The American Studies Association 2007-Oct-11 to 2007-Oct-14

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A Ban on a Noisy Existence: The Los Angeles Leaf Blower Ban, Spatialized Whiteness and the Gardeners' Struggle for Dignity
 Olmos, Daniel.

A Cherokee Abroad: The Transnational Writings of Will Rogers
 Ware, Amy.

A Fine Eye and a Wicked Face: The Spectacle of Punishment and the Substance of Race
 Waterman, Adam.

A Touch of Grey: Black Cartooning and the Problem of Universality
 Kilgore, DeWitt.

A Woman is a Woman is a Woman: The Performance of Postwar Femininities in Transvertia's Visual Archive
 Hill, Robert.

A “Magnificent Pecuniary Return”: Thomas McKenney’s “Indian Portraits” in London
 Peterson, Dawn.

Acting, Mutability and Race in Early 20th Century American Vaudeville
 Romeyn, Esther.

African Américan Aquí: Black Orientalism, Multilingualism and the Filipino American War
 Murphy, Gretchen.

America: Of Thee I Sing?
 Meredith, Sarah.

Americanizing Betty and Latinizing MTV: How the Mainstream Media Codifies Latina/o Ethnicity
 Kim-Rajal, Patricia.

Americanizing the Pacific: USIA and the Origin of Public Diplomacy in the Cultural Cold War
 Tsuchiya, Yuka.

Americans in the Treasure House: U.S. Travelers in Mexico and Narratives of Economic Conquest, 1898-1911
 Ruiz, Jason.

An American Dictatorship: Hollywood, Monopoly, and the Thirties
 Jurca, Catherine.

An Immigrant's Imagination: Martin Wong's Lower East Side
 Tu, Thuy Lin.

Anna Julia Cooper's Trans-Atlantic Analysis of Citizenship, Revolution, and Democracy
 May, Vivian.

Anthropology and Advocacy: Community Engagement in the Era of Repatriation
 Clouse, Abby.

Apprenticeships and Apertures: Subway Graffiti's "Crisis of Representation"
 Cline, John.

Arkatecoluca: transnational community-building in the nuevo South
 Hallett, Miranda.

Arthur Laurents' Snake Pit: Populist Entertainment in Post-WWII America
 Harris, Ben.

Asians, Indians, and the Territory of Ethnic Studies in John Rollin Ridge's _Joaquin Murieta_
 Washburn, Kathleen.

At Face Value: Scientific Approaches to Ethnic Performance in the Age of Physical Acting
 Conti, Meredith.

At Home in the Jeepney: Listening to the Transnational Horizon of the Philippines
 Suarez, Harrod.
The American Studies Association 2007-Oct-11 to 2007-Oct-14
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