Texas Academy of Science Annual Meeting 2015-Mar-06 to 2015-Mar-09

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4T1 murine breast cancer cell cytoxins in Rumex crispus (yellow dock)
 Rivera, Ashley., Kelly, Sarah., Kenneson, Jessica., McCutcheon, Robert., McElwain, Thomas., Reinhart, Adam. and Gray, Gary.

Euphorbia abramsiana (Euphorbiaceae): New to Texas
 Taylor, Nathan. and Terry, Martin.


A Female Hispanic’s Mission to Obtain a STEM Degree: Esperanza’s Persistence in the Face of Adversity
 Mann, Michele. and Aguilar, Jair.

A Gentle Introduction to High Throughput Sequencing Applications and Study Design
 Hall, Alexander.

A Multi-year Analysis of Wing Loading in the Monarch Butterfly During the Fall Migration: Effects of Habitat Loss on Migrants.
 Huckabee, Joshua. and Locklin, Jason.

A New Means to Study Polysaccharides Hydrolysis by Voltammetry
 Vang, Angela., Shrestha, Resha. and Lamichhane, Mandira.

A Population Study of Feral Hogs in Hill And McLennan Counties, Texas – A Comparison of Deer Feeder Practices
 Maiden, Tracina.

A Taxonomic and Geologic Study on an Oreodont Skull Excavated from Buffalo Gap National Grasslands of South Dakota
 Williamson, Garrett., Walsh, Tim. and Schmidt, David.

A Test of the Relative Abundance, Diversity and Distribution of Ants at the Vireo Preserve in Relation to Habitat Manipulation for the Black-capped Vireo (Vireo atricapilla)
 LaManna, James.

A behavioral study of a cleaner fish, Bodianus rufus, (Spanish Hogfish) and their clients
 Edie, Andrea.

A comparison of ectoparasite diversity found on three North American songbirds and their nests between urban and rural habitats
 Byrd, Faith.

A comprehensive revision of the New World genus Metaparia (Coleoptera:Chrysomelidae)
 Sublett, Clayton. and Cook, Jerry.

A look at the diversity of bees in Kleberg County
 Patrock, Richard. and Reilley, John.

A morphological and cytogenetic study comparing Ibervillea lindheimeri and Ibervillea tenuisecta
 Newbold, Richard. and Ritzi, Christopher.

A phenology of Texas amphibians
 Crady, Sara. and LaDuc, Travis.

A study of amino acid substitution in the large subunit of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase: Implications for DNA sequence evolution and phylogenetic analysis.
 Marneni, Sucharitha. and Terry, Randall.

A tale of two species: comparative phylogeography and genetic diversity of Pomacea canaliculata and a putative cryptic congeneric in the Rio de la Plata Basin
 Campos, Lourdes Sofia., Clavijo, Cristhian., Scarabino, Fabrizio., Burks, Romi. and Hayes, Kenneth.

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Bacterial diversity and abundance in freshwater snail shell biofilms
 Minton, Russell., Creech, Clinton. and Jackson, Debra.

Behavior of Soliton Solutions to the Korteweg de Vries equation
 Johnson, Erica.

Beyond Individual Difference: Exploring School Effects on Scientific Literacy in PISA 2012 using Hierarchical Linear Modeling
 You, Hye Sun.

Biochemical and Structural Dissection of the Coat Nucleoporin Interactions
 Parsons, Samantha.

Breaking the rules: when creativity drives students to find an original solution for a model-eliciting activity
 Aguilar, Jair.

Building a Community of Microbiology and Developmental Entomology Undergraduate Researchers to Increase Scientific Expertise and Confidence
 Goering, Lisa. and Baynham, Patricia.


CD4+ T cell effector function is impaired by Erk2 deletion
 Tudyk, Julie., Zboril, Emily. and Forsthuber, Thomas.

Can citrus juice decontaminate Salmonella tainted strawberries?
 Lopez, Ashley.

Can kombucha tea inhibit the growth of Salmonella enterica?
 Zamora, Maria.

Can variation in dietary protein levels affect the severity of Parkinson’s disease symptoms in Drosophila melanogaster?
 Eguiza, Maria.

Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics in Anthropogenically Disturbed Seagrass Ecosystems
 Shepherd, Alison., Rahman, Dr. Abdullah. and Alexander, Dr. Heather.

Cell Interaction Effects due to Surface Coatings on Highly Fluorescent Nanoparticles
 Pedraza, Francisco., Sardar, Dhiraj., Tsin, Andrew., Mimun, Lawrence., Avalos, Julio. and Yust, Brian.

Cellulose digestion by the higher attine fungus gardening ant Trachymyrmex septentrionalis
 DeMilto, Alexandria.

Challenges in visualizing RecA-DNA interaction in chemiluminescent electrophoretic mobility shift assays
 Kenneson, Jessica.

Characteristics and prevalence of intradermal chigger mites Hannemania sp. among a population of Gastrophryne olivacea (Amphibia: Microhylidae) in South Texas
 Oyervides, Mayra., Lozano, Andrea., Huerta, Adriana., Barbosa, Maximiliano., Patino, Ramiro., Feria, Teresa. and Zaidan, Frederic.

Characterization and synthesis of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles
 Pena, Antonio., Gonzalez, Gabriel., hobosyan, Mkhitar. and Ermolinsky, Boris.

Characterization of Eip63E and its role in Drosophila axonal transport
 Aguirre, Diana., Bailey, Brooke., McCormick, Emma. and Klinedinst, Susan.

Characterization of Environmental Science Student Responses to Advanced Placement Free-Response Questions: The Need for Student Metacognition
 Dirrigl, Jr., Frank.

Characterization of ambient water quality in natural and created wetlands of the Texas coast
 Zarnstorff, Natasha. and Guillen, George.

Characterizing the effect of SSRI withdrawal on a serotonin-mediated behavior in the model organism C. elegans following a brief, low-dose exposure to Paxil
 Caputo, Cobby. and O\'Leary, Fidelma.

Characterizing the onset, progression, and mitigation of motor chorea symptoms in a transgenic C. elegans model of Huntington’s disease
 O\'Keefe, Olivia. and O\'Leary, Fidelma.

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Defining Cancer to Defy Cancer: PA28γ’s effect on cancer formation in MEF cells
 Barton, Lance., Massey, Rose. and Vasan, Archit.

Design and synthesis of potential acetylcholine esterase inhibitors
 Dennis, Lauren., Hickmann, Sebastian., Nguyen, Tracy., Davis, Julian., Sikazwe, Donald. and Wood, Frank.

Determining morphometric and genetic variation among relationships of eight breeds of Ethiopian camels (Camelus dromedarius)
 Dunn, Christopher., Legesse, Yoseph. and Bradley, Robert.

Determining viable host-fish species for Fusconaia askewi, Potamilus amphichaenus, and Pleurobema riddellii of East Texas
 Bertram, Ein., Placyk, Jr., John. and Williams, Lance.

Developing Successful STEM Students while Increasing their Science Identity
 Mann, Michele.

Development of an Initial Culture Procedure that May Eventually Decrease the Time for Chromosome Analysis of Tumor Cells
 Bhakta, Kajal.

Development of genetic tools to study the Lumbriculid central nervous system as a model for wound healing and regeneration

Development of rill marks on the beach face at Sea Rim State Park, Texas
 Nielson, Russell. and Barker, Chris.

Diastolic function measured as left ventricular pressure (LVP) dynamics in humans diagnosed as normal.
 Ward, John., Brown, K.., Coke, H.. and Rubal, B..

Did the Bastrop Wild Fire affect the phosphorus quantity in the soil?
 Abu-Esba, Mohammad.

Diet analysis of Texas diamondback terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin littoralis)
 Alleman, Bryan. and Guillen, George.

Dispersal of the Georgetown salamander (Eurycea naufragia) within two spring sites
 Gutierrez, Areli. and Pierce, Benjamin.

Distance Based Mercury Contamination in Association to Small-Scale Gold Mining in Zimbabwe
 Green, Corey.

Distribution and Taxonomy of the Texas gartersnake (Thamnophis sirtalis annectens)
 Key, Kayla., Gluesenkamp, Andy., Williams, Marsha., Banta, Josh. and Placyk, Jr., John.

Distribution, Abundance, and Habitat Use of the Saltmarsh Topminnow (Fundulus jenkinsi)
 Robertson, Josi., Curtis, Stephen. and Guillen, George.

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Effect of Platinum Group Element-exposure on a gut microbiome model system Pseudomonas aeroginosa, Enterococcus faecalis, Escherichia coli, and HT29 cells
 White, Allen., Konate, Mariam. and Rosenzweig, Jason.

Effect of changes in hydrochorous behavior of seeds on the future vegetative community
 Boeck, Anna., Haschenburger, J., Bush, Janis. and Elliott, Katherine.

Effect of trifluoromethyl group on the ground and excited state properties of a new ruthenium(II) polypyridine complex
 Hale, Jasmen. and Garner, Robert.

Effects of Environmental Temperature on the Critical Thermal Limits of the Tawny Crazy Ant (Nylanderia fulva)
 Umlang, Lance.

Effects of Facial Stripes on Attacks in Snake Models
 Scribner, Jacob. and Kwiatkowski, Matthew.

Effects of Flooding and Drying Soil on the Uptake of Arsenic in Rice
 Bray, Alison., Johnson, Rhaya., Kirkpatrick, Sioned., Ladewig, Chad. and Pollok, Nicole.

Effects of Indole-3-Butyric Acid on Arabidopsis thaliana
 Chappell, Kevin. and Woodward, Andrew.

Effects of dynamic species ratios and densities on interspecific mating in the endangered Gambusia nobilis and its invasive congener, Gambusia geiseri
 Broca, Brittni.

Effects of hydroquinone on S17 murine stromal cells
 Kotin, Jeremy. and Perez, Stephanie.

Effects of salinity on primary productivity and respiration in the seagrass,Thalassia testudinum Banks ex König (turtle grass), from the Lower Laguna Madre of Texas.
 Chiu, Mary Grace., Brandon Tiu, Brandon., Banik, Mandira., Anctil, Lauren., DeYoe, Hudson. and Kowalski, Joseph.

Effects of shrub encroachment and shrub removal methods on South Texas coastal prairies
 Watson, Parker., Alexander, Dr. Heather. and Moczygemba, Jonathan.

Effects on Self-Efficacy and Self-Regulated Learning
 Golubski, Christopher. and Mann, Michele.

Egg-laying habits of Slosser’s buckmoth (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) from Andrews County in northwest Texas
 King, Trilby., Negovetich, Nicholas., Partain, Lendon. and Strenth, Ned.

Electrochemical study of prussian blue in sensory chemistry
 Punnathara, Charles.

Environmental Monitoring of Soils along Houston Highways
 Fiala, Matthew. and Hwang, Hyun-Min.

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Fighting with swords: genital combat as an alternative explanation for same sex mating in a coercive livebearer (Gambusia affinis)?
 Rios, Julian.

Finding genes that alter Dynactin-related motor disease using a Drosophila model
 Diaz, Soledad., Jasso, Ulises. and Klinedinst, Susan.

Fish bite prevalence on Yellow-band diseased corals off the coast of Roatan, Honduras
 Schmidt, Kara.

Flow-dependent competition between the endangered Gambusia nobilis and invasive Gambusia geiseri
 Delaune, Kelbi.

Forest Floor Characteristics in Areas Disturbed by Oak Regeneration Silvicultural Treatments
 Bell, Meagan., Sundol, Chad., Bush, Janis., Martinez, Fernando. and Greenberg, Cathryn.

Forest restoration and its effect on birds in the Lower Rio Grande Valley
 Brush, John., Brush, Timothy. and Feria, Teresa.

Functional analysis of novel conserved mixed-isoform B56δ/γ within the canonical Wnt signaling pathway in Xenopus laevis
 Catumbela, Celso. and Seeling, Joni.


G1P3 Alters Redox Signaling and Induces Mitochondrial Fusion to Evade Apoptosis in Breast Cancer Cells
 Johnson, Kailee., Khalel, Ashjan. and Cheriyath, Venu.

Geared motion: The study and synthesis of molecular motors
 Gentzel, Erik. and Gould, Stephanie.

Genetic background affects the expressivity of EGFR pathway mutations in Drosophila melanogaster
 Guilmette, Amanda.

Geochemical Analyses of Karst Springs within the Owl Mountain and Nolan Creek Provinces, Fort Hood Military Installation, Texas
 Faulkner, Mindy. and Stafford, Kevin.

Germination rates of Cajander larch (Larix cajanderi) seeds from northeastern Siberia under different environmental conditions
 Trujillo, Ivonne., White, Aaron. and Alexander, Dr. Heather.

Growth, abundance, and characterization of anaerobic, sulfur-reducing microorganisms isolated from a salt lake, La Sal del Rey, in Deep South Texas
 Ramirez, Maurine. and Lowe, Kristine.


Habitat complexity as a predictor for female oviposition preference in two gulf coast gobies
 Morris, Clint. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Healthy watershed approach to managing streams: Role of science, stakeholders, education and partnerships
 Arsuffi, Tom.

Hydroclimatalogical and Environmental Factors Affecting Volume Fluctuation of Lake Theo, Caprock Canyons State Park, Texas
 Lawrence, Kaylee. and Walsh, Tim.

Hyperglycemic-induced circadian gene expression alterations in three brain regions of a rat model of human type 2 diabetes mellitus
 Garcia, Carlos., Gutierrez, Elizabeth. and Ibarra, Jessica.


Identification of Alternaria fungal strain VOCs isolated from Atriplex canescens using SPME and GC-MS
 Garza, Ivana. and Kopecki-Fjetland, Mary.

Identifying Volatile Organic Compounds Released by Bacteria on Decomposing Rat Carrion and Their Attractiveness to Nicrophorus Burying Beetles
 Manley, Lillian., Kopecki-Fjetland, Mary. and Wharry, Donald.

Identifying prognostic biomarkers in multiple sclerosis using a chronic progressive murine model of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
 Chase, Carol., Ji, Niannian., Saenz-Trevino, Erica., Raphael, Itay. and Forsthuber, Thomas.

Impact of Climate Change on the Breeding Ranges of Some Tropical and Subtropical Bird Species
 Oyervides, Mayra., Brush, Timothy. and Feria, Teresa.

Impact of prey availability on behavior in Elaphe guttata
 Norman, Aubery.

In vitro cytotoxicity of metal complexes containing platinum and palladium
 Alqurashi, Jomana., Adrian, Rafael. and Leverett, Betsy.

Influence of recreation on water quality in the San Marcos River
 Byrne, Rachel. and Guillen, George.

Insights to the evolution of the pineal eye from phylogenetics and the fossil record
 Gelnaw, William.

Interactions between RNA and the nanomaterial Hydrotalcite studied using physical and electrophoretic approaches
 Pollok, Nicole.

Intergroup variation in estrogenic plant consumption for the black-and-white colobus monkey of Kibale National Park, Uganda
 Benavidez, Kathryn.

Invertebrate diversity in the seagrass meadows of Texas
 Brown, Ashleigh. and Engel, Roberta.

Investigation into Neritic Water Conditions as Primary Driver of Vegetative Fragmentation Rates of Sargassum Naitans and Fluitans
 Hill, Brandon., Webster, Robert. and Linton, Thomas.

Iron Concentrations of the Scarborough Creek in Stream Bed Sediment
 Webster, Philip.

Is the zonadhesin gene a useful molecular marker for determining phylogenetic relationships among mammalian orders?
 Roberts, Emma., Hardy, Daniel. and Bradley, Robert.


Karst Development in the Northern Edwards Aquifer, Bell and Williamson Counties, Texas
 Stafford, Kevin., Landers, Ashley., Shields, Jessica. and Faulkner, Mindy.

Know your bioregion: A journey towards developing a personal sense of place
 shelden, Wayne., Kharod, Deepti. and moseley, christine.


Leaf production, leaf fall, and decomposition of the black mangrove, Avicennia germinans (L.) L., from the Lower Laguna Madre of Texas.
 Banik, Mandira., Anctil, Lauren., Brandon Tiu, Brandon., Chiu, Mary Grace., DeYoe, Hudson. and Kowalski, Joseph.

Life in a container: larval competition between two container breeding mosquitoes
 Vasquez, Felicia. and Vitek, Christopher.

Long-term effects of woody plant expansion in a humid, tropical grassland of Venezuela
 Delgado, Soraya. and Alexander, Dr. Heather.


MIF inhibition as novel treatment for autoimmune myocarditis and dilated cardiomyopathy
 Casabar, Julian., Nalawade, Saisha., Maldonado, Daniel., Adler, Yoni. and Forsthuber, Thomas.

Macroalgal Preferences for Diadema antillarum on the Mesoamerican Reef in Roatan Honduras
 Hernandez, Clara.

Mandibular notch shape in extant Hominidae using 2D Elliptic Fourier Analysis
 Campbell, Timothy., DeWitt, Thomas. and de Ruiter, Darryl.

Mapping the onset and progression of neurological and physiological deficits in Alzheimer’s disease: The role of insulin-degrading enzyme in restoring function
 Escamilla, Sasha.

Methodology for sperm extraction and a preliminary assessment of predicting reproductive allocation based on mating system in sex role reversed fishes
 Rashid, Sana. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Model of the respiratory requirements of the Meganisoptera
 Hawbaker, Adam. and Ladine, Troy.

Modeling the Dynamics of Competition and Antibiotic Resistance in Gonorrhea
 Thomas, Anthony.

Molecular Mapping of Alzheimer's Disease – Imaging Mass Spectrometry
 Kelley, Andrea., Perry, George., Castellani, Rudolph. and Bach, Stephan.

Morphological Control of Film Structure in Perovskite Solar Cells
 Jackson, Christopher.

Multifunctional Near infrared Emitting Luminescent Nanocrystals for Biomedical Imaging
 Mimun, Lawrence., Rightsell, Chris., Kumar, G.A.., Pedraza, Francisco., Guda, Teja., Dravid, Vinayak. and Sardar, Dhiraj.


Nature vs. Nurture: Examining the Impact of a Manipulated Environment
 Frando, Allison. and O\'Leary, Fidelma.

Neighborhood structure of the Comanche harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex comanche: what role does aggression play?
 Mayo, Ann.

New cyanide antidote (sulfur donor X) and its pH dependence for oral formulation efficacy
 Roy, Reny.


Object based vegetation classification with unmanned aerial system to assess the productivity of a constructed wetland
 Villarreal, Nicholas.

Obtaining Sine-Gordon Surfaces Using Deformation of Parameters
 Tek, Suleyman.

Optimization of fluorescent immunoblots for the detection of viral proteins
 Slay, Ravaen., Defrates, Katelyn. and Parr, Rebecca.

Organic compound analysis red wolves(Canis rufus) vs. coyotes(Canis lantrans)
 Spindler, Lauren., Jones, Hannah., Donch, Kylie., Ray, Erin. and Wolfram, Wendi.

Oxidative damage is correlated with mitochondrial autophagy
 Perry, George., Perry, EA., Moreira, Paula., Correia, Sonia., Castellani, Rudolph., Wang, Xinglong., Lee, Hyoung-gon. and Zhu, Xiongwei.


PEGylation of Bacterioferrtin, A Protein Scaffold for Delivery of Toxic Iron to Cancer Cells
 Kennedy, Christopher., Boice, Emily. and Kurtz, Donald.

PVOCs as a potential attractant or deterrent to browse preferences of Odocoileus virginianus
 Garcia, Lauren. and Kopecki-Fjetland, Mary.

Phosphorous Retention in the riverbanks of the Bosque River and the Paluxy River
 Hogan, Kimberly.

Phylogenetic analysis of the B56 gene family of PP2A regulatory subunits
 Sommer, Lauren., Cho, Hyuk., Choudhary, Madhusudan. and Seeling, Joni.

Place Consciousness as a pathway towards campus sustainability
 Kharod, Deepti., shelden, Wayne. and moseley, christine.

Pleurocerid population structure assessed with ISSRs.
 McGregor, Bethany. and Minton, Russell.

Population density and habitat associations of the seaside sparrow at Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, Cameron County, Texas
 ferrato, jacqueline., Simpson, Randy., Small, Michael., Veech, Joseph. and Conway, Mark.

Possible correlation between cardiac malformations within Plains Leopard Frogs (Rana blairi) in the Texas Panhandle and concentrations of environmental pollutants
 Vargas, Enrique., LaDuc, Travis. and Poteet, Mary.

Preliminary assessment of predator-prey dynamics in an urban ecosystem
 Ladine, Troy.

Preliminary biodiversity survey of mammals on a ranch in Runnels County
 Morrell, leslie., Thornton, Darby., Kocher, Anthony. and Wolfram, Wendi.

Preliminary testing of N-benzyl isonipecotate derivatives as a potential acetylcholine esterase inhibitors
 Nguyen, Tracy., Dennis, Lauren., Garza, Steven., Hickmann, Sebastian., Tristyn, Greiman., Acosta, Veronica., Davis, Julian., Sikazwe, Donald. and Wood, Frank.

Prevalence of Trypanosoma cruzi in Chagas disease vectors from South Texas
 Patino, Ramiro., Gonzalez, Sergio., Gorchakov, Rodion., Murray, Kristy. and Feria, Teresa.

Prevalence of parasitism in a newly described cave-adapted fish
 Starkey, David. and Day, Julie.

Pulse-Amplitude-Modulated (PAM) fluorescence response of the seagrass,Thalassia testudinum Banks ex König (turtle grass) to rapid, short-term hyposalinity exposure.
 Kowalski, Joseph.

Purification of components from Inula hilinium (elecampane) which are cytotoxic to the 4T1 murine breast cancer cell line.
 McElwan, Thomas., Kelly, Sarah., Rivera, Ashley., Kenneson, Jessica., McCutcheon, Robert., Gray, Gary. and Reinhart, Adam.


RNA-Seq Analysis of Phosphate-Stressed C. reinhardtii Cells
 Reyes, Isavannah.

Relative Abundance of Herpetofauna in Response to the Season of Burn in a Southern Appalachian Forest
 Seiboldt, Tyler., Greenberg, Cathryn., Bush, Janis., Martinez, Fernando. and Gdovin, Matthew.

Reproductive Condition of Aestivating Siren intermedia in Deep South Texas
 Powell, Randy., Trevino, Ayssa., Soto, M.., Crocker, Ashton. and Kumro, Shawnda.

Requirement for the SWR1 complex and Nap1 chaperone after TBP association in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
 Taylor, Julia., Kang, Tim., Eichelberger, Hillary., Huang, Liangqun. and Lee, Sarah.

Resaca Rangers: a school-based network to monitor resaca ecosystem health
 Lessley, Buford., Fierro Cabo, Alejandro., Benavides, Jude. and Fagan, Susan.

Resaca Rangers: a school-based network to monitor resaca ecosystem health
 Lessley, Buford., Fierro Cabo, Alejandro., Benavides, Jude. and Fagan, Susan.

Restoration of Quail Creek at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Nature Center, Tyler, Texas
 Ciara, Brianna., Bertram, Ein., Williams, Lance. and Williams, Marsha.

Results of 2014 excavations from WU-26, the first Uinta C micro-mammal fossil locality from the Uinta Formation in northeastern Utah
 Guillot, C.., Fairchild, James., Sanders, Christopher. and Westgate, James.

Return to San Antonio Bay: a Second Year of Seagrass Monitoring
 Hobson, Cynthia.

Road Dust Activated ERK in Lung Epithelial Cells in vitro
 Azu, Nkem. and Shishodia, Shishir.

robo-roach: Biologically-Inspired Robots using the Lego Mindstorm EV3
 Coronado, Erik., Frye, Michael. and Nair, Sree.


STEM Administrator Leadership
 West, Sandra.

Salt formation of potential acetylcholine esterase inhibitors
 Davis, Julian., Hickmann, Sebastian., Nguyen, Tracy., Dennis, Lauren., Sikazwe, Donald. and Wood, Frank.

Seagrass associated fish biodiversity along the Texas Coast
 Brebion, Andre., Wallace, Janaee., Engel, Roberta. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Seizures on postnatal day 10 suppress isolation-induced ultrasonic vocalizations in mice.
 Reynolds, Conner. and Lugo, Joaquin.

Sequencing and determining the ETOH-sensitivity of b1101 mutation in Danio rerio
 Brock, Courtney. and Eberhart, Johann.

Serosurvey of Marfa Plateau Coyotes (Canis latrans) for Canine Distemper
 Stone, John., Ritzi, Christopher. and Graham, Sean.

Sexual Dimorphism and Intersexual Niche Divergence in Nerodia rhombifer
 Hein, Steven.

Shoaling and exploration behaviors as functions of female reproductive state in largespring gambia
 Stewart, James. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Social interaction prevents salt addiction in group-housed animals.
 Rivera, Ashley., Perez, Melissa. and Pereira-Derderian, derderiand@wbu.edu.

Spatial ecology of Western Screech-Owls (Megascops kennicottii) in the Davis Mountains of West Texas
 Olivas, Corin., Kasner, Andrew. and Ritzi, Christopher.

Species Diversity of Herpetofauna in Response to Silvicultural Treatments in the Southern Appalachians
 Todd, Melissa., Sundol, Chad., Bush, Janis., Martinez, Fernando. and Greenberg, Cathryn.

Species Richness and Diversity in Coral Reef Communities off the Coast of Roatan, Honduras Impacted by Lionfish (Pterois volitans) Invasion
 Gravitt, Bradley.

Spread of Invasive Pomacea maculata, Perry, 1810 (Ampullariidae) in the Southeastern United States
 Savrick, Carson., Burks, Romi. and Hayes, Kenneth.

Status of the subtropical tamarisk beetle (Diorhabda sublineata) as a saltcedar (Tamarix) biocontrol agent along the Río Grande and its impact on a non-target species, Tamarix aphylla
 Hilscher, Anne. and Ritzi, Christopher.

Survey of (north)east Texas bat reports: connecting the dots...
 Brooks, David.

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Temperature sensitivity of rhizosphere bacteria associated with common plants found at Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve (Austin,Tx)
 Alford, Victoria.

Territoriality and ‘dear enemy’ recognition between heterospecific pupfishes (genus Cyprinodon)
 Brooks, Christopher. and Gumm, Dr. Jennifer.

Territoriality and ‘dear enemy’ recognition between heterospecific pupfishes (genus Cyprinodon)
 Brooks, Christopher. and Gumm, Dr. Jennifer.

Testing whether ecological differentiation supports the taxonomy of three hibiscus species in Northeast Texas
 Sain, Melody., Williams, Lance., Williams, Marsha., Placyk, Jr., John., Small, Randall. and Banta, Josh.

The Echoes of an Adaptationist Legacy: (Not) Teaching Non-adaptive Evolution
 Price, Rebecca. and Perez, Kathryn.

The Effect of Alternative Mating on Sperm Competition in Coercive Livebearing Fish
 Cardenas, Alenka. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

The Effects of PP2A Regulatory Subunits on Embryonic Development of Xenopus laevis
 Means, Grayson.

The Effects of Wetting and Drying Cycles on Phosphorus within Streambank Sediments
 Saucedo, Erica.

The Relationship between the Ingestion of Microplastic Particles and Organic Food Items in Sunfish from the Brazos River Basin, Central Texas
 Peters, Colleen., Bratton, Susan. and Rieper, Kaitlyn.

The Role of B56γ in canonical Wnt signaling in Xenopus laevis
 Qureshi, Osama. and Seeling, Joni.

The Role of Microhabitat Suitability in Plant Competition
 Victoria, Michelle., Yelenik, Stephanie. and Cordell, Susan.

The Use of Microwave Heating for Biodiesel Synthesis via K2CO3-Catalyzed Transesterification
 Raley, Amanda. and Franks, Russell.

The Use of Microwave Heating for Biodiesel Synthesis via NaOH-Catalyzed Transesterification
 Kushaney, Daniel. and Franks, Russell.

The effect of caffeine on regeneration and behavior in the California Blackworm, Lumbriculus variegatus
 Henriquez, Ana., Vallor, Michael. and Acosta, Veronica.

The effect of fire severity and hillslope gradient on the relationship between soil pH and soil depth after wildfire.
 Russie, Andrea., Bush, Janis. and Haschenburger, J.

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Understanding bacterial and fungal communities in and around Juniperus ashei (Cupressaceae)
 Garza, Andres. and Hauser, Charles.

University-Community Partnership and Underrepresented Minority Students Engagement in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education
 Singh, Mamta.

Upper Cretaceous conifers of Terlingua Ranch, Brewster County, Texas
 Lemke, David. and Ibrahim, Alaa.

Use of Side-scan Sonar to Identify and Count Alligator Gar: Potential for Evaluating Population Density from Sonar Imagery
 Fleming, Paul., Daugherty, Daniel., Smith, Nathan. and Baird, Michael.

Using Bayesian Methods to Analyze Small Sample Size Data
 Golubski, Christopher. and Mann, Michele.

Using Camera Trapping Techniques to Identify the Presence of Meso-mammals and Determine Habitat Preferences within the Caprock Canyonlands of West Texas
 Cooke, Trudi. and Kasner, Andrew.

Using Maximum Entropy Modeling to Predict Suitable Habitat for Sistrurus catenatus tergeminus and Sistrurus catenatus edwardsii, The Western and Desert Massasauga
 Hein, Steven.

Utilizing Ground Penetrating Radar for Charaterization of Karst Features
 Brown, Wesley., Melville, Trina. and Stafford, Kevin.


Variable analysis of photovoltaic cell exposure efficiency
 Arguello, Christopher., Coronado, Erik., Potter, Daniel. and Nair, Sree.


WBU athletes displayed higher taste preference for salty foods than WBU non-athletes
 Robinson, Sharon., Phillips, Whitney., Avila, JohnMark. and Pereira-Derderian, derderiand@wbu.edu.

What happened in Seoul didn’t stay in Seoul: the 1988 Olympics
 Sieben, John.

Which way did it go?: Directional choices in the brittle star Ophiactis simplex
 Holt, Zachary. and Christensen, Ana.

White Dwarf G29-38
 Woodall, Woody.

Who are the fathers: characterizing hybrid origins of parthenogenetic Aspidoscelis lizards
 Hall, Alexander., Maldonado, Jose. and Fujita, Matthew.
Texas Academy of Science Annual Meeting 2015-Mar-06 to 2015-Mar-09
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