The American Studies Association 2007-Oct-11 to 2007-Oct-14

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"A Most Unprecedented Act of Invasion": New England Women, Political Consciousness, and the Mexican War
 Zboray, Ronald. and Zboray, Mary.

"America Alla": Educating the Colonial Subject in the Philippines, 1899-1910
 Harris, Susan.

"Bordering on el Otro Lado of the Nation: Black Cowboys and Citizenship in La Frontera"
 Knadler, Stephen.

"Conga Commercialism:" The Latinization of American Music in the 1930s and 1940s.
 Rasmussen, Chris.

"Its Revolutions and Its Patriots": William Wells Brown, Haiti, and the Dispersed Black Revolutionary
 Fagan, Benjamin.

"Jim Along Josey's All De Kick": Transatlantic Negotiations of the Black Body In Nineteenth-Century Sheet Music
 Dunson, Stephanie.

"Maximum Feasible Participation": Black Arts and the Great Society Community Action Programs
 Schryer, Stephen.

"Soul!" Vibrations and 1970s Black Community
 Wald, Gayle.

"This Connection of Everyone:" Beyond a Patriotric "Spirit of Unity"
 Luger, Moberley.

"We shall never look upon their like again": The Georgia Minstrels and Colonial New Zealand
 Wittmann, Matthew.

"William Walker, Of Nicaragua": Filibusters, Illustrated Newspapers, and the Malleability of Imperial Citizenship
 Lewis, Adam.

"Your Stomach Must Be Disciplined": Lulu Hunt Peters and the Beginnings of Calorie-Counting in Corporeal Self-Regulation, 1918-1924
 Jou, Chin.

"'Chicago could be the Vienna of American Fascism!’: Reconstructing The City Through Black Metropolis"
 Baldwin, Davarian.

"'What the People Say' about Behavior: The Chicago Defender, Racial Uplift, and Manners"
 Dahn, Eurie.

(Re)Making U.S. Identities through Immigration Reform
 Gerken, Christina.

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A Ban on a Noisy Existence: The Los Angeles Leaf Blower Ban, Spatialized Whiteness and the Gardeners' Struggle for Dignity
 Olmos, Daniel.

A Cherokee Abroad: The Transnational Writings of Will Rogers
 Ware, Amy.

A Fine Eye and a Wicked Face: The Spectacle of Punishment and the Substance of Race
 Waterman, Adam.

A Touch of Grey: Black Cartooning and the Problem of Universality
 Kilgore, DeWitt.

A Woman is a Woman is a Woman: The Performance of Postwar Femininities in Transvertia's Visual Archive
 Hill, Robert.

A “Magnificent Pecuniary Return”: Thomas McKenney’s “Indian Portraits” in London
 Peterson, Dawn.

Acting, Mutability and Race in Early 20th Century American Vaudeville
 Romeyn, Esther.

African Américan Aquí: Black Orientalism, Multilingualism and the Filipino American War
 Murphy, Gretchen.

America: Of Thee I Sing?
 Meredith, Sarah.

Americanizing Betty and Latinizing MTV: How the Mainstream Media Codifies Latina/o Ethnicity
 Kim-Rajal, Patricia.

Americanizing the Pacific: USIA and the Origin of Public Diplomacy in the Cultural Cold War
 Tsuchiya, Yuka.

Americans in the Treasure House: U.S. Travelers in Mexico and Narratives of Economic Conquest, 1898-1911
 Ruiz, Jason.

An American Dictatorship: Hollywood, Monopoly, and the Thirties
 Jurca, Catherine.

An Immigrant's Imagination: Martin Wong's Lower East Side
 Tu, Thuy Lin.

Anna Julia Cooper's Trans-Atlantic Analysis of Citizenship, Revolution, and Democracy
 May, Vivian.

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Being in Comm(odificati)on: Fair Trade Rhetoric, the Documentary Impulse, and the Desire for a Defetishized Cup of Coffee
 McCullough, Aaron.

Between History and Identity: Interpretative Strategies and Gender in a South Asian American Reading Community
 Bhalla, Tamara.

Black and Brown Relations in the African American Comedic Imagination
 Jacobs-Huey, Lanita.

Blue, Gray, and Black: African American Civil War Reenactments as Performance of Black Southern Identity
 Davis, Patricia.

Brazilians Aqui: Transhemispheric Movements and the Limits of the U.S. Immigration Debate
 Rasor, Noel.

Bringing Baby to the Movies: Postfeminist Media Culture and Public Displays of Maternal Labor
 Nathanson, Elizabeth.

Brownshirts in the Twilight Zone: Internationalist and Exceptionalist Readings of Fascism in Cold War Television
 Vials, Chris.


Charting Racism: The Creation of the Billboard Pop 100
 Garofalo, Reebee.

Cherokee Casting Call: Tribal Sovereignty and Theater
 Thompson, Matthew.

Constructing the Axis of evil: Iran Memoirs in the Land of the Free
 Marandi, Seyed Mohammad.

Cyber-Marriage Migration across the Americas and the Forging of Erotic Citizenship
 Schaeffer-Grabiel, Felicity.


Deploying Humor to Combat the Race Front: Ad Reinhardt's Races of Mankind Cartoons
 Kinkel, Marianne.

Dis/Claiming Panama: Women's Travel Writing and Antebellum U.S. Visions of America
 Mattox, Jake.

Discursive Spaces, Immigrant Lives—or, ‘Why they don’t just come here legally.’
 Vega, Sujey.

Disease, Democracy and Community: The Culion Leper Colony in the US Occupied Philippines
 Raymundo, Jose.

Drawing the Color Line: Representations of Latinos in the Chicago Defender’s Editorial Cartoons
 Mora, Anthony.

Dreaming of Pangaea: Decolonizing Strategies in Linda Hogan’s Solar Storms
 Beadling, Laura.

Dredging the Swamp Fox: Francis Marion in the Circuits of Cultural Memory
 Marr, Timothy.


East/West Imperial Visions: Painting China in Colonial New England
 Frank, Caroline.


Fatness as a Cultural Marker: Mapping the Boundaries of Civilization and Nation Through Body Size and Fat Stigma
 Farrell, Amy.

Fighting For Justice: Violence, Criminality, and Boxing in Postindustrial Brooklyn
 Trimbur, Lucia.

Forgetting the Multi-Ethnic Past at Henry Ford's Greenfield Village (1929-1940)
 Swigger, Jessie.

From Accra to Arkansas: Cold War Connections in the Transhemispheric Struggle Against White Supremacy
 Munro, John.

From Puerto Rico to the Philippines: Methodological Trajectories of Imperial Letters
 Berkey, James.

for colored girls and Who Else?: Reading Theater as a Site of Cultural Transformation
 Cho, Nancy.


Gay Mexican Immigrants Arriving and Surviving in Los Angeles: Intersecting Identities and Transnational Social Networks
 Thing, James.

Giovanni's Brother: Joseph Beam, Gay Philadelphia, and the Black Urban Crisis
 Mumford, Kevin.

Grave Matters: Converso Funerary Art and Identity in Colonial America
 Leibman, Laura.


Hybridity, Dispossession, and Culpability: The Mêtis/Sentimental Rhetoric of Jane Johnston Schoolcraft and E. Pauline Johnson
 Cavalier, Christine.


Imagining NuYoRico: Cultural Agency, Commodification and Gendered Identities During the 1970s New York Salsa “Boom”
 Negrón, Marisol.

Imperial Eye for the Queer Guy: Advertising and Gay Male Identity
 Marcum, Andrew.

Independent Dependents: Army Wives Volunteering in an Official Army Program
 Gassmann, Jaime.

Is The Toilet a Grave?: Homoeroticism, Homophobia, and the Queer Politics of Black Masculinity
 McCune, Jeffrey.

Is There a Frontiersman in the House?: Performing Western Authenticity in the Postbellum Stage Drama
 Slagle, Jefferson.


L is for Looking: Art and Representation on "The L Word"
 McFadden, Margaret.

Lead Man Holler: Harry Belafonte's Songs of Labor
 Beavers, Karen.

Little Town on the Prairie: Hmong Identity and Community Transition in Rural America
 Hajdik, Anna.


Madness is Civilization: Asylums in the Sixties
 Staub, Michael.

Making Historical Memory Matter: Resignifying 9/11 Through Allende and Dorfman
 Gomez-Barris, Macarena.

Many Paths to One Road: Chinese and Lakota Encounters with the First Transcontinental Railroad
 Vimalassery, Manu.

Melancholic Publics and Peaceful Tomorrows: 9/11 Automortography and the Geographies of Sorrow
 Kane, Thomas.

Modernism's Soundtrack
 Goble, Mark.


National Vigilance: Race, Prostitution and Migration in Slavery’s Wake
 Worden, Carisa.

Nigerian Migrants and the Making of the New "African American"
 Savory, Veronica.

No Pocahontas: Sentimental Literacy and Resistance in S. Alice Callahan’s Wynema
 Dean, Janet.

Nomadic Subjectivities: Reconsidering Queer Latina Immigrant Narratives
 Grappo, Laura.

North American “Conquistadors:” The Black Legend in English and Dutch Colonial Narratives of War
 Klein, Sabine.


Organic Farming and the Routinization of Subversion
 O\'Sullivan, Robin.


Pan-Am Cowboys: Children's Westerns and Emergent Media Globalization
 Kackman, Michael.

Performing the Orient in the Globalized World: The Transhemispheric Vision and Popularity of Miss Saigon
 Chung, Tzu-I.

Perilous Journeys: Women, Singles Scenes and Sexual Mores in Late 1960s Television and Film
 Lehman, Katherine.

Persian Style and Western Iconography in Recent Drawings of Siah Armajani
 Raverty, Dennis.

Photodocumenting Cultural Landscapes: The (Re)production of Latino Vending 'Street-Scapes' in Los Angeles.
 Munoz, Lorena.

Photograms of the Year, 1906: A Study in the Internalization of American Photography
 Walters, Charles.

Picturing Parteras, Framing Otherness: Transhemispheric Visions of New Mexico’s Public Health Department
 McQuade, Lena.

Portraying Nationhood in Philadelphia: the People of Independence portrait exhibition in Independence National Park
 Smith, Carol.

Post-Afrocubanismo and the Cultures of Afro-Cuban America
 Lopez, Antonio.

Protest Psychosis: Race, Stigma, and the Diagnosis of Schizophrenia
 Metzl, Jonathan.


Queer Media Cartographies: Geography and Sexual Difference in Contemporary American Media Culture
 Griffin, Hollis.

Queers without Borders: Sexual Segregation and Manifest Destiny in Lucy Holcombe Pickens's The Free Flag of Cuba
 Lamm, Zachary.


Race, Theft, and Embodied Theories of Dance as Property
 Kraut, Anthea.

Remapping the Family of Nations: The Geopolitics of Kinship in Hendrick Aupaumut’s "A Short Narration"
 Rifkin, Mark.

Returning to Aztlán: Chicano Nationalism, the Nativist Right, and the Immigration Debate
 Bebout, Lee.

Revolution, Seduction, Treason: Leonora Sansay Rewrites The Coquette
 Windell, Maria.


Santo Domingo, or the Ambiguities: Frederick Douglass, Black Imperialism, and the "Ku Klux War"
 Luria, Sarah.

Shadows of Discipline: Dr. J. Marion Sims and Black Medical Spectacles
 Ivy, Nicole.

Signos del Camino: The Visual Culture of Hemispheric Education in World War II
 Lecklider, Aaron.

Sonic Indigeneity: Alter/Native Music in the Americas
 Majkowski, Tina.

Spaces of Racial Trauma: The Politics of Bodily Performance in 1940s and 1950s Mississippi
 Berrey, Stephen.


The 9/11 Commission Report: Text, Performance, Memory
 Frankel, Oz.

The Conquest of Antiquity: John Lloyd Stephens, Romantic Archaeology, and Yucatan as American Interest Zone
 Mackenthun, Gesa.

The Iowa Indians Meet Tom Thumb in London: George Catlin’s European Exhibitions
 Masters, Joshua.

The Mexicana Presence in "Duel in the Sun" and the American Western
 Alonzo, Juan.

The Outlaw Tradition: The Counterhegemonic Depression Ballads of Woody Guthrie
 Briley, Ron.

The Poor People’s Campaign, Marks, and The Mule Train: Fighting Poverty Locally, Representing Poverty Nationally
 Nathan Wright, Amy.

The skyline and the slum: Urban Planning and Visions of New York in Films of the Great Depression
 Filipcevic, Vojislava.

Transnational Struggles over Citizenship: Translating Black Theology into Korean Activism in Japan, 1969-1974
 Tsuchiya, Kazuyo.

Transparent Subjects: Photographs of Immigrants in the Illustrated Press, 1890-1925
 Fragaszy, Joan.

Troubled Island: Langston Hughes and the Haitian Occupation
 Waligora-Davis, Nicole.


Using songs to compare cultural differences
 Tran, Sau.


Violence, Nature, and the Native Other on the 19th century North American Frontier; The Novels of John Richardson and James Fenimore Cooper
 Godeanu, Oana.


What's Love Got to Do With It?: Family, Activism, and the "War on Terror"
 Franklin, Cynthia. and Lyons, Laura.

When Expansion Was Paramount: American Motion Picture Exhibition and the 1920s Colonization of European Cinemas
 Melnick, Ross.

Who is White? 'Feeblemindedness' as Tainted Whiteness in Early Twentieth Century America
 Stubblefield, Anna.
The American Studies Association 2007-Oct-11 to 2007-Oct-14
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