4S Annual Meeting - Abstract and Session Submissions 2010-Aug-25 to 2010-Aug-30

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"Bare Life" in the Lab. The Emergence of Sheer Vitality from Agamben to Neuroscience
 Meloni, Maurizio.

"Big questions from a little study of infrastructure: Putting Non-humans to rights"
 Pinch, Trevor.

"Building the Platform:" Metrology and Excesses in a Delhi Design Firm
 Irani, Lilly.

"STS & Disability Studies: The Case of Cochlear Implantation"
 Mauldin, Laura.

"The (Un)managed Self: Self-Management of Bipolar Disorder and the Dilemma of the Choosing Subject"
 Weiner, Talia.

"We've Got to Make Bird Flu Sexy": Selling Biosecurity in Vietnam
 Porter, Natalie.

"to my daughter in the far-away city": text messages, email and blogs by Chinese older women
 Oreglia, Elisa.

(Re)Figuring the Elite Athlete Doper in the American Doping Debates: A Gendered Technomedical Entity.
 Olson, Cora.

15-year Record on the Formation of Bioinformatics Research Community in Genome Science in Japan
 Itoh, Machiko. and Kato, Kazuto.

‘Choice and Confusion’ of High School Girls in Japan.
 KAWANO, Ginko.

‘Fuller and Mirowski on the Commercialization of Scientific Knowledge’
 Remedios, Francis.

‘I have to show an “I can” attitude…’
 Wamala, Caroline.

“Between Church and State: Stem Cells, Embryos and Citizens in Italian Politics”
 Metzler, Ingrid.

“Civil War,” a “Crusade,” and “8 New Ways You Might Be Insane”: Revising the DSM
 Kliems, Harald.

“Constituting Life, Imagining Democracy: the Metaphysics and Politics of Human Cloning in the United States”
 Hurlbut, Ben.

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A Case Study on Mutual Relationship among Education, Practices, and Their Modeling in Science and Technology Communication
 Ishimura, Gensei.

A Comparative Study of E-Democracy in Australia and Korea:-Local Government Cross-Country Practices-
 Kang, Hye-jung.

A Comparative Study of the Evolution of Energy-Efficient Building Technologies: Comparison among Europe, the United States and Japan
 Takuma, Naoki., Nakajima, Hideto., Yamano, Naoki. and Hanamura, Katsunori.

A Cross Road between Philosoply of Science and STS in East Asia
 Fu, Daiwie.

A Dialogue Analysis of Consensus Building Meetings among Experts of Different Disciplines
 Shibayama, Tomoya. and Ohtani, Akira.

A Discussion on a Possible Way of Institutionalizing Participatory Technology Assessment in Japan
 Wakamatsu, Yukio.

A Global History of the Academic Degrees: The Importance of the Outsider in the Acceptance of the Ph.D. in England and Japan
 Chang, Kevin.

A Liberty-Security Trade-Off in Public Policy for the Location Information Technology and Its Implications
 Kim, Seah.

A Right Theory for the Job?:Emergence of Nano-biology with the Tip Device
 Hibino, Aiko. and Fukushima, Masato.

A Seamless Web: Sharing information and securing the nation
 Stalcup, Meg.

A Shift in Academic Quality Control? Contrasts Between Market-Driven Discourses and Health Scientists’ Perspectives
 Albert, Mathieu. and Laberge, Suzanne.

A Tale of Two Labs: Biomedical Science Governance in the PR China and the United Kingdom
 Streitfellner, Thomas.

A Technological Quick Fix? Biomedical Assumptions and the Cultural Meanings of Circumcision in HIV Prevention
 Carrillo, Hector., Amuchastegui, Ana. and Parrini, Rodrigo.

A Textual Research on Professional Awareness of Ethics in up-to-date Constitutions of Chinese Engineering Societies
 SU, Junbin. and CAO, Nanyan.

A new equation: The Andaman & Nicobar Islands after the ‘tsunami’ of December 2004
 Sekhsaria, Pankaj.

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Between Advocacy and Analysis: Reengaging with Nuclear Energy in Science & Technology Studies
 Schmid, Sonja.

Between Earth-quakes and Fake-Quakes
 Kimura, Shuhei.

Between Hope and Fear: Women's Narratives of Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Turkey
 Mutlu, Burcu.

Between Knowledge and Policy: The Politics and Practice of Social Translation
 Fischer, Frank.

Between science and subsistence: Rice in East Timor
 Shepherd, Chris.

Beyond ELSA Agenda ——the serviceable STS practice in EGN

Beyond Participation: Sciences, Publics and the Uses of Representation.
 Desutter, Laurent.

Beyond the Implementation Study: Studying the Biography of Packaged Software Artifacts
 Williams, Robin.

Biocultural Conservation: Identifying Drivers of Biocultural Homogenization in Cultural Landscapes for Socio-Ecological Wellbeing
 Poole, Alexandria. and Rozzi, Ricardo.

Bioethics, incorporated: Exploring the roles of bioethics in the for-profit private sector
 Brian, Jenny.

Biological Citizens: Radiation and Risk in Southwest India
 Abraham, Itty.

Biological material sharing in research: The case of rain forest resources
 Rodriguez, Victor. and Antonelli, Alexandre.

Biomedia Art as aesthetic “automatism”
 Inoue, Emiko.

Biomedicalization of muscular dystrophy, stem cell and Syndrome Fragile X in Brazil: knowledge in circulation
 Osada, Neide. and Costa, Maria.

Biopolitics in a Canadian Genetics Laboratory
 Conley, Shannon.

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CCS, BECCS, and the escape from fossil-fuel lock-in
 Vergragt, Philip., Markusson, Nils. and Karlsson, Henrik.

CORE NETWORKS OR BOUNDED SOLIDARITY? Mobile Phones changing Social Networks in a Developing Region
 Varghese, Antony. and Shrum, Wesley.

Cadmium, Rice and Women: Challenges of Women’s Occupational and Environmental Epidemiological Studies in Asia
 LIN, Yi-Ping.

California as a Technoscientific Actor-Network: Micro Practices, Macro Effects, and the Formation of the State as a “Thing”
 Carroll, Patrick.

Can a Robot be a Warrior? The Ethical and Other Implications of Trying to Program the Next Generation of Military Robots with a 'Warrior Ethos'
 Coker, Christopher.

Can they be ignored? Publics formation through Climate Change movies
 Crespo, Inês. and Pereira, Ângela.

Caring and Sharing? Issues on Technological Implementation in Seniors Homes
 Byrne, Paula., Sixsmith, Andrew., Muller, Sonja. and Delaney, Sarah.

Cartel Consciousness and Horizontal Integration in Energy Industry
 Mason, Arthur.

Case report:Years of experience of Suzu, the former front in the war over Japanese nuclear politics
 yamaaki, shin.

Case study about the nuclear safety governance and role of local government in Japan
 Suguwara, Shin-etsu.

Castes in the lab? Population genetic research in India
 Egorova, Yulia.

Cautious Traders: the role of science and precaution in global hazardous waste trade
 Brown, Paul.

Changes in the Publishing Business as a Result of ICT in Japan: Amateurs Are Expelling Professionals Junko Hariya
 Hariya, Junko.

Changing Forms and Formats of Scientific Communication in Sociology Journals
 Vanderstraeten, Raf.

Changing Ontological Politics of Life:Pro-Life Activism, Abortion, and Depopulation Crisis in South Korea
 Paik, Young-Gyung.

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De-constructing State-supported Research in Brazil: The Evolution of Decentralized Innovation Policy
 Botelho, Antonio. and Almeida, Mariza.

Deciphering the meaning of “high risk” research in national and international contexts
 Hughes, Mary.

Decomposing the structure of online protests against U.S. beef import in South Korean blogosphere
 Chang, Woo Young. and Park, Han Woo.

Deficit required? The paradoxical construction of virtue and dignity in Norwegian biopolitics
 Antonsen, Marie.

Deliberating Climate Changes – the Creation of a Voice for Citizens?
 Agger, Annika., Jaeger, Birgit., Jelsoe, Erling. and Philips, Louise.

Deliberative technologies of democracy: understanding experts and expertise on public engagement in science and technology
 Chilvers, Jason.

Democratic Potentials of UN Climate Change Conference Host Government Websites?
 Candano, Catherine.

Democratic winds: an inquiry into failed participation processes in wind farm implementation
 Jolivet, Eric.

Demonetizing Culture: Possibilities of Information Systems
 Aneesh, Aneesh.

Deployment of communication - configurations of the relation between patient and hospital
 Pors, Anja.

Design of decision-making process and feedback from sociological STS study: The case of a high-level radioactive waste disposal program in Japan
 Juraku, Kohta.

Designing Long Term Change
 Grin, John.

Designing Open Spaces for Different Knowledges in a Graduate Program
 stegmaier, peter.

Designing the Outcome Evaluation of the CREST Program
 Yoshida, Hideki. and Sasa, Tadashi.

Designs on Synthetic Biology
 Taylor, Alex., Benque, David. and Swan, Laurel.

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E(missions) to and from Africa: How Radiation became safer in Ghana (1960-2010)
 Osseo-Asare, Abena.

Ecological Surveillance and Cultural Negotiation on
 Hu, Jackson.

Economic Discounting of Climate Change Policy: What this Controversy Offers as an Example of Deep-Future Environmental Decision-making
 Zehr, Stephen.

Economic analysis and distributive struggle: "stranded costs" in deregulating the U.S. electrical power industry
 Breslau, Daniel.

Eli Lilly and the Routinization of Charisma
 Jones, Mark.

Emancipatory, suppressive, or equalizing – and for whom? Feminist theory and reproductive technologies.
 Ravn, Malin. and Spilker, Kristin.

Embodiment in computer-mediated environments
 Olofsson, Jennie.

Emergence of a scientific collaboration: DataONE case study
 Aydinoglu, Arsev.

Emotional Labour and Natural Resources: the hidden labour of psychiatric genetics.
 Bartlett, Andrew.

Empirical Images of scientists, their representational systems, and their joint development: implications for the design of learning environments in science.
 Torralba, Jose.

Enacting a market: how consumers relate to a free market for electricity
 Karlstrøm, Henrik.

Enacting the Energy System - The Parliamentary Debate in Sweden 1980-2010
 Kall, Ann-Sofie.

Encounters with Ghosts and the Ethics of our Writing Body-Machines
 McCullough, Sarah.

Endogenous ESD: Creative Dynamics at the Crossroad of Tradition and Modernity
 Iwasa, Reiko.

Energy discourses in Swedish households
 Gyberg, Per.

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Factors Shaping Societal Acceptance of New Technologies: Insights from the Literature
 Gupta, Nidhi., Fischer, Arnout. and Frewer, Lynn.

Fallout Exposures as Sites of Knowledge Production. The Case of (Post)Soviet Studies in Cancer Epidemiology
 Bauer, Susanne.

Female Scientists and Engineers Exhibited in Science Museums

Fertility Outsourcing: Assisted Reproductive Technology and Global Precarious Labour
 Waldby, Catherine.

Filling the ‘Knowledge Gap’ – The Work of Translating Research into Clinical Practice
 Baim, Adam.

Financialisation of the Biosphere: Securitisation, Triage and the Extinction Debt
 Walker, Jeremy.

Finding Lubricants to Policy Transfer: Can Global Deliberation Be Rooted in a National Policy Arena?
 Rask, Mikko. and Laihonen, Maarit.

First view (Erster Blick): Communicative interferences in science, science journalism, and art
 Nielsen, Kristian.

Flash Mob Ethnographies of the Urban
 Forlano, Laura.

Flexible Economics
 Reay, Michael.

Following the Production of Ideas and New Biological Forms in the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition
 Cockerton, Caitlin.

Frame analysis of stakeholders in scientific controversies: The issue of fish intake within United States’ scientific literature
 Ueno, Nobuko. and Fujigaki, Yuko.

Framing Bioethics in the Governance of Stem Cell Research in India
 Tiwari, Shashank.

Framing Risk and Framing Motherhood: The Multiple Embryo Implantation Controversy in Taiwan
 Wu, Chia-Ling.

Framing analysis of Japanese major newspapers’ reporting on the IPCC
 Asayama, Shin\'ichiro. and Ishii, Atsushi.

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Gender Disparities in Productivity Over Time: Has the Diffusion of ICTs in Low Income Areas Made a Difference?
 Miller, Paige.

Gender and Computing in India
 Varma, Roli. and Kapur, Deepak.

Gender, Radiology and the Medical Profession in Taiwan
 Cheng, Ling-fang.

Gendering Science, Gendering Ethics: The Intersecting Production of Knowledge, Gender, and Ethical Issues
 Smith-Doerr, Laurel. and Croissant, Jennifer.

Gendering ’Crypton’: Fluid Gender of Material Substance
 Poutanen, Seppo. and Kovalainen, Anne.

General Vara del Rey Square: An experimental device for the construction of cosmopolitical neighborhoods
 Dominguez, Fernando. and Fogué, Uriel.

Getting to Zero: 100% Renewable Energy by 2020
 Lucas, Adam.

Give Me a 2*2 Matrix and I Will Raise the Market: The Intermediaries and Devices that Create Product Categories
 Pollock, Neil.

Giving “Value” to Knowledge: Comparative Practices and Documents in the Bioprospecting Process under the “Herbal State” Policy of Uttarakhand, India
 Nakazora, Moe.

Global Internet Governance in Practice
 Cheniti, Tarek.

Global and Local Images of Biomedical Research; a Review of Benefits
 Aarden, Erik.

Global public opinion and the role of digital infrastructures in viral marketing campaigns.
 Toft, Dina.

Globalization in an Age of Biomedical Consumerism
 Venkatesan, Priya.

Globalizing Bodies: The Marketing Strategies of Nineteenth-Century Anatomical Model Makers in Comparative Perspective
 Maerker, Anna.

Goddesses, Monsters, Heroes, and Villains: Rhetorical constructions of surrogacy in India
 Kroløkke, Charlotte., Foss, Karen., Pant, Saumya., Sandoval, Jennifer. and Madsen, Karen.

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H1N1 and the Sociotechnical Imaginary of Disease
 Lakoff, Andrew.

Half-Academic: Mode 2 Science and Career Path of Researchers
 Murakami, Yuko. and Kuri, Miwa.

Has China foundthe key for bridging the two incommensurable standard paradigms?
 Shen, Xiaobai.

Hatsune Miku, Nico Nico Douga, and the Emergence of Web 2.0 User-Creators
 Komaki, Ryuta.

Health research in Latin American newspapers coverage. Quantitative indicators
 Polino, Carmelo.

Hearing Aids and the Long History of Miniaturization
 Mills, Mara.

Hide the decline or hide the process? Climategate and the construction of scientific facts
 Ryghaug, Marianne. and Skjølsvold, Tomas.

High and Low: The technologies of prolific offender management and the new police work
 Stewart, Michelle.

High-tech Hopes: Policy Objectives and Business Reality in the Finnish Biopharmaceutical Industry
 Tuunainen, Juha.

Hikikomori and engagement with information and communication technologies: Are hikikomori really only living in ‘virtual reality’?
 Horiguchi, Sachiko.

Hips as ubjects: (ex)changing the almost human
 Hoeyer, Klaus.

Historical perspectives on R&D funding: Current policy issues for Japan and American experience
 Sato, Yasushi.

History and Philosophy of UN Debates on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development
 Shah, Esha.

Homogenizing depression through brain imaging technology
 Vidal, Fernando.

How Anthropology Can Contribute to Multi-Disciplinary Gerontological Research Teams
 Ricart, Ender.

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IO design: Workplacedesign that gives both high efficiency and good HSE results?
 Moltu, Dr. Berit.

IVF regulation and Bioethical thoughts in 1970s-80s in the United States and Japan
 Hanaoka, Ryuki., Tanaka, Akashi. and Hirono, Yoshiyuki.

Ignored and Forgotten: Korean Nuclear Victims and Survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
 Kim, Dong-Won.

Imaginaries & Scale: Nanotechnology Governance in the United States
 Burri, Regula Valérie.

Imagined Superweapons in Juza Unno’s Science Fiction around WWII
 Nakao, Maika.

Imagining Control: International Efforts to Prevent Malicious Technology Diffusion
 Evans, Samuel.

Imagining Enhanced Bodies: How Can Science Fiction Contribute to Ethics for the Governance of Emerging Technologies?
 Delgado, Ana Maria. and Rommetveit, Kjetil.

Immunization, hegemony, and dissent.
 Durand, Jean-Yves. and Cunha, Manuela Ivone.

Implementing marginal cost pricing
 Bladh, Mats.

In Vitro Meat: a new temporality of food?
 Stephens, Neil.

In spite of the perceived risks: Analysing acceptance of spent nuclear fuel repository in the Municipality of Eurajoki, Finland
 Litmanen, Tapio., Kari, Mika. and Kojo, Matti.

In the Name of Climate Science - Towards an understanding of the discourse surrounding Climategate
 Loh, Weiye.

In-corporating science: STS in the industrial laboratory
 Vedel, Jane.

Incentives and Obstacles to University Patenting: A Comparison between Patenting Scientists and Non-patenting Scientists
 Huang, Wan-Ling. and Welch, Eric.

Incubating “Industrial Warriors”: “International Skill Olympics” and Promotion of Vocational Education in South Korea in the 1970s
 Kim, Tae-Ho.

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Jackie Brand and Disability Activism, within the Computer Industry and without
 Petrick, Elizabeth.

Japanese Blogs, Robots in Seken as Japanese Life World
 Nakada, Makoto.

Joint Embodiment, Radical Translation, and “Autism Parents” in the U.S.
 Hart, Brendan.


Keeping Technologies Out: Absent Presences, Sociotechnical Imaginaries and National Identity Formation
 Felt, Ulrike.

Keeping bodies apart: the spatial (re)framing of not knowing
 Mazanderani, Fadhila.

Knowledge Limits in Sustainability Decision-making? The Case of Synthetic Biology
 Pauwels, Eleonore.

Koia I Piri, Koia I Mau ART Values of Ngārara and GE Risk Analysis
 Baker, Mahina-a-rangi.

Kuhnification of Japan—How did Kuhn Change Japanese Science Studies?’
 Nakajima, Hideto.

Kuma Kengo. An unconventional monograph
 Houdart, Sophie.


Laboratory performances and Col-laboratory Inquiry
 Calleja-Lopez, Antonio.

Laboratory studies in China: mapping the history of modern science in contemporary China
 Luk, Christine.

Language as Cultural Capital: The Growing Popularity of Korean Language Among Native Japanese Speakers
 Lee, Jung Hwa.

Lawyers as Scientific Gatekeepers: Is there an ethical duty to vet courtroom experts?
 Caudill, David.

Leadership in Scientific Research Groups
 Hackett, Edward. and Parker, John.

Leading with Ethics, Aiming for Policy: New Opportunities for Science and Technology Scholars
 Tuana, Nancy.

Learning and (environmental) knowledge acquisition in CEF’s
 Hojem, Thea.

Learning from the Internet: How Governance Institutions Predictably Influence System Design
 Klein, Hans.

Learning through Standards : re-evaluating role of the 'Chinese' 3G standard in shaping the global telecommunications industry
 Stewart, James.

Legal Expertise in Financial Markets: Non-Deliverable Currency Forwards and the Amendment to the Russian Civil Code
 Milyaeva, Svetlana.

Leprosy Control and State Medicine in Southwest China
 Liu, Shao-hua.

Lessons from Children’s Traffic City
 Kullman, Kim Kullman.

Lessons learned from Open Forum on Management of High Level Radioactive Waste
 Yagi, Ekou. and Kitamura, Masaharu.

Life Extension: Kori-1 and the Aging of South Korea’s Nuclear Plants
 DiMoia, John.

Limits of gendered dualisms in analysing the relationship of technology and masculinity
 Prietl, Bianca.

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Mad cow crisis in global trade: Mad cow disease and South Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement
 HA, Dae-Cheong.

Maid Cafes and the Structure of Intimacy in Neoliberal Japan
 Galbraith, Patrick.

Making Clean Energy Clusters in Economic Theory and Practice: Assessing the Limits of the Neoliberalism Argument
 Hess, David.

Making Comparability and Compatibility: on the Interfaces between Culture and Science in the Process of Engineering and Reception of a Robot in Japan
 Kubo, Akinori.

Making Space for Mexican Wolves: Technology, Knowledge and Conservation Politics
 Decker, Paula.

Making Trustworthy Claims Out of Black Boxes
 Robinson, Rick. and Bezaitis, Maria.

Making a professional nurse: nursing skills and techniques in Taiwan, 1950s-1980s
 Chang, Shu-ching.

Making human subjects into objects of research in clinical trials in Sri Lanka
 Sariola, Salla.

Making masculinities among experimental plasma physicists
 Pettersson, Helena.

Making middlework public: Mods, mess and homebrew hightech innovation in suburban Australia
 Jungickel, Katrina.

Making scientific illustrations: communication and collaboration between scientists and illustrators
 Okawa, Kana. and Kato, Kazuto.

Making the Body Visible: Backscatter X-Rays and Intersectional Feminist Theory
 Magnet, Shoshana.

Making the invisible visible: Metrics as the main opportunity in the use of ICT for climate change mitigation
 Zapico, Jorge., Turpeinen, Marko. and Brandt, Nils.

Managing Science Shop in Japanese Context: Challenges and Possibilities
 Yamanouchi, Yasunori., Kosuga, Masayuki. and KASUGA, Sho.

Managing the Borderline: On the Cultural Practice of Emerging Chemical Biology
 Fukushima, Masato.

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NGOs and global/local circulation of patent drugs
 Ma, EunJeong.

Nanoscience and Interdisciplinarity in Context
 Gray, Summer.

Nanotechnalogy and Workplace Risk Governance: Institutional and Practical Comparison between Taiwan, Japan, and Korea
 Wong, YU-FENG.

Nanotechnology Implications for Labor: A Prospective Study Based on Current Nanoproducts
 Invernizzi, Noela. and Foladori, Guillermo.

Nanotechnology as ideology: towards a critical theory of ‘converging technologies’
 Gelfert, Axel.

Nanotechnology in developing countries: An innovation system approach to building capabilities
 Anand, Manish.

Nanotechnology, Commercialization of Science, and Neoliberal Transformation of National Laboratories in Japan
 FUJITA, Yasumoto.

Negotiating Neutrality in Engineering Controversy
 Shrum, Wesley.

Negotiating Technical and Ideological Standards for Agroecological Rice Production in Emerging Markets: the Case of Cambodia
 Feuer, Hart.

Negotiating Technology: The IITs in India

Neoliberal Bias of Science & Technology Communication: Not only Japanese case
 KIHARA, Hidetoshi.

Network Analysis of Keywords for Envisioning East Asian STS: A Comparative Analysis of STS journals
 Nakamura, Masaki., Shineha, Ryuma., Ema, Arisa. and Tsukahara, Togo.

Network Patient Research Partners in rheumatology
 Elberse, Janneke., Broerse, Jacqueline. and de Wit, Maarten.

Neuroethics in Taiwan: could we have a Confucian neuroethic?
 Wu, Kevin Chien-Chang. and Fukushi, Tamami.

Neuroethics meets Culture
 Jang, Dayk.

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Objectification, Fascination, and Entrenched Gender: RealDolls, Honey Dolls, and Roxxxy in Social and Cultural Context
 Blizzard, Deborah.

Objects of energy consumption: where STS cross practice theories
 Wallenborn, Greg.

Of Craft and Credibility: Rural Artisans, Global Networks, and the Export of Traditional Knowledge
 Chan, Anita.

Of Rubber Plans and Magic Bullets: Soviet Anti-Cancer Drug Development
 Geltzer, Anna.

On "Benefit" of Making Visible: Visualization in Task Management
 Sakai, Shinichiro., Awamura, Norihisa. and Ikeya, Nozomi.

On Democracy, Citizenship, and the “Obligation” to Participate in Medical Research
 Taussig, Karen-Sue.

On the Analytical Strategy for the Oral History Project "The first ten years of KEK":
 Takikawa, Hiroki.

On the Relationship between Science Policies and Ambivalence in the Field of Regenerative Medicine
 Iwae, Sosuke.

On the Technology Risk from the View of STS
 Ming-guo, Zhang.

On the localization of shared citation practices in science: trends and comparisons
 Hardeman, Sjoerd.

On the premises for putting design for sustainable consumption into practice
 Pettersen, Ida Nilstad.

One, none and one hundred million profiles: Rereading the Pirandellian identity dilemma in the era of Facebook
 Pepe, Alberto. and Van Godtsenhoven, Karen.

Opening Address: President of JSSTS
 Nakajima, Hideto.

Opening the Black-Box to Unveil International Relations: United States and the Politics of Satellite Launch Vehicle Technology Transfer to Japan
 Maharaj, Ashok.

Opening the black box of technology forecasting
 Kim, Byoung Soo.

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Parliamentary Technology Assessment Institutions Challenged by Reflexive Modernization in Action
 Delvenne, Pierre.

Patient Organisations and Consumer Health Organisations in an era of Techno-Citizenship.
 Dugdale, Anni.

Patient participation in the practices of the pharmaceutical industry
 Broerse, Jacqueline. and Elberse, Janneke.

Patient satisfaction and the market model of medicine as a form of medical professionalism
 Llovet, Diego.

Peanut Butter Politics: Managing Risk in Food Nutrition and Safety
 Boyce, Angie.

People are gone but not forgotten: US-China collaboration in nanotechnology
 Tang, Li.

Performing Sustainability: Following Carbon at a Site of Emission Reduction
 Ninan, Anup.

Performing Trust at the Fault Lines of Glocal Science
 Traweek, Sharon.

Performing as a Role: a New Perspective of Career Development of Science Communicators
 Mikami, Naoyuki. and Sato, Yusuke.

Performing « terroir » or a new way of performing « objective » and « non testable » knowledge
 Teil, Genevieve.

Personhood, sociality and the neurobiology of autism
 Fitzgerald, Des.

Pertinent economic valuations as the uneasy topic: A critical reflection on the financial markets turn
 Helgesson, Claes-Fredrik.

Phenomenology, Brain Science and Robotics
 Nagataki, Shoji.

Philosophy Of/In STS: What STS Can Tell to a Faithful Philosopher
 Stoliarova, Olga.

Picturing a New Cambodian Medicine: Images and Geopolitics in the Revue Médico-Chirurgicale de l’Hôpital de l’Amitié Khméro-Soviétique
 Grant, Jenna.

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Quitting Rights over Unfinished Labor
 Lee, Jieun.

Quitting Time: Narratives of SSRI Disconnect
 Metzl, Jonathan.


RISK FROM BELOW: Nuclear Power and Popular Risk Assessment in Southeast Asia
 Amir, Sulfikar.

Re-Sexing the Self through Popular Culture: Japanese Women Desiring Korean Masculinities in Contemporary Korean TV Dramas
 Ho, Swee Lin.

Re-rethinking Expertise
 Epstein, Steven.

Reason, Resistance, and Reversal: Metaphors of Technology in Design and Law
 Ekbia, Hamid. and Sawhney, Harmeet.

Recent Experiences and Emerging Cooperation Schemes on TA and Education
 Moniz, António. and Grunwald, Armin.

Reflections on a Non-Western Agenda for Science and Technology
 Bijker, Wiebe.

Reflections on the Second Wave of STS
 Song, Sang-yong.

Reflexive Participant, Reflexive Practitioner: Representations of the visual research relationships
 Mullings, Sireita.

Reflexivity in investigations of conspiracy theory
 Rose, David.

Regional Interests, Engineering ‘Manpower’ Crisis, and the Cold War Transformation of California Higher Education
 Akera, Atsushi.

Regulating both business and science: genetic testing in private and public sectors.
 Yamanaka, HIroshi. and Ueyama, Takahiro.

Reinventing government for public engagement - the role of design - an Australian case study
 Terrey, Nina.

Religion in action: When theology and pastoral work meet Latourian science studies
 Konopasek, Zdenek.

Religious Jewish Women's Health and Agency in "Kosher" Fertility Treatments.
 Ivry, Tsipy.

Reluctant Expertise: Reflections on knowledge and practice in environmental policy making
 Jones, Kevin. and Irwin, Alan.

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Safe ice cream innovation: The many safeties of ice structuring protein
 Penders, Bart.

Scaling-up ethnographies: in search of scientific communication cultures in chemistry
 Velden, Theresa.

Scenario Making and Roadmap for Better Industrial Systems in 2020 -- A Regional Study in China
 Hara, Keishiro.

School Science Education and Views on Science in Japan after WWII
 Yamaki, Toshinori.

Schoolmasters, Angels and Demons: Pondering the performative function of applied social research in the corporate encounter
 Cefkin, Melissa.

Science Fact, Science Fiction and the Changing Role of Bioinformatics in Genomics Research
 Murray, Cameron.

Science and Technology Governance: Modes and Policy Instruments——From Domestic and Global Perspectives
 Zeng, Jing jing.

Science and Technology, Agents Who Cannot be Held Responsible. (Risks of Loose Definitions and Personifications)
 Ghaseminejad, Amir H..

Science as System: Introduction to Science System Theory
 Kawayama, Ryuji.

Science in Society and Science for Society
 Kuroda, Reiko.

Science in Society: why is there no Craig Venter in Europe?
 Nowotny, Helga.

Science in Three Dimensions: The Anatomy Museum at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, 1830 - 1860
 Åhrén, Eva.

Science literacy project in Japan
 Kitahara, Kazuo.

Science, Ignorance, and Secrecy: Making Absences Productive
 Rappert, Brian.

Science, Islam, and Modernity: the Interaction and Accommodation between the Ideas of Modern Science and Islamic Religion in Malaysia
 Chai, Choon-Lee.

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Taking Stock: Tissue Collection Practices in the International Biological Program, 1964-1974
 Radin, Joanna.

Teaching “STS in Practice”: Lessons from “Becoming Animal, Technical and Environmental: A Practical Course in Disruptive Art and Design.”
 Wylie, Sara.

Techno-animism in Japan: Shinto cosmograms, actor-network theory, and the enabling powers of non-human agencies
 Blok, Anders. and Jensen, Casper.

Techno-nationalism,--- Japan, USA and China
 nakayama, shigeru.

Technological Risk and the Vulnerable Child in Japan
 Bradley, William.

Technological and Institutional Momentum of the Green Revolution Regime: A Case Study of an Organic Rice Cooperative in Taiwan
 Chen, Hsin-Hsing. and Lo, Kuei-Mei.

Technological biology? A look at some fundamental questions regarding synthetic biological artefacts
 Schyfter, Pablo.

Technology Assessment at the French Parliament (1992-2008) - A Case for Weak Institutionalisation
 Joly, Pierre-Benoît.

Technology Assessment of Emerging Technologies - The Next Steps
 Rip, Arie.

Technology, Search and the status of the Foreign National with Post 9/11 U.S. Trans-national border security.
 Kabatoff, Mathew.

Technology, disability studies, and the normalization of disability
 Blume, Stuart.

The Absence of Science and Technology Equals Development?
 Bauchspies, Wenda.

The Academic Lab as an Organization: Competitive Federal Grants and the Conduct of Research in the Biomedical Sciences in Canada
 Salonius, Annalisa.

The Accretion of Microfinance for Innovative Urban Sustainability: Opportunities and Challenges of slums growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Mutisya, Emmanuel. and Yarime, Masaru.

The Application of Precautionary Principle in Political Dispute - Regulating Melamine in EU, WHO, and Taiwan
 Chou, Kuei Tien. and Liou, Hwan Meei.

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Ubiquitous Network Society and Security: Case Study in Japan
 Ema, Arisa.

Ubiquitous computing, new media and the social construction of urban experiences. A case study in the contested development of Bluetooth commercial advertisement in the Paris subway
 Licoppe, Christian.

Umbilical Cord Blood Banking, Women’s Body, and Motherhood in South Korea
 Jeong, Yeonbo.

Understanding the Public with the Concept of Cultural Capital through a Scientific Institute's Outreach Event
 Kato-Nitta, Naoko.

Understanding wolves in Norway: A dual problem in a dual world
 Stokland, Håkon.

Universities' Unspoken Insistence on the Attack of Their Own Interests Using ICT in Taiwan
 Hung, Chao-Kuei.

University-industry-government relations in East Asian catch-up countries:in case of Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam
 Kwon, Ki-Seok. and So, Minho.

University’s research centers in medicine: science, market and society
 Veloso, Luísa., Oliveira, Luísa. and Frutuoso, João.

Unraveling Technological Discontinuity: An Institutional Perspective
 Yamauchi, Yutaka. and Giannella, Eric.

Urban transformation in peripheral regions with the help of new transport infrastructure
 Hoemke, Maik Hoemke.

Use of social networking sites to identify the social determinants of HIV among MSM
 May, Katya.

User participation in future carbon-neutral settlements
 Löfström, Erica.

Uses of history and philosophy of science in science education
 Aoki, Shigeyuki.

Using History of Technology to Promote an Understanding Among Practitioners of the Impact of Engineering Solutions
 Geselowitz, Michael. and Vardalas, John.

Using bibliometric methods in qualitative studies: Identifying knowledge structures in individual research careers
 Laudel, Grit.


VIRTUAL WORKLIFE IN RISKMANAGEMENT? 3D onlineVisualisation Technology used in Gas leakage detection in a processplant.
 Moltu, Dr. Berit. and Hoddevik, Thor-Inge.

Versions of the playfulness under the perspective of the Actor-Network Theory
 Melo, Maria de Fatima.

Veterinary Science and 'Neglected Disease'
 Smith, James.

Videos of a “sun miracle”: What do they mediate?
 Palecek, Jan.

Voices from the roadside: negotiating mobility and safety in transport planning
 Summerton, Jane.

Voluntarily monitoring water quality of rivers is significant for high school students.
 HIRAI, Toshio.


WWViews: Western-centered citizen participation?
 Kobayashi, Tadashi.

Webs of Belief or Practices: the Problem of Understanding
 Turner, Stephen.

What Is Not Told Within Organizations: Opacity, Nuclear Reactor Safety, and Nuclear Weapons
 Eden, Lynn.

What do laypersons want to know about the Universe?
 Saitoh, Yoshiko. and Todayama, Kazuhisa.

What will CCS demonstrations demonstrate?
 Russell, Stewart.

Whatever happened to public participation on xenotransplantation in Canada? The meanings of “impacts” of public participation
 Jones, Mavis. and Einsiedel, Edna.

When Reflexivity Strikes back: Public Policy meets Social Science
 Ratner, Helene.

When uncertainty comes from the past : the “Atomic French Veterans” and the politics of causation
 Barthe, Yannick.

Where is the power? An interdisciplinary dialogue between suppliers of technology, capital and policy for renewables
 Hansen, Gard.

Where’s the value in placebo comparison?
 Turner, Andrew.

Who are the Blind? A Study of the Changes in Blindness Assessment in Taiwan
 Chiu, Tasing.

Who speaks for the climate? Exploring ‘authorized’ voices in traditional and new/social media
 Boykoff, Maxwell.

Whose Benefits? Which Costs? How Climate Change Research Could Benefit from Feminist Research Principles
 Intemann, Kristen.

Whose Initiative? The Role of Scientists in Making Science Policy a State-led Style in 1960s’ South Korea
 Hong, Sungjoo.

Why We?: The Politics of Collaborative Action of Technology and Human
 cho, hyunkyoung.

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Yokkaichi Asthma Disease and Setting Environmental Standards in the 1960s and 1970s
 Feng, Danyang.

Your plate or mine? The effects of sharing food on morality, health and consumption.
 De Backer, Charlotte. and Braeckman, Johan.
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