American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2008-Oct-16 to 2008-Oct-20

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"A Disastrous Vulgarization of Intellectual Life": Cold War Masculinity and Radical Perversions of the Left
 Lecklider, Aaron.

"Alien States"
 Cherniavsky, Eva.

"Behold the Man": The Male Body of Christ, the Cinematic Body of American Violence
 Miller, Jeffrey.

"Between Laughter and Tears": The Difficulty of Black Cosmopolitanism in Zora Neale Hurston's "Mules and Men" and "Tell My Horse�
 Dunbar, Eve.

"Detroit was Heavy": "Creative Jazz Music" and African American Expressive Culture.
 Macias, Anthony.

"Doing" Race in 21st Century America
 Moya, Paula.

"Dream Jungle," "Apocalypse Now," and the Politics of Comparisons
 Ponce, Martin.

"God Hates Fags": A Rhetorical Analysis
 Barrett-Fox, Rebecca.

"Good" and "Bad" Muslim Citizens: Feminists, Terrorists, and US Orientalism After 9/11
 Maira, Sunaina.

"I Was Ashamed to be Seen to Look at Them": Black Characters in the Remaking of Transatlantic Whiteness
 Grier, Miles.

"If I Had My Way, I’d Tear This Building Down": James Baldwin & Post-Civil Rights Angst
 Woubshet, Dagmawi.

"Lakeshore Drive, I Too Have Stories": Sexuality and Chicago in Rane Arroyo
 Rodríguez, Richard.

"Remember[ing] Better": Suburbia, Inter-Cultural Conflict, and Liberty Heights
 Smith, Allison.

"Rustle Your Bones, Honey Lambs": Torchy Brown Comics, Popular Front Politics, and Hip-Hop Feminists' Revenge
 Whaley, Deborah.

"The Mommy Mentality Left Me and the Marine Mentality Hit Me": Motherhood and Deployment
 Browder, Laura.

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A Child is Being De-Mastered
 Soto, Sandra.

A Clash of Legal Systems in the Republic of Texas
 Stuntz, Jean.

A Land Not of Our Own: Irish-Catholics Immigrants and the Rochester Revival
 Hughes, David.

A Multiple Consciousness of a Text: Narrative Techniques in Jhumpa Lahiri and Jeffrey Eugenides
 Heczkov�, Jana.

A New Kind of Old Black Suburb
 Pottinger, Trecia.

A New Nuclearism in New Mexico: The Construction of the National Enrichment Facility
 Richter, Jennifer.

A New Type of Cultural Border-Crosser: The Betty la fea Phenomenon in the U.S.
 Tuma, Virginia.

A Northern Conspiracy? The Identity Politics of New Criticism
 Maxwell, Angie.

A Peculiarly Valuable Oil: Whaling, Narrative, and the Question of Value
 Johnson, Bob.

A Polish Writer's Encounter with the United States:Andrzej Kijowski's American Journey
 Kazmierczak, Janusz.

A Portrait of America in Vietnamese Writing about Agent Orange
 Nguyen, Lien. and Waugh, Charles.

A Revolution in Hollywood: "Motion Pictures' Greatest Year" and Marie Antoinette (1938)
 Jurca, Catherine.

A Shot at Half-Exposure: Asian Americans and Reality TV
 Wang, Grace.

A Shot at Normal: On Homoimperialism
 Mendoza, Victor.

A View of Jerusalem from the West: Religious Illustrations and Expansionist Discourses in The Colored American
 Fagan, Benjamin.

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Balancing Disciplines and Interdisciplines in a New Professional Terrain
 O\'Brien, Jean.

Banking in the “Community:” South Central Los Angeles and the Demands of Change, 1970-2007
 Rosas, Abigail.

Basquiat and the Beats
 Saggese, Jordana.

Becoming Black: Lloyd Richards’s Border Crossing (or Fence Jumping)
 Young, Harvey.

Being Black and White in Black and White: Representations of Race and Ethnicity in American Film
 Haviland, Beverly.

Between Archive and Field: Performances in the Colonial Past and Not-yet Postcolonial Future
 Imada, Adria L..

Between Chinese Prostitute and White Slave: Sexual and Racial Boundaries of National Domestic Subjects
 Kuo, Karen.

Between Civilization and Barbarism: Norbert Elias, 'Figuration,' and the Nat Turner Rebellion
 Baker, Anthony.

Between Rap and Radicalized Islam: Muslim Immigrant Youth Gangs, American State Surveillance and the Production of Radicalized Islam in Houston, Texas
 Afzal, Ahmed.

Beyond Black Virtue: Crime, Public Presence, and African-American Literature
 DeLombard, Jeannine.

Beyond Buenos Vecinos: The Texas Good Neighbor Commission, Pan-Americanism, and Women in Transnational Texas, 1941-1948
 Garza, Irene.

Beyond Literary Representations: Understanding "the Spiritual Ecology of Place" in the Native Southwest
 Kayano, Yoshiko.

Beyond the Clash of Civilizations Debate: From “Dialogue Among” to “Alliance of ” Nations and Civilizations
 Dambowic, Paul.

Bienvenidos Fellow Americans!: Revisiting Puerto Rican Migration to Chicago, 1940-1966
 Velazquez, Mirelsie.

Bifurcations and Disavowels: Americo Paredes and Angélico Chavez on the Camino Real to Aztlán
 Melendez, A..

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Cady Wells and Martha Graham: The Body and the Animated Landscape
 Udall, Sharyn.

Cady Wells and Southwest Modernism
 Rudnick, Lois.

Canning Gender: Laugh Tracks and Sound Effects on Spanish-Language Morning Radio
 Casillas, Dolores.

Captive Audience Media: Anti-Union Film Screenings and Corporate Culture
 Fletcher, Steve.

Carleton Watkins’ Photographs of the California Missions
 Komanecky, Michael.

Caught in the Crosshairs: Hypervisibility, Invisibility and the Alibi of Black Sexuality
 Kaplan, Sara.

Chalk Talk: A Geography of Expression at the Crossroads of Freedom
 Zeiger, Dinah.

Challenges of Comparative Race/Ethnic Research in Multi-Dimensional Immigrant Settings
 Rodriguez, Nestor.

Chinese Migration to the Hemisphere and Inter-American Studies
 Sadowski-Smith, Claudia.

Choreographic Citizenship: Race, Bodies, and Hip-Hop Dance Groups at the University of Michigan
 Chung, Brian.

Citizenship, Diaspora and the Bonds of Affect
 Cho, Lily.

Civilizing Process and Power: Race Relations as Established-Outsider Figurations, the case of Jesse Hill Ford�s "The Liberation of Lord Byron Jones"
 Buschendorf, Christa.

Clearing the Zoological Slum: Race and Renewal at the National Zoological Park
 Uddin, Lisa.

Closeting Race or Racism in Drag? Toward a Theory of Homocolonialism
 Reddy, Vanita.

Coffee in the Américas: Emancipatory (Im)Possibilities
 Serrano, Jr., Orlando.

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Dance at the Crossroads: Constructing American Dance
 Randall, Tresa.

Dante at Denby: Sarah Orne Jewett and the Crossroads of US Literary Regionalism
 Daigle, Jonathan.

David Noble and Post-Nationalist American Studies
 Streeby, Shelley.

Days of Troy: A Retrospective Ethnography of Oppositional Performance in Los Angeles' Troy Cafe, 1990-95
 Carrasco, Thomas.

Deadly Civics: Performing Citizenship, Latino Masculinities, and Military Service
 Amaya, Hector.

Debasing Mount Everest
 Mazzolini, Elizabeth.

Debunking John B. Gough: Public Responses to the Temperance Lecturer's 1845 Relapse
 Hughes, Amy.

Deceptive Documents, Classified Bodies: U.S. State Surveillance and Gender-Nonconformity
 Beauchamp, Toby.

Decolonization, Tribal Histories, and Recovering Ourselves
 Denetdale, Jennifer.

Defeating the Dance Ban: Pueblo Resistance, the Press, and the Federal Government’s 1923 “Message to All Indians”
 Troutman, John.

Delivering Babies, Constructing Race: Racialized Reproductive Health in Early Twentieth Century New Mexico
 McQuade, Lena.

Dengue Fever's "22 Nights": Performing the State of Exception from Cambodia to the USA
 Chambers-Letson, Joshua.

Dependent Nations at Home and Abroad in Gerald Vizenor’s Hiroshima Bugi
 Sokolowski, Jeanne.

Dharma Activists: Transnational Connections in Identity and Activism of Japanese and Japanese American Buddhists
 Izumi, Masumi.

Dickinson's Dog and the Creaturely Imagination
 Boggs, Colleen.

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Eating and the Abject
 Jameson, Stacy.

 Irland, Basia.

Educating Races and Regions: Don West, the Agrarians, and Higher Education
 Green, Chris.

Education Through the Ether: American School of the Air and Early Radio's Ambitious Agenda
 Keeler, Amanda.

Edward Said's Critique of Orientalism and American Studies
 Rowe, John Carlos.

Eluding Capture: The Science, Culture and Pleasure of Queer Animals
 Alaimo, Stacy.

Empire’s Mastheads: Imagining an Imperial Community in the Philippines
 Berkey, James.

Empirically Queer
 Spade, Dean.

Encircled by Disaster: ‘Sonny's Blues’ on the Urban Theatre Stage
 Hatton, Nigel.

Energy, History and Literature on the Santa Fe Trail
 Dell, Twyla.

Engendering Indigeneities at the Militarized Mexico-US International Boundary: Contesting the 'Crossroads' in Apachería
 Tamez, Margo.

Entering the Fray: Mexican American Women and Civil Rights Organizing
 Ramos, Lisa.

Enviroblogging: Green Spaces in the Virtual World
 Foote, Stephanie.

Environmental Justice
 Sellers, Christopher.

Ernest Loomis and Occult Force in Late-Nineteenth-Century Chicago
 Draper, Melvyn.

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Faith Ringgold’s Slave Rape Story Quilt: Ending the Silence
 Fryd, Vivien.

False Witnessing: U.S. Coast Guard Photography of Haitian Refugees
 Shemak, April.

Famous Farmers? Fugitive Intellectuals and the Scandals of Real Property
 Schoolman, Martha.

Feet in the Grass Roots: Josephine Herbst's Proletarian Midwest
 Kosiba, Sara.

Feminist Projects, Imperial Locations: North American Midwifery and the Commodification of Third World Mothers
 Nestel, Sheryl.

Fictions of Free Travel: Black Nativism and the Law of Passports
 Wong, Edlie.

Finding Heroic Slaves in the Case of the Creole
 Foreman, P..

Finding Home in Babel: Translating Identity in Intercultural Writings
 Pas, Justyna.

Floyd Red Crow Westerman: Voice for the People
 Lee, Kimberli.

Fluids, Sparks, and Spirits in Antebellum America
 Murison, Justine.

Flying Below the Radar: the Downed Black POW and Antifascism in Ralph Ellison's World War II "Airman Novel"
 Hong, Christine.

Food that Matters: Constructing Place and Community at Food Festivals in Northwest Ohio
 Crook, Nathan.

Forks in the Road: Arbitrating Taste and Race in Restaurant Guidebooks, 1930-1955
 Russek, Audrey.

Fortune-tellers in the Great Southern Babylon: Work Display as Cultural Production in New Orleans’ Jackson Square
 Butler, Brooke.

Fotos y Recuerdos: A History of South Texas Blacks, Ethnic Mexicans, and Ethnic Anglos through Photography 1900-1945
 Rodriguez, Alberto.

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Gary Snyder, Native American Literature, and the Posthuman
 Tsai, Robin Chen-Hsing.

Geographies of Redemption
 Stein, Jordan.

George Wilkins Kendall, Race War, and the Making of War Correspondence
 Trivedi, Nirmal.

Georgia O'Keeffe and Asia/Asian Art
 Lin, Hsiu-ling.

Gerald Vizenor:Storier, Storyteller, Father Meme
 Lee, A..

Gesture and Longing: Producing Desire through Movement in the Early Modeling Industry
 Brown, Elspeth.

Ghost Notes: Nathaniel Mackey on Miles Davis
 Hochman, Brian.

Global Hollywood and China’s Counter-Hegemony Strategy
 Su, Wendy.

Global Indigeneity in Greg Sarris's Watermelon Nights
 Smith, Lindsey.

Globalization and the Training of the Voice: Bilingual Call Centers in Post-War El Salvador
 Rivas, Cecilia.

Go Wild! Annabella Lwin, Multicultural London and the Post-Punk Era
 Brown, Jayna.

Green Pastures of Plenty: Ecocriticism and Citizenship in Bound for Glory
 Sutton, Matthew.

Guadalupe/Tonanzin/Coatlicue: Indigeneity in the Art of Yolanda M. Lopez
 Davalos, Karen Mary.


HIV/AIDS and Black Queer Lives: Toward a Performance Praxis
 Bailey, Marlon.

Habaneras, Past and Present
 Lane, Jill.

Habitations of the Veil: Souls, Figure, Form
 Rutledge Fisher, Rebecka.

Hal Roach, Vittorio Mussolini, and the Hollywood Anti-Nazi League
 Doherty, Thomas.

Hands Across the Water: Indian Muslim Maritime Workers and U.S. Port-City Desertion, 1890-1950
 Bald, Vivek.

Hateful Saints and Human Savages: Native American-Jesuit Relationships in the Great Lakes Region
 Gueno, Michael.

Hearing the "Dark Storm:" Musical Funerals for Martin Luther King, Jr.
 Hsu, Hua.

Hello, Below There: Signalmen and Nerve Centers in 1940's Radio Drama
 Verma, Neil.

Her Last Meal Was Spaghetti: Danger, Immigration & Effeminacy and the Tango Tea Ballroom
 Craig, Maxine.

Hip-Hop as Cultural Movement: Chicano and Black Working Class Identity and Interethnic Unity
 McFarland, Pancho.

Hip-Hop's Time Signature: Sampling, Temporality, and Historiography
 Mitchell, Nick.

History and Narrative in Revolutionary Cuba and the Black Arts Movement
 Ragain, Nathan.

Holding the Center: The Centripetal Dynamic of Local Television in Suburbanizing Los Angeles
 Connor, Michan.

Hollywood Film? Foreign Film? Globalization and the Erosion of National Boundaries in Contemporary Cinema
 Klein, Christina.

Hollywood on the Tiber: Sightseeing and Sights Unseen
 Ruberto, Laura.

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I Want to Be a God Follower: Global Evangelicals and the Rhetoric of Sacrifice
 Jaudon, Toni.

I was the special ed. girl: Urban Working-class Young Women of Color
 Ferri, Beth. and Connor, David.

Ice Cream in the Tropics, Dessert in the Desert: Refining War in Iraq and Vietnam
 Lair, Meredith.

If the Writers of the World Get Together: Allen Ginsberg in Sandinista Nicaragua
 Hardesty, Michele.

Imagining Real Violence: American Experience in Contemporary Pakistan
 Caughey, John.

Imagining a New Mexican American Girl
 Trujillo, Patricia.

Immigration Discourse and the Specter of the "Illegal"
 HoSang, Daniel.

Imperial Rubber: Residues of U.S. Empire in the Brazilian Rainforest
 Bahng, Aimee.

In the World but Not of the World: Negotiating the Sacred/Secular Divide in Holy Hip-Hop
 Brooks Tatum, Shanesha.

Incinerating Agent Orange: Operation Pacer Ho and the Global Environmental Imaginary
 Martini, Edwin.

Indian Futures: Black Hawk’s Autobiography and the Political Economy of Early American Capital
 Waterman, Adam.

Indigenizing Diaspora: Anita Endrezze's Auto-Ethnography, Throwing Fire at the Sun, Water at the Moon
 Huang, Hsinya.

Indigenous Jazz in the Early-Mid 20th Century: A Local Example: The Nez Perce Tribe
 Johnson, Janis.

Indigenous or Immigrants? Settler Colonialism at Losepa, Utah
 Aikau, Hokulani.

Industrial Folklore and Pictorial Narrative
 op de Beeck, Nathalie.

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James McCune Smith's "Heads of the Colored People" and the Politics of Representing Free Black Labor in the Antebellum U.S.
 Spires, Derrick.

Jesus Was a Capricorn and Eventually a Hit Album
 Derickson, Christopher.

Jezebels in Jacksonville: Tropes of Slavery and Red Cross Iconography
 McGraw, Charles.

Joel Chandler Harris�s Reconstruction of "Uncle Tom�s Cabin"
 Bernstein, Robin.

Justice Delayed: The VAVA Lawsuit Against American Chemical Corporations
 Nguyen, Nhan.


Keeping It Reel: James Baldwin’s Film Script of "Giovanni’s Room"
 Field, Douglas.

Kindle: The New Book Mobile, or, The Labor of Reading in an Age of Ubiquitous Bookselling
 Striphas, Ted.

King Jesus Saves Radio: A Cultural History of Fundamentalist Radio in L.A.
 Classen, Steven.


Langston Hughes, Translation, and the Flourishing of Caribbean Modernisms
 Patterson, Anita.

Language, Identity and Politics in Multicultural New York: Chang-Rae Lee’s Native Speaker (1995)
 Bak, Hans.

Law's Labour's Lost? The Racial Limits of the Human Rights Programme
 Da Silva, Denise.

Lawrence’s Silence
 Huffer, Lynne.

LeAnne Howe's Tribalography: A Productive Crossroads of American Indian Studies and American Studies
 Bauerkemper, Joseph.

Left Behind: The Young Evangelicals and the Politicization of American Evangelicalism, 1965-1985
 Swartz, David.

Legally Nude Volleyball: Anti-Erotic Nudist Sports Imagery, 1947-1963
 Hoffman, Brian.

Lena Horne’s Jamaica: Cold War Masculinity, the Popular Caribbean, and Mock Transnational Performance
 Vogel, Shane.

Let Him Remain Until the Judgment in France: Letters About Burying World War I Dead
 Seitz, David.

Let You Find Out: Aventura and Promiscuous Listening
 Vazquez, Alexandra.

Lipstick Traces: Punk Historiography and Sexual Dissidence
 Nyong’o, Tavia.

Liquid Landscape: Citizenship and the Language of Floridian Geography
 Currie, Michele.

Little Fish in Transnational Ponds: New Zealand Accents in Hollywood
 Smith, Angela.

Losing Ground: Edward Abbey, Ken Kesey, and the Politics of Environmental Mourning
 Borton, Sean.

Louise de Koven Bowen�s "The Colored People of Chicago": Racial Uplift and African-American Childhoods
 Chatelain, Marcia.

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Magical Mediums: The Black Female Spirit Medium in American Film Culture
 Reeves, Traci.

Making Criticism Personal: Poe and "The Literati of New York City”
 Rempe, Karah.

Mapping and Imagining the "Homo Philippinensis"
 Brody, David.

Mapping the Global South Against American Studies
 Dillon, Elizabeth.

Maquilapolis, Free Indirect Discourse, and the Legacies of Third Cinema
 Keeling, Kara.

Mark Tobey and the Northwest School
 Reed, Christopher.

Marking Boundaries: Migrants, Minutemen and the US-Mexico Borderlands
 Schreiber, Rebecca.

Marvelous Corpse: The National Body and Iconic Death in American Superhero Comics
 Fawaz, Ramzi.

Masculinity at the Orthopedic Preschool: Disability Studies and the Politics of Childhood
 Wheeler, Elizabeth.

Massa, Massa-Mister, Mister: The "Degraded African" in William Apess' "A Son of the Forest" (1829)
 Miller, Mark.

May Be Sum Day: Online Video, Self-Representation, and Peer-to-Peer Music Industry
 Marshall, Wayne.

Mayoral Food Wagers: Creating Community with Crab Cakes and Chili Dogs
 Huang, Janice.

Melting Pot of America: Mexico and the Discursive Representations of Pluralism in 1930s New Mexico
 Flores, Ruben.

Members of the Tribe: Jewish-Amerindian Theory and the Making of a Modern American Consciousness
 Cohen, Julia.

Memory, Republican Virtue, and Commemoration in Nineteenth-Century America
 Kosiorek, Jeffrey.

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Narrative at the Crossroads of Life and Death: Auto/Biopolitics and Jamaica Kincaid's "My Brother"
 Kulbaga, Theresa.

Native Crafts and Progressive Politics: A Reinterpretation of New Deal Art
 Nelson, Christine.

Native Hawaiian Sovereignty Claims and the Politics of Race
 Kauanui, J. Kehaulani.

Native Studies at the Horizon of Death: Theorizing Ethnographic Entrapment
 Smith, Andrea.

Native/Alien Binds: Reframing Internment in the White Pacific
 Day, Iyko.

 Armbruster, Karla.

Navigating the Pedagogy of Failure: Medicine and Education Encounters the Disabled Child in English Canada, 1900-1960
 Gleason, Mona.

Neoliberal Feminism, Orientalism and the Middle East
 Johar Schueller, Malini.

New Mexico in 1998-- Celebration, Contestation and the Lived Consequence of Identity
 Lara, Dulcinea.

New Mexico’s Cuarto Centenario Memorial: A Visual Dialogue
 Fields, Alison.

Nineteenth-Century Visual Collections of Western Americana
 Barnhill, Georgia.

No Brown Towns: Anti-Immigrant Ordinances and Equality of Educational Opportunity for Latina/os
 Romero, II, Tom.

Norman’s Muslim Problem—and Ours: A Colorblind Genealogy of the ‘Long Struggle against Islamofascism’
 Feldman, Keith.

Normative Neurology: Disability and Teen Sexuality in the Decade of the Brain
 Elman, Julie.

Northern New Mexico and Southern Texas: Critical Regions?
 Limon, Jose.

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Occupied Okinawa, Asian/Pacific/American Studies, and Heterotopic Formations
 Onishi, Yuichiro.

Oceanic Imagination, Racial Performance, American Empire
 Werry, Margaret.

Of One Blood: The Evangelical Protestant Reconstruction of California
 Paddison, Joshua.

Okinawan Cookery and Ethnic Identity in Hawai‘i
 Sato, Marie.

Old Wars, Cold Wars: Filming Japanese and Japanese Americans in the 1950s
 Tang, Edward.

Old Wine in a New Bottle: When Egyptian Anti-Imperialism Becomes Anti-Americanism and Vice-Versa
 Said, Atef.

On Alternative Citizenships
 Tang, Eric.

On Hope and Hopelessness: A Performative Dialogue
 Duggan, Lisa. and Muñoz, José.

On Politics and Shutting Up
 Berlant, Lauren.

On the Conundrum of the Three Fifths Clause in Color and Democracy
 Chandler, Nahum.

One Laptop Per Child? Mobile Technology, Gadgetry, and Community
 Fouche, Rayvon.

One Poem, Three Countries, and an Imperialist Legacy: Kipling’s “The White Man’s Burden” and the Shaping of U.S. Foreign Policy, 1899-1901.
 Harris, Susan.

Ophelia Speaks: Resurrecting Still Lives in Natasha Trethewey’s Bellocq’s Ophelia
 Debo, Annette.

Orientalism and U.S. Empire Studies
 Stecopoulos, Harilaos.


Painting the Border: Art as Critical Regionalism in South Texas
 Najera, Jennifer.

Para Español Oprima el Número 2: Transnationalism, Translation, and Spanish
 Sanchez, Marta.

Paranoid Hysterical Thinking
 Lenz, Colby.

Parental Advisory—Explicit Lyrics: The Culture Wars Construct the Suburbs in the 1980s
 Riismandel, Kyle.

Passing for History: Visuality, Humor, and Early Television Historiography
 Williams, Mark.

Pedagogy of Chicano Power: Sal Castro, Paulo Freire, and the Mexican American Youth Leadership Conferences, 1963-1968
 Garcia, Mario.

Pedro Almodovar’s Paradigm for Melodrama: Deconstructing Tennessee Williams
 Anton-Pacheco, Ana.

Penguin Family Values: The Nature of Environmental Reproductive Justice
 Sturgeon, No�l.

Peregrination to Filadelfia: Fray Servando in the Hispanophone Early Republic
 Lazo, Rodrigo.

Performing Race, Performing Music & Black Identity: The Sad-Faced Boys of Arna Bontemps
 Martin, Michelle.

Piety and the Parasite
 Cohen, Matt.

 Ryden, Kent.

Plantation State: Uncle Remus and the Reconstruction of American Sovereignty
 Carico, Aaron.

Poetic Looks: Documentary Toward a Queer of Color Critique
 Farber, Paul.

Policing America�s Heartland: Constructing Dangerous Borders and Non-normative Subjects in Chicago, 1945-1954
 Eisen, Andy.

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Queer Black Marxism: A New Critical Reading for Interwar Period African American Studies
 Holcomb, Gary.

Queer Down the Middle: Rural Sexualities in American Theory and Practice
 Mason, Carol.

Queer Histories at the Crossroads: Negotiating the Personal, the Political, and the Historical
 Mazaris, Angela.

Queer Orientalisms, or Baldwin’s "Another Country" Re/Sited
 Zaborowska, Magdalena.

Queer Reverberations in Tex Mex Accordion Music
 Vargas, Deborah.

Queer Solidarity and Domestic Liberation: Third World Lesbians and Activism for Central America
 Hobson, Emily.

Queering Environmental Justice
 Hogan, Katie.

Queering the Zoot Suit
 Ramirez, Catherine.


Race and Labor in the �Propaganda of History�: Comparative Analysis of Charles and Mary Beard�s "The Rise of American Civilization" and W.E.B. Du Bois�s "Black Reconstruction in America"
 Yang, Caroline.

Race and Rabies: Public Health and Political Power in Cold War Los Angeles
 Leonard, Kevin.

Race and U.S. Settler Sovereignty
 Bruyneel, Kevin.

Race at the Crossroads of Belonging
 Sharpe, Christina.

Race, Exceptionalism and the Right to Trial by Jury in Puerto Rico
 Venator Santiago, Charles.

Race, Gender, and the Struggle for Intellectual Property Rights in American Dance
 Kraut, Anthea.

Race, Migration, and the Politics of Environmentalism: The Case of Aspen, CO
 Park, Lisa.

Race, Orientalism, and the “Post-9/11" Cinema of Recuperation in "Crash" and "Reign Over Me"
 Chan-Malik, Sylvia.

Race, Violence and Terror: The Cultural Defensibility of Heteronormative Citizenship in the Virginia Tech Massacre and the Don Imus Affair
 Desai, Jigna.

Racial Analogy and the Claustrophobia of Identity in James Baldwin's "Giovanni's Room"
 Hsu, Stephanie.

Racial Publicity and Propaganda
 Santamarina, Xiomara.

Racial Rehabilitations of the Cold War
 Kim, Jodi.

Racial Reparation
 Eng, David.

Radical Subjectivities: Rethinking Agency on the U.S-Mexico Border
 Castillo, Eric.

Radical by Nature: Sanora Babb and Ecological Disaster on the High Plains, 1900-1940
 Wixson, Douglas.

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Sacrificial Celebrity: The Religious Violence of Tabloid Adolescence
 Lofton, Kathryn.

Salsa as Commodity and Cultural Signifier: At a Crossroads Between Cultural Authority and Intellectual Property
 Negron, Marisol.

Sampan, A Bilingual Bridge: On Socio-Cultural Functions of Bilingualism
 Zheng, Da.

Savage Homes and Primeval Mates: Evolution and the Colonial Imaginary in Edgar Rice Burroughs’s "Tarzan of the Apes"
 Jones, Jeannette.

Save (the Christians of) Lebanon! The Politics of Transnational Religion
 Stiffler, Matthew.

Saving Catholics from Catholicism:Cultural Collision and Religious Identity in Antebellum New Orleans
 Pasquier, Michael.

Scandal to Order: The Popular Press in Antebellum New York and the Perils of Authorship
 Erickson, Paul.

School Grounds Turned Battleground for Preservation: The Case of Dunbar High School in Washington, D.C.
 Wiley, Amber.
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Scissoring In: Black Newspaper Reading, Scrapbooks, and the Public Sphere
 Garvey, Ellen.

Screening Intersex
 Tyler, Carole-Anne.

Seduction of Empire: Triads of Critique in Thieves of Paradise
 Beavers, Herman.

Seeing Hawai‘i Statehood: Cultural Politics at the Intersections of Race and Indigeneity
 Saranillio, Dean.

Seeing through Clothing, Seeing through Skin: Physical Culture’s Self-Disciplining Modern Gaze
 Veder, Robin.

Seeking Sanctuary: Human Rights as Family Rights
 Cacho, Lisa.

Selling King Corn “With a skillful woman in charge:” Gender, Food, (Agri)culture and the State
 Sisson, Kelly.

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TEK and Native American Literary/Cultural Studies: Indigeneity in Gorden Henry's "The Light People"
 Juan, Rose Hsiu-li.

Taking It to the Streets: Urban Civility, Energy Conservation, and Alternate Reality Games
 Losh, Elizabeth.

Talking to the Dead: Transpacific War Memory and Asian American Literature
 Sato, Gayle.

Tambien de Dolor Se Canta: Border Crossings in Loteri­a Imagery
 Beza, Brenda.

Tambo and Bones in Africa: The Minstrel Show in Pre-Industrial South Africa, 1862-1873
 Thelwell, Chinua.

Tano y Chamorro/Land of the Chamorros
 Negrón-Muntaner, Frances.

Teaching Class: Reading, Writing, and American Studies at an Urban Research University
 Franks, Pete.

Teaching Film as Transnational American Studies
 Serna, Laura Isabel.

Television and the Imagined Community: Urban Riots as the Other Living Room War
 Chong, Sylvia.

Temporal Disjuncture, Body Remains?
 Lee, Chris.

Tex-Mex San Antonio: Culinary Aesthetics of Identity, Space, and Place
 Cardenas, Norma.

That Friendship of Whites: Philanthropy in Booker T. Washington and Charles Chesnutt
 Sawaya, Francesca.

The Aesthetics of Riots and Rebirth: Belated Social Documentary Photography and Martin Luther King Jr.
 Lewis, Sarah.

The Alchemy of Belief: The Creation Museum, the Sacred, and the Profane
 Ricketts, Jeremy.

The American Society of African Culture 1958-1959: the Cold War, the CIA, and the Birth of Black Literary Revolt
 Jackson, Lawrence.

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U.S. Laundry Art: The Visual Backdrop of Hurston's "Sweat"
 Ryan, Barbara.

U.S. Travel to Revolutionary MMexico and the Political Life of the Unclean Body
 Ruiz, Jason.

Ugly Edits: Theo Parrish and Black Aesthetic Militancy
 Gallob, Gerwin.

Ugly Feelings at Home and Abroad: On Performing Asians "Here" and "There"
 Shimakawa, Karen.

Ugly Step Sisters: Black Popular Fiction on the Margins of African American Literary History
 Henderson, Aneeka.

Uncomfortable Fatigues: Chamorro Soldiers, Gendered Identities and the Question of Decolonization in Guam
 Camacho, Keith.

Unlikely Allies in Unlikely Places: Chicana Feminist Scholarship and the Noble Legacy
 Torres, Eden.

Uprising on Route 66: Citizenship, Community, and Cruising on the Main Street of America
 Carpio, Genevieve.

Using Film to Shift the Racial/Gender Gaze
 Hornsby-Minor, Evette.


Valentin de Foronda: a Philadelphian's Critique of Colonialism
 Vogeley, Nancy.

Vanishing Indians, Lost Citizens: U.S. Naturalist Narratives about Evolution and the Colonial Imagination
 Bruni, John.

Vanishing Tribes? Tourism and Transnational Indigeneity in Modern Vietnam
 Laderman, Scott.

Visual Humor and the New Negro in the Painting of Archibald Motley, Jr. and Palmer Hayden
 Wolfskill, Phoebe.

Vitiating Vision of GUMIL Hawaii Exilic Writing
 Perez, Ma. Socorro.


W.E.B. Du Bois’s Agit-prop
 Flatley, Jonathan.

Wars of Rebellion: U.S. Latino/a Writings and the American Civil War
 Aleman, Jesse.

Was Whitman Losing Faith in Democracy?: A Revisionary Tale in a Trail of Revisions
 Haile, Adam.

Washington, D.C.'s 'Negro' Press-The 'Unmaking' of a Cooperative Black Society
 Heard, Sandra.

Watching Pain
 Glassmeyer, Danielle.

We Are Not Alone: The Erasure of Mexican Immigrant Adolescence across the U.S. Mexican Borderlands, 1940-1956
 Rosas, Ana.

We Didn’t Cross The Charts, The Charts Crossed Us:
 Kun, Josh.

We Were Observing and We Copied: Florynce Kennedy, Black Power and the “Genesis” of Feminism(s)
 Randolph, Sherie.

Welcome to the Desert of the Reel!
 Westlati, Hager.

What is a Black Indian? Misplaced Expectations and Lived Realities
 Collins, Robert.

When We Were Kings: Billy Jack, Fritz Scholder, and the Lost Rebellions of 1972
 Smith, Paul.

Where Dusk Meets Dawn: Listening to Du Bois at the Crossroads
 Stoever-Ackerman, Jennifer.

Where is the Speakin' Place? Alice Childress and Cold War Dissent
 Baldwin, Kate.

Where the Boys Are: Red Cross Donut Dollies in the Vietnam War
 Vuic, Kara.

Whip that Hoedad in the Ground: Race and Nation in the National Forest
 Sifuentez, Mario.

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Xicana/o Urban Art: Graffiti, Muralism and Cross Cultural Translation in 21st Century Los Angeles
 Viesca, Victor.


You Are My Friend: Sylvester, Social Compassion, and the Radical Possibilities of the Disco Charts
 King, Jason.
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