4S Annual Meeting 2017-Aug-30 to 2017-Sep-03

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"Almost White, Almost Black" in Brazilian Academic Research
 Barros da Silva, Márcia.

"Cultural Instincts": Posthumous Sperm Retrieval Requests in Israel and the Beginning of an Implementation Process
 Katz, Ori.

"Design Thinking” and the Racialization of Expertise
 Irani, Lilly.

"Do they want to kill us with Ebola?" Vaccine Trials and Risk Communication in Ghana.
 Aggrey, John. and Shrum, Wesley.

"LAN houses are for boys and Telecenters are for girls:" CTCs as Gendered Spaces
 Nemer, David.

"Shaping the Future": Techniques of Future-telling in the Education Technology Field
 ramiel, hemy.

"Somebody Has to Stand Up to Experts": Classifying Authority in Texas Curriculum Controversies
 Robertson, Christopher.

"The Revolution Will Come from the Slum": Subaltern Views for Social Changes
 Souza, Narrira.

"Them" - Adventures with Civil Society
 Berscheid, Anna-Lena.

"You have to connect with the audience" Spaces of Communication as Spaces of Knowledge Production
 Smulski, Mariana.

(En)Sounding the Ephemeral
 Restrepo, Daniel. and Lecuyer, Marie.

(In)Sensibilities of STS in the Economy of Scientific Promises
 Audetat, Marc.

(In)Sensible Calculations: A History of Mathematical Militarism, 1942-1953
 Dryer, Theodora.

(In)Sensible Data: A Case Study of a Quantified-self Application for Employee Empowerment
 Slaker, Janine.

(Re-)Disciplining Academic Careers. Caring for Interdisciplinarity and Careers in a Swedish Climate Science Research Center
 Müller, Ruth. and Kaltenbrunner, Wolfgang.

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A Biopolitical Landscape: Disease Surveillance
 Portillo-Silva, Cate.

A Care for Being More (Cap-)Able
 Bennett, Cynthia. and Taylor, Alex.

A Critical View on Fostering "Science": between Borders and Obstacles
 Klein, Stefan.

A Cross between the Pre-Modern and Modern in East Asian Nations: Gajeong Bogam (Household Treasure) in the Early 20th Century
 Ha, Jung-Ok.

A Funny Thing Happened On My Way to the Anthropocene
 Nyssa, Zoe.

A Future Yet to Come: Predictability and Uncertainty in Personalized Medicine in Switzerland
 Bühler, Nolwenn., Barazzetti, Gaia. and Kaufmann, Alain.

A Game Changer for the Animals: Why Effective Altruists Love Cultured Meat
 Broad, Garrett.

A Good Doctor is Hard to Find: Assisted Injection Expertise Among Persons Who Inject Drugs
 Brothers, Sarah.

A Knotty Problem: Arts Based Action Research in and out of a Community Garden
 smiley, sam.

A Local Ecology of Scientific Software Knowledge
 Erickson, Seth.

A Meeting on the Amazon Biotechnology Center - a Sociotechnical Approach
 Vaisburd, Silvia.

A New Hierarchy of Care for Children on Extracorporeal Life Support: Beyond the Illness Narrative during a Rare Therapeutic Strategy
 Olson, Krisjon.

A New Way of Dying
 Bacci, María.

A Path to Academic Independency and How to Early Stage Researchers Describe It
 Jung, Nina.

A Pluralistic Perspective on In/sensibilities and Politics of Neurohumanities
 Schmitz, Sigrid.

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Bachelard, Technoscience, and Cloud Computing (?)
 Scharff, Robert.

Back into the Fold: Sino-American Scientific Cooperation Before Diplomatic Normalisation, 1971-1978
 Millwood, Pete.

Back to the Future - 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication Technology in Historical Context
 Southwick, Daniel.

Balancing Biometrics: Electronic Ankle Monitors and the Ethics of Digital Aesthetics
 Kilgour, Lauren.

Balancing Normative Expertise with Affective Engagements in the Field of Organoids’ Biobanking: The Case of Italy’s Epigenomics Flagship Project (EPIGEN)
 Marelli, Luca. and Testa, Giuseppe.

Barbarians at the Gate(s) (Again): Access, Infrastructure, and the (Possible) Rise of Computational Art History
 Doing, Park.

Basic Research:The Source of Hidden Disasters
 LIU, Yidong.

Bayesian Predictability as an Entry to Justice-Oriented Futures
 Hare, Elizabeth.

Bearing a Barren Body. Shaping Women’s Bodily Experiences in IVF Treatments
 de Boer, Marjolein.

Becoming Parapsychology: How a Democratic Science of the Mind Moved to the Margins
 Puglionesi, Alicia.

Becoming a University Professor: Men and Women’s Strategies
 Lagesen, Vivian.

Before Landfall: Anticipatory Sentiments in Media Coverage of Hurricanes from 1980 to 2012
 Dinh, Ly.

Below the By-line: The Curious Practice of Evaluating Career ‘Trajectories’ in Academic Biomedicine
 Hammarfelt, Björn., Rushforth, Alex. and de Rijcke, Sarah.

Better environmentalism through calculation?: Transforming economics from the inside out
 Frye-Levine, Laura Alex.

Beyond Academic Rentiership: Why Academic Knowledge is Not Naturally a Public Good But Needs to Be Made One
 Fuller, Steve.

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Calculated Vitalism
 Vargha, Zsuzsanna.

Calculating & Countering Surveillance Risks: Translations in Practice
 Kazansky, Becky.

Calculating National Income with the Others
 Lee, Kyunghwan.

Can Genomics Improve Population Health Without Exacerbating Health Inequalities? Public Health’s Role in Research Translation
 Senier, Laura.

Can Improved Science and Technology Studies Mean More Intelligent Progress?
 Mirzaei, Aftab.

Can Peer Review be Objective?
 Teplitskiy, Misha., Evans, James., kording, konrad., acuna, daniel. and raoult, aida.

Can Therapy Be Cool? An Investigation in the Mediatization of Neuro-Technology
 Brandt, Marisa.

Can an Island Nation Be a Global Test-Bed? The Politics of Experimentation in Singapore.
 Akrich, Madeleine., Denis, Jerome., Doganova, Liliana., Laurent, Brice. and Pontille, David.

Can the Death of a Cow Talk about Ours? Animal Tanotopolitics Producing Modern State Lives
 Correa, Gonzalo.

Can the Subaltern Propose a New Subject? The Ibero-American Networks on Psy and STS Studies
 Arruda Leal Ferreira, Arthur. and Carrasco, Jimena.

Capricious Harms: Irritation and Workers’ Skin in the Industrial U.S., 1900-1930
 Rogoski, J. Maxwell.

Caring for the Indian Heart: The Role of Race at the Stanford South Asian Translational Heart Initiative
 Botelho, Alyssa. and Jones, David.

Caring for the group – and beyond? Enhancing responsibility through funding structures
 Horst, Maja.

Categorias Gerais Orientadoras Do Desenvolvimento Nacional A Partir Das Obras Álvaro Vieira Pinto
 Fáveri, José. and Bazzanella, Sandro.

Cell Site Simluators and the Visibilization of Metadata
 Linder, Thomas.

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Dark Matter: Renewable Energy Transitions, Black Theory and Posthuman Currents
 Lennon, Myles.

Data Biographies for Critical Data Pedagogy
 D\'Ignazio, Catherine. and Loukissas, Yanni.

Data Driven Communities: Using a Data Rescue Event to Build and Bridge Scientific Networks
 Pierre, Jennifer.

Data Infrastructures and Institutions for Climate Model Intercomparison Projects
 Mayernik, Matthew. and Edwards, Paul.

Data Margins: Situating Planning Support Technology between Ethnographic and Statistical Methods in Brazilian Informal Settlements
 Stiphany, Kristine. and Palazzi Perez, Letícia.

Data Science Institutes in the Netherlands
 Wyatt, Sally.

Data Science Interdisciplinarity: Methodological Fluidity, Disciplinary Boundaries
 Noren, Laura. and Fiore-Gartland, Brittany.

Data Science as a New Expertise and the PhD Question
 Wu, Angela.

Data Talk: Metaphors of an Epistemological Landscape
 Maiers, Claire.

Data Upstream
 Inman, Sarah.

Data, Dependence, Democracy: Influence in the Secondary Use of Government Information
 Friend, Duncan.

De-Regulating Disorder: On the Rise of the ‘Spectrum’ as a Neoliberal Metric of Human Value
 McGuire, Anne.

DeColonizing DNA: Race, Seeds, and Intellectual Property Regimes in Colombia
 Hernandez Vidal, Nathalia. and Moore, Kelly.

Deaf Gain and Technoscience
 Whitney, Kristoffer.

Dealing with the Uncertainties of the Pill: How Stakeholders Negotiate the Risks of New Contraceptive Technologies
 Geampana, Alina.

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Earth as Island
 Webb, Claire.

Ecological Cost Shifting - A Case Study of the Indian Shipbreaking Industry

Economic and infrastructural barriers to technological enhancement of visually impaired people in Russia
 Kurlenkova, Alexandra.

Economists against "Limits"
 Baker, Kevin.

Economizing the Social: The Midcentury Emergence of Education and Health Economics
 Griffen, Zach.

Efficiency as Conditional Truth in Research?: Rules of the Road from a Japanese Perspective
 Bradley, William S.

Electronic Monitoring, Mass Incarceration, and the American Sociotechnical Imaginary
 Lieberman, Jennifer.

Embodying Data: Duoethnography as a Feminist Methodology for Studying Wearables
 Cifor, Marika. and Garcia, Patricia.

Emergent Society-Technology-Formations in Affective Capitalism
 Allhutter, Doris. and Bargetz, Brigitte.

Emerging Technologies & Community Resilience (ETCR)
 Duque, Richard.

Emotion, Mood, and Routine Time in Laboratory Life
 Everhart, Donald.

Emotional Interpretation & Materiality of Biosensing
 Howell, Noura.

Emotional Interpretation & Materiality of Biosensory Data: Design Studies & Reflections
 Howell, Noura.

Empirical Prints as Dramatic Images
 Ostrowski, Kasper.

Enacting Lance: Singularizing (and Cleansing) an Extended Body in Techno-Sport
 Haraway, Samuel.

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Facebook as a Clinic: Virtual Community and the Medical Gaze
 Buchanan, Nicholas.

Facilitated Communication: Autism, Automatism, Authorship
 Horn, David.

Facing the ‘Negro Problem’ in Healthcare: A Black Political Critique of Cultural Humility
 Pass, Kenneth. and Pingel, Emily.

Fade to White: The Disappearance of Black Hunger in American Socio-Biological Science
 Moore, Kelly.

Fairness in the Field: The Ethics of Resource Allocation in Randomized Controlled Field Experiments
 Rayzberg, Margarita.

Fake news and the politics of mediation
 Verbeek, Peter-Paul.

Familial Searching and Controversies in ‘Hybrid Forum’
 Granja, Rafaela. and Machado, Helena.

Fantasies of Finance: Researching Inequality Through Technological Institutions
 McMillan Cottom, Tressie.

Federal Institutes: Alignment with the Institutional Proposal?
 Fernandes, Rodrigo. and Silva, Sidney.

Feeling for the Future: Emotional Extraction and the Technoscience of Predictability
 Padios, Jan.

Feminist Disability Studies and STS: Bridging disciplines through an examination of caregiving
 Mauldin, Laura.

Feminist Politics of Belonging: Participatory Culture and Youth Digital Video Production
 Dahya, Negin. and Chapin, W.

Fermentation as Metaphor and Praxis for Living Impurely
 Maroney, Stephanie.

Fetal Ultrasound in Russia: Practices of Acceptance and Rejection
 Ozhiganova, Anna.

Fetishization Revisited: Faith and Notions of Efficacy in the Making of Algorithms
 Nafus, Dawn., Thomas, Suzanne. and Sherman, Jamie.

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Gary Downy, commenting on Michael Lynch
 Downey, Gary.

Gender Issues in a Newly Formed Departmental Committee on Diversity in Physics
 Fines-Neuschild, Mirjam.

Gender and/as Infrastructure: (In)Sensibilities of Gender
 Gohring, Tristan.

Gender: Challenging and Reinforcing Gender Roles in an Early Social Network
 Rankin, Joy.

Gendered Scientization and Citizen Science
 Kimura, Aya.

Gendering Rivets: Women’s Work in War
 Hristova, Stefka.

Gene Drives over the Horizon: A Model, for Anticipatory Governance
 Backus, Gregory. and Delborne, Jason.

Gene Editing Technologies and Emerging Issues with the Biosafety Law in Japan
 Yamaguchi, Tomiko.

Generative Collectives in Argentinian Care Trans*Formations: Methodological Possibilities from the ‘In Between’
 Jerak-Zuiderent, Sonja. and Zuiderent-Jerak, Teun.

Generative STEM: Circulating Unalienated Value in Education, Labor and Environment
 Lachney, Michael., Bennett, Audrey., Lyles, Daniel., Zatz, Zoe., Babbitt, William., Banks, David. and Eglash, Ron.

Genetically Engineered Animals, Risks and Regulations
 meghani, zahra. and Kuzma, Jennifer.

Genetics as a New Frontier for Environmental Climate Change Responses
 Berseth, Valerie., Hawkins, Tim., Tesluk, Jordan. and Matthews, Ralph.

Genomics for Breast Cancer Prevention: Decision-makers’ Views on Socio-ethical and Organizational Challenges
 Hagan, Julie., Lévesque, Emmanuelle. and Knoppers, Bartha Maria.

Global Translation, Oriental Spaces: The Work of Abstracting Eastern Aesthetics in 20th-Century American Mathematics
 Kim, Clare.

Globalization and Sensitivity to Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Diversity of Human Subjects in Clinical Trials
 Bothwell, Laura.

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HIV is Racist
 Geary, Adam.

HPV vaccine in Carmen de Bolívar (Colombia): crisis, rumors and nonsense
 Pedraza, Zandra.

Hacking into the Environment that Disables: Dependency Work in a Community with Shared Disability and Chronic Illness
 Endaltseva, Alexandra.

Haitian Researchers and the Production of Authoritative Knowledge
 Minn, Pierre.

Hand – Eye – Mouse – Power Tools: Craft, Embodiment and the Digital in Architecture Education
 Nicholas, Claire.

Have We Ever Developed "Modern" Technologies? Agricultural Irrigation Technologies in Peru and their Organizational, Symbolic and Environmental Characteristics
 Zárate, Julio.

Health Hazard: The Dangerous Proliferation of a Pet Parasite
 Strosberg, Sophia.

Health, Pervasive Data, and Privacy: Negotiating Boundaries in Sociotechnical Spaces
 Bietz, Matthew., Cheung, Cynthia. and Bloss, Cinnamon.

Hell is Truth Seen Too Late
 Mirowski, Philip.

Historicizing Post-Truth: Possible Contributions to a Critique of Populism
 Oreskes, Naomi.

How Can Caregivers Take Care of Themselves with Social Media?
 Sa, Erting.

How Controversies Start a New Life: GMO and Non-GMO soybean Sustainable Certification
 Guivant, Julia.

How Do We Know Failure?
 Goodwin, Dawn.

How Does Exercise in Pregnancy ‘Matter’ in the Era of Epigenetics?
 Jette, Shannon. and Esmonde, Katelyn.

How Does the Redistribution of Research Opportunities Affect the Independence of Problem Choices?
 Glaser, Jochen.

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ICT Demands Conceptual Restructuring of Science
 Murakami, Yuko.

Identity: Transgender Users and the Hacking of the British Welfare State
 Hicks, Marie.

Ideology and Technology Transfer: A Case Study of Reverse Engineering of the Hongqi Limousine
 Pan, Longfei. and ZHOU, Cheng.

Ignorance Studies: The Return of Ideology Critique?
 Soderberg, Johan.

Illusions of Actuality: Exploring Fictional Elements of Factual Television Programs
 Ockert, Ingrid.

Imaginaries of responsibility and their performances
 Solbu, Gisle. and Åm, Heidrun.

Imaginary and Dysfunction: The Real-time Emergency Radiological Consequence Simulation Technology for Nuclear Disaster in Japan
 Juraku, Kohta. and SUGAWARA, Shin-etsu.

Imagining Energy Futures: Competing Narratives and Innovation Policies in the US and Germany
 Mortada, Farida.

Imagining Modern Forensics: Crime Scene Photography as Science and Art
 Gates, Kelly.

Imagining Sustainability in The Crystal: Technological Solutions on Display
 Miller, Thaddeus. and Selkirk, Kaethe.

Imagining a State and Society Transformed: Fingerprinting and Governance in Early Twentieth-Century China
 Asen, Daniel.

Imagining the Bioeconomy across the North-South Divide
 Doezema, Tess. and Rajão, Raoni.

Impact of Quantified Tests – Case of Career Counselling in India
 Kagliwal, Barkha.

In Defense of Bureaucracy: Heroes of the Administrative State
 Weichselbraun, Anna.

In Search for New Identity of Science Communication in Russia: Between Science Propaganda and Popular Science Communication
 Kozhanov, Andrey.

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Joan Fujimura, commenting on Michael Lynch
 Fujimura, Joan.

Job Prospects and Flow of Young Researchers
 Canales, Alejandro. and Hamui, Mery.

Judge Dredd's Armor and The Gunslinger's Gun: Movie Magic and the many lives of filmic weaponry in South Africa
 Dickson, Jessica.


Kitchen-gardening opens up a sense of belonging in disturbed times
 Zimmer, Alexis.

Know the Game, Play the Game, Shape the Game
 Hocquet, Alexandre.

Knowing Humanity in the Social World - The Path of Steve Fuller’s Social Epistemology
 Remedios, Francis.

Knowing Remotely: Truth-Value and Truth-Politics at Saydnaya Prison
 Christidi, Nadia.

Knowing by Approximation: Locating and Re-Locating Peripheral Sensation
 Li, Lan.

Knowing, Not Knowing, and Knowing In-Between: Responding to Epistemological Rifts at an American Medical School
 Knopes, Julia.

Knowledge Making Across the Social Body
 simpson, elizabeth.


La Panamericana: Contested modernities and technological landscapes in the Americas
 Becerra, Juana.

Labyrinth to Pinwheel: STS Ethnography in an Archive
 Cox Hall, Amy.

Land as Material, Habitat and Knowledge: Constructions of Resource Materialities in Bristol Bay, Alaska
 Panikkar, Bindu. and Tollefson, Jonathan.

Large (virtual) research infrastructures: the high-energy physics blogosphere and ‘non-discovery’
 Ritson, Sophie.

Law and Science in Minamata Disease: Japanese Experience of Social Struggle against The biggest Kogai
 SADAMATSU, Atsushi.

Law: Intellectual Property and Software in the United States
 Con Diaz, Gerardo.

Learning Through the Sensibilities of Chronic Self-Care: STS and Diabetes Management
 Pidoux, Vincent.

Learning from Mass Media, the Role of Media Reporters, and their Effects on Constructing of Public Understanding of Science
 Aoyagi, Midori.

Legal conceptions: Shifting Values, New technologies, and Regulations of Egg Donors in Taiwan

Legitimacy Crises, Politicisation, and Normative STS: Seeking Sincerity in Public Climate Change Debates
 Isopp, Bernhard.

Leveraging the Fight against Fascism to Reposition the Societal Role of Scientists
 Tuttle, Sarah. and Prescod-Weinstein, Chanda.

Life and Quality of Frozen Embryos: Uses of Images and Scores to Negotiate the Destiny of Embryos in a Center of Assisted Reproduction in Brazil
 Allebrandt, Débora.

Life with LARC: Investigating the Reproductive Choice-Making of Young Adults
 Brian, Jenny Dyck., Grzanka, Patrick. and Mann, Emily.

Linked Objects, Inferred Subjects: Configuring the Performative Potential Through Data Science in the UK Census
 Cakici, Baki.

Listening Across Borders: Migration, Dedications, and Affect
 Lippman, Alexandra.

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MIA Accounting and the Politics of Skepticism
 Wagner, Sarah.

Machineries of Health Governance at Work: An Exploration of Invisible Work and Sensemaking in a Dutch Health Funding Agency
 Wehrens, Rik., Oldenhof, Lieke. and Bal, Roland.

Maintaining Political Care: Drawing and Architectural Pedagogy in Buenos Aires
 D\'Avella, Nicholas.

Maintaining the Medium: Notes from the Television Repair Shops of Andhra Pradesh
 Chirumamilla, Padma.

Maintaining the Menstruating Body: Feminist Interventions on Public Infrastructure
 Fox, Sarah.

Maintenance Work for the Global Information Highway: Village Data Processing Centers in India
 Poster, Winifred.

Making Agribusiness Palatable: Pet Food, Breath, and the Trade in Industrial Sense Impressions
 Blanchette, Alex.

Making Artificial Intelligence Unartificial: A Case Study on Gil Medical Center in South Korea

Making Energy Futures Sensible: Expert Imaginaries and Affect
 Groves, Christopher., Henwood, Karen., Pidgeon, Nick. and Shirani, Fiona.

Making French Metro Run in Taipei: The Imported Large Technological System and Local Infrastructural Network
 Chang, Kuo-Hui.

Making Limits to the Body: The Production of Somatic Differences to Grant Access to Healthcare
 Castillo-Sepúlveda, Jorge.

Making Meaningful Differences: Meta-Analyses on Organic Ariculture as Contested Zones of Science and Politics
 Lehtimäki, Tomi.

Making Multitasking Matter: Using Object-Oriented Ontology to Human-Drone Systems
 Kramer, Brandon.

Making Objects of Security Non-Concern: Anomaly-Handling Strategies in Geoengineering and Synthetic Biology
 Evans, Samuel.

Making Postcolonial Bodies: The Biopolitics of Hindu Nationalism
 Subramaniam, Banu.

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NP-Promises: Consensus, Conjecture, and the P vs. NP Problem Since 1960
 Schoenstein, Tasha.

Nanotechnology Policy in Brazil: Rationale, Governance and Challenges
 Invernizzi, Noela., Foladori, Guillermo. and Quevedo, Josemari.

Narrating Disaster, Contesting Reconstruction: Design Notes on Practices of Damage Assessment in the Wake of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake
 Soden, Robert. and Lord, Austin.

Narratives and (Consumer) Brainscanning
 Merrill, Nick.

Narrow ‘Scientific’ Indicators as Normative Visions: Analyzing Food Security, Yield and Alternative Criteria
 Wynne, Brian. and Catacora-Vargas, Georgina.

Natural and Sustainable: How the use of Wolbachia to Control the Population of Aedes aegypti is Depicted to the Population
 Turco, Claudia. and Paiva, Eduardo.

Naturalizing Responsibility by Neuroscience: A Coproductionist Analysis
 Wu, Kevin Chien-Chang.

Navigating the gap: Maintaining and modifying the science-policy gap in energy policy debates in Finland
 Karhunmaa, Kamilla.

Necro-life. Dead Bodies, Decomposition, and Muertos Making Practices in Colombia.
 Morales Fontanilla, Julia.

Neglected Tropical Diseases: The Production of Neglect in Policy Problems
 Vanderslott, Samantha.

Negotiating Visibility: How Expertise Shapes the Communication on Platforms
 Geipel, Andrea.

Negotiating credibility in large-scale research: The “750 GeV bump” at CERN
 Merz, Martina.

Neither Dead nor Alive: The Messenger is a Ghost in these Unlovely Places
 Baker, Natalie.

Neoliberal Technological Longings for the Predictable Yet Flexible Employee
 Gershon, Ilana.

Networks, Alliances and Social Capital in Innovation Processes: Biotechnology in Puebla, Mexico, and Bologna, Italy
 Romero-Muñoz, Jose. and Kent, Rollin.

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Obduracy: A Barrier to More Intelligent Steering of Spaceflight
 Bouchey, Michael.

Observing Archives: Web Archival Labour as Socio-technical Practice
 Ogden, Jessica., Halford, Susan. and Carr, Leslie.

Observing, Inflecting and Comparing Expert Performances of Smart Energy
 Fisher, Erik., Hammang, Anne., Levenda, Anthony., Miller, Thaddeus. and Richter, Jennifer.

Of Bits and Pretzels and Resourceful Bureaucracies: Imaginaries of “Conservative Innovation” in Bavaria
 Ruge, Luise., Pfotenhauer, Sebastian. and Wentland, Alexander.

On Balance
 Prentice, Rachel.

On Decision-making and Preparedness of Japanese Government before and after the Fukushima Accident
 Shirabe, Masashi.

On Grindr and the Politics of the User
 Easterbrook, Tyler.

On Hospitality and Hope: Where Scientific and Technical Infrastructure Negotiates Its Insiders and Outsiders
 Steinhardt, Stephanie.

On Hostile Architecture: The Inscription of Discriminatory Agendas into Public-Space Artifacts
 Rosenberger, Robert.

On Life Support
 Solomon, Harris.

On the Claims for Prosperity in the Age of Brexit and Trump
 Sassower, Raphael.

On the Difference Between Technical and Technological Mediation: Science-in-the-Making and Science-as-it-has-been-made
 Boer, Bas.

On the Epistemic Significance of Time in Science and Its Neglect in STS Research
 Benda, Libor.

On the In/Sensibilities of Solar Energy
 Lorenz-Meyer, Dagmar.

On the Predictive Power of Forecasting
 de Wit, Sara.

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Paradiscipline? A Distinctive Mode of Interdisciplinarity in 'Big Science': The case of the Bejing Genome Institute
 Shen, Xiaobai., Wang, Kai. and Williams, Robin.

Parasite Labs: Laboratory Protocols of Do-It-Yourself Biology
 Cluck, Jonathan.

Participatory Practices in Sociotechnical Design – Productive Tensions between Gender Studies and Computing
 Draude, Claude.

Pathological Co-production and the Limits of Law, Forensic Science, Scientific Advice and STS
 Edmond, Gary.

Patient Activist Histories and Futures: Drug de-regulation and U.S. Right to Try Laws
 Kapczynski, Amy.

Patient Expertise and “Ambivalent Medicalization”: The Case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME
 Rogers, Emily.

Patient Labour and the Consequences of Excellence at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)
 Ruddock, Anna.

Peer Review in Mathematics: Degrees of Correctness?
 Greiffenhagen, Christian.

Performing Science: Experiments in Collective Visualization of Water Pollution
 Perovich, Laura. and Wylie, Sara.

Performing a Platform State: Ethnography of a State Identification Device
 Alauzen, Marie.

Peripheral critiques, or where is the system? Health systems, urban relations, and trajectories of care
 McKay, Ramah.

Permeable Narratives, Permeable Selves: Mutant Roleplay and the Autism Spectrum
 Fein, Elizabeth.

Pharmaceuticals, Health, and Citizenship in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
 Pollock, Anne.

Pink Drill Bits: A Feminist Analysis of Fracking and Breast Cancer Advocacy
 McHenry, Kristen.

Pioneering new energy practices: Motivations and future imaginations of prosumers in Norway
 Ballo, Ingrid.

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Queer Feminist Speculations on the Transnational and Participatory Governance of Mitochondrial Replacement Techniques
 Luce, Jacquelyne.

Queer Justice Design: pivoting to, and articulating outsider sensibilities to design new infrastructural knowledge practices
 Moesch, Jarah.

Queering Quality: How Data About Patients' Gender and Sexuality Shapes HIV/AIDS Care in Atlanta
 Molldrem, Stephen.

Questioning Compulsory Heterosexuality of Fortunetelling Knowledge in Taiwan
 Lo, Kuan-Hung. and Lin, Yuh.

Questioning the Mobile-Male / Trailing-Female Pattern of Academic Mobility. The Case of Switzerland.
 Sautier, Marie. and Le Feuvre, Nicky.

Quicksilver's Child: Mother-to-Infant Transmission of Mercury Toxicity
 Goldstein, Ruth.


R&D collaboration in a post-linear context: The role of publicly funded research in the private sector
 Vedel, Jane.

REDD and the Politics of Denial: Repackaging Old Forms of Intervention
 Machaqueiro, Raquel.

REmaking Patients: The Case of a Robotic Brain Function and Cognitive Assessment
 Upton, Paige.

Race, Gender, and the Perfect Digital Latina Worker
 Villa-Nicholas, Melissa. and Sweeney, Miriam.

Race, Science, and the Sporting Bodies: The Scientific Construction of “Asian Physical Inferiority”
 Sun, Yu-Kuei.

Rachel's' Story: The Lure of the Syringe
 Vitellone, Nicole.

Racial Bias in the Representation of Medical Evidence: Constructing a More Inclusive Picture of Health
 Eschler, Jordan. and Snyder, Jaime.

Racial Codes and Spatial Order in Smart-City Rio de Janeiro
 Angelini, Alessandro.

Racialized Genomics: Science and Justice in a Post-Race, Post-Truth World
 Doucet-Battle, James.

Racializing Refugees: On Medical Practice & Research
 Munyikwa, Michelle.

Racist, Classist, Colonizing Neoliberal Fuckery within STEM Eduspeak: Counter-Stories from the Front Lines
 Aguilar-Valdez, Jean.

Radioactive and On Fire: Living in an Uncertain Community
 Kalz, Kristen.

Raising Ethics: Parents of Critically Ill Children Taking the Lead in Scientific Research
 Marcus, Amy., Kohane, Isaac. and Vayena, Effy.

Re-ENLISTing Actors and Actants: Market Devices for the 2,4-D Herbicide
 Pelaez, Victor. and da Silva, Leticia.

Re-Enacting Immunity in Microbiome Science: Tensions between Old Paradigms of Exclusion and a New Postgenomic Biosociality
 Nunez Casal, Andrea.

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STEM Education in Right-wing Populist Contexts
 Bencze, John. and Carter, Lyn.

STS Interventions in Engineering Education: The University of Virginia’s Science, Technology, and Society Program
 Chen, Daniel.

STS Sensibilities and the Practical Integration of STS Knowledge into Social and Economic Life: Nanotechnology, Neurotechnology
 Reinsborough, Michael.

STS approaches to public engagement with science: Synthetic biology
 Ostman, Rae., Bennett, Ira., Long, Stephanie., Sittenfeld, David. and Wetmore, Jameson.

STS in Post-311 Japan: Methodology, Strategy and Adaptation
 Tsukahara, Togo.

STS through/with Design: Reflection-in-Practice and Affective Engagement to Circumvent Disciplinary Boundary Maintenance
 Nieusma, Dean.

Sacred Acoustic Inspectors: Ghanaian State and Noise-Abatement during the Homowo Festival
 Goshadze, Mariam.

Saving Environmental Data and Knowledge from “Post-truth” Politics
 Dillion, Lindsey.

Scaling Up and Rolling out through the Web: The “Platformization” of Citizen Science and Scientific Citizenship
 Hagen, Niclas.

Schadenfreude as an Inscription Device: Toward an STS Theory about the Work of Perverse Pleasure for Data Science
 Sengul-Jones, Monika.

Science Automated: Field Notes From a “Science Automation Laboratory”
 Schüler-Costa, Vlad.

Science Based Standards and Governance: Opening the “Black Box” of Regulation Making for Bottled Water Quality in India
 Sharma, Aviram.

Science Fiction and the Experience of Modernity
 Thorpe, Charles.

Science Laboratories: Understanding the Relationship of Gender and Science
 Vadhavana, Chandni.

Science Majlis in Qatar
 Mohsin, Anto., Al-Qadi, Aisha., Legaspi, Jemina. and Al-Ansari, Sara.

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Tactis of Colonization Within Some Brazilian Antarctic Cosmopolitics
 Resende de Assis, Luis.

Taste No. 5: Imperial Japan, Protein Chemistry, and Race-making with Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
 Tracy, Sarah.

Technical self-formation as taking responsibility for what you are not responsible for
 Aydin, Ciano.

Technically Rationalized Problems and Their Solvents: The Case of Managerial Democracy in India
 Jones, Patrick.

Techniques of Resilience and Resistance in International Climate Policy
 O\'Reilly, Jessica.

Techno-Physical Feminism: Surveillance, Wearable Technology, & Shifting Risk Paradigms
 Shelby, Renee.

Technological Autonomy as an Articulating Axis in the Creation and Socialization of Knowledge in Indigenous Peoples of Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico
 Baca Feldman, Carlos. and Huerta Velázquez, Erick.

Technological Empowerment: A Case Study of the Technology Incubators in Beijing
 Wu, ShihMing.

Technological Environmentality: Bringing Back the World into Human-Technology Relations
 González Woge, Margoth.

Technological Innovation and Governance: Case Study of Primary Healthcare in China
 Li, Zheng., LUO, HUI., Liu, Chunping. and Wang, Hongwei.

Technologies of Infection: Trains, Telegraphs, and Tools in Guatemalan Experimental Medicine
 rodriguez, angel.

Technology Reconfiguration and Emergence of New Practices: A Case of India Against Corruption
 Agarwal, Nikhil., Stewart, James. and Williams, Robin.

Technology in the Kitchen: Chicken or Egg?
 Biderman, Jonathan.

Technology, Expertise, and the Determination of Sexuality in Two Areas of Law
 Vogler, Stefan.

Technopolitics of Security Governance: Recalibrating Police Violence in Turkey
 Akarsu, Hayal.

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Ulysses and the Sirens, Frankenstein, Cyborg and the Passion for Knowledge: Training in the Style and Sensibility of Science and Technology Studies
 Viteritti, Assunta.

Un caso de transición socio-técnica: la instalación de un régimen de saneamiento en Santiago de Chile, a inicios del siglo XX
 Muñoz, Miguel.

Unbreathable: The Absence of Air in Asthma Treatment
 Kenner, Ali.

Unbundled Relationships and Affective Commodities
 Horak, Alexander. and Toyama, Kentaro.

Uncovering the STEM-ification Governance Networks: The Story from Georgia
 Sharma, Ajay. and Hudson, Cheryl.

Undergraduate STSers Learn by Doing in the Trump Era
 Lehr, Jane. and Klepfer, Matt.

Understanding Big Data and the Associated Epistemologies in Healthcare: A Discourse Analysis of Scientific Editorials
 Stevens, Marthe., Wehrens, Rik. and de Bont, Antoinette.

Understanding Narratives Surrounding the Genetically Modified American Chestnut Tree Through the Narrative Policy Framework
 Sudweeks, Jayce.

Understanding Perception of Algorithmic Decisions: The Case of Algorithmic Management
 Lee, Min Kyung.

Understanding Volunteers’ Interests in Virtual Citizen Science Projects
 Oswald, Emily.

Understanding and Negotiating Difference through Integrative Graduate Training
 Crespo, Christina.

Understanding the Opioid Epidemic: A Genealogical Analysis of Pain Management
 Sherman, Melina.

Unintended Consequences: (De)Constructing Utility Narratives of Biological Weapons
 MacDonald, TD.

University Commitment to Interdisciplinary Research
 Leahey, Erin.

Unmaking Gustatory Erasure in Bottled Water Production
 Spackman, Christy.

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Vaccination, Uncertainty, and Risk: A Different Perspective on Vaccine Hesitancy
 Abrahams, Tarryn.

Valuable Buildings, Disabled People: Tinkering with Maintenance and Care in Situations of Socio-Material Oppression
 Synek, Michal.

Value and the Distribution of Proximity: The Autorickshaw Meter and Regimes of Location
 Stafford Jr, William F.

Valuing Algae: The Coproduction of Algal Biotechnologies and Sustainable Development
 Braun, Amy.

Varied Sensibilities in Software Preservation: Demonstrating a Comparative Approach
 Hodges, James.

Video Ethnography as Software Preservation
 Brock, David.

Viral Conspiracies: Rumour and Emerging Infectious Diseases in Brazil’s Media Ecology
 Stalcup, Meg.

Viral Programming and the Reproduction of Problems: Deferred Racial Reform through Anti-Bias Training in the Chicago Police Department
 Hamid, Sarah.

Virtual Sensing: Perceptual Illusions in the Age of Virtual Reality
 Messeri, Lisa. and Welch, Lauren.

Visual In(sensibilities): Representation of Human Evolution in Mexican Visual Culture
 Torrens, Erica. and Barahona, Ana.

Visual Thinking: Unpacking Use of Visuals in Data Analytic Learning and Beyond
 Passi, Samir.

Visualising Data: A Study of Biomedical Imaging Practices in MRI Innovation, Past and Present
 Casini, Silvia.

Visualizing Absence: Images of Absence of Risk and Risk of Absence as Challenges to Visualization
 Saetnan, Ann. and Bellanova, Rocco.

Visualizing Climate Change: On the Role of the Visual in National Geographic’s Climate Change Discourse.
 Born, Dorothea.

Visualizing Illness : Making of Non-symptomatic Thyroid Cancer Patients
 HeeWon, Kim.

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Walking the Walk: High Heels, Embodied Skills, and Sensory Thrills
 Hesselbein, Christopher.

Watching Closely: An Exercise-Based Approach to Direct Observation Methods
 Nippert-Eng, Christena.

Wearable computers, transparency and the gaze of others
 Liberati, Nicola.

Welfare Technologies and Surveillance in Care Work for Elderly Citizens
 Hansen, Agnete., Kamp, Annette., Grosen, Sidsel. and Ballegaard, Stinne.

What Colour is the Brain?
 Pokorny, Johanna.

What Lay Underneath Innovation in Biotechnology: Risk and the Emergence of Translational Science and Medicine
 Robinson, Mark.

What Needs to Be Done, What is Worth Doing: Non Knowledge, Emotions and Framing in the Relationship between Scientists and Social Movements
 Vara, Ana.

What Sense Should We Make of Astronomy’s Sensing Devices?
 Seguin, Eve.

What Went Wrong? Investigating the Sewol as a Structural Disaster in South Korea
 Jeon, Chihyung. and Park, Sangeun.

What can scientists learn from Victor Frankenstein?
 Nagy, Peter., Wylie, Ruth., Finn, Ed. and Eschrich, Joey.

What does it mean to be a good hospital? Reconfiguring accountability in healthcare organizations
 Pine, Kathleen. and Mazmanian, Melissa.

What is OpenSscience Supposed to Fix?
 Mirowski, Philip.

What is a Good Seed? Sense Making, Everyday, and Nostalgia around Genetically Modified Seeds in India
 Chaudhuri, Ashawari.

What’s in a Name? A Boundary Work Analysis of the Controversy over University Homeopathy Education
 Caldwell, Elizabeth.

When Doors are Removed for Our Own Safety. A Historical Case Study of the ‘Failed’ "Question Mark" Telephone Booth
 Abildgaard, Mette.

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Xerox Alto Software Restoration at The Computer History Museum
 Hsu, Hansen.


Zebra Finch Acoustics and Anti-Cognitivism
 Ihde, Don.

Zika Virus in Mexico: Its Social Aspects With a Gender Perspective
 Pandal de la Peza, Ana. and Rodriguez Medina, Leandro.

Zika and Feminist STS: Building a Network, Doing Collective Scholarship
 Stern, Alexandra., Mamo, Laura., Bell, Susan E.., Figert, Anne., Kelly, Ann., Birchard, Kristy., Caulfield, Sueann., Lowy, Ilana., Grotti, Vanessa. and Diniz, Debora.
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