4S Annual Meeting 2019-Sep-03 to 2019-Sep-08

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"All Power to the Imagination!" Virtual Reality Therapy in France: A Therapeutic Innovation between Technology and Care (2012–2017)
 Forner, Elsa.

"Blood is Thicker than Water": So Where Will ART and Genetic Technology Take Us?
 Tsuge, Azumi.

"Do You Need Help?": Archival Meaning Making at the Newberry Library
 Lapp, Jessica.

"Earth Beings" and Reproduction in the Southern Andes: A Cosmopolitics of Kinship
 Irons, Rebecca.

"Earth Measurer": Visualizing a Recurrent Vanilla Neural Network, Figuring Abundance
 Battles, Matthew.

"Enjoy the Struggle": Twelve Strategic Principles for Early Career Researchers, Based on the Experiences of Female Senior Professors in Critical Disciplines
 Heijstra, Thamar. and Pétursdóttir, Gyða.

"Getting Reliable": Calibrating Human Instruments
 Ye, Lily.

"Help Us Frame the Problem": A Case Study of Public Sector Innovation
 Okonkwo, Holly.

"Independent Calculation Agent" and Its Modeling for the Pandemic Emergency Facility and the "Ebola Bond"
 Erikson, S.L..

"Intelligent" Interfaces
 Kinnee, Brian.

"Just Leave the Patient as a Number": Algorithmic Renderings of Cancer
 Ha, Tien Dung.

"Ordinary People Are Asking for Science": Lobbying Strategies Through Pro-Science Movements in Europe
 Laurens, Sylvain. and Guille Escuret, Paul.

"Sur o No Sur": Making Science and Colonialism in “The End of the World”
 Dicenta, Mara.

"The New Technology is Black": Afronauts, Afrofutureneering, and the Racialization of a New Future’s Past
 Fouche, Rayvon.

"This Man Is Not Responsible for Anything": Engineers and Their Everyday Concerns
 Zemnukhova, Liliia. and Evseeva, Irina.

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A Boon for Advocates or a New Eugenics? The Uncertain Implications of Non-Invasive Prenatal Genetic Testing
 Navon, Daniel.

A Brief History of Smartness: Infrastructure, Resilience, and “Smartness”
 Halpern, Orit.

A Case Study on Sustainable Energy Transitions in Virginia Appalachia
 VanNostrand, Sydney. and Jennings, Meghan.

A Central American Perspective on Global Regulations on Human Genome Editing, Global Markets and Geopolitics
 Arguedas, Gabriela.

A Chemical Regime for Biotech
 Raimbault, Benjamin.

A City Is Not a Park – Natural Landscape as Urban Design
 Fitzgerald, Des.

A Classification of the Innovation Process Precipitated by the Rise of Deep-Threat Multi-Use Technologies
 Turnley, Jessica., Bull, Diana., Deland, Sharon. and Tsao, Jeff.

A Clinical South: Speculative Markets and Epic Storytelling in the Pan-African e-Network
 Duclos, Vincent.

A Cosmopolitics of Outer Space
 Salazar, Juan.

A Critical Analysis of the Bioremediation of Amazon Soils Contaminated with Petroleum
 Cuvi, Nicolás.

A Critical Examination of Computational Social Science
 Huang, Karen. and Krafft, Peaks.

A Differential Association Theory of Socialization to Commercialist Career Paths in Science
 Johnson, David.

A Dispute Over the Value of Semantically Enhanced HTML
 Shaw, Ryan.

A FabLab in the Periphery: Reconfiguring Innovation from São Paulo
 Gil, Liliana.

A Global Cow: Socio-Bio-Technical (Re)Agencements of Cattle Breeding
 Chavinskaia, Lidia.

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B-E-A-UTAHful?: U.S. Public Land Management and Use in the Anthropocene
 Loucks, Danica.

Bacteria, Surfaces, and Biomaterials
 Lie, Anne.

Bacterial Vaccine Development in Benin, West Africa: Anticipating the Post-Antibiotic World
 Sariola, Salla.

Balancing Emotional Labor, Autonomy, and Integration in the Cultural Intermediation of Indie Games
 Perks, Matthew. and Parker, Felan.

Bales of Amber: Exploring Humanity and Ecological Disasters
 Bourke, Jennifer.

Bales of Amber: Exploring Humanity and Ecological Disasters in a Video Game
 Bourke, Jennifer.

Bat out of Hell (and into Your Heart): A Mining Love Story
 Liu, Jen.

Becoming FAT: The Formation of Algorithmic Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency
 Moss, Emanuel.

Becoming Otherwise: Bettering the Self, Bettering STS?
 Bea, Sara. and Woolgar, Steve.

Becoming a Legitimate Lobby: How the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Has Handled Representatives from the Chemical Industry, 1971-1982
 Thomas, Valentin.

Becoming with ET: Breakthrough Listen’s Ethics of Care
 Webb, Claire.

Behavioral Field Trials in Urban Dental Care
 Seitz, Tim.

Being Coral in the Great Dissolution: Fostering Embodied Empathy Across Symbiotic Worlds
 Moore, Amelia.

Being Gutless
 Wolf-Meyer, Matthew.

Better Television Signal: Local Designs and Emergent Media Infrastructures in Colombia Since the Eighties
 Prieto-Ñañez, Fabian.

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CB and Waze: How Do Algorithms Affect Collaboration on the Road?
 Gibson, Anna.

CRISPR in Context: Lessons for Genome Editing from the History of Controversial Biotechnologies
 de Saille, Stevienna. and Morrison, Michael.

CTE Meets #metoo: Violence and Victimhood Reconsidered in Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy
 Martin, Aryn.

Calculating the Herbal Toxicity: Aristolochic Acids Controversies and Epidemiology Researches of Herbs.
 Chen, PoHsun.

Calculative Power in Data-Driven Environmental Governance
 Macey, Gregg., Giang, Amanda. and Edwards, Morgan.

Can Luddism Benefit Outer Space Development?
 Bouchey, Michael.

Can State Surveillance Be Otherwise? Unpacking the Politics of Personal Identification Numbers
 Cakici, Baki.

Can Your TV Do That?: Surveillance, Smart TVs, and the Value of Privacy
 Dickason, Cara.

Can the Consumer Speak?: How Policymakers (Have) Imagine(d) the Consumer in Food Politics
 Frohlich, Xaq.

Cannibalizing Capital: Disruption as Rhetoric, Practice, and Process
 Narayan, Devika.

Capital, State Power, and Racialization in 18th Century Information Systems
 Adler, Melissa.

Capitalizing Waste: Transforming Environmental Concerns into Commercial Objects
 Ariztia, Tomas.

Capitalizing the "Measure of Our Ignorance": Post-war Macroeconomics and the Accounting Treatment of R&D
 Lotfi, Sarvnaz.

Capturing Minds: A Material-Discursive Reconstruction of Psychometric Instruments
 Schille-Rognmo, Marthe. and Wackers, Ger.

Carceral Media Practices: Dissolving Affiliation Through Infrastructural and Media Technologies in U.S. Prisons
 Alexander, Ian.

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Daily Practices and Experimentations. Materialistic Pragmatic Analysis for the Air Pollution of Coyhaique
 Baigorrotegui, Gloria.

Dancing Ideologically: The Case of Halay
 Senturk, Habibe.

Dancing at the End of the World: Choreographies of Time and Uncertainty
 Brissey, Charli.

Dancing with the Environment as Epistemic Practice
 Giannuzzi, Mariaenrica.

Data (and) Science(s): The Double Movement of Continuity and Experimentation in Expertise Production
 Brandt, Philipp.

Data Citizens and the Right to Data
 Gabrys, Jennifer.

Data Competition in the Name of Well-Being: A Study on Neighborhood Committees’ Translation Actions in “Smart Community” Construction
 Shen, Jun-hui., Ma, Tao., Zhou, Yan-hong. and Liao, Miao.

Data Hiccups: Negotiating Interruptions and Disparities in Global Data Infrastructures
 Harms, Arne.

Data Holidays: Sonar Contacts, Technological Developments in the Search for MH370
 Taylor, Simon.

Data In-Furs: A Narrative Critique of Data-Driven Solutions for Countering Social Marginalization
 Slaker, Janine.

Data Sharing in Nairobi: Why, For Whom, and By Whom?
 Okune, Angela.

Data Worlds and Public Health: Model-Building in the Global South
 Mahajan, Manjari.

Data and Justice in Jakarta
 Renzi, Alessandra.

Data, Diagnosis and Decision-Making in Healthcare: Navigating Uncertainty Through Moral Discourse and Practice
 Chan, Sarah. and Erikainen, Sonja.

Data-Driven Philosophy of Scientific Change
 Sarwar, Muhammad Ameer ul Azeem. and Fraser, Patrick.

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Earth Worlds: Continental Collision as an Elemental Formation
 Oguz, Zeynep.

Ecologies of Disposability: Work in the Shadow of Data Centers
 Mayer, Vicki.

Ecology and Intervention in Coastal Louisiana
 Burnett, Hannah.

Edge Cases: A Mangle of Interface in Games.
 Gardner, Daniel.

Edmund Abaka and the Diffusion of Kola: Modeling African Plant Diasporas and the Global Circulation of Knowledge
 Osseo-Asare, Abena.

Egg Banks, Intermediaries and Donor Introduction Websites: Mapping New Agents in the European Bioeconomy
 Hudson, Nicky.

Egg Freezing and the Financialization of Fertility
 van de Wiel, Lucy.

Electronic Medical Record as a Trigger of Sociotechnical Controversies
 Hermansen, Pablo., Valderrama, Matías. and Tironi, Martin.

Embodiment, Trans Male Identities and Narrative: The Case of Original Plumbing
 Wilson, Bronwyn.

Embrace the Waste: Reassessing Post-Mining Reclamation
 Baeten, John.

Empathy and Mismatch: The Problem of Disability Simulation
 Williamson, Bess.

Enabling Advocacy 2: Care Coordination and Community Inclusion
 Stelzig, Donaji.

Enabling Participation or Exclusion? New Technologies of Personhood and Responses from STS and Political Philosophy
 Sample, Matthew.

Enacting Isomorphism in Europe
 Benner, Mats.

Enacting Treatment: The Case of Chronic Kidney Disease and Dialysis
 Whitman, Samantha., Pine, Kathleen., Boehmer, Kasey., Espinoza, Nataly., Organick, Paige., Thota, Anjali., Thorsteinsdottir, Bjoerg., Pawar, Aditya. and Montori, Victor.

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Facing the Past: Predictive Analytics Avant La Lettre
 Shalloe, Harper.

Facing “Agile” and “Project-Based” Organization: The Challenges of Engineering Work in France
 Lelebina, Olga.

Fading Fringes, Failing Experiments
 Mairhofer, Lukas. and Dippel, Anne.

Failures in Ethics in Training and Praxis: The Values Embedded within Race, Technologies, and Justice
 Korn, Jenny.

Faking It on the Phone: Illicit and Licit Identity Management in Global ICT Outsourcing
 Poster, Winifred.

Feeding the World through Vertical Farming: Potentials, Prophecies and Pitfalls of a High-Tech Solution in the Food Industry
 Gugganig, Mascha.

FemTech: “Smart” Innovation or the Commodification of Women’s Health?
 Mathiason, Jessica.

Feminist Collaboratories: Regenerating Cultures of Research
 Vora, Kalindi.

Feminist Hackers to Science Labs: Emergent Possibilities for Feminist Movements in Technoscience for Engineering Education
 Foster, Ellen.

Feminist Intelligence and Sex Robotics
 Atanasoski, Neda.

Field Remediations: Salvage
 Sobecka, Karolina., Kowalska, Elzbieta. and Skowronska, Alexandra.

Fight for Our Health: Activism in the Face of Health Insurance Precarity
 Merid, Beza.

Filling In the Gaps: The Interpretation of CVs in Peer Review
 Kaltenbrunner, Wolfgang. and Rijcke, Sarah.

Filth Attraction: Microbiome Fictions and the Cleansing of Reality-TV
 Lipton, Mark. and Honorato, Dalila.

Financialization and Eradication
 Whitacre, Ryan., Nguyen, Vinh-Kim., Paparini, Sara. and Wells, Nadya.

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Gametes Move Across Borders: Forefront of Reproductive Tourism
 Kokado, Minori.

Gamified Flows and the Sociotechnical Production of Automation
 Khreiche, Mario.

Gandhimentality: The Art of Anti-Nuclear Resistance in India
 Haines, Monamie.

Gaunt Figures of the Future
 Dorthe, Gabriel.

Gendered Sound: Gender Issues in Recording Industry
 Xu, Qiushi.

Genetic Counselors, “Doing Ethics,” and the Translation of Genomic Medicine in the 21st Century
 Markens, Susan.

Geopolitics and Social Science Data Archives: Data Friction at the Organizational Level
 Eschenfelder, Kristin. and Shankar, Kalpana.

Giving Back: Stormwater Management and Alternative Sentencing in Newark
 Alexandre, Kessie.

Global Policy in a Box: The Sustainable Development Goals As Boundary Objects in Glocal Agenda 2030 Implementation
 Skill, Karin.

Global Territorial Governance: A Multi-Scale Analysis of Indigenous Ontologies in a Pan-Amazonian Climate Initiative
 Cifuentes, Sylvia.

Global Vaccine Logics: An Overview
 Graham, Janice.

Glucantime: War Entanglements of an Imperfect Drug
 Pinto Garcia, Lina.

Good, Responsible, Caring: Sociotechnical Imaginaries of Ethical AI
 Kuziemski, Maciej.

Governing Nature: Imagined Futures in Gene Drives
 Mäkelin, Marianne.

Governing Occupational Exposure to Chemicals Using Thresholds: A Policy in Favor of Industry?
 Henry, Emmanuel.

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Hacking Attention, Hacking Intentions: Digital Detoxers’ Perceptions of Technology Design
 Sutton, Theodora.

Hacking Health Issues in the Global South: An Ethnography of Medical Device Innovation in Contemporary India
 Chadha, Anisha.

Hacking Prosthetic Devices and Subverting Western Logics of Cure in Uganda
 Sigounas, Vaia.

Hacking Satellites: A Conversation on Security and Response-abilities
 Passoth, Jan-Hendrik. and Klimburg Witjes, Nina.

Hacking and Non-Use: Infrastructural Modifications and Epistemic Engagement
 Dahm, Sebastian.

Hashtag #NSFW #Tumblr: What the Tumblr Ban Means for Platform Migration
 Riedl, Martin.

Haunting the Developmental Present: Rabindranath Tagore and the Cultivation of Progress
 Simmet, Hilton.

Health Models: Part of a Model World?
 Henderson, Rebecca. and Ostebo, Marit.

Healthy Climate Needs a Service: Maintaining HVAC Infrastructures in Times of Transition
 Fürst, Moritz. and Bovet, Alain.

Held in Trust: Iot, Efficiency, and the Ethics of Big City Data
 Coleman, Beth.

Helping Advanced STEM Students Find STS-Self: Barriers, Contextualization, Diversity, and Humility
 Lee, Jongmin.

Heritage in Multiple Lifetimes
 Jordheim, Helge.

Hidden Value: Investigating the Physics Demonstration as Aesthetic Experience
 Seese, Sydney., Halpern, Megan. and Hinko, Kathleen.

Hierarchies of Knowledge: Usage of a Chinese Media App in Rural Tamil Nadu
 Ebner, Susanne.

Himalayan Laboratory: Nepal and the Emergence of Global Mental Health
 Seale-Feldman, Aidan.

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I-Algorithm-Dataset: Locating the Bias in AI Technologies
 Wellner, Galit.

ICU, Interrupted: Critical Care and Critical Technology in Argentina
 Garofalo, Livia.

Ideas of Impact: Interrogating Innovation as a Value in Design
 Shorey, Samantha.

Identifying “Trap Doors”: The Gendered Surveillance of Transgender People’s Online Embodiment
 Austin, Jeanie.

Identities of Latin American STS Scholarship: Towards a Conceptual Framework
 Aguilar Forero, Nicolas. and Balanzó, Alejandro.

If We Can Go to the Moon…: Innovation Traps in Federal Transportation Research & Development, 1965–1986
 Reinecke, David.

If You Smell Something, Say Something!: Sensing Underground Gas Leaks in Environmental Justice Organizing
 Bosworth, Kai.

Ignorance and Illegible Subjects of Toxicity: The Case of PFOA Contamination in Hoosick Falls, New York
 Rabinow, Laura.

Ignoring by Denouncing Corporate Influence
 dedieu, françois.

Illegal and the Informal Innovation in Latin America
 Guerrero, Javier. and Moreno-Martínez, Óscar.

Images, Evidence, and the Arts of Attention
 Gerber, Alison.

Imaginaries of Security Innovations, (In)security Technologies and Criminalized Bodies: The Cases of Germany and Poland
 Machado, Helena. and Amelung, Nina.

Imaginaries of the Infrastructure for a More Just Data Economy
 Lehtiniemi, Tuukka.

Imagination as an Embodied Craft
 Marini, Marisol.

Imaginations of Artificial Intelligence and Technological Developmentalism in Africa
 Hassan, Yousif.

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Japanese Universities and Regenerating STS Knowledge for Public Use: Fukushima Disaster and Eugenics-Based Forced Sterilization
 Terazawa, Yuki.


Keeping Consumer Products Alive: Commoning Knowledge for Repair
 Iles, Alastair.

Kill-Proofing the Soldier: Environmental Threats, Anticipation, and U.S. Military Biomedical Armor Programs
 Bickford, Andrew.

Kingdoms of Engagement: Reflecting on Stakeholder Engagement Exercises Focused on GE Algae, Trees, and Mice
 Delborne, Jason.

Know, Measure, and Control: Epistemic and Technopolitical Practices in the Global Project to Eliminate Mercury Use in Artisanal Gold Mining
 Rubiano-Galvis, Sebastian.

Knowing Democracy through Performing Scientific Self-Governance
 Schendzielorz, Cornelia. and Reinhart, Martin.

Knowing Well amid Inequality and Diversity
 Ottinger, Gwen.

Knowledge Systems, Forest Management, and Urban Infrastructure Resilience
 Gim, Changdeok.

Knowledge and (Un)Certainty in Multispecies Care and Euthanasia
 Jetmore, EJ.

Kokoro Relation: Relation Between Human and Contemporary Vibrators
 de Kloe, Christl.


Laboratization of the Cities: How Cities Became Laboratories for Making Autonomous Vehicles
 Oh, Sang Teck.

Lagomorph Lessons: Interdisciplinary Feminist STS Through the Lens of the American Pika
 Livio, Maya.

Layers of Abstraction and the Organization of Repair in High Performance Computing
 Sims, Benjamin.

Lead Poisonings as Complex Toxic Assemblages: The Enviro-Racialization of the Body and Socio-Material Production of Polluted Bodies
 Oliver, Christopher. and Torres Velez, Victor.

Learn From My Mistakes: Some Pedagogical Experiments in STS and Speculative Fiction and How to Fail Better Than Me
 Koopman, Kristen.

Learning CNC Milling: A Gendered Account on "Everyone," Skill and Expertise in DIY Digital Fabrication
 Boeva, Yana.

Legacy as a Way to Understand Residues in Temporality
 Creager, Angela., Boudia, Soraya. and Roberts, Jody.

Legitimate or Not? The Economic Value of the Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) Services in an Emerging Local/Cross-Border Fertility Market in Taiwan
 Kung, Wen-Ling.

Lessons for What STS Can Do from the Futures Studies Field
 Bok, Barbara.

Life Sustained or Death Standardized? Novel Mechanisms in the Reproduction of Inequality
 Hauschildt, Katrina.

Lifeworlds in Motion: How Shifting Psychiatric Expertise Decenters Mental Health and "The Environment"
 Bieler, Patrick.

Lights!, Cameras!, ACTION!: Using Technology and Social Media to Address Racial Oppression and Persistent Inequality
 Will, Jeffry. and Sampson, Monique.

Listening/Not Listening: Educations of Inattention in the Automation of Psychiatric Assessment
 Semel, Beth.

Litigation Politics: The French Government, the European Commission, and the Case of Nitrate Contamination in Brittany
 Déplaude, Marc-Olivier.

Lives in African Science: Boundary-work in Careers of Natural Science Researchers in Kenya
 Harsh, Matthew., Shrum, Wesley., Bal, Ravtosh., Schafer, Mark J. and Miller, Paige.

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 Blair, Zachary.

Magic Materials and the Promises of Transformation: On the Animation of Nanomedicine
 Kuch, Declan. and Kearnes, Matthew.

Magical Research Creation: Exploring the Felt-verse
 Bowers, Nicole.

Maiming and Mediating Data
 Michael, Mary.

Maintaining Infrastructure in Buka Island: Comparative Perspectives from a Highway and Garden Roads
 Rosolowsky, Marlit.

Maintaining the Walls Graffiti-Free: Infrastructure Work, Care, Public Order
 Pontille, David.

Making AR Usable through the Socio-Technical Imagineering Circulating in Facebook Pages and Vlogs
 Gonzalez-Santos, Sandra.

Making Agency in Development Projects: A Case Study in Cameroon
 Poon, Anthony.

Making Attention Regimes Visible: An Exploration of Triggers and Patterns of Collective Attention Using Wikipedia
 Baya-Laffite, Nicolas., Beaude, Boris. and Maitre, Ogier.

Making Core Memory: Crafting Legacies of Women in Innovation
 Shorey, Samantha. and Rosner, Daniela.

Making Gender Work: Disruptions and Innovations in Gender Infrastructure
 Gohring, Tristan.

Making Good Days Happen: Unpacking Versions of the “Better” in Living with Sickle Cell Disease
 Dréano, Clément.

Making Good(s): Digital Health, Speculation, and Care
 Ghosh, Ipshita.

Making Health Data into an Epistemic Consumption Object: An Israeli Case-Study
 Fisher, Eran. and Rosenhek, Zeev.

Making Latinx Makers
 Beltran, Hector.

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Nature Compressed, Nature Unfolded: Heterotopic Seed Banks
 Laboissière, Anna-Katharina.

Navigating Governance: Moving Foods through Regulatory Changes
 Paxson, Heather.

Navigation through an Environmental Lens
 Ntabathia, Jude.

Necessary Medicine: Reframing the Insurance Argument for Transition-Related Care
 Dietz, Elizabeth.

Necro-Logistics: Burn Pits and the Waste of American War-Making
 MacLeish, Kenneth.

Negotiating Information Visibility and Consumer Ignorance: The Digital Disclosure of GM Food in the US
 Soutjis, Bastien.

Negotiating Knowledge through an Ecosystem of Vaccine Development and Deployment for (Re)Emergent Diseases
 Lees, Shelley. and Enria, Luisa.

Negotiating Policy, Knowledge and Productive Agendas in the Bioeconomy: Aquaculture for Sustainable Local Development (Paraná River, Argentina)
 Bortz, Gabriela. and Gázquez, Ayelén.

Networking Development: Sharing Small-Scale Technological Design Between North and South Before the Internet
 Morefield, Heidi.

Neuropsychoanalysis and Foucault: Reevaluating Psy-Discipline Practices of the Self
 Blatzheim, John.

New Biotechs in BRICS Countries: Brazil and India
 da Costa, Maria.

New But for Whom? Discourses of Innovation in Digital Agriculture
 Duncan, Emily., Glaros, Alex. and Nost, Eric.

New Models: Translating and Mutating Prosthetic Technology in Late Colonial India
 Buxton, Hilary.

New Technology as a Catalyst in the Transformation of Medical Specialties
 Greer, Ann Lennarson.

New Uses of HIV Data for Public Health: Analyzing Tensions in U.S. Policy and Practice for Patients, Policymakers, and Practitioners
 Molldrem, Stephen.

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Objectivity As Displacement: The Case of the Rotten Ice Project
 Yip, Julianne.

Obligations towards "Good" Sciences: Philosophy Involved in Clay and Word-Work
 Jerak-Zuiderent, Sonja.

Of Disease and Identity: Scientific Internationalism, Sexual Modernity, and the (De)pathologization of Homosexuality in China (1978-2001)
 Wang, Suisui.

Of Scallops and Mobile Phones: Fixity and Fluidity in an Academic Project to Train Health Workers in Kenya
 Henry, Jade.

Office for Scientific Flotsam and Jetsam: The Shifting Grounds of an Incubation
 Guggenheim, Michael., Kröll, Judith. and Kräftner, Bernd.

On Becoming a Hero: The Entrepreneurial Configuration of Users and in the Independent Living Programmes for People with Down Syndrome in Spain
 Moyà-Köhler, Joan. and Rodríguez-Giralt, Israel.

On Feminist Arts + Sciences of Noticing: Review and Reconnection in Community Data Lab
 Chan, Anita.

On Not Seeing Like a State: Ignorance Production at the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
 Frickel, Scott.

On Projection, Capital and Racialized Risk
 Benton, Adia.

On the Praxeology of Perceptrons: Rebuilding “Mark I,” Respecifying Machine Learning
 Sormani, Philippe. and Longe, Hunter.

On the Production of Subjectivity and Surveillance: The Case of Amazon “Machine”
 Nasirzadeh, Bahar.

On the Reproduction of Violence and Motherhood in Colombia
 Sanchez Parra, Tatiana.

On the Rights of Nature and their Criminalized Excess
 Lyons, Kristina.

On the Use of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Modeling in Global Health Research and Surveillance in Arequipa, Peru
 Salm, Melissa.

One Model Liver Measuring Infection with Schistosoma mansoni and Hepatitis C in 20th-Century Egypt
 Derr, Jennifer.

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Pain and Distress as Disruptions to Animal Researcher Narratives about the Ethical Dimensions of Their Work
 Walker, Rebecca.

Paratactical Curating: A Collaborative Innovation in Knowledge Production
 Yetiskin, Ebru.

Participatory Data Design
 Jensen, Torben Elgaard., Birkbak, Andreas., Madsen, Anders. and Munk, Anders.

Partners Who Never Meet: An Ethnographic Perspective on Peers and Intermediaries in Indonesia’s P2P Economy
 Sandbukt, Sunniva.

Patented Emotions: Attention, Appropriation, and Capture
 Karppi, Tero.

Patents for All: A Content Analysis of an Open-Access Dataset of Colombian Patents 1930–2000
 Cortes Sanchez, Julian.

Pathways of Isomorphism: University Strategies in a Quest for Research Quality
 Nedeva, Maria.

Patron or Perish? Interrogating the Role of Industry Funding in Academic Research
 Katell, Michael., Young, Meg. and Krafft, Peaks.

Paulo Freire and Frantz Fanon Walk into an Incubator: The Masters Forge New Tools
 Tompkins, Christien.

Pausing Public Attention: News Technologies and Journalistic Silences
 Ananny, Mike.

Peer Review: A Gender-Neutral Measure to Transparent Quality in Science?
 Sagebiel, Felizitas.

People, Patients, and Personal Organoids: Three Societies in Biomedical Research
 Zuijderwijk, Jochem.

People’s Voices for Recognition of Climate Change in Southeast Asian Countries
 Aoyagi, Midori. and Yoshida, Aya.

Perceptions of Automated Vehicles in the Performance Racing Community
 Forelle, MC.

Perceptions of Health: A Confluence of Aesthetics, Race, and Racism
 Edu, Ugo.

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Quantifying National Populations: A Comparison of Adolphe Quetelet and Francis Galton’s Approaches to Simple Statistical Techniques
 Barber, Kathryn.

Queer Experiments and Chemical Intimacies: HIV Prophylactics in and around Bangkok
 Quinn, Tim.

Queer Tech Futures: STS & Community-based Technology Education
 Roark, Kendall.

Queer Temporalities in River Sciences
 Woelfle-Erskine, Cleo.

Questioning Transdisciplinarity in the Contemporary Research University
 Zacharias, Kari.


RANDomizing the Cost of Healthcare: Economics, ‘Health Status,’ and U.S. Federal Policy
 Griffen, Zach.

Race as Film Technology
 Bauer, Julian.

Race as Technology in the Dutch Governmental Data Ontology: Introducing Racetechnicity
 van Schie, Gerwin.

Race as a Technology in Medicine and Epidemiology: Contrasting Germany and the US
 zur Nieden, Andrea.

Race, Football, Trauma: Arguments for and Against the Preservation of American Football
 Croissant, Jennifer.

Race, Modernity, and Hospital-ity: Questioning the Intervention Space of Clinical Volunteerism
 Oyarzun, Yesmar.

Race, Space, and Design: RCTs as Concept, Practice, and Material Arrangement
 Stark, Laura.

Racial Mixing and Matching: Gamete Donation, Family Formation, and Reproductive Choice
 Newman, Alyssa.

Racial Vision: Sensory Perception, Authenticity and Photographic Expertise
 Skarpelis, Anna.

Radial Paths: Mycelia as Live Resistance to Anthropocentrism and Linear Writing
 Chiodi, Vitor.

Radical Challenges to Racial Science
 Harr, Bridget.

Radical Regrets: Prostate-Specific Antigen Testing, Surgery, and the Role of Affect in Therapeutic Reversals
 Moses, Jacob.

Radical Space in the Midst of Algorithms: Machinic Labor Interruptions against Digital Spatial Abstractions
 Briziarelli, Marco. and Armano, Emiliana.

Radio Sutatenza: Collective Memory as a Facilitator of a Popular Education Project
 Rojas-Alvarez, Jorge.

Rain, Resilience and Expertise in Houston
 Friedan, Nataya.

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SF as Method: Experiments in Post-Earthly Ethnography
 Rahder, Micha.

SFF and STS: Teaching Science, Technology, and Society via Pop Culture
 Williams, Damien.

STEM Education <- -> Right-Wing Populist Politics
 Bencze, John. and Carter, Lyn.

STS Interruptions in Industrial Bio-Production
 Molyneux-Hodgson, Susan., Atkinson, Sally. and Rosemann, Achim.

STS Theoretical Approaches and Video Game Localization: Innovating Ideas
 Fontolan, Marina., Velho, Léa., Costa, Janaína. and Malazita, James.

STS as a Third Space between Evidence-Based Medicine and the Human Sciences
 Zuiderent-Jerak, Teun.

STS for Social Impact Inside and Outside the Lab: Navigating Innovation in Science and Technology Education at Station1
 Spero, Ellan.

STS on the Street and at the Court: Interlocutors in the Taiwan RCA Collective Occupational Disease Lawsuit
 Lin, Yi-Ping. and Chen, Hsin-Hsing.

STSE (Science, Technology, Society and Environment) Education for Civic Action: Tensions in Action Research
 Qureshi, Nadia., Halwany, Sarah., Milanovic, Minja., Padamsi, Zoya., Zouda, Madj. and Bencze, John.

Sacred Assets: Christian Logics of Reproductive Remainder Economies
 Cromer, Risa.

Sacrificial Extractivism and Unfinished Extinction in the Woodlands of Central Chile
 Gonzalez Galvez, Marcelo.

Salvage Anthropology, the Politics of Science, and Native Land Title in California: 1911-1948
 Edwards, Robert.

Sanctuary and Species: The Violence of Care/Containment in Conservation
 Santana, Elana.

Satellites, Drones, and Balloons: The Right to Connect and Aerial Internet Infrastructure
 Reiss Sorokin, Alex.

Scaling Barriers to Interdisciplinary Innovation: Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Approaches
 Stanfill, Mel. and Salter, Anastasia.

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Tacit Knowledge and Automation: An Ethnographic Account of Retail Banking in India
 Das, Soumyo. and Chaudhuri, Bidisha.

Tackling the Taboo
 Raboldt, Myriam.

Taking Competitive Advantage: GANS and the Inherent Ethics of AI
 Fallon, Kris.

Taking the Guesswork out of Medical Crowdfunding
 Lincoln, Martha.

Tales from the Field: Indigenous-Led Pathways to Technological Stewardship
 Campos-Navarrete, Marisol., Abbott, Mark., Williams, Arlene., Goodchild, Melanie., Longboat, Dan. and Wilkes, Taylor.

Talking About Business: Occupational Communities and Democratization of Labor in Startup Companies
 Lusoli, Alberto.

Tapping into Science: University Research Alliances, Technological Breadth, and New Product Development
 Slavova, Kremena. and Jong, Simcha.

Tasting Technoscience: The Language of the Kitchen in Silicon Valley
 Nguyen, Anna.

Teaching Tech Ethics and Ethnography: The Human in Human-Computer Interaction
 Erickson-Davis, Cordelia.

Technical Expertise Meets Public Deliberation: Going Beyond Laboratory Studies to Understand the Expert/Lay Divide
 Tomblin, David., Schneider, Jen., Torres, Chris. and Farooque, Mahmud.

Technics and Tactics of Anti-Pipeline Movements: Assessing Critical Technical Engagements with Oil and Gas Pipeline Projects
 Jalbert, Kirk.

Technique on Fleek: Digital Beauty Practices in the Age of Instagram
 Hesselbein, Chris.

Techno-Pedagogies: Overcoming the Luddite/Technophile Dichotomy in Teacher Education
 Lachney, Michael.

Techno-Politics of Co-Creation: On the Production of Interconnectability
 Lipp, Benjamin.

TechnoEthics and the Politics of Care/Violence
 Suchman, Lucy.

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Ukrainian Market of Eggs: Political Economy Analysis
 Vlasenko, Polina.

Unconventional Bodies: Diversity, Kinship, and Medical Illustration
 Belsky, Drew.

Underground as a Controversial Mitigation of Climate Change Option: Example of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Implementation
 Pigeon, Jonas.

Undone Justice: Social Determinants of Health, Routine Toxicological Screenings, and Death Investigations
 Nelson, Lee.

Undone Science and Technological Innovation: The Case of Electronic Voting Machines in Postcolonial India
 Valiani, Arafaat. and Jones, Patrick.

Unequal Hormonal Disruptions and Systemic Racisms: The Environmental Injustice of Beauty
 Shamasunder, Bhavna.

Unhomely Experiences: A Phenomenological Approach to the Unsettling of Homes through Infrastructural Devices
 Baumgardt, Laurin.

Unicorn Meat and the Bioeconomy of Future Food
 Lane, Richard. and Cooper, Mark.

Units and Unity in Chinese Eco-Civilisation: Infrastructure Led Conservation of the BRI
 Carver, Louise.

Unpacking Black-Boxed Expertization: The Case of the Korean Astronaut Program
 Chung, Seungmi.

Unsettling Idiopathy: Performativity and the Queer Brain
 Neuman, Sydney.

Unthinkable Plant Science: Troubling Cognitive Commons with Dr. Gagliano
 Onzik, Kristi.

 Adornetto, Turner.

Upside Down Country
 Neale, Timothy.

Urban Episteme: Seeing Like an Urban Entrepreneur
 Abbott, Martin.

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Vaccine Risk Questioners: The Human Cost of Risk and the Acknowledgement of Subjectivity
 Thompson Fudge, Leea.

Vaginas, Vulvas, and Container Theory
 Jones, Meredith.

Value Flow and Collapse: YouTube's "Ad-pocalypse"
 Harper, Brian.

Valuing Inattention and Invisibility
 Savolainen, Ville. and Pyyhtinen, Olli.

Valuing the Infrastructure: Assetization of Bio-Resources in Japan
 Mikami, Koichi.

Variants of Uncertain Significance and Communities of Practice in Clinical Genomics
 Hedgecoe, Adam.

Verifying Paper Money: Quality-Control and the Materialization of Trust
 Kaminska, Aleksandra.

Video Games' Slide-Projector Progenitor: Economic Simulation Games of the 1960s
 Davison, Patrick.

Virtual Reality and the Social Imaginary: Real and Imagined Experiences in the Public Library
 Dahya, Negin., Lee, Jin Ha., Lee, Kung Jin. and King, W.E..

Visceralizing Algorithms
 Stark, Charles Luke.

Visibility without Breakdown: Inquiries, Discoveries, and Knowledge in the Maintenance of French Water Infrastructures
 Denis, Jérôme. and Florentin, Daniel.

Visions of Animal Genome Editing
 Macnaghten, Phillip. and Middelveld, Senna.

Visual Media, Mobilization, and (the Absence of) Race in Popular Representations of Medicine
 Holladay, Drew.

Visualization Personal Data for Infrastructural Inversion
 Bietz, Matthew.

Visualizing the Blue Archive
 Han, Lisa.

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Walking the Tightrope: Precarious Intimacies and Intimate Precarities in Female Early Career Academic Narratives
 Morris, Charlotte.

Was This an Ending? The Destruction of Samples and Deletion of Records from the UK Police National DNA Database
 Skinner, David. and Wienroth, Matthias.

Water That Can Wait: Resilience and the Infrastructures of Buffering
 Randle, Sayd.

Watermarks: Memory and Flood Insurance
 Vaughn, Sarah.

Ways of Contesting the Radiation Paradigm on Health Around Nuclear Facilities
 Barbier, Laura.

We Always Make and Do More: The Collateral Realities of Methodological Rigor
 mesman, jessica. and Carroll, Katherine.

WeChat as an Infrastructure in Contemporary China
 Zhou, Rui. and DiSalvo, Betsy.

Wearable Computers and the Desire Not to Be Seen
 Viseu, Ana.

Wearing Many Hats: Stakeholder Collaboration in the Formation of Digital Therapeutics
 Martin, Meg.

Webcams and Wildfires: Remote Sensing Technologies and Making the Saskatchewan Boreal Forest
 Zahara, Alex.

Weekly Planner Digitizer: Domestic Technologies in Hybrid Spaces
 Güner, Cansu.

Wetland Alterities: Geological Refusal and the Excess of Lafkenche Sovereignty
 Tironi, Manuel. and Vega, Denisse.

What Does It Take to Get a Drink Here? Delivering Potable Water in New Orleans
 Grealy, Liam., Lea, Tess., Chang, Aron., Meron, Gilad. and Winkler-Schor, Lilith.

What Does the French Nuclear Regulatory System Learn from the 2003 Heatwave and Drought?
 chanton, olivier.

What Does the Seal Say? Making Meaning in Nuclear Treaty Verification
 Weichselbraun, Anna.

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Xs and Os and 0s and 1s: Sport’s Algorithmic Culture
 Sterling, Jennifer.


You Can’t See Toxics, but You Can Be Very Agitated about Blowing Up
 Ahmann, Chloe.

Your Voice Is (Not) Your Passport: Entanglements between Border Security and Voice Recognition
 Pfeifer, Michelle.
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