Texas Academy of Science Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-07 to 2014-Mar-10

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Drosophila melanogaster and the role of genetic background in eggshell phenotype
 Youngblood, Laura.

Escherichia. Coli Starvation Induced L-Form Morphology and Cell Division
 Johnson, Eugene.

Predator-Prey Interaction of Wolf Spider (Lycosidae) and Cricket (Gryllidae) in a Controlled Extreme Urban Environment
 Torres, Angelica., James, Christopher., Buerger, Collin., McDonald, Dale. and Shipley, Michael.

β-catenin mRNA identification and analysis as a regenerative marker in Lumbriculus variegatus
 Quesada, Pompeyo., Miranda, Robert. and Martinez Acosta, Veronica.


A Comparative Cytology of Respiratory Samples of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, (Tursiops truncatus)
 Harman, Desiree.

A Concept of Capturing a Fly by Earth Small Asteroids
 Thomas, Tyler. and Azzouz, Salim.

A Pilot Study: Macroalgal preference for Diadema antillarum on the meso American reef in Roatan, Honduras
 Hernandez, Clara.

A Taxonomic and Geologic Study on an Oreodont Skull Excavated from Buffalo Gap National Grasslands of South Dakota
 Williamson, Garrett., Walsh, Tim. and Schmidt, David.

A Taxonomic and Taphonomic Description of a Large Ungulate Fossil from the Chadron Formation of the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands, South Dakota
 Green, John., Walsh, Tim. and Schmidt, David.

A Test of the Relative Abundance, Diversity and Distribution of Ants at the Wild Basin Preserve in Relation to Habitat Manipulation for the Black-capped Vireo (Vireo atricapilla)
 LaManna, James., Abbott, Kendra. and Roberts, Stephen.

A comparison of the ectoparasitic fauna of Peromyscus and Heteromyidae taxa between Presidio County, TX and Cusuco and La Tigra National Parks in Honduras, Central America
 Marquez, Lizbeth. and Ritzi, Chris.

A re-examination of the fossil land snails (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) from the Devil’s Graveyard Formation of west Texas using CT scanning
 Jones, Mary., Strenth, Ned. and Correa-Sandoval, Alfonso.

A serologic survey  of coyotes (Canis latrans) for canine  distemper  in the trans-­pecos region of Texas
 Stone, John. and Ritzi, Chris.

A synthetic route to Fumagillin utilizing SN2' on an aromatic nucleus
 Hicks, Daniel. and Vines, Danette.

Active Road Rumble Energy Harvesting System
 Dalke, Raymond., Azzouz, Salim., Coffey, Melody., Williams, Ryian. and Sutton, Devyn.

Amine synthesis via metal-catalyzed reduction of amides by silanes: Isolation and reactivity of intermediates
 Martinez, Jorge., Sharma, Hemant., Arias-Ugarte, Renzo. and Pannell, Keith.

Amounts of DNA topoisomerases induced by interleukin-2 in HuT 78 cells
 Foglesong, Paul., Nair, Rajeev. and Gupta, Nikita.

An Intra-Specific Comparison of Zygaspis quadrifrons
 Means, Grayson., Lewis, Patrick. and Cadena, Cristhian.

Analysis of Archaea Soil Microbiome and the Impact of Black Capped Vireo Habitat Restoration Efforts
 Fox, Dylan., Cannon, Laurie., O\'Donnell, Lisa. and Hauser, Charles.

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Barcoding commercially available fish specimens for possible misrepresentation and substitution.
 Zoorob, Hannah., Guizar, Cristy. and Doumen, Chris.

Barge impacts on Arroyo Colorado water quality
 Schauer, Evan., Garcia, John., Huallpa, Diana., Quintero, Edwin. and DeYoe, Hudson.

Barnacles as potential indicators of estuarine system recovery
 Martinez, Crystal. and Fierro-Cabo, Alejandro.

Baseline Hematology in Tursiops truncatus (Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins), Roatan, Honduras
 Pogue, Connor.

Beyond ancestors, Gekko gecko shows more maturity than expected
 Mapps, Aurelia., Daza, Juan., Lewis, Patrick. and Thies, Monte.

Black Currant Nectar Reduces Muscles Damage and Inflammation Following a Bout of High-Intensity Eccentric Contractions
 Flieller, Emily. and Hutchison, Alexander.

Blood root (Sanguinaria Canadensis) disrupts the cell cycle in 4T1 murine breast cancer cells
 McElwain, Thomas., Kelly, Sarah., Ross, Jarrett., Saultz, Libby., Gray, Gary. and Reinhart, Adam.


Can probiotic bacteria control Salmonella enterica St. Paul in the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans?
 Soares, Jana., Murray, Rachel. and Baynham, Patricia.

Can't stop the madness
 Jasso, Ulises., Diaz, Soledad., Aguirre, Diana. and Goertz, Kaitlyn.

Carolina Wren fledgling survival in urban and forested ecosystems
 Neudorf, Diane. and Bogrand, Ashley.

Cascading effects of animal disturbances to the moss layer on soil characteristics in northeastern Siberia
 White, Aaron., Alexander, Heather. and Pruitt, Kenneth.

Causal Loop of Intensive Sustainable Professional Development: The Importance of the Relationship Between Facilitators and Teachers and Among Teachers
 Mann, Michele., Aguilar, Jair. and Lim, Wan Sim.

Cellular and molecular correlates of nerve regeneration in a novel model system, Lumbriculus variegatus : A possible role for the Wnt Pathway.
 Aguilar, Gicel., Quesada, Pompeyo. and Martinez Acosta, Veronica.

Characteristics of in-magic digraphs and further research on magic digraphs
 Perez, Bianca.

Characterization of Follicle Development in The Texas Diamondback Terrapin ( Malaclemys terrapin littoralis ) by Ultrasonography
 George, Rachel.

Characterization of prey availability between Texas diamondback terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin littoralis) capture sites and background wetland densities
 Alleman, Bryan. and Guillen, George.

Characterization of two Physical Properties of Feed (Stability and Sinkability) Affecting Consumption Rates in Litopenaeus vannamei, Initial Mean Size, 9g/shrimp
 Jones, Christoper., McClellan, Ivy., Lawrence, Addison. and Morgan, Jessica.

Chloroplast DNA sequences and morphological features provide new perspectives on hybridization in Juniperus (Cupressaceae)
 Britten, Jordan. and Terry, Randall.

Climate change effects on the distribution of twelve endemic lizards, of the genus Plestiodon, of Mexico
 Oyervides, Mayra., Cazares, Rogelio., Feria, Manuel. and Feria, Teresa.

Coastwide seagrass monitoring for Texas
 Hobson, Cindy., Whisenant, Adam., Bronson Warren, Jennifer. and Radloff, Patricia.

Comparative study of the effects of stormwater discharge on seagrass in the Lower Laguna Madre of Texas
 Schachner, Sofia., Lopez, Isaac., Martinez, Eileen., Ramirez, Carolina., Goolsby, Julia., McGilvray, Anna., DeYoe, Hudson. and Kowalski, Joseph.

Computation of homogeneous azeotropes by the Wilson activity model for the ethane-trifluoromethane binary system.
 Kamathewatta, Nilan. and Williams, Darren.

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Determination of Spectral Frequencies in G2938
 McClain, John.

Determining the drivers of plant community structure of Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve and BCP Vireo Preserve
 Johnson, David., Satcher, Mike., Kelley, Lauren. and Brickley, John.

Development and Evolution of Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula, Texas
 Nielson, Russell. and Barker, Chris.

Development of a ribozyme from the bI1 group II intron for use in RNA folding studies
 Soares, Cullen. and Potratz, Jeffrey.

Development of a versatile documentation system for bioanalytical methods
 Kenneson, Jessica.

Development of accurate computational methods for predicting the color of nitroaniline
 Baker, Nathan. and Williams, Darren.

Developmental simulation of the adult cranial morphology of Australopithecus sediba using geometric morphometric techniques
 Carlson, Keely., de Ruiter, Darryl., McNulty, Kieran., DeWitt, Thomas. and Berger, Lee.

Differential impacts of organic and synthetic pesticides on the non-target organism C. elegans and on the target organism Termitoidae
 Mulaly, Leah.

Do essential oils affect the presence of Salmonella in ground beef?
 Gonzalez, Olivia. and Baynham, Patricia.

Do fish consumption advisories for mercury adequately protect the public?
 Adams, Kimberly., Drenner, Ray. and Chumchal, Matthew.

Do socially dominant males choose larger females in Gambusia affinis, the western mosquitofish?
 Willard, Natalie., Carr, J.., Evans, H.. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Does oversampling compensate for loss to follow up in survival analysis?
 Ward, John.

Does urbanization explain preferential use of alarm calls by Carolina Wrens, Thryothorus ludovicianus?
 Mullan, Michelle. and Neudorf, Diane.

Dominance hierarchies, social subjugation, and female reproductive success in a sex-role reversed fish (Sygnathus scovelli)
 Wallace, Janaee., Fraker, Tamara., Scobell, Sunny. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.


Early research-track coursework enhances upper level learning outcomes
 Distel, Chris.

Effects of AVT exposure on female-female aggression in Syngnathus scovelli: a sex-role reversed species
 Navarro, April., Fraker, Tamara., Scobell, Sunny. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Effects of acclimation temperature on the critical thermal limits of the tawny crazy ant (Nylanderia fulva)
 Umlang, Lance.

Effects of annual precipitation on a long-term study to document Guadalupe County flora.
 Amaye, Sally.

Effects of environmental concentrations of malathion on behavior of an exotic invasive fish
 Crawley, Jake. and Distel, Chris.

Effects of experimental warming on stream ecosystem structure and function
 Hargrave, Chad., Gary, Kaitlen. and Lee, Jaquiline.

Effects of exposure to the pesticide Imidacloprid on growth rates of environmental bacteria
 Nevitt, Nathan.

Effects of mercury deposition, coniferous forests, and fish size on mercury contamination of game fish in the south central U.S.
 Drenner, Ray., Chumchal, Matthew. and Adams, Kimberly.

Effects of wet and dry weather events on bacteria (Enterococci) levels and detection of hotspots in a brackish water marina
 Bare, Ryan.

Engaging and Retaining Undergraduate Students through Mentored Research
 Caylor, Sofia.

Error in non linear regression due to transformation
 Sieben, John.

Evaluation of Prymnesium parvum fatty acid amide accumulation and their contribution to fish mortality events
 O\'Mara, Sean.

Evaluation of Differing Levels of Canola Protein Concentrate as a Potential Fish Meal Replacement in Pacific White Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei Diets
 McClellan, Ivy., Lawrence, Addison. and Morgan, Jessica.

Examination of Potential Factors Influencing the Commercial Fisheries of Galveston Bay
 Guillen, George.

Examining Temporal Relationships Between Amyloid β Accumulation, Reactive Oxygen Species Accumulation, and Loss of Neurological Function in a C. elegans Model of Alzheimer's Disease
 Lagarde, Matthew., Rivera, Gilbert. and O\'Leary, Fidelma.

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FT-NMR in a shoebox 45 and 82 MHz bench top NMR for students
 Macisaac, Cameron.

Flow-dependent competitive interactions between the invasive Gambusia geiseri and endangered Gambusia nobilis in a reconstructed desert wetland habitat
 Delaune, Kelbi. and Hargrave, Chad.

Flowers visitors on native restoration plants in South Texas
 Wilson Patrock, Richard. and Reilley, John.

Forensic analysis of hand lotions using solid phase extraction and ATR-FTIR spectroscopy
 Jackson, Christopher.

Fossil woods of Terlingua Ranch, Brewster County, Texas
 Lemke, David., Ibrahim, Alaa. and Donahue, Matthew.

Function and Structure of Song Delivered by Male Carolina Wrens (Thryothorus ludovicianus) During Nestling Provisioning in Urban and Rural Habitats
 Randall, Claire. and Neudorf, Diane.


Galveston Island State Park - West End Birding Trip
 Peake, Richard.

Gear Based Quasi-Continuous Variable Transmission (QCVT)
 Wilson, Dania.

Ginger root (Zingiber officinalea) disrupts the cell cycle in 4T1 murine breast cancer cells
 Kelly, Sarah., McElwain, Thomas., Ross, Jarrett., Saultz, Libby., Gray, Gary. and Reinhart, Adam.

GloBI and GoMexSI: Providing access to a world (and Gulf) of species interactions
 Simons, James., Poelen, Jorrit., Mungall, Christopher., Yuan, May., Carollo, Cristina., Vega-Cendejas, Marie. and Reed, Dave.

Go snail! Grow: Hatchling growth of Pomacea maculata under predation stress
 Cochran, Amber.

Go west young snails: Origins of invasive Pomacea maculata in Louisiana
 Savrick, Carson., Burks, Romi. and Hayes, Kenneth.

Graduate Student Panel
 Vines, Danette.

Growth and mineral dynamics in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) pods
 Coghlan, Caitlin. and Grusak, Michael.


Habitat Use and Activity Patterns of Western Screech-Owls (Megascops kennicottii) in the Davis Mountains of West Texas
 Olivas, Corin., Sandoval, Natividad., Kasner, Andrew. and Ritzi, Chris.

Herpetofaunal diversity and abundance among different aged burns in a shinnery oak stand
 Kemmer, Jacob. and Kasner, Andrew.

How Do You Like Your Eggs (and Hatchlings)? Red-eared slider turtle (Trachemys scripta elegans) predation of developing apple snails (Pomacea maculata)
 Miller, Amy., Hill, Alexandria., Plantz, Allyson. and Burks, Romi.

How a Week Long Summer Program Increases Elementary Students’ Motivation in Science?
 Singh, Mamta.


Identification and characterization of auxin signaling mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana
 Chappell, Kevin. and Woodward, Andrew.

Identification and toxicity assessment of a new to science cyanobacterial toxin
 Huang, I-Shuo.

Identification of rodent microfauna using postcrania with implications for paleoenvironmental reconstruction
 Campbell, Timothy., DeWitt, Thomas. and de Ruiter, Darryl.

Impact of Soil-based Habitat Restoration Treatments at the Black Capped Vireo Research Area and Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve on Fungal Microbiomes
 Ramirez, Cody., Parsons, Samantha., O\'Donnell, Lisa. and Hauser, Charles.

Impacts of Active Learning on Higher-Order Thinking in a Physical Geology Class
 Thompson, Carol.

Informal Learning Environment: Summer Outdoor Experience
 Singh, Mamta.

Insect-Mediated Mercury Flux from Artificial Ponds of the Great Plains in a Changing Climate
 Chumchal, Matthew. and Drenner, Ray.

Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA) of Shell-Tempered Ceramics in the Ancestral Caddo Region: Rethinking Methods
 Selden Jr., Robert. and Perttula, Timothy.

Invertebrate predator recognition and avoidance in the endangered Barton Springs salamander, Eurycea sosorum
 DeSantis, Dominic., Davis, Drew. and Gabor, Caitlin.

Investigating essential amino acid metabolism using isobutyric acid-resistant mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana
 Richardson, Erica. and Woodward, Andrew.

Isolating the Impact of Individual Parkinson’s Disease Pathologies on Voluntary Motor Control in C. elegans
 Boduch, Cassandra. and O\'Leary, Fidelma.

Isolation, characterization, and quantification of flavonoids from pines (Pinus cembroides, P. edulis, P. remota) and their relation to medicinal use
 Hollis, Lauren., Terry, Martin. and Kalam, Md.


Knot Selection in Least Squares Approximation with Free Knot Splines
 Adamson, Brian.


Light curves of exoplanets
 Davis, Matthew. and Cantu, Cassidy.

Like water for snails: A case study of Emerald Lake as a system invaded with apple snails ( Pomacea maculata )
 Petrucci, Alex., Miller, Amy., Hill, Alexandria. and Burks, Romi.

Linking Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA) with Geology in the Ancestral Caddo Region
 Selden Jr., Robert. and Perttula, Timothy.


Macroinvertebrate community composition of a re-flooded resaca as a potential indicator of successional stage
 McIntosh, Leah. and Fierro-Cabo, Alejandro.

Male mosquitofish, but not guppies, alter mating behavior in response to risk of sperm competition
 Copado, Julian. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Material Identification Through Spark Observation
 Dalke, Raymond., Brink, Jan. and Weller, Mark.

Maturation-dependent sperm storage in livebearing fishes
 Mejia, Charline., Deaton Haynes, Raelynn. and Maguire, Sean.

Memory improvement using near-infrared lasers and LEDs that up-regulate cytochrome oxidase
 Gonzalez-Lima, Francisco. and Barrett, Douglas.

Mercury-contaminated riparian spiders along three east Texas rivers pose a potential risk to song birds
 Powell, Cleveland., Gann, Gretchen., Chumchal, Matthew. and Drenner, Ray.

Mercury-contaminated terrestrial spiders pose a potential health risk to songbirds at Caddo Lake, TX/LA
 Gann, Gretchen., Powell, Cleveland., Chumchal, Matthew. and Drenner, Ray.

Mineralized Springs of Paleozoic Carbonates: Lampasas and San Saba Counties
 Stafford, Kevin., Frantzen, Alyx. and Faulkner, Melinda.

Models of potential geographical distribution of endemic and endangered hummingbird species in Mexico
 Cavazos, Ana., Oyervides, Mayra., Lara, Carlos. and Feria, Teresa.

Molecular, karyotypic, and morphometric evidence for a new species of Peromyscus (Rodentia: Cricetidae) from Mexico
 Bradley, Robert., Ordonez-Garza, Nicte., Sotero-Caio, Cibele., Huynh, Howard., Kilpatrick, C.., Iñiguez-Dávalos, Ignasio. and Schmidly, David.

Morphometric predictors of female reproductive output in a sex role reversed fish
 Greco, Mark., Fraker, Tamara., Navarro, April., Scobell, Sunny., Wallace, Janaee. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Movement and genetic patterns of Texas horned lizards (Phrynosoma cornutum) in an urban environment
 Wall, Ashley., Williams, Dean. and Biffi, Daniella.


Nesting associations of Altamira Orioles and other birds in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico
 Brush, Timothy.

Nutrient dynamics of the black mangrove, Avicennia germinans (L.) L., in the Lower Laguna Madre of Texas
 Goolsby, Julia., Martinez, Eileen., Ramirez, Carolina., Schachner, Sofia., McGilvray, Anna., Lopez, Isaac., Garcia, John., DeYoe, Hudson., Pulich, Jr., Warren. and Kowalski, Joseph.

Nutrient limitation In the Lower Laguna Madre of Texas
 Martinez, Eileen., Schachner, Sofia., Ramirez, Carolina., McGilvray, Anna., Lopez, Isaac., Goolsby, Julia., Rogers, Wendy., DeYoe, Hudson. and Kowalski, Joseph.


Outlier populations of Quaking Aspen in the Davis Mountains of west Texas: Clone or clones?
 Nunneley, Jerritt.


Patterns in Stable Carbon (δ13Ccollagen, δ13Ccarbonate) and Nitrogen (δ15N) Isotopes in Bone from Interments in Prehistoric Central Texas.
 Mauldin, Raymond., Munoz, Cynthia. and Hard, Robert.

Phosphorus Retention in Streambank Sediment
 Hudson, Georgiana.

Photo Identification and Association Patterns of Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the Galveston Ship Channel, Texas
 Johnson, Kelsey.

Phylogenetic signal measured by K has a complex relationship with taxon sampling
 Gelnaw, William.

Phylogeography and the origin of free-ranging elk (Cervus elaphus) in Texas
 Dunn, Christopher., Mauldin, Matthew. and Bradley, Robert.

Pink Eggs I am: The making of a clutch deposit informing the public about the invasive apple snail (Pomacea maculata)
 Petro, Rebecca.

Population density of feral hogs (Sus scrofa) in Hill County, Texas
 Maiden, Tracina., Le, Brittany., Hranek, Jenni., Benitez, Jennifer., Hamilton, Donna. and Randell, Stephanie.

Potential calcium bioavailability of leafy vegetables: Amaranthus sps.,Gynandropsis gynandra, and Solanum sps.
 Chung, Daisy Yan Ju. and Grusak, Michael.

Potential effects of destratification on the phytoplankton of the Arroyo Colorado
 Huallpa, Diana., Quintero, Edwin. and DeYoe, Hudson.

Potential for San Martin Lake, Texas to support phytoplankton growth
 Flores, Paulina., Rogers, Wendy., Quintero, Edwin. and DeYoe, Hudson.

Predictors of social dominance in two species of livebearing fishes that vary in mating strategies
 Evans, H.., Carr, J.., Willard, Natalie. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Preliminary Results On The Potential Use Of Gamma-Ray Spectrometry To Determine The Absolute Age Of Fossils
 Irwin, George., Gartner, Christine. and Westgate, James.

Preliminary identification of bacteria colonizing the roots of Acacia smallii
 Hammons, Codi. and Wood, Kathleen.

Preliminary survey of terrestrial snail species of Bell County, TX
 Lherisson, Cecil. and Wood, Kathleen.

Preserving Texas’ Endemics: Insight into how understanding individual-level variation in behavior can aid conservation efforts of endangered spring fishes
 Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

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Quantifying recruitment of juvenile fish at an artificial reef in the Gulf of Mexico
 Arney, Rachel. and Kline, Richard.


Radio Astronomy at the Mars Desert Research Station
 Flaherty, Kyle.

Reassessment of seagrass distribution and biomass in the Lower Laguna Madre, Texas
 Kowalski, Joseph. and DeYoe, Hudson.

Recent Archaeological Investigations at San Pedro Springs Park
 Smith, Stephen., Wigley, Sarah., Nichols, Kristi. and Mauldin, Raymond.

Remember the Ocelot: Effects of an international border fence on conservation efforts.
 Benavidez, Kathryn.

Research Supported Rubric for Selection of Professional Development Programs
 Mann, Michele.

Results in Finite Geometry Pertaining to Albert-Like Semifields
 Brown, Angela.

Role of leukocyte GPR120 in n-3 vs. n-6 PUFA induced atheroprotection
 Phan, Nhung., Shewale, Swapnil., Bi, Xin., Zhu, Xuewei., Boudyguina, Elena. and Parks, John.

Roles of TRPA-1 and TRPV-1 channels in learning and memory in Caenorhabditis elegans
 Neutzler, Vanessa., O\'Leary, Fidelma. and Liu, He.

Rotational selection rules defined by symmetry, based on the particle on a ring method
 Jackson, Victoria. and Williams, Darren.


STEM principals: What they want and need
 West, Sandra.

Sabal palm’s safety net: coyote’s balancing interaction on seed predators
 Aguilar, Guillermo. and Fierro-Cabo, Alejandro.

Safety in U.S. secondary science classrooms
 West, Sandra.

Sargassum Early Advisory System (SEAS): Developing the Best Method of Investigating the Hourly Growth Rate of Sargassum While Suspended in the Neritic Coastal Waters Off of Galveston, Texas
 Hill, Brandon., Frazier, Jeff., Webster, Robert. and Linton, Thomas.

Scope for growth of Scolelepsis squamata before and after mercury exposure
 Hoekel, Debra.

Scope for growth of Scolelepsis squamata before and after mercury exposure
 Hoekel, Debra.

Seasonal Diet Reconstructed in High Resolution from Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes in Prehistoric Hair: A Case Study from the Lower Pecos Region of Texas.
 Verostick, Kirsten.

Seasonal Variation in Reproduction of the Largespring Gambusia, Gambusia geiseri, in Two Spring Systems in Texas.
 Fraker, Tamara.

Seasonal production and biomass of the subtropical seagrass, Syringodium filiforme Kützing (manatee grass) in the Lower Laguna Madre, Texas
 Ramirez, Carolina., Schachner, Sofia., Goolsby, Julia., Martinez, Eileen., McGilvray, Anna., Lopez, Isaac., Garcia, John., DeYoe, Hudson. and Kowalski, Joseph.

Self-efficacy, self-advocacy and first year biology majors
 Golubski, Christopher. and Mann, Michele.

Shrub encroachment dynamics and the implication for a wild population of parrotlets in a tropical savanna of Venezuela.
 Delgado, Soraya., Alexander, Heather., Berg, Karl. and Beissinger, Steve.

Simulated microgravity induces epigenetic changes
 Azu, Nkem.

Social Transformations in the Mimbres Region of southern New Mexico from A.D. 1150 to 1450: An Investigation of the Black Mountain Site (LA 49)
 Putsavage, Kathryn.

Soil Eubacterial Metagenomics: Implications for Native Plant Restoration at the Black Capped Vireo Research Area and Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve
 Cannon, Laurie., Fox, Dylan., O\'Donnell, Lisa. and Hauser, Charles.

Solar Stirling Dish Engine Energy Harvesting Panel
 Goon, Mallory.

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Tardigrade Community Structure in Three Lichen Body Forms
 Brammer, Renee.

Teaching with TED
 Brooks, David.

Texas lotic fish communities: preliminary analysis of spatial patterns
 Lane, Michael., Curtis, Stephen., Oakley, Jenny. and Guillen, George.

The Effect of Acute Exercise on the Attentional Blink
 Saunders, Lacey. and Wu, Chien-Ting.

The Fishes of Texas Project and website: overview and future directions
 Hendrickson, Dean., Cohen, Adam. and Labay, Ben.

The Herps of Texas Project - status of compilation, standardization of museum-vouchered herp data, online database, and related research
 LaDuc, Travis. and Labay, Ben.

The characterization of shrub density and grass cover in South Texas coastal prairies and the relationship between shrub disturbance and treatment methods on grass regeneration
 Watson, Parker.

The combined effects of varying nitrogen and water levels on the development and biomass of hard red winter wheat
 Obkirchner, Kevin. and Johnson, David.

The effects of organophosphate pesticides on larval central nervous system development in Drosophila melanogaster
 Victoria, Michelle.

The effects of segmental regeneration on neural morphallaxis in the aquatic oligochaete, Lumbriculus variegatus.
 Sunsong, Robin., Aguilar, Gicel., Dews, Janaye. and Martinez Acosta, Veronica.

The effects of urbanization on physiological stress of Jollyville Plateau salamanders, Eurycea tonkawae
 Davis, Drew., Bendik, Nathan., Zabierek, Kristina. and Gabor, Caitlin.

The gonopodial display: linking function and behavior in a coercive livebearing fish
 Van-Dinh, Lan-Anh. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

The role of orthodenticle in early embryonic patterning in Drosophila simulans
 Pace, Stephanie.

The roles of SOX9 and SOX11 in skin carcinoma
 Draper, Derek.

The story of Texas wild rice, Zizania texana
 Horne, Francis.

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Usage of tetrahedral and octahedral organotin compounds as cytotoxic materials against cancer cells
 Muniz, Jonathan., Varela, Armando., Aguilera, Renato. and Pannell, Keith.

Use of methyl mercury as a tracer of aquatic carbon flux to terrestrial consumers
 Speir, Shannon., Chumchal, Matthew., Drenner, Ray., Cocke, Gary., Lewis, Megan. and Whitt, Holly.

Using integrated population models to estimate immigration rate for golden-cheeked warblers
 Duarte, Adam., Weckerly, Floyd. and Hatfield, Jeff.


Variation of the Inner Ear of Zygaspis (Squamata: Amphisbaenidae) based on High-Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography
 Adams, Justen., Nobleza, Kenneth., Thies, Monte. and Lewis, Patrick.

Vehicle Induced Mortality in Raccoons (Procyon lotor)
 Ray, Michelle. and Ladine, Troy.


Why bigger may not always be better: a comparison of hatchling development of two apple snail species, Pomacea maculata and Pomacea megastoma
 Cochran, Amber.

Wildlife Species Associations at Future Wildlife Crossing Locations in South Texas
 Nordlof, Sarah. and Kline, Richard.

Will exposure to sub-lethal concentrations of Triclosan lead to the development of microbial tetracycline resistance?
 Edwards, Lawrence. and Watts, John.

Will exposure to sub-lethal concentrations of Triclosan lead to the development of microbial tetracycline resistance?
 Watts, John. and Edwards, Lawrence.

Wing Loads of the Migratory Monarch Butterfly (Lepidoptera: Danaidae) Before, During and After a Historic Texas Drought.
 Huckabee, Joshua. and Locklin, Jason.

Wolf Spiders Associate Food with Predator Cues in a T-Maze
 LeBlanc, Robert.
Texas Academy of Science Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-07 to 2014-Mar-10
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