The American Studies Association 2007-Oct-11 to 2007-Oct-14

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The 9/11 Commission Report: Text, Performance, Memory
 Frankel, Oz.

The Conquest of Antiquity: John Lloyd Stephens, Romantic Archaeology, and Yucatan as American Interest Zone
 Mackenthun, Gesa.

The Iowa Indians Meet Tom Thumb in London: George Catlin’s European Exhibitions
 Masters, Joshua.

The Mexicana Presence in "Duel in the Sun" and the American Western
 Alonzo, Juan.

The Outlaw Tradition: The Counterhegemonic Depression Ballads of Woody Guthrie
 Briley, Ron.

The Poor People’s Campaign, Marks, and The Mule Train: Fighting Poverty Locally, Representing Poverty Nationally
 Nathan Wright, Amy.

The skyline and the slum: Urban Planning and Visions of New York in Films of the Great Depression
 Filipcevic, Vojislava.

Transnational Struggles over Citizenship: Translating Black Theology into Korean Activism in Japan, 1969-1974
 Tsuchiya, Kazuyo.

Transparent Subjects: Photographs of Immigrants in the Illustrated Press, 1890-1925
 Fragaszy, Joan.

Troubled Island: Langston Hughes and the Haitian Occupation
 Waligora-Davis, Nicole.

The American Studies Association 2007-Oct-11 to 2007-Oct-14
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