American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2008-Oct-16 to 2008-Oct-20

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Race and Labor in the �Propaganda of History�: Comparative Analysis of Charles and Mary Beard�s "The Rise of American Civilization" and W.E.B. Du Bois�s "Black Reconstruction in America"
 Yang, Caroline.

Race and Rabies: Public Health and Political Power in Cold War Los Angeles
 Leonard, Kevin.

Race and U.S. Settler Sovereignty
 Bruyneel, Kevin.

Race at the Crossroads of Belonging
 Sharpe, Christina.

Race, Exceptionalism and the Right to Trial by Jury in Puerto Rico
 Venator Santiago, Charles.

Race, Gender, and the Struggle for Intellectual Property Rights in American Dance
 Kraut, Anthea.

Race, Migration, and the Politics of Environmentalism: The Case of Aspen, CO
 Park, Lisa.

Race, Orientalism, and the “Post-9/11" Cinema of Recuperation in "Crash" and "Reign Over Me"
 Chan-Malik, Sylvia.

Race, Violence and Terror: The Cultural Defensibility of Heteronormative Citizenship in the Virginia Tech Massacre and the Don Imus Affair
 Desai, Jigna.

Racial Analogy and the Claustrophobia of Identity in James Baldwin's "Giovanni's Room"
 Hsu, Stephanie.

Racial Publicity and Propaganda
 Santamarina, Xiomara.

Racial Rehabilitations of the Cold War
 Kim, Jodi.

Racial Reparation
 Eng, David.

Radical Subjectivities: Rethinking Agency on the U.S-Mexico Border
 Castillo, Eric.

Radical by Nature: Sanora Babb and Ecological Disaster on the High Plains, 1900-1940
 Wixson, Douglas.

Rancheros, Raperos, Rockeros y Otros Ruidos del Norte: Noise in the Aural Landscape in Northern New Mexico
 García, David.

Re(a)d Man: Representing Native American Masculinity in Superhero Comics
 Yockey, Matt.

Re-reading Vincent Chin: Race, Masculinity, and the Crisis of Community in Postindustrial Detroit.
 Kurashige, Scott.

Re-writing the Genealogy of Okinawans: The Koza Uprising of 1970
 Ueunten, Wesley.

Reading Gerald Vizenor at the Crossroads of Trauma, Memory and Survivance
 Madsen, Deborah.

Reframing the Lanes: Communist, Native American, Gay and Lesbian Bowling in Late 20th Century Los Angeles
 Ides, Matthew.

Relocations: Incidental Suburbanism in Contemporary Queer Theory
 Tongson, Karen.

Remapping Storied Landscapes in Diane Glancy�s "Pushing the Bear": Trauma, Diaspora and the Environmental Imagination
 Chang, Clara Shu-Chun.

Remembering 9/11: Vernaculars of Trauma
 Das Gupta, Monisha.

Remembering Segregated Roads: Narratives of Rejection in Jim Crow New Orleans
 Simmons, LaKisha.

Rendering Third Spaces: Project MASA, Decolonial Imaginaries, and the Redistribution of the Visual
 Merla-Watson, Cathyrn.

Renegotiating Publicness, Neighborhood, and Ethnicity: A Sociospatial History of the New Deal-era Mission District
 Howell, Ocean.

Representing the Race: Activism and Public Identity in the Early Twentieth-Century
 Ardizzone, Heidi.

Reproduction in Cyberspace: The Digital Intersection Between Donors and Recipients on Fertility Clinic Websites
 Berliner, Lauren.

Rereading the Slave Hunt: On the Trail of Dogs and Humans in Plantation Society
 Chia, Christina.

Rescuing the Ideal Citizen: Welfare Reform Rhetoric and the Innocent Child
 Daniel, Clare.

Researching, Teaching, and Translating American Literature in Taiwan
 Shan, Te-hsing.

Resisting Reunion: The Failed National Marriage Plot in Anna Dickinson�s "What Answer?"
 Jackson, Holly.

Rethinking the Intersections: Sexual Regulation and Racialized Citizenship
 Kandaswamy, Priya.

Revising Sex, Defining Sin: Homosexuality in the Mainline Protestant Denominational Statements, 1967-1972
 White, Heather.

Revolutionary Dreams and Folkloric Practice: Radical Labor Politics in the Work of Carlos Cortez and Richard Wright
 Herrera, Olga.

Rites of Passage: The Corps of Discovery Bicentennial and the Commemorations of Indian Trails
 Koelle, Sandra.

Rocket Man: Thirty Years of Elton John in the American Top 40
 Weisbard, Eric.

Rowing for Palestine, Performing the Crossroads, Living Multiple Consciousness: Mark Gerban and Suheir Hammad
 Bauridl, Birgit.

Rumors of Foreign Plots, Profiteering, and Hoarding of American Food Supplies during World War I
 Cafer du Plessis, Elizabeth.
American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2008-Oct-16 to 2008-Oct-20
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