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A Stakeholder Alliance Addresses Watershed Management for the Pit River in Northeast California
 Steffek, Mark.

A Vision for the Center for Absentee Landowners
 Buman, Tom. and Tafoya, Rick.

A Water Quality Evaluation of the Leon River Watershed using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool
 Dybala, Tim., Moriasi, Daniel., Green, Cole., Amonett, Carl., Marek, Todd. and Arnold, Jeff.

A new test for integrated assessment of soil quality
 Idowu, Omololu., van Es, Harold., Abawi, George., Wolfe, David., Schindelbeck, Robert., Gugino, Beth., Moebius, Bianca. and Thies, Janice.

ANNAGNPS Model Capabilities and Application for CEAP Evaluation in Beasley Lake Watershed
 Yuan, Yongping., Locke, Martin. and Bingner, Ronald.

Absentee Landowners and their Views on Conservation Efforts: A Descriptive Study of an Understudied Group
 Petrzelka, Peg. and Clearfield, Frank.

Activities and Implications of the National Invasive Species Management Plan
 Holy, Doug.

Adoption of a Formal Multi Criteria Decision System to Improve Performance of Federal Conservation Programs
 Ozgoc-Caglar, Derya. and Farnsworth, Richard.

Agricultural Water Conservation via Conservation Tillage and Thermal Infrared Imagery
 Hawkins, Gary., Sullivan, Dana., Bland, Geoff., Hubbard, Robert., Beasley, John., Lee, Dewey. and truman, clint.

Air Quality, Water, and Soil Conservation Demonstration Project at Lincoln (CA) High School
 Emmitte, John., Leitman, Mark. and Gilbert, Greg.

An Ecological Approach to Quantifying the Effects of Conservation Practices on Ecosystem Services Provided by Wetlands and Associated Uplands: CEAP-Wetlands
 Eckles, Diane.

Analysis of herbicide transport from Goodwater Creek Experimental Watershed
 Lerch, Robert., Sadler, Edward., Kremer, Robert., Kitchen, Newell. and Alberts, Eugene.

Anthropogenic Global Warming: A literature review
 Brunner, James.

Application of SWAT and AnnAGNPS in the St. Joseph River Watershed
 Heathman, Gary., Flanagan, Dennis., Larose, Myriam., Zuercher, Ben. and Meyer, Charles.

Applying Adaptive Management to Nitrogen Fertilization on Iowa Corn Fields
 Blackmer, Tracy. and Wolf, Roger.

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BMP CHALLENGE: Increasing Adoption of Nutrient Management and Conservation Tillage in Corn Production
 Green, Thomas., Brandt, Brian., Kieser, Mark., Buman, Tom., Buman, Stan. and Fisher, Shannon.

Balancing Crop Biomass for Bioenergy and Conservation
 Johnson, Jane., Follett, Ronald., Karlen, Douglas. and wilhelm, Wally.

Beyond CEAP: Integrating Delivery of Concurrent Goods and Services Attributable to Conservation Programs into Models for Decision Makers to Evaluate Ecological Change
 Euliss, Ned., Smith, Loren., Duffy, Walter. and Faulkner, Stephen.

Beyond Payments: the Role of Community Farmer Relationships in Adoption of Best Management Practices to Protect Water Quality
 Gasteyer, Stephen., Letterly, Gary. and Carrera, Jennifer.

Beyond the Links: Golf Course Conservation Education
 Zeh, Joellen.

BioDiesel: Promoting An Alternative Fuel & Considering Alternative Crops
 Crabtree, Gene.

Bioenergy: Implication for soil and water conservation
 Cruse, Richard.

Biomass Medium-BTU Hydrocarbon Fuel Gas Generator Application Project. (Poultry Litter Energy Conversion Project)
 Williams, Charlie., Cowling, Otto., Stringer, Fred., Barker, Lori., Rogers, Mike. and Drewry, Richard.

Brooksville Plant Materials Center: Developing Sources of Native Plants for Revegetation in Florida
 Williams, M.J.. and Grabowski, J..


C-Lock pilot project to quantify and market CO2 emission offsets from farmland
 Updegraff, Karen., Zimmerman, Patrick., Kozak, Patrick. and Sundareshwar, P.V..

CEAP Soil Quality Assessments for the USDA-ARS Experimental Watersheds
 Stott, Diane., Cambardella, Cindy. and Karlen, Douglas.

California Code of Sustainable Winegrowing Practices – Innovations for Air and Water Quality
 Browde, Joe. and Dlott, Jeff.

Cannonsville Reservoir and Town Brook Watersheds: Documenting Conservation Efforts to Protect New York City’s Drinking Water
 Bryant, Ray., Veith, Tamie., Kleinman, Peter. and Gburek, Bil.

Certified Environmental Management Systems for Agriculture (CEMSA) – Experiencing Environmental Management System Development, Implementation, and Evaluation
 Ellison, Heath., Wolf, Roger. and Hammitt, Gary.

Challenges to quantifying the environmental benefits of conservation practices: an example from Florida ranchlands
 Bohlen, Patrick., Clark, Mark. and Shukla, Sanjay.

Characterizing and classifying variability in corn yield response to nitrogen fertilizer on the scale of the farm
 Kyveryga, Peter. and Blackmer, Tracy.

City of Kissimmee Monitoring & Modeling Project
 Gurr, Eric.

Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) Management and Restoration Efforts in the Southeastern United States.
 MacDonald, Greg.

Comparing measured and modeled soil carbon contents over 55 years
 Potter, Ken. and Harmel, Daren.

Comparison of Water Chemistry Upstream and Downstream Of Ranches in the Southern Interior of British Columbia
 Broersma, Klaas., Meays, Cynthia. and Roddan, Bruce.

Computer-Assisted Terrace Design for Improved Farm-ability
 Gantzer, Clark., Thompson, Allen., Mayhan, Bryan., Anderson, Steve. and Purcell, Richard.

Conservation Drainage: Partnerships and Practices to Improve the Waters in Minnesota, and the Gulf of Mexico
 Dittrich, Mark.

Conservation Effects Assessment
 Arnold, Jeff.

Conservation Effects Assessment in the South Georgia Little River Watershed
 Bosch, David., Strickland, Timothy., Lowrance, Richard., Sheridan, Joseph., Potter, Thomas. and Sullivan, Dana.

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Dairy Farm Nutrient Management: A Comparison of Conventional, Organic, and Pasture-Based Systems
 Nehring, Richard., Gillespie, Jeffrey., O\'Donoghue, Erik. and Sandretto, Carmen.

Database Development for the Cedar Creek and St. Joseph River Watersheds
 Heathman, Gary., Bucholtz, Dennis., Frankenberger, James., Livingston, Stanley., Bos, Janae. and McAfee, Scott.

Demonstration of Variable-Rate Irrigation for Water Conservation and Application Optimization
 Perry, Calvin., Khalilian, Ahmad. and Milton, Andrea.

Demonstration of conservation & producer-based benefits of a bedded pack system for small intensive grazing farms
 Comer, Challey.

Designing Sampling Protocols for Evaluating Ecological Effects of Conservation Practices on Agricultural Streams
 Smiley, Peter., SHIELDS, FLETCHER. and Knight, Scott.

Designing a Market-Based Program for Enhancing Environmental Services on Florida Ranchlands
 Lynch, Sarah. and Bohlen, Patrick.

Designing a Market-Based Program for Enhancing Environmental Services on Florida Ranchlands POSTER
 Lynch, Sarah.

Developing Soil and Water Conservation Districts Capacity for Emergency Response in New York
 Wright, Peter.

Developing Water Budgets & Mapping Urban Water Use Through Expert High-Resolution Satellite Image Analysis
 Hanou, Ian.

Developing an index for the ecosystem services provided by riparian buffers
 Soman, Sethuram., Kraft, Steven., Lant, Christopher. and Beaulieu, Jeffrey.

Developing and Implementing City-Wide Stormwater Management Strategies
 Tufgar, Ray.

Development of Chinese Soil Loss Equation, CSLE.
 Liu, Baoyuan., Zhang, Keli. and Xie, Yun.

Development, Training, and Implementation of Fertilizer BMPs for Six Major U.S. Cropping Systems
 Reetz, Harold.

Diagnostic Nitrogen Testing for Predicting Corn Response to Nitrogen
 Strock, Jeffrey., Mulvaney, Richard., kahn, Saeed., Ellsworth, Tim. and Vanden Heuvel, Rick.

Dry Creek Long-term Watershed Study: Effects of Harvesting on Soil Movement using Mesh Bag Technique
 Carter, Crystal., Hsieh, Y. Ping., Bugna, Glynnis. and Miwa, Masato.


EcoApples: Economic Benefits for Northeast Apple Growers Who Protect Air, Soil and Water Resources
 Green, Thomas., Agnello, Art., Cooley, Dan., Futrell, Sue., Reissig, Harvey., Rozyne, Michael. and Tuttle, Arthur.

Ecological Functions of Conservation Wetlands - Coastal Plain and Piedmont Regions
 Lowrance, Richard. and De Steven, Diane.

Economic Feasibility of Using Prescribed Summer Fire as an Invasive Brush Management Tool in Texas.
 Van Liew, Dustin., Conner, James. and Kreuter, Urs.

Economic performance of alternative tillage systems in the northern Corn Belt
 Archer, David. and Reicosky, Donald.

Economic value of riparian ecosystem attributes in an urban setting
 Ekness, Paul. and Randhir, Timothy.

Effect of Brush Control on Evapotranspiration from Mesquite Trees in North Concho River Watershed in West Texas
 Saleh, Ali., Wu, Hong., Brown, Chuck., Hauck, Larry., Williams, Scott. and Teagarden, Fred.

Effect of Dredging on Phosphorus and Nitrogen Spiraling in Coastal Plain Drainage Ditches.
 Shigaki, Francirose., Kleinman, Peter., Schmidt, John., Sharpley, Andrew., Dell, Curt. and Allen, Arthur.

Effect of Organic Matter Buildup on Yield in Long-Term Conservation vs. Conventional Tillage
 Busscher, Warren., Novak, Jeff. and Hunt, Patrick.

Effect of Rock Fragment Cover on Interrill Runoff and Erosion.
 Fu, Suhua., Liu, Baoyuan., Lu, Bingjun., Ye, Zihan. and Zeng, Xianqin.

Effect of dredging on the fate of nutrients in drainage ditches
 Smith, Douglas.

Effect of natural clay deposits and irrigation water quality on productivity of tomato and water use efficiency under drip irrigation
 Al-Omran, Abdulrasoul.

Effects of Agricultural Conservation Practices on Aquatic Habitats and Fauna
 Knight, Scott. and Boyer, Kathryn.

Effects of Biosolid Treatments on Microbial properties in Lead Contaminated mining waste
 Hoilett, Nigel., Yang, John., Eivazi, Frieda. and Kremer, Robert.

Effects of Cover Crops on Physical Properties and C/N Sequestration in Coastal Plain Soils under Conservation Tillage
 Hubbard, Robert., Strickland, Timothy., Phatak, Sharad. and Scholberg, Johannes.

Effects of Watershed Land Use on Aquatic Ecosystems
 Hawes, Ashley. and Randhir, Timothy.

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Facilitating Agricultural Resource Management Systems (FARMS) Program – Sustaining Agriculture and Water Resources
 Chwala-Grant, Suzanne.

Farm-Scale Integrated Water Resources Management Using Technology: Balancing Economic, Environmental, and Social Sustainability
 Morton, Laura. and Kashef, Owrang.

Farmers’ Motivations for Adopting Management Practices in the Goodwater Creek Experimental Watershed
 Murphy, Bridget., Rikoon, Sandy., Baffaut, Claire., broz, Robert., Lerch, Robert., Laura, McCann., Anderson, Steve. and Sadler, Edward.

Fecal Coliform Total Maximum Daily Load - North Branch of the Sunrise River
 Spetzman, Jerry., Affeldt, Craig., Johnson, Greg., Zadak, Chris., Darragh Schmitz, Mary., Thibodeau, Lisa., Mell, Craig., Conrad, Pat. and Plevan, Andrea.

Field Scale Evaluation and Technology Transfer of Economically, Ecologically Sound Liquid Manure Treatment and Application Systems
 Walker, Paul. and Rhykerd, Robert.

Field Scale Evaluation of Crop Residue Cover Distribution Using Airborne and Satellite Remote Sensing.
 Sullivan, Dana., Strickland, Timothy., Masters, Mark., Yao, Haibo. and Fulmer, Jaime.

Field-scale Methods
 Atwood, Jay.

Filter strip attenuation of feedlot runoff contaminants.
 Busch, Dennis., Mentz, Randy. and Owens, Dave.

Findings from a decade of NRCS Agriculture Wildlife Conservation Center projects
 Betts, Lynn., Heard, L.. and Rewa, Charles.

Forage Management Impacts I: Soil Phosphorus Fractions and P Export in Runoff
 Butler, David., Franklin, Dorcas., Cabrera, Miguel., Steiner, Jean., Risse, Lawrence. and Gaskin, Julia.

Forage Management Impacts II: Soil Quality and Nitrogen Export in Runoff
 Franklin, Dorcas., Cabrera, Miguel., Butler, David., Risse, Lawrence., Steiner, Jean. and Gaskin, Julia.

Forest Certification for Family Forests
 Thompson, Dennis.


GIS and modeling of risk on vernal pool ecosystem at watershed scale
 Sekar, I., Randhir, Timothy. and Kelty, Matthew.

Gasification of Poultry Litter to Produce Bio-Energy for Heat
 McGolden, Michael.

Global Assessment of Best Practices in Payments for Ecosystem Services Programs
 Dillaha, Theo.

Goodwin Creek, An ARS CEAP Benchmark Watershed
 Kuhnle, Roger., Bingner, Ronald., Alonso, Carlos. and Wilson, Christopher.

Grassland bird response to CRP-related land use changes
 Veech, Joseph.

Great Lakes Basin and Their Efforts to Control Invasive Species
 Chapin, Carmen.

Growing Plants in Clumps to Manipulate Soil Water Use
 Stewart, Bob. and Kadasrivenkata, Hanumantharao.

Gully Erosion at the Black Soil Region of Northeast China.
 Wu, Yongqiu., Liu, Baoyuan., Xie, Yun. and Zhang, Yongguang.

Gypsum soil amendment as a management practice in no-till to improve water quality.
 Norton, Darrell. and Acuna-Guzman, Salvador.


Heron Lake Watershed District Conservation Tillage Demonstration Project
 Voit, Jan.

High Quality Fiber and Fertilizer as Co-Products from Anaerobic Digestion
 Kruger, Chad., Chen, Shulin., MacConnell, Craig. and Harrison, Joe.

How Soil Moisture Content Affects Near-Infrared Reflectance of Sandy Soils
 Villaseñor, Veronica., Cornejo, Camilo. and Mylavarapu, Rao.

Hyperspectral remote sensing estimation of crop residue cover: Soil mineralogy, surface conditions, and their effects
 Serbin, Guy., Daughtry, Craig., Hunt, E.., Doraiswamy, Paul. and Brown, David.


Impacts Nutrient Losses from Row Crop Agriculture in Indiana
 Smith, Douglas. and Huang, Chi-hua.

Impacts of Changing Land Use during and after Urban Development
 Hayes, John. and Klaine, Stephen.

Impacts of Surface Drainage systems on Water Quality in Midwest Depressional Landscapes
 Livingston, Stanley., Smith, Douglas., Warnemuende, Elizabeth., Heathman, Gary. and Huang, Chi-hua.

Implementing Statewide Pesticide Monitoring Using Local Resources and Immunoassay Methods
 Romary, Craig. and Ehrman, Dick.

Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency with Sidedressed Fertilizer Nitrogen on Farmer’s Corn Fields
 Ma, Bao-Luo.

In the ditch: Results and impacts of collaborative efforts on federal irrigation projects
 Sessoms, Holly., Bauder, Jim. and Kirkpatrick, Amber.

In-Field Training Puts Diagnostic Tools in the Hands of Agri-business
 Verhallen, Anne., Duke, Chris., Joosse, Pamela., Hayes, Adam., Roddy, Elaine., Brown, Christine., Speranzini, Donna. and Reid, Keith.

Increasing Soil Moisture Retention through the use of Pyrolized Biomass in a Coastal Plain Cornfield
 Speir, Robert., Morris, Dr. Lawrence., Ogden, Lee. and Gaskin, Julia.

Increasing dissolved phosphorus loading to Lake Erie from agricultural watersheds: a conservation tillage trade-off?
 Baker, David., Richards, R.. and Crumrine, John.

Infiltration Based Practices for Urban Landscapes
 Miller, Paul., Harrison, Brad. and Welch, Jennifer.

Influence of Conservation Practices on Ecosystem Services Provided by Playa Wetlands in the High Plains
 Smith, Loren., Haukos, David., McMurray, Scott., Gitz, Dennis., Rainwater, Ken., Zartman, Richard. and Hudnall, Wayne.

Influence of Cropping system, Suitability and Topographic Land Type on Land Degradation in Southwestern Nigeria
 Aruleba, Joseph.

Information and Implications from Missouri's Monitoring of Wetland Reserve Program Easements
 Frazier, Scott. and Galat, David.

Innovation in Arizona Agricultural Water Conservation
 Hanrahan, Michael.

Integrated Water Management in Mexico: Building a Framework for Research
 Sanchez Cohen, Ignacio., Díaz Padilla, Gabriel., Villanueva Diaz, Jose., Benavides, Juan de Dios., Gonzalez Barrios, Jose Luis., Gonzalez Cervantes, Guillermo., Heilman, Philip., Man, Roy. and Estrada Avalos, Juan.

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Lake Okeechobee Watershed Management, Planning and Implementation
 Ritter, Gary., Zhang, Joyce., James, R. and Sharfstein, Bruce.

Land Evaluation Site Assessment - Farmland Protection and Landuse Change
 Simmons, Cheryl., Scheyer, Joyce. and Patillo, Avery.

Lesson Learned in Designing a Market-based Program for Enhancing Environmental Services on Florida Ranchlands
 Lynch, Sarah. and McDonald, Moira.

Lessons Learned As Part of a National Multi-Agency Watershed Investigation in Canada -- the WEBs project
 Scott, Terrie., Boyle, Merle., Gabor, Shane., Miller, Jim., Ross, Carlyle. and Yarotski, James.

Location of Agricultural Activities and their Influence on Bacteria and Nutrients in Midsized Watershed Streams
 Kloot, Robin., Bezuglov, Anton. and Henry, Stephen.

Long-term Stream Chemistry Trends in the Little River Experimental Watershed on the Coastal Plain of Southwest Georgia
 Feyereisen, Gary., Lowrance, Richard., Strickland, Timothy., Bosch, David. and Sheridan, Joseph.

Long-term no-till improves soil properties and increases grain yield
 Schlegel, Alan., Stone, Loyd., Dumler, Troy. and Thompson, Curtis.

Loss of Dissolved Carbon from Two Fields in the St. Joseph Watershed in Northeastern Indiana
 Stott, Diane. and Huang, Chi-hua.


Management Intensity - A New Approach to Conservation
 James, Peggie.

Managing Pine Straw Harvests to Minimize Soil and Water Losses
 Pote, Daniel. and Daniel, Tommy.

Managing crop location with farmers at the watershed level in order to reduce surface runoff
 Joannon, Alexandre., Souchere, Veronique., Lapierre, Benedicte., Martin, Philippe. and Papy, Francois.

Measurement of Lateral Flow in a Subsurface Seepage Irrigation Potato Production Systems in Northeast Florida
 Acharya, Subodh., Cornejo, Camilo. and Mylavarapu, Rao.

Mechanical thinning impacts on runoff, infiltration, and sediment yield following small diameter timber harvest in a dry mixed conifer forest
 Cram, Doug., Baker, Terrell., Fernald, Alexander., Allison, Christopher., Madrid, Anthony. and Rummer, Bob.

Mediation to Settle Environmental Disputes: The Implications of Illinois’ Agricultural Mediation Program 1997-2006
 Kraft, Steven., Schmitz, Suzanne. and Joseph, Kishore.

Microbial Community Characterization and Functionality under Peanut based Cropping Systems in a Sandy Soil from Southwest Georgia
 Acosta, Veronica., Rowland, Diane. and Sorensen, Ronald.

Minnesota Agricultural Ditch Reach Assessment for Stability (MADRAS): A Tool for Local Inspection & Maintenance
 Magner, Joe., Hansen, Brad., Anderson, Chad., Wilson, Bruce. and Nieber, John.

Modeling Economic and Environmental Impacts of BMPs Aimed at Improving Water Quality in South Tobacco Creek Watershed, Manitoba
 Khakbazan, Mohammad., Hamilton, Cliff., Turner, Bill. and Yarotski, James.

Monitoring Wetland Hydrology at a Watershed Scale: Dynamic Information For Adaptive Management
 Lang, Megan., Anderson, Martha. and McCarty, Greg.

Monitoring cattle use of riparian areas with GPS collars
 Cabrera, Miguel., Byers, Harris., Matthews, Monte. and Franklin, Dorcas.

Multiple Partners Provide the Key to Watershed Restoration Success in West Virginia
 Saurborn, Gene.


NRCS Effects of Conservation Practices for Grazing Lands: Current Status and Next Steps
 Jolley, Leonard.

NRCS Energy Consumption Awareness Tools
 Aschmann, Stefanie., Gross, Chris., Smith, Phil. and Lightle, David.

National Assessment of the Effects of Conservation Practices for Cropland—Project Status and Future Plans
 Kellogg, Robert.

National CP33 Monitoring Program: 2006 Preliminary Results
 Burger, L.. and Smith, Mark.

National Feed Management Education and Assessment Tools as part of a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan
 Harrison, Joe., White, Rebecca., Erickson, Galen., Sutton, Al., Applegate, Todd., Burns, Robert., Carpenter, Glenn., Koelsch, Rick. and Massey, Ray.

New Interactive Tool for Educational and Training Provision in SIA
 Stastna, Milada.

New Technology for Separation of Sand from Manure Streams, to Improve Farm Sustainability and Profitability
 Braatz, David. and Tucker, Randall.

New research and field experience in transitioning from waterway to stream using easy-to-install bio-technology.
 carpenter, thomas.

Nitrogen Credit Trading Tool to Facilitate Market Based Water Quality Trading
 Gross, Chris., McKinney, Shaun. and Lal, Harbans.

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Modeling in the Upper Auglaize Watershed
 Stafford, Jim. and Davis, Steve.

Nitrogen cycling dynamics and transport pathways in vegetated ditches
 Strock, Jeffrey., Dell, Curt. and Schmidt, John.

Nitrogen export and speciation from edge-of-field runoff from agricultural fields in southwest Wisconsin
 Mentz, Randy., Busch, Dennis. and Owens, Dave.

Nitrogen leaching on Fluvisols under vegetable cropping system: An assessment with the NLEAP model in Southern Bulgaria
 Anguelov, Gueorgui., Kercheva, Milena., Koleva, Venelina., Stoicheva, Dimitranka. and Delgado, Jorge.

Nutrient Mining: A Threat to Sustainable Agricultural Production System in Bangladesh
 Karim, Zahurul.


Object Modeling and Scaling of Landscape Processes and Conservation Effects in Agricultural Systems
 Ascough II, James., David, Olaf., Green, Timothy., McMaster, Gregory. and Ahuja, Lajpat.

Observed Atrazine and Glyphosate Losses in Agricultural Drainage Water at Various Watershed Scales
 Warnemuende, Elizabeth., Huang, Chi-hua. and Bucholtz, Dennis.

Optimal Management of Non-point Source Pollution from Agriculture: An Application of Dynamic Programming
 Surendrannair, Sujithkumar., Sohngen, Brent., Fausey, Norman. and King, Kevin.

Optimization Perspectives for Organic Fertilizer: On-Farm Economic Throughput and Environmental Effects
 Harmel, Bob., Patterson, Mike. and Harmel, Daren.

Outcomes Based Nitrogen Efficiency Project for Corn Production
 Blackmer, Tracy.

Overview of CEAP Activities in the Leon River and Riesel Watersheds
 Harmel, Daren., Green, Cole., Arnold, Jeff., Potter, Ken., Hoffman, Dennis. and Dybala, Tim.


Pacific Basin’s Invasive Species Impacts and Methods Employed to Gain Control
 Koob, Gregory.

Phosphorus Trading in the Etowah River Basin
 Risse, Lawrence., Radcliffe, David., Romeis, Josh., Lin, Zhulu. and Jackson, Rhett.

Phosphorus management education for poultry producers in Arkansas.
 Daniels, Mike.

Phosphorus trading between point and nonpoint sources: Inapplicability for many stream eutrophication problems in Ohio
 Baker, David., Richards, R.. and Kramer, Jack.

Plant a Million
 Eddleman, Robert.

Potential Impacts of Drainage Management on Nitrous Oxide Emissions
 Dell, Curt.

Potential for In-stream Phosphorus Contributions to Phosphorus Export from Running Turkey Creek Watershed
 Nelson, Nathan., Keane, Timothy. and Barnes, Philip.

Precision Dairy Feeding to Reduce Nutrient Pollution in Pennsylvania’s Waters and the Chesapeake Bay
 O\'Neill, Kelly., Ishler, Virginia. and Ferguson, Dr. James.

Precision Manure Management Strategies using Site Specific Management Zones
 Moshia, Matshewene., Khosla, Raj., Davis, Jessica., Westfall, Dwayne. and Reich, Robin.

Predicting land use change and Water quality impacts
 Tsvetkova, Olga. and Randhir, Timothy.

Preliminary Studies on the Biological Control of Cogongrass with Native Grass and Legume Plant Species
 Onokpise, O.U..

Project Grass Pasture Improvement-An Economic and Environmental Gain for Pennsylvania Farmers
 Rohr, Carl.

Purple Sulfur Bacteria Management in Dairy Lagoon Systems
 Bullard, Gary.


Quantification of the Environmental and Conservation Affects of Implementing Drainage Water Management (Controlled-Drainage) on Agricultural Cropland.
 Fouss, James.

Quantifying Soil and Nutrient Erosion in a Watershed: Validating The Mesh Bag Method
 Hsieh, Y. Ping. and Grant, Kennard.

Quantifying the impact of conservation practices at the Choptank watershed in Maryland using AnnAGNPS model
 Sadeghi, Ali., Graff, Carrie., McCarty, Greg., McConnell, Laura. and Hively, W. Dean.


Recovery of Stream Health after Cattle Exclusion
 Ranganath, Sheila.

Reduce Nitrate Leaching by Using Different Crops in Rotation with Potato
 Fan, Yandi., Cornejo, Camilo., Mylavarapu, Rao. and Hutchinson, Chad.

Reducing nutrient loadings by restoring ecosystem services on tile-drained lands: the costs and benefits of bundling working land practices with targeted land retirement.
 Manale, Andrew. and Hyberg, Skip (Bernt).

Regulating Farmers to Improve Water Quality: A Three-State Case Study of Agricultural Nutrient Management Laws
 Perez, Michelle.

Regulations and Agricultural Cooperation and Outreach in the Southwest Florida Water Management District
 Brunty, Jennifer.

Relative Contributions of Habitat and Water Quality to Integrity of Aquatic Communities in Drainage Ditches
 Gillespie, Robert., Smiley, Peter., King, Kevin. and Huang, Chi-hua.

Relative Magnitudes and Sources of Sediment in CEAP-Benchmark Watersheds
 Simon, Andrew. and Klimetz, Lauren.

Relative Source Contributions of Eroded Sediment to the Suspended Load of CEAP Watersheds in Mississippi, Iowa, Georgia, and Oklahoma
 Wilson, Christopher., Kuhnle, Roger., Bosch, David., Steiner, Jean., Starks, Patrick., Tomer, Mark. and Wilson, Glenn.

Remote Sensing of Cover Crop Nutrient Uptake on Maryland’s Eastern Shore
 Hively, W. Dean., Lang, Megan., McCarty, Greg., Sadeghi, Ali., Keppler, Jason. and McConnell, Laura.

Responses of Hyalella azteca to Exposure to Sediments from CEAP and Similar Mississippi Delta Watersheds
 Knight, Scott., Lizotte, Richard., Smith, Sammie. and Bryant, Charles.

Restoration of Lake Apopka, Florida
 Conrow, Roxanne., Coveney, Michael., Marzolf, Erich., Lowe, Ed. and Battoe, Larry.

Restoring management to our public forests
 Brunner, James.

Restoring the Productivity of Sandy Soils by the Application of Bio-Solids in Saudi Arabia
 Hussain, Ghulam.

Riparian Restoration at the Ayuquila River, Jalisco, Mexico
 Martinez Rivera, Luis Manuel., Ortiz Arrona, Claudia., Olguin L., Jose Luis., Aguirre G., Angel. and Sandoval L., Jose de Jesus.


SPARC creates market based incentives for conservation
 Wright, Larry.

STEWARDS Watershed Data System: Overview
 Steiner, Jean., Sadler, Edward., Chen, Jin-Song. and Wilson, Greg.

STEWARDS Watershed Data System: System Design and Implementation
 Chen, Jin-Song., Steiner, Jean., Sadler, Edward., Wilson, Greg., James, David. and Vandenberg, Bruce.

STEWARDS Watershed Data System: User Perspective, Operation and Application
 Sadler, Edward., Steiner, Jean., Chen, Jin-Song., Wilson, Greg., Ross, John. and Oster, Teri.

SWAT Assessment of Management Practices on Atrazine Loss in the Goodwater Creek Experimental Watershed
 Baffaut, Claire., Bockhold, Amanda., Thompson, Allen., Sadler, Edward. and Lerch, Robert.

Should all Farmers in the Northern Ethiopian Highlands be Adopting the Same Type of Physical Soil Conservation Structures?
 Kassie, Menale., Pender, John., Yesfu, Mahmud., Kohlin, Gunnar., Mulugeta, Elias. and Holden, Stein.

Simulated effects of changes in the precipitation regime on storm runoff and nutrient losses from farm fields in the Great Lakes region
 Potter, Steven. and Williams, Jimmy.

Simulation of Buffers in Three CEAP Watersheds Using the Riparian Ecosystem Management Model (REMM).
 Graff, Carrie., Lowrance, Richard., Williams, Randy., Bosch, David., Sadeghi, Ali., McCarty, Greg. and Bingner, Ronald.

Sino-US Cooperation in the Application of AnnAGNPS in China.
 Bingner, Ronald. and Yuan, Yongping.

Site-specific N Management Based on Soil Electrical Conductivity in a Semiarid Cropping System
 Johnson, Cinthia., Corwin, Dennis., Shanahan, John. and Bosley, D..

Software to formulate and evaluate conservation alternatives
 Heilman, Philip., Ayen, James., Malone, Rob. and Ma, Liwang.

Soil Carbon Sequestration from Animal Manure Applied to and Dropped onto Pastures
 Franzluebbers, Alan. and Stuedemann, John.

Soil Infiltration Response to Acute and Chronic Exposure to Slightly Saline, Highly Sodic Water
 Sessoms, Holly., Bauder, Jim. and Warne, Teresa.

Soil Quality Assessment in the Iowa South Fork Watershed
 Karlen, Douglas., Stott, Diane., Cambardella, Cindy., Tomer, Mark. and Wolf, Roger.

Solar and Wind Electric Powered Stockwater Pumping Initiative to Alleviate Drought Impact on Grazing Land
 Fletcher, Steven.

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Temporal dynamics in soil erosion, runoff, nitrogen losses and crop response under hedgerow systems in tropical mountainous regions
 Pansak, Wanwisa., Hilger, Thomas., Dercon, Gerd., Kongkaew, Thanuchai. and Cadisch, Georg.

Testing of a Nitrogen Index to Assess N Management Practices With GIS To Identify High-Risk Cropping System/Landscape Combinations
 Delgado, Jorge. and Shaffer, Marvin.

The BANCS Model to Predict Streambank Erosion as Implemented in WARSSS
 Rosgen, Dave.

The CEAP Wildlife Component: Status and Future
 Rewa, Charles.

The Central Florida Lygodium Strategy: A Case Study in the Power of Partnerships in the Face of Invasives
 Serbesoff-King, Kristina., Millett, Cheryl. and Sheahan, Tom.

The Change and Prediction of Soil Erosion at Niche Gou Catchment
 zhang, qingfeng. and Marth, Andreas.
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The Chariton Valley Biomass Project in Iowa: Switchgrass to Electric Energy - Ten Years Later.
 Guffey, Dora.

The Ditch Project: Digging in and reaching out
 Needelman, Brian., Kleinman, Peter., Allen, Arthur. and McGrath, Joshua.

The Effect Of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (Pome) On Soil Properties, Growth, Nodulation And Yield Of Cowpea (Vigna Unguiculata) In Palm Oil Producing Zone Of Nigeria

The Environmental Impact of Five Beneficial Management Practises Are Being Assessed in a Small Watershed Located in Manitoba, Canada
 Yarotski, James., Elliot, Jane., Flaten, Don. and Green, Dave.

The Extent of Farm Drainage in the United States
 Jaynes, Dan. and James, David.

The FLOWSED and POWERSED Models as used in the WARSSS Procedure
 Rosgen, Dave.

The Impact of Watershed Diversity on SWAT Model Uncertainty: A Comparison Across USDA-ARS Watersheds
 Veith, Tamie., Van Liew, Mike., Bosch, David., Arnold, Jeff. and Feyereisen, Gary.

The Impact of the Wetlands Reserve Program on California Wetlands
 Duffy, Walter.

The Iowa Soybean Association Watershed Programming: The Boone River Watershed Project
 Sutphin, Todd., Wolf, Roger. and Hammitt, Gary.

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US and Chinese Scientists Collaborate on Wind Erosion Prediction Technology.
 Skidmore, Edward.

USDA Actions and Activities to Address Invasive Species
 Holy, Doug.

USDA Plant Materials Centers and Their Work to Combat Invasive Plant Species
 Williams, M.J..

Use of Doppler weather radar to determine bird use of restored wetlands in California
 Buler, Jeffrey., Barrow, Wylie. and Randall, Lori.

Use of Solar Powered Watering Systems on Grazing Farms in Pennsylvania
 Bailey, Bobbi.

Use of aquatic indicators for modeling aquatic biota response to conservation practices
 Blundy, Kimberly.

Use of natural gamma-ray geophysical logs for SWAT water table parameter estimation
 Daniel, John. and Moriasi, Daniel.

Using Technology for Effective Natural Resource Management: Asotin County
 Bosen, Tracy.

Using a Conservation Innovation Grant to Stimulate Adaptive Management
 Blackmer, Tracy. and Wolf, Roger.

Using a neutron probe, soil moisture sensors and data loggers to increase irrigation efficiency.
 Taylor, Kirk.

Using an Active Sensor to Calculate Site-Specific Nitrogen Sidedress Recommendations for Corn in Pennsylvania
 Dellinger, Adam., Schmidt, John. and Beegle, Doug.

Using science as the underpinning for sound national wetlands conservation decisions: the Wetlands Component of the USDA Conservation Effects Assessment Project
 Eckles, Diane.

Utilizing Solar Power as a Supplemental Power Source for Small Irrigation Needs
 Hawkins, Gary., Smith, John. and Harrison, Kerry.


Validation of APEX and the microsimulation model
 Wang, Xiuying.

Validation of Paired Watersheds for Assessing Conservation Practices in Upper Big Walnut Creek Watershed, Ohio
 King, Kevin., Smiley, Peter., Fausey, Norman. and Baker, Barbara.

Validation of the SWAT/Humus modelfor national assessment
 Kannan, Narayanan.

Variation in Soil Organic Carbon and Soil Hydraulic Properties in an Eroded Landscape
 Jimba, Samuel. and Lowery, Birl.


Walnut Creek, IA – An ARS CEAP Watershed
 Jaynes, Dan., Saleh, Ali., Du, Bing., Arnold, Jeff. and Dinnes, Dana.

Water Quality Evaluations Comparing Cultivated Soybean Fields With Recently Converted Conservation Reserve Areas
 Cullum, Robert. and Locke, Martin.

Water Quality and Conservation Practices in the South Fork of the Iowa River.
 Tomer, Mark., James, David., Green, Cole., Hadish, Greg. and Moorman, Thomas.

WaterWorks! A Tennessee Resource for Stormwater Education and Outreach
 Hargrove, Karen.

Watershed and Riverbasin Methods
 Santhi Chinnasamy, Santhi.

Winter cereal termination and cotton yield following a mechanical roller.
 Price, Andrew., Raper, Randy. and Kornecki, Ted.

Wood River Watershed Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP)
 Regan-Vienop, Jim. and Nelson, Terry.

Working-Lands Conservation in U.S. Corn Production: Evidence on Program Participants and Non-Participants
 Schaible, Glenn., Kim, C. S.., Breneman, Vince. and Bucholtz, Shawn.


Zinc Increased Rooting by 280% in Transplants
 Paternoster, Joseph., Wheeler, PhD, Jerald. and Jensen, Harold.
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