American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2008-Oct-16 to 2008-Oct-20

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TEK and Native American Literary/Cultural Studies: Indigeneity in Gorden Henry's "The Light People"
 Juan, Rose Hsiu-li.

Taking It to the Streets: Urban Civility, Energy Conservation, and Alternate Reality Games
 Losh, Elizabeth.

Talking to the Dead: Transpacific War Memory and Asian American Literature
 Sato, Gayle.

Tambien de Dolor Se Canta: Border Crossings in Loteri­a Imagery
 Beza, Brenda.

Tambo and Bones in Africa: The Minstrel Show in Pre-Industrial South Africa, 1862-1873
 Thelwell, Chinua.

Tano y Chamorro/Land of the Chamorros
 Negrón-Muntaner, Frances.

Teaching Class: Reading, Writing, and American Studies at an Urban Research University
 Franks, Pete.

Teaching Film as Transnational American Studies
 Serna, Laura Isabel.

Television and the Imagined Community: Urban Riots as the Other Living Room War
 Chong, Sylvia.

Temporal Disjuncture, Body Remains?
 Lee, Chris.

Tex-Mex San Antonio: Culinary Aesthetics of Identity, Space, and Place
 Cardenas, Norma.

That Friendship of Whites: Philanthropy in Booker T. Washington and Charles Chesnutt
 Sawaya, Francesca.

The Aesthetics of Riots and Rebirth: Belated Social Documentary Photography and Martin Luther King Jr.
 Lewis, Sarah.

The Alchemy of Belief: The Creation Museum, the Sacred, and the Profane
 Ricketts, Jeremy.

The American Society of African Culture 1958-1959: the Cold War, the CIA, and the Birth of Black Literary Revolt
 Jackson, Lawrence.

The Black Cat in the Hat: Seuss and Race in the 1950s
 Nel, Philip.

The Black Underground: Uprisings from Below and the Black “Underclass” in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man
 Heise, Thomas.

The Brief Wondrous Career of Junot Diaz
 Carpio, Glenda.

The Bushman and the Cowboy: Australian and American Frontier Mythology, Transnational Popular Culture, and National Identity
 Turner, Leland.

The Case for Scholarly Reportage
 Ross, Andrew.

The Changs Next Door to the Diazes’: Regional Racial Formation in Los Angeles’s San Gabriel Valley
 Cheng, Wendy.

The City Raw: Photography, Class, and Culture in Cold War New York
 Entin, Joseph.

The Class Dimensions of Brownness
 Pulido, Laura.

The Commercial Indian
 Scott-Williams, Amanda.

The Crossroads After 9/11: Production and Reception in New Mexico's "Los Moros y Cristianos" Plays
 Dahlberg, Sandra.

The Cultural Work of Edward Everett Hale's "The Man Without a Country"
 Levine, Robert.

The Dead Body as Cabinet of Medical Curiosity: Corpses, Cadavers, and the Human Anatomy Lab
 Clifford, Clare Emily.

The Death Penalty and Innocence on Trial
 Ryan, Kathleen.

The Deportation Terror
 Buff, Rachel.

The Distance Between Medford and Meridan is a Stone’s Throw
 Suarez, Harrod.

The Domestic Dependent Status of Native Studies with American Studies
 Shorter, David.

The Drama of Disintegration: American Bodies and Diaspora Geographies in Ama Ata Aidoo’s "Dilemma of a Ghost"
 Pinto, Samantha.

The Eastern Bloc Meets the Mythic West: East Germany, Hollywood, and the Western
 McCormack, Kara.

The Education of Zitkala-Sa: How Pragmatism Goes Native
 Pickavance, Jason.

The Epistolary Landscape of Mass Incarceration
 Han, Sora.

The Ethics of Affection: AIDS and the Drama of Everyday Life in Bed Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
 Roberts, Frank.

The Ethnoscape of Hip Hop: Alterity and Authenticity in Italian North American Hip Hop
 Sciorra, Joseph.

The Experience of Print in the Early Black Atlantic
 Rezek, Joseph.

The Ford Motor Company: Colonization from Detroit to the Detroit of South Africa.
 Esch, Elizabeth.

The Foreign Labyrinth: Two Competing Memories in the Age of 9/11
 May, Lary.

The Gods Were Dancing and We Were Soon to Join Them: Performance, Knowledge, and the Body in Hurston and Dunham
 Batiste, Stephanie.

The Gray Zone: Hillary Clinton and the Ways We Live History
 Whitt, Jan.

The Great Garlic Cook-off: Cooking Contests and the Paradigm of Domestic Cooking
 Adema, Pauline.

The Guilty Subject: Frederick Douglass and the Racialized Limits of Freedom
 Ramdin, Shaun.

The Illogic of Illness: Reflections on the Cultural Construction of “Montezuma’s Revenge”
 Houston, Lynn.

The Invisible Labor of Prisoners
 Lucas, Ashley.

The Jingle Dress in Ojibwe History
 Child, Brenda.

The Korean American Cowboy
 Patell, Cyrus.

The Labor of Love: Kinship, Multiracialism, and Antiracist Practice in Jane Lazarre’s "Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness" and Rebecca Walker’s "Black White and Jewish”
 Ibrahim, Habiba.

The Light and the Truth of Slavery and the Margins of Abolitionist Print Culture
 Cohen, Lara.

The Lincoln County War Revisited: Place, Race, and Memory
 Aranda, Jose.

The Magic Island: Haiti, Seabrook, and the Working Dead
 Zieger, Susan.

The Making of Barack Obama
 Li, Stephanie.

The Martyrdom of Pat Tillman and the Battle for His Civil Religious Meaning
 Ebel, Jonathan.

The Mexican Body and State Violence
 Cuevas, ofelia.

The Myth of the Infinite Embrace: Armenians and American Citizenship
 Hewitt, Kim.

The Myth of the Superwoman in Speculative Fictions of the Long 1970s
 Carrington, Andre.

The Nature of Dislocation and Desire: The Poetry of Adrienne Rich and Minnie Bruce Pratt
 Stein, Rachel.

The Neoliberal State of Disaster Exceptionalism
 McClennen, Sophia.

The New War on Terror and the Old Civil Rights
 Young, Cynthia.

The Night the Stars Fell: Historical Convergences on the Southern Plains
 Graulich, Melody.

The Outsourcing of Souls: Black and Mexican Catholics in 1920s Chicago
 Martinez, Anne.

The People of the "Picture Window": The Jewish Suburban Debate
 Kranson, Rachel.

The People’s Voice: A Progressive African American Press Confronts the Cold War.
 Peterson, Rachel.

The Political Culture of American Fanaticism: John Brown and Operation Rescue
 Olson, Joel.

The Practice of Belonging in B-Boying Cyphers
 Johnson, Imani.

The Professor’s House and the Ethics of Authenticity
 King, Robert.

The Public Life of La Alianza Federal de Mercedes
 Trujillo, Simón.

The Quest for �Cosmopolitan Affection:� W. E. B. Du Bois and the Settlement Movement
 Rowan, Jamin.

The Quiet Little Republic: Liberia, The US, and the Sentiment of Success
 Lewis, Adam.

The Racial Railroad: Traversing Technology, Space, and the Color Lines in Twentieth Century American Ethnic Literature
 Lee, Julia.

The Real and the Reel in Columbia Pictures 1940 Film, "Arizona": Projecting Memories and Futures of the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands
 Cadava, Geraldo.

The Rhetoric and Reach of "Hispanidad": From Village to Ivory Tower
 Nieto-Phillips, John.

The Rich Are Different: Work and Life in Annie Hall, An Unmarried Woman, and Kramer vs. Kramer
 Corkin, Stanley.

The Right to Laugh: Children, Race, and Humorous Publication in Antebellum America
 Hughes, Jennifer.

The Shadow of the White Pacific: Transnational Politics of Anti-Asian Agitation in the U.S.-Canadian Borderlands
 Chang, Kornel.

The Sovereign Body: Indigenous Political Form and Genealogics of Rule
 Simpson, Audra.

The Special People Club: Scenes from the New Queer Minstrelsy
 Daniel, Drew.

The Special Relationship: Contemporary European American Studies and the State
 Carroll, Hamilton.

The Spirit of Expansion and Speculation: How Racial Violence Caused the Panic of 1837
 Worden, Carisa.

The State Fair in Twenty-First Century America: Where Rural Nostalgia and Agricultural Industrialization Collide
 Hajdik, Anna.

The Story of History: American Studies and Race Theory Re-Imagined
 Sneider, Leah.

The Sublime Revolutionary Power of Development: José Bernardo Gutiérrez de Lara and the Movement for Mexican Independence in Texas
 Coronado, Raul.

The Third-generation Armenian American Writers Echo the Quest for Self-Identity with the Genocide at Its Core
 Peroomian, Rubina.

The Transit of Empire: Native Hawaiian Reorganization and the Indian Contagion
 Byrd, Jodi.

The Troubled Properties of U.S. Colonialism: Urban Sprawl and Uncommon Ground
 Goldstein, Alyosha.

The Truman Show: Cold Wars of the Mind in the Neoliberal Present
 Lott, Eric.

The U.S. Audience of Haitian Political Memoirs, 1805-1820
 Daut, Marlene.

The U.S. Cold War Information Dissermination Campaign in Asia: Local Contexts and National Identities
 Tsuchiya, Yuka.

The United States of Failure? The Failed State and Exceptionalism
 Hitchcock, Peter.

The Use of the Frontier Topos in Sam Peckinpah’s "Cross of Iron"
 Paryz, Marek.

The Vanishing Americanists
 Kennedy, Liam.

The Virginian: “Only a Good Soldier” in Wister’s Class War
 Roe, Jae.

The War at Home: Chicano/a Activism against the Viet Nam Conflict
 Oropeza, Lorena.

The Whole World on a Plate
 Willis, Susan.

The ‘Particular Task’ of ‘Integrated Analysis’: Examining Race, Sex, and Gender in the Politics of Urban Violence
 Hanhardt, Christina.

The �Clouded Citizenship� of Rooted Families: Natural Grounds of National Belonging in Hiroshi Nakamura�s "Treadmill"
 Wald, Sarah.

They’re Nihilists, Donny: Bowling and the Performance of Masculinity in Hollywood Cinema
 Biddinger, Megan.

This Land Belongs to Us: Articulations of Anishinaabe Sovereignty in Treaty-making with the U.S. and Canada.
 Stark, Heidi.

Three Cold War Texts and a Critique of Imperialism
 Munro, John.

Timestamp: Temporality and Visual Culture in the Global War on Terror
 Adelman, Rebecca.

To Determine Our Own Course: Protestant Christianity, Wilsonian Democracy, and the Korean Independence Movement in the United States, 1919-1945
 Choi, Anne.

Toil and Soil: Authorizing Enslaved Ecological Work and Rites
 Ruffin, Kim.

Touring Waste and Memory Fatigue: Resisting Environmental Injustice
 Pezzullo, Phaedra.

Toward Ecofeminist Praxis for Repossessing Bodies: Performance and Resistance in Cherríe Moraga’s Plays
 Kina, Ikue.

Towards a Caribbean Theory of Indigeneity in the Americas
 Jackson, Shona.

Trading Bodies: Race and Memory in the Progressive-Era White Slavery Panic
 McElya, Micki.

Trading Spaces: The Role of Women Soldiers in Bringing the Home Front to the War Front
 Havenhand, Lucinda.

Transnational American Studies–The Challenge of New Programs in the Context of North Africa
 Morgan, Nina.

Transnational Domesticity: Fabiola Cabeza de Baca's Agricultural Extension Work in New Mexico and Mexico (1929-1957)
 McMahon, Marci.

Transnational Feminist Utopias: Gilman�s "Herland" and Hossain�s �Sultana�s Dream�
 Nadkarni, Asha.

Transnational Wheel of Images: Hollywood Makes a Plea for Mutual Understanding Between Middle East and West
 Mohamed, Eid.

Transpacific Crossroads of American Folk Music: The U.S. and Japanese Constructions of Folk and Otherness
 Tachi, Mikiko.

Transracial Adoption and the Multiracial Family, 1950-2000: Pinko Queer Revolt or Neoliberal Wet Dream?
 Briggs, Laura.

Trapped in the Margins: (Re)Locating Indians in the 19th Century Southeast
 Kertesz, Judy.

Travels of Terror: Indigeneity, Gender and Visuality in Peru and the United States
 Garcia, Gloria.

Traversing Borders in Central Mexico
 Peña, Elaine.

Troppo Mario: Italian Cooking, American Celebrity
 Gennari, John.

Turning Indian, Empowering African American Identity: Hopkins' Turn-of-the-Century Manifest Domesticity in Winona
 Hsu, Shih-szu.

Turtles Can Fly: Invasion, Influence and Inevitability Along the Frontier
 Romanow, Rebecca.

Twelve Million Black Voices in No Man's Land: The Dialectics of Regionalism in Richard Wright
 Karem, Jeff.
American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2008-Oct-16 to 2008-Oct-20
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