4S Annual Meeting 2013-Oct-09 to 2013-Oct-13

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"Bad Research Collaborations: Perspectives from Women Scientists and Engineers"
 Bozeman, Barry. and Gaughan, Monica.

"Mutual Connexions": Technology, Infrastructure, and the Scope of Social Justice
 Hoffmann, Anthony.

"Situated Identities": Life Scientist´s Identity Work in Changing Academic Landscapes
 Schönbauer, Sarah.

"We Have to Get Ourselves Educated": Amateur Biologists and the Production of Scientific Truth
 Scroggins, Michael.

(Re)Turning to Materiality: Moments of Shared Perplexity for Feminist and Postcolonial STS
 Roy, Deboleena.

404 Not Found: The Internet as a Transparent Society
 Leslie, Christopher.

'Reflections' on Space: Techoustemological Subjectivity in Object-Based Audio
 Klett, Joseph.

‘Holistic Engineers’ Observed through the Practice Looking-Glass
 Buch, Anders.

‘Plug-and-Play’ Ecology: Technical Expertise and Perceptions of Nature in Green Stormwater Management
 Matsler, Marissa.

“A Human Geiger Counter”:Somatic Science through the Embodiment of Domestic Toxins
 Shapiro, Nick.

“Always Indigenize!” and Generalized Symmetry: STS and Indigenous Knowledge Systems in Canadian Universities
 Parker, Lindsay.

“Deadly Cucumbers” or How to Deal with Food Safety in a Transnational Unified Market
 Torny, Didier.

“Geopower” and Colonization Ecologies in Amazonia
 Rojas, David.

“I Took the Eyes and Sneaked Out” - The Professional Challenges of Handling Organ and Tissue Donors
 Jensen, Anja.

“Invisible” Pollution? Reviewing Policy Issues in Managing Hazardous Substances in Taiwan’s Electronics Industry
 Tu, Wen-Ling.

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A Brief History of the Text Message as a Format
 Acker, Amelia.

A Dance of Discovery: Charting the Recent Engineering Turn
 op\'tLand, Ray.

A Deliberative Perspective on the Assessment of Public Participation
 Dortmans, Koen.

A Deliberative Workshop Trial: What Are the General Public’s Concerns About BMI?
 Isobe, Taichi., Mizushima, Nozomi., Kase, Ikuko., Otsu, Natsuko., Uchida, Marika. and Sakura, Osamu.

A Fresh Frontier for HACCP: Locating the Limits of Integration in Food Safety Governance
 Baur, Patrick.

A Green Revolutions for Upland Rice? New Research and Old Debates.
 Maat, Harro.

A Human-Robot-Mirror: Material Hermeneutics and Phenomenological Perspectivity in Human-Robot-Interactions
 Funk, Michael.

A Longing in Our Hearts: Interspecies Communication in Contemporary Art”
 Tromble, Meredith.

A Multi-Venue Study of Public Deliberation on Public Biobanking
 Thiel, Daniel., Platt, Jodyn., Platt, Tevah. and Kardia, Sharon.

A Natural History of Hijacking
 Venkat, Bharat.

A New Operation of Expertise in San Francisco Water Infrastructure Planning
 Solis, Miriam.

A Postphenomenology of Self-tracking Technologies
 Van Den Eede, Yoni.

A Right to Finance? Making the ‘Legitimately Economic’ in Contemporary Botswana
 Chart, Hilary.

A Shared Yearning for Discoveries: Sven Hedin and the Circulation of Curiosity in the Early Twentieth Century
 Bergwik, Staffan.

A Stupa Not a Triangle: Cooperation among NGOs Fighting Avoidable Blindness
 Williams, Logan.

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Barneyland: The Ethics of Violence in a Virtual World Community
 Doing, Park.

Bearing the Danger of Expertise: Embodied Knowledge Production in Borneo
 Parrenas, Rheana (Juno).

Beating the Biological Clock: Technology’s Impact on Procreative Decision-making
 Martin, Lauren.

Beautiful Brainwaves: Performing “Good Data” in the EEG Lab
 Klein, Sarah.

Becoming Neuroscholars: Disciplinary Double Consciousness in Emergent Neuroscholarship
 Littlefield, Melissa.

Becoming “Hyperdisciplinary”: Implications of Increasingly Hybrid Collaborations
 Darch, Peter.

Before Big Data: Information, Organization and Institutional Geography in the Emergence of the Environmental Sciences in U.S. Higher Education
 Woods, Nathan.

Behind a Veil of Smoke: R&D at Philip Morris
 Rego, Brianna.

Being Genetically at Risk: Experiencing Discrimination, Stigmatization, and Adverse Treatment.
 Eißing, Tabea. and Plümecke, Tino.

Being and Becoming (Short) Children: A Case Sudy of Human Growth Hormone Treatment for Childhood Short Stature’
 Kelly, Susan. and Morrison, Michael.

Belonging Nowhere in the Area of Reproductive Tourism
 Schuh, Daniela. and Felt, Ulrike.

Bench to Beside: Communicating the Communality of Science Enhances Motivation
 Brown, Elizabeth., Smith, Jessi., Thoman, Dustin. and Zazworsky, Lisa.

Between Curiosity and Demand: Mobile Knowledge, Embodiment, and the Establishment of a Big Science Site
 Pettersson, Helena.

Between Purity and Hybridism: Technoscientific and Ethnical Myths of Brazil
 Rajão, Raoni. and Duque, Ricardo.

Beyond Blood and Soil: Dirt Ontology and Germany’s Clean Energy Revolution
 Carlson, Jenny.

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Calculating Climate Engineering
 Hansson, Anders.

Californian Innovation in Regenerative Medicine
 Rickne, Annika.

Can Data Save the Planet? Using Technology Enabled-Feedback to Promote Energy Conservation
 Karlin, Beth. and Ford, Rebecca.

Can Neuroscience and Creativity Co-Exist in the Same Room?
 Chu, Phuonguyen., Lam, Ann. and Ohayon, Elan.

Can Paid-for Content Help Optical Fiber Deployment? Evidence from France.
 Lejealle, Catherine. and Thierry, Rayna.

Can Renewable Energy Sustainability Appraisals Include Matters of Social Justice?
 Wegg, Tina.

Can the Model Teach? Environmental Governance through Technical Practice
 Bigras, Erik.

Can the Subaltern Genome Code? A Hacker’s Guide to South African Biopolitics
 Benjamin, Ruha`.

Capital Shifts: Targeted Therapies and the Role of Clinician-Investigators in Phase 1 Cancer Clinical Trials
 Dohan, Daniel.

Capitalizing on Health: How Immigrants Navigate Participation in Phase I Clinical Trials
 Edelblute, Heather.

Categorically Social: Expert Authority and the Re-interpretation of Citizen Participation in Science
 Ottinger, Gwen.

Changing Paradigms and Institutional Models of Science and Technology Policies in Argentina (1958-1983)
 Feld, Adriana.

Chasing Family through the Tangled Genetic Web: Donor Gametes and Races/Ethnicities
 Karlberg, Kristen.

Chicana/Latina Engineering Students: Mentoring and Microagressions
 Murillo, Miguel.

China’s Innovative Entrepreneurship: An Ethnography of Information Technology Startups
 Chen, Kun.

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DIY Data-Mining in the Archives of Hobbyist Computing
 Driscoll, Kevin.

Dandelion Dreams: Biomimicry and Economies of Affect
 Heatherington, Tracey.

Dangers of Relying on Scientific Innovations for a Sustainable Future
 Okie, Jordan.

Data Karaoke: An Ethnography of the International Conference on Auditory Display
 Supper, Alexandra.

Data Performativity in Oil and Gas Operations
 Parmiggiani, Elena. and Hjelle, Torstein Elias.

Data Visualization as a Research Method
 Noren, Laura.

Data and the City: Civic Use of Open Government Data
 Currie, Morgan.

Dating the Database: The Political Economy of Surveillance and the Production of Mobile Affect
 Smith, Harrison.

Dealing with Trolls: Evaluating Shadowing in Workplace Learning
 Reite, Ingrid.

Decolonization of Science and Technology: Why?, About Time!, or Impossible.
 Bauchspies, Wenda. and Brodén Gyberg, Veronica.

Decolonizing the Museum: Catalogs and the Construction of Knowledge
 Turner, Hannah.

Deletion and the Social Navigation of Information
 Kula, Eric.

Deliberative Construction: Social Influences as a Resource in Software Development
 Rodriguez, Libby.

Descripting Design: ICT4D and Local Variation at the Periphery
 Chan, Anita.

Design Conflicts: Visualizing Collective Agency in BIM Coordination
 Cardoso Llach, Daniel.

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Earth Possessed
 Dumit, Joseph.

Economizing Marine Ecosystems. The Making of Governmentality in Modern Fisheries Management
 Tveiterås, Kathrine. and Holm, Petter.

Ecotypes, Risk Perception, and New Technologies: The Effect of Environmental Context on Public Risk Perception
 Collins, Mary., Hanna, Shannon., Harthorn, Barbara. and Satterfield, Terre.

Education of Artificial Desire: Crowdsourcing Sentiment Analysis
 Aytes, Ayhan.

Efficient, Secure, Green: Digital Utopianism and the Challenge of a “Smart” Grid
 Slayton, Rebecca.

Eliciting Students’ Understanding of Engineering Knowledge and Its Social Context: A Pilot Study of Engineering Students’ Epistemological Development
 Tang, Xiaofeng.

Embedding Social Responsibility in the Design of Offshore Wind Energy Systems
 Hillerbrand, Rafaela., Oosterlaken, Ilse., Künneke, Rolf. and Hemmes, Kas.

Embodied Expertise and Parent and Would-be-Parent Activist Discourses: Comparing Infertility and Autism
 Orsini, Michael. and L\'Esperancce, Audrey.

Embodiment and Materiality in Ethnographies of Physical Sciences
 Erlemann, Martina.

Embodiments. The Becoming of Ethnographic Data: When Subjects and Objects Touch
 Finken, Sisse., Mörtberg, Christina. and Elovaara, Pirjo.

Embodying and Producing Medical Paradox: The Personal Encounter of Lu Gwei-djen
 Li, Lan.

Embracing Prosthetic Sensations and Intimate Bricoleurs
 Van Tiem, Jennifer.

Emergence, Critics, Development and Application of “Fuzzy Theory” Concept in Japan
 Ema, Arisa.

Emergent Life at the Limits of "Cultural Consultation”
 Culbertson, Jacob.

Emerging Discrimination in the 1970s: Workplace Screening and “Genetic Makeup”
 Childerhose, Janet.

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Facebook’s Infrastructure: The Assemblage and Administration of Predictably Profitable Subjects
 Rab-Alam, Sonia.

Fatal Attraction: Science, State, Public and Industry Orientations to Magnetic Fields
 Lucas, Graham.

Fearing Resistance – Expecting Support? Experts Imagining Lay People’s Concerns in the Case of Carbon Capture, Transport and Storage in Norway
 Klimek, Alexandra. and Næss, Robert.

Felidae and Extinction(s): Victims, Killers, and Entanglements
 Bussolini, Jeffrey.

Feminism, Religion and Science
 Subramaniam, Banu.

Fieldworkers Views of Clinical Trials and Their Ethics
 Kingori, Patricia.

Fighting BAC! Bacteria, Food Safety and the Reconfiguring of the Domestic Kitchen
 Novas, Carlos. and Mopas, Michael.

Filtering out the Social: Nanotechnology and Water Treatment in Mexico
 Walsh, Casey. and Saldivar, Laura.

Finding Out the Highrisk Persons: Some Social Aspects of the Japanese National Chronic Disease Prevention Program.
 Yamanaka, HIroshi.

Finding the Public in Contested Mapping for Ocean Resources: Renewable Energy Development and Ocean Planning in Oregon
 Manson, Paul.

Fish as Data: How Much Is Enough?
 Holmer, Hrönn.

Following Jibanu: The Big and Small of Human Gut Microbes from Dhaka to Deep Sequencing
 Benezra, Amber.

Following Workflow of a Digital Scholar
 Antonijevic, Smiljana.

For the Sociology of Disaster beyond Fukushima
 Matsumoto, Miwao.

Forensic Science and Public Trust: Solidarity and ‘Genomic Justice’
 Wienroth, Matthias. and Williams, Robin.

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Gazing into Hybrid Bodies. Surveillance Practices of Pacemakers and ICDs
 Oudshoorn, Nelly.

Gender Boundary-Work in Laboratories: The Negotiation of Experimental Practice, Material Settings and Professional Identity
 Han, Tsai-Yen.

Gender and the Making of Excellence in STEM Careers
 Wolffram, Andrea.

Gendering Facebook: Dissecting Gendered Power Relations between Designers, Users and Social Media Technology
 Bivens, Rena.

Genealogists as Citizen Scientists: Personal Genomics, Genetic Literacies, and Technologies of Race
 Calvert, Scout.

Genes, Gender and Genre: Genomic Science in Fiction
 Haran, Joan.

Genetic Discrimination in Australia: Policy Response in the International Context
 Barlow-Stewart, Kristine.

Genetic Testimony: the Rediscovery of Taiwanese Ancestry and the Identity Politics of Multiple Origins
 Tsai, Yuyueh.

Getting Played: Gameification and the Rise of Algorithmic Surveillance
 O\'Donnell, Casey.

Global Diabetes Encounters
 Juul Nielsen, Annegrete. and Langstrup, Henriette.

Globally Local, Digitally Material and the Amateur Professional: Hacking Hybrid Socio-Technical Cultures
 Forlano, Laura.

Going Interdisciplinary: Entangling Neuroscience, Social Science and the Humanities in a Study of Deception
 Fitzgerald, Des.

Google Data Centers: Reshaping the Landscape of the Networked Information Economy
 Yeo, ShinJoung.

Governing Climate Futures: The Social and Political Constitution of Geoengineering
 Kearnes, Matthew.

Governing by ignoring : The Case of Pesticides Related Occupational Illnesses in France and California
 Dedieu, François., Jouzel, Jean-Noël. and Prete, Giovanni.

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H like Horses: Video-Arrangements as an Etho-Ethnographical Method
 Mangelsdorf, Marion.

HCI, STS and Sociology: Theoretical Borders and New Horizons
 Zemnukhova, Liliia.

Hadoop as Grounded Theory: Is an STS Approach to Big Data Possible?
 Geiger, R. Stuart.

Half a Century of the Cybernetic Underground
 Penny, Simon.

Health Literacy, Medical Uncertainty, and Risk Communication
 Liao, Wei-Hsiang.

Helping Scientists Communicate: Applying Bioinformatics to Stem Cell Science
 Stephens, Neil.

Hey Watch This: Sharing the Self Through Media
 Lange, Patricia.

High-Tech Lab, Low-Tech Workshop: Making Space for Democratized Engineering
 Hendren, Sara.

Historical Analysis of Advisory Committees on Medical Policies in Japan: Expert Knowledge and Medical Officers.
 Tanaka, Akashi., Sekiya, Sho., Moriwaki, Kosuke. and Hirono, Yoshiyuki.

History and Sociology: Disciplinary Structures in a Historical Comparative Perspective
 Johansson, Lasse.

Home Made Data? Challenges and Opportunities for Citizen Social Science
 Halavais, Alexander.

Homo Economicus and the Smartphone: How Digital Media Creates Neoliberal Subjects
 Jay, Samuel.

Hospitals as Sites for Crisis from Extreme Events
 Fischbacher-Smith, Denis. and Fischbacher-Smith, Moira.

Hot Vaginas and Homeopathy: Mexican Midwifery Students Navigate New Models of Expert Knowledge
 Zacher, Lydia.

Housing, Health, and Safety: Regulation in a Cold Climate?
 Carr, Helen.

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Ideas, Emotions, and Coherent Group Development
 Hackett, Edward. and Parker, John.

Identifying the Information Needs of Low-income Parents Who Shop at Farmers Markets
 Chen, Ying-Yu.

Identity Evolutionism: Adding a New Category to the Study of Science and Religion from the Case of American Orthodox Jews
 Pear, Rachel.

Identity and the "View from Nowhere:" Tensions in Diversity Programs
 Owens, Kellie.

Imag(in)ing Nature in National Geographic – Conceptions of Nature in Visualisations of Climate Change
 Born, Dorothea.

Image and Infrastructure: Multi-Screen Environments in World War II America
 Turner, Fred.

Imaginaries in STS
 McNeil, Maureen., Haran, Joan., Mackenzie, Adrian., Tutton, Richard., Reynolds, Larry. and Arribas-Ayllon, Michael.

Imaginaries of Smart Grids: Public Issues, Contradiction and Controversy
 Fotopoulou, Aristea.

Imaginaries of Sustainability: The Technopolitics of Smart Cities and the Shaping of Our Urban Future
 Miller, Thaddeus.

Imaginary Technologies - The Applied Culture of Apps
 Allen, Jamie.

Imagined Disasters in India’s Nuclear Energy Landscape
 Bhadra, Monamie.

Imagined Information Practices: Information Determinism and Disaster Response
 Finn, Megan.

Imagining Knowledge Deficits without Filling the Gaps? How Offshore Wind Scientists Conceptualize the Science-Public Relation
 Heidenreich, Sara.

Imitation Games and Comparative Research
 Weinel, Martin., Collins, Harry. and Evans, Robert.

In the Shadow of Vulcan's Forge: Policy Challenges for Volcanic Hazards
 Fischbacher-Smith, Denis.

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Jean Ayres and the Development of a Scientific Paradigm for Diagnosing and Treating Learning Disorders
 Gorman, Mike.

Joint Perplexities, Shared Desires. Perspectives of Feminist Critique and Intervention in Science and Engineering
 Meissner, Hanna.

Judgmental Dopes? The DSM in Mental Health Research and Practice
 Halpin, Michael.

Just What _Is_ STS: Articulating How STS Relates to the Fields and Controversies It Studies
 Lynch, Michael.

Just to Give you a Picture. A Visual Ethnography of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
 Fitsch, Hannah.


Knowing Patients, doing Quality Improvement: A History of Patient Surveys
 Pflueger, Dane.

Knowledge Production in Communication Studies
 Gibson, Steven. and Nucum, Dinah.

Knowledge Production in the Neoliberal Science Regime: Scientists’ Understanding of the Contemporary Culture of Science
 Kumbamu, Ashok. and McCormick, Jennifer.

Knowledge Systems Analysis as a Tool for Facilitating Cross-Domain Collaboration
 Kennedy, Eric.


Latin American Science and Technology Policy in the Post Neoliberal Age and the Research Community
 Dagnino, Renato.

Law of the Buffalo: Ontological Encounters in Heritage Management
 Poirier, Claire.

Law, Commerce and Race in the Circle of Pharmaceutical Life
 Kahn, Jonathan.

Learning Risk: Health, Lifestyle and Biosociality in a Local Setting
 Jauho, Mikko.

Learning after Catastrophe: Post-Apocalypse Science Fiction and the Question of Re-Building Technologies and Capabilities
 Fressoli, Juan.

Learning to See Crime: A Tale of Seagulls and Risky Behavior
 Möllers, Norma.

Learning to See. Self-driving Cars in Everyday Traffic.
 Both, Göde.

Legitimating New Knowledge Products in a Digital Scholarly Communications Ecosystem
 Avery, Marguerite. and Schnapp, Jeffrey.

Leveling the Stage? Performance Curation and Embodied Knowledge as Knowledge Infrastructure.
 Sylvester, Nicole Miya., Slota, Steve. and Seberger, John.

Life Cycle Assessment of Wind Energy Systems: The Composite Blades Loophole
 Sakellariou, Nicholas.

Life after Death (of American Cities): Social Science on the Eve of Urban Crisis
 Samuels-Aidoo, Fallon.

Life as Property: Modes of Resistance in the Global Commons
 Aneesh, Aneesh.

Light, Color, Affect and Stress
 Snyder, Jaime., Matthews, Mark., Abdullah, Saeed., Ko, Yohan. and Gay, Geri.

Limiting Our Obligations to Dissenters
 Intemann, Kristen. and de Melo-Martín, Inmaculada.

Lines of Flight and Ontological Politics in Latin America
 Marques, Ivan.

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Maintaining Infrastructures: A Theory of Infrastructural Repair
 Henke, Christopher. and Sims, Benjamin.

Making Bodies and Society Comparable through Standard Making:East Asia and Its Regulatory Entanglements with the ICH
 Kuo, Wen-Hua.

Making Outbreaks Visible: The Infrastructure of Foodborne Disease Surveillance
 Boyce, Angie.

Making Policies, Practices and Personalities through Mental Health Law
 Pickersgill, Martyn.

Making Pollution Manifest: The Sigmoid Nature of Harm
 Liboiron, Max.

Making Sense of Climate Engineering
 Wibeck, Victoria. and Hansson, Anders.

Making Sense of Craving: Addiction Theories in the US during the 1930s
 Chen, Jia-shin.

Making Sense of Materiality: Building Kits for Thinking
 coons, ginger. and Southwick, Dan.

Making Technology New: The Emergence of Menstrual Suppression Birth Control
 Hasson, Katie.

Making a Method: Mess, Mutualism, Performance, Feminism
 Westby, Margaret Jean. and Whynacht, Ardath.

Making the "Landscape Approach" in Global Agricultural Science: The Epistemic Politics of Relational Scale
 Iles, Alastair. and Montenegro, Maywa.

Making the Gestalt Switch
 Feenberg, Andrew.

Making the ‘People Cured Temporarily’ - Nanum Medical Service and Medical Tourism in South Korea
 Won, Chuyoung.

Managing Social Uncertainty: Ecogenomics and Certification
 Downey, Robin., Bachor, Vern., Matos, Stelvia. and Hall, Jeremy.

Managing Ubiquity: Smartphones, Memory, and Visual Practices in Daily Digital Life
 Hand, Martin.

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Nanotechnology and the Community?
 Jones, Kevin. and Granzow, Michael.

National Politics of Definitions of Trans Fats Reduction Regulation: Denmark, Canada, United States, and Brazil
 Botelho, Antonio. and Oviedo, Katia.

Natural Objects, Competing Knowledge, and the Biomedicalization of Well-Being
 Oxenfeld, Laura.

Navigating Conflict of Interest in Entrepreneurial Laboratories: A Canadian Study
 Axler, Renata., Miller, Fiona., Lehoux, Pascale. and Lemmens, Trudo.

Negotiating Authority: Academic vs. Commercial Science in Stream Mitigation Banking
 Lave, Rebecca.

Negotiating Cross-Disciplinary Work
 Gonzalez-Santos, Sandra.

Negotiating Openness in Open Source Hardware Development
 Murillo, Luis Felipe.

Negotiating Reconciliation through the Academy
 Nathan, Lisa.

Negotiating Terrains: Stories from the Making of “Siida”
 Kramvig, Britt. and Ekeland, Torun.

Neoliberalism and Higher Education: An STS perspective
 Busch, Lawrence.

Neoliberalism as Political Technology: Expertise, Energy and Democracy in Chile
 Barandiaran, Javiera. and Tironi, Manuel.

Networking and Gender in Science and Engineering Leading Positions
 Sagebiel, Felizitas.

Neuroimaging as an Evidence Base for Learning and Education
 Edelenbosch, Rosanne. and Kupper, Frank.

New Development in Philosophy of Technology in China
 Chen, Jia.

No Space for Old Women: Transformations in Healthcare Work
 Lotherington, Ann Therese., Obstfelder, Aud. and Halford, Susan.

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Obduracy and Malleability in the City: Public Engagement with Nanotechnology
 Sadowski, Jathan. and Selin, Cynthia.

Obesities, Subjectivities, and Textual Rhetoric
 Thille, Patricia.

Occupational Biopolitics: Labor Unions and State Recognition of Work-Related Disease
 Fleming, Mark.

Occupy, Solidarities, and Net Work
 Donovan, Joan.

Odin's Bargain: Virtual Embodiment as Diffractive Apparatus
 Weiss, Sabrina.

Officially Ambivalent: Technocratic Commitments in the Democratization of Science Governance
 Barvosa, Edwina.

On Building a Greener Neuroscience
 Lam, Ann. and Ohayon, Elan.

On Purity and Interest
 Lee, Francis.

On Videogames and Drones: Technology, Entertainment and (Post)Modern Warfare
 Peron, Alcides Eduardo. and Dias, Rafael.

On some Unconscious Aspects in the Study of Knowledge
 Wimmer, Mario.

On the Nature of Endless Competition within the Classic Period of STS Movement
 Kozhanov, Andrey.

On the Omnipresence, Diversity, and Elusiveness of Values in the Life Sciences
 Dussauge, Isabelle., Helgesson, Claes-Fredrik. and Lee, Francis.

On the Quantification of Mediated Sex and Romance: Vernacular Understandings of Social Calculations and Algorithms
 Renninger, Bryce.

On the Rise and Fall of Inherently Safe Reactor Designs in Germany
 Ionescu, Tudor. and Kinsella, William.

On the Technological Uncanny and the Need for Philosophy
 Besmer, Kirk.

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Painting Primates: A Multispecies Ethnography of Chimpanzee-Human Collaborative Art
 Klett, Joseph. and Goodman, Justin.

Parasitic Alliances: DIY Making Meets Chinese Manufacturing
 Lindtner, Silvia.

Part and Whole: Governing Risk in Bodily Transfers
 Hoeyer, Klaus.

Partnership as a Vehicle for Innovation: Collaborative Innovation in Public Libraries
 Jaeger, Birgit.

Pasteurizing France and Luhmannizing Chile: ANT and Life-histories
 Rodriguez-Medina, Leandro.

Patients, Consumers or What? Routes of Medicalization and Commercialization in Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing in Spain
 Pavone, Vincenzo. and Lafuente, Sara.

Patterns of Communication among the Academic Research Community in a Developing Country
 Muriithi, Petronilla., Horner, David. and Pemberton, Lyn.

Pauling for Peace
 Fellet, Melissae. and Gormley, Melinda.

Peer Review and the Governance of the Academy
 Frodeman, Robert.

Peopling Europe
 Ruppert, Evelyn.

Personal Analytics: The Politics and Temporalities of Self-tracking
 Ruckenstein, Minna.

Personal Genetic Code: Algorithmic Living, Genomics, and the Quantified Self
 Bietz, Matthew. and Gregory, Judith.

Personal and Networked Devices for Air Quality Sensing
 Holstius, David.

Perspectives on Japan's Rapidly Changing Funding System
 Sato, Yasushi. and Arimoto, Tateo.

Pharmaceutical Imperium: The Biopolitics and Geopolitics of Intellectual Property Regimes in Drug Development
 Sunder Rajan, Kaushik.

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Quantifying Disease, Economizing Life, Governing Health
 Kenny, Katherine.

Quantitative Self
 Wartenbe, Michael.

Queer Feminist Science Studies: Rethinking Embodiment at the Nexus of Biomedicine and Activism
 Rubin, David.

Queering/Cripping Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
 Gupta, Kristina.


Race and Genomics: Africanicity and the Bioethics of Metonymy
 Battle, James.

Racialization in Scientific Medicine: A Content Analysis
 Granzow, Kara.

Rapid Diffusion of Robotic Surgery in a U.S. Market Area
 Greer, Ann.

Rapid Sustainable Energy Transition - Chinese Style
 Kirch Kirkegaard, Julia. and Lyngfeldt Gorm Hansen, Louise.

Re-Imagining the Collective Workplace
 Collier, James.

Re-Presenting Skill: Unpacking Knowledge Embodied in a Disappearing Technology
 Fisher, Tom., Botticello, Julie. and Hayes, Nick.

Re-routing Everyday Water Practices through Tactical Institutions
 Pratt, Susanne.

Re-territorializing Galápagos: Transnational Policy Networks and the Production of an Evolutionary Eden
 Hennessy, Elizabeth.

Reactions to Fukushima in Finland, France and the UK – Rupture or Continuity in the Nuclear Techno-politics?
 Lehtonen, Markku.

Reading Science Databases for Ontological States and Norms
 Johnson, Nathan.

Reading the Flex-Foot Cheetah: Oscar Pistorius and the Sporting Body
 Goldsher-Diamond, Emily.

Realising Hydrogen Energy? The Vision and Policy of Governor Schwarzenegger
 Dignum, Marloes.

Reassembling 'Multiple Chemical Sensitivity' from Objective Diagnosis to Treatment Practice
 Irie, Shin.

Reclaiming the Land of Many Waters: A Social History of Coastal Engineering in Guyana
 Gray, Summer.

Reflecting on Metaphors and the Multiple Realities of Mirror Neurons
 Gruber, David.

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STS and Social Studies in Finance : Restoring Trust in Financial Markets
 Beatrice, Guynamant.

STS and the Reconstruction of Everyday Life: (Re)Building Local Community
 Dotson, Taylor.

STS, Postcolonialism and Critique
 Rottenburg, Richard.

STS-Ideas Translated into Innovation Practice
 Koivisto, Juha. and Pohjola, Pasi.

STS: How Do We Think the Unthinkable?
 Mialet, Helene.

Safe and Trustworthy? Food Safety after Fukushima
 Sternsdorff-Cisterna, Nicolas.

Sameness and Propriety Entitlements: Enclosing a Sovereign African Genome
 Hinterberger, Amy.

Sanitation, Technology, and Public Health: Biomedicalization of Human Bodily Nature through Sanitary Engineering
 Carrera, Jennifer. and Guest, Jeremey.

Saving (on) Water: Recycling and Reuse in EcoSan Communities
 Otto, Birke.

Scaffolded Development and Distributed Inheritance: An Eco-Devo-Evo Perspective on Epigenetics
 Griesemer, James.

Scholarly Blogs as Infrastructure for Scholarly Communications
 Burton, Matt.

Science Café for Information Gathering
 Kuri, Miwa. and Murakami, Yuko.

Science Classes and Sweat Lodges: Epistemological Complementarity and Conflict among Native American College Students
 Cech, Erin., Smith, Jessi. and Metz, Anneke.

Science Communication of Nanotechnology Development: What Can Make Public Engagement Work?
 Wong, Yu-Feng.

Science Documentary in the Making: A Participatory Observation into the EBS's
 Hong, Sungook. and Moon, Jiho.

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TURINEX: Test for Ubiquitous through Real or Interactional Expertise
 Berardy, Andrew., Seager, Thomas., Selinger, Evan. and Uhl, Russell.

Tacit Knowledge and Music Software Programming: MaxMSP in China
 Zimmermann, Basile.

Taking Seriously the Mutual Embodiment of Researcher and Informant in Intra-Active Processes of Investigation
 Greusing, Inka.

Taking up the Cry: When Genetics, Race, and News Print Meet
 Lehrman, Sally.

Tasting Sustainability? Mattering of Certification in “Colombian Sustainable Coffees” Production.
 Sánchez Vargas, Derly.

Tasting as Techne, Tasters as Technologies
 Mudry, Jessica.

Tasting the Bread that Matters
 Littaye, Alexandra.

Teaching Embodied Calculation: Entrepreneurs of Neoliberalism
 Moore, Kelly.

Teaching Student Engineers to Analyze Society: A Knowledge-Based Pedagogy
 Tatar, Bradley. and Choi, Jinsook.

Technical Difficulties Associated with the Creation of the First Synthetic Bacterial Cell
 Fye, Shannon.

Techniques of Postcolonial Independence: Activism, Sentiment, and Botanicals
 Ma, EunJeong.

Techniques of Representation and Measurement in Canadian Biomonitoring Projects
 Blacker, Sarah.

Technological Development Stage of Waste Picker’s Cooperatives in Brazil
 Gutierrez, Rafaela., Zanin, Maria. and Gitahy, Leda.

Technological Identities in Transgender Care
 Akyurtlu, Bahar.

Technological Legitimacy in Processes of Collaboration and Exclusion
 Sims, Christo.

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Uncertainty in Climate Models
 Fertig, Emily. and Kahn, Brian.

Unchaining the Health Record: Toward Patient-Centered Care
 Chozinski, Brittany., Chozinski, Joseph. and Campbell, Clark.

Underground Politics: Transport Networks, Urban Borders/Bodies and Assemblages of Resistance
 Galis, Vasilis. and Summerton, Jane.

Understanding Amateur Data: Interactions in Astronomy and Environmental Sciences
 Suomela, Todd.

Understanding Change in Academic Knowledge Production in a Neoliberal Era
 McGuire, Wendy. and Albert, Mathieu.

Understanding Images: Imagination, Interpretation and Method in Radiology
 Berg Olsen Friis, Jan Kyrre.

Understanding the Lived Experiences of Chronically Ill Patients through the Imitation Game
 Wehrens, Rik.

Unlimited Potential: Science, Technology, and Activism in Marge Piercy’s He, She, and It
 Ruffin, Valerie.

Unmaking the Bomb: Eternal Waste and the Politics of Impossibility at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation
 Cram, Shannon.

Unstructured Care for the Future: A Study of Responsible Innovation of Medical Technologies
 Till, Christopher., Kerr, Anne. and Ellwood, Paul.

Using the Framing of Learning and Knowledge-Building Communities as a Means to Understand Scholarly Contribution
 Hoadley, Christopher.


Value, Practice and the Tax Dynamic: The Economization of Society at the Swedish Tax Agency
 Björklund Larsen, Lotta.

Varieties of Collaboration
 Gerson, Elihu.

Video Reflexive Ethnography and Its Styles of Agency and Modes of STS
 Mesman, Jessica.

Video in STS and the Human-Nonhuman Interface
 Alac, Morana.

Violent Brains? Infrastructure and Endurance in the Neurobiology of Violence
 Rollins, Oliver.

Viral Emergence as Biomedia
 Ghosh, Bishnupriya.

Virtual Health Information and the Making of Citizen-Patients
 Felt, Ulrike.

Virtually Ideal: Toward a Tracing of the Desire for Facial Symmetry in the Neoliberal Era
 Harp, Kyle.

Visual Captures: Aesthetics, Materiality, and the Census of Marine Life
 Alaimo, Stacy.

Voices in the Courtroom: Sound, Technology, and Expert Hearing in the Legal Arena
 Mopas, Michael. and Primeau, Phillip.

Volunteer Water Monitoring and Regulation of the Natural Gas Industry
 Kinchy, Abby. and Jalbert, Kirk.


Waiting for the Big One: Esatblishing the Earthquake Risk
 Cabasse, Charlotte.

Water and Sustainability: The Management and Educational Practices Socio-Environmental in the City
 Rosa, Maria.

Waves across Media
 Helmreich, Stefan.

Wayfinding in the Museum: Embodied Cognition as Evidence in Universal Design
 Hamraie, Aimi.

Welcome to My Front Yard! Public Attitudes Towards and Engagement with Renewable Energy
 Heidenreich, Sara., Karlstrøm, Henrik., Klimek, Alexandra., Næss, Robert., Ryghaug, Marianne., Sørensen, Knut H.. and Åm, Heidrun.

What Disaster Studies Can Learn from Network Analysis and Visual Methods
 Henderson, Kathryn.

What Do Mexicans Need to Decide Whether They Incorporate or not GM-Maize?
 Cano, Wendy.

What Do You Mean by Disaster?
 Petersen, Katrina.

What Is Travel for Software?
 Ribes, David.

What Kind of “Thing” is the Technoscientific State?
 Carroll, Patrick.

What Makes Asian Women a Unique Group?: Race, Gender, and Asian Genomics
 Ahn, Sungwoo.

What Makes a Vote, and What Does a Vote Make?
 Dalsgaard, Steffen. and Gad, Christopher.

What Should We Expect from Public Engagement?
 Sørensen, Knut H..

What is Normal Menstruation?: NovaSure and the Definition of Heavy Bleeding
 Erol, Maral.

What's in a Method? A Comparison of the History, Institutionalization, and Operationalization of the Randomized Controlled Trial in Political Science and Economics
 Rayzberg, Margarita.

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