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CEAP Assessment of CRP Benefits in Upper Mississippi
 Atwood, Jay.

CEAP Grazing Lands Update and Plans
 Jolley, Leonard.

CEAP Wetlands: Status, Findings and Future Plans
 Eckles, Diane.

CEAP – Watershed Assessment Study on Croplands – Findings to Date and Plans
 Sadler, Edward. and Walbridge, Mark.

Can Conservation Tillage Reduce Irrigation in Humid Climates?
 Hook, James., Endale, Dinku. and Lee, Dewey.

Capture of phosphorus from liquid dairy manure as a fertilizer for off-farm transport.
 Harrison, Joe., Bowers, Keith. and Chen, Shulin.

Cash or Credit? Conservation Outcomes Under Alternative Funding Mechanisms
 Nickerson, Cindy., Claassen, Roger., Durst, Ron., Hansen, LeRoy. and Hellerstein, Dan.

Characterization of Cotton Soil-Plant-Water Relations with Two Irrigation Regimes
 Silvertooth, Jeffrey., Brown, Paul. and Silvertooth, David.

Characterization of phosphorus transport at spring melt in small agricultural watersheds of Eastern Canada
 van Bochove, Eric., Thériault, Georges., Zhou, Jian., Khaldoune, Jalal., Denault, Jean-Thomas., Perrodin, Hubert. and Nolin, Michel.

Climate change and water management. The case of an alpine area in northern Italy.
 Giacomelli, Paolo., Brambilla, Marta., Rossetti, Andrea. and Carboni, Valentina.

Coasts under stress
 Ommer, Rosemary.

Community Supported Conservation of Grizzly Bears on Private Agricultural Lands
 Wilson, Seth.
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Comparison Of Two Soil Quality Indexes To Evaluate Cropping Systems In Northern Colorado
 Zobeck, Ted., Halvorson, Ardell., Wienhold, Brian., Acosta-Martinez, Veronica. and Karlen, Douglas.

Concentrate Management: Estimating water-use by the salt-tolerant shrub, Atriplex lentiformis.
 Jordan, Fiona. and Yoklic, Martin.

Conservation Agriculture in South Asia
 Ladha, Jagdish., Gupta, Raj., Sayre, Ken. and Erenstein, Olaf.

Conservation Benefits in the Upper Missisippi River Basin: Apex results for National Assessment
 Norfleet, Lee.

Conservation Impacts of Expanding Access for Underserved Farmers in the 2007 Farm Bill
 Hand, Michael. and Nickerson, Cindy.

Conservation Practice Physical Effects (CPPE) Analyzer
 King, Arnold.

Conservation Security Program: Participant Characteristics and Program Assessments
 Kraft, Steven. and Robb, Fahran.

Cooperative Sagebrush Steppe Restoration Initiative, Restoring Rangelands from the Effects of Invasive Westrern Juniper
 Esgate, Thomas. and Keesey, Timothy.

Coordinated Management of Water Quality Management Practices and Food Safety Good Agricultural Practices
 Bianchi, Mary., Mercer, Kay. and Crohn, David.

Cost-effective Assessment of Alternative Conservation Buffer Restoration Strategies in Agricultural Lands in Raritan Basin
 Qiu, Zeyuan., Hall, Christine. and Hale, Kathy.

Creek Health Monitoring in Southwest Saskatchewan
 Springer, Robert., Tait, Alicia. and Biederbeck, Volkmar.

Crop Coefficients for Climate-Based Irrigation Scheduling in Semi-Arid Urban Landscapes
 Smeal, Dan., O\'Neill, Mick., Arnold, Rick. and Lombard, Kevin.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
 Oaks, Wendall. and Green, Kathy.
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