4S Annual Meeting – Denver 2015-Nov-11 to 2015-Nov-16

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"Bomb Trains", Security, and imagining future environments in the Columbia River Gorge
 Wesner, Ashton.

"Doing well, doing good." Oral histories of industrial research
 Jones, Mark.

"Incurable, progresiva y mortal": Regulating drug addiction treatment in Mexico City
 Guisti, Joseph.

"Not one, but not two": Mother-progeny symbiosis
 Takeshita, Chikako.

"Structural Disaster" through War and Peace: Secrecy before Fukushima
 Matsumoto, Miwao.

"What Is not Being Measured Is not Being Done": Biofortification of Crops in Uganda
 Calkins, Sandra.

#Army #צבא #Me: Parrhesia, Code, and the Israeli Defense Force
 Witte, John.

(Re)designing Encounters with Disability in the Multisensory Environment
 Neal, Megan.

(Un)making Indonesia: Local Particularities of Grassroots Technological Production in Hackerspace
 Lin, Cindy Kaiying.

.The infrastructure of psychological proximity – enactments of skillfulness in telemedicine
 Nickelsen, Niels Christian.

1/ From articles to research objects : key issues highlighted by OpenScience
 Gruson-Daniel, Célya.

'Drawing things together' in architecture education: Reconsidering the design review
 Oak, Arlene.

'Where are the metrics?' Organized ambiguity in staging a societal impact-oriented research assessment
 Rushforth, Alex. and de Rijcke, Sarah.

‘Analytic Dispositions’ and the Shared Affinities of Science & Technology Studies and Intersectionality
 Brian, Jenny.

‘Good bugs’: scientific practices of valuing microorganisms in the Netherlands
 Laurent, Justine.

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A Bird(er)’s-Eye View of Surveillance: Expanding Surveillance Studies’ Metaphor Vocabulary
 Bellanova, Rocco. and Saetnan, Ann.

A Brazilian introduction to STS Laboratories.
 Paiva, Eduardo. and Marques, Ivan.

A Comparative Social Morphology of Scientific Judgment in Theoretical Physics
 Gilbert, Thomas. and Loveridge, Andrew.

A Journey to Namie
 Amir, Sulfikar. and Shineha, Ryuma.

A Marxist Critique of Feenberg’s Critical Theory of Technology
 Thorpe, Charles.

A Paratextual Analysis of the Reception of an NSF-Funded "Science Comic Book"
 White, William. and Jay, Hosler.

A Policy Dilemma: Energy Efficiency Rebound Effects in Social Space
 Halimi, Mohammad.

A Slacker Science: citizen science, political activism and digital authenticity
 Walford, Antonia. and Kirk, Donnacha.

A Transdisciplinary Deliberative Model for Just Research on Vanishing Bees
 Suryanarayanan, Sainath. and Kleinman, Daniel.

A Year Without A Winter
 Hannah, Dehlia.

A better way of engaging? Invited participation and controversial technologies
 Bogner, Alexander.

A civic lens for citizen science.
 Smith, Kevin.

A conflict that can’t be ignored: how incompatibilities generate infrastructures of safety.
 Mesman, Jessica.

A fair Internet? Global Inequality expressed through Internet infrastructure
 Bay, Morten.

A geography of environmental justice: people, farms, water and oil in Kern County, CA
 Manole, Bogdana.

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Bacterial Poetics and Animal Experiments through a Postcolonial, Feminist, STS Frame
 Lee, Rachel.

Balancing societal expectations and technological anticipation in technology roadmaps: synthetic biology as a socio-technical trajectory
 Ahlqvist, Toni., Dufva, Mikko., Oksanen, Kaisa. and Suominen, Arho.

Becoming digital. Materiality as relational
 Camus, Alexandre.

Becoming independent: The emergence of individual research programmes
 Laudel, Grit. and Bielick, Jana.

Behind usernames: Ghostwriters and the figuration of online authorship
 Sengul-Jones, Monika.

Being Audiences – ontology in television audience practices on the internet
 Dahlin, Emma.

Being Multiple: Multi-mission and multi-institutional work in NASA’s robotic space exploration program
 Vertesi, Janet.

Between Disciplines and Interdisciplines: A Longitudinal Analysis of the Growth of Design Fields in the US as Hybrids.
 Ilhan, Ali Ogulcan.

Between Science and Hardware: Supercomputing Codes and Sociotechnical Repair
 Sims, Benjamin.

Beyond Molecularization? Constructing Life in Experimental Epigenetics
 Lappe, Martine.

Beyond the “Field of Dreams” Approach: Using Theatre and Other Creative Arts to Cultivate a Participatory Audience for Discussions on Climate Change
 Galusky, Wyatt.

Beyond “Depathologization:” Reassessing the Legacy of Evelyn Hooker for LGBTQ/Sexuality Studies and STS
 Molldrem, Stephen.

Big Data, Little Data: Protecting Privacy or Protecting Value?
 Cool, Alison. and De Laet, Marianne.

Big Food and Little Data: Contending with Supply Chain Sustainability
 Freidberg, Susanne.

Binge eating disorder and the making of bio-political subjects
 Sherman, Melina.

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Calculating power: the regulatory regime behind Norway's electricity grid costs
 Karlstrøm, Henrik.

Can You Help Me Fold This? Proteins, Computer Architecture, and Citizen Science
 Miller, Shawn.

Can just war theory validate aggressive action to address the climate change crisis?
 Hill, Doug.

Cannibal Family Farms, or How to Queer Agriculture
 Rosenberg, Gabriel.

Capitalizing Knowledge: Transforming NARS in a Neoliberalizing India
 Raina, Sunita.

Capturing Behavior in Farm Animal Welfare Scientific Research
 Johnston, Connie.

Cardboard: Thinking the Box
 von Xylander, Cheryce.

Chancy Environments: An STS Mapping of Unexpected Results
 Nyssa, Zoe.

Changes in Biomedical Research Careers Driven by Animal Welfare Policies
 Filipecki, Ana Tereza., Valle, Silvio., Teixeira, Márcia. and Labarthe, Norma.

Changing the Landscape of Climate Change Events
 Gerken, Tim.

Charismatic Data in Citizen Science Environmental Monitoring
 Liboiron, Max.

Chemical Infrastructures of Reproduction in Bhopal
 Roy, Deboleena.

Chess and the Embedded Epistemology of Social Computing
 Poirier, Lindsay.

Children’s decision-making: A heuristic approach to research participation
 Christofides, Emily., O\'Doherty, Kieran., Reniers, Jennifer., Waters, Valerie. and Solomon, Melinda.

Chinese STS: In Dialogue with North America and Europe
 Mitcham, Carl.

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Data Publics as Advocates: Information Transparency in the Management of the Oil and Gas Industry
 Jalbert, Kirk.

Data Science and ‘Pattern-of-Life’ Analysis

 Di Monte, Lauren.

Data Sharing Practices among Distributed Scientific Collaborators
 Sharma, Sarika. and Sawyer, Steve.

Death Disparities of War and Peace: Heritage and Human Rights Inequalities in Postwar Spain
 Ceasar, Rachel.

Deconstructing a Grand Vision: Dismantling infrastructure on the Ocean Floor
 Steinhardt, Stephanie.

Decoupling the cognitive link between information usefulness and disclosure: A case study on SPEEDI
 Sugawara, Shin-etsu.

Dementia data sharing: Task certainty and mutual dependence in medical research
 Meyer, Eric., Schroeder, Ralph. and Deetjen, Ulrike.

Democratic Risks in Neoliberal Spaceflight and Governing Public Goods
 Bouchey, Michael.

Democratizing Environmental Science in Chile, 1980 - 2010
 Barandiaran, Javiera.

Designing Better Schools Through Computer Assisted Instruction
 Gansky, Andrew.

Designing Data Infrastructures with Multiple, Disparate Networks
 Darch, Peter., Sands, Ashley. and Traweek, Sharon.

Designing for and with similarity: Learning to group people together
 Passi, Samir.

Desire by Design
 Keilty, Patrick.

Destabilizing the American Hacker Imaginary: An Account from the Southern Cone
 Ames, Morgan.

Devices of objectual valuation: detecting 'happening' relations between fields
 Marres, Noortje.

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E-government and the Public Sphere -Case studies from Australia and Korea-
 Kang, Hye-jung.

EU's Knowledge and Innovation Communities: Transferring Knowledge, Fostering Entrepreneurship and Creating Social Value?
 Papageorgiou, Kyriaki.

Economy and Eros: Sexual Ideology as Cultural Technology
 Fiereck, Kirk.

Econoscience and everyday practices of research and innovation in synthetic biology
 Molyneux-Hodgson, Susan.

Eggs at the limit: British women’s accounts of reproductive aging, bio-knowledge and assisted reproduction
 Hudson, Nicky., Culley, Lorraine., Baldwin, Kylie. and Daly, Irenee.

Electrosensitivity: Causality and Conspiracy in West Viriginia
 Ladd, Kelly.

Emergent Pastures: Conceptualizing the Knowledge Commons
 Biagioli, Mario.

Empirical Passions: The Survey Graphic, the Progressive Movement, & the Prehistory of Data Journalism
 Anderson, Christopher.

Employing Design/Art-Based Modeling Practices to Investigate Human-Animal Relationships
 Nicewonger, Todd.

Enacting Students as Digital Experts: Reconfiguring Relations in Teaching
 Stenbøg, Sofie.

Enacting an inventive syllabus: why STS needs exhibitions
 Wakeford, Nina.

Enacting the Logistical Region
 Donovan, Kevin.

Encounters with a Trash Island that Isn’t There (But Could Be)
 De Wolff, Kim.

Enduring Disasters: Tsunami and War in Sri Lanka
 Choi, Vivian.

Energy Drink Marketing and the Creative Cultures of Stimulant Use
 Salas, Marcel.

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Facilitating Indigenous Leadership in Research
 Johnson, Jay.

Factoring Control: A History of US Drone Operations
 Elish, Madeleine.

Falling short: Institutionalizing spaces of experimental learning and public engagement with science, technology, art and design
 de Ridder-Vignone, Kathryn.

Family planning in times of climate change. A Norwegian case study
 Ravn, Malin. and Kristensen, Guro.

Faster vs. Smarter -- Governance in A.I.
 Garvey, Colin.

Feminist Biohealth Hacktivism: Playing with the Materiality, Temporality, and Performativity of Laboratory Ontology
 Jen, Clare.

Feminist Data Visualization: The Theoretical Work of 19th-Century Women Educators
 Klein, Lauren.

Feminist Theory, Temporality, and Climate Change
 Koelle, Sandra.

Fighting for Ordinary: Foreign Medical Graduates and the Need to be Exceptional
 Alam, Eram.

Finding the Gap - Engineering Ethics Teaching in the Classroom and Practices in the Modern Taiwanese Society
 Hong, Wen-Ling. and Wang, Jr-Ping.

Forces Acting Against Robot Ethics
 Böhlen, Marc.

Forces of Resistance and Accommodation in the Social Spaces of Media Audiences
 Hoover, Stewart.

Fossil Fuels and Co.: What Does Alternative Energy Mean to the Public?
 Pajo, Judi.

Fostering digitalization through science and technology policy
 Posselt, Thorsten. and Molina Vogelsang, Manuel.

Fostering new ICTs in developing countries may indeed spur economic development: the Brazilian SOFTEX program and its economic impact
 Costa, Eduardo. and Araújo, José Fábio.

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Gamifying the sustainable self: risks and opportunities for effective governance of mobile applications for sustainability
 Cruz-Vinaccia, Carolina.

Gaming the System: Computer Policy Simulation at the Practitioner-Expert Interface, 1965-1980
 Baker, Kevin.

Gaps in media and public attention on the 3.11 disaster and nuclear issues
 Shineha, Ryuma., Tanaka, Mikihito. and Yagi, Ekou.

Gender Perspectives on Engineering in the Rationalized Modernity: the Nazi-Technocrat
 Paulitz, Tanja.

Gender in the Energy Transition
 Stephens, Jennie. and Stephens, Jennie.

Gendered Enrollment in Computing Activities
 Raoking, Feng. and Cohoon, Joanne.

Gendering Mopeds and Gendering Users in Taiwan
 Lo, Kuan-Hung.

Generative Gender? Activism, Evidence, and Standardizing from the Zero Point
 Zuiderent-Jerak, Teun. and Jerak-Zuiderent, Sonja.

Genetic Heritage into Genomic Future: Optimizing Medicine, ‘De-convoluting’ America
 Jabloner, Anna.

Genetic Rational Myths: Toward an institutional perspective on risks in prenatal testing
 Parham, Lindsay.

Genomic and Viral Sovereignty: Tethering the Materials of Global Biomedicine
 Hinterberger, Amy. and Porter, Natalie.

Genomics and the Andaman Islanders: Who were the Earliest Indians?
 Ray, Subhadeepta.

Genomics as Technology: Transforming Medical Discourse through Genetic Testing
 Grinnell, Fred.

Getting Out of the Plaster Room
 coons, ginger. and Ratto, Matthew.

Giving Voice: Material Mediations in Patient Care
 Irwin, Stacey.

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HPV Vaccination Campaigns and Sex as Risk or Pleasure
 Lindén, Lisa.

Hacked Matter: Researching & Designing with Makers
 Lindtner, Silvia.

Hackers who look for microbes: transplanting agronomy, farmers’ networking, and self-help organic movement in Taiwan
 Lee, Yi-tze.

Hackerspaces as a site of “Science in Action”
 op\'tLand, Ray.

Harmony Development between Desert Steppe Culture and Natural Environment—a case study of desert steppe in Sunid Right Banner, Inner Mongolia
 Xxx, Jirigala.

Health policy and practice in Trinidad: Competing ideologies of management
 Parmasad, Vishala.

Herbert Hoover: Improving Living Standards through the Standardization of Living
 Busch, Lawrence.

Hermeneutic Elements in the Debate on Nanotechnology of the Past 15 Years
 Grunwald, Armin.

Heroic Scientific Biogaphy
 Finkelstein, Gabriel.

Heterogeneous Engineering in Digital Age: the case of Copyright Hub
 Nguyen, Hung., Campagnolo, Gian Marco. and Williams, Robin.

Hierba Mala o Mala Hierba?  A plant anthropologist in Mexico City
 Smiley, Sam.

High energy papers: communication and credit in particle physics
 Delfanti, Alessandro.

Higher Education Funding Reform in Italy: Introducing the ‘standard cost for student’
 Meoli, Michele., Cattaneo, Mattia., Donina, Davide. and Paleari, Stefano.

How Can I thank you for keeping my Scientific Career: The Materiality and Construction of the Perfect Boyfriend/Girlfriend for Chinese Ph.D. Students
 Wang, Chadwick.

How Does Petro-capitalism Make You Feel? In Pursuit of a Regional Sensorium
 Hobbs, Peter.

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Identity Conflict: Science, Politics and Religion in the Post-Revolutionary Iran
 Foghani, Sadegh.

Imaginaries of food - a participatory visionary lab to think and tinker with the future of food @ the EXPO 2015 in Milan
 Guimarães Pereira, Ângela., L\'Astorina, Alba., Ghezzi, Alessia. and Tomasoni, Irene.

Imagination and immunization: vaccines in Korea and Taiwan
 Chen, Tzung-wen.

Imaginative Hedonism and the Pleasures of Economic Literacy Media
 Jack, Caroline.

Imagining Commodification of Future Knowledge Systems: “Free-markets” and “Bioeconomies”
 Doezema, Tess.

Imagining Fish Sticks: Commodification, "Frankenfish", and Encountering U.S. Aquaculture
 Doezema, Tess.

Imagining the Smart City: Science, Technology and Urban Futures
 Miller, Thaddeus.

Impact of recreational marijuana on the existing medical market: evidence from Colorado
 Fortin, Davide.

Impacted Immunities: Anthropocene Bodies and Environments in Microbiome Research
 Nunez Casal, Andrea.

Imperial Science, Surrogacy, and other Technologies of Racialized Reproduction
 Vora, Kalindi.

Implementation of OA policies in Sweden. The case of chemistry
 Noel, Marianne.

Improving Industrial Agriculture: The Rise of Sustainable Intensification
 Iles, Alastair.

In Metadata We Trust: Instrumentalizing Obligation in a Northern Forest
 Ozden-Schilling, Tom.

In Search of Convergence: Making Design Media Analogous in an American University Architecture Studio
 Nicholas, Claire.

In Search of Joint Knowledge Production: Managing and developing an interdisciplinary research project
 Jespersen, Astrid.

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Johnny Acidseed: Timothy Leary and the Decline of Psychedelic Science
 Giffort, Danielle.

Jointing the Scattered Pieces - Rejuvenate and Reinvent Wooden Boat Building in Taiwan
 Wang, Jr-Ping. and Hong, Wen-Ling.

Justice TV and the brazilian Federal Supreme Court
 Santos, Daniele.


Knowing Thy Self when Quantified Self is a Man
 Wernimont, Jacqueline.

Knowledge Formations: the Reasons for Disciplines and Their Limitations
 Turner, Stephen.

Knowledge Sovereignty, Science and Indigenous Resurgence
 Whyte, Kyle.

Knowledge borderlands: Investigations of the relations between science, politics and bureaucracy
 Bay-Larsen, Ingrid. and Lo, Christian.


Land-Grant Hybrids: Transdisciplinarity, Identity, and Mission-Based Arts Research
 Zacharias, Kari. and Wisnioski, Matthew.

Latin America inclusive innovation experiences: examples from Brazil, Chile and Mexico
 Furlan Junior, Tildo. and Dias, Rafael.

Latin American Decoloniality, Buen Vivir, and Deep Scientific Pluralism
 Harding, Sandra.

Law and the Creation of Our Immunization Social Order
 Kirkland, Anna.

Learning Displacement: a Sociotechnical Analysis of Educational Infrastructure in Brazilian Informal Settlements
 Stiphany, Kristine.

Like pouring the money down the drain? – Expert knowledge and citizen attitudes towards environmental projects
 Magnusson, Dick.

Linking craft and performance through embodiment
 Nitsche, Michael.

Linnaeus' gaze: The importance of place in globalized science
 Gieryn, Tom.

Litigating Information Harms
 Cohen, Julie.

Lived Economies and the Productivity of “the Jam”: Blockage as a Space of Marginal Gain on Nairobi’s Streets
 Park, Emma.

Lively patternings: tracing the effects and affects of the 'ecosystem services' concept
 Waterton, Claire.

Living (better) with social problems
 Danyi, Endre.

Living with disaster – resilience and disaster mitigation in time of uncertainty.
 Cabasse-Mazel, Charlotte.

Local Power: Renewable Energy, Envirotechnical Futures, and Rural-Urban Politics in the California Desert
 Brooks, Emily.

Local and situated: cardiac implants and Brazilian scientific cinema
 Barros da Silva, Márcia.

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MAsthma and Emplaced Care: How Health Apps Index the Spatial Risks of Illness
 Kenner, Alison.

MDMA is not Ecstasy: Effecting structure in clinical trials
 Hendy, Katherine.

Machinations of War: Treadmills, Weights and the Militarization of Bodies
 Moore, Kelly.

Maintaining Firm Technologies: Managing Logistics for Technologies that Don’t Travel Well
 Jack, Margaret.

Making Facts Valuable: stress, wellbeing and the mindful brain
 van de Werff, Ties.

Making Global Health: The Gates Foundation in India
 Mahajan, Manjari.

Making Metrics and Opening Access to Scholarship from Brazil
 Lippman, Alexandra.

Making Theory: Materializing digitalSTS for Design
 Forlano, Laura.

Making Twitter Datasets and the “God Eye” of Social Media Research
 Finn, Megan. and Walker, Shawn.

Making and Breaking Boundaries in the Public Communication of Physics
 Sava, Mircea.

Making and Engineering - How Visions of Expertise Affect Education in Interdisciplinary Project Spaces
 Wigner, Aubrey.

Making meaningful materialities of technology and Swedish sign language.
 Cupitt, Rebekah.

Making sense of emerging energy technologies in socio-technical transformations
 Wibeck, Victoria., Linnér, Björn-Ola. and Fridahl, Mathias.

Making the Public Interest Patent Lawyer in an Age of Biotechnology
 Parthasarathy, Shobita.

Making the Renewable Energy Island: Securing local viability through energy transformations
 Papazu, Irina.

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NASA’s Use of Anthropomorphism in Marketing Space Programs to the Public
 Ash, Deron.

Narcissism.edu: The New Academic in the Impact Regime
 Briggle, Adam.

Narratives about Simulation and their Major Assumptions
 Kaminski, Andreas. and Resch, Michael.

National statistics and innovation labs: A new statistical regime in the age of big data
 Cakici, Baki.

Naturalizing the mind by psychological sciences: A coproductionist analysis
 Wu, Kevin Chien-Chang.

Nature and Time-making in Time-Lapse Photography
 Cox Hall, Amy.

Nature and the Refrigerating Machine: The Politics and Production of Cold in the Nineteenth Century
 Woods, Rebecca.

Navigating Energy Complexities- Artistic Compositions and Energy Futures
 Schick, Lea.

Needs Must: How Necessity Drives ICT Technical Knowledge Acquisition and Use in Resource-Scarce Contexts
 Wahome, Michel.

Negotiating Ambivalence: The Next Generation Science Standards and the Neoliberal Order
 Weinstein, Matthew.

Negotiating the Evidence Hierarchy – How Information Mediators Frame Evidence in Healthcare Practice
 McTavish, Jill.

Negotiating the concept of data quality in citizen science: Ideals and practices
 Suomela, Todd.

Neoliberal Racism and Classism: Latin@ High School Science Students Speak Their Truths to Power
 Aguilar-Valdez, Jean.

Neoliberalism: The Heart of U.S. Civil Space Policy
 Billings, Linda.

Neoliberalization of the welfarist argument in Finnish nuclear new build decisions
 Laihonen, Maarit.

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Object as Infrastructure: The Sky in Astronomical Computing
 Hoeppe, Goetz.

Objective Clientele
 Bennett, Michael.

Objects, Ontologies, and Technologies: Personal Photography in the Age of Social Media
 Van House, Nancy.

Oceanic W(h)a(i)ling
 Hayward, Eva.

Of Making New and Improving Old: Tinkering as Design
 Boeva, Yana.

On Platforms Deep and Broad
 Gillespie, Tarleton.

On Schaffer, Marx, and the “Factory System” of Astronomical Observation
 Hoeppe, Goetz.

On being, and becoming unlike, ‘an IPCC for biodiversity’
 Montana, Jasper.

On the Construction of Child Abuse: Medical Practices of Identifying Maternal Overload
 Kissmann, Ulrike.

On the Scientific Value of Detective Films and Science Cartoons in China from the 1940s to 1950s
 Guan, Qian. and Hu, Sile.

On the multi-instabilities of assembled things
 Redström, Johan. and Wiltse, Heather.

On the prowl for pollution: Environmental activists and citizen science in 1980’s Denmark
 Nielsen, Kristian.

Open Knowledge Infrastructures: Emergent Community-based Biodiversity Data Ecosystems
 Wiggins, Andrea. and He, Yurong.

Open and collaborative science in development: practical learning and critical reflection
 Albagli, Sarita., Maciel, Maria Lucia., Parra, Henrique., Fonseca, Felipe. and Lyra, Diogo.

Opening the Black Box of Chemical Blacklists
 Cordner, Alissa.

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Pacemaking the Clinical Trials: The Nation-state's Role in Turkey's Pharmacopolitics
 Ekinci, Mehmet.

Panacea or diagnostic? Hermeneutics of Innovation and the “MIT model”
 Pfotenhauer, Sebastian. and Jasanoff, Sheila.

Paper Medicine Men: Technologies and Politics of Ethnographic Documentation in the Southwestern U.S. (1870-1900)
 Johnson, Adam Fulton.

Patchwork code and legacy systems: exploring the lived temporal relations of software’s materiality
 Cohn, Marisa.

Pathways of Excellence in Science Policy Formulation: Thinking with history to act with responsibility in a context of uncertainty
 Heitor, Manuel. and Brandão, Tiago.

Patterns of Power: Investigating Interactions in Art and Science
 Rogers, Hannah.

People Problems in Data Science: A Case Study from the Intersection of the Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Humanities
 Sutherland, Tonia.

Perception of risk among scientists working with nanomaterials
 Johansson, Mikael.

Perceptions of Northern Science and the Brazilian Panel on Climate Change
 Duarte, Tiago.

Performativity Frameworks: Dancing agents in STS scholarship
 Westby, Margaret Jean.

Performing and constructing science in glass-walled museum laboratories
 Wylie, Caitlin.

Performing natural capital
 Nost, Eric.

Performing research objects through data: configuring spatio-temporal realities of air pollution
 Garnett, Emma.

Personality testing, human capital, and affect in corporate America
 Lussier, Kira.

Philosophy of Technology and Postphenomenology as Pedagogy: Experiences from Emergency nursing education
 Forss, Anette.

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Quantified Self and the other values of data
 Sharon, Tamar. and Zandbergen, Dorien.

Quantifying the River: Controversies over Algal Blooms after the FMRP in Korea
 Park, SeoHyun.

Quantum Myth-Histories: Agents of Demarcation
 Perillan, Jose.


Race and the Astronaut Body: The Mount Evans Acclimatization Experiment
 Bimm, Jordan.

Race, Stroke, and the Limits of “Culturally Appropriate” Risk Reduction
 Merid, Beza.

Racism, humanism, hybridity: Materializations in assisted reproductive technologies
 Collard, Juliane.

Re-imagining Research Indicators
 Hardeman, Sjoerd. and Guimarães Pereira, Ângela.

Re-timing the Atlantic cod: Biocapitalization and the little tools of valuation and timing in aquaculture
 Asdal, Kristin.

Reading Materialities
 Gruning, Jane.

Realer than real: saturated images through hardware and code.
 Hellman, Jacob.

Reality Disjunctures in Rating Schemes
 Ziewitz, Malte.

Reassembling Governance?
 Passoth, Jan-Hendrik. and Rowland, Nicholas.

Reckoning science and sport studies
 Barnes, Sarah.

Recreating the “Missing Archive” at the Center for PostNatural History
 Griesbach, Derek.

Red Scare Sociology: From State Power to Algorithmic Culture
 Striphas, Ted.

Reductionism and complexity in oncology: pathways, drivers, passengers, and checkpoints
 Vignola-Gagné, Etienne., Keating, Peter. and Cambrosio, Alberto.

Reflections of the Artist-Scientist design collaborative and the expected role of the Public
 Trinidad, Brenda.

Reframing Emergency Response as Creative Expertise
 Schmid, Sonja.

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S&T Policy and Innovative Dynamic in Brazil: an Evaluation of Results
 Bagattolli, Carolina.

STEM Education as Discourse: Affordances, Limits, and Governance
 Bazzul, Jesse. and Güçler, Beste.

STS Curriculum and the Science and Technology Idealism of Freshmen and Sophomore STEM Majors
 Mogul, Nicole., Aruch, Matt. and Tomblin, David.

STS Without Borders: Putting STS Concepts into Practice in Engineering-for-Development Projects
 Horner, Robert.

STS by other means
 Jackson, Steven.

STS in the Fields: How Engineering and STS Meet in Sustainable Agriculture Research
 Cohen, Benjamin.

STS in the global … - the case of agricultural biotechnology in Hawai’i
 Gugganig, Mascha.

STS-Informed Global Engineering Pedagogies – Process vs. Content
 Lehr, Jane., DeTurris, Dianne., Snelling, Alana., Tran, Cecillia Nhu. and Applegarth, Lia.

Satellite Citizens: Immigrants, Ankles, Cost-Benefit Logics, and Wearable Computing
 Kilgour, Lauren.

Satyendranath Bose and the Kultur of Science in early twentieth century India
 Banerjee, Somaditya.

Scale and the geography of market-based environmental science and management
 Lave, Rebecca.

Scaling-up benefits of bio-fortification: challenges and contradictions
 Brouwer, Roland.

Scary Science: Risk Perception of Nanotechnology on Twitter
 Hasell, Ariel. and Stocking, Galen.

Scholarly Communication Institutions: Transforming Scholarship with History
 Martin, Shawn.

Scholarly documentation on semi-regulated markets – The case of development-led archaeology
 Börjesson, Lisa.

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Tactical Disembodiment in the Visioning of a New Self
 Natarajan, Meena.

Taking Seriously the Material-Semiotic: critical making as practice, as theory
 Ratto, Matthew.

Tasmanian forests, STS and engaging a new politics of nature(s)
 Spencer, Michaela.

Teaching STS in Practice: A Cabinet of Industrial Food Curiosities
 Wylie, Sara.

Teaching Standards: LEGO Robotics meet Common Core State Standards
 Lachney, Michael.

Teaching Tradition: Ayurveda and the Sanskrit Medical Classics
 Cerulli, Anthony.

Technocultures of Bussing
 Gopakumar, Govind.

Technogenarians: Elders, Innovation and Design
 Joyce, Kelly.

Technological Change in Medical Practice: who makes it?
 Greer, Ann. and Greer, Scott.

Technological Materiality of Tech Boom Resistance: The Work of the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project
 McElroy, Erin.

Technologies in Science and Art. A Comparison of Two Object’s Genesis
 Stubbe, Julian.

Technologies to learn Technology studies: Digital toolbox, cultural capital and effective learning in University of Chile
 Pérez Comisso, Martin.

Technologies, Practices and Expertise within Socio-technical Systems
 Ribeiro, Rodrigo.

Technology and religion: a mediation approach to transcendence
 Verbeek, Peter-Paul.

Technology in the Classroom: Crisis and Opportunity
 Conefrey, Theresa.

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Unboxing Armageddon: Performing the Bendix Family Radiation Measurement Kit
 Battles, Matthew. and Wasserman, Sherri.

Under the Skin and Under the Skull: Neuroscience, Adversity, Inequality, and Policy
 Tolwinski, Kasia.

Understanding Code through Nine Metaphors
 Dufva, Tomi.

Understanding Technological Innovation in the War on Drugs
 Guerrero, Javier.

Understanding knowledge production with bibliometric indicators of theses and dissertations
 Torres, Marcela de Fátima., Faria, Leandro. and Rocha, Micherlangela.

Undoing Done Science: Environmental Activism and the Transgenic Papaya
 Dick, Brian.

University admissions work as valuation
 Boliver, Vikki. and Moreira, Tiago.

Unmanning Reconnaissance: A Drone's Eye View of the Cold War Globe
 Chandler, Katherine.

Unpacking the Production of Radio Astronomy Software and Data Products
 Paine, Drew.

Unpacking the ‘science’ in Indian science museums
 Chakraborty, Anwesha.

Unrealized Futures: Geo-Politics of Thorium’s Nuclear Potentiality
 Oguz, Zeynep.

Unreliable knowledge: Villager monitoring of waste technology in Guangzhou
 Zhang, Amy.

Uranium Mining and Socioeconomic Expertise
 de Souza, Charles.

Urban Experiments in the Gigabit City
 Baykurt, Burcu.

Urban Gardening in the Anthropocene
 Granzow, Michael.


Value Differences in GMO Crops and Genomic Medicine
 Ross, Heather.

Valuing Life at the World Bank: Costs, Benefits, and the Multiplicity of Economic Thought
 Walker, Alexis.

Valuing oil for socialism
 Morreo, Carlos.

Valuing research and care—how rankings affect organizational valuation practices
 Bal, Roland., de Rijcke, Sarah., Rushforth, Alex., Wallenburg, Iris. and Wouters, Paul.

Vices and de-vicing: conflicts on value in biomedical research
 Lee, Francis.

Video: Encountering Unlocking Silent Histories
 Duque, Rick. and DeGennaro, Donna.

Visual Anthropology and the Transition from Film to Video
 Collopy, Peter.

Visual Representation As Communication Tool in Aeronautics Engineering
 Chen, Ying-Yu.

Visualized and interconnected genome: inhabitable maps and beyond
 Ruckenstein, Minna.

Visualizing Temporality in Biological Rhythms
 Snyder, Jaime. and Matthews, Mark.

Visualizing the dynamics of the social structure of scientific discoveries in México.
 Liberman, Sofia. and Wolf, K. Bernardo.

Vocal Correction Technology and the Problem of Emotional Expression
 Marshall, Owen.

Vulnerable Places: The Limits of Participatory Cybercartography in the Bijoya Crowd Map Project
 Hamid, Sarah.


WP:NPOV, WP:NOT, and Other Stories Jimmy Wales Told Me: A Feminist Critique of Wikipedia's Epistemology
 Menking, Amanda. and Rosenberg, Jonathan.

Wandering Clinical Trials: Race and Genomics in Precision Medicine
 Ahn, Sungwoo.

War and Museum: Sociotechniques of Preserving Nature and Fighting War
 Maruyama, Yuki.

Waves and Forms: A Framework for the Materialities of the Digital
 Zimmermann, Basile.

We have always been posthuman
 Høstaker, Roar.

We wanted a labor force but human beings came instead
 Gershon, Ilana.

Wearable Tech and Fashion: Who is Woman 2.0?
 Wissinger, Elizabeth.

Wearables, data and tracking: frameworks for thinking about the mediated self
 Timan, Tjerk. and Niezen, Maartje.

Weedy Science: Ghanaian Herbal Medicine Clinics and a Shared Culture of Optimism
 Droney, Damien.

Weighing the Future: Clinical Decisions and Pregnancy
 Valdez, Natali.

Weird Realism and Alterity Relations – and Some Remarks about the Gaze of Robots
 Tafdrup, Oliver.

Western Marxism and STS
 Feenberg, Andrew.

What Lies Beneath: The Work of Mineral Reserves Reporting Standards
 Wallner, Marcus.

What Science Sees: Archeology and Antiquarianism in 1930s China
 Lawrence, Elizabeth.

What Was a Microscope? Early Modern Magnifying Lenses
 Lawson, Ian.

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Yoruba fermented food technologies: Shedding Light on African accuracy of implicit Knowledge
 Segla, Dafon Aimé.

You Move, It Moves: Prosthetic Technologies in Surgical Practice
 Olson, Mark.
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