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EPA’s Future Midwestern Landscapes (FML) Study
 Bruins, Randy.

Economics of Biofuel Production
 Shapouri, Hosein.

Effect of Water Salinity on Survival and Growth of Landscape Trees in Saudi Arabia
 Hussain, Ghulam.

Effects of urbanization on the microclimatic function of riparian areas along ephemeral streams
 Martin, Jonathan., Zaimes, George., Crimmins, Michael., Green, Doug. and Hutmacher, Amy.

Effects of woody plant canopy cover on dryland aeolian sediment transport
 Zou, Chris., Breshears, David., Whicker, Jeffrey., Field, Jason. and Allen, Craig.

Efforts to Analyze Nutrient Management without the Use of Commercial Fertilizer
 Robak, Amy.

Emerging findings from the CEAP Wildlife Component
 Rewa, Charlie.

Enhancing Conservation Effects on Agricultural Landscapes: A Vision for the Future of CEAP
 Maresch, Wayne., Duriancik, Lisa., O\'Neill, Michael., Walbridge, Mark., Kellogg, Robert., Rewa, Charlie., Jolley, Leonard. and Eckles, Diane.

Environmental and Economic Impacts of an 18 Billion Gallon Corn Ethanol Industry
 English, Burton., Larson, James., De La Torre Ugarte, Daniel., Menard, R.., Hellwinckel, Chad. and Spinelli, Phil.

Estimates of Evapotranspiration from Satellite Images to Improve Water Management in Semiarid Region
 Costa Filho, José., da Silva, Bernardo. and de Azevedo, Pedro.

Estimation of the Water Quality Benefits of Conservation Practices implemented on the Cropland in the Upper Mississippi River Basin
 Santhi, C.., Kannan, N.. and Arnold, Jeff.

Evaluating Water Quality Benefits of Multiple BMPs in a Prairie Watershed in Canada
 Yang, Wanhong., Liu, Yongbo. and Yang, Jing.

Evaluation of Computer-Assisted Parallel and Conventional Terrace Layout for Improved Farmability.
 Gantzer, Clark., Thompson, Allen., Mayhan, Bryan., Purcell, Richard. and Anderson, Stephen.

Evaluation of Field Grown Hybrid Poplar OP-367 after Amending with Biosolids
 Lombard, Kevin., O\'Neill, Mick., Heyduck, Robert., Onken, Blake., Pablo, Renae., Smeal, Dan., Arnold, Rick., Ulery, April. and Mexal, John.

Evaluation of Mine Soil Restoration Using Soil Quality Measurements
 Werkmeister-Karki, Carrie., Schumacher, Tom., Malo, Douglas. and Schumacher, Joseph.

Evaluation of Modeling for Improved Surface Irrigation Management
 Sanchez, Charles. and Zerihun, Dawit.

Evaporative Response to Lehmann’s Lovegrass Invasion in a Semiarid Watershed
 Moran, Susan., hamerlynck, Erik., Scott, Russ. and Stone, Jeff.

Expert-based reservoir sedimentation severity assessment and analyses of controlling factors: examples from Ethiopia and Ghana
 Desta, Lulseged.

Export of Manure Nutrients through Sod Produced in Joint Ventures between Livestock and Turfgrass Industries
 Vietor, Donald., Nennich, Tamilee., Munster, Clyde., White, Richard., Provin, Tony. and Schnell, Ronnie.
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