American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2008-Oct-16 to 2008-Oct-20

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W.E.B. Du Bois’s Agit-prop
 Flatley, Jonathan.

Wars of Rebellion: U.S. Latino/a Writings and the American Civil War
 Aleman, Jesse.

Was Whitman Losing Faith in Democracy?: A Revisionary Tale in a Trail of Revisions
 Haile, Adam.

Washington, D.C.'s 'Negro' Press-The 'Unmaking' of a Cooperative Black Society
 Heard, Sandra.

Watching Pain
 Glassmeyer, Danielle.

We Are Not Alone: The Erasure of Mexican Immigrant Adolescence across the U.S. Mexican Borderlands, 1940-1956
 Rosas, Ana.

We Didn’t Cross The Charts, The Charts Crossed Us:
 Kun, Josh.

We Were Observing and We Copied: Florynce Kennedy, Black Power and the “Genesis” of Feminism(s)
 Randolph, Sherie.

Welcome to the Desert of the Reel!
 Westlati, Hager.

What is a Black Indian? Misplaced Expectations and Lived Realities
 Collins, Robert.

When We Were Kings: Billy Jack, Fritz Scholder, and the Lost Rebellions of 1972
 Smith, Paul.

Where Dusk Meets Dawn: Listening to Du Bois at the Crossroads
 Stoever-Ackerman, Jennifer.

Where is the Speakin' Place? Alice Childress and Cold War Dissent
 Baldwin, Kate.

Where the Boys Are: Red Cross Donut Dollies in the Vietnam War
 Vuic, Kara.

Whip that Hoedad in the Ground: Race and Nation in the National Forest
 Sifuentez, Mario.

White Masculinity’s “Border Panic” and the Legal Borders of American Identity
 Magill, David.

White Women’s Crimes: Race, Rebellion and Queer Seductions on "The L Word" and "Weeds"
 Lehman, Kate.

White-Collar Unemployment and Cultural Impact of the Dual-Career Couple
 Lane, Carrie.

Whitening the "Yalla": Black Middle-Class Embodiment and Racial Ambiguity in Toni Morrison's "Tar Baby"
 Jenkins, Candice.

Whitman's 'Barbaric Yawp' and the Transnational Avant-Garde: Walt Whitman at the Crossroads
 Bohan, Ruth.

Who Remembers Penn's Treaty? The Radical Early Historiography of Pennsylvania's Founding Legend
 Newman, Andrew.

Who is the You in You Tube? Class Composition on a High-Speed Connection?
 Bousquet, Marc.

Why Do They Hate Us?: Sexual Exceptionalism and Denial of Palestinian Rights Post 9/11
 Amirah, Amal.

Why Isn't America Helping People It Hurt During the War? Agent Orange Narratives from Vietnam
 Fox, Diane.

Why? (The King of Love is Dead): Nina Simone’s Postmodern Musical Eulogy
 Tillet, Salamishah.

Willie and the Poor Boys: Masculinity and Rock Music in the Vietnam War
 Kramer, Michael.

Witnessing Atrocities
 Kozol, Wendy.

Woman’s Work for Woman: US-Based Medical Missionaries and the Roots of Indian Nursing Labor
 Reddy, Sujani.

Women Spoken "About" But Not "With": New Grounds for Transnational Feminist Theory
 Kitch, Sally.

Women and Water: Violence and Environmental Justice at the U.S. Borders
 Sze, Julie.

Work as Colonial Resistance: Apaches and Pawnees as Colonized Labor
 Lahti, Janne.

Working in the Middle: The Intersections of Chicana Theory and Latina Practice
 González, Tanya.
American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2008-Oct-16 to 2008-Oct-20
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