4S Annual Meeting - Abstract and Session Submissions 2011-Nov-02 to 2011-Nov-06

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"App that Bitch 'till it Sings": Aura, Nostalgia and Legitimation in iPhoneography
 Halpern, Megan. and Humphreys, Lee.

"Census Infrastructures: Local Promotion, State Imaginaries, and the Politics of Participation
 Rodríguez-Muñiz, Michael.

"Healthy and Tasty: Missed Opportunities in a Soviet Cookbook"
 Smith, Jennifer.

"The Internet Is Here": The Virtuality of Online Communities in Physical Spaces
 Geiger, R. Stuart.

"Therapeutic Eagerness": Clinician-scientists as Interdisciplinary Integrators and their Hopes for Large-scale Translational Research
 Lehner, Daniel Lehner., Rantanen, Elina. and Vignola-Gagné, Etienne.

"We Make Data": Materiality, Liveness, and Pianistic Reproduction
 Seaver, Nicholas.

(Re)assembling Natures, Cultures and Emerging Technologies in Public Engagement Exercises
 Felt, Ulrike., Schumann, Simone., Schwarz, Claudia. and Strassnig, Michael.

[Un]marked Bodies and Invisible Subjects in the Coverage of Human Genetics in Colombian Mass Media
 Díaz del Castillo, Adriana., Olarte Sierra, Maria Fernanda. and Pérez Bustos, Tania.

“An Uncontrollable Science Experiment”: The BP Oil Spill and the Politics of Disaster Science
 Bond, David.

“And Man Made Life”: Synthetic Organisms and Monstrous Imaginaries
 Levina, Marina.

“Being Useful to Society”: Labor, Skills and Knowledge in Postindustrial Science
 Ebeling, Mary.

“Blessing the Facts”: Finding Trusted Messengers for Climate Change
 Callison, Candis.

“Ensidiagate” and the Treacherous Code
 Ask, Kristine.

“If You Build It They Will Come?”: Innovation Clustering and Socio-Economic Development in the Alberta Capital Region
 Jones, Kevin. and Sluggett, Bryan.

“Mayday, Mayday. Immediate Assistance Needed, Over”
 Hommels, Anique.

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A Case of Social Dynamics and Intercultural Communication in Technology Development
 Longo, Bernadette.

A Consideration of How a Science Communication Curriculum Contributes to the Public Understanding of Healthcare
 Yamabe, Akinori.

A Cross-national Comparison of Global Climate Change Hybrid Frames in Newspapers
 Zehr, Stephen. and Brown, Amy.

A Fish Out of Water: The Case of Genetically Engineered Salmon
 Zivian, Anna.

A History of Futures in Personalized Medicine
 Tutton, Richard.

A Living Document
 Saha, Kris.

A Logic-oriented and Information-based Workshop Method Toward a Green Campus
 Takuma, Naoki., Hanamura, Katsunori. and Nakajima, Hideto.

A Methodology for Community Engagement in the Introduction of Renewable Based Smart Microgrid.
 Alvial Palavicino, Carla. and Garrido, Natalia.

A Model of Feedback Bias in the Social Sciences
 Drabek, Matthew.

A New Paradigm for Architecture: A Built Environment for All
 Levine, Sally.

A Reflexive Approach to Models of Commercialization of Science Using the Case of Neoliberal Reforms to Indian Biomedical Research
 Valdiya, Shailaja.

A Research Agenda for Social Media Surveillance
 Trottier, Daniel.

A Risk(y) Feminism: Living Downstream as Feminist Science Studies “Politics of Life”
 Jen, Clare.

A Study of Translation in Science Popularization: Articles Translated into Japanese/Chinese in Scientific American
 Yan, Chen.

Academia’s Tense Marriage of Disciplinary Epistemology and Constructivist Practice
 Quintanar-Zilinskas, Victor.

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Back to Basics: Governing Antibacterial Resistance by Means of Mundane Technoscience and Accountability Relations
 Bragesjö, Fredrik. and Hallberg, Margareta.

Be(e)ing Experts: Science, Beekeeping and the Politics of Expertise
 Suryanarayanan, Sainath. and Kleinman, Daniel.

Becoming Visible: Media Production and Identity in Special Education
 Stephenson, Rebecca.

Becoming a Neuroscientist in Mexico: An Ethnographic Study of Lab Meetings
 Martinez, Ruben. and Gonzalez, Alejandra.

Behind the Numbers: Risk and Morality in Epidemiologic Controversies
 Spiess, Maiko. and Costa, Maria Conceição da.

Between Calamity and Recovery: Disaster Science in the Gulf of Mexico
 Frickel, Scott.

Between Determinism and Weak Predictivity: Predictive Genetic Testing for Common Diseases and Primary Preventive Medicine
 Yamanaka, HIroshi.

Between Entanglement and Purification: Participatory Research Imagined and Practiced
 Igelsboeck, Judith., Schikowitz, Andrea. and Voelker, Thomas.

Between Evidence, Persons and Things: Travelling, Affordance and Governance of Expertise in Personalized Medicine
 Elzinga, Aant., Bragesjö, Fredrik., Kasperowski, Dick., Hosher, Amelie. and Sager, Morten.

Between Philly, Ambler and a Hard Place: Grids, Flows and Competing Place Narratives in Toxic Remediation
 Lievanos, Raoul. and Roberts, Jody.

Beware the Language of Impact
 Briggle, Adam.

Beyond Geneticization: How Genomic Observations Can Reshape Medical Classification
 Navon, Daniel.

Beyond the Mind-Body Divide? Embodied Cognition Research
 Kliems, Harald.

Big Data: Spectacularizing Qualculation for Fun and Profit
 Nafus, Dawn. and Hirsch, Tad.

Bio-Luddism in France, Germany and Spain: Context and Uneven Diffusion
 Seifert, Franz.

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CCS and Carbon Lock-in: Reviewing Assumptions and Approaches
 Markusson, Nils. and Shackley, Simon.

Cameroon Is Just Like Bolivia!: Circuits of Expertise and the Construction of Equivalency in South-South Collaborations
 Centellas, Katherine.

Can Social Science Be "Co-produced" by Industry?
 Fischer, Josefine.

Care as Intervention
 Stalcup, Meg.

Care through Incarceration: Policing in the Therapeutic State
 Stewart, Michelle.

Cascading Effects and Interorganizational Emergency Planning
 Lieb, Renate. and Bartels, Marie.

Categories and Sources of Expertise about Transgenic Crops: Battles over “Marketability” in Canada
 Kinchy, Abby.

Chalk: Models and Methods in Material Practices of Mathematical Research
 Barany, Michael. and MacKenzie, Donald.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life: Neo-Liberal Subjectivities and the Brain
 Croissant, Jennifer.

Changes in Women's Scientific Professional Network Structure in Ghana, Kenya and Kerala (India)
 Miller, Paige.

Changing Not to Change: A Historical Perspective of Brazilian Science and Technology Policy
 Dias, Rafael.

Chemicals Regulation as a System of Simulated Control
 Haikola, Simon.

Chicken Killers or Bandwidth Patriots? A Case Study of Ethics in Virtual Reality
 Reymers, Kurt.

Chimeric Globalism: Embodying Public Health Science in the Shadow of the Dengue Vaccine
 Nading, Alex.

China Trans Formed: Transsexuality, Medicine and the Popular Press in Postwar Taiwan
 Chiang, Howard.

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Dance of Scales
 Halpern, Megan.

Data Citations in the Geo-Sciences: Motivations, Measurements, and Organizational Alignments
 Mayernik, Matthew.

Data Infrastructure for Science Policy Analysis and Governance
 Hicks, Diana.

Data Management Initatives at the National Science Foundaion
 Kronz, Fred.

Data Management and the STS Community
 Gorman, Mike.

Databases and Metagenomics: Enforcing Genomic Ways of Knowing
 Bietz, Matthew.

Dealing with Open-Ended Risk in Practice
 McMillan, William.

Debating the Issues at “STS: The Next Twenty”
 Curnutte, Margaret.

Defining Sustainability through Standard-Setting: Aquaculture Certification Politics
 Iles, Alastair.

Democracy, Expertise and the "Third Wave" of Science Studies
 Evans, Robert. and Collins, Harry.

Demonstrating a Shift Toward Ecosystem-Based Research Using Scientometrics
 Picard-Aitken, Michelle.

Dequantifying Diversity: Affirmative Action at the University of Michigan, 2002-2005
 Greenland, Fiona. and Hirschman, Daniel.

Design Fiction: From Props To Prototypes
 Bleecker, Julian.

Designing Healthy Clients: A Study of Service Innovation
 Secomandi, Fernando.

Destabilizing Disability: The Case of Athens Metro 1991-1993
 Galis, Vasilis. and Lee, Francis.

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EBM and the Levels of Evidence
 Deguchi, Yasuo.

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Nuclear Power: The Tangled Relationship of Engineering and Geology
 Macfarlane, Allison.

Earthworks and Moonwalks: Traversing Borders Between Art and Science
 Driessen, Erin.

Eating Disorders as Lifestyle Choices: Epistemologies, Technologies and Body Images
 Gonzalez Aguado, Maria.

Eco-rational Restructuring of Science Practice in Response to Biological Invasions
 Warner, Keith.

Ecocities in Contemporary China: A Case Study in the Design of Ecological Governance
 Schienke, Erich.

Economies of Risk: Science Studies Meets Risky Food and People
 Mincyte, Diana.

Education of Science Communication for Graduate Students to Develop Communication Skills and Mindset for Thinking Connectivity with Others
 Ishimura, Gensei. and Mikami, Naoyuki.

Education, Science, and Culture": Plans for Reforms of Colombian School Science Curricula, 1965-1975
 Sanchez Guerrero, Nicolas.

Electronic "Power Grrrl" Twitter Test: Comparing Young Feminists’ Relationship to Technology to that of Second-Wave Feminists
 McCaughey, Martha.

Electronic Patient Records Practices by Flemish Pharmacists: A Sociotechnical Analysis
 Naessens, Kris. and Jacobs, An.

Embedding STS Concepts and Social Implications in Online Ethics Education
 Ellison, Karin. and Wellner, Karen.

Embodied States: Consuming with Pleasure Under Neoliberalism
 Moore, Kelly.

Emergence and Orientalist (Re)presentations in U.S. Military Simulations of Middle Eastern Cities
 Cousineau, Matt.

Emerging Research Trajectories and Tensions in Sustainability Science
 Miller, Thaddeus.

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Factors Influencing Support for Climate Change Policy among Elite Legislators: A Case Study of the Peruvian Congress
 Takahashi, Bruno. and Meisner, Mark.

Failed Photography: Employing STS Scholarship to Expose an Ethics of Failure
 Scarlett, Ashley.

Fats in Practice
 Ibanez-Martin, Rebeca.

Fear and Fun: Emotional Landscapes of Science under Neoliberalism
 Moore, Kelly.

Feeling the Fleshy Borders between Humans and Machines: An Analysis of Robot Skin
 Ladd, Kelly.

Female Doctoral Students' Interactions with Faculty and Their Aspirations to Pursue Academic Careers
 Gu, Diane Yu.

Feminist Technologies are Assistive Technologies: Lessons from Disability Rights
 Layne, Linda.

Fertilizer and Factories: the Ch’ungju Project and South Korea (1954-1963)
 DiMoia, John.

Flood Warning Politics: Expertise, Uncertainty and Hybrid Forums in Fiji
 Albris, Frederik.

Flow and Character of Information during Crisis: A Case Study of the Japanese Triple Disasters
 Shineha, Ryuma.

Fluid Standards in Healthcare Improvement
 van Loon, Esther.

Forensic Engineering in Katrina: Levees, Litigation and Environmental Disaster
 Shrum, Wesley.

Forensic Fictions: Science, Storytelling and Media Production
 Kirby, David.

Foresight and Understanding from Scientific Exposition
 Murdick, Dewey.

Forgetting Physics: The Physicalization of History and Memory
 Wright, Aaron.

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Gender and Science: Questioning Usual Assumptions
 Godfroy, Anne-Sophie.

Gender and Skill at the Dawn of Digital Computing
 Abbate, Janet.

Gender, Sexuality and the Abortion-Mental Health Debate
 Huff, April.

Genealogy of Japan’s Nuclear Affairs: A Trans-Pacific Cultural Critique
 Yoneyama, Lisa.

Genetically Modified Organisms in Brazil after the Big Controversies
 Guivant, Julia.

Genomic-enhanced Beef Breeding and the Materiality of Information Infrastructures
 Calvert, Scout.

Genomics and the Reproduction of Behavior Genetics
 Panofsky, Aaron.

Geoengineering: Between Technonationalism & Neoliberalism, Past, Present & Future
 Tyfield, David., Szerszynski, Bron. and Galarraga, Maia.

Gifted: Merit and Caste in the Making of Indian Technical Knowledge
 Subramanian, Ajantha.

Global Technology Law & the Politics of Green Innovation: Why Access to Knowledge Law Matters to Environmental Justice
 Cross, Jason.

Globalization and Medical Tourism in Turkey
 Terzioglu, Aysecan.

Globalization with a Social Conscience? The World Wide Web Foundation through the Lens of ICT4D
 Dick, Michael.

Glocal Meshworks among Minority, Women and Foreign US-based Astronomers
 Guillen, Reynal., Gu, Diane Yu., Holbrook, Jarita., Murillo, Luis Felipe. and Traweek, Sharon.

Governing Disasters: Planning Experiments and the Politics of Uncertainty
 Tironi, Manuel.

Governing Engineering
 Buch, Anders. and Brodersen, Søsser.

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H2O and Water: STS Translations in West Africa
 Bauchspies, Wenda.

Hacking for Social Justice: Tech Activism in the Newest Social Movements
 Milberry, Kate.

Half Life: Re-Imagining Our Past-Presents
 Haran, Joan.

Healthy Aging Innovations: Co-constructing Added-value and Aging users
 Peine, Alexander. and Moors, Ellen.

Healthy Aging: The New Evangelism?
 Harris, Roma., Spoel, Philippa. and Henwood, Flis.

Healthy Eating Metaphors We Live By
 Spoel, Philippa., Harris, Roma. and Henwood, Flis.

Healthymagination: Anticipation and Affect in Health Information Technologies
 Levina, Marina.

Hindsight and Foresight: Latin America's Response to Ethical and Policy Challenges around Biotechnology
 Martinez, Barbara., Lolas, Fernando., Walmsley, Heather., Flores, Antonio. and Badulescu, Dan.

How "Citizen Science" Is Used
 Steinhardt, Joseph.

How Do Environmental Organizations Talk about the Uncertainties of CCS?
 Gjefsen, Mads Dahl.

How Do We Best Engage with People Who Are Unengaged on Science and Technology Issues?
 Cormick, Craig.

How Do We Understand Avian Flu Epidemics?: Science and Policymaking
 Chien, Yu-Ju.

How EBM has been Accepted and Systematized in Japan
 Kita, Chigusa.

How Far Can Public Participation Go? Indications from NASA’s Recent Experiences
 Kaminski, Amy.

How Much is an Eye Worth? Calculating Distribution through Disability Classification Scales
 Admon-Rick, Gaby.

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IT as an Occasion for Structuring: Gender Hierarchies and Power Relations in the OR
 Kissmann, Ulrike.

IT, the Data Deluge and "Friction": Forms for Info-Sharing versus Methods of Knowledge Production within Global Public Health
 MacPhail, Theresa.

Identification and Implications of Sub-disciplinary Epistemological Communities in Academic Ecology
 Neff, Mark.

Identifying Democracy: The Latin American Initiative to Identify the Disappeared and Scientific Governance
 Smith, Lindsay.

If the Bible Is True: Biology Class as Moral Technology in an Evangelical Christian School
 Guhin, Jeffrey.

Ignoring a Research Cohort: American Atomic Soldiers and Radiation Exposure
 Jacobs, Robert.

Imagined Innovation: Cultural Limits and Politics of China’s High-technology Development
 Chen, Kun.

Imagining Life: Super-computers, Evolution and the “Junk of Life”
 Delgado, Ana Maria.

Immigration and Photography: How Science and Photography Continue to Regulate Bodies
 Clopton, Kay.

Immigration, Information and Computer Engineering in Berlin, Germany
 Phillips, Leonore.

Implications of the Role of the State in the Provision of Biotechnology: The Case of Soybean Agriculture in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay
 Filomeno, Felipe.

Impossible Deaths: Facebook’s Exclusion of Mortality in the Representation of Our Lives
 Brubaker, Jed.

In Search of Democracy and Experts: Environmental Regulation in Chile
 Barandiaran, Javiera.

In Search of Energy Efficient Programmes of Action: The Case of Demand Response Technology
 Ornetzeder, Michael.

In What Sense Can We Talk of Democratic Energy Transition Governance, and How Might This Be Achieved?
 Laes, Erik., De Weerdt, Yves. and Van Wortswinkel, Luc.

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Japan as a Technocratic State: Analyzing Social Construction of Carbon Capture and Storage in Japan
 Asayama, Shin\'ichiro. and Ishii, Atsushi.

Japanese Development Consultancies and Neo-Colonial Power in Southeast Asia
 Moore, Aaron.

Japanese STS and Marxism
 Remedios, Francis.

Junctures: A Kind of Research Organization
 Gerson, Elihu.

Justice and Expertise: NGO Assistance in Rebuilding New Orleans
 Allen, Barbara.


Kangaroo Mother Care: A Medical Innovation from Colombia
 Valderrama Pineda, Andrés.

Keeping Pace with Speech: Chatter, Noise and High Speed Motion Pictures in Telephony
 Mills, Mara.

Keeping Track of Myself: Healthy Living and the New Narcissism
 Harris, Roma.

Killer Apps and Sick Users: An Overview of Pathological Technoculture
 Scott, D.Travers.

Knotty or Naughty?: Seeing the Indian State through a Technoscientific Lens
 Gopakumar, Govind.

Know-For: Normative Holism in Engineering Formation
 Downey, Gary.

Knowing and Loving: Pleasure in Public Engagement
 Davies, Sarah.

Knowledge Deficit: Laymen’s New Virtue?
 Antonsen, Marie.

Knowledge Production for Small Farmers in Latin America: Some Evidences
 Serafim, Milena.


Learning from Disaster? Engineers in the Post-9/11, Post-Katrina United States
 Knowles, Scott.

Legitimacy over Practicality: Clinical Trials for Alcohol and Drug Dependence
 Metlay, Grischa.

Litigating Mind: The Ambiguities of Medical Expertise in Common Law
 Carson, John.

Local Deliberation and Imagined Transition Epistemologies
 Gano, Gretchen.

Looking Backward to Look Forward: Historical Examples of Nanotechnology’s Environmental Future
 Eardley-Pryor, Roger.

Looking Global, Speaking Local: Proleptic Structure in Fukushima-related Discourse during an NC Public Hearing
 Kelly, Ashley.

Lost in Translation: Problems of Large Scale Data Sets
 Busch, Lawrence.

Lost in Translation: STS, Psychological Science, and Problem-centered Inquiry
 Caporael, Linnda.


Making Activities Visible: Digital Substrates and Traces
 Wiltse, Heather. and Stolterman, Erik.

Making Electricity a Commodity and its Consumers Rational Economic Actors: The Case of Real-time Pricing
 Breslau, Daniel.

Making Mother India: Gendered Politics of Assisted Reproductive Technologies in India
 Rudrappa, Sharmila.

Making Plants Make Sense: Evolution and Experimentation with C4 Rice
 Kortright, Chris.

Making and Unmaking an Unknown Soldier: A View into the Political Life of Forensic Evidence
 Wagner, Sarah.

Managing Insecurity: Risk Technologies and the Looping Effects of Welfare Production
 Lehtonen, Turo-Kimmo., Jauho, Mikko., Liukko, Jyri. and Silvast, Antti.

Managing Restoration under Uncertainty: Decision-makers and Population Projection Models
 Michaels, Sarah. and Tyre, Andrew.

Mantetsu Scientists in China after 1945
 Mizuno, Hiromi.

Mapping "Sexual Health": Competing Agendas in the Sexualization of Biomedicine
 Epstein, Steven. and Mamo, Laura.

Mapping Hormonal Discourses About Sex Types in Chile, 1926-1941
 MacMillan, Kurt.

Mapping Power: Cartographies of Energy, 1925-2010
 Howell, Jordan.

Mapping a Wildfire: Tracing Authoritative Knowledge of a Disaster
 Petersen, Katrina.

Mapping the Body across Diverse Information Systems: Shadow Bodies and They Make Us Human
 Balka, Ellen. and Star, Susan.

Market Women in Ghana and the Negotiation and Coordination of Trade
 Kwami, Janet.

Marketing Prevention Technologies: Girlhood, Inequality and the HPV Vaccine
 Rab-Alam, Sonia.

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NSF Fellows in Classrooms: A Way to Communicate Science?
 Fennewald, Thomas.

Narratives of Toxics Mitigation at the IBM-Endicott Site
 Little, Peter.

Natural Gas as a “Bridge Fuel”: Metaphorical Hope and Hype
 Delborne, Jason., Wigner, Aubrey. and Kinchy, Abby.

Nature on the Bedside Cabinet
 Huijer, Marli. and Sabelis, Ida.

Negotiating Technological Control: Cultural and Infrastructural Resistance to Hospital Tracking Systems
 Monahan, Torin. and Fisher, Jill.

Negotiating the STS Reading List: Fuzzy Dragons, God Tricks and Syphilis
 Smith-Doerr, Laurel. and Bauchspies, Wenda.

Neoliberalism and Knowledge from the Margins
 Lave, Rebecca.

Neoliberalism and the Origins of Pharmaceutical Ignorance
 Nik-Khah, Edward.

Networks of Communicative Expertise: Marginal Practices and Journalistic Knowledge
 Anderson, Christopher.

Neuroimaging: Protector or Dismantler of the Subjective/Objective Boundary?
 Cunningham, Nance.

New Developments in Citation Analysis
 Leydesdorff, Loet.

New Directions in STS and Postcolonial Studies in India
 Amrute, Sareeta.

New Molecular Techniques and the Changing “Look” of Genetic Diseases
 Hogan, Andrew.

New Technologies of Surveillance? How Citizens Experience the Use of Mobile Cameras in Public Nightscapes
 Timan, Tjerk. and Oudshoorn, Nelly.

New Urbanism and Scientism Discourse: Regulating as If Publics Matter?
 Banks, David.

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Of Shrines and Samples: Innovation and Integrity in Long-Term Ecological Data Practice
 Burton, Matt. and Jackson, Steven.

Of Time and Troubles: Patient Involvement and Healthcare Disparities
 Sinding, Christina.

On Audits and Airplanes: How Calculations Shape Systems
 Downer, John.

On Hacking and Hunters: Objective Styles in Northern Field Science
 Kochan, Jeff.

On Multistable Actor-Networks: Why You Need Both Phenomenology and ANT to Describe a Park Bench
 Rosenberger, Robert.

On Naturalizing Space and Belonging: Notes from an Ecology of Plant Invasions
 Subramaniam, Banu.

On Risk Assessment in Policy Justification: Eradication of Illicit Drug Crops with Herbicide in Colombia
 Arond, Elisa.

On the Care of Human Dignity
 Bennett, Gaymon.

On the Lost Notion of "Task" in Organization Theory
 Vikkelsø, Signe.

On the Naturalization of Coupling in Genomic Research: Notes from a Feminist Laboratory Ethnography
 Willey, Angela.

On the Power of Scientific Knowledge (or Not)
 Oreskes, Naomi.

Ontological Politics and Situated Public Policies in Latin America
 Marques, Ivan.

Ontologies of the Technoscientific State: Heterogeneous Assembly, Obligatory Passage Point, and Discursive Punctualization
 Carroll, Patrick.

Open Infrastructure Supporting Heterogeneous Collaboration: The Case of TelaBotanica
 Heaton, Lorna. and Millerand, Florence.

Organizational Context and the Emergence of Mechanical Objectivity in the Production of the OED
 Kistner, Kelly.

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Paper Trail: Locating “Global Health” in the Clinical File
 McKay, Ramah.

Past Fox and Limbaugh: Disability in Stem Cell Research
 Smith, Emily.

Pathological Modernity, Biomedical Optimization and the "Natural Past" in Evolutionary Medicine
 Darling, Katherine.

Pathways to Purity: The Techno-Scientific Invention of Pure Milk.
 Jenkins, Jane.

Pathways to a Sustainable Energy Future in Austria: Socio-technical Scenarios and Structural Challenges
 Ornetzeder, Michael., Knoflacher, Markus., Paier, Manfred., Rohracher, Harald., Schreuer, Anna., Wächter, Petra. and Weber, Mathias.

Patient, Parent, Advocate, Investor: The Contours of Markets, Medicine and Government
 Schleifer, David. and Panofsky, Aaron.

Pedagogies of Scholarly Authorship in STS
 Dufour, Monique.

Peer Review and Social Science Research Funding
 Hackett, Edward.

Peer Review in an ArXival Age
 Almassi, Ben.

Performative Philosophy of Technology and the Good Life
 Dotson, Taylor.

Personal Digital Taxidermy: Imagining the Future-past
 Harmon, Ellie.

Physicists in the US, Geologists in India: Interdisciplinary Climate Change and Uncertainty in Science
 Saheb, Tahereh.

Planning by Intermediaries: Making Cities Make Nature in Amsterdam
 Kinder, Kimberley.

Plants, Prostitutes and Pharmaceuticals: Along the Edge and at the End of the Inter-Oceanic Road
 Goldstein, Ruth.

Playing with Asthma: Embodiment and Care through Digital Practices
 Bigras, Erik.

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Qualitative Inquiry and the Institutional Review Board (IRB): Tension between Autonomy and Control
 Varma, Roli.

Qualitative Study of Becoming a Scientist in Japan
 Hara, Noriko., Ynalvez, Marcus. and Kamo, Yoshinori.

Quantification and the Diagnosis of Sexual Disorders
 Gupta, Kristina.

Quantifying Ecosystems: Adaptive Resource Management in the Delaware Bay
 Whitney, Kristoffer.

Quasi-other, Quasi-face: Rethinking Alterity and Screens
 Wellner, Galit.

Queer Transdisciplinarities
 King, Katie.

Questioning Energy Generation Projects: Considering Grassroots Groups within the Actor-Network
 Baigorrotegui, Gloria. and Lucas, Graham.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Expertise and Democracy in Eco-Label Accountability
 Bullock, Graham.


Race Science in Matrices of Immigration Restriction & Reform
 Berry, Damon.

Racialization of Nature on Safari
 Hays, Cassie.

Re-thinking the Margins of Knowledge Creation: Reconfigured "Producers" and Productive "Users"
 Odumosu, Tolu.

Reclassifying Biotechnology Governance; Peeking at Peripheries in Latin and North America
 Badulescu, Dan. and Flores, Antonio.

Reconfiguring Nuclear Energy Futures
 Lesavre, Basak.

Recontexting Disease: Interpreting Shared Data in Cancer Epidemiology
 Rolland, Betsy.

Recovering the Future of Cities: Re-imagining Society, Technology and Nature in Disaster’s Aftermath
 Vaughan, Tyson.

Redefining Safety in Commercial Space
 Bouchey, Michael. and Delborne, Jason.

Refiguring Indian Engineers: Moving beyond the Public/Private Distinction
 Khandekar, Aalok.

Reflexive Distancing: About How Registries Reshape the Relationship between Health Policy and Clinical Practice
 de Bont, Antoinette., Niezen, Maartje. and Grit, Kor.

Reflexive and Embodied Practices for Computer Modeling and Simulation
 Francisco, Matthew.

Reforming the Unwillingly? Reform Activities in Higher Education
 Hope, Kristin.

Refracting the Self: Proana, Visual Culture and the Internet
 Grey, Stephanie.

Registries on Display: On Interactions between Research and Clinical Practice in Three Clinical Registry Networks
 Helgesson, Claes-Fredrik. and Johansson Krafve, Linus.

Regulatory Sciences and Political Consumerism in US Food Safety Regulatory Politics
 Boyce, Angie.

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SCOT and Lighting: The Era of LED
 Jensen, Charlotte.

STS Analysis of Bio-inspired Algorithms in Organizing and Management Practices
 Rodgers, Diane.

STS and Forensic Science Problems: Expertise in Legal Context
 Edmond, Gary.

STS and the Public Private Partnership: A Case of Agricultural Innovation in Uganda
 Oyena, Diana.

STS in Energy Policy
 Miller, Clark.

Samples and Trophies: A Moral Economy of Ornithological Sound Recording
 Bruyninckx, Joeri.

Sand in the Grain of the World: Working the Boundaries
 Bowker, Geoffrey.

Scalefree Geographical Mapping of Scientific Collaboration of Metropolitan Statistical Areas
 H. Beauchesne, Olivier. and Archambault, Éric.

Scantrons, Statistics and Schoolteachers: Science, Technology and Performance Assessment in US Public Schools
 Burnett, Paul.

Science Inside Law: Making a New Patent Class in the International Patent Classification
 Kang, Hyo Yoon.

Science Reporting on 3/11 Disaster
 Tanaka, Mikihito. and Kakubayashi, Motoko.

Science and Technology for Development: Aiding Research Capacity
 Brodén, Veronica.

Science from the Fringe: The Makah in Washington
 Lyons, Jessica.

Science of Aging at the NIH: Social Categories of Knowledge
 Park, Hyung Wook.

Science, Security, Simulation: Bioterrorism Preparedness in the 21st Century
 Armstrong, Melanie.

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Taking Care of the (un-) Account (-able): Narrative Accounting in Nursing Homes
 Jerak-Zuiderent, Sonja.

Taking Control of Accessibility: Disabled Information Technologists and Recursive Publics
 Fodness, Kevin.

Techno-legal Aspects of the British Petroleum Oil Spill: Risk Assessment, Citizen Science and Disaster Recovery
 McCormick, Sabrina.

Technocracy and Deliberation in Nuclear Waste Management in Finland, France and the UK
 Lehtonen, Markku.

Technological Abandonments and their Consequences for Professional Practices
 Dupret Søndergaard, Katia.

Technological Controversies: A Cultural Psychology View
 Veltri, Guiseppe.

Technological Frames and the Sustainable Urban Agriculture Movement in Atlanta, GA
 Ross, Glo.

Technological Innovations in Milk Production: Exploring Robots in Dairy Systems
 Stuart, Diana.

Technological Mediations in Oncoscapes: Merging Postphenomenology and Nursing in Cancer Related Ethnographic Research
 Forss, Anette.

Technological Utopianism and Medical Reform: Imaginaries of Telemedicine from the 1960s to the Present
 Braitberg, Victor. and Iles-Shih, Matthew.

Technologies of Assessment: Ethnography of Gesture in the Practice of Education
 Wentworth, Kara.

Technologies of Autonomy and Control: On Strong and Weak Personalization
 Arribas-Ayllon, Michael. and Gunnarsdottir, Kristrun.

Technologies of Stage Magic
 Smith, Wally.

Technology and the Future of Aging: Toward an Integrative Approach
 Neven, Louis. and Peine, Alexander.

Technology of Waste Picker’s Enterprises in Brazil
 Gutierrez, Rafaela. and Zanin, Maria.

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Una Cosa Segura? The Role of Security Technologies in Mexico’s War on Crime
 Guzik, Keith.

Underdetermination of Policy in Nuclear Waste Disposal in Japan: Participation of the People, by the People, for Whom?
 Matsumoto, Miwao.

Understanding the Neo-Liberal University: What STS has to Offer
 Kleinman, Daniel.

Unexpected Appropriations of Technology and Life Cycle Analysis: Reframing Cradle to Grave Approaches
 Frith, Jordan. and Cummings, Christopher.

Universal Design’s New Materialist Epistemology: Rethinking Embodiment and Constructivism in Science and Space
 Hamraie, Aimi.

University Technology Transfer and the Public Interest
 Nichols, Leah.

Unpacking the Climate Consensus: The Political Reception of Science
 Jasanoff, Sheila.

Unprimed Associative Data on Public Understanding of Nanotechnology
 Cummings, Christopher.

Unsafe Handling: How to Link Pesticides and Occupational Diseases in Court
 Jouzel, Jean-Noël., Prete, Giovanni. and dedieu, François.

Unspooling the Topologist’s Videotape: From Chicken-wires to Film Festivals
 Steingart, Alma.

Unusual Appropriations in Scientific Discourse during Science Classes
 Mattos, Aline. and Oliveira, Moisés.

Upgrade, Please: Cartographies of the Cochlear Implant
 Mauldin, Laura.

Urban (Un)containment and Disaster Management: Shaping the Circulation of Water in Cancún (Mexico) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania).
 Dominguez, Fernando., Kelly, Ann. and Lezaun, Javier.

Users as Co-designers of Interactive Media
 Latzko-Toth, Guillaume.

Using Social Network Analysis to Assess Collaboration in Health Research
 Godley, Jenny., Barron, Gary. and Sharma, Arya.


Valuing the Amazon Forest through Carbon Markets
 Zhang, Shaozeng.

Variation, Standards and (non-)Regulation: Studying Values in Clinical Practice Guidelines
 Zuiderent-Jerak, Teun.

Varieties of the Third Mission of the University: Modes of University-society Interaction in Three Research Areas
 Tuunainen, Juha.

Vertical Integration and the Market for Vertebrate Fossils, 1890-1910
 Rieppel, Lukas.

Video of the Oppressed: The Affordances and Constraints of Digital Video Mediating Voices from within Developing Regions
 DeGennaro, Donna.

Virtual Citizenship in the Global Age
 Aneesh, Aneesh.

Virtual Place Attachment and the Physical Place
 Schwartz, Raz.

Visualizing Imaginaries of Territory and Cosmos through a Techno-Artistic Imagination
 Vigdor, Linda.


Water Management, Electricity Supply, Railroads and Industrialization at the Göta Älv: The Dynamics of Systems that Integrate Various Societal Functions
 Mulder, Karel. and Kaijser, Arne.

Ways of Practice in Participatory Sensing: Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Culturally Situated Design
 Jalbert, Kirk.

Weird Tales to Weird Life: The Scientific Realization of Fictional Lifeforms
 Toomey, David.

What Expertise isn’t Telling Us about Anti-intellectualism
 Lyles, Daniel.

What Factors Might Affect Physicians for Conducting Collaborative Research?
 Ito, Yuko. and Saito, Hiromi.

What Happened to Postmodern Science?
 Isopp, Bernhard.

What Is "Protective Space"? Exploring the Politics of Niche Development in Sustainability Transitions: The Case of Solar Electricity in the UK and the Netherlands
 Kern, Florian., Raven, Rob., Smith, Adrian., Veraart, Frank. and Verhees, Bram.

What STS Can Learn from Disputes about Expert Evidence in Criminal Trials
 Lynch, Michael.

What is Postgenomics?
 Richardson, Sarah.

What's "New" in the New Materialism of Technoscience Studies?
 Schneider, Joseph.

What's In A Name? Science, Religion and Credibility in Turkish
 Yalcinkaya, M. Alper.

When Does the Digital Make a Difference? Negotiating Gender and Identity in Youth Peer Cultures
 Sims, Christo.

When Self-organization Meets Appropriation: Collective Technological Flexibility and Social Power
 Eglash, Ron.

Where are “Epistemic Counterpublic(s)”? Science, Democracy, and Venter’s Synthetic Biology
 Shah, Esha.

Who Wants to Collaborate with Social Scientists in Health Research? Biomedical and Clinical Scientists' Perceptions of the Social Sciences
 Albert, Mathieu. and Laberge, Suzanne.

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Yuri Gagarin the First Human in Space: Eagle or Lungfish?
 Wilkes, John.
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