Southwestern Social Science Association 95th Annual Meeting 2015-Apr-08 to 2015-Apr-12

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"A Fast Food Model of Health Care" vs "Smoothies and Enemas in Tijuana:" Comparing Biomedical and Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers
 McCown, Christine.

"A Grave Responsibility": Twelve Angry Men, Critical Thinking, and Cross-Discipline Collaboration
 Hacker, Hans., Moy, Bryant. and Bohn, Lisa.

"Magrit B. Krewson: German/Dutch Area Specialist at the Library of Congress in the 20th Century"
 Meyer, Michael.

"Orang Baik Pilih Orang Baik"? Jokowi's Victory and the Meaning of Democracy for Indonesian Citizens
 Garner, Andrew. and Seitz, Thomas.

"The 1848 Revolutions in Germany and German Emigration to the United States"
 Meyer, Michael.

"The Impact of Change in the House of Representatives on Legislative Staffing Arrangements"
 Malecha, Gary. and Reagan, Daniel.

"With Mankind or Beast": Sexuality, Race, and the Texas Sodomy Statute, 1860-1893
 Ross, Jecoa.

2. Forward to the Past: Studying Latino Homicides 1960-1970
 Martinez, Ramiro. and Iwama, Janice.

3. Developing Frugal Innovation Capabilities in Emerging Economies – An Institution based Strategic Perspective
 Sivakumar, Soumya. and Shivdas, Avinash.

: “Just ‘Doing What Any Woman Would Do’: Margaret Chase Smith, Dwight D. Eisenhower and the 1955 Visit to Skowhegan, Maine”
 Cockroft, Jeannette.

‘I need fat acceptance because’: Examining passive and active resistance against normative beauty ideology through fat positivity
 williams, apryl.

‘I’m Principled Against Slavery, but …’: Colorblindness, Three-Fifths Clause Debate, and the Racial Ideology Complex
 Henricks, Kasey.

‘No Justice, No Peace:’ Examining Controversial Officer Involved Shootings
 Duran, Robert.

“Can U.S. Foreign Policy Live With Democracy in the Middle East”
 Manafy, A.

“ISIS: A Cause and Effect Analysis”
 Manafy, A.

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A Comprehensive Examination of Predictors on Juvenile Recidivism in the State of New York
 Beverly, Bittany. and Lin, Cheng-Hsien.

A Critical Analysis of the Interior U.S. Border Patrol Checkpoint System
 Wark, Colin.

A Glory John Wayne War: The Use of Cowboy Mythology in the Vietnam War
 McKelvy, Ryan.

A Meta-Analysis of Automobile Searches
 Zotti, Priscilla.

A New Dimension of Economic Voting: Does Welfare Spending Affect the Electoral Fortune of Incumbents
 Shin, Jungsub. and Park, Beomseob.

A Pilot Study of Testing the Effectiveness of a Home-Based Exercise and Diet Intervention in Chinese American Cancer Survivors
 Deng, Furjen., Swartz, Maria., Lee, Joni. and Sun, Helen.

A Political Scientist Practicing Pre-Law Advising in the First and Second Millennia
 Sirgo, Henry.

A Tale of Two Visions?: The Rhetorical Life and Political Realities of the Immigration Debate within the U.S. Congress
 Cobetto, Joseph.

A review of Differential Premium Systems and Practices Globally, and Key Considerations for implementing a DPS in Jamaica.
 Samuels, Jermaine.

A systemic approach to treatment of substance abuse within the Latino community.
 Ozier, Jade. and Magalhaes, Cristina.

Addressing the Needs of Underserved Isolated Seniors: A Community-Based Study
 Retrum, Jessica., Hand, Carri., Iwasaki, Patricia., Ware, George. and Main, Debbi.

Adjunct faculty inclusion and job satisfaction
 Brown, Nathan., Hill, Jamie. and Kennedy, Kerry.

Age of Migration and Disability among the Elder Mexican-Origin Population
 Garcia, Marc.

An Analysis of Puerto Rican Interest to Migrate to the United States
 Vicens, Miguel.

An Economic Evaluation of Precipitation vs. Yield of Wine Grapes in Kern County, California
 Motloch, Lauren.

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Being Mexican American: The Compatibility of Mexican Americans’ National and Ethnic Identities
 Edward, Telles. and Sue, Christina.

Benefits of biofeedback treatment for Asian Americans diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder
 Wong, Sum Yin Ruth., Okada, Rumiko. and Magalhaes, Cristina.

Between Culture and Context
 Villegas, Susy.

Bilingual Education in the United States Public School System
 Atiya, Salma.

Bonjean Award Winner: Pushing ‘Reset’: The Conditional Effects of Coaching Replacements on College Football Performance
 Adler, E. Scott., Berry, Michael. and Doherty, David.

Breaking the Color Line and Changing the Conversation? A Study of the Impact of Desegregation of Sports on New York Times Editorials
 George, Douglas. and Knudtson, Matthew.

Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS)
 Lipps, Alan. and Uetrecht, Kristen.

Building better perceptions about Latino male youth
 Manzano-Sanchez, Harold.

Building the Fence: Marginalizing Chicano/a Voices through Banned Books
 Mattingly, Kelsey.


Can Emotional Intelligence, Coping Style, and Sponsorship Predict Sobriety Through A 12-Step Program?
 Johnson, NIcole.

Can Military Relations Be Used to Prevent Unintended Escalation of the Senkaku Island Dispute?
 McKinney, Evan.

Can Religion Help Republicans Win Hispanic Voters?
 Davison, Donald.

Candidate Emergence and State Supreme Courts: Decisions to Run for Chief Justice
 Vining, Richard., Wanless, Emily. and Wilhelm, Teena.

Career Self-Efficacy, Sex Role Identity, and Life Satisfaction
 Joya, Joycelyn., Murdock, Whitney., McDonald, Brandi., Nguyen, Tho., Miller, Zeke. and Kirk, Edythe.

Catholicism in a Nation of Immigrants: Cultural Assimilation and Religious Pluralism in the United States
 Szrot, Lukas.

Characters & Costumes: Comic Book Constructions of Gender and Identity
 Marion, Jonathan. and Scanlan, James.

China will not surpass America as the World’s Engine of Economic Growth
 Robinson, Steve.

Choosing a university, close to home or far away?
 Driskill, Sara.

Citizen Groups and the Rise of the California Initiative
 Lohse, Paul.

Citizenship Status, Latino Mental Health, and Duration of Residence
 Salinas, Juan.

Class vs. Race and/or Gender with Regard to Demographic Changes
 Martinez, Jose.

Classroom Structural Transformation, Emotional Well-being and Learning
 Haque, Muhammad., Moss, Sandra. and Abdul-Quadir, Hasana.

Collaborative Field Work in the San Luis Valley: Hispano/Latino intersections
 sikkink, Lynn.

College Student Gambling is on a Hot Streak
 McCune, LaDonna. and Roark, Madyson.

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Dashing Around the South China Sea: China’s Calculations, US Concerns, and Taiwan’s Choices
 Lee, Wei-chin.

Delinquent Identities: An Intersectionality Approach
 McNeely, Andrew.

Democracy Stillborn? Effects of Crime, Fear, and Perceived Corruption in Mexico
 Norris, James.

Democracy Through Intervention: American Ontological Security and the 1954 Intervention in Guatemala
 Huntington, Terilyn.

Demographic Factors Associated with Poverty in the US Latino Population: Evidence from the 2009 to 2011 American Community Survey
 Marquez-Velarde, Guadalupe., Menchaca, Angelica., Pavao, Carlos., Wong, Yujin., Wang, Sharron., Murguia, Edward. and Sakamoto, Arthur.

Determinants of Immigrant Sponsorship
 Schaefer, Lisa.

Deviants of a Disciplinary Society: A Sociohistorical Analysis of the Discovery of Weight Discrimination and the Construction of Fat Acceptance in the United States
 Symcox, Sofia.

Dieting for Self vs. Society: Conflicting Motivations for Female Dieting Practices
 Smith, Kirstie.

Disparities in Declining Heart Disease Mortality Rates Among Racial Minorities in Texas, 2001-2010
 Park, Hyung Sam.

Disparity in Health Care in America for the vulnerable and the Social Work Profession
 Lewis, Joan.

Displaying Dancesport: The Body of Competitive Ballroom Dance
 Marion, Jonathan.

Diversifying Social Work Leadership
 Battle, DuWayne. and James, Christine.

Do High-Skilled Immigrants Find Jobs Faster Than Low-Skilled Immigrants?
 Hochfellner, Daniela. and Wapler, Ruediger.

Do Superfund Sites Cause Super Wages?
 Felardo, Jeff. and Musci, Robert.

Do We Like the Strong, Silent Type?: Presidential Unilateralism and Maintaining Popular Support
 Cobetto, Joseph.

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Early Childhood Disadvantage for Sons of Mexican Immigrants: Body-Mass Index across Ages 2-5
 Lawrence, Elizabeth., Mollborn, Stefanie. and Riosmena, Fernando.

Economic Analysis of Factors that Impact Cotton Production
 Cooper, Cameron. and Yu, Mark.

Economic Growth, Institutional Strength, and Sustainable Development: The tale of Three Fast Growing African Economies
 Gandonou, Jean-Marc.

Economic Impact of Feed and Hay on Beef Cattle Production in Texas
 Elliott, Colby.

Economic Stimulus and Electoral Survival
 Jamison, John.

Economic Wealth as Limited Predictor of Happiness Across Nations
 Petre, Elena.

Economics and the Vote: Evidence from Asia
 Oganesyan, Rafael.

Effect of Negative Life Experiences on Engaging in Terrorist Actions among PKK Terrorists
 kirisci, mustafa.

Efficacious Collaboration: University and Community Partnerships
 Trout, Nancy. and Gardner, Sue.

El Sueño Americano: the American Dream and Latinos
 Campos-Davis, Kristina.

Enriching Men, Empowering Families: Enrichment Programs in Microcredit Initiatives
 James, Esther.

Estimating health cost for arsenic: A Case study from Assam, India
 Mahanta, Ratul.

Ethnic pride and gender: Implications on Latino youth psychosexual behaviors
 Laurie, Allie. and Angevin, Summer.

Evidence of the existence of the Environmental Kuznets Curve; A case study from the tire manufacuring sector in America
 McCollough, John., He, Miao. and Li, Bing.

Examination of Strong Female Leads in Action Films
 Adams, Kathryn. and Ferguson, Amanda.

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FEMEN, Hollaback, and Slutwalk: Assertive or Aggressive Human Rights?
 Dittloff, Scott.

FIFA World Cup: and the winner is...
 Santos, Ricardo.

FTAs and Global Economics: Can Developing Countries Avoid the Northern Flu?
 Huelshoff, Michael.

Failure Is Not An Option: Disproportionate Minority Contact and Functional Family Therapy
 Gutierrez, Viviana. and Terrell, Nathaniel Eugene.

Failure of a Maya Party? Evaluating Indigenous Participation in Guatemala
 Daugherty, Ryan.

Feeding Stability: Does Perception of Food Security Impact Political Stability?
 Justice, Jeff. and Tullos, Jett.

Femicides: Inadequate Constitutions Lead to Deaths
 Gonlin, Vanessa.

Fido or Fertility: Do Companion Animals Factor into Fertility Choices?
 Laurent Simpson, andrea.

Financialization and China’s Income Inequality
 Hou, Dadao.

First One’s A Charm? An Experimental Design to Investigate the Halo Effect in Ordering of Lists
 Dailey, Dave. and Hollar, Brian.

First generation Greek immigrants in the USA: The Integration Process
 Papadouka, Maria Eirini.

Folk Healer or Therapist? Who are Mexican-Americans in South Texas Seeking For Help?
 Barrera, Iran.

Following the Path of Journeys: Exploring the Paticularized Kinship of Freemasonry, as Practiced in the United States and Colombia.
 Wilhelm, Laura.

Forging Peace in the “Forgotten Years:” Governance in Guanajuato, Mexico, after the U.S-Mexican War (1848-1854)
 Haworth, Daniel.

Framing Latino Masculinity along the U.S-Mexico border
 Murga, Aurelia Lorena. and Jimenez, Anthony.

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Gender Representation and Interactions in Superhero Team Movies
 Schmidt, Shelby. and Johnson, Hannah.

Gender-Role Index
 Wolford, Gilbert.

Ghanaian Education and its Impact on a Community with Persons with Disabilities: A Case Study
 Roberts, Jesse.


Happily Ever After? A Content Analysis of Gender in Children's Storybooks
 Wright, Bailey. and Vetzel, Caitlin.

Haters Gonna Hate: Affective Polarization and Partisan Hatred
 Ulbig, Stacy.

Have Children Experienced The Economic Recovery?
 Walker, Craig.

Health Literacy among Youth in Guatemala City
 Hoffman, Steven.

Healthcare or Healthscare Inadequate healthcare at veterans hospitals
 Coco, Maria.

Helping or Hurting Low-Wage Workers? Impact of Minimum Wage Increases on Income and Employment among the Working Poor
 Thompson, Michael.

Herbert Simon and Agent-Based Computational Economics
 Chen, Shu-Heng. and Kao, Ying-Fang.

Higher Education and Health Behaviors
 Lawrence, Elizabeth.

How Fat is the Neighborhood - An Obesogenic Combination
 Samuel, Prauttus.

How Mandatory Hybrid Supplemental Instruction Improves Success Rates in Classes with Traditionally High Failure Rates
 Carlsen-Landy, Bev. and Lindsay, Keston.

How Social Capital Affects Turkish Citizens’ Perception Level of European Union (EU)?
 Celebi, Mehmet.

How The Houston Riot of 1917 and World War I Began The Civil Rights Movement
 Booker, Jr, Roger.

How does the media cover male and female candidates in high profile elections? Evidence from South Korea
 Barnes, Tiffany., Jang, Jinhyeok. and Park, Jaehoo.

Human Trafficking in Tampa Bay, Florida and the Response of the Tampa Bay Port Authority
 Winebrenner, Cheyanne.

Hybrid Regimes and the Utilization of a Trichotomous Classification Model
 Hess, Katelyn.


ISIS: A Cause and Effective Analysis
 Manafy, A.

Identity Politics in India: The Role of Social Values
 Turnbull, Brian.

Immigrant Generation and Condom Use Consistency: A Longitudinal Study
 Driver, Nichola. and Nino, Michael.

Immigrant Generation, Life Course Events, and Alcohol Misuse among Latino Youth Emerging into Adulthood
 Nino, Michael. and Comeau, Joseph.

Immigrant Selectivity from Rural and Urban Areas of Mexico to the United States: The Different Roles of Migrant Networks
 Paredes Orozco, Guillermo.

Immigration Policy Voting in the U.S. Senate: Parties, Constituencies, and Latino Represenation
 Ringenberg, Thomas.

Immigration from Mexico and Crime: Refuting the Myth
 Flores, Nadia., Vidales, Guadalupe. and Martinez, Girsea.

Impact of Indigent Defense Spending on Rates of Female Incarceration
 Burns, Jaime., Kickham, Kenneth. and Ford, David.

Impacting Cultural Heritage: The Use of Digital Storytelling in Communities
 Perone, Katherine.

In Search of Shangri-la: Challenges of Bhutanese Refugee Resettlement in the United States
 Nath, Lopita.

Indian Gaming: The Declining Democratic Advantage in State Legislative Elections
 Garner, Andrew. and Skopek, Tracy.

Inside the "Twilight Zone": Small-City Board Operations and Members' Assessments of Their Experiences
 Baker, John.

Integrated Health Care-An Analysis for Nuestra Clinica Del Valle in South Texas
 Flores, Jessica.

Integrating Animal Assisted Interventions to Social Work Practice- Benefits, Challenges, and Considerations
 Trujillo, Kate. and Greathouse, Tanya.

Internal Colony Model and Latino Populations in the United States: Historical Development and Current Realities
 Dawson, Mark.

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Job Satisfaction Among Members of the Clergy
 Knapp, James. and Pruett, Charles.


Kathoey: The Construction of Gender in Thai Ladyboys
 Farris, Nicole., Compton, D\'Lane. and Threatt, Elizabeth.


LGBT Foster Youth
 Bucchio, Justin.

Latina/o Whitening?: Which Latina/os Self Classify as White and Report Being Perceived as White by Others?
 Vargas, Nicholas.

Latinas and the Congressional Policy Agenda: the First 20 Years
 Wilson, Walter. and Urbano, Juan.

Latinas in the Twenty-first Century: Issues of Jobs, Earnings and Politics
 Darville, Ray. and Esterchild, Elizabeth.

Latinas, Latinos, and College Aspirations/Expectations
 Comeau, Joseph. and Nino, Michael.

Latino Mental Health: A Systematic Review of Culturally Accommodated Treatment and Treatment Utilization
 Lipps, Alan. and Castillo, Jessica.

Latino University Students: Generational Health Care Perspectives
 Baca, Judy. and Reilly-Sandoval, Arlene.

Latinos and Mental Health: Spreading Awareness for the Latino Community and the Disparities they Face
 Callella, Nicole. and Sprague, Gina.

Latinos and Post-Secondary Education in Georgia’s Public Institutions
 Vargis, Salli.

Latinos and the Persuasion Effects of Conservative Radio Advertisements
 Wielhouwer, Peter.

Leader's Educational Affiliation and Foreign Policy Similarity
 Tzeng, Wei-Feng.

Learning by Doing: Using an Online Simulation Game in an International Relations Course
 Epley, Jennifer.

Lefebvre's Right to the City: Some Second Thoughts
 Halper, Thomas.

Letters From Prison: Analysis and Methodology of Communication with Formerly Homeless Inmates
 Rayburn, Rachel.

Leveraging India's Soft Power Advantage into Hard Strategic and Economic Gains
 Vargis, George.

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Mainstream Labor in the First World
 Morales, Gregory.

Managing one’s Health: Folk Medicine Usage among Hispanic Young Adults
 Pearce-Morris, Jennifer. and Reiser Robbins, Christine.

Marital Satisfaction and Long Term Care
 Payne, Anna., Lipps, Alan. and Pruett, Charles.

Maslow and International Relations: Can A Hierarchy of Needs for States by Established?
 Brennan, Kevin.

Mayoral Leadership, Neoliberalism and Urban Inequality
 Spirou, Costas.

Media Exposure and Attitudes about Gay Marriage and Raising Children
 Walther, Carol.

Mergers and Acquisitions in the Information and Telecommunications Industry in Jamaica: A Return to the Past or a Glimpse of the Future?
 Abdulkadri, Abdullahi.

Mexicana/os in the Texas Plains: Traversing and Transforming Regional, Cultural, and Ethno-Racial Borders
 Zapata, Joel.

Mi Feria es Su Feria (My Fair is your Fair): How Mexican Americans created the 1968 San Antonio HemisFair
 Morales, Gene.

Middle East, Cold War and New Threats
 Noorbaksh, Mehdi.

Migrant Labor Systems, Undocumented Immigration, and Mexican Children’s Educational Attainment
 Reese, Bruce.

Migration Information Gathering by Mexican-Origin Immigrants in the Pre-Migration Phase
 Hudson, Cassie.

Minority Perspectives on Global Warming and Environmental Change
 Brethauer-Gay, Helen. and Karbhari, Shilpashri.

Mobile Fitness Apps, Cyborgs, and Cyclists: An Investigation of Meanings Associated With Mobile Fitness App Use
 Guffey, Thomas.

Mobiles for Well-Being or Financial Inclusion? Making sense of the Mobiles for the Unbanked Mission
 Elliott, Dawn.

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Narrowing the Pipeline? An Ethnographic Approach to Studying the Underrepresentation of Women in STEM
 Farris, Nicole. and McDonald, Heather.

Nations into Empires: How Empires Form due to the Flawed Idealism of the Nation-State
 Kilili, Priscilla.

Navigating Deportability: Undocumented Salvadoran Migrants' Narratives of Life in the U.S. prior to Removal
 Dingeman-Cerda, Katie. and Batres, Carlos.

Neoliberalism Threat to Ethnic Studies
 Martinez, Ruben.

No Horsing Around: Bestiality Law and Structural Ritualization Theory as a New Law Formation Model
 Ulsperger, Jason., Ulsperger, Kristen. and Knottnerus, J. David.


Older Mexican Americans: Role of the Family and Mental Health Service Utilization
 Gonzalez, John.

On the Bus Ride Home: Immigration, Social Exclusion and Public Health in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains
 Klick, Matthew. and Feehs, Laura.

On the Business Cycle Properties of Sectoral Employment in the U.S.
 Nath, Hiranya.

Once and Once Again: the Familiar Biology and Psychology of Swarming and F3EA
 Allison, Luke.

Organizational Drift
 Wallace, Robert. and Tribou, Kimberly.


 Alaydi, Rolla.

Palaces and Porches, Silver and Gold: The Spaces of Labor and Leisure on Colorado’s Tortilla Curtain
 Thomas, Adam.

Parental Incarceration and Adolescent Negative Self-Feelings: The Moderating Role of Locus of Control
 Serna, Xavier. and Pals, Heili.

Parental Incarceration and Adolescent Substance Use
 Serna, Xavier.

Perceived Living Arrangements in Later Life in Relation to Mothers Current Health
 Rich, Adelaide., Macaluso, Suzie. and Pruett, Charles.

Perception of College Students Towards Law Enforcement
 Reta, Victor.

Perceptions of Multiculturalism in Global Cities
 Laus, Vincent.

Perceptions of Police in Immigrant Neighborhoods
 Morales, Cristina., Curry, Ted. and Hosch, Harmon.

Perfectly Clear: Lessons from the Presidential Speeches of Richard Nixon
 Collier, Ken.

Perspectives on female sexual offenders: Applying a trauma-informed lens
 Johnson, Zachary., McLeod, David. and Natale, Anthony.

Piketty's Return on Capital Problem
 Ballard, Bill.

Police Shootings : What the media fails to report
 Coto, Lynnette. and Vincent, Jolene.

Political Attitudes toward LGBT Individuals in Turkish Society
 Engin, Ceylan.

Political Influence of the Park Chung Hee Nostalgia in Korean Democracy_focusing on the case of the 2012 presidential election.
 Kang, WooJin. and Kang, Mun gu.

Political Theory: Liberty and the Modern State
 taylor, quentin taylor.

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Race, Class, Gender, and Adolescent Expectations
 Berglund, Judy.

Race, Ethnicity, and Crime: Examining Patterns in Arkansas
 Powers, Edward.

Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice; White Bias in the Social Structure of the New World
 Lynton, Eddy., Baxter, Trevor. and Veliz, William.

Race, Punishment, and Culture: The Mechanism of Power
 Aldana Marquez, Beatriz.

Racial Identity of U.S. Born Taiwanese Over Time: Comparing Taiwanese immigrant racial identity to later generations.
 Rico, Brittany.

Raising Up High-Risk Youth: The Effects of Social and Cultural Capital on Post-Secondary Schooling
 Wallace, Samantha.

Redefining Access to Public Space: Community Relations in a New Immigrant Setting
 Arredondo, Aaron.

Reexamining Black-White Spatial Segregation Patterns in Charleston, South Carolina
 Jones, Nicole.

Reframing the Gendering of Mental Health Differences Among Older Adults: Adding Measures of Wellbeing to Mental Health and Social Support Models
 Copley, Leeda. and Darling, Jennifer.

Relationship of fields of study and university experiences of student veterans
 Phan, Phu. and Mcclain, Carmen.

Reliability Generalization of the Interpersonal Support Evaluation List (ISEL)
 KIVISALU, TRISHA., Phillips, Colleen., King, Chelsi. and O\'Toole, Siobhan.

Religious participation and status-bridging social ties
 Merino, Stephen.

Remittances to Middle Eastern and North African Countries: The Case of Migrants in the United States and Mexico
 Skaff, Rebecca.

Reproducing Inequality through Active Participation: Hacienda Culture and Domestic Division of Labor in the Charro Community
 Aldana Marquez, Beatriz.

Retesting the Longitudinal Effects of Adolescent Negative Self Feelings on Drug Use: Moderated by Neighborhood Disadvantage, Mediated by Mastery
 Mathis, Carlton., Pals, Heili. and Miller, Brennan.

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STEM Opportunities for Latino/a Students at HCCS, Houston
 Cano, Grisel.

Secession in Colorado, 2013: "Restoration" Comedy or Tragic Drama?
 Everett, Derek.

Securing the Strait: China, Japan and the Taiwan Dilemma
 Blazevic, Jason.

Segmented Colonialism: An alternative theory for Mexican Americans facing Class and Racial Oppression
 Salinas, Juan.

Selection vs. Protection, Composition vs. Context: Identifying the Mechanisms of Favorable Barrio “Effects” on Mexican-American Health
 Riosmena, Fernando., Steiner, Emily., Humphrey, Jamie. and Root, Elisabeth.

Senatorial Networks and the Lower Federal Court Appointment Process
 Gregory, Charles.

Sexual Ecology and Geography: Testing the Secondary Effects Doctrine
 Schmidt, Marshall. and Wallace, Samantha.

Sexuality and Contraceptive Use in the Transition to Adulthood: Norms, Behaviors, and Strategies
 James-Hawkins, Laurie.

Sexuality and Sexual Awareness on Campus; Sex Negativity versus Over Sexualization
 Simons, Alison. and Charleston, Rebekah.

Si, Hay Latinos in the Deep South! The Case of Latino Representatives in Georgia
 Valenzuela, Rosalinda. and Black, Millie.

Single-Parenthood in Context: The Effect of Schools, Neighborhoods, and Peer Networks on Adolescent Life Outcomes
 Goode, Joshua.

Social Class Reproduction Among International Unidergraduate Students
 Bloodgood Nantez, Juanita., Armitage, Janet. and Cohen, Jessica.

Social Vulnerability and Faith in Disasters: An Investigation into the Role of Religion in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina
 Simons, Alison.

Social Work leadership in Education: Faculty mentoring, curriculum development and community involvement in developing social work leadership
 Conahan, John.

Social Workers' Family Values: A Comparison with the General Population
 Wedel, Kenneth., Rosenthal, James. and Kliewer, Chloe.

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Teaching Behavioral Economics at a Small Liberal Arts University
 Hollar, Brian.

Teaching Race, Class and Gender Using Monopoly
 Simons, Alison.

Teaching Sociology of Music with FAMILy: Connecting Fans, Artists, Music, Industry, and Literature
 Waren, Warren.

Technology, Progress and Paul Diesing
 Hartwig, Richard.

Temporary Marriage: A New Guise for Human Trafficking?
 Badran, Sammy.

The (Perceived) Vanishing of the 'Leisure Class': Converging Views from Weber, Veblen and Piketty.
 Segady, Tom. and Berardi, Gayle.

The (Too) Free Response: How Implicit Bias Manifests in Free Response Evaluations of Judicial Performance
 Gill, Rebecca.

The 2014 Midterm House Election: An Obama Referendum?
 King, James.

The American Utopia and Serial Killer Popular Culture: An Analysis of Dexter
 Aldana Marquez, Beatriz.

The Border Effect: Proximity to the US-MX Border and Mexican American Racial Identification in the Census
 Orta, David. and Wong, Yujin.

The Case Against the Public funding of Sports Stadiums and Arenas
 Lang, Kenneth.

The Collegiate Look: Ideal Body Image Among College Cheerleaders
 McCown, Christine.

The Collegiate Look: Ideal Body Image Among College Cheerleaders
 McCown, Christine.

The Determinants of Remittances in Mexico
 Balderas, J. Ulyses.

The Development of Artistic Paradigms: The Case of Cubism
 Rubinson, Claude.

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US Foreign Policy and the Bosnia-Herzegovina Conflict: The Impact of Muslim Identity
 Davison, Joan.

Ultraco-ordinated Motherfuckery: Deindividuated Social Movements on the Internet
 Winters, Michael.

Understanding Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in the Latino Population in the U.S.
 Moreno, Mohena., Yamini, Nina., Banoo, Syeda., Sakaguchi, Marissa. and Okada, Rumiko.

Understanding the Educational Attainment of Sexual Minority Women and Men
 Mollborn, Stefanie. and Everett, Bethany.

Undocumented-Unafraid | Sin Papeles-Sin Miedo: Counter-Hegemonic Narratives of “Illegales” Soul Making in “ameriKKKa | Amexica"
 Garcia, San Juanita. and Vargas, Felipe.

Urban Churches and Social Outreach: Perceptions of Charity
 Stephens, Amanda.

Using Changes in US Immigration Laws to Estimate the effect of Deportations on Crime in Latin America and the Caribbean
 Blake, Garfield.

Using GIS in University Recruitment and Retention
 Kelly, Elizabeth.

Using Mindfulness Techniques in Teaching Research Methods to Social Work Students
 Berglund, Judy.

Using the Toll bridge: The Power Dynamics of Trade and Intermediary Relationships among the Iroquois Indians of Eighteenth Century North America
 Wendt, Erich.


Veganism and Hierarchy: The Impact of Veganism on Interpersonal Relationships
 Reymond, Stephanie.

Vilona P. Cutler: A faithful social group work radical angel
 Curiel, Herman. and Wedel, Kenneth.

Virtual Cheating: Do Online Students Cheat More? Do They See it as Real Cheating?
 Flores, Ashley., Sanders, Geneva., LaBeff, Emily., Stiles, Beverly., Wong, Newman. and Pan, Minqi.

Virtual Health Communities: The Internet as a Source of Information and Social Support for Low-Socioeconomic Status Individuals
 Gerner, Kembra.

Voting and Stress
 Reilly, Shauna., Engstrom, Richard., Zimmerman, Jeffrey. and Milewski, Thomas.


Was the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Effective?
 Sheffield, Colton., McCaleb, James. and Venable, Wade.

Water Insecurities along the Nile: Formulating Regional Cooperation with Innovating Technologies and Virtual Water
 Koukatsikas, Maria.

Weight as Status: An Expansion of Status Characteristics Theory
 Reidinger, Bobbi.

Well-Being and Social Comparison among Facebook Users: A Comparison of College Students and MTurkers
 Farquhar, Lee. and Davidson, Theresa.

What Happen to The Barrio Professor?
 Baca, Judy.

What is the influence of economic variables on suicide rates in Latin American countries?
 Listo, Ariel. and Gupta, Srabana.

When Children Think the Parent is Harsh: Effects of Clashing Perceptions of Parenting Style on Children's Deviance
 Harvey, Kimberly. and Pals, Heili.

When Threat is Not Really Threat: Modeling Disparities in White Supremacist and Militia Movement Mobilization During the Obama Presidency
 Martin, Paul.

When Unitary Systems Go Federal: Devolution in France, Italy, Spain, the UK, and Japan
 Carroll, William.

When Upside Down is Right-side Up: A Skills Based Flipped Classroom Approach to Political Science
 Steinberg, Alan.

White Entrapment
 Miller, Brennan.

Who Produce the Green Cities? The Evidence from the Chinese Environmental Improvement in 85 Cities in China
 Pien, Chung-pei.

Why Nations Fail
 Akin-Olugbade, Oluremi. and Hollar, Brian.

Women & Sex: Messages Popular Women's Magazines Present to Readers
 McNamara, Kelly.

Women’s Rights in Iran’s Legislative Documents: A Critical Analysis of the Constitution, Civil, and Penal code
 Schuster, Joyce.

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Xicanismo and Education: How We Broke Down Educational Barriers and Set Ourselves Up as Projectiles That Pelted Against an Inferior Educational System and Unequal Access
 Lechuga- Peña, Stephanie. and Lechuga, Chalane.


You Must Think I am Crazy: Correlations between Levels of Assimilation and Stigmatizing Mental Health Services amongst Latin@s and Asians
 Clark, Fernando. and Chen, Yvonne.
Southwestern Social Science Association 95th Annual Meeting 2015-Apr-08 to 2015-Apr-12
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