American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2008-Oct-16 to 2008-Oct-20

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Magical Mediums: The Black Female Spirit Medium in American Film Culture
 Reeves, Traci.

Making Criticism Personal: Poe and "The Literati of New York City”
 Rempe, Karah.

Mapping and Imagining the "Homo Philippinensis"
 Brody, David.

Mapping the Global South Against American Studies
 Dillon, Elizabeth.

Maquilapolis, Free Indirect Discourse, and the Legacies of Third Cinema
 Keeling, Kara.

Mark Tobey and the Northwest School
 Reed, Christopher.

Marking Boundaries: Migrants, Minutemen and the US-Mexico Borderlands
 Schreiber, Rebecca.

Marvelous Corpse: The National Body and Iconic Death in American Superhero Comics
 Fawaz, Ramzi.

Masculinity at the Orthopedic Preschool: Disability Studies and the Politics of Childhood
 Wheeler, Elizabeth.

Massa, Massa-Mister, Mister: The "Degraded African" in William Apess' "A Son of the Forest" (1829)
 Miller, Mark.

May Be Sum Day: Online Video, Self-Representation, and Peer-to-Peer Music Industry
 Marshall, Wayne.

Mayoral Food Wagers: Creating Community with Crab Cakes and Chili Dogs
 Huang, Janice.

Melting Pot of America: Mexico and the Discursive Representations of Pluralism in 1930s New Mexico
 Flores, Ruben.

Members of the Tribe: Jewish-Amerindian Theory and the Making of a Modern American Consciousness
 Cohen, Julia.

Memory, Republican Virtue, and Commemoration in Nineteenth-Century America
 Kosiorek, Jeffrey.

Merle Oberon’s Look: Reconcilable Differences in William Wyler’s "These Three" (1936)
 Van Leer, David.

Methods for Writing Interdisciplinary American Indian (Hi)Story: Tribalography, Word Weaving, and Postindian Survivance
 Doerfler, Jill.

Mexican Internal Borders: Subcomandante Marcos and the EZLN
 Martin, Desiree.

Middle Passages: Liberated Africans in U.S. Government Camps and Ships
 Fett, Sharla.

Migrating Print in Interwar New Orleans
 Silva Gruesz, Kirsten.

Militarized Crossroads of Asian/Pacific/America: Rethinking the Pacific Through the Legacies of U.S. and Japanese Empires
 Shigematsu, Setsu.

Militarized Filipino Manhood and the Language of Patriotic
 Suarez, Theresa.

Mirror Images: Puritan Visual Practice Reconsidered
 Promey, Sally.

Mixing Bodies and Minds: Race, Class and Educational Politics in Two Southern Cities, 1874-1889.
 Jewell, Joseph.

Money is the Child’s Queer Ride: Sexing and Racing around the Future
 Stockton, Kathryn.

Mongrels, Monsters, and Morons: Early American Cinema and the Extraordinary Body
 Heard, Danielle.

Monstrous Women: The Violence of ‘Partial Birth Abortion’ and the Transgressions of Citizenship
 Brandzel, Amy.

Moodsville: Elington’s Indigos and the Domestic Policy of Jazz
 Anderson, Paul.

Moronic Gawpers vs. World Understanding: Misgivings of a National Geographic Writer-Photographer
 Rothenberg, Tamar.

Movie Stars, Gleaming Cars, and Cancer Clusters: U.S. Cultural Influence in Peter Carey’s Fiction
 O\'Reilly, Nathanael.

Muhammad�s Ghost: Religion, Censorship and the Politics of Intimidation in "South Park"
 Gournelos, Ted.

Multiple Publics and Converging Aesthetics: Re-Performing the City, From Loisada to the South Bronx
 Valentin-Escobar, Wilson.

Murdering the Metaphor: Can the Sound of Blackness Survive Virtuality?
 Goldberg, David.

Music, the Culture Industry, and the Paradox of the Democratized Audience
 Suisman, David.

Muted Mutinies on Nineteenth-Century Chinese Slave Ships
 Pfaelzer, Jean.

Muybridge in the Parlor
 Olson, Alexander.
American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2008-Oct-16 to 2008-Oct-20
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