American Studies Association 2006-Oct-12 to 2006-Oct-15

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"A Hot Time At Santiago": James Weldon Johnson, Popular Music, and U.S. Expansion
 Stecopoulos, Harilaos.

"A Streetcar Named Deseo"

"Afro-" Signifying: Locating Black Ethnicity within American Studies' Transnational Gaze
 Hughes, Brandi.

"Bodies of Difference from Salome to The Nanny"
 Fields, Jill.

 Glickman, Lawrence.

"Changing Meanings of Freedom in the Modern Civil Rights Movement"
 Materson, Lisa.

"Citizenship, Racism and Sovereignty"
 Krauthamer, Barbara.

"Colombia Women: Beauty and Pliable Citizenship"
 Schaeffer-Grabiel, Felicity.

"Desert Motel''s Queer Relay
 Henderson, Lisa.

"Domesticity, Violence, and Nationhood: Women's Stories of the Civil War, 1861-1865"
 Fahs, Alice.

"Elle s'affiche": Painted Portraits of Girls and the Global Spectacle of American Capital
 Lamm, Kimberly.

"From Pocahontas to Abu Ghraib: America and Islam in the Longue Duree"
 Cotsell, Michael.

"Getting a Nut" on the "Joy of the Lord": Conversion and Represention of Condemned Women
 Murray, Garen.

"Hillbilly kids out of control": Abu Ghraib and Transnational Class Identities
 Ledford, Katherine.

"Honor Killings" and the Cultural Defense in Germany and the United States
 Maier, Sylvia.

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A Critique of "Loss of Face" Arguments in Cultural Defense Cases: A Comparative Study
 Chen, Cher.

A Filadelfia Affair
 Lazo, Rodrigo.

A New Era of Second-Generation Youth of Color Organizing
 Kwon, Soo Ah.

A Provisional Defense for the Cultural Defense: People v. Wu, Culture and Law
 Chambers-Letson, Joshua.

A Report on East Bay Labor Politics
 Bacon, David.

A Short History of the American Haiku: From Hartmann to Kerouac
 Hishmeh, Richard.

A Tale of Two Sitings: Race, Class, and Nation in the Transportation and Transformation of Sewage
 Cortez, Marisol.

A US/South African Comparison of the early 20th Century reconsidered
 Offenburger, Andrew.

A War of Words: American Rhetorical Violence and Cultural Anxiety During the Mexican War
 Rodriguez, Jaime Javier.

A World in Balance: Hemispheric Black Connections Between Nineteenth-Century New York and Cuba
 Mirabal, Nancy.

A “Daughter of Africa” Speaks in America: Maria W. Stewart’s Discourse on the Nation
 Glass, Kathy.

 Gilmore, Ruth.

Aboriginal Embodied Memory: Figural Realism and Transnationalism in Baja and Alta California
 Weighill, Tharon.

About My Time in Berlin
 Chametzky, Jules.

Advertising at the "frontier": James Webb Young and the politics of consumption
 Bodker, Henrik.

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B17…G15…D4 to 21, 777, and Hard Eights: Speed, Risk, Speculation, and the ‘Ceremonial’ Time of Indian Casinos
 Thompson, Kara.

Babysitters Beware!: Impulses, Ideologies, and Girls’ Employment in the 1960s
 Forman-Brunell, Miriam.

Baldwin's Boys: Black Atlantic Hustle and Drift
 Asher, Jac.

Bayan Ko (My Country): Marcos’ Martial Law in the History of Filipino American Community-based Performance
 Balance, Christine.

Beautiful People in Jessica Hagedorn's Dogeaters: Designing Identities
 Lim, January.

Beauty in the Service of Public Diplomacy
 Cramer, Gisela.

Becoming White to Become American: Balkan Immigrants and the Transformation of Their Race pre- and post-911
 Miscovic, Maja. and Ignacio, Emily Noelle.

Becoming “Japanese American,” “half (mixed race),” and “from Hawai`i” in Japan: Identity Developments of Americans of Japanese Ancestry in Japan
 Yamashiro, Jane.

Between Black & White?: Hiroshima and the Politics of Fusion
 Fellezs, Kevin.

Beyond Being In-Between: Adopting Transnationality
 Graulich, Melody.

Beyond the Periphery of American Jazz
 Braggs, Rashida.

Black Atlantic
 Warren, Kenneth.

Black-Brown Resistance in Youth Culture: From the Jazz to the Hip-Hop Generation
 Patino, Jimmy.

Blaxploitation: Sweet Backs and Glimpsed Fronts
 Williams, Linda.

Blood Magic and Sorcery in the State Formation Archive
 Woodard, Vincent.

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Calculating Success: The Civil Rights Movement in Clarksdale, Mississippi.
 Hamlin, Francoise.

Carceral Community: A Historical Trajectory of Prison Studies From Within the Prison Industrial Society
 Haley, Sarah.

Carlos Bulosan, John Okada, and Returning Veteran's Noir
 Orr, Stanley.

Cartoon Cave Men on the Global Stage: When Were They Funny and Why?
 Clark, Constance.

Casa Amiga: Feminist Community-Building in Ciudad Juárez
 Joanna, Swanger.

Caught in the "Crossfire": Neo-Noir and the Post-War (Vietnam, Cold, WWII) Moment
 Corkin, Stanley.

Celebrating "Check All That Apply"?: Neoconservatives and Mixed-Race Self-Identification on the 2000 Census
 Joseph, Ralina.

Censoring the “Single Girl”: Young Women, Independence and Inhibition in Early 1960s Cinema
 Lehman, Katherine.

Challenging Inequality, Demanding Citizenship: Multi-Ethnic Immigrant Labor Coalitions and City Politics
 Mejia, Armando.

Chasing and race(ing) the “American Dream”: Filipino nurses, class, and America’s nurse shortage
 Guevarra, Anna.

Cheno Cortina and Mexican-American Civil Rights in the Era of Jim Crow
 González, John.

Chicana/o Fashion Codes: The Political Significance of Clothes
 Hernandez, Ellie.

Chicanas and the War on Drugs
 Díaz-Cotto, Juanita.

Chinese American or “Chinatown” Politics as Borderland: The Global in the Translocal
 Török, John.

Chino-Latinos: The "Asian" within Spanish-Language Media
 Casillas, Dolores Ines.

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Dance, Race, and Copyright: From The Black Bottom to Kiss Me, Kate
 Kraut, Anthea.

Dances with Samurai
 Medak-Saltzman, Danika.

Dancing (as) the Archive: Santee Smith’s “Kaha:wi"
 Shea Murphy, Jacqueline.

Darwin and the Happily Ever After: How Evolutionary Theory Changed Courtship, Gender, and Sex
 Hamlin, Kimberly.

Dead Transnationalisms under the Skin: Chinese Cadavers and Mass Witnessing in the Post-Civil Rights Era
 Itagaki, Lynn.

Defying Liminality': The Journeys of Cuban Artists in the United States
 Herrera, Andrea.

Detroit Confidential: Eminem, 8 Mile and the Celebrity Subject
 Carroll, Hamilton.

 Edwards, Brent.

Diaspora, Nationalism, and Globalization in U.S. American and Latin American Studies
 Sadowski-Smith, Claudia.

Difficult Subjects: Reimagining Domestic Relations in the Work of E. Pauline Johnson
 Piatote, Beth.

Dining Through Exile: Communal Meals in an Alternative Homeland
 Holbrook, Kate.

Diplomatic Exchanges: Jeffersonian Protocols and the Problem of the Gift
 Rojas, Martha.

Disability and the Limits of Ethnic Food
 Kudlick, Catherine.

Disciplining Bodies and Souls: Religion and Power in the Faith-Based Prison
 Erzen, Tanya.

Displaced Again: Where Do We Vietnamese Go?
 Ha, Nina.

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Early Women Tango Singers: The Glitch in the Heteronormativity of a National Cultural Production
 Pellarolo, Silvia.

Educating Private Ryan: Tourism and the United States Military In Postcolonial Vietnam
 Laderman, Scott.

El Nino Fidencio and the new visibility of chronic disease and childhood illness in Texas and Nuevo Leon, 1920-1940
 Mckiernan-Gonzalez, John.

Empire as Refuge
 Bascara, Victor.

Empire without Imperialism: The Philippine-American War and American Culture
 Espiritu, Augusto.

Empowering Markets: Youth Culture and Brand Identities
 Banet-Weiser, Sarah.

Enacting Diaspora: Gender, Performance, and Garveyism in the U.S.-Caribbean World
 Guridy, Frank.

End of the Road
 Ayala, Jesus.

Enduring Freedom: The Latina/o Soldier and the 'War on Terror'
 Ramirez, Catherine.

Entre dos Luces: A performance
 Esquibel, Catriona.

Envisioning Escape from Slavery: Landscapes of Resistance in the African Diaspora
 LaRoche, Cheryl.

Ephemera: Cubanese
 Quiroga, Jose.

Ethnic entanglements and the symbolics of nationhood: Chinese and East Indians in the Americas
 Munasinghe, Viranjini.

Ethnicity in Suburbia--Inversions and Occupations
 Solan, Victoria.

Evangelical Protestant Revivals as Religious Performances: The Methodist Mission to the Slaves, 1824-1844
 Kendall, Barry.

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Familial Legacies: Rethinking Transnational Asian Adoption in the 21st Century
 Condit, Kelly.

Farming the Bones: Primitivism, the Nation, and Saartjie "Sara" Baartman
 Henderson Belton, Dr. Carol.

Feasting on the Saints
 Williams, Tracyann.

Feminism lost in translation? -- When a Chinese woman speaks through an American woman's voice
 Zhou, Haipeng.

Femme Gestures: Fragments from a Sexual Archive
 Rodriguez, Juana Maria.

Femme Ontology: Queer Femininities and the Politics of Race On-line
 Macias, Stacy.

Finding Black Activists in the White Pages: The Pleasures and Ironies of Oral History
 Heitner, Devorah.

Finding Meaning in the Mirror: Early American Women Shaping Identities in the Looking Glass
 Shrum, Rebecca.

Finding a Usable Past in the American Radical Tradition
 Green, James.

Fixers, Brokers, and Professional Trouble-Shooters: Ethnic Leaders’ Attempts to “Manage” the Chicago School of Sociology
 Mar, Lisa.

For an Alternative History of Motion Graphics
 Soar, Matthew.

Forging an International (Transnational) American Studies Program
 Heed, Thomas.

Fossils in the City Futures: Community and the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History
 Codrington, Raymond.

Free Jazz? Jews, Race, and the Price of the Ticket
 Barzel, Tamar.

From Black Face to Golden Men: The Gendered Racialization of Hawai‘i in 1959
 Aikau, Hokulani.

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Gay Shame Redux
 Love, Heather.

Gemutlichkeit in Harlem: Modern Liberalism and the City
 Fairfield, John.

Gender Mixes and Liberation Fixes: Negotiating Femininity, Power and Independence on 1970s Teen Television
 Pike, Kirsten.

Gender Roles for Free African Women in the Age of Abolition
 Adderley, Rosanne.

Gender as a Trans/re/gressive force in Chican@ Youth Activism in the 21st Century
 Rios, Victor.

Gendered Circulations: Latina-ness on Los Angeles Salsa Dance Floors
 Garcia, Cindy.

Gendered National “Identity Politics”: The U.S. and Afghanistan
 Kitch, Sally.

Genealogy of a Detroit Childhood
 Song, Min.

Generational Conflicts and Continental Shifts: Guillermo Gómez Peña and Alex Rivera’s Contrasting Border Poetics
 Carroll, Amy.

Genre and Eric Walrond's Equivocal Vision
 Frederick, Rhonda.

George Fredrickson and US/SA Comparisons: a critical perspective
 Saunders, Chris.

George the Queer Danced the Hula
 Stabile, Carol.
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Germany Gets the Blues: Negotiations of "Race" and Nation in the "American Folk Blues Festival"
 Adelt, Ulrich.

Ghostly Stories, Haunted memories: South Korea and Viet Nam
 Nguyen, Viet.

Giorgio Mariani, University of Rome "Anti-Americanization" in Contemporary Italian Discourse
 Mariani, Giorgio.

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Hapas and Hawaii: Claiming Multiracial and (Trans)National Identities
 Nishime, LeiLani.

Harlem in Marseilles: Transnational "Race-Nationhood" in Claude McKay's Banjo
 Hirsch, Sarah.

Harlem: A Global-Comparative Reading
 Shukla, Sandhya.

Haunting Jamestown
 Brickhouse, Anna.

Hearing Like a Citizen of a Cold War State: Transnational Sound Studies and the History of the Social Imagination
 Razlogova, Elena.

Hegemonic Masculinity in Chicano Cinema: From the Politics of Essentialism to the Poetics of Realism
 Gonzalez Etxeberria, Juan.

Hemispheric Texts and Latin/American Studies
 Levander, Caroline.

Henry Wallace’s International Republicanism and the “Lesson” of the Second World War
 Vials, Chris.

Heretical Speculation of Transnational Doxa: A Genealogy of the Transnational Perspective
 Hole, Jeffrey.

Heterosexual Transvestism and the Contours of Cold War Gender and Sexuality
 Hill, Robert.

Higher Learning? The Space of the University in Chicana/o and Mexican Detective Fiction
 Nunez, Gabriela.

Hip Hop Honeys + Da Hustlaz: The Black Sexual Subject in the New Hip Hop Pornography
 Miller-Young, Mireille.

Hollywood Meets South American and Stages a Show
 Bender, Pennee.

Hollywood vs. National Humiliation: The Dilemma between Politics and Popular Culture in 1924 Japan
 Itatsu, Yuko.

Hong Kong Film as 'Post and Pro National' American Studies
 Ford, Staci.

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Image (I) Nation: The Photographic Subjectivity of the American Wage Worker
 Dietz, Angela.

Images of Slaves and Slavery in African literature of the Late Twentieth Century
 Kofoworola, Kayode.

Imagined Chinese America---In the Diaspora Consciousness of Chinese American Women Writers
 Liu, Xiaohong.

Immigrant Artists, Laboring Workers, and National Identities: Changing Visual Paradigms in 1930s New York
 Langa, Helen.

Immigrants from America: Native Challenges to Assimilation Theory
 Montez de Oca, Jeffrey.

Imperialism, American Identity, and the National Christian: The Crisis of 1899
 Harris, Susan K..

Importing Ideas to Explain Popular Culture, America's Leading Export
 Horowitz, Daniel.

In Praise of Shadows and Margins
 Solnit, Rebecca.

In Search of the "Real" Hawai'i: Hula Practitioners in Japan
 Yaguchi, Yujin.

In the Net: Flesh, Flight and Translocation in Speculative Fiction
 Brown, Jayna.

In the Transatlantic Hall of Mirrors: Cooper, Tocqueville and the Problem of Democracy
 Clark, Thomas.

In the Vaginal Library: A Lover's Discourse
 Marcus, Cecily.

In[digital]nous Voices: American NDN Memories and Indigenous Communities in Digital Space
 Cranford, Letha Rain.

Indigenizing Hollywood: Local Uses of Global Styles
 Klein, Christina.

Indigenizing the “Foreign”: Inserting Self-Determination into the Search for Transnationality
 Rifkin, Mark.

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John Neal, John Dunn Hunter, and the Red and White Republic of Fredonia
 Elmer, Jonathan.


Karal Ann Marling, Televisionary
 Groves, Derham.

Karate in the United States: Its Popularization and Diversification
 Kamada, Hitoshi.

Korean Immigrant Nationalism and Transnational State-making: Diasporas, Nation-states, and Ethnic Identities
 Kim, Richard.


La Venganza de Pancho Villa: Alternative Cinema /Alternative Audiences on the U.S.-Mexico Border
 Serna, Laura Isabel.

Land of the Free: Dreaming Black Tijuana
 Kun, Josh.

Language Competency in/and the Archive
 Silva Gruesz, Kirsten.

Las Otras: Reading the Latina/o Gothic in Literature, Film and Popular Culture
 Gonzalez, Tanya.

Lazy Natives and Model Minorities: Orientalism, Black Marxism, and Figurings of Asianness under ‘Racial Capitalism’
 Cheng, Wendy.

Left Behind in America: Rapture Culture and the Army of One in the GWOT
 Vincent, Jonathan.

Legislative Imperialism and Anti-"Race-Based" Entitlement Rhetoric In Hawai’i
 Lyons, Paul.

Lessons Before Solidarity: African/Asian Struggle in Nineteenth Century Cuba
 Yun, Lisa.

Lest We Be Innocent: Reinhold Niebuhr, Billy Graham, and the Rise of the Christian Right
 Stevens, Jason.

Liberal Religion, Therapeutic Culture, and the World: Reading "America's Preacher" at Home and Abroad
 Smith, Erin.

 Singh, Nikhil.

Liberating Dachau: Transnational Negotiations of Holocaust Memory
 Gessner, Ingrid.

Like: Collecting and Collectivity in the Work of Andy Warhol
 Flatley, Jonathan.

Limning the Dividing Line: Photographing Chinese and Mexicans on the U.S.-Mexican Border, 1907-1917
 Pegler-Gordon, Anna.

Listening Diasporally: Claude McKay's Ditch "Carmen" as a Critique of Opera and its Listeners
 Lindberg, Kathryne.

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Made By Chinese: Toward a Theory of Critical Consumerism
 Kwan, Sansan.

Making Multicultural America: Cold War Politics, Ethnic Celebrations, and Chinese America
 Yeh, Chiou-Ling.

Making up for Lost Time: Postfeminist Temporality and American Lifestyle Television
 Nathanson, Elizabeth.

Man and His Worlds: Transnationalism and the Architecture of Expo 67
 Adams, Annmarie.

Manischewitz and Sake, the Kaddish and Sutras: Allen Ginsberg’s Spiritual ‘Self-Othering’
 Svonkin, Craig.

Manteca! Afro-Cuban Jazz, Musical Afro-Internationalism, and Old War Politics
 Johnson, Eric.

Mao a la Mode: Costume, Communism and Contestation in Asian/ American Theatre
 Meztger, Sean.

Mark Twain, the Ottoman Empire and Palestine
 Ben Rejeb, Lotfi.

Marlowe's Japanese Mirror
 D\'haen, Theodoor.

Mary McCarthy’s Totalitarian Campus and the Rise of the Postmodern
 Henn, Robert.

Masturbating a Glitter: How to Make an American Vulva
 Lee, Joon.

Memory and Place: Transnational moves in current (autobiographical) writing by U.S.-Caribbean authors
 Bandau, Anja.

Memín Pinguín: Traveling Stereotypes and Racisms in the Americas
 Irwin, Robert.

Metrosexuality: See the Bright Light of Commodification Shine! Watch Yanqui Masculinity Made Over
 Miller, Toby.

Mexican Chinos at the Edge of Empire: Performing Mexicanidad at the Júarez-El Paso Border
 Young, Elliott.

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NOW and Television: Activist Responses to the Media in the 1970s
 Perlman, Allison.

National Fantasy and The "Post-American" in Kawaguchi's Eagle: The Making of An Asian American President
 Shinn, Christopher.

Nationalism’s Significant Other: Postcolonial Queerness in Hawai'i and the Philippines
 Suarez, Harrod.

Nationhood and Diaspora: Visual Representations and Race in Advertisements in Germany and the US
 Cserno, Isabell.

Nations Within: Native Peoples, Treaties and the (De)Construction of Borders
 Stark, Heidi.

Native Land, Native Nation: Authenticating Homelands in the Indian Territory
 Teuton, Sean.

Native Sex Tourists? Eroticized Returns and US-Caribbean Circuits of Desire
 Decena, Carlos.

Negotiating Politics and Festivals: Liberal Democracy and Racial Consciousness in the Nineteenth-Century Black Atlantic
 Rommel-Ruiz, W. Bryan.

Negotiating the boundaries of race and citizenship: Nisei cultural brokers in occupied Japan
 Azuma, Eiichiro.

Neoliberal Risks: Million Dollar Baby, Murderball, and Anti-National Sexual Positions
 McRuer, Robert.

Neoliberal Unreason: Coercive States and Affective Communities
 Goldstein, Alyosha.

New Faces of America: Morphing All These Immigrants into One
 Carter, Greg.

New Wine in Old Bottles?: Table Wines and Consumerism in Early America
 Lewis, Andrew.

New queer documentary and the ‘substances’ of queer kinship
 Pidduck, Julianne.

Nineteenth Century Travel in the Near East and the Landscape of American Optimism
 Berman, Jacob.

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Oakland Museums of California: New Strategies for Integrating Cultural Diversity into Exhibitions and Programs
 Klieger, Christiaan.

Objects of Desire: Karal Ann Marling’s Fetishes
 Bronner, Simon.

Of Indias, Mestizas, and Españolas: Conflict, Contestation, and Cooperation in Early California
 Reyes, Barbara.

Of Viruses and Virtue: Resisting the Asian Body as Transnational Vector of Contagion
 Steen, Shannon.

On Contested Ground (Zero): Literature and the Transnational Challenge of Remembering 9/11
 Däwes, Birgit.

Orientalism and the Harlem Renaissance
 Anderson, Crystal.

Oto-Erotic: Gender Performance in World Beat Music
 Kheshti, Roshanak.

Outlaws in Space: Stewart Brand, Space Colonies, and the Techno-Ecological Future
 Bryant, William.

Outside, Inside, and Back Again: What Prisons and Prisoners Teach
 Hunter, Donna.


Patriot Act: Sly Civility and Asian American Dissidence
 Hattori, Tomo.

Pawel Jedrzejko The Passion for Consumption of U.S. Literature in Polish Universities
 Jedrzejko, Pawel.

Penobscot Indian Environmental Articulations: It’s about Diplomacy, not Identity Politics
 Ranco, Darren.

Perfume Dream
 Lam, Andrew.

Philadelphia as Center of the Fight Against Slavery
 Jackson, Maurice.

Phillis Wheatley and the Transatlantic Revolution
 Erkkila, Betsy.

Photograph as History: Richard Wright, "Black Power," and Transnationality
 Blair, Sara.

Photography and the Cultural Performance of Jazz: Miles Davis’s Early Columbia Album Covers
 Cawthra, Benjamin.

Pioneering Inner Space: Manifest Destiny in Ludlow’s _Hasheesh Eater_ and _Heart of the Continent_
 Zieger, Susan.

Policing the Borders of Allegiance
 Duquette, Elizabeth.

Political Disco ?
 Echols, Alice.

Pop Tarts: Intersections of Historical Trauma, Contemporary Pop, and Art in Korea, Vietnam, and America
 Le, Viet.

Populists Abroad? Agrarian Origins of American Imperialism in the Philippines
 Ventura, Theresa.

Por un amor: Lucha Reyes and Queer Mexican Cultural Nationalism
 De La Mora, Sergio.

Postwar Hawaiian Food-xotica and the Legacy of US Racial Liberalism
 Reddinger, Amy.

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Queer Migrations, Family Trauma: Jonathan Caouette’s "Tarnation" and Lourdes Portillo’s "The Devil Never Sleeps"
 DeRosia, Margaret.

Queer Socio-Political Strategies and the Transnational Stratification of Reproductive Rights
 Smith, Anna Marie.

Queering a New Diaspora
 Mitchell, Dacia.

Queering the Homeboy Aesthetic
 Rodriguez, Richard T..

Queerness, Communism, and the Cold War in Cleveland; The Diegesis of Resistance in Jo Sinclair's The Changelings
 Wald, Alan.

Quiet Riots: Mennonites, Black and Latin@ Identity, and the Politics of Interethnic Alliances
 Hinojosa, Felipe.


Race Politics Afloat: American Imperialism and the Taming of Filipino Maritime Labor
 McKay, Steven.

Race and Proportion in the Anglophone and Francophone Caribbean Imaginary
 Melas, Natalie.

Race and Space: The Visual Politics of a Local Community
 Materre, Michelle.

Race, Caste, and Nation: Indian Nationalists and the American Negro, 1893-1947
 Slate, Nico.
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Race, Class and Nation Revisited: The Afro-Asian Critique of Trans/National Democracy
 Tanemura, Janice.

Race, Rape, and Gender in the American Press, 1870-1900
 Freedman, Estelle.

Race, Rape, and Riots in the Summer of 1943: Violence and the Struggle for Dignity in the Wartime U.S.
 Alvarez, Luis.

Race, Welfare Reform and the Political Activism of Welfare Mothers
 Orleck, Annelise.

Race, Whiteness and Misery: Hidden Histories
 Roediger, David.

Radical Underworld Goes Colonial: P.F. McCallum's Travels in Trinidad
 Epstein, James.

Radicals in Exile and Radicals with Roots: A Transnational and Gendered Articulation of America’s Race Problem
 Schroeder, Elizabeth.

Raging Against Death: American Exceptionalism and the "War on Terror"
 Peterson, Christopher.

Re-Making Portraits of American History in Du Bois and Stein
 Wagers, Kelley.

Re-imagining the Stereotype across the Diaspora: Contemporary Self-Portraits by Black Artists
 Cooks, Bridget.

Reactionary Fundamentalism in the Aftermath of Scopes: The Founding of William Jennings Bryan College
 Maxwell, Angie.

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SM and the Disabled Nation
 Mollow, Anna.

Sacred Africa in the Secular, Cosmopolitical Imagination
 Tobias, Steven.

Safe Bet: Sex and Risk in Transnational Exchange
 Hanhardt, Christina.

Salmi, Lew, Eliza, Abraham: Page to Stage, Ben Hur
 Ryan, Barbara.

Saris Sweat: Diasporic Gender Formation in Bharata Natyam Classrooms
 Srinivasan, Priya.

Sate Policy, Gendered Accommodation and the Emergence of Iranian Americans
 Kia, Parandeh.

Second Cousins: Mexicans and Mexican Americans, 1940s-1950s
 Macias, Anthony.

Security, Surveillance and Affect: Infinite or Indefinite Detention?
 Puar, Jasbir.

Seeing the Forest for the Trees: Disability Studies and the Visibility of Whiteness
 Wheeler, Elizabeth.

Selling the Family: Cable Television and the Decency Debates
 Chris, Cynthia.

Set at Full Liberty: Exhibiting Freedom and African American History in Colonial Connecticut
 Mitchell, Frank.

Shape Shifting: Anti-corporate Globalization, Anarchist Networks, and Relief Response in New Orleans
 Fernandez, Luis.

She Works Hard for the Money: Transnational Labor Rights and Union Feminism
 Fonow, Mary Margaret.

Shelter and Land Use: Whole Earth Visions of Alternative Architecture and Technology
 Kirk, Andy.

Should American Studies Become Studies of the Americas?
 Kutzinski, Vera.

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T. S. Eliot Studies and A Two-Way Interactive Dimension of American Studies
 Narita, Tatsushi.

TV Terror and the War on Terror
 Takacs, Stacy.

Tactical Citizenship: Domestic Nannies, Sweatshop Seamstresses, and Undocumented Citizenship in the Third Space of Mimicry
 Lee, Charles.

Taiko and Japanese American Community: Postwar Community Re-Building through Multicultural Performance Music
 Izumi, Masumi.

Take Me Out Tonight: The Butchlalis de Panochtitlan Reclaim ‘Lesser Los Angeles’
 Tongson, Karen.

Takes a Family to Raise a Soldier: Racialized Masculinity and Militarism in Contemporary Army Recruitment
 Platt, Carrie Anne.

Tasting History in Monique Truong's The Book of Salt
 Cvetkovich, Ann.

Teaching About Patriotism in Wartime II: A Large Land-Grant Institution
 Kay, Susan.

Teaching American Studies Outside the United States and Outside an American Studies Program or Department
 Kleinberg, S. Jay.

Teaching American Studies Summer Seminars in Russia
 Venediktova, Tatiana.

Teaching American Studies in China
 Sun, Youzhong.

Teaching American Studies in Cuba
 Leon, Manuel.

Teaching American Studies in Jersulem, Palestine, and Lebanon
 Ra\'ad, Basem.

Teaching American Studies in Portugal as a contribution to the future of university
 Pires, Laura.

Teaching Incarcerated Women Writers: Conflicting Paradigms of Prison Reform and Social Justice
 Jacobi, Tobi.

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U.S. Feminism, Gender Violence, and the Politics of Empire
 Russo, Ann.

U.S. Imperialism, the Rhesus Macaque, and the Biomedical
 Ahuja, Neel.

Underwater Signposts: Enabling Nostalgia and Richard Fung’s "Islands"
 Cho, Lily.

Undocuments of U.S. Imperialism: Hélio Oiticica’s Newyorkaises
 Harris, Laura.

Unlike the "Nice Clean English Club": U.S. Colonial Public Health Administration and "Sanitating" the Oriental
 Kim, Jean.

Unsavory Sentiments: Sensory and Affective Archives and Asian American Immigrant Lives
 Manalansan IV, Martin.

Urban Acoustic Ecologies: Framing the Soundscapes of North American Cities
 Blake, Angela.


Victim/Criminal or Neoslave Narrator? Narrative Authority and Teaching Prison Literature
 Rice, David.

Vinyl Blues: Documenting Transnational PVC Poisonings in "Blue Vinyl: A Toxic Comedy"
 Strunk, Mary Elizabeth.

Violence of the Body and Reform of the Soul: Prisons as the Emblem of America
 Worden, Carisa.

Violent Places: Travel, Reform and Revolution in William Wells Brown's _Three Years in Europe_
 Schoolman, Martha.

Virginia Dominguez Public Discourse as Political Speech-Act: multi-sited Comparisons
 Dominguez, Virginia.

Voices In The Wilderness: Reading Intolerance And Forgiveness From The Human Margins
 Lahiri, Debasish.


Walking Home and Mad Money: Chivalry, Sexual Danger, and Dating in the Twentieth Century South
 Dorr, Lisa.

Walking Like a Queen: Learning to be Miss Bronze
 Craig, Maxine.

War, Gender and Migration: Korean Military Brides and Adoptees
 Yuh, Ji-Yeon.

Wel-Mart: Devolution, Privatization, Performance Measurement and the New World of Welfare-to-Work
 Schram, Sanford.

Welcome to the Playground
 Spears, Libby.

What David Walker Knew: “As A Nation, The English Are Our Friends”
 Gosse, Van.

What Scattered Ashes Leave Behind: Rhetoric of Passing in Piñero’s "A Lower East Side Poem"
 Dawkins, Marcia.

What Unions Should Say to Ludacris as He Goes "Pimping Around the World"
 Johnson, Leola.

What is “the Power of the Youth?”
 Tilton, Jennifer.

Where is Grassroots Knowledge and Theory? Locating Community Organizing
 Liu, Laura.

White Like Me: Crossing Borders in the Pacific
 O\'Brien, Patrick.

Whiteness Visible: Community Development and the Problematics of De-Racialized Urban Space
 Quan, H. L. T..

Who Puts the “Trans” in Trans-National?
 Kelleter, Frank.

Why the Cultural Defense Needs Person Centered Ethnography: The Case of a Murder in Maine
 Caughey, John.

Winnifred Eaton’s Racial Reconstructions on the Field of Empire
 Murphy, Gretchen.

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Y, ¿México qué?: A Critique of Borderlands Theory
 Limon, Jose.

You Are Your Mother’s Son: Film, Gender, and Ethnicity in Assimilationist identity During the 1930s
 Zakim, Tom.

Your Terno’s Draggin’: Costume Metaphors and Filipino American Performance Art
 Burns, Lucy.

Youth Voice At War
 Soep, Lissa.

Youth in Grassroots Raza Organizing
 Duarte, Victor.


Zig-zagging through History: Ernesto Galarza, Jesús Colón and the Culture of Insurgent Consciousness
 Vazquez, David.

Zsofi Ban, "Americanization" and the Art World Abroad
 Ban, Zsofia.

Zuni-Made Man: Frank Hamilton Cushing and the Power of Zuni Material Culture
 Muller, Kevin.
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