?
 Wajahat, Fatima.

Latinas on prime time television, Fall 2012
 Guillen, Jennifer.

Latino Familialism and College Choice
 Comeau, Joseph. and Cready, Cynthia.

Lawn Care in Conflict: Differences in Environmentally-friendly Intentions and Actual Landscape Behaviors among Florida Homeowners
 Souto, Leesa. and Pals, Heili.

Leadership Succession in Religious Organizations: A Tale of Two Mega Churches
 Benibo, Bilaye.

Leadership Through A New Lens
 Battle, DuWayne. and James, Christine.

Learning to Learn: A Collaborative Endeavor
 Chadha, Anita.

Leaving Office: The Senator’s Ideological Congruence and Strategic Retirement
 Choi, Jangsup.

Legislative Vote Cleavages in Recent State Immigration Omnibus Legislation
 Chou, Benjamin.

Leviathan’s Reach: The Impact of Political Consultants on the Outcomes of Presidential Primaries and Caucuses
 Cain, Sean.

Liberty Belles: Lesbian-feminism in the American Women’s Suffrage Movement
 Ortiz, Raymond.

Liberty: Ancient Theory and American Reality
 Fowler, Adam.

Lincoln's Political Economy
 Hernandez, Rodolfo.

Linking Residential Segregation, Neighborhood Disadvantage, and Allostatic Load to Explain Social Disparities in Health: A Proposed Research Agenda
 Curry, Gwenetta. and Keith, Verna.

Living in Diversely Segregated Neighborhoods in the Post Civil Rights Era
 Shaw, Kimberly.

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Macho Is Not a Gender Thing: Women's Bodybuilding as Edgework
 Baker, Abby.

Macro-Economic Uncertainty and Unconditional Stock Market Volatility: The Case of Jamaica
 Mcleod, Sylfhen.

Maestros Rurales: Mexico’s Socialist Educators and the Cultural Revolution
 Mathews, Weston.

Maintaining Culture--The Structure of Regional Motorcycle Clubs
 White, William.

Majoritarian Trends Between Branches: Assessing Legislative and Legal Landmarks
 Hendershot, Marcus., Hurwitz, Mark., Lanier, Drew. and Pacelle, Jr., Richard.

Manipulation v. Historical Interpretation: How Photographs of the Dakota Uprising of 1862 Act of Tools for Interpretation
 McKinney, Jennifer.

Margaret Mead's WWII research on Japanese
 Suzuki, Peter.

Married or Cohabiting?
 Kang, Hyunsook.

Marriner Stoddard Eccles
 Hubbard, Randall.

Maternity Leave and Pregnancy Discrimination Laws: An Analysis of Political, Economic, and Cultural Factors in Latin America
 Villasenor, Laura.

Mature Motorcyclists: Violating Age Norms and Loving It
 Thompson, William.

McLuhan, Turkle, and the Construction of Media Consciousness
 Poskocil, Arthur.

Measuring Lobbying Specializations in Arizonia, Wisconsin, Georgia and Texas.
 Davis, James. and Pryor, Ben.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Human Terrain Teams: Member and Command Perceptions
 Numrich, S. K.., Picucci, P.. and Wright, Dominick.

Meat: To Eat or Not to Eat? Diet, Disease and Discourses in Late Colonial Bengal
 Samanta, Samiparna.

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Narratives of Patriotism - Identity Work in the Tea Party
 Frost, Emily.

Nationalist Far Right Parties and Movements in Europe and Japan and the Tea Party in the U.S.
 Carroll, William.

Negotiation: A Positive Innovation to Strain
 Smithey, Martha.

New Indian Immigrant Women: Dimensions of Empowerment
 Karbhari, Shilpashri.

No Longer Jews: Descendants in New Spain of Assimilated Spanish Jewish Conversos
 Ryskamp, George.

No Taxation without Discrimination: A Racialized Fiscal Structure during the Late Jim Crow Era
 Henricks, Kasey.

Non-governmental Conflict Resolution and Cilvil War Duration
 Kiel, Christina.

Noël: Godmother of Soroptomist International
 Martin, Paula.


Objective and Relative Deprivation in Neighborhood Level and Children’s Asthma Outcomes in El Paso, TX
 Kim, Young-an.

Of Pirates and Providence, God on the High Seas: Puritan Providential Rhetoric and the Transatlantic Voyage, 1630-1682
 Orr, Timothy.

On the Athenian Stranger’s Treatment of Tragedy and Comedy in Plato’s Laws
 Dagg, Ian.

One for One: The Case of TOMS Shoes and Corporate Social Responsibility.
 Rainey, William.

One is Not Born a Woman: A Critical Dialectic on Gender and Sexual Identity
 Cooksey, Ariel.

Open Networks and Scattered Peoples: New Media and the Transnational Politics of the Indian Diaspora
 Jain, Anshul.

Optimal Strategies in Soccer
 Santos, Ricardo.

Organized Crime in Latin America - The Influence of Drug Trafficking in Metropolitan Areas
 Amorim, Francisco de Paula. and Marino, Juan Mario.

Outside the Prison: Exploring the Subjective Understanding of Previously Incarcerated Individuals’ Health-Prison Relationship
 Young, Tiffany.

Overshadowed By Julius Caesar
 Allen, Richard.


Papar Enigma: A Discussion of the Sources on the Papar Monks of the North Atlantic
 Eiermann, Brian.

Parental Help-seeking Behaviors: Mental Health Needs of Minority Children
 Lee, Sharon. and Choi, Jin Young.

Participation in Associational Life and Trust in Neighbors among Women in Guatemala
 Johnson, Lindsey.

Participation in Religious Meetings and Community-level Interactions in Rural Texas
 Robinson, C.., Theodori, Gene. and Hudec, Cheryl.

Partisan Polarization Comes to Court: Race, the South, and the Voting Rights Act
 Allen, Neal.

Party Systems, Democratization, and Governance in Africa: Aligning Theory with Praxis Using Sierra Leone and Kenya as Case Studies
 Lamin, Mohamed.

Paying for the Health Care of the Most Vulnerable: The Determinates of State-level Medicaid Reimbursement Rates for Children
 McBride, Sarah. and Schreckhise, William.

Peace Operations and Actual Peace: A Hit or Miss Proposal
 McFeaters, Andrew.

Peculiar Catholics: Catholic American Identity in the U.S. Temperance Movement
 Payne, Brendan.

Perceived Discrimination Among Muslim Americans
 Horsfall, Sara., Salih, Ibrahim. and Williams, Janjura.

Perceptions of workplace discrimination by sexual orientation
 Pals, Heili.

Performing Gender in the World of Competitive Ballroom Dance
 Marion, Jonathan.

Peter Green: Sidelights on a Liberal Humanist
 Vatai, Frank.

Philanthropy: A Continuing Form of Social and Structural Exclusion
 Melero, Jr., Calixto.

Philosophy, Temporality, and Politics in Plato’s Theaetetus (172c-177c)
 Reppert, Jamuna.

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Qualitative Metasynthesis Research Design: Utilizing the Depth and Breadth of Ethnographic Reports in Social Analysis
 Hollinger, Keith.


Race and Gender in Carl Sagan's Cosmos
 Nero, Andi.

Race and Sexual Orientation: Interactive Effects on Health Insurance Coverage
 Waren, Warren. and Pals, Heili.

Race, Class, and Volunteerism
 Neupane, Diptee.

Race, Pedagogy, and the Cell Phone: Bridging the Digital Divide
 DaCosta, Laverne.

Racial Hierarchy and Declination of Cellphone Interviews
 Benibo, Bilaye.

Racial Identity Formation of Taiwanese Peoples in the United States: A Multilevel Analysis
 Rico, Brittany.

Rape and Ethnic Conflict
 Guglielmello, Katemarie.

Rationalization and Social Learning Theories: An Appraisal
 Parangimalil, George.

Reaching Across the Aisle: How Executive-Legislative Relations Shape Legislative Cosponsorhip Activity
 Barnes, Tiffany. and Jang, Jinhyeok.

Rebel Institutions and Civil War Duration
 Marshall, Michael.

Reconsidering the "Democratic" Interpretation of Locke's Essay
 Henary, Sara.

Reducing Racial Inequality in Task Groups: Exploring the Effects of Time and Transfer
 Goar, Carla., Reidinger, Bobbi. and Lassus, Lora.

Religion and Civil Liberties: Examining American Attitudes Before and After 9/11
 Billington, John.

Religion and Ecological Effects on Volunteering
 Tamburello, Jeffrey.

Religion and the Founding Fathers: Using Myth as a Stimulus for Teaching Historical Method, Critical Thinking, and Writing to Undergraduates
 Petrin, Ron.

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Samuel P. Brooks and the Evolution Controversy at Baylor University, 1920–1929
 Winslow, Brady.

School Shootings: A Social Problem
 Blackwell, Crystal.

School Violence and Academic Learning Environments in Korea and Japan: Utilizing the International Educational Database of the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study 2007
 Kim, Young-an.

Science, Technology and Society: and the Intersection between Evolution and the Law
 Gesell, Laurence.

Scientific Consensus and Public Opinion Formation
 Ward, Colin.

Second-Generation American Identity Influences on Foreign Policy Attitudes: An Experimental Approach
 Jackson, Melinda. and Sasikumar, Karthika.

Self-Interest and Moral Responsibility in the Political Thought of Captain A.T. Mahan
 Varacalli, Thomas.

Selling the Deal: How Thomas Jefferson's Presidential Newspaper "Reported" on the Louisiana Purchase
 Laracey, Melvin.

Sending Out Your Soul: An Entheogenic Forum Community Explored through Language
 Frias, Erin.

Sentencing for Child Maltreatment Deaths in Oklahoma by Perpetrators’ Relationship to Victim
 Alexander, Emily. and Brackett, Vanessa.

Separate but Not Equal: Education and Attitudes in Bosnia-Herzegovina
 Schneider, Mary Kate.

Separating the ethnic from the spiritual: the role of archaeologists in the 2012 Maya "end of the world"
 Alud-Thomas, Luke.

Setting State Appellate Court Agendas: An Event History Analysis of Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification (SORN) Laws
 Easterly, Bianca.

Sex Sells: Examining Opinions on the Legalization of Prostitution
 Gonzalez, Nancy.

Sex Trafficking and Diversion Programs Designed to Assist Victims
 Nickum, Amy. and Marshall, Linda.

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Tacitus and the Germania
 Cusimano, Adam.

Taiwan’s Offshore Island Policy in Kinmen and the United Nations Sustainable Development
 Wang, Rebecca.

Tax Knowledge, Perceived Tax Fairness and Tax Compliance in Uganda:The case of small and medium income taxpayers in Kampala central division
 Mukasa, Joseph. and Ngoboka, Pascal.

Teaching Ethnic Awareness in Schools: Cultural Relevance in the Classroom
 Contreras, Ana.

Teaching Research in an Online Format: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
 Mayers, Raymond. and Fulghum, Fontaine.

Teaching Social Policy to the Millennial Student
 Lewis, Joan.

Teaching Social Work in An Online Environment
 Zidan, Tarek.

Technological Organization and Economic Systems in Complex Societies: The Case from Callar Creek Quarry, Belize
 Horowitz, Rachel.

Terrorism and Gender Equality: An Analysis of the Effects of Socioeconomic Gender Disparaties on the Risk of Terrorism
 Dumas, Jennifer.

Testing the Truth: Birth of American Fundmentalism
 Mehrtens, Misty.

The "Latin Option" in Prime-Time: Latina Actors on Glee and Modern Family
 Barron, Jessica.

The Academy under Proclus: Perfecting Women through Neoplatonic Education in Late Antiquity Athens
 Ellis Frischmann, Nina.

The Ambivalent Catholic: The Tension between Religious Values and Partisanship
 Davison, Donald.

The American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions and the Atlantic Ham
 Ouattara, Gnimbin.

The Analysis of Nitrogen Optimization and Price Variation in Cotton Production
 Schlemmer, TraeAnn., Yu, Mark. and Ewell, Frank.

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U.S. Senators' Approval Ratings: How Much is Determined by Context?
 Mallams, Sarah.

Uncommitted Hegemons, Discordant States, and the Inconsistent Role of the Organization of American States in Defending Democracy in Latin America
 Disi Pavlic, Rodolfo.

Understanding Motives for Migration in Working with Immigrant Families
 Paat, Yok Fong.

Understanding Swarms: Weak Ties and the Digital Platform in Global Political Protest
 Harmening, Natalie.

Understanding the Experience of Engaged Young Adult Baha'is
 Mowzoon, Nura.

Understanding the Impact of Minority Stress on Academic Resilience: Implications for Mental Health Professionals
 Ngin, Julie., Magalhaes, Cristina. and Murray, Joan.

Unequal Distribution of Health
 Martinez, Nahomi.

Unfamiliar Others: Contact with Unassimilated Immigrants, Cultural Threat, and Opinion on Immigration
 Newman, Benjamin.

Unintended Consequences: Changes to the Texas Legal Code and Rates of Prosecution in Cases of Strangulation, 2009-2011
 Deering, Michael.

Union Nationalism in Kentucky: A Study in Southern Unionism in a Border State
 Morris, Ethan.

Unlikely Bedfellows: The Story of the Triple Entente
 McKelvy, Ryan.

Unlimited Possibilities: Liminal Spaces and the Transgender Experience
 Dietert, Michelle.

Unprotected Roma Rights: A Call to European Nations
 Valle, Marissa.

Use of Primary Sources in Government Education
 Hobbs, Cheryl.

Using Experiential Learning Techniques to Teach Social Privilege
 Houston-Armstrong, Tina.

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Variations on Ballot Format in Low Information Elections
 Johnson, Jeremy. and Lancaster, Barry.

Virtually Representative?: Examining Congressional Websites as a Vehicle for Constituent Communication
 Hayden, Jessica. and Evans, Jocelyn.

Voices of Vitality: A Diagnosis of Coping Strategies Among Latina/o Cancer Survivors
 Ortega, Frank.


Walmart and Sustainable Agriculture Standards in the United States
 Constance, Douglas., Travers, Kevin. and Ferragut, Heather.

Walter Lippmann's Public Philosophy: Explaining the Tensions between Liberal and Progressive American Thought
 Schmidt, Eric.

Welfare Reform and Racial Policy Regimes
 Hedge, David.

Welfare, Poverty, and AIDS: Did Welfare Reform Contribute to the HIV Epidemic among the Poor?
 Miles, Tom.

What is Religion? The Importance of Definition
 Segady, Thomas.

What is living and what is dead in the canonical criticisms of representative democracy?
 Stacey, Simon.

When Illness Causes Disease - Alcohol Consumption and the Propensity for Non Communicable Disease in Sub Sahara Africa
 Anangwe, Kathleen.

When Medicine Divorces Morality: Managing Illness and Health Care Access as an Undocumented Person in the United States
 Menchaca, Angelica.

Where's the Jewish Standpoint?
 Henegan, Sara.

White-Latino Segregation: The Role of Acculturation and Family Size
 Fossett, Mark. and Fox, Amber.

Who Can Represent All the Nurses? The Different Acts Used by Two Nursing Unions to Get Legitimacy in Taiwan
 Yeh, Yu-Chuan.

Who are the Crucified People in the Midst of Drug Violence?
 Galan-Bruce, Theresa.

Who were the Thirteenth-Century Parisian Secular Masters?
 Traver, Andrew.

Who’s Responsible? Personal Beliefs on Environmental Protection
 Vavricka, Brooke.

Why Do Low-Income Urban Households Not Apply for Welfare Benefits? Evidence from Jamaica’s PATH Program
 Blake, Garfield. and Gibbison, Godfrey.

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