SSSA Annual Meeting 2014-Apr-16 to 2014-Apr-20

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"An Eye for an Eye"? Age, Ethnicity, Partisanship, Class, and Religion as Predictors of Jury Panelists’ Severity of Sentencing in Cases of Whtie-Collar Crime
 Wink, Kenneth. and Clark, John.

"Drop 'em" and "Say Ahh": Today's Pro-Police/Anti-Privacy Supreme Court
 Nelson, Ronald.

"Even If You In A Benz, You Still a Nigga in a Coupe:" A Du Boisian Analysis of Double Consciousness in Kanye West's Rap Lyrics
 Austin, Courtney.

"I do" - A content analysis of The Knot Weddings Magazine
 Buckley, Katja.

"Is the United States in Violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A Different Perspective on VRA Enforcement
 Flores, Henry.

"Miseries in the Name of Liberty": Anti-Americanism in Latin America and New World Exceptionalism
 Powers, Michael.

"Murdered in Cold Blood": Northern Media Responses to the Massacre at Ft. Pillow
 Dluhos, Jarret.

"Nullifying" the Federal Reserve System via Article I, Section 10
 Greene, William.

"We are a Nation of Land-Jobbers:" Interpretations of Free Labor and the Homestead Act
 Munoz, Austin.

 Bush-Veselka, Alexandra.

(Re)Approaching the Past, Writing the Present: Incorporating Auto/ethnography into New Accounts of Lower Rio Grande Valley History and Culture
 Flores, Lupe.

: How in the world do Zumba, the Biopsychosocial Framework, and a Quasi Experimental research design go together?
 Guillory, Kristen.

: Presidential and Political Correctness: Behavioral Lessons from Thomas Jefferson’s Presidential Newspaper
 Laracey, Melvin.

¬¬Parental Incarceration and Adolescent Negative Self Feelings
 Serna, Xavier. and Pals, Heili.

‘Amid the Waters’: Successful Native American Education on Martha’s Vineyard, 1643 – 1690
 Shanks, Neil.

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A Comparison of Viking Raiding and Settlement in France and England
 Turner, Danielle.

A Delphi Survey of Indian Adult Abuse in the Southern Plains
 Wedel, Ken., Miller, Christina., Whiteside, Melissia. and Winfrey, Stephanie.

A Different Brew of Tea, or the Same Old Recipe?: Examining Linkages Between The Radical Right (1964) and the Tea Party Movement.
 Faletta, Jean-Philippe.

A Diplomatic Affair
 Bourgeois, Wilson.

A Dying Crisis: Examining the Relationship Between STDs, Sexual Abuse, and Suicide.
 Ponce, Nohemi., Surface, Amanda. and Keahey, Jared.

A Dying Debate: How Young Religious Conservatives Are the Key to Ending the Debate Over Same-Sex Marriage
 Faulk, Kevin.

A First-Year Experience Seminar Series for New Faculty: Developing Faculty as Lifelong Learners
 Millsap, Pamela.

A Fuzzy-Set Analysis of Latin American Populism
 Barr, Robert.

A Gendered Agenda? Women Representatives and an Ethic of Care in Congressional Legislation
 Navarro, Sharon. and Wilson, Walter.

A Legacy of Disenfranchisement: How Felon Disenfranchisement Laws Impact the Electoral Behavior of Ex Criminal Offenders
 McCahon, David.

A Life Course Approach to Mortality in Mexico
 Saenz, Joseph. and Wong, Rebeca.

A Long Train of Abuses? Interpretations of the Social Contract in the New Egypt
 Howard, Sally.

A Matter of Priority: Texas Government and the Low Tax-Low Service Myth
 Miles, Tom.

A Need for Change in Food Certification: An Exploration of Participatory Guarantee Systems
 Garcia, Gabriela. and Hatanaka, Maki.

A New Look at Plato's Republic, Book 10
 Burns, Timothy.

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Back to the 1890s: The U.S. Supreme Court, Robber Barons, and the Rise of Political Money
 Jorgensen, Paul. and Cavazos, Omar.

Ballot design and intraparty fragmentation. Electronic Voting in Brazil
 Tchintian, Carolina.

Bangladesh: Challenges of Good Governance
 Islam, Syed.

Baton Twirling: A Content Analysis of How-To Books
 Haltom, Trenton.

Beirut Speaks: Street Art, Arabic, and Identity in Lebanon
 Holland, Jaime.

Beyond Density and Diversity: Understanding the Obama Coalition
 Damore, David.

Beyond Inclusion: Methodology, Epistemology, and the Study of Transgender People
 Johnson, Austin.

Breaking (Down) Bad: How Human Rights Differ in Different Authoritarian Governements
 Fruge, Kimberly. and Stephens, Julie.

Bridging the Landmark Measurement Debate: A Bayesian Approach to Contemporaneous and Retrospective Ratings.
 Hendershot, Marcus., Liang, Ye. and Fleming, Mick.

Broken Vows, Broken Democracy? The Political Consequences of Divorce
 Amira, Karyn., Johnson, April. and Johnson, Joshua.

Buddhism and the Deviant Act of Self Immolation
 Gregory, Brittany.

Building the U.S. Green State: State and National Environmental Institution Building, 1781-2000
 Klyza, Christopher.

Bursting Whose Bubble?: The Racial Tax Consequences of Evaporated Home Value
 Henricks, Kasey.

Business Environment, Economic Agglomeration and Job Creation around the World
 Clarke, George.

By the People or Manipulation of the people? Direct Democracy in an Authoritarian Regime
 Engstrom, Richard. and Reilly, Shauna.


Camp Ramapo: An Evaluation of an Education and Behavior Modification Program for Autistic Youth
 Pulliam, Jamon. and Carter, Vivan.

Campaigning through Facebook: Campaigns and Social Media in the 2012 Mexican Presidential Election
 Saavedra Cisneros, Angel. and Diaz, Javier.

Can Dystopian Environmental Fiction Inform Environmental Policy
 Pressley, Cindy.

Can I Get a Yee-haw and an Amen: Colleting and Interpreting Oral Histories of Texas Cowboy Churches
 McAdams, Jake.

Carrots or Sticks?
 Lee, Su-Mi.

Case study - Engaging BSW students in a community research project to assess health care needs of low income housing residents
 Lewis, Joan.

Challenges on the Home Front: Demographic changes and the effects on homeownership
 Hollar, Brian.

Chamber Differences in Website Design: Examining Website Accessibility in the House and Senate
 Evans, Jocelyn. and Hayden, Jessica.

Chameleons Draped in White: Analyzing Change in the Online Network Structure of U.S. White Supremacist Groups
 Martin, Paul.

Characterizing the Merits of Specialized Microfinance Instruments and Their Acceptability by the Poor to Alleviate Poverty in Albany/Dougherty, Georgia
 Nwaokoro, Amaechi.

Chicana/o Lesbian and Gay College Student from Rural South Texas and Their Experiences During College
 Diaz, Amparo.

Children's Delinquency After Paternal Incarceration: Two Competing Mechanisms
 Mathis, Carlton.

China’s Energy Efficient Appliance Adoption Dilemma: Problems, Possibilities, and Solutions
 Huber, Walter., West, Xavier., Kang, Min. and Xu, Ziyao.

China’s contribution to local employment in Africa: Comparison of Ghana, Zambia, And Nigeria
 Ho, Karl. and Kapti, Engin.

Christian Conflicts: Christian Movement in Rome and the Subsequent Response in the First Century AD
 Gribble, Morgan.

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Declining Segregation? Perhaps Not: Using Alternative Measures of Segregation to Reevaluate Trends in White-Latino Segregation, 1990-2010
 Fox, Amber. and Fossett, Mark.

Delayed Childbearing and Lack of Educational Attainment: Why do some less educated women postpone fertility?
 Hahl, Jeannie.

Demographic Factors Associated With Political Participation Among American Indians and Alaska Natives in the United States
 Huyser, Kimberly., Sanchez, Gabriel. and Vargas, Edward.

Demographic and Socio-Economic Determinants of Food-Access Inequality: County-Level Exploration in Texas
 Ray, Allison.

Depictions of Fatherhood in Gay Parent Magazine - A Content Analysis
 Rollman-Tinajero, Cheryl.

Deregulation and the cost of opening new business in Mexico
 Torre, Leonardo. and Rangel, Erick.

Deritualization and Reritualization under the Khmer Rouge
 Delano, Daisha. and Knottnerus, David.

Determinants of Capital Structure: Evidence from a Major Emerging Market Economy
 Koksal, Bulent., Orman, Cuneyt. and Oduncu, Arif.

Determinants of Discrimination Towards Sexual Minorities in Mexico
 Urbiola, Luz. and Rangel, Erick.

Developing Economic Exceptionalism
 Wheelock, Jr., Frank.

Development and Inequality: The Influence of Level of Development on Reduction of Gender Inequality
 Lopez, Juliette.

Direct Action in Texas During the Civil Rights Movement: Stand-Ins
 Kuhlman, Marty.

Disconnected Identities: The Racial Self-Identification of New Immigrants in the United States
 Koshy, Kavitha. and Michalikova, Nina.

Discursive Colorlines at Work: How Epithets and Stereotypes are Racially Unequal
 Embrick, David. and Henricks, Kasey.

Disproportionate Minority Contact: The Role Judges and Court Officials Play
 Ketchum, Paul., Peck, B.. and Polasek, Patrick.

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Economic Crises and Political Divides in Europe and the United States
 Larson, Michaela. and Nichols, William.

Economic Evaluation of Factors Affecting Beef Cattle Production and Prices in Texas
 Clark, Amber. and Schlemmer, TraeAnn.

Economic Sanctions are Bad News: The Domestic Political Consequences of Economic Sanctions
 Webb, Clayton.

Educating Adults to Talk about Death and Dying to Assist Grieving Children: The Case of Bereavement Facilitators Working at Hospice
 Moreno, Jose. and Larrotta, Clarena.

Education Enrolment and Macroeconomic Stability: A Cross-Country Study
 Wright, Nicholas.

Education Outcomes After Foster Care: A view across ethnicity
 Villegas, Susy.

Education in Jerusalem
 Amer, Rhonda.

Effect of Academic Progress on Athletic Experience
 Pfeiffer, Matthew., Paar, John., Kelley, Christopher., Soboroff, Shane., Lovaglia, Michael. and Lucas, Jeffrey.

Effects of Racialization of Public Opinion on Attitudes Toward the Affordable Care Act
 Levasseur, Patricia.

Efficiency vs. Equity: Why the Tradeoff Doesn't Exist
 Ballard, Bill.

Egypt's Arab Spring: Promise and Disillusionment
 Husain, Mir.

Electoral Institutions and Gender Empowerment: The Role of Electoral Systems in Contexts of Inequality
 Kolev, Kiril. and Maslin, Kimberly.

Electoral Institutions and Opinion Representation
 Wlezien, Christopher. and Soroka, Stuart.

Embodied Beauty Ideals: Audience Perceptions of South Asian Women in American Popular Media
 Thakore, Bhoomi.

Emergency Management: The Causes and Consequences of the 2012 Flood in Nigeria
 Ewoh, Andrew.

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Faculty Salary Raises, Labor Supply Responses, Use of Funds and Employee Happiness
 Gevrek, Deniz. and Spencer, Marilyn.

Fat as Status: An Expansion of Status Characteristics Theory
 Reidinger, Bobbi.

Fathers, Fathering, and Fatherhood a Global Perspective
 Seward, Rudy. and Stanley-Stevens, Leslie.

Federalist Nativism and the Response to Fries’ Rebellion, 1798-99
 Conley, Nathaniel.

Fewer Choices, Fewer Failures: How the ROTC Promotes Four-Year Graduation
 Viña, Sean.

Financial Literacy and Credit Score
 Harun, Syed., Calafiore, Pablo. and Sosa-Fey, Josephine.

Financial Stress and its Impact on Econmic Activity: Evidence from Jamaica
 Wallace, Celia.

Fitting a Square Peg into a Round Hole?: Status Exchange Theory and Black Wife-White Husband Couples
 Malone Jr., Danny.

Focus Groups for eliciting feedback from Students of Color
 Hegge, Gloria.

Food Security & Time
 Avila, Jose.

For Honor and Country: Understanding the Link Between Football Hooliganism and Nationalism
 Warner, Alex.

Forecasting the likelihood of financial failure in the US Automotive Industry using Altman Z-score
 Curcio, Alexander.

Fostering Retention in HBCU's
 Welcome, Jasmine. and Carter, Vivan.

Four-Year College Graduation: Are High School Graduates Prepared to Meet Traditional College Expectations?
 Barrie, Courtney.

Framing Consumption: A Juxtaposition in the Houston Heights District
 Mora, Felicia.

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Gender-based Violence: The Inequalities at Home and at the Nation-state
 Ochoa, Melissa.

Generational Differences in Women’s Perspectives on Commitment, and Implications for Millennials
 Kirk, Amy.

Generic competition in the Mexican pharmaceutical industry
 de la Garza, Oscar. and Flores, Daniel.

Genocide’s Forgotten Victims: The Targeting of People with Disabilities
 Eisenbaum, Elaine.

Globalizations, Transnational Feminisms and Undoing Gender: The Case Study of An All-female Fair Trade Cooperative.
 Russell-DuVarney, Kelley.

Gnostic Criminology: Perception, Belief, and the Science of Peacemaking
 Adkinson, Cary.

Going Beyond Economics: Exploring the Impact of Microcredit on the Psychological Well-Being of Women Participants
 Deleon, Jaqueline.

Going Beyond Gender Mainstreaming: An Examination of the Women’s Circle Projects of Fifty Cents. Period. and the International Rescue Committee
 Morris, Eleanor.

Going Native: An Institutional Ethnography Inquiry of Police Practices Along the US-Mexico Border
 Gamino, Eric.

Gouverneur Morris on Revolutionary France: Applying a Theory of Class Conflict and Political Institutions
 Bissex, Christopher.

Government Debt and Private Investment: The Jamaican Experience
 Evans, Alecia.

Graves Peeler: A True Legend from South Texas
 Gonzales, Carlos.

Gripping Communities: Attitudes About African American and Amish Cultural Retention
 Patti, Camille. and Compton, D\'Lane.

Group Loyalty and Victim Selection in Violent Conflicts
 Simmons, Alan.

Growth of Executive Compensation Post the Financial Crisis
 Huang, Hai.

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Happy Couples, Happy Singles
 Samuel, Prauttus.

Have Americans Forgotten the Cold War? Rethinking Our Sites of Memory
 Lopez, Gloria.

He said, She said; Mixed Gender Congressional Races and Negative T.V. Advertisements
 Camarillo, Christopher.

Heads, Scalps, and Ears: Body Count in Spanish Colonial and Mexican-Period New Mexico
 Tórrez, Robert.

Health Disparities of Latino Immigrant workers in post-Katrina New Orleans
 Murga, Aurelia Lorena.

Health Literacy among Youth in Residential Care
 Hoffman, Steven.

Helping or Hurting Low-Wage Workers? Impact of Minimum Wage Increases on Poverty and Employment among the Working Poor
 Thompson, Michael.

Helping the Less Fortunate: Commercial Surrogacy in India
 Robinson, Jaala.

Heritage versus Modernization: Challenges and Implications to Women in Shantou, China
 Lin, Cheng-Hsien., Xiao, Jian Qin., Wen, Xiao Xiao., Mai, Chu Qi., Zhao, Zi Wei., Xu, Lu., Chen, Shuo., Chen, Shao Mei. and Chen, Ye Xuan.

Heroic Incentives: Using popular science fiction and fantasy to teach basic economics
 Hollar, Brian.

High Times in the Oleander City: Real Estate Speculation and the Evolving Meaning of Land in Late Nineteenth-Century Galveston, Texas
 French, Bryan.

History Repeats Itself: Turkish Conflict Follows the Pattern of the Conflict in Northern Ireland
 Gokturk, Adil.

Honorable Man-tion: Re-examining Masculinity and Manhood among Elite Southern White Men
 Culver, Gabriel.

Housing Inequality at San Elizario, Texas
 Fernandez, Robert.

How Crime Related Issues Affect Life Satisfaction?
 Solakoglu, Ozgur.

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Identifying Patterns in Obstacles to Colo-Rectal Cancer Screening
 Shaw, Thomas.

Identifying the Association between Social Networking Media and Risky Sexual Behavior Related Images for College Students
 Bryant, Courtney., Carter, Vivan. and Heath, John.

Image as Agency: Body and Identity in Sociocultural Contexts
 Marion, Jonathan.

Image in Circulation: The Social Lives of Images
 Marion, Jonathan.

Immigrant Binge Drinking Trajectories from Adolescents to Early Adulthood: The Role of Selective Acculturation
 Nino, Michael. and Comeau, Joseph.

Immigrant Identities and Diaspora Philanthropy
 Batra, Shikha.

Immigration Status & Health Care Access in the U.S.
 Menchaca, Angelica. and Morales, Maria Cristina.

Immigration Status and Health Service Utilization Among Mexican Immigrants
 Lara, Joanna. and Yang, Philip.

Impact of Indigent Defense Spending on Rates of Female Incarceration
 Kickham, Kenneth., Burns, Jaime. and Ford, David.

Impact of Remittances on Receiving Economies: Case Study of Buenavista, Guadalcazar, San Luis Potosi
 Martinez, Juana.

In the Shadow of a Steel Recycling Plant in these Neoliberal Times: Economic and Access Disparities among Hispanics in a Border Colonia
 Marquez-Velarde, Guadalupe., Staudt, Kathleen. and Dane’El, Mosi.

Increasing Colorectal Cancer Screening in a Hispanic Male Population in South Texas
 Fornos, Laura.

Indicators of trust in the criminal justice system in Bulgaria and United Kingdom: a comparative study
 Papadouka, Maria Eirini.

Individual Determinants of Academic Success in Online Classes Among Asian Students
 Carlsen-Landy, Bev. and Michalikova, Nina.

Inequality in America’s Educational System: A Marxist Perspective
 Bouknight, Thomasenia.

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Japanese Nationalism: Shinto’s Contemporary Role
 Dewell Gentry, Hope.

Job Opportunity and Karoshi Avoidance: Constructing Schumacher Labor Policy Rules
 Hudgins, David. and Gevrek, Deniz.

Job Stress and Sleeping Problems
 Guffey, Thomas.

Judicial Primary Elections: A Quantitative Analysis
 Monroe, Billy.

Just War Theory and Cyber War: A Few Troubling Implications
 Hallgarth, Matthew. and Justice, Jeff.

Just say none: Changes in American commitment to organized religion
 Powers, Ed. and George, Douglas.


Keep Your Distance: Facebook Use, Network Diversity, and Feelings about the “Other”
 Davidson, Theresa. and Farquhar, Lee.

Knowledge of Aging, Job Satisfaction and Patient Morale in Long-Term-Care
 Lipps, Alan. and White, Kari.

Korea’s Struggle to decide whether to be a Mono-ethnic or Multiethnic Nation: The Reality of Multicultural Children in School
 Heo, Nayoung.


La Voz del Campesino: A Historical Analysis of UFW Political Artwork
 Avila, Thomas.

Labor Supply, Endogenous Wage Dynamics and Tax Policy
 Santos, Ricardo.

Laboring Women: An Overview of the Late 19th to Early 20th Centuries
 Neucere, Elizabeth.

Latina/o Health Discourses in Newsprint Media from 2006-2010: A Content Analysis of Four Syndicated Newspapers
 Ortega, Frank.

Latino Marches and Rousseaua's Festivals: the Impact of Participatory Events on Latino Sociopolitical Attitudes
 Saavedra Cisneros, Angel. and Sokoloff, William.

Latino Pioneers in the NFL: Tom Flores, Jim Plunkett, and the Rooney Rule
 Thompson, Tyler.

Law In Inuit Cultures
 Childs, Delaney.

Law, Custom, and Justice in the Political Theory of St. Thomas Aquinas
 Rohmer, Frank.

Layers of History: History and Memory at Terezin
 Grubb, Abbie.

Left Behind: The Impact of Parental Migration on Salvadoran and Mexican Children
 Duarte, Isabel.

Legal Violence and the Social Integration and Undocumented Migrants
 Flores, Nadia.

Legality, Accountability and Responsibility: the case of the Lhotshampa Refugees from Bhutan
 Nath, Lopita.

Levels of Social Reality/Social Analysis: Theoretical Perspectives on Social Reality
 Torres Raines, Rosario.

Life and Health Outside Prison
 Young, Tiffany.

Lincoln's Religious Statesmanship: Slavery and Biblical Theology in the Civil War
 Areshidze, Giorgi.

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Making Contact: Multiracial Segregation in U.S. Cities
 Barron, Jessica.

Male Culture in Sports and its Relationship with Child Sexual Abuse
 Love, Matthew. and Magalhaes, Cristina.

Manipulated Voters in Competitive Election Campaigns
 Arbatli, Cemal Eren. and Aköz, Kemal Kıvanç.

Marginality and Opportunity in Time of Crisis: Elites and Others in the Great Drought of Northeast Brazil, 1877-1880
 Cunniff, Roger L..

Massacre, Deceit and Confusion: The United States and the Tlatelolco Incident
 Bennett, Jason.

Measurement of Agricultural Productivity in the U.S. by Incorporating Environmental Factors
 Li, Huijun.

Meeting the Renewable Energy Target for Jamaica: Options and Consequencies
 Abdulkadri, Abdullahi.

Men's Bodies, Women's Hands: The Feminization of Nursing
 Branch, Chelsea.

Mexican-American Perceptions of the Causes of Mental Distress
 Barrera, Irán.

Middle Class Identity Perception in Developed and Developing Countries
 Zaras, Dimitrios.

Military Children In Public Schools: A Quantitative Proposal For The Analysis Of Military-Connected Elementary Schools In San Antonio.
 Beebe, Jayde.

Minority Schools and Friend Influences: How School Demographics Affect Role of Friends on Adolescents’ Educational Achievement
 Halbesleben, Katie.

Mitigating the Effects of Poverty Through Social Exclusion in a Closed Religious Community
 Davidson, Charles.

Mobile Libraries and Social Change in Nepal: A Case Study of Saula Library in Bungmati
 Neupane, Diptee.

Monetary Policy and the Money-Output Relationship in Belarus
 Adamchik, Vera.

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Narco-War Mexico: The Threat to the Survival of Democracy
 Norris, James.

Naturally DIF-Free? Comparing Political Interest Using Anchoring Vignettes in Western Europe
 Fortunato, David., Lee, Seonghui., Lin, Nick. and Stevenson, Randy.

Needs and Resources Available to the Mental Health Care Consumer Re-Entering the Community
 Jung, Jordan. and Felix-Ortiz, Maria.

Needs of Victims and the Healing Process
 Piper, Doshie. and Guerrero, Georgen.

Negotiating Masculine Organizational Culture: Women as Wardens and Superintenents
 Altendorf, Karen.

Negotiating Religiosity and Sexual Identity Among Hispanic Lesbian Mothers
 Oyarvide, Zelma.

New Analyses of Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault in the Military
 Harris, Richard.

Nietzsche's Political Moderation
 Reighard, Vince.

No Longer a Sleeping Dictionary: On the Bourgeoization of Black Sexual Paradigms
 Curry, Tommy.

Non-Financial Corporations in the Era of Financialization
 Hou, Dadao.

Not the Happiest Place on Earth: Southern New Dealers in Postwar Orange County
 Elkin, Daniel.

Nutrition and Physical Activity Education Intervention in Rural Black Belt Counties of Alabama: Addressing Obesity among Elementary School Students
 Rowser, Scotti. and Carter, Vivan.


Occupational Stress, Self-Care, and Obesity among Protestant and Catholic Clergy in the United States: A National Study
 Ferguson, Todd. and Andercheck, Brita.

Officially “othered” at the School: Experiences of Mexican-origin students in U.S. schools, 1920s to 1970s
 Saldaña, Aurelio.

Older Asian Immigrants Perceptions of Health Care: A Mixed Methods Approach
 Huang, Chao-Lun (Jacob).

Oligarchy Anyone?
 Martinez, Jose., Hutchinson, Susan. and Nix, Christine.

One in Five
 Smith, Shannon.

Origins of Life, America Divided: A Sociological Examination of the Creation-Evolution Controversy
 Szrot, Lukas.


Parto Respetado: Respect and the Politics of Knowledge in an Argentine Maternity Hospital
 Williamson, Eliza.

Pathway For Policies That Address Inequities in the Agricultural Sector
 Assibey-Mensah, Albert.

Perceived Stress, Social Support, and Coping in Firefighters
 Rosenbaum, haley. and Bussell, Valerie.

Perceptions of Corruption, External Efficacy, and the Democratic Deficit Phenomenon
 Bentzen, Sean.

Perceptions of Poverty among University Students
 Grant, Natalie.

Perpetuating the Masculine Culinary Field
 Cisneros, Marissa.

Personal vote, centripetal forces, and legislative representation: an evidence from Taiwan
 Jang, Jinhyeok. and Lin, Nick.

Pharr from Heaven: A Social Class Struggle for Equality and the Social Changes That Followed After the Pharr Riot of 1971
 Robles, David.

Piñata Politics: Assessing Electoral Competition in Texas Judicial Elections
 Galatas, Steven. and Gooch, Donald.

Policy collisions in middle schools: Toward a theory of ineffective intervention
 Murphy, Scott. and Bailey, Jasmon.

Political Culture and the Common Good
 Wright, Matthew.

Political Dilemmas of Christian Life: Violence and Ethics in Kierkegaard, Niebuhr, and Bonhoeffer
 Watson, Brian.

Political Realignment in the Texas Legislature
 Erickson, Karina. and McPherson, Heather.

Politics as Subsidiary Belonging: Levinas and Testimony
 Greenaway, James.

Politics of Chicana Feminism
 Sokoloff, William.

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RIght WIng Nationalism in Japan and the Tea Party in the US: A Comparative Perspective
 Carroll, William.

Race Play in BDSM Pornography: The New Master/Slave Complex
 Smith, Jesus.

Race and ethnic disparities in human papillomavirus vaccine completion in female teens in the US: A survival analysis approach
 Santos-Lozada, Alexis.

Race-specific measures of county level SES
 Kilbourne, Barbara., Gittner, LisaAnn., Miller, Oscar. and Levine, Robert.

Racial Variations in Community Attachment Among Adolescents
 Toth, John.

Racial, Ethnic, and Class Identities of Korean Adoptees in Minnesota and the Factors For Their Decision to Pursue Post-Baccalaureate Education
 Heo, Nayoung.

Racialized Representations of “Mother:” Welfare’s Construction of the Perfect (White) Mother
 Varela, Kay.

Radical Democracy and Indigenous Rights in the Context of the Ecuadorian Constitution
 Scofield, Katherine.

Random Encounters in the City: When is Public Space an Opportunity for Social Integration?
 Arbatli, Cemal Eren.

Rape and Sexual Assault on College Campuses: Color-Blind Racism, Gender-Blind Sexism, and Rape Myths
 Stoll, Laurie., Pinter, Kelly. and Lilley, Terry.

Realism Since 9/11: U. S. Foreign Policy Toward East Africa
 Brennan, Kevin.

Rebels with a Cause: Youth Angst in Suburban Movie Landscapes
 Farmer, Luisa. and Williams, Robert.

Reconstructing Lives: Mosby’s Men, Amnesty Pardons and Life in Fauquier County, Virginia, 1865-1866
 Forrest, Madeleine.

Reducing Bullying – Increasing Adolescent Health: an examination of the influence of family, school and religion on willingness of youth to report bullying by other students.
 Floyd, Hugh.

Reducing Criminal Thinking in Probationers who are both Mentally Ill and Substance Dependent through a Manualized Motivational Enhancement Intervention
 Stares, Harriet., Garza, Ashly. and Felix-Ortiz, Maria.

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School Choice Milwaukee-Style: Escape Hatch or Systemic Change Catalyst
 Merrifield, John.

School Choice and Its Impact on Student Academic Achievement and Attainment as a Consequence of Community-Level Social Capital
 Torres, David., Shewakramani Hanson, Vansa. and Rothwell, William.

School System Reform Lessons and Research Opportunities in Japan
 Jamison, Wes.

Seasonal Affective Disorder: An Explanation for Success of Supreme Court Certiorari Petitions
 Hacker, Hans. and Blake, William.

Secondary Sovereignty: A Natural Law Argument for Originalism in Constitutional Interpretation
 Cooper, Kody.

Secure Communities and Community Values: Discretionary Implementation of Immigration Law Enforcement
 Chand, Daniel. and Schreckhise, William.

Seeing Devils in the Eyes of Our Enemies: An Analysis of Demonization in American Journalism during World War II
 Morales, Shelby.

Selective Migration and Health Care: Marshallese in Hawaii
 Choi, Jin Young.

Selfies: Exploring Notions of Self and Ethnicity on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
 Williams, Apryl.

Separate and Unequal: Race and Class in The Making of a Southern Barrio
 Bustamante, Juan. and Arredondo, Aaron.

Service Learning and the History Class: Where Past Meets Present
 Melendy, Brenda.

Servicing the Heights and Living in the Slums: “Cemented” Racial Borders in San Antonio
 Morales, Gene.

Serving In Silence: The Transgender Military Experience
 Dietert, Michelle. and Dentice, Dianne.

Sex Differences in Perceptions of Improper Teacher/Student Relationships
 Leeper, Mark. and Walker, Karen.

Sex Workers' Rights Movement: Reframing the Dominant Discourse about Sex Work
 Pottle, Holly.

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Tackling the Challenges of Feeding the Family in the Face of Climate Change: The Women of Rural Southwest Uganda
 Kyomugisha, Florence.

Targeting Arabs: U.S. Federal Government Harassment and Surveillance of Arab Americans, 1960s-1970s
 Pennock, Pam.

Tax Morale, Perceived Tax Fairness and Tax Knowledge and Voluntary Tax Compliance in Uganda: A Case of Uganda’s Small and Medium Business Enterprises.
 Ngoboka, Pascal. and Mukasa, Joseph.

Tea Party Candidates and Money
 Fisher III, Samuel.

Teaching Globalization Using a Composite Information Delivery and Assessment Module
 Haque, Muhammad. and DeWitt, Emily.

Teaching Social Work in an Evolving Online Environment
 Battle, DuWayne. and James, Christine.

Technolgy and the Development of Expectations for Privacy
 Jackson, Donald.

Technology and Nontechnology shocks, and the Real Business Cycles
 Malik, Kashif.

Technology and the Student Skills Gap: Online Materials and Student Success Rates
 Epley, Jennifer. and Smith, David.

Testifying for the Revolution: A Womanist Critical Analysis of Kathleen Cleaver’s Rhetoric in the Black Panther Party Revolutionary
 Gaines, Rondee.

Testing Elliott's Theory of Delinquency and Drug Use with Kaplan's Adaptations to Stress Data
 Love, Tony. and Mathis, Carlton.

Texas A&I University and the Formation of the Gay Rights Movement
 Stridde, William.

The 1972-74 Strike at Farah: Mexican and Mexican-American Labor Strife toward Unionization
 Varela, Juan.

The 1992 Israeli Loan Guarantees: A Key to Understanding Political Power in U.S. Middle East Foreign Policy
 Willyard, Katherine Ann.

The Acculturation and Parenting of Foreign Women in Taiwan
 Chang, Chiung-Fang.

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U.S. Legal Protections for Peyote Use Since Smith
 Forren, John.

US Congress's Failure to Pass Stricter Gun Control Laws: A Sociopolitical Paradigm
 Augustine, Bianca., Augustine, Tiffany. and Haque, Muhammad.

US International Education Programs as Foreign Policy Tools in the Middle East
 Larsen, Ryan.

UTEP Minorities
 Ochoa, Olga.

Unconventional Justice: On the Normative Failure of Conventional Accounts of the Just
 DeHart, Paul.

Undergraduate Training in Substance Abuse Prevention and Community Psychology
 Felix-Ortiz, Maria. and Lopez, Mary.

Understanding Differences in Civic Duty Among Americans and Canadians
 Steinberg, Alan.

Understanding Social Media and Protest Behavior in Latin America
 Salzman, Ryan.

Understanding and Removing Barriers to Local Entrepreneurship: A Multiple Case Study
 Fortunato, Michael. and Hudec, Cheryl.

Understanding and Responding to Hoarding Behavior:
 Trout, Nancy. and Gardner, Sue Ellen.

Understanding the Dyadic Nature of Marriages: The Effect of Nonstandard Work Schedules on Relationship Quality among Dual-Earner Married Couples
 Yucel, Deniz.

Understanding the Relationship between Climate Change and Civil War
 Kisielewski, Dominic.

Unemployment and the Real Exchange Rate in Jamaica
 Harrison, Sasha.

Unsere Muetter, Unsere Vaeter and the Memory of World War II and the Holocaust
 Langerbein, Helmut.

Urbanite vs. Ruralite: Differences in Generosity by Urban-Rural Status
 Herzog, Patricia.

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Valley-Girl Interrupted: Meth, Race, and the Ku Klux Klan—A Oral History as Told to Dianne Dentice
 Dentice, Dianne.

Violence exposure and repeat pregnancies among adolescents
 Anderson, Cheryl.

Voces de Mujeres Emigrantes: The Lived Experiences of Immigrant Women Living with HIV/AIDS
 Rodriguez-Escobar, Yolanda.

Voter ID and Redistricting: A Comparison of Recent Developments in California and Texas
 Wilkins, Charles. and Brown, Lyle.

Voter Mobilization among Latinos in South Texas: The Case of 2010 Election Cycle
 Hernandez, Samantha., Wong, Newman Chun Wai. and Mayes IV, Wendell.


Western Genders, African Bodies: The Theatrics of (e)Racing Black Women
 Hastings, Rachel.

What does it mean to be a Hindu? - A Comparative Study of First and Second Generation Hindus and their Religious Identity
 Vaidya, Khyati.

What's Lunch Got to Do with It? Meal Sharing as a Means to Promote Inter- Ethnic and Racial Interactions on a University Campus”
 Armitage, Janet.

When Does Early Voting Work? As Assessment of Convenience Voting Options across the U.S.
 Fullmer, Elliott.

When Is the Public Welfare Expanded: The Political Economy of Local Welfare Reforms in Urbanizing China
 Zuo, Vera.

When Others Disagree: Documenting Perceived Racial Contestation
 Vargas, Nicholas. and Stainback, Kevin.

When in Brussels, Do as the Europeans Do?: The Effects of Euroscepticism on MEP Behavior in Party Groups
 Newton, Matthew. and Norberg, Joshua.

Where Do I Spend My Last Days? The Dilemma of Aging Nigerian Immigrants in the U.S.
 Benibo, Bilaye.

Whither Liberation Theology? Secularization and the Structuring of Radical Religious Movements
 Mackin, Robert.

Who Concedes? An Empirical Inquiry of Concessions in MIDs
 Xi, Jinrui.

Who Paid for Assimilation: Church, State and Indian Support of Missions in Indian Country, 1830-1854
 Hoover, Sandy.

Why women stay: A theoretical examination of broken windows theory and exchange conflict theory in the context of intimate partner violence.
 Elwood, Nakita. and Terrell, Nathaniel.

Why women stay: A theoretical examination of broken windows theory and exchange conflict theory in the context of intimate partner violence.
 Terrell, Nathaniel. and Elwood, Nakita.

Windfall Income: Do the Source and Timing Affect Spending v. Saving?
 Spencer, Marilyn., Chambers, Valrie. and Bland, Eugene.

Women in the Desert of Suburbia
 Russell, Rylee. and Peck, Kailey.

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You Must be Superwoman! How Graduate Student Mothers Negotiate Conflicting Roles.
 Ellis, Erin.
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