American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2008-Oct-16 to 2008-Oct-20

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Faith Ringgold’s Slave Rape Story Quilt: Ending the Silence
 Fryd, Vivien.

False Witnessing: U.S. Coast Guard Photography of Haitian Refugees
 Shemak, April.

Famous Farmers? Fugitive Intellectuals and the Scandals of Real Property
 Schoolman, Martha.

Feet in the Grass Roots: Josephine Herbst's Proletarian Midwest
 Kosiba, Sara.

Feminist Projects, Imperial Locations: North American Midwifery and the Commodification of Third World Mothers
 Nestel, Sheryl.

Fictions of Free Travel: Black Nativism and the Law of Passports
 Wong, Edlie.

Finding Heroic Slaves in the Case of the Creole
 Foreman, P..

Finding Home in Babel: Translating Identity in Intercultural Writings
 Pas, Justyna.

Floyd Red Crow Westerman: Voice for the People
 Lee, Kimberli.

Fluids, Sparks, and Spirits in Antebellum America
 Murison, Justine.

Flying Below the Radar: the Downed Black POW and Antifascism in Ralph Ellison's World War II "Airman Novel"
 Hong, Christine.

Food that Matters: Constructing Place and Community at Food Festivals in Northwest Ohio
 Crook, Nathan.

Forks in the Road: Arbitrating Taste and Race in Restaurant Guidebooks, 1930-1955
 Russek, Audrey.

Fortune-tellers in the Great Southern Babylon: Work Display as Cultural Production in New Orleans’ Jackson Square
 Butler, Brooke.

Fotos y Recuerdos: A History of South Texas Blacks, Ethnic Mexicans, and Ethnic Anglos through Photography 1900-1945
 Rodriguez, Alberto.

Fragments of a Rendezvous: Speculating on Paiute and Chinese Historical Convergence
 Vimalassery, Manu.

Fragments of the Trans-Pacific Cultural Front: Agnes Smedley and Lu Xun in Shanghai, 1930-1934
 Richard, So.

Framing Cultural Memory in Occupied (Not Crossroads) Wabanakik: The Native Peoples of Maine
 Kolodny, Annette.

Frank Norris, the Insular Cases, and the Aesthetics of Imperial Sovereignty
 Hebard, Andrew.

Freedom vs. Violence in the University of Agreement
 Bouchard, Danielle.

Freedom’s Unfreedom
 Lowe, Lisa.

From Cane to Candy: Race, Gender, and the Cultural Politics of Sweetness in the 1920s
 Merleaux, April.

From Fat! So? to Skinny Bitch: The Collision of Fat Acceptance and Food Activist Movements
 Farrell, Amy.

From Noble Savage to Angel in the Ecosystem: The Ecofeminist Vision in Transnational Media
 Chung, Tzu-I.

Frontin’ and Forefronting: Latino Masculinity in Junot Diaz’s "Drown" and Eric Eason’s "Manito"
 Rojas, Maythee.

 Woo Park, John.

Funking the Third Space: Meshell Ndegeocello’s “The World Has Made Me the Man of My Dreams”
 Royster, Francesca.
American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2008-Oct-16 to 2008-Oct-20
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