4S Annual Meeting - Abstract and Session Submissions 2009-Oct-28 to 2009-Nov-01

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"Canaries": Networks for Coping with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, a New Paradigm of Environmental Illness and Medicine
 Henderson, Kathryn.

"Governancing": The Practical Politics of Internet Governance
 Cheniti, Tarek.

"Hi, I'm from 'DIA'; Shall We 'Translate'"? The University Research: A Science-specific Education
 Oliveira, Moisés.

"It's the Hand of God": DNA, Sexual Assault, and Forensic Examination
 Mulla, Sameena.

"Mind the gap": The Mundane Co-ordination for Producing Scientific Evidence in Clinical Trials
 Helgesson, Claes-Fredrik.

"Number Worship" and Adherent Subjects
 Liu, Jennifer.

"Passport or Driver's License, Please.": A Question of Permissible Persons
 Wortman, Rachel.

"These statements are only expectations": promise and pessimism in genomics
 Tutton, Richard.

(Dis-)Entangling Life: Towards a Biopolitics of Transnational Biotechnological Zones
 Lauß, Georg.

(Re)Mapping Mobility in the Indian Ocean: Piracy, International Law and the Global War on Terror
 Dua, Jatin.

'“Liberte!” But for Whom?: Understanding Psycho-pharmaceuticals outside the Social Control/Treatment Dichotomy
 Gorgulu, Burcu.

‘Pragmatic Evidence’: A Case Study of the Production of French Cancer Clinical Guidelines
 Knaapen, Loes., Cazeneuve, Hervé., Cambrosio, Alberto., Castel, Patrick. and Fervers, Béatrice.

‘Spreading the Wealth’: The Democratic Use of Digital ‘Data Riches’ in an Electronic Public Engagement Exercise
 Williams, Simon.

‘Studying Up’ Down in Silicon Valley
 Dorsey, Michael.

‘Therapy’ or ‘Enhancement’? (Re)Configuring the Sociotechnical
 Coveney, Catherine.

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A Baby That Is “Mine”: How Traditional and Gestational Surrogacy Are Advertised
 Ziff, Elizabeth.

A Casualty of Kinetic Warfare: Military Neglect and the Rise of Civilian Biodefense
 Smith III, Frank.

A Clash of Symbols: IWRM Versus Dam Engineering
 McCulloch, Christine.

A Comparative Study of Knowledge Creation and Transfer Within the Former Soviet and U.S. Biological Weapons Programs
 Ben Oughram-Gormley, Sonia.

A History of Mad Women: Nineteenth-Century Hysteria and Contemporary Diagnoses of Female Mental Illness
 Bacopoulos-Viau, Alexandra.

A Lab of Their Own: Genomic Sovereignty As Postcolonial Science Policy?
 Benjamin, Ruha.

A Latin American Food for the Children Program and Limits of Relativism
 Marques, Ivan.

A Marriage of Convenience? Deliberative Democracy and STS
 Moore, Alfred.

A Promise Worth Funding?: Following the Performance of Credibility in Research Management
 Hansen, Birgitte. and Horst, Maja.

A Scientific Bermuda Triangle? Explaining Terrorism Studies’ Definition Problem
 Stampnitzky, Lisa.

A Social History of Ivermectin: Corporate Drug Donations and the New Terrain of “Neglected Tropical Disease” Research
 Moran-Thomas, Amy. and Samsky, Ari.

A Sociotechnical Framework for Understanding Infrastructure Breakdown and Repair
 Sims, Benjamin.

A Striking Argument? Accounting for Costs in Construction Projects
 Kongsli, Gry., Ryghaug, Marianne. and Sørensen, Knut H..

A Technology Not Your Own: Online Media Platforms and the Structural Dimensions of Control
 Gillespie, Tarleton.

A Theory of TA in Innovation Systems
 Kuhlmann, Stefan.

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Back Cloths: Tools or Means of Persuasion? Differing Views on ‘Knowledge’ in Science and Society.
 Tøsse, Sunniva.

Begging for Regulation: The Quest to Tame Nanotechnology
 Wetmore, Jameson.

Between the Personal and the Universal, Diversity and Unity: Situating Japanese Genomics in the Context of Pharmaceutical Regulation
 Kuo, Wen-Hua.

Beyond Techno-Centrism: Foreign Area Knowledge Production and Expertise in Defense
 Plafcan, Dan. and Kusiak, Pauline.

Beyond the Boundaries of Change: How Policy Affects the Adoption of Technology in Mozambique
 Brouwer, Roland., Hagendijk, Rob. and Brito, Lídia.

Beyond “Dudecore”? Challenging Gendered and “Raced” Technologies through Media Activism
 Dunbar-Hester, Christina.

Bio-nationalism in South Korea: Between Stem Cells and BSE
 Gottweis, Herbert.

Bio-power Technologies and Zionist Ideology: The Medicalization of Childbirth in Tel Aviv 1918-1948
 Admon-Rick, Gaby.

Bio-territorial Power and the Border-environment Regime of Government on the US/Mexico Border
 Alatout, Samer.

Biobanking in Singapore: Post-developmental State, Experimental Population.
 Waldby, Catherine.

Biochemical Identities and the Governance of Novel Food
 Lezaun, Javier. and Schneider, Tanja.

Biocitizenship 2.0: Personal Genomics and Free Labor in Network Society
 Levina, Marina.

Biodiversity, Conservation Biologists, and the Challenge of Social Justice
 Brister, Evelyn.

Biology As Engineering: From Lego to Life
 Calvert, Jane.

Biomedicalized Masculinities, Scientific Governance and Commodified Bodily Goods
 Wu, Chia-Ling.

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Calculating Civilian Risks in DU Debates: Connecting Populations, Spaces, and Behaviors in Formulating Military Policy
 Halfon, Saul.

Campus Ecology and Energy Saving Technology
 Nakajima, Hideto. and Takuma, Naoki.

Can Robots be Kantians? Ethics and Unmanned Combat Vehicles in Future Warfare
 Coker, Christopher.

Capturing the Public Zeitgeist: Translating Science in the Environmental
 Rogers, Katrina. and Steier, Fred.

Carbon Labels, Controversy, and the Future Map of Food
 Freidberg, Susanne.

Carbon Markets and Green Biotech: Arcadian Visions and Varieties of Regulation
 Daemmrich, Arthur.

Caring Work Beyond the Doctor-Patient Relationship: Computerized Work in the Operating Room
 Kissmann, Ulrike.

Caring for Patient Safety in Primary Care
 Jerak-Zuiderent, Sonja. and de Bont, Antoinette.

Catching Color: Chromatic Reform in the United States, 1890 -1920
 Rossi, Michael.

Catching up with Knowledge Society Debates in India: A Dialogue with STS
 Shah, Esha.

Challenges and Opportunities for the Public Intellectual:
 Leinaweaver, Jeff.

Chaoplexic Warfare: Network-Centric Warfare and the Non-Linear Sciences
 Bousquet, Antoine.

China Biotech: on Govenance, Risk, and Citizenship
 Chen, Nancy.

China, Globalisation and Health Biotechnology Innovation: Venture Capital and the Adaptive State
 Salter, Brian.

Circulation of Nanotech Images
 Ruivenkamp, Martin.

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Dams as Assemblages: Cold War Geopolitics, Technological Expertise and River Alteration 1950-70
 Sneddon, Christopher.

Dare Cross the Human Line? Risk Rhetoric and Politics of the Transhumanity Debate
 Lilley, Stephen.

Data Collection and Network Analytic Methods for Cyberinfrastructure Studies
 Pepe, Alberto.

De-coding Informational Developmentalism: Colombian Engineers and Their Encounters with “Technological Neutrality”
 Arias-Hernandez, Richard.

Debates over Conservative Assumptions among Experts: The Assessment of Risk for Flavoring Agents in Food.
 debure, antoine.

Defended Disciplines: Thinking about Immune System Theory in the Humanities
 Jamieson, Michelle.

Defending Place in the Google Earth Age
 Phadke, Roopali.

Defining Personhood to Death
 Troyer, John.

Democratic Reconstruction of the Computer Game Industry
 Tang, Xiaofeng.

Democratic Simulations: Expertise, Participation, and Asymmetry in Interactive Modeling Efforts
 Jackson, Steven.

Democratization Is the Determinant of Science and Technology
 Coccia, Mario.

Designing for Accessibility: Competing Identities in Software Engineering Education
 Fodness, Kevin.

Designs for a Sustainable Society? Consulting Engineers’ Approaches to Environmental Challenges
 Hojem, Thea. and Lagesen, Vivian Anette.

Desired, Defied, Diminished: Diversity of Users in Technological Tests
 Neven, Louis.

Developing Metrics for the Intangible Returns on Investments in Scientific and Technological Research
 Holbrook, James.

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Earbud Embodiment: Phenomenologies of Experience
 Irwin, Stacey.

Ecological Statecraft: The U.S. Cattle Fever Tick Eradication Program
 Jones, Mark.

Economies of Experimental Labour in China -
 Cooper, Melinda.

Educating Science Communicators As ‘Community of Practice’
 Ishimura, Gensei.

Electronic Governmentality: Technique-ology of Postcolonial Bureaucracy
 Chadha, Ashish.

Embodiment and the Problem of Television
 Rosenberger, Robert.

Emergent & Incumbent Networks in the Print-on-paper/E-book Transition
 Piterou, Athena.

Emerging Approaches to Participatory Standards-setting?
 Feng, Patrick.

Emerging Institutions for Governance of Sustainable Transitions in the Netherlands
 Loorbach, Derk. and Rotmans, Jan.

Enacting Blindness: Notes on Practices of Rehabilitation with People Visually Disabled
 Moraes, Marcia.

Enacting Solidarity, Speed and Comfort; Embodying Assumptions about Future Users in the Design of New Public Transport Buses in Santiago, Chile
 Ureta, Sebastian.

Enchanting Digital Color Codes
 Kane, Carolyn.

Enforcement Inside: Constructing Users As Enemies
 Dror, Yuval.

Engaging Citizens: The High Cost of Citizen Participation in High Technology
 Kleinman, Daniel., Delborne, Jason. and Anderson, Ashley.

Engaging STS: NASA Cultures, STS, and the Craft of Policymaking: How It Matters
 Hoyt, Diana.

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Fallen Heroes: Being Citizens, Entrepreneurs and Doctors after SARS
 Zhan, Mei.

Familiar ‘Crisis’, Unfamiliar Expertise: A Way of Understanding “Candlelight Vigils” in South Korea
 HA, Dae-Cheong.

Feminist Technologies: A Political and Pedogogical Agenda
 Layne, Linda.

Feminist and Postcolonial Science and Technology Studies: Connections and Disconnections
 Harding, Sandra.

Field-specific Assimilation of Governance Regimes: The UK Research Assessment Exercise in the Sciences, Arts, and Social Sciences
 Morris, Norma.

Fields of Promise: A History of the Promissory Realm of the GMO
 Reynolds, Larry.

Finding Oprah’s Roots, Losing the World: Against the Liberal Anti-racist Genome
 Reardon, Jenny.

Finding Sustainable Solutions to Honey Bee Health
 Suryanarayanan, Sainath. and Kleinman, Daniel.

Finding a Voice through Social Media? A Study of Community Reporters and User Generated Empowerment.
 Wattam, Eileen. and Light, Ben.

Fluid Boundaries: Flows and Log Jams in the Circulation of French Water Management Technologies
 Pritchard, Sara.

Follow the phlegm: Tracing the infinitesimal in male networks of power
 Palmås, Karl.

Follow-the-practice: An Analysis of the Production of Safe Collaborative Action in Complex Care Situations
 Mesman, Jessica.

Following an Article: Scientific Discussions in Nature Nanotechnology about Nano Risks
 Amorim, Tade-Ane.

Fostering Learning in the Networked World
 Borgman, Christine.

Found, Lost, Made, Broken
 Dobson, Kelly.

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Gaming Codes in China: Cultivating Cool and Socio-Technical Distinction Work
 Lindtner, Silvia.

Gendered Orders of Knowledge in the Semantic Web
 Bath, Corinna.

Gene-Environment Interactions in Cancer Epidemiology: Mapping Controversies on Research Methods and Research Translation
 Senier, Laura.

Genealogies of Anticipatory Governance
 Guston, David.

Generative Interferences
 Suchman, Lucy.

Geneticizing the Aborigines: A Study on the Changing Politics of Aboriginal Health and Identity in Taiwan
 Tsai, Yu-yueh.

Giving Meaning to a French “Gadget:” Representations of the Atom in a French Popular Magazine (1)
 de Syon, Guillaume.

Global Governance, Local democracy, and Citizenship
 Ma, EunJeong.

Global Sharing of Local Persons: The Social Life of Tissue and Data in International Biobanking
 Hoeyer, Klaus.

Google's Use of Personal Information
 Vaidhyanathan, Siva.

Governing Technoscientific Concerns 'In-the-Making'
 Kearnes, Matthew. and Wienroth, Matthias.

Governing Through the Non-Governmental: Shifting Terrains of Public Health in India’s AIDS Epidemic
 Mahajan, Manjari.

Governing through Freedom: Neoliberalism and the Governing Mentality of Expert Authority
 Mascarenhas, Michael.

Green Grades of Companies and Products: The Quantification and Co-Production of Information-Based Governance Strategies
 Bullock, Graham.

Grounding Sustainability: Imagining the Future of a Global Biomass Economy
 Simmonds, Jeanette.


HLW Disposal Project and Social Scientific Expertise: Based on the Experiences in US
 Ahn, Joonhong.

Hacker Learning: The Social Meanings of One Laptop Per Child
 Ames, Morgan.

Hacking Genomes: A Study of Scientists’ Ethos in 21st Century Informational Capitalism
 Delfanti, Alessandro.

Hacking Genomes: The DIY Bio Movement
 Cluck, Jonathan.

Handling User Needs. Knowledge and Methods in Transport Planning
 Hrelja, Robert.

Handmade Binary: The Codes of Telegraphers and of Knitters, Fit Together
 Haring, Kristen.

Healers, the State, and Health Policy: Ethics of the Use of Expertise in Public Health in Africa
 Sambala, Evanson.

Hearing Deafness: Subjectnes, Articulateness, and Communicability
 Schriempf, Alexa.

High Level Waste Decision Making in Japan: Moving to Consensus?
 Pickett, Susan.

High-Tech Worship: Digital Display Technologies and Protestant Christian Liturgical Practice in the U.S.
 Fenimore, James.

Highly Skilled Migration and the Impact of Networks on Decision-making
 Millard, Debbie.

Historical Insights into an S&T Policy Problem: Toward the Sustainable Development of Researchers in Japan
 Sato, Yasushi.

Houses as Nomological Machines: Domestication of Architecture
 Riis, Soren.

How Does Leadership Make R&D Groups Creative?
 Hemlin, Sven. and Olsson, Lisa.

How Economic Models Are Used In Political Discourse: The "Laffer Curve" in U.S. Congress, 1977 to 2009
 Berman, Elizabeth. and Milanes, Laura.

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ICTs and Capabilities in the Kudumbashree Mission of Kerala
 Anderson, Meredith.

Idea work between object worlds - political processes in product development?
 Gish, Liv. and Clausen, Christian.

Identifying Democracy: DNA and Human Rights in Argentina
 Smith, Lindsay.

Image, Scientific Expedition, the Public, and Nation in Brazil (1870-1930)
 Vergara, Moema.

Imaginations of Technology Governance in Germany and the United States
 Burri, Regula Valérie.

Imagined Users of Cholesterol-lowering Foods
 Weiner, Kate.

Imagining Global Identities for American Engineers: From Technical Assistance and Development to Competitiveness and Globalization
 Jesiek, Brent. and Beddoes, Kacey.

Imagining Nation, Envisioning Progress: Emperor, Agricultural Elites, and Imperial Ministers in Search of Engineers in 19th Century Brazil
 Lucena, Juan.

Imagining Public Reason in the Human Embryo Research Debates
 Hurlbut, Ben.

Imagining a Perfect Laboratory: The Pacific Proving Grounds, Marine Ecology, and the Elasticity of Cold War Science
 Higuchi, Toshihiro.

Imagining the Future of Autism Spectrum Disorders
 Singh, Jennifer.

Impotent or Competent? Hydrogen Scientists Approaching Policy
 Arnøy, Siri.

In Carbon They Swear! Materiality and Sustainability in Climate Change
 Ninan, Anup.

In Case of Break-down: Transnational Collaboration and the Vulnerability of Emergency Communication Infrastructures
 Hommels, Anique.

In Postmodernity the Relation between Science and Technology Is Reversed
 Forman, Paul.

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Jakarta Under Water: The 2007 Flood and the Development of Jakarta’s Water Infrastructure
 Mohsin, Yulianto.

Japanese Images of the Scientific Disciplines
 Karasawa, Kaori., Todayama, Kazuhisa. and Toyosawa, Junko.

Josiah Royce, Aleksandr Bogdanov, and the Other Precursors to Cybernetics
 Peters, Benjamin.

Judgments, Conventions and Values in the Activity of Software Source Code Writing
 Couture, Stéphane.


Knowing What to Do with Nourishment, Functional Foods, and Health: Expectations vs. Expertise.
 Gonzalez-Garcia, Marta. and Ibanez-Martin, Rebeca.

Knowledge Acquisition Strategies in Interdisciplinary Research
 Rafols, Ismael. and Laudel, Grit.

Knowledge Remittances? Understanding the Contributions of Mobile Scientists to Developing Countries.
 Oliver, Elizabeth.

Knowledge and Neoliberalism: The Case of Natural Gas "Fracing" in the Northeastern United States
 Kinchy, Abby.

Knowledge in Dutch Water Management: A Genesis of the Preference for Scientific Discourses in Policy Making
 Blankesteijn, Marlous.


Limited Access: Data and Orderly Research
 Sismondo, Sergio.

Listeriosis in the Press: How Framing Modulates the Risks
 Gauthier, Elisabeth.

Local Ecologies of Knowledge, New South-South Research Collaboration, and the Futures of Converging Technologies: A South African Case
 Augusto, Geri.

Looking at Social Movements through an STS Glass (Darkly): Conceptualising Collective Resistance to Technology
 de Saille, Stevienna.

Low-carbon Community Innovators As ‘Niche’ Actors
 Liff, Sonia.


Making Electronic Medical Records
 Wartenbe, Michael.

Making Involved Publics: The NCC and Consumer Parliaments in Nigeria
 Odumosu, Toluwalogo.

Managing Disease in the Genomics Era: Uncertainty and the Advent of Patients-In-Waiting
 Timmermans, Stefan. and Buchbinder, Mara.

Manual and Labor: Constructions of Worker (In)Competence, (Mal)Intention and (Minority) Identity in the Factory Handbook
 Slaton, Amy.

Mapping Environmental Knowledge Gaps in Post-Katrina New Orleans: A Study of the Social Production of Ignorance
 Frickel, Scott., Vincent, M.., Campanella, Richard. and Fussell, Elizabeth.

Material Hermeneutics: Reversing the Linguistic Turn
 Ihde, Don.

Matters of Concern: Managing Risk, Control, and Openness in Research Collaborations
 Vedel, Jane.

Me, We and Publics at Large: On the Multiple Articulations of Public Engagement and Citizenship
 Fochler, Maximilian.

Meaning in Place: The Role of Place-Based Identity in Constructing the Cultural Value of Wind Farms
 Barton, Jennifer.

Measuring the Chemicals Within: Mapping the Social Terrain of Human Biomonitoring
 Washburn, Rachel.

Media Use and Public Perceptions of DNA Evidence
 Brewer, Paul.

Melting Bones: Social Construction of Postmenopausal Osteoporosis In Turkey
 Erol, Maral.

Metering Rainmakers: Hydropolitics, Models, and the Curtailing of Overuse of Water in Southwestern US Great Plains
 Gasteyer, Stephen.

Microgravity Science: The Quest for Gravitas
 Neal, Valerie.

Migration Flows of Advanced Human Resources in European Regions: The Case of the Iberian Peninsula
 Albino, Sara.

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NASA, Medicine, and, Control: The Biomedicalization of Video Games
 Cloyd, Tristan.

Nanotechnology Policy: Public Participation, Political Cultures, and Harmonization
 Lamprou, Anna.

Narrative and Science and Technology Studies
 Venkatesan, Priya.

Nation and Culture in Stem Cell Research: Korean Scientists’ Perceptions of International Collaboration in Science and Bioethics
 Hwang, Seyoung.

National Innovation Systems for Development?
 Hagendijk, Rob. and Brouwer, Roland.

Native American Cultural Appropriation of Ecosystem Management and Wilderness Concepts
 Tomblin, David.

Naturalcultural Worlds of Barro Colorado Island, Panama
 Kirksey, Eben.

Navigating Medical Technologies and Religious Obligations: Personal Experiences of Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Women with Prenatal Testing
 Teman, Elly.

Negotiating Authority in the Mexican Assisted Human Reproduction Scenario
 Gonzalez-Santos, Sandra.

Neoliberalism and Biomedical Research in India: Globalization, Industrial Change and Science
 Valdiya, Shailaja.

Network Realism as Engagement with Networked Databases of Images
 de Rijcke, Sarah. and Beaulieu, Anne.

Network Science and Allegorithms of the Social
 Mejias, Ulises.

Neutrality and Conservative Commitment: Issues in STS, Engineering, and Katrina
 Shrum, Wesley.

New Media in Convergence: Channeling Iconic Media Influence and Impact
 Thompson, Steven.

New Moral Economies of Risk: Diabetes Technologies, Innovation, and Emergence
 Battle, James.

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Observers, Participants or Both? How Social Scientists (Dis)Engage in Participation in a Flemish Stakeholder Forum on Nanotechnologies
 van Oudheusden, Michiel.

Of Foams and Formalisms: Molecular Gastronomy, Scientific Expertise, and Craft Practice
 Roosth, Sophia.

On Absent Bodies and Present Illness: Techno-visual Mediations of Embodied Experience in Real-time Medical Imaging Practices
 Radstake, Maud.

On Determining the Value of Scientific Research: A Philosophy of Science Policy
 Moore, Erin.

On Pharmaceutical Branding in Commercial Clinical Trials
 Jonvallen, Petra.

On Using Automated Text Classification with Actor-Network Theory
 Templeton, Thomas., Oard, Douglas. and Fleischmann, Kenneth.

On the Edge of Creativity: The Case Study of W D (Bill) Hamilton
 Segerstrale, Ullica.

Ontic Occlusion and Choreographic Deconstruction in Large Technical Systems
 Knobel, Cory.

Opening the Black Box of Committee Review Procedures: How Does Group Decision-making Work?
 Arensbergen, Pleun.

Opportunity Knocks: Authors’ Writing and Publishing Decisions When Manuscripts Are Solicited
 Edwards, Phillip.

Optics and Opacity: The Politics of Transparency in the Modernization of Drug Regulation
 Jones, Mavis.

Organizing Neurogenetics
 Marshall, Jennifer.

Organizing Simulation Code Collectives
 Sundberg, Mikaela.

Organizing across the Virtual/Physical Divide
 Erickson, Ingrid.

Orphan Drugs, Neglected Diseases and Contemporary Biopolitics
 Novas, Carlos.

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 Dasgupta, Simanti.

Partial Migrations and Knowledge Transfer Processes: A Case Study of Scientific Mobility
 Ackers, Louise.

Participatory Decision-making and Relevant Local Contexts: Reflexive Learning from Siting Cases in Japan
 Juraku, Kohta.

Partnership and (Dis-)Empowerment in Global Health and International Science: A Case in Tanzanian Malaria Research and Control
 Gerrets, Rene.

Parts and Whole: Cryopreservation, Personhood, and Survival
 Romain, Tiffany.

Patents as Public Disengagement: On Concentrations of Configuration Power
 Hilgartner, Stephen.

Performing Unruly Symptoms in Genetics of Obesity Research
 Badger, Shirlene.

Personal Genomics and Individual Identities: Motivations and Moral Imperatives of Early Adopters
 Fishman, Jennifer., McGowan, Michelle. and Lambrix, Marcie.

Personal Transparency and Peer Surveillance on Facebook
 Weaver, Alfred. and Wayland, Kent.

Personalized Discovery or iSurveillance? Ethics and Innovation in Mobile Sensing
 Shilton, Katie.

Personhood, Technology, and Upper-extremity Prostheses in a Military Treatment Facility
 Messinger, Seth.

Philanthrocapitalism and the Greed of Giving: The Adverse Effects of New Philanthropic Players in Health Funding
 McGoey, Linsey.

Philosophical Foundations of STS
 Pitt, Joseph.

Philosophy in Science Policy: Three Points of Insertion
 Briggle, Adam.

Pictures at an Exhibition: Affect, Image, Insect
 Zerner, Charles.

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Quality Assurance: Is the Multi-level Process an Answer to Critics of Peer Review?
 Olbrecht, Meike.

Quantifying Hunger: Statistics as Social Science in Nineteenth Century India
 Nag, Anindita.

Quantity First, Quality Follows: The Attainment of Chinese Science Institutes in Nanotechnology
 Leung, Ricky.

Questioning "Openness" through a Study of Discussions Surrounding the OLPC XO Laptop
 Knouf, Nicholas.

Questioning the Logic of Self-care Technology: Another Look at Self-monitoring Devices to Reassemble Health
 Storni, Cristiano.


Racial Difference in Perceptions of Science and Scientists and Preference for Science Careers in the U.S.
 Kim, Hyung Hoon.

Racial Differences of What?: A Case Study on Ethnopsychophamacology in Asian-Pacific Region
 Ahn, Sungwoo.

Raising the Journal Impact Factor in Social Sciences after at Least Four Years of Continuous Decreases
 Campanario, Juan. and Candelario, Antonia.

Random Utility Model (RUM) for Institution Selection by Foreign Doctoral Students
 Tanyildiz, Zeynep. and Sumell, Albert.

Rationalizing Play: Games as Systems of Social Rationality
 Feenberg, Andrew.

Re-Enchantment Technologies: Long Life And The Conscious Universe
 Farman Farmaian, Abou Ali.

Re-Locating Software Engineering: From Technology to Communication?
 Sørensen, Knut H.. and Lagesen, Vivian Anette.

Re-thinking Sustainability-oriented Innovation in the Context of Sociotechnical Transitions
 Steward, Fred.

Reading Science with Ghosts and Demons: Reflexively, Diffractively or Spectrologically
 Schrader, Astrid.

Reality Genomics: Audiences, Attention, and the Publicity of Consumer Genotyping
 O\'Riordan, Kate.

Recognizing Addiction as a Disease: A Legal History
 Garriott, William.

Reconfiguring Maternity Care?
 Johannsen, Nis.

Reconfiguring Nationalism: From ‘Brain Drain’ to ‘Brain Circulation’
 Khandekar, Aalok.

Recovering Ethics from the High-Tech Scrap Heap: Analyzing Cradle-to-grave Policy Approaches towards Electronic Waste
 Rosales, Janna.

Reengineering through Reeducation: Creating a Postindustrial Working Class in Nanomanufacturing
 Ebeling, Mary.

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STS From the Classroom to the War Room
 Fitzpatrick, Anne.

Safari Circuits: Automobility on Tour in Tanzania
 Hays, Cassie.

Safari Science and Field Research: (Re)Ordering Medical Science in Western Kenya
 Elliott, Denielle.

Satellites Don’t Have Politics”: The Use of Satellite Imagery for Famine Prevention
 Burg, Jericho.

Schizoid Screens and Desiring Machines
 Halpern, Orit.

Science Dynamics and Organizational Change: Mobilizing Nanotechnology in a Situation of Crisis
 Merz, Martina.

Science Studies and Nonhuman Sentience
 Hird, Myra.

Science and Military Thought: John Boyd As the First Postmodern Strategist
 Osinga, Frans.

Science and Nation: Institutional Framing of Technological Obsessions?
 Mikami, Koichi.

Science and Neoliberal Citizenship: Investing in Disciplined Eating, and Enjoying It
 Moore, Kelly.

Science and Technology Studies and Grounded Theory in Inquiring Modern Concepts of Production Systems Development
 Andersson, Gunnar. and Kirkebak, Per.

Science and the Devotional Artefact
 MacMillan, Trish.

Science and the Reconstruction of Engineering Identity in Cold War America: Eric A. Walker and Educational Reform at Penn State University and on the National Scene
 Akera, Atsushi.

Science in Multiethnic Democracy: The Role of Kenyan Research and Educational Institutions in the 2007 Post-Election Conflicts
 Harsh, Matthew., Mbatia, Paul. and Shrum, Wesley.

Science in the Periphery: Doing Research in New Universities
 Benner, Mats. and Holmberg, Daniel.

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Taking the Data to the Students: Science Practice in the Classroom
 Lau, Andrew.

Tales of the Field: Building Small Science Cyberinfrastructure
 Wiggins, Andrea.

Techno-Science and State Formation: The Case of Israel
 Barell, Ari.

Technological Diffusion and Its Integration with Culture
 MA, Huiduan.

Technological Imperialism? Satellite Imaging and New Configurations of Knowledge/Power
 Brannon, Monica.

Technological Indecision: Why Venice Doesn’t Want to be Saved from Flooding
 Lorenzet, Andrea.

Technological Mediation and Genetic Risk: The Genetically Responsible Subject
 Sharon, Tamar.

Technological Progress, Democracy and Secrecy: Conflicting Congressional Narratives
 Davis, Robert.

Technologies of Dissent: The Role of Internet Mapping Technology in Protesting California’s Proposition 8
 DeNardis, Laura.

Technologies, Practices and the Reproduction of Conflict: The Social Consequences of the West Bank Barrier for Palestinians and Israelis
 Leuenberger, Christine.

Technology As a Medium: A Constructivist Concept of Technology
 Bechmann, Gotthard.

Technology Assessment and Transition Analysis
 Smith, Adrian. and Stirling, Andrew.

Technology Studies Grow Up: On the Sociology of Age, Ageing, and Technological Artifacts
 Schyfter, Pablo.

Technology, Accountability and Specificity: a ‘Nano’ Case
 Simakova, Elena.

Technology, Place, and Climate Change
 Moore, Steven.

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UFOlogy and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Two Tales of Striving for Legitimacy
 Billings, Linda.

Uncertain Choices for Uncertain Futures: “Informed Choice” in Umbilical Cord Blood Banking and Functional Foods
 Santoro, Pablo. and Ibanez-Martin, Rebeca.

Understanding People’s Science Movement in India: From the Vantage of Social Movement Perspective
 Sahoo, Subhasis. and Pattnaik, Binay.

Understanding of the LED Technology through Controversies
 Kim, Byoung Soo.

Understanding the Social Dynamics Controlling Discussions of Nascent Science: Citizens’ Confrontations with Nanoscience in Food
 Yamaguchi, Tomiko.

Unfolding the ‘Knot’: The Commercialization of Cord Blood Banking in India
 Tiwari, Shashank.

University Commercialization Policies and Their Implementation in Europe and the US
 Leisyte, Liudvika.

Unraveling the Global Hegemony of Integrated Water Resources Management
 Mukhtarov, Farhad.

Unrecognized Value Preferences in Medical Practice Guidelines
 Greer, Ann.

Updating the Standard Model of Scholarly Communication in Consideration of the Use of Social Computing Technologies
 Pikas, Christina.

Use Cases as Inscriptions in Healthcare Information Technologies
 Sigurdardottir, Hrönn.

User-Driven Innovation
 Jaeger, Birgit.

Users As a Resource
 Toft, Dina.

Using nVivo Software to Support Collaborative Qualitative Research and Information Workflow
 Fearon, David.


Validation Boundaries: Product of Peer-Review Explaining “Cross-Boundary Conflicts” among Certified Knowledge
 Fujigaki, Yuko.

Values-First Science: Boundary Work in the Field of Genomics
 Bliss, Catherine.

Vanishing Death: Sense, Nonsense, and Nuclear War: 1945-1990
 Eden, Lynn.

Velvet Revolution at the Synchrotron: On the Underpinnings of STS
 Doing, Park.

Venture Capital and Green Entrepreneurship in the Silicon Valley: Notes toward a Research Project.
 Rajan, Ravi.

Video Games: The Fun of Having a Big Brother
 Glusman, Renard.

Virtual Iraq: Creating a Virtual Therapeutic Space for OIF Veterans with PTSD
 Brandt, Marisa.

Virtual Worklife? A Study of the Developing of Virtualisation Technology in Oil and Gas Industry.
 Moltu, Dr. Berit.

Visions on Nanotechnology in Brazilian Media
 Invernizzi, Noela.

Visual Perception at Work: Scientific Visualization at a Weather Forecasting Office
 Daipha, Phaedra.

Visualising Health and Physical Activity: Science Museums and the Display of Active Bodies
 Sterling, Jennifer.


Warranting Expertise: An Ethnography of Three Institutional Review Boards
 Stark, Laura.

Water Infrastructure and Technoscientific State Formation in California
 Carroll, Patrick.

We Don't Need No Regulation: Voluntary Environmental Programs and Water Quality in the Delaware Estuary
 Whitney, Kristoffer.

Wearing More Hats Than They’ll Tell You About: Conservation Scientists, Advocacy and Boundary Work
 Nyssa, Zoe.

Web 2.0 Technologies of the Self
 Bakardjieva, Maria. and Gaden, Georgia.

What Difference Does the Graphic(s) Make?
 Clough, Patricia.

What Do They Want to Protect Themselves From? Creating Certainty through Safety Practices
 Evans, Joelle.

What Does Social Justice Require? STS, Engineering, and Katrina
 Crocker, David.

What Does a Price Say? Signals, Giving Back, and Water in Costa Rica
 Ballestero, Andrea.

What Happened to Regenerative Medicine? Holes in the New Legislative Fabric of Innovative Biomedical Therapies in the European Union
 Faulkner, Alex.

What Is Neglected about Disease? Regimes of Disease Advocacy in Efforts to Tackle Global Health Inequalities
 Wahlberg, Ayo.

What Is the Value of Knowledge?: The Scientific Ethos and the Privatization of Knowledge
 dos Reis, Verusca.

What Is ‘Big’ about the Science of Psychiatric Genetics?
 Bartlett, Andrew. and Arribas-Ayllon, Michael.

What is Engineering Studies For?: Dominant Practices and Scalable Scholarship
 Downey, Gary.

What is Multistability?
 Whyte, Kyle.

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