4S Annual Meeting 2012-Oct-17 to 2012-Oct-20

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"Additive" as analytical concept and actant for advocacy. Studying movie-making urban agents in Gothenburg.
 Forsemalm, Joakim.

"Contested "Science"? Reconstructing Pandora's Box..
 Wynne, Brian.

"Fantastic Voyage" and the Construction of a Nanoengineering Discipline
 York, Emily.

"Nature" in the Expanded Field: Limits of Anthropomorphism
 Liljefors, Max.

"Parataxonomy" and "Postcolonialism" in Science in Action : Traditional Knowledge Digital Archive Project in India
 Nakazora, Moe.

"Towards a Common Future": On How a Diplomatic Training Programme Socialises States into the International Society
 Wille, Tobias.

(De)coding India’s poor: An information infrastructure promises poverty eradication
 Nair, Sumitra. and Rangaswamy, Nimmi.

(De-)Constructing Technoscientific Futures: On the Modalities of Social-Scientific Scenario Building
 Rieder, Gernot.

(In)visible demarcations: Ambivalence in engagement on technology-related issues
 Felt, Ulrike.

(Re)Ordering Ordered Life: The Enactment of Botanical Garden Socio-Natures
 Neves, Katja.

(Un)Successul Sound Design: A Chinese Experimental Musician’s Practice
 Zimmermann, Basile.

11. Is intentionality sufficient for explaining technology acceptance?
 Yan, Hongxiu.

2ooo Watt Society : Constructing sustainable design values in Switzerland.
 Bharathi, Srikrishna.

3 decades of knowledge activism: An Australian healthcare consumer organisation
 Dugdale, Anni.

'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam': The Family in the 'Knowlede Economy'
 Khandekar, Aalok.

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A Bulwark at the Border of Science and Technology: The ontological foundations for a scientific commons in the age of Dual-Use concerns
 Koepsell, David.

A Cautious Approach in the E-Humanities: Research as Design in a Science/Humanities Collaboration
 Doing, Park.

A Century on Speed: Postphenomenological Reflections on Vision and Movement in the 20th Century
 Riis, Soren.

A Colonization of Imagination: Future-setting Strategies for Information Infrastructures
 Haywood, Gordon.

A Longitudinal Examination of Gender Differences in Scientific Careers: Evenidence from Ghana, Kenya, and Kerala, India
 Miller, Paige. and Shrum, Wesley.

A Manifest Apathy: Reflections on the Prospect of Humanity 2.0
 Basbøll, Thomas.

A Multi-Stable Analysis of Data Mining technology
 Irwin, Stacey.

A New Machine to Make Land Pay: Designing the Steel Skeleton Skyscraper
 Pugliese, Maude.

A Platform for assessing social Awareness
 Paredes-Frigolett, Harold.

A Popular Culture Perspective on Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time”
 Sava, Mircea.

A Review of UK Beacons for Public Engagement Projects on the theme of Environmental Sustainability
 Genus, Audley.

A Topological Approach to Social Innovation Measures
 Petersen Lange, Ann-Christina.

A certain convocation of politic worms: Assembling domestic vermiculture and the ecological collective
 Wilcox, James.

A design for living : metaleptic devices and trends of gnostic imagination in contemporary science-fiction
 Claisse, Frederic.

A history of the Passive House. The (in)stability of an immutable mobile
 Mueller, Liana. and Berker, Thomas.

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BRCAness: Redefining BRCA genes in the era of postgenomic medicine
 Bourret, Pascale. and Cambrosio, Alberto.

Back to “ontological politics” – Revisiting the dynamics of definitional struggles on GMO’s in Europe
 Joly, Pierre-Benoît. and Barbier, Marc.

Bad Research Collaborations: Perceptions and Impacts
 Bozeman, Barry. and Slade, Catherine.

Banking on (the) Line: Security & Authentication Practices in the Minimization of Internet Crime
 Ewertsson, Lena.

Banking vitality – reproduction and the sperm crisis in China
 Wahlberg, Ayo.

Becoming Mobile: The Co-construction of Cellphones and their Users
 Wellner, Galit.

Becoming a ‘pre-symptomatic’ patient
 Eißing, Tabea.

Becoming with Care Moves
 Lutz, Peter.

Being an ‘in-house’ social scientist: The failures of integration
 Viseu, Ana.

Belonging in/to the laboratory: emotion, affect and scientific practice
 Kerr, Anne. and Garforth, Lisa.

Bending the law and crossing borders choosing Danish sperm
 Adrian, Stine.

Bending/Hacking/Breaking: The politics of figuring out how stuff works
 Guisti, Joseph.

Between Things and Objects: Algorithms and the Enactment of Financial Materiality

Between Vision and Reality: Co-production as research policy buzzword and messy practice
 Fischer, Josefine.

Between a rock and a hard place: the future of social science engagement with the life sciences
 Martin, Paul.

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Calculating good care – the distribution of competence in an economized health care setting
 Ouart, Lydia-Maria.

Can We Already Write a History of the Bio-Object?
 Bock von Wülfingen, Bettina.

Can Your Grandmother Use it?: Hackers becoming Entrepreneurs
 Kripe, Zane.

Can an Open-Ended World Be the Basis for an Open Society? A 21st Century Challenge for Social Epistemology
 Fuller, Steve.

Can death be re-designed? A theoretical experimentation with the concepts of agency and finality in stem cell science on Alzheimer’s disease.
 Hautamäki, Lotta.

Can electricity can sooth the savage breast? What tasers do to police use of force
 Moreau de Bellaing, Cédric.

Can non-policy related public engagement be of value? The challenge of symmetry of learning for scientists.
 Smallman, Melanie. and Magnusson, Kajsa-Stina.

Can we design a tool box for quality assessments in the SSH?
 van Leeuwen, Thed., Wouters, Paul. and de Rijcke, Sarah.

Canada’s Radwaste Trading Zone
 Durant, Darrin.

Canine Cartography: On the Biopolitics of Poodles
 Hobbs, Peter.

Carbon Credits: The Displacements in Design
 Ninan, Anup.

Carbon cultures: Standardization and policy transfer on CCS
 Gjefsen, Mads Dahl.

Care@distance: new in/dependencies in the care collective
 Moser, Ingunn. and Thygesen, Hilde.

Caring for Plastic – accounting for simulation-based training in nursing education
 Soffer, Ann Katrine.

Categories of 'Migrants', 'Race' or 'Ethnicity' in Genetics and Medicine – the German Case
 zur Nieden, Andrea.

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DHEA and the fountains of youth: sociology of a medical promise
 Hauray, Boris. and Dalgalarrondo, Sébastien.

DIY Innovation and the Spirit of Homebrewing
 Conz, Dave.

DNA Mutations, Birth, and the Value of Life
 Vailly, Joëlle.

DNA and Immigration: A comparative analysis of DNA testing for family reunification in Austria, Finland, and Germany
 Heinemann, Torsten., Naue, Ursula. and Tapaninen, Anna-Maria.

Dangerous games: the role of videogames in shaping American military culture
 Peron, Alcides Eduardo. and Dias, Rafael.

Dangerous species: tangled nature-cultures in the plastisphere
 De Wolff, Kim.

Data Meets Design
 Loukissas, Yanni.

Data Treatment and Analysis within a Radical Practice Perspective
 Storm-Mathisen, Ardis.

Data bite man: the work of sustaining a long-term study
 Ribes, David. and Jackson, Steven.

De-signing biology and engineering practices in the iGEM competition
 Bulpin, Katie.

Dealing with Presences and Absences in Landless Workers’ Agro-ecological Communities in Espírito Santo, Brazil
 Kontopodis, Michalis.

Deboundaried work: Insights from the vanguard
 Sawyer, Steve.

Debt collection: Soliciting domestic economic participation
 Deville, Joe.

Decentering Consensus & Linear Rationality in Public Engagement with Science and Technology
 Barvosa, Edwina.

Deferred Fertility: Private Oöcyte Banking
 Waldby, Catherine.

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E-voting Machines: A gift to Democracy?
 Boulus-Rødje, Nina.

E-waste: cartography for a techno-environmental controversy
 Callén, Blanca.

EASST conferences (1983-2010): mapping the evolution of STS in Europe
 Steward, Fred. and Piterou, Athena.

ECG: „reading the most intimate secrets of the human heart“
 Wippich, Uwe.

ESS: Designing organizations and institutions for collaboration in science
 Rekers, Josephine.

Eco-efficiency and the concept of “marginal land” in energy crop production.
 Shortall, Orla.

Eco-efficient biofuels: techno-optimistic expectations for sustainability
 Levidow, Les.

Edible North: Metabolizing the Scandinavian issuescape through turnips and terroirs
 Munk, Anders.

Effective Nuclear Regulation: Design, Displacement, and Democratic Discourse
 Kinsella, William. and Ionescu, Tudor.

Electric vehicle design: Displacement and discovery in the digital-material boundary zone
 Noren, Laura.

Embedding tasting. Appreciating food within mundane medical practices
 Mann, Anna.

Embodying the Baseline: Taking Stock of “Naïve” Bodies in Cold War Human Biology and Contemporary Biomedicine
 Radin, Joanna.

Embryos-in-the-making: the creation of life in reproductive laboratories
 Perrotta, Manuela.

Emerging Phenomenon and Scalar Fallacies
 Liboiron, Max.

Emerging energy practices in the context of participation in green community organisations
 Wallbridge, Rebecca., Buchs, Milena. and Smith, Graham.

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Face and Race in Forensic Identification
 M\'charek, Amade.

Facilitating and navigating user knowledge in an organizational context
 Clausen, Chistian., Pedersen, Signe. and Yoshinaka, Yutaka.

Failure of the Japanese “Successful” Nuclear Program: Structural Problems Revealed by the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
 Juraku, Kohta.

Federal funding and the transformation of academic labs in the biomedical sciences since the 1960s
 Salonius, Annalisa.

Feminist Dialogues on Technology
 Juhasz, Alex.

Ferreting things out: Designing pandemic flu in animal models
 Porter, Natalie.

Fiction, Realism and Scientific Models
 Carusi, Annamaria.

Field experiments: Reordering fieldwork relations in behavioural ecology and social anthropology
 Candea, Matei.

Fig-leaves, smokescreens and greenwash: Theorising Green representations on CCS
 Riesch, Hauke. and Corry, Olaf.

Finality Undone: an introduction to the panel
 Hogle, Linda. and Hoeyer, Klaus.

Finding America Hidden Behind Hiroshima
 Jacobs, Robert.

Finding participants: How research methodologies define ‘users’
 Harris, Anna., Kelly, Susan. and Wyatt, Sally.

Five Seconds, A History: Automated Trading, Place, and Path-Dependence
 MacKenzie, Donald.

Floating nature: beyond the baseline in biodiversity conservation
 Benson, Etienne.

Follow-the-practice: an approach to improve patient safety?
 Mesman, Jessica.

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Gender and Computing: A Case Study of Women in India
 Varma, Roli.

Gender-specific requirements for the design of human-machine interfaces
 Sharma, Siegfried., Filzmoser, Michael. and Köszegi, Köszegi.

Gendered Neuroeconomics: Deciding rational and emotional with socio-political implications
 Schmitz, Sigrid.

Gendered classifications in software development
 Lengersdorf, Diana. and Wieser, Matthias.

Gendered entanglements of human-machine-interferences
 Ernst, Waltraud.

Generative relations: crafting bio-objects within digital realms
 Tamminen, Sakari. and Vermeulen, Niki.

Genetic debate in Iceland – the politics of ‘biovalue’
 Hjörleifsson, Stefán.

Genetics at the State Fair: Potentiality and Life Sciences Research after the Human Genome Project
 Taussig, Karen-Sue.

Give Me a Laboratory and I Will Raise the World...Out of Poverty?
 Rayzberg, Margarita.

Give me an Embedded Humanist and I will Displace the Laboratory
 Fisher, Erik. and Ku, Sharon.

Giving shelter or ‘helping people help themselves’: Standardized emergency tents, shelter kits and participation in humanitarian relief
 Fredriksen, Aurora.

Global Dimensions: Water, Ships, & the Infrastructures of the Panama Canal
 Carse, Ashley.

Global Disparity on the 'Risks' of Technology
 Ha, Jung-Ok.

Global Pharmaceutical Circulations and Local Contestations: Making “Modern” Herbal Medicine in Bangladesh
 McNamara, Karen.

Globalizing Quality – exploring Danish “Pratical Diabetology” at work in Indonesia
 Juul Nielsen, Annegrete. and Langstrup, Henriette.

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HIV probes: some loose thoughts on releasing the biomedical grip on prevention possibilities in HIV
 Rosengarten, Marsha.

Habermas and the Third Wave: Experts and Citizens in a Deliberative Democracy
 Evans, Robert.

Hacking Digital Universalism in the Andes
 Chan, Anita.

Hard graft: Living on after heart transplantation
 Shildrick, Margrit.

Health as Learning? Health Literacies Revisited
 Nunes, Joao., Souza, Claudia., Meirelles, Michele., Hora, Eloisa. and Lino, Odilio.

Health promoting improved cookstoves: Co-creation in the Global South
 Pedersen, Signe. and Petersen, Rikke.

Health promotion, housekeeping, and ‘home inspections’ in rural Malawi
 West, Anna.

Health, Illness and Biosocial platforms
 da Silva, Paula., Nunes, Joao. and Cardoso, Rui.

Healthcare professionals’ understanding of patient safety: Do we really know what they think?
 Arfanis, Konstantinos. and Smith, Andrew.

Hearing Taste: Computer Audition and Automatic Recommendation
 Seaver, Nicholas.

Heroism in Genomics
 McNeil, Maureen.

Heteroaffection and Suicidal Microbes
 Schrader, Astrid.

Heterogeneous density in Italian Science and Technology Parks
 Cozza, Michela.

Holding life together: Home-made and professional designs of egg cells and sperm cells
 Spilker, Kristin.

Honesty as an economic skill The Democratic Republic of Congo, a country preparing itself to monetize the carbon stored in its forests
 Ehrenstein, Véra.

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IVF couples bio-objectification of embryos donated for scientific research
 Silva, Susana., Machado, Helena. and Samorinha, Catarina.

Identity work, and the public credibility of scientific experts
 van Rijswoud, Erwin.

If you look like your passport photo, you are too sick to travel: conflicting photography paradigms
 Hausken, Liv.

Imag(e)ining Land and Sea: Visual artifacts of the HMS Challenger Expedition
 Zuroski, Emma.

Images of the Higgs Search: Producing Evidence in Large-Scale Collaborations
 Merz, Martina.

Imaging Famine: Photography, Philanthropy and the Global Circulation of Emotions
 Nag, Anindita.

Imaging the Social in the Brain – Pure Voodoo?
 Matusall, Svenja.

Imagining human enhancements
 Rommetveit, Kjetil.

Imitating emotions? Hans Pettersson and the passions of early twentieth century oceanography
 Bergwik, Staffan.

Immersion and Emergence in Synthetic Situations
 Dirksen, Vanessa.

Immunity and Shared Health
 Hinchlife, Steve. and ward, kim.

Impact of Fukushima in Switzerland: media coverage, public opinion and electoral behavior
 Crettaz von Roten, Fabienne.

Implanting childhood: the hormonal treatment of early onset puberty
 Roberts, Celia.

Implementing Universal Design as part of International/National Policy
 Craddock, Gerald.

Important and Unimportant Ignorance and Environmental Decision Making
 Bleicher, Alena.

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Jedi Mind Tricks: Professional Tacit Knowledge Transfer in Medical Education
 Vinson, Alexandra.

Judging the Medics' Science: Research Misconduct in UK Medical Disciplinary Proceedings since 1990
 Jacob, Marie-Andree.

Justice in the context of family balancing
 McGowan, Michelle.


Keep on movin’! Research mobility meaning(s) for Italian early stage researchers
 minucci, sara.

Keeping Players in the Game. Mediations and Management of Heterogeneity in the Users-Producers Relationship.
 Zabban, Vinciane.

Kindergarten children’s digitized conduct of everyday life
 Chimirri, Niklas.

Kinship as a palimpsest: Practices of transnational gamete donation
 Bergmann, Sven.

Knowing Children in and through Computer Game Regulation Practices
 Schank, Jan.

Knowing the (blood) stem cell: Natural kind or biomedical construct?
 Hauskeller, Christine. and Kraft, Alison.

Knowledge Ecologies and "Supple" Objects in Interdisciplinary Gender Research
 Wood, Christine.

Knowledge on the move: Understanding development aid
 Reinertsen, Hilde.

Knowledge on the move: index cards, post its, and the materiality of knowledge across design, development and academic contexts
 Nafus, Dawn. and Ballestero, Andrea.

Knowledge, ignorance, and displacement in end-of-life care in Switzerland
 Jung, Corinna.


Laboratory Studies as a Means of Feminist Intervention into ICT Research and Design Practices
 Both, Göde.

Landscapes in pictures, vegetations in words: ambiguous interactions between geography and ecology
 Kwa, Chunglin.

Lateral Waves
 Helmreich, Stefan.

Latour’s’ ‘new collectives’ as a radical mode of engagement for making science public
 Tsouvalis, Judith.

Leadership development programmes as social technologies coupling organization theory and practice
 Knudsen, Morten.

Learning Nico-Rette from Nico-Wrong: Pharmaceutical Designs on Nicotine and the Displacement of the Cigarette-Smoker
 Elam, Mark.

Learning Relational Technological Literacy
 Hasse, Cathrine.

Learning about bodies: intersections of pedagogy, emotion and professional identities
 Goodwin, Dawn., Machin, Laura. and Taylor, Adam.

Learning to interact in screen-mediated social situations
 Håland, Erna. and Melby, Line.

Legitimacy and success of civil society organizations' participation in research governance. Lessons from biomedicine and nanotechnology
 Wehling, Peter.

Legitimizing engineering technology education: Winston Purvine and the ASEE, 1946-1977
 Clark, Mark.

Lessons from a fire: the Moerdijk case
 Birrer, Frans.

Letting stories breathe: narrative and experience of asthma
 Queirós, Ana., Nunes, Joao., Barradas, Carlos. and Serra, Rita.

Leveraging Local Knowledge for Climate Adaptation
 Harlan, Sharon., Bleasdale, Tommy., Declet-Barreto, Juan., Halperin, Tiffany. and Parady, Katelyn.

Life on screens: monitoring hearts in home and clinic
 Nielsen, Karen.

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Made by us and not of our making
 Nordmann, Alfred.

Making Humanness with Technology – Dialoguing with Postphenomenology
 Dalibert, Lucie.

Making Knowledge in Environmental Partnership: An Inverse Development Anthropology
 Winthereik, Brit. and Jensen, Casper.

Making Natural Capital: Biodiversity Research and Biosecurity Practices in Mexico
 Wanderer, Emily.

Making Nutrients Edible: The Design of Insects and Taste in the Face of Global Hunger
 Yates-Doerr, Emily.

Making Quality Calculable; The tautological foundation of quality in healthcare 1945-2010
 Pflueger, Dane.

Making Sense of User-driven Innovation: soft capitalism or tricky co-habitation?
 Elgaard Jensen, Torben.

Making Studio Practice Public: Assembling a DigiLab through Case Studying Virtual Research Inscriptions
 Windle, Amanda.

Making a better coffee: The sustainability through the co-production between traditional and scientific knowledge
 Sánchez Vargas, Derly.

Making data bodies explicit
 van der Velden, Lonneke. and Zuiderveen Borgesius, Frederik.

Making meat informed: the trace of survival
 Bingham, Nick. and Lavau, Stephanie.

Making of population: a welfare state inscribed into population knowledge
 Alastalo, Marja.

Making sense of the shots; vaccine ‘conversions’ as accounts of odd events
 Versteeg, Wytske.

Making the Cycling City Visible. Classifying urban facilities in a volunteered geographic information environment
 Denis, Jerome. and Pontille, David.

Making the Nuclear Waste Repository Locally Acceptable… or Real? Site Selection as a Socio-Technical Process
 Konopasek, Zdenek. and Svačina, Karel.

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Nano and Society: training museum staff to engage in conversations
 Ostman, Rae.

Nano-Futures – Nanomedical research between future-absorbent fictions and specu-lative in(ter)ventions
 Schillmeier, Michael. and Schröpfer, Anton.

Nanocosmetics in Brazil
 Nunes, Denise. and Guivant, Julia.

Nanopodium: Public debate on nanotech in the Netherlands
 Enzing, Christien.

Nanotechnology Expert Perceptions: Benefits, Risks, Bias, and Regulation
 Beaudrie, Christian., Satterfield, Terre., Kandlikar, Milind. and Harthorn, Barbara.

Nanotechnology and Development in Latin America: Rationales and Challenges
 Invernizzi, Noela., Zayago Lau, Edgar. and Foladori, Guillermo.

Narratives of Foundation: Constructing neuroscience as a “firmer basis” for human sociality
 Meloni, Maurizio.

National genetic heritage: anti-racist science and the making of difference
 Nash, Catherine.

Nature, Environment, and the Technoscientific Enviro-State
 Carroll, Patrick.

Nature/Nurture Refigured: Gendered Narratives of Parenthood in Environmental Epigenetics
 Kenney, Martha. and Mueller, Ruth.

Natures inhabiting energy consumption
 Schick, Lea.

Negative Impacts: The Role of Journal Impact Factor in Scientific Publishing
 Siu, Edwin.

Negotiating ambiguity: Notions of competence in Crime Scene Investigation
 Wyatt, David.

Negotiating autonomy and responsibility for autonomous military robots
 Noorman, Merel.

Negotiating expectations in the encounter between genomics and common disease research
 Bitsch, Lise. and Konrad, Kornelia.

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Obesity science, hormones, and gender
 Cheng, Fei-Wen.

Objective Lenses? Planet Earth’s HD Cameras as Political and Situated
 Louson, Eleanor.

Occupational Therapy and the productivist way of life: contributions to creating lines of flight
 Lima, Elizabeth.

Occupy climate expertise?
 Kropp, Cordula.

Of Borders and Buffer Zones: The Spatial Politics of Disaster in Sri Lanka
 Choi, Vivian.

Of course, that’s how it is. Enculturation of Young Researchers in the Current Academic Environment
 Schmidt-Pfister, Diana.

Of mice, polemics and toxins (dis)placed on stage of public consultation. Situational analysis of the GMO-discourse in Poland
 Sulmowski, Yen.

Off the studio. Accounting for sensible practices within the engineering processes of a design chair in Italy
 Mattozzi, Alvise. and Parolin, Laura Lucia.

Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol and Technical Distance
 Greaves, Matthew.

On Catalysis: Wrestling with Instigations and Provocations from Mike Lynch
 Doing, Park.

On Controversy Analysis as a Digital Method (Or, the Co-word Machine).
 Marres, Noortje.

On Designerly Thinking and Feminist Thought
 Fors, Anna.

On Genomics and Justice
 Reardon, Jenny.

On Operational Risk
 Hagen, Ryan.

On Sovereignty and Scientific Knowledge: The Work of the Law in Brazilian Development Initiatives, 1947-1965
 Powers, Allison.

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Pain, and Its Ventriloquists
 Landzelius, Kyra.

Paradigm Shift in Prenatal Genetic Risk Assessment for Down Syndrome
 Mozersky, Jessica.

Partial contestations: Citizens’ counter-narratives in assessing new technologies
 Felt, Ulrike.

Partial possessions and the evanescent materiality of media-art
 Dominguez, Fernando.

Participatory Technology Assessment & Stakeholder Engagement for Responsible and Sustainable Innovation: a conceptual & methodological comparison from recent cases from the Netherlands
 Quist, Jaco.

Participatory Technology Development for the Elderly: The Odd Phenomenon of Bending User-Expertise into a Non-User-Orientated Engineering-Resource
 Compagna, Diego.

Participatory design and feminist interventions. Emancipatory potentials of public engagement.
 Klaura, Andrea*s.

Participatory surveillance in the Rotterdam Nightscape
 Timan, Tjerk.

Patented Drugs and their ‘Others’: Interrogating the Political and Social Meanings of Counterfeit Medicines in sub-Saharan Africa
 Cloatre, Emilie.

Pathways to high intensity democracy: Between protests and participatory budgeting devices
 Matos, Ana Raquel.

Patient safety and organizational learning: With or without experience?
 Pedersen, Kirstine.

Patients at the Zero Point: Uncertainty and Promises in Japanese Stem Cell Research
 suzuki, wakana.

Patients know better. Narrative learning from patient experiences to improve hospital care
 van Egmond, Stans., Heerings, Marjolijn. and Sools, Anneke.

People, Products, and Nanotechnology: A Risk Judgment Analysis
 Collins, Mary., Hanna, Shannon., Harthorn, Barbara. and Satterfield, Terre.

Performative planning at the urban scale
 Hoffmann, Birgitte. and Quitzau, Mai-Britt.

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Queer Desiring Machines
 Köppert, Katrin. and Treusch, Patricia.

Queer Reproduction and the Reconfiguration of Assisted Conception in Taiwan
 Wu, Chia-Ling.

Queer ageing and norms of success: Successful ageing through the perspective of the monstrous
 Bülow, Morten.

Queer perspectives on neuroscience and psychological studies
 Anslinger, Julian., Hofstätter, Birgit., Käfer, Jenny., Scheer, Lisa., Thaler, Anita. and Wicher, Magdalena.

Queering Technological Infrastructures? Anatomy of a paradox
 Gray, Mary. and Ananny, Mike.

Quo Vadis Parliamentary Technology Assessment? A Case for Renewing PTA Programs and Thinking
 Van Oudheusden, Michiel.


Radical Transparency as an Ideology of Control
 Nolin, Jan. and Olson, Nasrine.

Re-Assembling Vancouver’s Southeast and Zurich’s North: Urban Identity and Sustainability in Industrial Area Conversions
 Kurath, Monika.

Re-Imagining Ageing
 Davies, Sophie.

Re-designing energy infrastructures: local initiatives in Germany
 Hinderer, Nele.

Re-enchanting the world: Biodynamic farming as a cosmic technology
 Jørgensen, Ask.

Re-presenting patient groups Today: from the US Orphan Drug Act to Rare Disease R&D Today
 Koay, Pei.

Re-storying Nature - rethinking approaches to Urban Nature in Cape Town South Africa
 Katzschner, Tania.

Re-thinking scaling of environmental markets
 Lis, Aleksandra.

Reaching the inside from the outside? Member identification and auto-communication
 von Platen, Sara.

Readjusting the self: measurement devices and their effects on well-being
 Ruckenstein, Minna., Pantzar, Mika., Vanhala, Toni. and Mustonen, Veera.

Reality Marginalized: How Have Science and “Science” Been Used in Discourse about Low Dose Radiation Exposure?
 Shirabe, Masashi.

Rearranging aetiologies and caring practices: Transgender in the making
 Ortega, Esther. and Romero-Bachiller, Carmen.

Reassembling Water-Cycles in the Lower Lea River Basin East London
 Teh, Tse-Hui.

Reconfiguring early phase trials in post-genomic oncology. A comparative US-France ethnography.
 Besle, Sylvain. and Kohli-Laven, Nina.

Reconfiguring international energy trade for a renewable future
 Crivelli, Jessica.

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STS Assisted Engineering Design and Its Teaching Experience
 Chen, Jeng-Horng.

STS and Sexuality: Why the silence?
 Voss, Georgina. and Lock, Simon.

Safe medication both for patients and practitioners? On patient safety through design and STS
 d\'Auchamp, Ana. and Yoshinaka, Yutaka.

Saga of the Orkney Islands Electron
 Watts, Laura.

Same Technology, Different Outcomes: The Case of Waste-to-Energy Incinerators in the United States
 Howell, Jordan.

Sanitary markets: food safety regulations and the purification of the capitalist exchange of foodstuffs
 Novas, Carlos. and Mopas, Michael.

Sankofa Science-Making: A new-old toolkit for designing participatory science
 Benjamin, Ruha`.

Scalar Work and Scalar Regimes: The Patterned Production of Scale as a Property of Objects and a Quality of the Mundane
 Camic, Charles. and Steele, Christopher.

Scale, Size, Complexity and Electronic Waste
 Lepawsky, John. and Mather, Charles.

Scaling Disaster: Simulating the Extent of the Deepwater Horizon and the Fukushima Meltdowns
 Edwards, Paul.

Scanning the Social Brain? the emerging use of web-based visualizations as tools for social exploration
 Madsen, Anders.

Schizophrenia genetics online: Spaces of contestation
 Wyatt, Sally., Kelly, Susan. and Harris, Anna.

Science and the Struggle for Public Meaning
 Jasanoff, Sheila.

Science engaging Society: An Experiment in Co-Production
 Castro, Bela Irina., Costa, Daniel., Serra, Rita., Silva, Sandra., Borlido-Santos, José., Martins, Sónia. and Nunes, Joao.

Science fiction as resource in lay citizens’ talk about nanotechnologies
 Schwarz, Claudia.

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TOO BUSY FOR REFLEXIVITY? What Danish school managers can teach STS researchers about epistemological ideals and pragmatic morals
 Ratner, Helene.

Taking a 'Southern Mindset' Seriously: New Directions for Studies of National Innovation Systems
 Delvenne, Pierre. and Thoreau, François.

Taking user representations seriously: past, present and future
 Hyysalo, Sampsa. and Johnson, Mikael.

Tales of hope and fear. Postdocs, career-work and peer-to-peer relations in the life sciences.
 Mueller, Ruth.

Taming the Rivers- Flood Control and Colonial Rule in Taiwan, 1895-1945
 Ku, Yawen.

Teachers perspectives on technology in their teaching practice
 Arstorp, Ann-Therese.

Techno fantasies of a Sámi cyborg: re-claiming Sámi body-, land- and waterscapes after a century of colonial exploitations in Sápmi
 Ohman, May-Britt.

Techno-anthropology. Hybridizations and in betweeness
 Botin, Lars.

Techno-economic models of surveillant subjectivity: the case of the Quantified Self
 Phillips, David.

Techno-legal instruments as political devices. Defining nanomaterials and shaping a European space of regulatory action.
 Laurent, Brice.

Technological Activism and the Non-Human Design of the European Borders
 Verburgt, Lukas.

Technological Jugaad as a ‘Culture of Innovation’ in India
 Sekhsaria, Pankaj.

Technological versus use regimes.
 Nahuis, Roel. and Moors, Ellen.

Technologies of Displacement: Urban Design and Planning after Katrina
 Owen, Graham.

Technologies of the self and nonmodern ontologies: the cases of meditation and cybernetics
 Carvalho, Antonio. and Pickering, Andrew.

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Uncertain Transitions and Transitional Uncertainties in the Making: The case of the UK natural gas network, c. 1940-2010
 Arapostathis, Stathis.

Uncertainties in CO2 storage and implications for risk practices
 Evar, Benjamin.

Uncertainty Trumps and Traps. The risky paths toward democratization of scientific advice.
 Joly, Pierre-Benoît.

Under the Dome of Things: Media Art's Engagement with Bruno Latour (Peter Sloterdijk as best man)
 tuters, marc.

Underground life: Drills, rocks and biological activity.
 Bertoni, Filippo.

Understanding institutions in CCS: Two case studies in Finland
 Toikka, Arho.

Understanding the Constructedness of Hansen's Disease: A Study on Medical Work regarding Hansen's Disease in Taiwan
 Hung, Yiling.

Understanding the Design of Telecare Technologies
 Maathuis, Ivo.

Understanding the materiality of designing in the management context
 Terrey, Nina.

Unethical Science for Policy in the Environmental Governance of Agricultural Biotechnology
 Wickson, Fern. and Wynne, Brian.

Unlikely Allies and Competing Authorities in Chemical Regulation
 Cordner, Alissa., Brown, Phil. and Mulcahy, Margaret.

Unruly experiments: stem cell therapy, clinical trials and the (limits of) regulatory knowledge
 Haddad, Christian.

Unstable Ground: The Politics of Urban Assemblages
 Zeiderman, Austin.

Upscaling capture technologies: Lessons from FGD and industrial gas turbines
 Markusson, Nils.

Urban discourses of innovation: How cities cope with disaster
 Hommels, Anique.

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Validation of Simulation Models
 Rehman, Muniza.

Valuations of Experimental Designs in Proteomic Biomarker Experiments and Traditional RCTs
 Lee, Francis. and Helgesson, Claes-Fredrik.

Vernacular Video Analysis: The digitalization of the professional vision
 Tuma, Rene.

Videocommunication and the performing ordinary and institutional situations as multimedia events
 Licoppe, Christian.

Visions of a Sustainable Energy System for the Mediterranean Region
 Moore, Sharlissa.

Visual practices and routinization of ultrasound in Phnom Penh
 Grant, Jenna.

Visualising self-management: generating, analyzing and making practical use of photographs
 Huniche, Lotte. and Dinesen, Birthe.

Visualizing Life/Death: Feminist materialism, Alzheimer's disease and the lab
 Mehrabi, Tara.

Visualizing Pure Mathematics: Imaginative Worlds on Computer Screens
 Steingart, Alma.

Visualizing Sociological Imagination
 Beck, Gerald.

Vital fluids: the generative dialectics and procreant contradictions of blood
 Brown, Nik.

Voluntary Regulation in the International Nanomaterials Industry: Perceptions, Practices & Problems for Workers
 Engeman, Cassandra., Harthorn, Barbara., Holden, Patricia. and Satterfield, Terre.

Vulnerability and Inequality: A Case Study of the 3.11 Disaster
 Shineha, Ryuma.


Warring Identities: American Veterans Making Sense of Postwar Identity and Health
 Smith, R. Tyson. and True, Gala.

Waste(d) connections? Global cities and the multiscalar politics of garbage.
 Acuto, Michele.

Weather Vane Science: Simulation in the Era of Academic Capitalism
 Hoffman, Steve.

Welfare technology innovation and the social constitution of ageing,
 Otto, Lene., Lassen, Aske. and Boennelycke, Julie.

Western scientific circumscriptions and freedoms of action in Latin America
 Marques, Ivan.

What Can a Nuclear Disaster Prove about Nuclear Energy?: Nuclear Scientists and Robustness of Nuclear Discourse in Post 3.11 Japan
 Ito, Kenji.

What Science Doesn't Know Can't Hurt Us.
 Lucas, Graham.

What a Palaver: Design and STS ‘in the Presence’ of’ Energy Communities
 Wilkie, Alex.

What are science classrooms for? Research in hybrid classroom spaces
 Stroupe, David.

What counts as a blueberry?
 Schleifer, David. and Desoucey, Michaela.

What is new in Geoengineering?
 Curvelo, Paula.

When Scholarship is Measured. University Researcher's Perception of Performance Indicators
 Mouritzen, Poul Erik. and Opstrup, Niels.

When expectations meet: tensions by aiming for social relevance
 Pijnappel, Meggie.

When research meets policy-making: a Brazilian case-study of a think-tank
 Rigolin, Camila. and Hayashi, Maria Cristina.

Where Is the ‘There’ in the Posthuman ‘Being There’?
 Berry, David.

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Zero emission buildings and development of professional (energy) operation culture: Learning and professional development in operation of large buildings.
 Gansmo, Helen.
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