American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2008-Oct-16 to 2008-Oct-20

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A Child is Being De-Mastered
 Soto, Sandra.

A Clash of Legal Systems in the Republic of Texas
 Stuntz, Jean.

A Land Not of Our Own: Irish-Catholics Immigrants and the Rochester Revival
 Hughes, David.

A Multiple Consciousness of a Text: Narrative Techniques in Jhumpa Lahiri and Jeffrey Eugenides
 Heczkov�, Jana.

A New Kind of Old Black Suburb
 Pottinger, Trecia.

A New Nuclearism in New Mexico: The Construction of the National Enrichment Facility
 Richter, Jennifer.

A New Type of Cultural Border-Crosser: The Betty la fea Phenomenon in the U.S.
 Tuma, Virginia.

A Northern Conspiracy? The Identity Politics of New Criticism
 Maxwell, Angie.

A Peculiarly Valuable Oil: Whaling, Narrative, and the Question of Value
 Johnson, Bob.

A Polish Writer's Encounter with the United States:Andrzej Kijowski's American Journey
 Kazmierczak, Janusz.

A Portrait of America in Vietnamese Writing about Agent Orange
 Nguyen, Lien. and Waugh, Charles.

A Revolution in Hollywood: "Motion Pictures' Greatest Year" and Marie Antoinette (1938)
 Jurca, Catherine.

A Shot at Half-Exposure: Asian Americans and Reality TV
 Wang, Grace.

A Shot at Normal: On Homoimperialism
 Mendoza, Victor.

A View of Jerusalem from the West: Religious Illustrations and Expansionist Discourses in The Colored American
 Fagan, Benjamin.

Abolition’s Scandals: The Case of Mary Prince
 Ryan, Susan.

Accelerating the Crisis: The American University Abroad
 Newfield, Chris.

Accidental Anthropologists: Of Kinship, Conquest, and Narrative Anxiety in the Writings of Charles Darwin and Jacob Riis
 Farooq, Nihad.

Activist Research and the Stories we Tell: Lessons From Youth-Based Public Scholarship
 Carr, John.

Adelina Otero Warren of Santa Fe, NM: Early Twentieth Century Mexican American Environmental Writer
 Ybarra, Priscilla.

African Transformations of Ibero-American Catholicism
 McKnight, Kathryn.

All I Know is Just What I Read in the Papers: The Will Rogers Paradox
 Foster, Tol.

All The News That’s Fit To Screen: Newsreel Theaters at the Crossroads of Two Disciplines
 Melnick, Ross.

American Crucifixion: Lynching Drama as Interracial Catharsis
 Hallstoos, Brian.

American Dream? Latina Representations of Higher Education
 Silva, Marisol T..

American Fantasies of Chinese Automobility
 Seiler, Cotten.

American Mummy: Manifest Destiny, the Antiquities Act, and the Native American Dead
 Martin, Charles.

American Studies and Europe, Old and New: A Comparison of Cold War Internationalism and Global Trans-Nationalism
 Gross, Andrew.

American Studies and its Publics
 Elliott, Michael.

An American Road
 Glancy, Diane.

An Approach to Native-State Relations Framed in Transnational Theory
 Rand, Jacki.

An Aural Cartography: A Social History of Border Radio
 Pfister, Michael.

An Enemy of Reactionary Demagogues: Southwestern Folklore, Civic Engagement, and the Multifaceted J. Frank Dobie
 Mellard, Jason.

An Experiment in Democracy: Constructing Migrant Citizenship Inside the Federal Labor Camp Program, 1935-1946
 Martinez-Matsuda, Veronica.

An Interdisciplinary Ethnographic Study of Funeral Directors in Indiana
 Thamann, Aubrey.

An Unlikely Exhibition: Cubism Comes to in Milwaukee in 1913
 Carlson, Elizabeth.

Animating the Promise Keepers: Bodily Devotion
 Brahinsky, Joshua.

Another Country: Rethinking Queer Urbanity
 Herring, Scott.

Another Crossroads on the Horizon: Three Narratives of the Past and More to Come as the Eastern Band Cherokee Re-write Their History for Tourists and Themselves
 Thompson, Matthew.

Anti-Fascism Meets the Biopic: Juarez (1939) and the Perils of Contemporary Political Metaphors
 Maland, Charles.

Anti? Arab Portrayal in the NBC Series “West Wing”
 Reid, Evelyn.

Antipodean/American Crossings: Peter Weir’s "Picnic at Hanging Rock" (1975) and "The Last Wave" (1977)
 Rooney, Monique.

Antiradicalism, Anticolonialism, and Repressing the "Hindu Menace:" The Chicago, San Francisco, and Lahore Conspiracy Trials, 1915-1918
 Sohi, Seema.

Appropriating the Secular: Evangelicalism, Blurred Genres and the Rise of Christian Fiction
 Ronan, Marisa.

Arabs from an American Perspective: Challenging U.S. Problematic Portrayals of Arabs
 Mahdi, Waleed.

Arks of Hope and God Boxes: Enacting Pacifism at the United Nations
 Hangen, Tona.

Armenian American Literature and Feminist Analysis
 Okoomian, Janice.

Art and Agency: Contemporary Art of American Indian Women
 Norby, Patricia.

Articulating the past and present in Abu-Jaber’s Arabian Jazz
 McCullough, Kate.

Artistic Journeys: Art & the Pakistani Immigrant Artist
 Qamber, Rukhsana.

At Home on the Front End: The Gender and Sexual Politics of Militarized Environmental Racism
 Voyles, Traci.

At the Crossroads of Canonization: Pauline E. Hopkins' "Famous Women of the Negro Race"
 Klaiber, Isabell.

At the Crossroads of Despair: Suicide, Slavery, and Gender in Transatlantic Perspective
 Snyder, Terri.

At the Crossroads of Documents and Desires: Priscilla Baltimore, Liberator of Slaves?
 Wood, Sharon.

At the Crossroads of Symbolic and Corporeal Violence: Asian Male Visibilities
 Schein, Louisa. and Thoj, Va-Megn.

At the Crossroads of Translation and Transnation
 Sandell, Jillian.

Attacking Trust: Kamehameha Schools in the Crosshairs
 Rohrer, Judy.

Aural Miscegenation: Musical Production Practices at a World Beat Record Company
 Kheshti, Roshanak.

Authentic Fictions: Framing the American West in U.S. and European Western Movies
 Vejdovsky, Boris.

Autobiographical Comix: Racialized and Gendered Subjects in "American Born Chinese" and "A Child’s Life"
 Wong, Hertha D. Sweet.
American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2008-Oct-16 to 2008-Oct-20
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