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A Decision Support System for Water Resources Management in Taiwan
 Borghuis, Alexander., Liu, Chia-sheng. and Chiu, Yu-jia.

A Design Aid for Determining Width for Filter Strips
 Dosskey, Michael., Helmers, Matthew. and Eisenhauer, Dean.

A Guide for Planning Riparian Treatments in New Mexico
 Fenchel, Gregory., Leiting, Kenneth., Chavez, George., Dreesen, David., Miller, Marcus. and Lacy, Stephen.

A Multiple Criteria Decision System for Improving Federal Conservation Program Effectiveness
 Ozgoc-Caglar, C. Derya. and Farnsworth, Richard.

A New Splash and Sheet Erosion Equation for Rangelands
 Wei, Haiyan., Pierson, Frederick., Nearing, Mark., Stone, Jeff., Moffet, Corey., Spaeth, Kenneth., Nichols, Mary. and Guertin, D. Phillip.

A review of the Rawls et al. (1982) soil hydraulic pedotransfer function
 Nemes, Attila.

Accelerating Cover Crop Technology Adoption Through Field Demonstrations Using Sunn Hemp, Oat, & Buckwheat in Rotational Commercial Crops
 Johnson, Matt. and McHugh, John.

Adaptation of the WEPP Plant Model for Relative Yield Variability Prediction
 Gelder, Brian.

Agricultural Perspectives on Water Quality Credit Trading in Minnesota and the BMP CHALLENGE
 Green, Thomas., Kieser, Mark., Klang, James., Brandt, Brian. and Fisher, Shannon.

Agricultural Water Use
 Stone, Kenneth.

Alternative Livestock Water Access Method: Development, Implementation, and Evaluation.
 Sigler, William. and Bauder, James.

An Integrated Economic-Hydrologic Modeling System for Watershed Evaluation of BMPs
 Yang, Wanhong., Yang, Jing. and Liu, Yongbo.

An Overview of Soil and Water Conservation for the Southeastern US
 Busscher, Warren., Schomberg, Harry. and Raper, Randy.

An Overview of the ARS Renewable Energy Assessment Project (REAP)
 Karlen, Doug., Johnson, J.., Wilhelm, W.. and Baker, J..

An experiment in participatory development of a Soil Quality and Sustainable Agriculture educational website –
 Kuykendall, Holli., Andrews, Susan. and Wander, Michelle.

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BMPs for Fertilizer Management---Protecting the Soil Nutrient Resource
 Reetz, Harold.

Bees and Grassland Restoration
 Minckley, Robert. and Austin, Valer.

Benefit-Cost Evaluation of Alternative Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) for the Lower Little Bow River Basin
 Koeckhoven, Steve., Jeffrey, Scott., Ross, Carlyle., Unterschultz, Jim., Dale Kaliel, Kaliel. and Smith, Elwin.

Breaking Through Adoption Barriers: Market-Based Conservation Approaches to Drive the Adoption of Conservation Practices
 Dlott, Jeff. and Browde, Joe.


CEAP Assessment of CRP Benefits in Upper Mississippi
 Atwood, Jay.

CEAP Grazing Lands Update and Plans
 Jolley, Leonard.

CEAP Wetlands: Status, Findings and Future Plans
 Eckles, Diane.

CEAP – Watershed Assessment Study on Croplands – Findings to Date and Plans
 Sadler, Edward. and Walbridge, Mark.

Can Conservation Tillage Reduce Irrigation in Humid Climates?
 Hook, James., Endale, Dinku. and Lee, Dewey.

Capture of phosphorus from liquid dairy manure as a fertilizer for off-farm transport.
 Harrison, Joe., Bowers, Keith. and Chen, Shulin.

Cash or Credit? Conservation Outcomes Under Alternative Funding Mechanisms
 Nickerson, Cindy., Claassen, Roger., Durst, Ron., Hansen, LeRoy. and Hellerstein, Dan.

Characterization of Cotton Soil-Plant-Water Relations with Two Irrigation Regimes
 Silvertooth, Jeffrey., Brown, Paul. and Silvertooth, David.

Characterization of phosphorus transport at spring melt in small agricultural watersheds of Eastern Canada
 van Bochove, Eric., Thériault, Georges., Zhou, Jian., Khaldoune, Jalal., Denault, Jean-Thomas., Perrodin, Hubert. and Nolin, Michel.

Climate change and water management. The case of an alpine area in northern Italy.
 Giacomelli, Paolo., Brambilla, Marta., Rossetti, Andrea. and Carboni, Valentina.

Coasts under stress
 Ommer, Rosemary.

Community Supported Conservation of Grizzly Bears on Private Agricultural Lands
 Wilson, Seth.
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Comparison Of Two Soil Quality Indexes To Evaluate Cropping Systems In Northern Colorado
 Zobeck, Ted., Halvorson, Ardell., Wienhold, Brian., Acosta-Martinez, Veronica. and Karlen, Douglas.

Concentrate Management: Estimating water-use by the salt-tolerant shrub, Atriplex lentiformis.
 Jordan, Fiona. and Yoklic, Martin.

Conservation Agriculture in South Asia
 Ladha, Jagdish., Gupta, Raj., Sayre, Ken. and Erenstein, Olaf.

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Dairy Farm Pasture Management: A Comparison of Biofuel Conversion Opportunities to the Bio-economics of the Midwest and Northeast
 Nehring, Richard., Adler, Paul., Sandretto, Carmen. and Erickson, Kenneth.

Dairy Farm Pasture Management: A Comparison of Biofuel Conversion Opportunities to the Bio-economies of the Midwest and Northeast
 Nehring, Richard., Adler, Paul., Erickson, Kenneth. and Sandretto, Carmen.

Demonstration of Enhanced Technoligies for Land Application of Animal Nutrient Sources in Sensitive Watersheds
 Higgins, Steve.

Developing Water Erosion Risk Indicator for Use on Agricultural Landscapes in Canada
 Li, Sheng., McConkey, Brian., Black, James. and Lobb, David.

Developing a Conservation Practice Standard using Goats to Control Woody Invasive Plant Species in West Virginia Hill Pastures
 Basden, Tom., Chandran, Rakesh., Teets, Jason. and Teets, Sigrid.

Development of a prototype system of torrent management for restoration of a unique aquatic forest.
 Emmanouloudis, Dimitris., Tsioukas, Avtwvns., Zaimes, George. and Myronidis, Dimitris.

Dissemination of Land Use Planning Information from Soil Surveys with Google Maps and Google Earth
 Mueller, Tom., Mijatovic, Blazan., Hamilton, Nathan., Cetin, Haluk., Lee, Brian. and Karathanasis, A..


EPA’s Future Midwestern Landscapes (FML) Study
 Bruins, Randy.

Economics of Biofuel Production
 Shapouri, Hosein.

Effect of Water Salinity on Survival and Growth of Landscape Trees in Saudi Arabia
 Hussain, Ghulam.

Effects of urbanization on the microclimatic function of riparian areas along ephemeral streams
 Martin, Jonathan., Zaimes, George., Crimmins, Michael., Green, Doug. and Hutmacher, Amy.

Effects of woody plant canopy cover on dryland aeolian sediment transport
 Zou, Chris., Breshears, David., Whicker, Jeffrey., Field, Jason. and Allen, Craig.

Efforts to Analyze Nutrient Management without the Use of Commercial Fertilizer
 Robak, Amy.

Emerging findings from the CEAP Wildlife Component
 Rewa, Charlie.

Enhancing Conservation Effects on Agricultural Landscapes: A Vision for the Future of CEAP
 Maresch, Wayne., Duriancik, Lisa., O\'Neill, Michael., Walbridge, Mark., Kellogg, Robert., Rewa, Charlie., Jolley, Leonard. and Eckles, Diane.

Environmental and Economic Impacts of an 18 Billion Gallon Corn Ethanol Industry
 English, Burton., Larson, James., De La Torre Ugarte, Daniel., Menard, R.., Hellwinckel, Chad. and Spinelli, Phil.

Estimates of Evapotranspiration from Satellite Images to Improve Water Management in Semiarid Region
 Costa Filho, José., da Silva, Bernardo. and de Azevedo, Pedro.

Estimation of the Water Quality Benefits of Conservation Practices implemented on the Cropland in the Upper Mississippi River Basin
 Santhi, C.., Kannan, N.. and Arnold, Jeff.

Evaluating Water Quality Benefits of Multiple BMPs in a Prairie Watershed in Canada
 Yang, Wanhong., Liu, Yongbo. and Yang, Jing.

Evaluation of Computer-Assisted Parallel and Conventional Terrace Layout for Improved Farmability.
 Gantzer, Clark., Thompson, Allen., Mayhan, Bryan., Purcell, Richard. and Anderson, Stephen.

Evaluation of Field Grown Hybrid Poplar OP-367 after Amending with Biosolids
 Lombard, Kevin., O\'Neill, Mick., Heyduck, Robert., Onken, Blake., Pablo, Renae., Smeal, Dan., Arnold, Rick., Ulery, April. and Mexal, John.

Evaluation of Mine Soil Restoration Using Soil Quality Measurements
 Werkmeister-Karki, Carrie., Schumacher, Tom., Malo, Douglas. and Schumacher, Joseph.

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Feasibility of Using Electromagnetic Induction To Assess Salinity in Golf Course Soils
 Brown, Paul. and Sanchez, Charles.

Federal NRCS and Partnership Pollinator Endeavors
 Holy, Doug.

Finding Common Ground: Adapting watershed stewardship approaches to community interests
 Monk, Kate. and Veliz, Mari.

From Beef to Butterflies: Enhancing Diversity in the Tallgrass Prairie
 Weigelt, Marva. and Koger, Jane.


Geologic Influences on Ecological Sites Along Mountain Fronts
 Desser, Elizabeth.

Getting Urban Dwellers Excited About Watershed Planning: Convening and Facilitating Recreation in Urban Watershed Planning
 Hanson, Mary. and Bradley, Cate.

Grass farming for local energy: Opportunities and strategies for utilizing native grasses to deliver biomass for today's energy markets
 Singer, Scott.

Growers Learn about Adaptive Nitrogen Management Practices for Corn in Iowa
 Kyveryga, Peter. and Blackmer, Tracy.


How Adaptive is Conservation Tillage in Guam and what is the Effect of Conservation Practices on Severely Eroded Soils of Southern Guam
 Golabi, Mohammad.

How Near-Ground Solar Radiation Varies With Woody Plant Cover: Implications For Soil Evaporation Rates
 Royer, Patrick., Breshears, David. and Zou, Chris.

Hugh Hammond Bennett and the Creation of the Soil Erosion Service
 Helms, John. and Stalcup, Samuel.

Hydrologic and Ecological Restoration Meets Cultural Values in the Toppenish Creek Watershed, Yakama Indian Reservation
 Cooke, Larry.


Impacts of Global Developments on North American Coasts
 Bruce, James (Jim).

Impacts of Riparian Buffers, Forage Conversion, Crop Rotation, and Tillage on Farm Economics of South Tobacco Creek Watershed, Manitoba
 Khakbazan, Mohammad.

Implementation and Evaluation of 2-Stage Ditch Design on Murphy Creek in Southern Minnesota
 Biske, Richard., Magner, Joe., Hansen, Brad., Wilson, Bruce. and Morrison, Rick.

Implementation of a Water Accounting System to Assist Growers in Managing Current and Future Water Restrictions
 Niblack, Mark. and Sanchez, Charles.

Implementing Adaptive Management of Nitrogen in Iowa Corn Fields
 Blackmer, Tracy. and Kyveryga, Peter.

Improved RUSLE2 Descriptions of Perennial Vegetation and its Impact
 Dabney, Seth. and Yoder, Daniel.

Indiana Conservation Implementation Teams: An Innovative Conservation Delivery System
 Ross, Becky.

Integrated investigation and planning for watersheds of Hou-long stream and Zhong-gang stream in Miao-li, Taiwan
 Feng, Zheng-yi., Chang, Yu-Hsuan., Lin, Li-ling. and Ding, Zhen-zhang.

Integrating geospatial environmental data to assess the impacts of NRCS conservation programs in Michigan.
 Shuchman, Robert., French, Nancy., Brooks, Colin., Erickson, Tyler., Powell, Richard., Anderson, Vicki. and Shaffer, Ruth.

Integration of GIS, Decision Support System, and LIDAR Technologies for Conservation Planning in Iowa
 Buman, Thomas., Ridgely, Jamie. and Buman, Robert.

Intercropping with kura clover improves soil quality in a pecan agroforestry system
 Kremer, Robert. and Kussman, Robert.


Landslide change detection using satellite imagery
 Borghuis, Alexander.

Little Grave Creek - A Watershed Based Approach to Stream Restoration
 Skaggs, Jennifer. and Saurborn, Gene.

Long-term effects of nitrogen fertilization, rotation, and climate on corn grain yield in Minnesota
 Strock, Jeff.


Maintaining Honey Bee Colony Health in Challenging Times – Overview of Research Program at the Carl Hayden Bee Research Center
 DeGrandi-Hoffman, Gloria.

Making Efficient use of the Private Sector--on your local conservation team--for Conservation Planning Opportunities of the New Farm Bill
 Pate, Dennis.

Management Effects On Nitrous Oxide Emissions From Irrigated Cropping Systems
 Halvorson, Ardell., Del Grosso, Stephen. and Reule, Curtis.

Management practices for urban storm runoff: Investigating roles of channel substrates in modifying water quality
 Lohse, Kathleen., Snyder, Margaret., Gallo, Erika., Dejwakh, Navid., Brooks, Paul., McIntosh, Jennifer. and Meixner, Thomas.

Managing Nutrients and Water From The Waste Stream Are Key Elements In Achieving Financial Benefits
 Monley, Robert.

Managing Soil Moisture on Turf Grass Using a Portable Wave Reflectometer
 Kieffer, Douglas. and O\'Connor, T..

Market-based approach to resource conservation
 Lal, Harbans.

Meeting the future climate challenge in southern Africa with a hand-based conservation farming system
 Belder, Paul., Dimes, John. and Twomlow, Steve.

Methodologies for Structuring Scenarios to Address Issues of Environmental Impacts of a Bio-fuels Industry and the Delivery Eco-System Services
 Dyke, Paul. and Manale, Andrew.

Modeling of BMP's effects on hydrology, sediment and phosphorus yields into Missisquoi Bay, Lake Champlain.
 Michaud, Aubert., Beaudin, Isabelle. and Deslandes, Julie.
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NRCS Conservation Practice Physical Effects (CPPE)
 Copeland, John. and Gordon, Hal.

National Feed Management Education and Assessment Tools as part of a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan
 Harrison, Joe., White, Becca., Erickson, Galen., Sutton, Al., Applegate, Todd., Burns, Robert., Carpenter, Glenn., Koelsch, Rick. and Massey, Ray.

Native Soil Organic Carbon Distribution in the Soil Profiles of Central Maricopa County, Arizona
 Zerkoune, Mohammed.

Natural Heritage Planning in the Lake Simcoe Watershed
 Baker, Kim.

Natural Resources' Universal Pattern and Sustainability
 Black, Peter.

New Findings from AWCC: Developing, Testing and Transferring Fish and Wildlife Habitat Technology
 Heard, Pete. and Betts, Lynn.

Next generation pesticide impacts evaluation tool for agriculture
 Green, Thomas., Jepson, Paul., Benbrook, Karen., Benbrook, Charles., Mineau, Pierre., Pronschinske, Wade., Guzy, Michael. and Kaplan, Jonathan.

Nitrogen mineralization in mine spoils amended with poultry manure and paper mill sludge
 Dere, Ashlee., Stehouwer, Richard., Lewis, David. and Aboukila, Emad.

No-till Crop Production Using a Kura Clover Living Mulch System
 Brummer, Joe., Hansen, Neil. and Pearson, Calvin.
 [001] [002] [003]

Nutrient Extraction from Liquid Dairy Manure as a Co-product
 Chen, Shulin., Harrison, Joe. and Zhang, Tianxi.


Oregon Grower Assisted Inspection Program
 Osterbauer, Nancy. and McAninch, Gary.
 [001] [002] [003]


Phytoremediation Technology for Land Rehabilitation
 Douglas, Joel., Lemunyon, Jerry., Kuenstler, Bill., Henson, James. and Kulakow, Peter.

Pilot Project for Value-Added Products Development from Solid Waste Generated on Swine Farms
 Rice, Mark., Sherman, Rhonda., Campbell, Catherine., Atkinson, Adrian., Murray, Brian., Renkow, Mitch., Williams, Mike. and Rudek, Joe.

Pilot-testing Performance-based Incentives for Agricultural Pollution Control in Iowa and Vermont
 Winsten, Jonathan. and Kerchner, Charles.

Plant Water Use
 Ottman, Michael.

Possibilities and Challenges for Modeling Flow and Pollutant Transport in a Karst Watershed with SWAT.
 Baffaut, Claire. and Benson, Verel.

Post-Fire Erosion Control, Flood Mitigation, and Burn Area Recovery: Griffith Park, City of Los Angeles
 Caruana, Stephen., Johnson, David., Kunesh, Craig. and Mumbleau, Bill.

Potential of winter cover crops for intensification of biofuel cropping systems.
 Roth, Greg.

Power From the Prairie – Demonstration & Evaluation of Burning Agricultural Waste Streams in a Small-Scale Gasifier
 Oestreich, Colleen.

Practical Aspects of Biofuel Production
 Skelley, John.

Prairie pothole wetlands: Valuing their impacts on greenhouse gases
 Hansen, LeRoy.

Precision Conservation Using Multiple Cellulosic Feedstocks
 Schumacher, Tom., Skiles, Paul., Clay, David., Boe, Arvid., Owens, Vance., Carlson, C.., Malo, Douglas., Trooien, Todd. and Warman, Gerald.
 [001] [002]

Precision Feeding to reduce Nutrient Losses from Virginia Dairy Farms
 Stallings, Charles., Knowlton, Katharine., James, Robert. and Hanigan, Mark.

Precision soil and water conservation though LIDAR and multi-spectral imagery.
 Michaud, Aubert., Deslandes, Julie., Lauzier, Richard. and Gagné, Gilles.

Preserving Water Quality Through Better Management of Livestock Mortality and Meat Waste
 Bonhotal, Jean. and Schwarz, Mary.

Production of High Quality Grade Fertilizer through Aerated Static Pile Composting of Coffee Pulp
 Chong, Joaquin.

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Quantifying Soil Erosion and Resulting Nutrient Movements Under Natural Field Conditions: An Update
 Hsieh, Y. Ping., Grant, Kennard. and Bugna, Glynnis.


Raising a Green Umbrella: Parasol’s Collaborative Model for Sustainability at the University of Arizona
 Phillips, Chester., Marikos, Mark., Riley, James., Rushforth, Richard., Brill-Duisberg, Emilie. and Leith, William.

Reforestation and Biodiversity for Watershed Conservation: Agroforestry DSS and Farms on St Croix USVI
 Workman, Sarah.

Regulating farmers: A three-state case study of nutrient management laws on the Delmarva Peninsula
 Perez, Michelle.

Relationship between farmland shelterbelts and water erosion in rolling-hill area of black soil region in Northeast China
 Cui, Ming., Zhou, Jinxing., Cai, Qiangguo. and Zhang, Xudong.

Remote sensing based approach for monitoring urban growth in Mexico city, Mexico: A case study
 Obade, Vincent.
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 [009] [010] [011] [012] [013] [014]

Restoration of Eroded Landscapes to Reduce Variability in Soil Properties Affecting Productivity
 Papiernik, Sharon., Lindstrom, Michael., Lobb, David., Schumacher, Tom. and Schumacher, Joseph.

Revising Fertilizer BMPs to Optimize Production and Protect Natural Resources
 Reetz, Harold.

Riverine nutrient load reduction through modeling-simulation directed field targeting of best management practices
 Appelboom, Timothy. and Fouss, James.

Runoff and Erosion from No-till and Conventional Till at Hillslope and Drainage Scales, N.E. Oregon
 Williams, John. and Wuest, Stewart.


SWAT Model Improvements for the CEAP Cropland Assessment
 Arnold, Jeff., Santhi, C.., Di Luzio, Mauro. and Kannan, N..

Salinity Dynamics of Cultivated Vertisols Irrigated with Waters of Different Quality, Egypt.
 EL-Samnodi, Ibrahim. and Genuchten, Martinus.

Scenarios of Climate Change in the Coastal Wetlands of the Gulf of Mexico
 Magana Rueda, Victor., Mendez, Baldemar. and dos Santos Caetano Neto, Ernesto.

Science reassessment of hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico and actions needed to reduce nutrient loads to the Gulf
 Greene, Rick., David, Mark. and McKenna, Dennis.

Shrub seedlings, stress and the potential for woody plant encroachment into grasslands I: seedling development
 Goodsheller, Kelly., Stearns, Taylor., Woods, Steve., Archer, Steven. and Schwinning, Susan.

Shrub seedlings, stress, and the potential for woody plant encroachment into grasslands II: seedling physiology
 Pierce, Nate., Archer, Steven., Schwinning, Susan., Woods, Steve. and Goodsheller, Kelly.

Simultaneous Measurements of Wind and Water Erosion and Transport: Applications for Soil and Water Conservation
 Field, Jason., Breshears, David., Zou, Chris. and Whicker, Jeffrey.

Sizing effectiveness of constructed wetlands for retaining tile-drain runoff and reducing nutrient inputs in watersheds.
 Bohnhoff, Kent., Kovacic, David., Wallace, Mike. and Lemke, A..

SmartScape - Tucson's Water-Conscious Landscape Training Program
 HAHNE, Kathryn.

Soil Carbon Sequestration in No-till Cotton Production Systems
 REDDY, SESHADRI. and Reddy, Chandra.

Soil Conservation and Small-scale Food Production in Highland Ethiopia: A Stochastic Metafrontier Approach
 Medhin, Haileselassie. and Köhlin, Gunnar.

Soil Physical and Chemical Parameter Effects on Dust Generation Potential
 Van Pelt, Robert. and Zobeck, Ted.

Soil Quality and Land Use Changes on a Humid Tropical Island – Palau
 Gavenda, Robert. and Nemecek, Jason.

Soil Translocation Estimates Calibrated for Moldboard Plow Depth
 Schumacher, Joseph., Schumacher, Tom., Lobb, David., Li, Sheng., Mollinedo, Javier. and Lindstrom, Michael.

Soil Water Retention within an Eroded and Restored Landscape
 Eynard, Anna., Schumacher, Tom., Papiernik, Sharon., Lobb, David. and Lindstrom, Michael.

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Technical, Change Management, and Marketing Issues Encountered and Overcome as a World Leader in Agriculture Equipment Adapts to Biodiesel Fuel
 Dellinger, Lyman.

The Application of Models in Integrated River Basin Management
 Islam, Md..

The Arizona Master Watershed Steward Program: a statewide tool for conserving natural resources through volunteer action.
 Rupprecht, Candice., Zaimes, George. and Maloney, Meghan.

The CEAP National Cropland Assessment Survey and APEX Model Input Database
 Atwood, Jay.

The CEAP Synthesis Project: Plans to Highlight Lessons Learned Across CEAP Watershed Studies
 Osmond, Deanna. and Boll, Jan.

The Conservation Practice Decision Support (CPDS) Tool
 Heilman, Phillip.

The Effluent Limitations Guidelines and NPDES Permit Regulations for CAFOs: Status of Implementation, Coordination with USDA, and Response to the 2nd Circuit Court Decision
 Wiedeman, Allison.

The Farm Bill, a New Ally in Native Pollinator Conservation
 Gilgert, Wendell.

The Natural Resources and Conservation Services (NRCS) Utilization of Geospatial Technologies in Identifying and Delineating Coastal Lands changes.
 Parham, Tommie. and Nechero, Steve.

The Status of Pollinators in North America: Results from the National Academy of Sciences Research Council Study
 Buchmann, Stephen.

The USDA/NRCS Bobwhite Restoration Project: Learning how to bring quail back
 Evans, Kristine., Burger, Wes., Hackett, Ed. and Betts, Lynn.

The Use of Bacteroides-Specific Molecular Markers to Quantify Sources of Fecal Contamination in Natural Waters: Words of Caution
 McLain, Jean., Rock, Channah., Kabiri-Badr, Leila., Ryu, Hodon. and Abbaszadegan, Morteza.

The challenges of developing conservation planning tools using LIDAR data
 Tomer, Mark., Jaynes, Dan., James, David., Isenhart, Tom. and Krogh, Sonya.

The coupling effect of rainfall extremes and vegetation types on runoff and soil erosion in the loess hilly area, China
 Wei, Wei.

Three Steps to Conserving Pollinator Habitat on Farms and Ranches
 Vaughan, Mace.

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USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service Plant Materials Program
 Douglas, Joel. and Garner, Ramona.

Understanding Economics and Water Quality Impacts of Agricultural BMPs in a Suburban Watershed in New Jersey
 Qiu, Zeyuan.

Urban Groundwater: Resident perceptions and understanding of non-point source pollution
 Chapman, Ryan. and Wagner, Mimi.

Use of Municipal Wastewater to Produce Cellulosic-biofuels in West Texas
 Booker, Jill., Lascano, Robert. and Balota, Maria.

Using Coal Bed Methane Produced (Brine) Water for Native and Non-Native Grassland Establishment in the San Juan Oil and Gas Producing Basin of Northwestern New Mexico
 Arnold, Rick., O\'Neill, Mick., Smeal, Dan., Lombard, Kevin., Zent, John., Wirtanen, Bob., Henke, Steve. and Wirth, Dale.

Using Terrain Attributes to Identify Areas Suitable for Grass Waterways
 Pike, Adam., Mueller, Tom., Shearer, Scott., Nieman, Thomas. and Karathanasis, A..

Using terrain analysis to identify ravines in the Minnesota River Basin
 Mulla, David., Nelson, Joel. and Wing, Shannon.


Validation of a Simplified Hydrologic Parameter Representing Impedance to Flow at the Subbasin Scale
 Stewart, Dave., Canfield, Evan., Yitayew, Muluneh. and Nichols, Mary.

Vegetation and Soil Properties as Indicators of Hydrology of Wetlands in Agricultural and Natural Landscapes
 Ross, Lisette., Pennock, Dan., Lobb, David., Goldsborough, Gordon. and Armstrong, Llwellyn.

Visual Soil Structure, Vane Shear Strength and Aggregate Distribution in Three Different Organic Matter Treatments
 Liesch, Amanda.


WEPPCAT: The Effects of Changing Precipitation Regimes on Erosion in the Black Earth Creek Watershed
 Bayley, Timothy., Nearing, Mark., Guertin, Phil., Johnson, Thomas. and Goodrich, Dave.

Water Conservation Standards in Massachusetts - The Battle Between Aquatic Life and Green Lawns: Lessons Learned
 odonnell, arleen.

Water Conservation through Restoration of Soil Hydrological Properties
 Moore, Demie., Kostka, Stanley., Boerth, Tom., Franklin, Mica., Ritsema, Coen., Dekker, Louis., Oostindie, Klaas., Stoof, Cathelijne. and Park, Dara.

Watershed Central - A Web Site to Find and Use Watershed Information
 Lehman, Stuart.

Watershed Conservation in Canada
 Paley, Marsha. and Bruce, James (Jim).

Watershed Management through Habitat Enhancement Incentives
 Springer, Robert., McMaster, Glen. and Harrison, Tom.

Watershed-scale analysis of terrestrial carbon sequestration potential, La Manga Canyon, NM
 Salley, Shawn. and Brown, Joel.

Weather Geodatabases and Modeling Framework Development for the Assessment of Water Quality Benefits of Conservation Practices at the National Level
 Di Luzio, Mauro., Arnold, Jeff., Santhi, C.., Kannan, N.. and Kellogg, Robert.

What’s the Big IDEA?
 Mckinley, Kristie. and Tootle, Ken.

Wild Link - An Innovative Partnership for Regional Habitat Conservation
 Beyer, Amy.

Within-field spatio-temporal variability of soil phosphorus indicators in an experimental micro-watershed
 Nolin, Michel., van Bochove, Eric., Bosse, Catherine. and Perron, Isabelle.


Xterisation,Classification and Agricultural potentials of Soils formed from basement complex rock of South Western Nigeria
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