Texas Academy of Science Annual Meeting 2016-Mar-04 to 2016-Mar-07

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Euphorbia cryptorubra (Euphorbiaceae), a new species in Euphorbia section Anisophyllum from Texas, U.S.A and Chihuahua, Mexico
 Taylor, Nathan. and Terry, Martin.

In vivo investigations (efficacy and pharmacokinetics) of a new cyanide antidote
 Coronado, Valerie., Kiss, Lorand., Ross, James., Lowry, Janna., Petrash, Taylor., Chou, Ching-En., Holmes, Secondra., De Silva, Deeptika. and Petrikovics, Ilona.

Sand Dune Restoration and Vegetation Changes from 2005 to 2015 Using Applied Geographic Information Systems
 Gomez, Lucas., Munoz, Andre., Bazan, Brenda., Hinojosa, Gladis., Arredondo, Francisco. and Garza, Luis.


A Brief Introduction to LabVIEW
 Kuchenbecker, Richard.

A Comparative Study of Diversity and Abundance of Mosquitoes at Two Sites in Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas
 Chakraborty, Lopamudra. and Vitek, Christopher.

A Decade of Dunes
 Atkinson, Andrew., Gonzalez, Mariel., Moore, Samantha., Ochoa, Vincent., Rubiano, Romeo., Salinas, Stefany. and Quiroz, Jovahn.

A Missing Link: The Reproductive Biology of Winslowia tuscumbiana
 Parsley, Kathryn. and Dunn, Michael.

A Preliminary Report of 3, 4, 5-Trimethoxyphenethylamine Concentrations in Over-The-Counter Topical Products Purported to Contain Lophophora williamsii (Cactaceae).
 LeBlanc, Robert. and Terry, Martin.

A comparison of the impact of biometeorology on the scent-marking behavior of Red wolves (Canis rufus) and Grey wolves (Canis lupus)
 Jones, Hannah. and Wolfram, Wendi.

A new mosasaur from the Cretaceous Taylor Group of Texas: implications for the genus Clidastes and the evolution of Mosasaurinae
 Lively, Joshua., Polcyn, Michael. and Bell, Gorden.

A re-analysis of Cryptodiran relationships: What insights can be gained by utilizing genealogical concordance?
 Starkey, David.

Addressing Missing Data in 3D Scans of Caddo Ceramics
 Selden Jr., Robert.

Adventitious Root Formation in Response to Flooding Stress in Andean Common Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.; Fabaceae)
 Londero Monteiro, Nicole., Quinn, William. and Grusak, Michael.

American Eel in Texas – what we do, don’t, and need to, know
 Hendrickson, Dean., Cohen, Cohen., Labay, Ben., Garrett, Gary., Casarez, Melissa. and Martin, F..

An Economical and Viable Method for Recording Cemetery Data
 Schultz, Rebecca.

An Investigation into Aβ/Metal Binding via MALDI MS
 Perry, George., Kelley, Andrea. and Bach, Stephan.

An analysis of the impact of biometeorology on the activity levels of small mammals
 Bowen, Sarah., Lopez, Elizabeth., De la Torre, Nathalie. and Wolfram, Wendi.

An ecological functional assessment of extant African rodents using postcrania
 Campbell, Timothy. and Bergstrom, Kersten.

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Bacterial Heavy Metal Resistance in Town Lake, Austin, TX
 Bilinski, Teresa. and Canales, Andrea.

Baseline survey of small mammals and bacterial pathogens in the southeastern Rolling Plains
 Seah, Hannah., Daisy, Gomez., Neill, Nathan. and Brokaw, Joshua.

Behavior of the Cleaner Fish Elacatinus spp. and their Clients in Roatan, Honduras
 Chudej, Kennedy.

Behavioral correlates of male dominance in a coercive livebearing fish
 Conklin, Elizabeth. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Behavioral study of underlying neuronal defects in pomace flies
 Palacios, Erick., Bolton, James., Bohm, Rudolf. and Massa, Enrique.

Behavioral variation as a potential mechanism of invasion and competition in three livebearing fishes (Genus Gambusia)
 Hemingway, Claire.

Bioblitzing as a tool for monitoring native fishes of greatest conservation need
 Casarez, Melissa., Robertson, Sarah., Labay, Ben., Hendrickson, Dean., Cohen, Cohen., Garrett, Gary., Martin, F.. and Hanks, Cullen.

Biodiversity survey of mammals on a ranch in Runnels County
 Kocher, Anthony., Thornton, Darby., Jones, Hannah. and Wolfram, Wendi.

Biology faculty attitudes regarding online education
 Kopachena, Beverly. and Larkin, Charlotte.

Biometeorology survey of large mammals on a ranch in Runnels County
 Spindler, Lauren., Stouffer, Hannah., Berryman, Cody., Marshall, Charelle., Stegner, Alyssa. and Wolfram, Wendi.

Biotic controls on carbon exchange processes in an encroaching savanna in central Texas
 Thijs, Ann. and Litvak, Marcy.

Blood Hormone and Lipid Level Influences on Ectoparasite Abundance in the Southern Plains Woodrat (Neotoma micropus)
 Schenkman, Missy., Ritzi, Christopher. and Schenkman, Joseph.

Boudins and other ductile structures in Packsaddle Schist at the Llano River bridge in Llano, TX
 Barker, Chris. and Nielson, Russell.

Build-A-Creature: A constructivist approach to teaching genetics in elementary schools
 Chappell, Kevin., Heinrich, Kaleb. and Early, Cathleen.


Calculating Resonance States for the Helium Atom
 Alexander, Steve.

Can you see it now? Molecular screen for Angiostrongylus cantonensis in Uruguayan apple snails
 Bishop, Carissa. and Burks, Romi.

Carpal glands in raccoons (Procyon lotor)
 Wilder, Cullen. and Ladine, Troy.

Carpal located scent-marking in raccoons Procyon lotor
 Ladine, Troy.

Characterization of the roles of PP2A regulatory subunits B56α and B56δ/γ in the non-canonical Wnt/PCP pathway in Xenopus laevis.
 Brannan, Cody. and Seeling, Joni.

Characterization of water quality and associated factors in natural and created wetlands of the Texas coast
 Zarnstorff, Natasha. and Guillen, George.

Circumscription of a Potentially New Species of land snail from South Padre Island, Cameron County, Texas
 Ruiz, Eli., Martinez Cruz, Marco., Minton, Russell. and Perez, Kathryn.

Cloning and Expression of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Elastase with plasmid recombinant vector
 Draper, Derek.

Collaborations for the Future of Texas Water, Watersheds and Environmental Literacy: Community Partnerships with Texas Tech University’s Llano River Field Station
 Arsuffi, Tom., Broad, Tyson., Stubblefield, Robert. and Lopez, Karen.

Community Ecology of Flower Visitors of Tecoma stans in the Coastal Bend
 Patrock, Richard. and Reilley, John.

Comparative Genomic Analysis of Two Paragonimus Species
 Sosa, Joe., McNulty, Samantha., Rosa, Bruce., Agatsuma, Takeshi., Sugiyama, Hiromu., Fischer, Peter. and Mitreva, Makedonka.

Comparative helminth community structure in two species of arctic-nesting waterfowl: black brant (Branta bernicla nigricans) and greater white-fronted geese (Anser albifrons)
 Traub, Nicole.

Components of Equisetum arvense Cytotoxic to Cultured 4T1 Murine Breast Cancer Cells
 Brozek, Jake., Kelly, Sarah., Reinhart, Adam. and Gray, Gary.

Concentration Effects of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria on Nolina lindheimeriana in Differing Organic Matter
 Williamson, Jessica. and Bilinski, Teresa.

Congener Specific Determination of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in Human Milk
 EL-Seaid, Prof. Mohamed.

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DNA Barcoding of Guadalupe County Plant Specimens
 Woodward, Becky., Lara, Jacob., Sargent, Broderick., Perez, Stephanie., Gustafson, Mark. and Lievens, Alan.

DNP conjugation of receptor targets for diseased cell receptors
 Bague, Darean.

Dart Point Morphology: Preliminary Thoughts from the USFS Collections in East Texas
 Selden Jr., Robert.

Denialism and the Disciplines: How improving interdisciplinary discourse on climate change can counter denialism
 Lewis, Patrick. and Hendrickson, Ken.

Desiccation tolerance of introduced Pomacea maculata populations in Texas.
 Medellin, Adrian., Minton, Russell., Glasheen, Paul. and Burks, Romi.

Detection of heavy metals in commercial teas
 Kotin, Tamara. and Duelm, Amber.

Determination of element concentrations (and risk assessment) in fish purchased from stores in Nacogdoches, East Texas, USA
 Onchoke, Kefa. and Franclemont, Christopher.

Developing a Lung Tissue Bacterial Co-culture Model Evaluating the Impact of Dust Exposure
 Galvin, Shari.

Development of nuclear markers for phylogeny reconstruction in the rodent genus Thomasomys
 Feller, Maya., Grothe, Amberly., Sanchez, Paulina., James, Jessica. and Brokaw, Joshua.

Differential effects by Butyrate and TSA on MEFs demonstrate features of Butyrate beyond HDAC inhibition
 Massey, Rose., Grouls, Astrid., Marwaha, Vidur. and Barton, Lance.

Differentiating Bell County Snail Species by Identifying Species-Specific or Genus-Specific Genomic Differences in Rumina decollata
 Velo, Sarah. and Wood, Kathleen.

Differentiating Bell County snail species by identifying species-specific or genus-specific genomic differences
 Velo, Sarah. and Wood, Kathleen.

Digital Documentation, Analysis, and Preservation of Grave Stones from the Historic Pagel Settlement Cemetery, Lavaca County, Texas
 Bonorden, Alyssa.

Digitization to Realization: The utilization of Structure from Motion and ArcScene to Identify Taphonomic Processes and Digitally Preserve Burial CC-B14.
 Mitchell, Samantha., Booher, Ashley. and Houk, Brett.

Discovering a novel inhibitor for inosine 5 monophosphate dehydrogenase in B. anthracis
 Strong, Lisa., Ciosek, Ashley. and Beckham, Josh.

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 O\'Mara, Sean., Huang, I-Shuo., Gutierrez, Danielle., Southard, Greg. and Zimba, Paul.

Eating oneself? Stable isotopic enrichment during weight loss and tissue turnover in humans
 Canterbury, J., Beck, Chase., Dozier, Crystal., Greenfelder, Megan., Hoffmeister, Kristin., Magaro, Jude., Mendha, Ali., Perrotti, Angie., Riggs, Casey., Taylor, Anthony. and Wright, Lori.

Educating Young Children about Green Energy Education and Awareness
 Elizabeth, Hudspeth. and Singh, Mamta.

Effect of Nutritional Stress Maternal Provisioning of Oocytes in Drosophila melanogaster
 Le, Vivian., Gerner-Mauro, Kamryn. and Goering, Lisa.

Effect of nutritional stress on fecundity in Drosophila melanogaster
 Gerner-Mauro, Kamryn., Le, Vivian. and Goering, Lisa.

Effect of oviposition site on habitat selection in two species of gobies in the Texas Gulf Coast
 Morris, Clint. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Effective STEM Principal Profile
 Kern, Denise. and Moody, Sandra.

Effects of Environmental Pollutants on Dermal Fibroblasts
 Alper, Samantha. and Harper, James.

Effects of dust exposure on the opportunistic bacterial co-cultures
 Konate, Mariam.

Effects of lithium chloride on nicotinic acetylcholine receptor expression in the regenerating model system, Lumbriculus variegatus.
 Hernandez Gonzalez, Gabriela. and Acosta, Veronica.

Effects of male body size and competitor size on male fitness in Gambusia affinis, a livebearing fish
 Richard, Kayla., Evans, Hilary. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Effects of mate choice and competition on habitat selection in a freshwater amphipod
 Rashid, Sana. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Effects of rapid salinity decrease on photosynthetic performance in the seagrasses, Thalassia testudinum, Syringodium filiforme, and Halodule wrightii using PAM fluorescence
 Kowalski, Joseph., Cammarata, Kirk. and DeYoe, Hudson.

Effects of transcranial infrared laser stimulation in category learning
 Saucedo, Celeste., Blanco, Nathaniel., Gonzalez-Lima, F.. and Maddox, W..

Elevated humidity and bunching decrease desiccation rate and increase survival of air-exposed fragments of the aquatic invasive plant Hydrilla verticillata
 Soto, Sasha. and Barnes, Matthew.

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Factors of the Sargassum Migratory Loop System; Determining the Influential Dynamics Primarily Responsible for the Anomalous 2014, 2015 Sargassum Seasons
 Hill, Brandon. and Linton, Thomas.

Fighting with swords: is genital combat an alternative explanation for same-sex mating in a coercive livebearer (Gambusia affinis)?
 Rios, Julian. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Fish Bite Prevalence of Yellow-band Disease on Montastraea and Orbicella complexes in Roatan, Honduras
 Schmidt, Kara.

Fish bite prevalence on three coral species with dark spot syndrome in Roatan, Honduras
 Juarez, Mariana. and Castillo, Erin.

Fluorescence Assay of Wild-Type, W60Y, and W96F β-2-Microglobulin Aggregation
 Alcorta, Christopher.

Food habits of raccoons (Procyon lotor) in an urban system
 Rhodes, Benjamin. and Ladine, Troy.

Foraging Ecology of Common Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in Galveston Bay
 Loe, Sherah., Fazioli, Kristi. and Guillen, George.

Foraging Patterns and Population Density of the Buff-Bellied Hummingbird (Amazilia yucatanensis)
 Villarreal, Megan. and Brush, Timothy.

Frequencies for Dark Spot Syndrome on three coral species in Roatan, Honduras
 Garcia, Gabriela.

Friend, foe, or frenemy: Testing the dear enemy hypothesis in a sex role reversed pipefish, Syngnathus scovelli
 Cisneros, Nancy.


GABA receptor isoforms, a signature for neuronal activity?
 Arun, Amrithesh. and Bohm, Rudolf.

Genetic analysis of potential hybridization between the endangered Gambusia nobilis and invasive Gambusia geiseri in Texas
 Rodriguez, Victoria.

Geographic distribution of Ixodes scapularis in the Lower Rio Grande Valley
 Martinez, Flor., Barbosa, Maximiliano., Patino, Ramiro., Esteve-Gassent, Maria. and Feria, Teresa.

Growth of Tamarix species (Tamaricaceae), Tamarix chinensis/ramosissima (salt cedar) and Tamarix aphylla (athel): A comparison of hormonal application and hydroponic growth
 Skolnick, Crystal. and Ritzi, Christopher.

Gulf of Mexico Species Interactions (GoMexSI) database: Beyond the fishes!
 Mitchell, Theresa., Simons, James. and Poelen, Jorrit.

Gulf of Mexico species interactions (GoMexSI) database: Big data, big ecology, big deal??
 Simons, James., Yuan, May., Vega-Cendejas, Maru. and Poelen, Jorrit.


Habitat Selection for type and complexity in a freshwater amphipod, San Marcos River, Texas
 Cao, Ashley. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Habitat Use by Ladder-backed Woodpecker (Picoides scalaris) in the Caprock Canyonlands in Floyd County, Texas.
 Solis, Victoria. and Kasner, Andrew.

Habitat preference for Comanche Peak Prairie Clover (Dalea reverchonnii; Fabaceae), a rare North-Central Texas endemic.
 Nelson, Allan. and Kieschnick, Sam.

Habitat, Diet, and Life History Characteristics of the Saltmarsh Topminnow (Fundulus jenkinsi)
 Robertson, Josi.

Healthy watershed approach to protecting streams : Role of science, stakeholders, education, and partnerships
 Broad, Tyson., Arsuffi, Tom. and Wagner, Kevin.

How long does it take for coercive males to replenish sperm reserves?
 Matchett, Skylor. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Hybridization between the invasive Cyprinodon variegatus and endemic C. rubrofluviatilis
 Ayers, Kristina. and Gumm, Jennifer.


Identification of a Newly Discovered Population of apple snails (Pomacea spp., Family Ampullariidae) in the Rio Grande Valley
 Garcia Gamboa, Victoria., Perez, Kathryn. and Burks, Romi.

Identification of anthocyanins in wild-type and natural yellow-flowered mutants of Ipomopsis rubra (Polemoniaceae)
 Cantu, Jose. and Kenney, Amanda.

Identification of bacteria colonizing the roots of Acacia smallii (Fabaceae).
 Wood, Kathleen.

Identifying Nesting Habitat for Texas diamondback terrapin in the Nueces Estuary, TX
 Baxter, Aaron.

Including Geospatial Information into Habitat Maps for Gulf of Mexico Species Interaction Data
 Rice, Kalen., Yuan, May. and Simons, James.

Incorporating Educational Research Articles in Science Teaching Methods Course: Assessing Pre-Service Teachers’ Perception in Elementary Science Teaching
 Singh, Mamta.

Incorporating Indigenous perspectives on resource management: The Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument traditional use study
 Richburg, Emma.

Individual-level foraging competition between Gambusia congeners under varying flow regimes
 Khayat, Ralph., Christians, Haley., Mobley, Valencia. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Influence of Daily Temperature Range of Soil on Microbial Dynamics in Dryland Agriculture
 Vargas-Gutierrez, Diana. and Zak, John.

Influence of Freshwater Inflow on Aquatic Biota of the Lower Brazos River, Texas
 Guillen, George., Oakley, Jenny. and Curtis, Stephen.

Inquiring Minds Want To Know
 Hooper, Jennifer.

Insect Pollinator Diversity and Other Associates of Salt Cedar (Tamarisk sp.) at Alamito Marsh, Presidio County, Texas
 Hassenflu, Alexandria., Ritzi, Christopher. and Hilscher, Anne Marie.

Insect diversity in areas impacted by the biological control of saltcedar (Tamarix spp.) in west texas
 Lawhorn, Jaimie. and Ritzi, Christopher.

Invasive Pressure Measurements at Rest and During Supine Exercise in Young Adults
 Brown, Kelsey., Koscielski, Christina. and Rubal, Bernard.

Investigating the membrane penetration of a novel cyanide antidote in a blood-brain barrier model (BBB-Parallel Artificial Membrane Permeability Assay)
 Hewa Rahinduwage, Chathuranga Chinthana., Mendenhall, Brooke., Ross, Magen., Baca, Waleska., Petrikovics, Ilona. and Kiss, Lorand.

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Laboratory based primary productivity and respiration in the seagrass, Halodule wrightii Aschers. (shoal grass) under low salinity
 Gomez, Gisselt., Trujillo, Oscar., Cammarata, Kirk., DeYoe, Hudson., Parsons, Jason. and Kowalski, Joseph.

Land use effects on biological activity in the San Antonio River
 Hernandez Gonzalez, Gabriela. and Mulvey, Gerald.

Late holocene stable carbon and nitrogen isotopic variation of bulk organic matter deposited in blackwood sinkhole, abaco, the bahamas
 West, Kristin.

Lessons learned from three years of seagrass monitoring in San Antonio Bay
 Hobson, Cynthia.

Lithiation of triacetic acid lactone methyl ether
 Adamson, Tristan.

Long-term monitoring of the subtropical tamarisk beetle (Diorhabda sublineata) on saltcedar (Tamarix) and athel (Tamarix aphylla) along the Río Grande
 Ritzi, Christopher., Hilscher, Anne Marie. and Hassenflu, Alexandria.

Lowered soil respiration and lowered climatic sensitivities under two different savanna encroachers
 Thijs, Ann., Litvak, Marcy. and Hawkes, Christine.

Lyophilized Bone Marrow-Based Substrate Supports In Vitro Cultivation of Mouse Mesenchymal Stem Cells.
 Mueller, Laura., Nielsen, Natasha., Eter, Rayan., Giblin, III, Leonard., Rohde, Larry. and Puzdrowski, Richard.


Managing Daily Temperature Range of Soil to Increase Microbial Processes
 Ghanem, Kholoud. and Zak, John.

Manipulation of the fruitless Gene in Drosophila melanogaster to Form a Mutant for Circuit Mapping
 Grilli, Elyse.

Mapping mineral content in developing Phaseolus vulgaris, L. (Fabaceae) plants through ArcGIS.
 Herd, Devin., Grusak, Michael. and Quinn, William.

Metal analysis of the mineral springs of Lampasas Texas
 Jenkins, Megan. and Frantzen, Alyx.

Microplastic and anthropogenic fiber ingestion by marine pinfish (Lagodon rhomboides) collected from inshore marine sites adjoining Freeport and Galveston, Texas
 Rieper, Kaitlyn., Thomas, Peyton. and Bratton, Susan.

Mitochondrial genome heterogeneity in Stylommatophora and new insights into the discovery of a new species of Polygyridae land snail.
 Martinez Cruz, Marco., Minton, Russell. and Perez, Kathryn.

Modeling through model-eliciting activities: a comparison among different achievement level.
 Aguilar, Jair.

Modifying Physical Layout of Materials to Reduce Student Frustration and Encourage Student-centered Learning in Biology Labs
 Early, Cathleen.

Molecular dynamics simulations of ion transport through bent carbon nanotubes
 Jackson, Christopher.


Network and community analyses of fungal microbiomes
 Turcinovic, Jacquelyn. and Hauser, Charles.

New Record of Mystery Snails in Harris County Texas
 Perez, Bianca., Segrest, Averi., Campos, Sofia., Burks, Romi. and Minton, Russell.

New trophic data for the Gulf of Mexico large marine ecosystem to support ecosystem assessment, fisheries modeling, and management
 Weatherall, Tracy. and Simons, James.

Novel spectroscopic and electrochemical determination for water bound environmental contaminants
 Luu, Nguyen. and Jiang, Mian.


One Fish, This Fish, Which Fish, That Fish!
 Hawkins, Kimberly. and Early, Cathleen.

Origin of folding at Ernst Tinaja, Big Bend National Park, TX
 Silberstorf, Ryan. and Barker, Chris.

Ownership of Submerged Lands in Coastal Waters: A Case Study of Texas
 Wood, Anna. and Burgin, Ashton.


Particulate matter contribution from metal recycling center
 White, Allen.

Patterns of genetic diversification in a widely distributed species of bat, Molossus molossus, based on nuclear markers
 Lindsey, Laramie., Bradley, Robert. and Ammerman, Loren.

Phenolic content, anthocyanin levels and antioxidant properties of acai berry (Euterpe oleracea) supplements and products
 Earling, Mei. and Niemeyer, Emily.

Phylogenetic relationships and patterns of homoplasy in Mentzelia section Bicuspidaria (Loasaceae)
 Hofsommer, Christian., Naude, Denise., Sariles, Stephanie., Simonsen, Gabriela. and Brokaw, Joshua.

Phylogeny of the rodent genus Thomasomys based on mitochondrial markers
 Iragena, John., Aymard, Jeremy., Studvick, Samantha., Mitchell, Kathryn. and Brokaw, Joshua.

Physical compatibility of co-solubilized vancomycin, piperacillin, and tazobactam in aqueous solution
 Butler, Sean., Gray, Neil. and Mason, Rachel.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging of Pathological Markers in Alzheimer’s Disease
 Gillis, Katherine., Benzinger, Tammie., Friedrichsen, Karl., Owen, Christopher. and Gordon, Brian.

Possible Cool Water Origins of an Unnamed Permian Unit in the Alexander Terrane of Southeast Alaska
 May, Mitchell.

Preliminary Analysis of Asymmetry in Caddo Ceramics: A Case Study from the Washington Square Mound Site
 Selden Jr., Robert.

Profile of an Effective STEM Principal
 Kern, Denise.

Progress towards new actinide and lanthanide ligand systems
 Bibby, Sarah., Cuevas, Raul., Saucedo, Laura. and Pannell, Keith.

Purification and Advanced Imaging of Amyloid Plaque Cores from Alzheimer Disease
 PLASCENCIA VILLA, GERMAN., Ponce, Arturo., Collingwood, Joanna F.., Jose-Yacaman, Miguel. and Perry, George.

Purification of beta-2-microglobulin W60A mutant
 Chao, Alison.

Purification of components from Inula hilinium (elecampane) which are cytotoxic to the 4T1 murine breast cancer cell line.
 Kelly, Sarah., Brozek, Jake., McElwain, Thomas., Gray, Gary. and Reinhart, Adam.


Quantification by ELISA of the Levels of DNA Topoisomerases in the Nuclei of HuT 78 Cells Treated with Interleukin-2
 Fogloesong, Paul., Nair, R.. and Gupta, Nikita.

Quantifying Wolbachia and Spiroplasma Infection Rates in Monarch and Queen Butterflies
 Brehm, Kristen., Laiseca-Ruiz, Isabel., Thompson, Jamie. and Hunter, Rebecca.


RNA-seq analysis of phosphate-stressed C. reinhardtii cells
 Reyes, Isavannah. and Hauser, Charles.

Reach level habitat association and life history of two crayfishes in Smith County, Texas
 Glen, Andrew., Dickson, Jared. and Ford, Neil.

RecA sequence specificity among selected drug-resistant mutation-prone sites in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
 Taylor, Mason.

Recent collections and observations of the rare milkweed vine, Matelea atrostellata (Apocynaceae)
 Lemke, David.

Reconstitution and characterization of occludin-incorporated nanodiscs
 Jeon, Jay., Bewley, Maria., Wang, Xingxheng. and Flanagan, John.

Reflections on Transforming a Verification Based General Chemistry Laboratory to an Inquiry Based Curriculum
 Kopecki-Fjetland, Mary.

Relationship Analysis of Oligochaetes and related invertebrates using cDNA sequences of the alpha subunit of the Na+-K+ ATPase
 Odom, Travis. and Doumen, Chris.

Relationships between small mammal assemblages and land management in the southeastern Rolling Plains
 Longest, Catherine., Neill, Nathan., Daisy, Gomez., Thompson, Jamie., Nix, S. and Brokaw, Joshua.

Removal of zinc from aqueous solution using charcoal-based adsorbents
 Mireles, Sergio.

Reproduction of the Georgetown Salamander (Eurycea naufragia)
 Guess, Samuel. and Pierce, Benjamin.

Review of the Texas fish list of Species of Greatest Conservation Need
 Garrett, Gary., Hendrickson, Dean., Labay, Ben., Cohen, Cohen., Casarez, Melissa. and Martin, F..


Salt addiction is mediated by encephalic vasopressin
 Brozek, Jake., Herrera-Gonzales, Mayra., Jerome, Janlyn., Smith, Chanda., Whitney, Phillips., Robinson, Sharon. and Pereira-Derderian, Daniela.

Seagrass-associated fish biodiversity in a hypersaline bay: Laguna Madre, Texas
 Swarm, Somerley. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

Seasonal variation in activity of raccoons (Procyon lotor) in an urban ecosystem
 Keane, Sydney. and Ladine, Troy.

Sediment burial decreases weight loss and increases survival following simulated drawdown conditions in the aquatic invasive plant Hydrilla verticillata
 Pickman, Bridgett. and Barnes, Matthew.

Seeking refuge in a warm subtropical reservoir: how are zebra mussels surviving these waters?
 Garcia, Devin. and Locklin, Jason.

Shoreline Diptera as Potential Bioindicators of Metals in Freshwater and Marine Habitats
 Dirrigl, Jr, Frank. and Eubanks, Thomas.

Small Bubble Star Formation
 McCain, Heather.

Small Bubbles Research
 Vastano, Robert.

Small-scale distribution of mercury contamination in Zimbabwean streams: A comparison of three introductory pathways
 Green, Corey.

Smart coatings for the surface decontamination of chemical warfare agents
 Gray, Neil.

South Padre Island Beach Nourishment
 Leal, Myrna., Martinez, James., Soto, Leslie., Nash, Sarah., Zavala, Mariela. and Bessette, Shelby.

Spatial data management of species interactions in the Gulf of Mexico
 Martinez, Juan. and Simons, James.

Species and sex differences in foraging competition between two between Gambusia congeners
 Mobley, Valencia.

Spectroscopic determination of heavy metals in spinach and kale
 Scott, Eddie. and Snow, Patricia.

Sperm expenditure as a potential predictor of male genital combat
 Sanchez, Anthony., Rios, Julian. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

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Taxonomic identification and toxin isolation of a new-to-science cyanobacterium Pseudoleptolyngbya mysidocida gen. nov. & sp. nov.
 Huang, I-Shuo., Zimba, Paul. and Linton, Tom.

The Habitat Selection of San Marcos River Hyalella under Different Competition Densities
 Alford, Victoria. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

The One-Room Schoolhouse approach: Creating and leveraging a learning environment of commingled introductory and advanced GIS students
 Sounny-Slitine, Moulay Anwar., Schneider, Caitlin., McDurham, Dakota., O\'Neal, Jen. and Knight, Brandee.

The Role of Eip63E in Drosophila Axonal Transport
 Henry, Pearl. and Klinedinst, Susan.

The Synthesis of Fatty Acid Furfuryl Ester Mixtures
 Raley, Amanda. and Franks, Russell.

The affects of climate patterns on Sargassum landings in the Gulf of Mexico
 Bartlett, Victoria., Hill, Brandon. and Linton, Thomas.

The effect of cancer-associated PP2A A subunit mutations on the wnt signaling pathway
 Sommer, Lauren. and Seeling, Joni.

The effect of pH on the growth of probiotic bacteria: A simulation of the human gastrointestinal tract
 Yusoof, Kizil. and Bilinski, Teresa.

The effects of alternative mating strategies on sperm competition in a coercive livebearing fish
 Cardenas, Alenka. and Deaton Haynes, Raelynn.

The effects of oxygen levels on hemoglobin expression in Ophiactid brittle stars
 McElwee, Julia. and Christensen, Ana.

The effects of social interaction and salt addiction on renal gene expression in rats.
 Wiechmann, Catherine., Herrera-Gonzales, Mayra., Brozek, Jake., Rivera, Ashley., Burrow, Trevor., Bennett, Katie., Hendrix, Ericka. and Pereira-Derderian, Daniela.

The first record of Wormian bones in lizards
 Rudie, Lauren., Mesa, Sarai., Daza, Juan. and Lewis, Patrick.

The genetics of the visual system of two species of pupfish (Genus Cyprinodon )
 Price, Chelsey.

The impact of ozone air pollution on vision processing
 Garcia, Carlos., Wetz, Jordan. and Aitsebaomo, Philip.

The influence of structure on combustion of organoclays
 Keith, Celeste. and Frantzen, Alyx.

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Understanding Density
 Mann, Michele. and Petrosino, Anthony.

Unionid mussel survey and the presence of golden orb, Quadrula aurea, in the Lower Cibolo Creek, Texas
 Donovan, Shaun.

Unraveling the natural history of the enigmatic Spot-tailed Earless Lizard (Holbrookia lacerata) through research and cooperation
 LaDuc, Travis., Wolaver, Brad., Labay, Ben., Pierre, Jon Paul., Duran, Mike., Hibbitts, Toby. and Ryberg, Wade.

Use of computed tomography survey to reveal hidden structures and a survey of supernumerary molars within Pongo pygmaeus
 Jenkins, Kelsey., Levy, Justin., Bergstrom, Kersten., Velasquez, Ruby Jean., Lewis, Patrick. and Campbell, Timothy.

Using Effective Project Based Learning in a Third Grade Science Classroom
 Mann, Michele. and Pynes, D\'Anna.

Using Indicator Microorganisms to Determine the Effects of Urbanization on Ecosystem Services
 Rodriguez, Maria. and Bilinski, Teresa.

Using a GPS Chip to Control the Path of a Robot
 Ferranti, Isabella., Ghandi, Yash. and Rodriguez, Eric.

Using the Internal Transcribed Spacer as a Comparative Guide to Distinguish Physalis heterophylla from Physalis hederifolia (Solanaceae)
 Kirbo, Kindry.

Utilization of the qPCR assay to analyze Β-catenin mRNA abundance during regeneration in Lumbriculus variegatus
 Dean, Timothy., Miranda, Robert. and Acosta, Veronica.


Variation in the jaw joint of Zygaspis based on x-ray computed tomography
 Mesa, Sarai., Rudie, Lauren., Bivens, Sarah., Daza, Juan. and Lewis, Patrick.

Variations in phenolic composition and antioxidant properties among lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) cultivars
 Boneza, Maxime. and Niemeyer, Emily.


Water Quality and Health of Coral Reefs
 Hinson, Laura Mae.

Winter habitat use of Longspurs (Calcarius spp.) in Hale and Floyd County, Texas
 Bruggink, Lauryn. and Kasner, Andrew.
Texas Academy of Science Annual Meeting 2016-Mar-04 to 2016-Mar-07
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