Southwestern Social Science Association 97th Annual Meeting 2016-Mar-23 to 2016-Mar-27

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"He’ll target one student and just pick on them the whole time": Exploring Inequities in School Discipline and Students Perspectives on Reducing Disparities
 Lechuga, Chalane., Anyon, Yolanda. and Ortega, Debora.

"It's Not a MOOC!": Delivering Quality Online Education to Large Numbers of Students
 Mitchell, Kristina.

"Justice for Berem! Justice for Ikrit": Negotiating Identity through Nonviolent Direct Action
 Truckey, Jessica.

"The Facts Related": The Great Awakening and Rationalism at Yale College under Thomas Clap
 Cartwright, Ben.

"The Madison Problem" Problem
 Ouardi, Karim.

"To Mark the Line": William Augustus Bowles, the American Southeast, and the Boundaries of Empire
 Snider, Matt.

"We're all animal lovers here": Identity Navigation by Workers at Animal-Friendly Domestic Violence Organizations
 Button, Andrea.

"What Hath God Wraught?": The Development of House Information Technology and the Implications of the Digital Age on Congressional Communication
 Evans, Jocelyn.

"You Can Only Be One of Us If...": The Exclusion of Collective Identity Frames.
 Francis, Kerie. and Corum, Joshua.

'Cheap Click?' The Impact of Internet Appeals and Issue Salience on Political Participation
 Slocum, Fred. and Parsneau, Kevin.

'The Social-Psychology of the Gun in Mass Shootings'
 karlin, john.

“Economic Opportunity and Law Enforcement: Is There a Relationship?”
 Gandonou, Jean-Marc. and Greene, Frederick.

“Fight the Power”: What public administrators in today’s ‘post-racial’ society can learn from 1990s reality rap
 Pressley, Cindy.

“Indians’ Magic Bath at Stake”: Indigenous Rights and the Coso Hot Springs Geothermal Energy Field, 1862-2015
 Whitney, Justin.

“Now Where Do You Want People to Go?” The Effects of Oil and Gas Exploration on Affordable Housing in Rural Communities
 Lopez-Mobilia, Christina., Martinez, Matthew., Mendoza, Marissa. and Romo, Harriett.

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A Case Study of the First Year of Grieving Journey
 Lewis, Joan. and Bertoti, Dolores.

A Connection Between Age at Menarche and Choice of College Major
 Waren, Warren.

A Critical discussion of Assimilation, Race-Cycle Theory, and Minority Inclusions
 García, Jesse.

A Decade of Dysfunction: Mismanagement of Sacred Lands at Effigy Mounds National Monument
 Jones, Maggie.

A Defense of Judicial Elections Reconsidered: Roll Off, Voter Turnout and Appellate Election Campaign Expenditures
 Cobetto, Joseph. and Endersby, James.

A Fall from Grace: An Exploratory Study of Boundary Violation Behaviors Behind Prison Walls
 Worley, Robert., Hsu, Henda. and Worley, Vidisha.

A Historical Analysis of ENDA: Uncovering the Causes of Failure
 McNamara, Kelly.

A Macro Analysis of the Impact of the Non-marital Rate on Fertility in South Korea, 1990-2010
 Kim, HanGon.

A Meta-Analysis of Automobile Searches in Supreme Court Litigation
 Zotti, Priscilla.

A New Community Attachment? Ethnographic Findings from an Evolving, Multi-Ethnic Community
 Bryerton, Will.

A Phenomenon Research: What do Chinese Gay Males do on Facebook?
 Lin, Chichun.

A Sacred Place: Unique Rock Art in the Valley of Fire
 Owen, Bryandra.

A closer look at addiction among Latino adolescents
 Perez, Guadalupe. and Alcaraz, Eloiza.

A conceptual model of the process of engagement in EHS home-based programs
 Shanti, Caroline.

A look at Keynes' Work from an Historical Perspective
 Ballard, Bill.

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Back That Sexism Up: An Analysis of the Representation of Women's Bodies in Music Videos
 Simpson, Randa. and Farris, Nicole.

Back to the Past: The Impact of Community Conditions on Homicide in San Antonio, 1960 and 1970
 Martinez, Ramiro., Pfeffer, Rebecca. and Iwama, Janice.

Bearing Witness: Keeping Alive Memories from Northern Mexico’s Violence
 Bustamante, Juan.

Being European: A Social Approach to EU Expansion
 Darichuk, Joshua.

Beneath the Veil of Hope: The effects of EU signaling on foreign investors’ sensitivity to corruption before and after EU membership
 Derderyan, Svetoslav.

Beyond the Border: U.S. Latinas and Cesarean Delivery Rates
 Gomez, Amanda. and Morris, Theresa.

Beyond the Scale: The Importance of Considering Race and Ethnicity in Examining the Relationship Between Body Image and Self-Esteem
 Evans, Candace.

Bioethics: Disparities in Health Care and Medical Errors
 Barrera, Delina. and Potempa, Angelika.

Biopsychosocial Risk Factors for Injury and Developmental Outcomes
 Benjamin, Brian., Visone, Ciro., kertesz, heather. and O\'Callaghan, Erin.

Biopsychosocial factors associated with obesity among Latinos
 Barajas, Goldie., Magalhaes, Cristina., Hanna, Supatra. and Sumner, Lekeisha.

Birthright Citizenship, The Fourteenth Amendment, and Congressional Empowerment
 Abshire, Roger.

Bitches in Blue: Barriers For Women in Law Enforcement
 Johnson, Hannah. and Farris, Nicole.

Building Deliberative Online Discussions: Across Modes of Instruction and Levels of Courses
 Chadha, Anita.

Burning Villages to Build Nations: Violence and Nationalism in Macedonia 1903-1908
 Toth, Keith.


Calculating Investment Risk after a Calculated Autocratic Change
 Jamison, John.

Caribbean Students Adapting to American Higher Education
 Greenidge, Giselle.

Challenge to Court’s Interpretation of Liberty in Obergefell v. Hodges
 Phillips, Stephen.

Challenging Gendered Hierarchies: The Case of Professional Cycling
 Cohen, Diana.

Changes in Attitudes Towards Immigration and Crime
 Brown, Monicka.

Changing Rape Myth Acceptance on College Campuses
 DeCant, Kayla. and Girts, Juline.

Charismatic Religion Crosses Borders: Go-Along Ethnography in the English-Speaking Caribbean
 Marina, Peter.

Chicanos: A Legacy of Change or an Illusion of Progress
 Baca, Judy.

Children of (Mis-) Fortune: The Social World of Orphans in Guanajuato, Mexico, 1840s-1880s
 Haworth, Daniel.

China’s International Peacekeeping Contributions: Conversations and Reflections on the Evolution of Chinese Involvement on the African Continent
 Neethling, Theodor.

China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Canada, the U.S and Australia: A Comparative Study
 zhang, xiaobo.

Choosing an Alternative Route: A Look into the Lives of Latino Males Who aren’t Pursuing a Higher Education
 Garcia, Marilyn.

Citizen Evaluation of Government and Confidence in Public Intuitions Testing Competing Theories in Afghanistan
 Lara, DeAnna. and Alozie, Nicholas.

Civil Society and Democratic Consolidation in Hungary: What Went Wrong?
 Wittenberg, Jason.

Climate Change Impacts on Odawa Contemporary Use Plants and Culture at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
 Brooks, Katherine.

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Dao Duc: The Vietnamese Work Ethic in the Texas Gulf Coast
 Mai, Son.

Declining Social Trust and Crime Rates in Canada and the United States, 1992-2014
 Miles, Tom.

Depoliticization: How China Dealt with Political Cases during and after 1980s
 Jiang, Weishe.

Developing and Integrating International Studies Across the Pacific: The St. Edward's Asia-Pacific University Dual Degree Program
 Nichols, William.

Dialetheial Paradoxes in Public Opinion
 Longoria, Richard.

Diamond Diplomacy: U.S.-Japan Baseball Relations, 1919-1940
 Quirarte, Miguel.

Diffusion of “Arab Winter” Meme in American Media
 Demirhan, Emirhan. and Gurbuz, Suheyl.

Digging Through America’s Closet: An Investigation of Popular Fashion in Museums.
 Teis, Emily.

Disastrous Corruption: Transportation-Related Disasters and Private Sector Corruption in sub-Saharan Africa
 Dent, Lauren.

Disproportionately Overrepresented: Women in Local Elected Offices
 Bernick, Ethan. and Heidbreder, Brianne.

Do We Really Need Lawyers? The Question of Access to Civil Legal Assistance
 Kirby, Barbara.

Do Women Value Improvements in Water Quality More? Evidence from the Village Panchayat Council Amendments in India.
 Devaraj, Nirupama. and Basu, Suchandra.

Doctor, Lawyer, Social Worker?: Exploring the Experiences of APIA Social Work Students
 Bergquist, Kathleen.

Does Marriage Lead to Enhanced Physical and Mental Health for Same- Sex Couples? Analyses from the National Health Interview Surveys, 2011-2014
 Rollman-Tinajero, Cheryl.

Does Reacting to the Past Increase Student Engagement? An Empirical Evaluation of the Use of Historical Simulations in Teaching Political Theory
 Weidenfeld, Matthew. and Fernandez, Kenneth.

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Early Voting in Non-Presidential Contests
 Fullmer, Elliott.

Effects of Static and Dynamic Disadvantage on Trajectories of Negative Self-Feelings
 Plickert, Gabriele. and Pals, Heili.

Election Day Stress and Voter Decision Making
 Engstrom, Richard., Reilly, Shauna. and Ulbig, Stacy.

Elite Capture of Global Gender and Environmental Development Policymaking
 O\'Dell, Roni Kay.

Emergency Management Diffusion: Responses to Campus Mass Shootings
 Canody, Miranda.

Emerging Social Movements in Education
 Martinez, Jose.

Enough is Enough! Its Time to End the Fed
 Robinson, Steve.

Environmental Justice: The Impact of Cuba’s Social and Environmental Policy in the Distribution of Environmental Risk
 Murray, Sarah.

Environmentalist Cyberculture and the Public Sphere
 Panagia, Giancarlo.

Even When You’re First You’re Last: Obesity Trends of Black Women in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Cycles 1999-2010
 Curry, Gwenetta.

Evoking Embodied Experience: Steps Towards Understanding Salsa
 Marion, Jonathan.

Evolution and Decline: The Social Role of Women in Native Hawaiian Society
 Groo, Hailey.

Examining Cross Generational Haitian Immigrant Identity Through Affect Control Theory
 Dorancy Dathis, Rolande. and reese, bruce.

Examining cultural health capital in the medical encounter.
 Miller, Leslie. and Peck, B. Mitchell.

Examining the Effects of Youth Sex Participation on Educational Attainment
 Wallace, Samantha.

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FIFA World Cup: can we predict the winner?
 Santos, Ricardo.

Factors Related to Depression in the Hispanic Immigrant Population
 Wetherington, Rachel.

Factors Related to the Seeking and Contribution of Prenatal Care among Ethnically Diverse Adolescents
 Anderson, Cheryl.

Factors leading to educational attainment for three generations of immigrants using logistic regression.
 Ballesteros, Jan Michael.

Falsely Accused: Gender and Age Effects
 Derden, Samantha.

Familismo and contributing cultural factors in the relocation and living mobility among LGBTQI Latinos
 Diaz, Vanessa. and Alcaraz, Eloiza.

Family Values: Does it Matter Where You Live or Where You Grew Up?
 Wedel, Kenneth., Conway, Raquel. and Rosenthal, James.

Family-focused treatment for Latinos with schizophrenia
 Medina-Fuentes, Biridiana. and Alcaraz, Eloiza.

Fear and Pity in the Arena: Reading Hobbes and Rousseau in The Hunger Games
 Mogg, Jennifer. and Barkalow, Jordon.

Fear of Deportation and the Effects on Immigrants' Lives
 Leyro, Shirley.

Fertility Clinic Marketing on the Internet: Zones of Exclusion or Inclusion?
 Earnest, Emily. and Roth-Johnson, Danielle.

Finding Florida in the Mountains: Understanding the Role of the “Creative Class” in Appalachian Economic Development.
 Sides, Jason. and Vanderleeuw, James.

Food Security in Central Oklahoma: A Program Evaluation of the SNAP Acceptance Program at an Oklahoma City Farmers' Market
 Wiens, Madeleine.

Food and Community: Rebuilding America’s Food System
 Mullenix, Kimberly.

Food for thought: Recipe for Success of Democratization in Black Africa (1991-2003)
 Valenzuela, Rosalinda. and desta, lishan.

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Gender Differences in Police Officers' Experiences at Work
 Siddique, Julie.

Gender Portrayals of Victims and Perpetrators in Prime-Time Crime Shows
 Rahn, Nyiesha.

Gendering the Filipina/o Community: The Intersection of Race, Gender, and Sexual Preference among the Filipina/o Second Generation in Toronto and Southern California
 Laus, Vincent.

Geographic and Industrial Concentration of Corporate Venture Capital Portfolios
 Hou, Dadao.

Globalization and Government Effectiveness in Asia
 Khan, Haroon.

Going Up with the Elevator Community
 Hauser, Orlee.

Good Times, Bad Times: The Effect of Economic Perceptions on Support for Immigrants in the United States
 Godines Camarillo, Christopher. and Billings, Dylan.

Grandparent Caregivers Raising Orphans and Vulnerable Children Affected by HIV and AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Case of Namibia
 Kalomo, Eveline.

Grief and Bereavement among College Students
 Lipps, Alan. and Roberts, Kaitlin.

Guns in the Classroom: An Analysis of Texas' New Campus Carry Law
 Beggan, Dominic.


HIV Risks and Service Needs
 Natale, Anthony., Kliewer, Chloe. and Johnson, Zachary.

Hazard Awareness, Confidence in Government and Risk Mitigation
 Horan, Jennifer. and Meinhold, Stephen.

He's a Dirty Rotten Liar Who Would Destroy this Country: Polarization and Incivility in Attitudes toward Presidential Candidates
 Gershtenson, Joseph. and Plane, Dennis.

Health Insurance Status in America Before and After the Affordable Care Act
 Patrick, Jesse. and Yang, Philip.

Homophobic Bullying and Suicide of Adolescents: An Application of the Socio-Ecological Systems Theory
 Coppersmith-Buschman, Maria.

How Are We Helping Our Own? Creating Conversations
 Perrelli, Kristen. and Kranz, Katherine.

How Cultural Beliefs About Women’s Role in the World Shape Women's Civic Engagement
 Bernick, Ethan. and Baird, Chardie.

How Do I Look? Photographic Coverage of Congressional Candidates in the 2014 Midterm Elections
 Anderson, Jennifer. and Ash, Megan.

How Does Health Of American Veterans Affect Their Readjustment To Civilian Life
 Celebi, Mehmet.

How Machiavelli Learned to Stop Fearing the Medici and Advance Republicanism through Pro-War Discourse
 Brown, Ted.

How Metaphors Can Perpetuate Rape Culture
 DeCant, Kayla.

How To Fangirl/boy: Analysis of Texts on Social Media
 Galloway, Lauren.

How White Habitus has Influenced the Way We Look At Disproportionate Minority Contact
 Polasek, Patrick., Peck, B. Mitchell., Ketchum, Paul. and Washington, Patrick.

How do Sports Fans Perceive the Washington Redskins Team Name? An Empirical Investigation
 Lang, Kenneth.

How e-health literacy affects patient satisfaction with their doctors
 Cheun, Jacquelyn. and Seckin, Gul.

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I Wish My Professor Knew/I Wish My Students Knew: Building a Relationship to Facilitate Effective Teaching and Learning
 Mosel-Talavera, Kelly. and Gordon Bouzard, Gayle.

I do my crying in the rain: Issues in distributed solar photovoltaic regulation within a Caribbean small island market
 Carter, Adrian.

Identifying risk factors in returning war veterans that lead to suicidality
 ramoscarver, maria. and murray, joan.

Identities through Social Media and Location Based Social Networks
 Kawakami, Atsuko. and Hinson, Katrina.

Identity Development of First-Generation College Student-Athletes
 Warner, Alexandra.

Ideology and International Conflict
 Snyder, Robert.

Immigration and Regional Integration in a Globalizing World: Myths and Truths about Migration
 White, Christopher.

Immigration and Social Disorganization: A Quantitative Assessment of Violent Crime in Washington DC Neighborhoods
 Martinez, Daniel. and Martinez-Schuldt, Ricardo.

Imposed Hispanicity: How the Imposition of Racialized and Gendered Identities in Texas Affects Mexican Women in Romantic Relationships with White Men
 Guillen, Jennifer.

Improving but Unequal: Temporal Trends in Chinese Self-Rated Health, 1990-2012
 KWON, Soyoung. and Schafer, Markus.

In Re Scientific and Technical Information, Interdisciplinarity, and Legal Academia: Probing the Structural, Cultural, and Epistemological Divide
 White, Lexi.

In re Neagle: The Evolution of a Precedent
 McInnis, Tom.

Incivility as Public Dissent
 Caro, Jason.

Income and Democratic Citizenship: A Multilevel Re-evaluation
 Kennedy, Ryan.

Indirect Advocacy: The Role of the Doula in the Hospital Setting
 Francis, Kerie.

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Keeping Your Eyes Out: A Study of Social Media as an Anti-Theft and Theft Recovery Measure
 Ryll, Alexander.

Korean Americans and Their Identity Formation: The Marginal Effect of the Korean Popular Culture*
 han, daehoon.


LBQ Women Experiences with Sexual and Reproductive Health
 Delgado, Denise.

Lady Leathernecks: The Enigma of Women in the United States Marine Corps
 Brownson, Connie.

Leadership and Democratic Eduction
 ZIYANAK, SEBAHATTIN. and Isik, Ismet.

Lets be Kinky: "Natural Hair" Celebration for African American Women
 Jenkins, Nicole.


Magical Candles of Dominance: A Rejection of Patriarchy
 Guerra, Ramon.

Making Rhetorical Strategies of Legitimacy Work in North Korea: Economic sanctions and South Korea's elections
 Jung, Changkuk.

Making Texas a Battleground State? The 2014 Gubernatorial Election
 Smith, Brian. and Beech, Thomas.

Making it to the Big Leagues: The Politics and Economics of a Building a Sports Stadium
 Fernandez, Kenneth.

Manifest Destiny: Religious Doctrine, Racist Doctrine, or White Racist Framing?
 Gonlin, Vanessa.

Marriage Practices in North America
 Wright, Bailey. and Farris, Nicole.

Matamoros Was “a Wretched Place”: Letters from a Ship Master, 1864-1865
 Montejano, David.

McDonaldization in Texas Households
 Woolridge, Jacob. and Stanley-Stevens, Leslie.

Media Cultivation of Acceptance of Rape Myths and Hook-Ups: The Effect of Television Viewing and Video Games.
 Stiles, Beverly., Wong, Newman., Nebbia, Anna. and Jennings, Charles.

Mediation of “Charlie Hebdo” Massacre in Islamic Media of Turkey and provision for Paris Attack in November 2015.
 Kilinc, Atilla.

Medicalization of Obesity
 Samuel, Prauttus.

Mental Health Treatment of Childhood Cancer Survivors
 Mendoza, Jacqueline. and O\'Callaghan, Erin.

Mental health support for children before, during, and after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami
 Caso, Jessica. and Parker, Susan.

Migration and Media: Explaining Attitudes toward Same-Sex Marriage in the 1988 and 2004-2014 GSS Data Sets
 Corbin, Dennis. and Walther, Carol.

Mindful case analysis to teach/promote critical thinking
 Curiel, Herman.

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NGOs and Women's Rights in the Middle East
 Senses-Ozyurt, Saba. and Judeh, Ihab.

Native American Identity, Membership, and Boundary Maintenance
 Giordmaina, Bridgett.

Negative Self-Feelings in the Racialized Social Structure: The Varying Effects of Family and School Perceptions on Negative Self-Feelings for Whites, Blacks, and Latinos
 Miller, Brennan.

Neighborhood Dynamics on Negative Self-Feelings: The Role of Changing Perception of Neighborhood
 Serna, Xavier. and Pals, Heili.

Neoliberalism and the Rise of Islamic Groups in Egypt Before the Arab Spring
 Hudson, Ashley.

New York Oneida: Land Claims, Federal Policies, State Intervention, and Casino Development
 Hanover, Lee.

News Coverage of Terrorist Events in a Changing Media Environment
 Loudon, Christopher. and Dunaway, Johanna.

News Media, Popular Culture and Agenda Setting: The Sexual Assault Kit Backlog
 Bowers, Jr, David. and Costanza, S.

Nietzsche’s Critique of Social Science in Public Decision Making
 Niederkorn, David.

No Humpday in Sight: A Longitudinal Study on Lifelong Depression versus Short-term Depression Affecting Risky Sexual Behaviors
 Burgess, Rebecca. and Bardwell, Brittany.

No Justice, No Peace: Cognitive Dissonance In Foreign Policy
 Gendlin, Gerry.

No Time For Happiness: Performance Expectations and Gender on Social Media
 Miller, Paige.


Older Adults’ Religious Activities and Health
 Kang, Hyunsook.

On becoming humanistic with sexually violent predators: Person-centered, trauma-informed care as a component to evidence-based practice
 Garrido, MA, Chardel., Noblitt, PhD, Randy. and Yamini, MA, Nina.

On the Development of Democratic Individuals: Social Media Use in Central America
 Salzman, Ryan. and Holt, Jennifer.

Operation Jade Helm: A Cultural Analysis of Public Opinion
 Richey, Haley.

Otto Wood, the Bandit
 Crissman, James. and Chmelir, Sandra.

Out of the Pink Shadow of Memory: Homosexuals and the Holocaust
 Royster, Dane.

Out-Group Colorism: Does Skin Tone Matter for Different Racial Groups?
 Brown, Brianna.

Overview of the APA Task Force Report on Appropriate Therapeutic Responses to Sexual Orientation and the Recommendations to Helping Those with Sexual and Religious Conflict
 Moragne, Timothy.


Pagans, Theists, and Scientists: Need for Dialogue
 Rajen, Gaurav.

 Simmons, Alex.

Parental depressive tendencies, gender, and immigrant status in fragile families
 Paat, Yok-Fong.

Parental support and the development of children who identify as transgender
 Anderson, Jared. and Alcaraz, Eloiza.

Pathways to Treatment: Mental Health Providers’ Experiences with Latina/o Clients’ Care Seeking
 Barrera, Iran. and Vélez, Daniel.

Perceived Characteristics of Democracy and Democratic Confidence
 Goidel, Robert.

Perceived barriers to food pantry use among college students, faculty, and staff
 Smith, Elizabeth., English, Cami. and Langner, Jon.

Perception and Reality of Millennials: A Comparative Study of Generation
 Chapman, John.

Perceptions and help-seeking behaviors among the Latino transgender community
 Dominguez, Laura. and Alcaraz, Eloiza.

Persistent White Disadvantages in the Mortality Rates from Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases in Texas: Environmental Conditions vs. Health Behavior
 Park, Hyung Sam.

Pins and Bullets: A Grunt’s Visual Interpretation of the Vietnam War
 Negron, Conrad.

Pious Labor: The Intersection of Sufi Islam and Civil Society in Contemporary Senegal
 Tempel, Caulder.

Poker Faces, Literary Journalism, and the Challenge of Autoethnography
 Saxton, Benjamin.

Political Equality in the Palm of Your Hand? Handheld Devices, Educational Attainment, and Political and Civic Involvement
 Morris, David. and Morris, Jonathan.

Politics and Post-Apocolyptic Fiction
 Pressley, Cindy.

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Race, Lesbians, Gays and the Census: A Comparison of Census Categories
 Walther, Carol.

Racial Constructions among Men Who Have Sex with Men: The Utility of Race on Erotic Capital and Sexual Health Status on Sexual Partner Selection
 Smith, Jesus.

Racial Differences in Peer Evaluations of Group Work
 Rice, Heather., Kershaw, David. and Westbrook, Erika.

Racial Hygiene Film as Propaganda in Early Nazi Germany
 Hales, Barbara.

Racial/Ethnic Differences in Perceptions of "Best" College Professors: A Study of White and Hispanic Undergraduates in a South Texas University
 Benibo, Bilaye. and Epley, Jennifer.

Recent Trends in American Attitudes toward Level of Immigration
 Mena, Marco.

Reconceptualizing HIV: Motivational Factors for Bug Chasing
 Santhoff, Sasha.

Recovery and Mental Health
 Lipps, Alan.

Reducing Hospital Readmissions for Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease- a Psychological Intervention Approach
 Alami, Ruba., Sumner, Lekeisha. and Magalhaes, Cristina.

Reducing PTSD Symptoms in Veterans Using Emotional Freedom Techniques
 Cooper, Olivia.

Reducing Prison Populations: A Taxonomy of State Justice Reinvestment Efforts
 Kickham, Kenneth. and Burns, Jaime.

Reflections on Using the Harry Potter Series to Reenergize Social Work Students and To Attract Non Majors to the Social Work Profession
 Rogers, LaTra.

Reframing Medical Discourse and Resisting Medical Authority: A Social Structure and Personality Approach to the Medicalization of Transgender Experience
 Johnson, Austin.

Regime Change and Endogenous Inequality
 Jung, Changkuk.

Religion and Community Involvement
 Robinson, Chothiakadavil. and Lewis, Shaelyn.

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SafeZONE Online
 Torres, Santos., Welkley, Debra. and Kent, Chris.

Sagebrush Rebels and the Current Land Transfer Debate: An examination of coalition narratives using the Narrative Policy Framework
 overholser, amber.

Sanctuary Cities & Criminality
 Hernandez, Kevin.

Scottish Stone Masons and the Texas Capitol: A Gilded Age Connection
 White, Carolyn.

Seeking Social Justice: An International Perspective
 Snyder-Zuasnabar, Diego.

Self-Labeling and Medical Contact for Fertility Problems:
 Leyser-Whalen, Ophra., Greil, Arthur., McQuillan, Julia., Johnson, Katherine. and Shreffler, Karina.

Sense of community and belonging in a neighborhood undergoing gentrification
 Simons, Alison. and Bales, Rodney.

Sexual Assertiveness among LGBT Ethnic Minority Adolescents: Exploring Protective Factors and Clinical Implications
 Dunn, Chelsie., Raju, Marilisa. and Fu, Michi.

Skilled Nursing Home Residents Perceptions of NarrativeTherapy
 Perone, Katherine.

Slash Fanfiction: What This Could Mean for Queer Media Representation
 Bradley, Allison.

Slaves in the Texas Livestock Industry
 Liles, Debbie.

Social Capital and Regional Economic Performance: a study across U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas
 Thompson, Michael. and Slaper, Timothy.

Social Capital and the challenges of stemming the summer slide for refugee youth: lessons from a summer learning program
 Kisiara, Otieno.

Social Class Differences in the Transmission of Social Psychological Traits from Parents to their Children through Parenting Behaviors
 Shifrer, Dara. and Pals, Heili.

Social Contract Theory and Modern States in Crisis
 Howard, Sally.

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Taiwan, Tourism, and Peace: Reacting to the Chinese Tourist Wave
 Harper, Clinton.

Talking about Race/Ethnicity and Racism: Fostering Racial/Ethnic Identity to Reduce the Risk of Depression
 Liu, Lisa. and Lau, Anna.

Teachable Moments: Social Science, Interdisciplinarity and Listening Across Difference
 Khaghani, Leah.

Temporary Government Assistance and the Great Recession of 2007-2009: Welfare Reform 2.0
 Inamine, Nicole.

Text Analytics and Academic Topic Profiling: A Comparative Study of the Fractural Thematic Domains of Sociological Academic Journals
 Zougris, Konstantinos.

The Accomplishment of Heterosexuality in Women: An Intersectional Approach
 Herrera, Andrea.

The Bloody Dialogue: The Issue of Race and Class in the Morant Bay Rebellion
 Rosen, Caralou.

The Cause, Reality and Solution of School Violence: focusing on a Case of Middle and High School in Korea
 Kyo, Chung. and Kim, Kyoungsun.

The Coming War with China...Or Not
 thomas, stephen.

The Culture of Natural Disasters: Preventative measures to reduce loss impact of natural disasters in the U.S. and Japan
 Buchanan, Thomas. and Lowry, George.

The Economics of Using Social Media during Natural Disasters
 Sivakumar, Soumya.

The Effect of #BlackLivesMatter: The Relevance of Social Space and Collective Identity to Social Movements
 Jones, Stephanie.

The Effect of Crime on Foreign Direct Investment

The Effect of Institutional Behavior on Responsibility Accounting in Public Universities..
 Ngoboka, Pascal.

The Effect of Parental Incarceration on Intergenerational Educational Mobility
 Shaw, Marcus.

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Undergraduate Student Reflection on Social Identity and Implicit-Association Test Through a Diversity Course in Sociology
 Whitehawk, Michael.

Understanding Saltwater Recreational Anglers’ Perceptions of Marine Environmental Threat
 Chi, Jennifer. and Chi, Yeong Nain.

Understanding Stakeholders Perspectives and Discourses of the Ogallala Aquifer in the South Plains of North Texas
 Cavazos, Robert.

Understanding how Hispanic Acculturation Impacts Adolescents’ Delinquent Behavior and Positive Youth Development
 Estevez, Nicolle. and Miller, Brennan.

Using Community to Build Engaged, Successful Students: The Measurable and Perceived Benefits of Mandatory Hybrid Supplemental Instruction in Gateway Courses
 Lynton, Eddy. and Carlsen-Landy, Bev.

Using Increases in Criminal Deportees from the US to Estimate the Effect of Crime on Economic Growth and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean
 Blake, Garfield.

Using Mindfulness Techniques to Create a Self-Care Plan with Child Welfare Stipend Students in Their Field Practicum
 Berry, Keitha.


Value vs. Viability: Factors Which Shape the Belief that it is Important to Elect a Woman President
 Wilson, Morgan., Yanner, Keith. and Green, Andrew.

Variations in Employment Participation and Economic Status: Japanese American Females in Comparative Perspective
 Okuno, Yukiko. and Harris, Richard.

Views of Asexuality among Undergraduate Students in the Southwest United States
 Fazio, Danielle.

Voices of East Austin: Preserving East Austin’s History in the Face of Gentrification
 Lill, Avery.

Voter Mobilization in a Low Interest Off Year Election: A Field Experiment
 Miller, Zachary. and Lasley, Scott.

Voting Alignment – A Quantitative Look at Anthony Kennedy’s Decision-making on the Rehnquist Court, 1994- 2004
 Capper, David. and Bartl, Anthony.


We’re Here and We’re…Queer? The Production of Queer Sport Spaces within Women’s Roller Derby
 Becker, Suzanne.

What Are You Looking At Punk?
 Moog, Steve.

What Contributes to Fertility Intentions of American Men?
 Ciavaglia, Kelsea.

What Happens When Children View Their Parent as More Uninvolved: Effects of Parental Involvement on Negative Self-Feelings
 Harvey, Kimberly (Kimber).

What Union Activities Say about Capture Theory in the Public Schools
 Copeland, Gary.

What William F. Buckley Did Not Understand about James Baldwin
 Buccola, Nicholas.

What do we talk about when we discuss terrorism? A study of Islamophobia and social media
 Grigoropoulou, Nikolitsa.

What to Look For (aside from the winner) in the 2016 Presidential Election: Recent Trends in Polarization, Regionalism, and Electoral College Structural Advantage
 Peterson, Mark.

Where Advocacy and Social Media Intersect: Online Survey of Women Veterans about Homelessness
 Casura, Lily. and Harris, Richard.

White Space, Brown Place: Access to Public Space in a New Immigrant Settlement
 Arredondo, Aaron.

White Students on White Discrimination and Oppression
 Miller, Gabe.

White Support for White Cops? Racial Identity and Attitudes towards Police Expenditures.
 Wood, Jordan.

White Supremacist Ideology and Segregationist Frames of Protest in Cold War Context
 Wright, Devon.

Who Benefits? An Analysis of Policy Preferences for the 2014 Farm Bill
 Ansolabehere, Stephen. and Berriochoa, Kattalina.

Who Regulates The Regulators? A Comparative Analysis Of The Central Bank Performance Reporting Mechanisms.
 Ter-Mkrtchyan, Ani.

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Xenophobia and the Challenges of African Integration
 Adisa, Olalekan., Olutayo, Seunfunmi. and Adedokun, Jonathan.


Your Family, Your Neighborhood: A pilot intervention that supports parents supporting their children in their education
 Lechuga-Peña, Stephanie., Brisson, Daniel. and Plassmeyer, Mark.
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