American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2009-Nov-05 to 2009-Nov-09

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"A Soldier's Creed": Camp Newspapers, Syndication Practices, and Soldier Publics in Great War America
 Coventry, Michael.

"An Undertaker Like Him": Dan Young and the 1946 Moore's Ford Lynching
 Smith, Suzanne.

"Black Migration and the Politics of Exclusion in James Williams's 'Life and Adventures'"
 Wong, Edlie.

"Broken Affects"
 Pittman, Alex.

"Climates of History: Atlantic Geopolitics, Narrative Indirection, and the Transient Citizen in Douglass's 'The Heroic Slave'"
 Hyde, Carrie.

"Fagtrash": Christopher Isherwood and Queer Readers
 Harker, Jaime.

"Intimate Frequencies: Radio Alice's Broadcast of Transnational Belonging"
 Mullins, Jonathan.

"Know whence You Came”: James Baldwin’s Queer Passings in Four Documentaries
 Zaborowska, Magdalena.

"Pauline Hopkins and the Impossible Geography of Africa"
 Bentley, Nancy.

"Performing Sex; Facing AIDS: a Point at which Public Health and Performance Ethnography Can Meet."
 Bailey, Marlon.

"Promiscuous Citizenship"
 Frank, Jason.

"Samuel Ringgold Ward's Agricultural Aspirations"
 Schoolman, Martha.

"Sexual Problems: Heteronormativity, Pornography and Asian American Men"
 Parreñas Shimizu, Celine.

"Shifting Site, Affective Virtuosity: meditations on a posturban parking garage"
 Bell, Biba.

"Social Class and 'The Wire' "
 Cassano, Graham.

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A Child’s Best Friend: Madame Alexander Dolls during the Depression
 Gould, Sarah.

A Contribution to the Critique of Political Ecology: Sustainability as the Reproduction of the Conditions of Production
 Medovoi, Leerom.

A Diasporic Underground: African Liberation and Black Power, 1957-1994
 Hayes, Robin.

A Greater Christian Family, in Heaven: Early-Nineteenth Century Missionary Education in Indian Country
 Peterson, Dawn.

A Large, Extended Family: Race, Resistance, and Familial Belonging in Hettie Jones’s Autobiographical Practices
 Williams, Megan.

A Mirror on America: Portraits of White House Workers
 Bushong, William.

A Missionary in Reverse: Samuel Wells Williams, China, and the Liminal Missionary Experience
 Haddad, John.

A Moving-Picture of Democracy: African American Film History Beyond the “Screen Mirror”
 Friedman, Ryan.

A New Spelling of Her Name: Audre Lorde's Queer Black Marxism
 Holcomb, Gary.

A Question of Trust: Nuclear Disaster, Citizenship, and the State at Three Mile Island
 Zaretsky, Natasha.

A Radical in the House?: Michelle Obama as Revolutionary Warrior
 Rhodes, Jane.

A Shifting Sense of Belonging: Sidney Lumet’s The Pawnbroker
 Smith, Allison.

A Vague and Vagrant Gender: Work, Citizenship, and the Legal Distribution of Masculinity
 Hawkins, Robert.

A citizen of the world? Chang, “The Chinese Giant”
 Hutchinson, Elizabeth.

Aboveground, Underground, and Locked Down: Prisons, Neo-liberalism, and Revolutionary Violence in the 1970s U.S.
 Dillon, Stephen.

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Bandit Citizenship and Outlaw Violence in John Rollin Ridge’s The Life and Adventures of Joaquin Murieta
 Drysdale, David.

Barack Obama: The First Cool President
 Dinerstein, Joel.

Beauty and Ethnicity in Wedded Bliss: Rites and Romance in the Transnational Asian/American Bridal Industry
 Lieu, Nhi.

Becoming Animal, Becoming Citizen
 Allewaert, Monique.

Becoming Human: Birth and Belonging in Mary Rowlandson’s Captivity Narrative
 Brooks, Lisa.

Before and After the Gringo Came: Mexican American Masculinity and the New California Literary History
 Varon, Alberto.

Beginning from the Void: Hmong-American Literature and the Logic of Belonging
 Jalao, Ly Chong Thong.

Behind the Orange Curtain
 Tongson, Karen.

Being the Shadow: Witnessing Schizophrenia
 Diedrich, Lisa.

Belonging Toward Death: Interaction Ritual and the Production of Community in a Midwestern Hospice Organization
 Erickson, Karla.

Belonging through sign language: Deaf Americans and the development of a transnational citizenship discourse
 Murray, Joseph.

Belonging to Capital, Belonging in Capital
 Smith, Paul.

Belongings: Slave Space and Slave Property on the Antebellum Plantation
 Luck, Chad.

Berenice Abbott and the Dilemma of Urban Citizenship
 Katz, Tamar.

Between Admiration and Contempt: Emerson, Democracy, and the Problem of Greatness
 Rogers, Melvin.

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C.L.R. James' Black Bloc: Libertarian Socialism, Civil Rights, and Decolonization
 Cornell, Andrew.

Can the Ho’s Speak? Queering Black Porn, Illicit Eroticism, and Sexual Rights
 Miller-Young, Mireille.

Captivating America: The Mass Marketing of Colonial Captive Hannah Duston
 Humphreys, Sara.

Captured by Iraqis!: The Reemergence of American Captivity Narratives in the 21st Century
 Brander Rasmussen, Birgit.

Carson McCullers’s “Angle”: Southern Cosmopolitanism in The Ballad Of The Sad Café
 Mass, Noah.

Castaways: The Swiss Family Robinson, Child Book-Makers, and Literary Salvage
 Sanchez-Eppler, Karen.

Celebrating Martyrs: The Popular Front and Chicago's Memorial Day Massacre
 Quirke, Carol.

Cell Block Theater: Entertainment, Liberation, and the Politics of Prison Theater in the 1970s
 Bernstein, Lee.

Changing Currents in Environmental Documentary: Drama and Depoliticization in An Inconvenient Truth
 Feldmar, Shawna.

Changing Woman, the Great War, and Soldier Citizenship in the Society of American Indians
 Washburn, Kathleen.

Chinese Family Photographs and American Collective Memory
 Wexler, Laura.

Chinese Labor and the Diversions of "Progress" in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands
 Smith, L. Chase.

Circuits of Political Prophecy: Martin Luther King, Jr., Peter Tosh, Ekwueme Michael Thelwell, and the Black Radical Imaginary
 Mathes, Carter.

Citizens of Empire: Transnationalism and Belonging in the Literature of the Great Depression
 Balthaser, Benjamin.

Citizenship Imagined: Prosopopeia and Narratives of Nation in Hip-Hop Culture
 Peterson, James.

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Death, Nature, and Indian Mounds: The Ideological Origins of Mount Auburn Cemetery
 Sachs, Aaron.

Defending Illegal Immigrants: The Liberty Wall, The Diatribe, and Perspective by Incongruity
 Seitz, David.

Desert Music: Listening, Space, and the Borders of the Sonic West
 Kun, Josh.

Desert Poetics: Space, Deterritorialization, and Ecology in Catherine Hong Park’s Dance Dance Revolution
 Song, Min.

Designing Diversity: Reassessing belonging in the design industries and among practitioners of a Latino aesthetic
 Londoño, Johana.

Destitution in the Digital City
 Lyness, Drew.

Developing and Sustaining Intercultural Communicative Competence by Teaching and Studying Graphic Narratives
 Hecke, Carola.

Dialectic Imagin (ation): Lila Downs’s Musical Border Crossings in a Global World
 Guevara, Gema.

Diasporic Aesthetics of Belonging and Fictions of Return in Filipino America
 Reyes, Eric.

Diasporic, Consumer, and Cultural Citizenship in Kim’s A Cab Called Reliable and Cha’s Dictee
 Thoma, Pamela.

Digital Memoir: Reflections on Cultural Identity and Processes of Identification
 McCready, Lance.

Disability and the not-so-strange career of John Howard Griffin
 Brune, Jeffrey.

Disappearing Service: The Circulation of Postmortem and Portrait Photographs of U.S. Military Personnel
 Hall, Rachel.

Disciplining the Dead: Behaviorism, Automatism, and the First Zombies
 Selisker, Scott.

Diseased: Illness, Liberation, and Citizenship in 18th-Century Transcolonial and African-American Literatures
 Stone, Andrea.

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Eco-Cosmopolitan Futures? Scales of Sustainable Citizenship in American Climate Change Documentaries
 Weik, Alexa.

Ecological Indigeneity: Environmental Sustainability and Community Belonging in Global Indigenous Discourse
 Chung, Tzu-I.

Ecopoetics of Sustainability: Garbage, Toxicity, and Healing in the Works of Allen Ginsberg
 Bellarsi, Franca.

Educating the “Heathen”: A Comparative Study of American Mission Schools, 1810-1850
 Conroy-Krutz, Emily.

Edwidge Danticat’s Dewbreaker as Postcolonial Tragedy
 Machado Sáez, Elena.

El Puerto Rican Embassy: Civic Agency, Cultural Interventions, and Surrealist Counterpublics
 Valentin-Escobar, Wilson.

El otro “ambiente” : Class and Ethnicity in queer urban spaces in Mexico City
 Russo Garrido, Anahi.

Elizabeth Maddock Dillon: Axes of American Studies
 Dillon, Elizabeth.

Elusive Justice: Democratic Kampuchea’s Cultural Genocide of the Muslim Cham
 Thi Underhill, Julie.

Embodied Memory: The Hiroshima Maidens
 Fields, Alison.

Embracing Neo-liberalism, Longing For Citizenship: How Asian Indian Entrepreneurs Advance Their Belonging and Marginalization
 Dhingra, Pawan.

Emily Carr, Totem Poles, and the Politics of Belonging
 Hung, Min-hsiou Rachel.

Engendering Spaces of Civil Death: Carceral Spatiality and the Limits of Black Citizenship
 Shabazz, Rashad.

Enlisting in America’s Army: The Embodied Practice of Violence and Belonging
 Eagle, Jonna.

Environmental Ethics in William S. Yellow Robe, Jr.’s The Council
 Gamber, John.

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Fair Vanity? The Visual Culture of Humanitarianism in the Age of Consumer Citizenship
 Brough, Melissa.

Fair, But Not So Lovely: The Commodification of Skin Bleaching Creams Among African American Women
 Sims, Yvonne.

Falling Out With Green Nukes: Reproduction, Scarcity, and the Rhetoric of Nuclear Energy
 Lynch, Lisa.

Fathers Playing Catch With Sons: Constructions of Masculinity and Citizenship in Post-Fordist Baseball Fiction
 Gilbert, Daniel.

Fifty-Five Plus: Active Adult Communities, Age Segregation and the American (Social) Landscape
 Zehelein, Eva-Sabine.

Finding Sanctuary in Gayl Jones’ Mosquito
 Naimou, Angela.

Fixing Disability in the Name of Progress: The Transnational Capital of Disabled Latin Americans
 Smith, Emily.

Flight Distance: Zoo Design and Urban Anxiety in Postwar San Diego
 Uddin, Lisa.

Floating Communities and Contested Belonging: The Flood Narratives of Hurricane Katrina and Richard Wright.
 Ramsay, Jessica.

Florida, Mexico, Cuban Bloodhounds, and US Slavery: John S. Jacobs on President Zachary Taylor
 Windell, Maria.

Follow the Money: Imagining Radical Social Change Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex
 Boyd, Kate.

For Every Dark Moment There is Always a Glimmer of Hope: The Rank and File Movement in The Alaska Cannery Workers Union
 Domingo, Ligaya.

Foreign Oil and Civil Society in Venezuela
 Tinker Salas, Miguel.

Foreign and Domestic: Stratified Reproduction, Adoption, Migration
 Briggs, Laura.

Foreigners in Yoknapatawpha: The Mississippi Chinese and racial indeterminacy in Faulkner’s corpus
 Kim, Heidi.

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G.I. Juan: Latino Citizen-Soldiers in the U.S. War on Terror
 Garza, Irene.

Gardens in the Desert: Immigration, Belonging, and the Postcolonial City
 Perez, Vincent.

Gated Sustainable Communities: Eco-Utopias and the Question of Who Will Survive Climate Change
 Morrill, Patricia.

Gender, Citizenship, and the Militarization of Latino Families
 Rincon, Belinda.

Genealogy, Temporality, and Knowability: American Searches for African Roots
 Kokontis, Kate.

Gentrification and the Role of the Museum: Mapping Practices and Possibilities in Manhattan's Chinatown
 Sze, Lena.

Ghostly Matters: Grace Lee’s Revision of the Zombie Genre in "American Zombie"
 Liang, Iping.

Global O’Neill
 Vogel, Shane.

Going Native?: Japanese Internment Narratives and the Politics of Cross-racial Identification
 Day, Iyko.

Going Nuclear: Regional and National Perceptions of Nuclear Facilities in New Mexico
 Richter, Jennifer.

Good Neighbors, Bad Subjects, and the Amigo Warfare of the American Century
 Bascara, Victor.

Good Roads, Bad Men, and the Ugliest of Conditions: Life and Labor in Florida's Chain Gangs, 1917-1945
 Miller, Vivien.

Gordon Parks in the Favela and Ghetto: The Camera in the Hemispheric War on Poverty
 Krasovic, Mark.

Governmentality and Grand Theft Auto: Interacting with and Policing Racialized Criminality
 Kenna, Laura.

Grace Lee Boggs and Detroit’s Asian Political Alliance, 1970-1972
 Fu, May.

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Habitual Circuits of Transnational Queer Belonging: Theater-Cabaret in Mexico City
 Gutierrez, Laura., Russo Garrido, Anahi. and Laguarda, Rodrigo.

Haitian Soil for the Citizen's Soul
 Salt, Karen.

Happily Ever After: Reading Free to Be … You and Me
 Paris, Leslie.

Haptics, Mobile Handhelds, and other “Novel” Devices: Truong’s The Book of Salt and the Tactile Unconscious of Reading across New Media
 Lee, Rachel.

Haunted Frontiers: Ruins, Relics, and “Lost” Civilizations in the Backcountry
 Truett, Sam.

Herbert G. de Lisser's Psychological Approach to Vampirism in "The White Witch of Rose Hall"
 Mueller, Monika.

Hijacking Justice in America: Black Power Between Detroit and Algiers
 Meghelli, Samir.

Historic Witness or Missing Tooth? Rhodes Tavern and the Politics of Preservation in Washington, D.C.
 Logan, Cameron.

History Gave Grant Park Another Chance: Considering Place and a Civil Rights Trajectory
 Schroeder, Elizabeth.

History Was Made at Night: The Pedagogy of Queer Nightlife
 Hilderbrand, Lucas.

Hoboing the Empire State: Uplift, Violence, and Belonging in the “Black Pacific”
 Schleitwiler, Vincent.

Housing, Community and Belonging in Postwar Harlem
 Burns, Patricia.

How Imperial Oil Haunts Our Present
 Vitalis, Robert.

How Not to be a Multicultural Empire: Novels of the Post-American Era in the United States and China
 Jin, Wen.

How Sweet the Sound: African American Performances of Class and Citizenship Using the Piano
 Williams-Forson, Psyche.

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I Couldn’t Not Quilt Obama
 Turner, Patricia.

I Feel Bonded to These People: Outdoor Adventure, Suffering, and Feelings of Belonging
 Barnes, Barbara.

I became…a Negro myself”: Robert Park and the Plantation as a Model for Urban Order
 Baldwin, Davarian.

Identity Formation Among Muslim Youth: A Comparison of French and American Integration Debates
 Aidi, Hishaam.

Illiberal Internationalism: The Repeal of Chinese Exclusion and Chinese American Racial Formation, 1943-1955
 Chang, Jason.

Illinoistown: A Cultural History of East St. Louis in the Twentieth Century (joint paper)
 Patterson, Martha., Collins, Ann. and Lofton, Mary.

Imagining the Past for a Better Future: The WPA Murals of Aaron Douglas.
 Ragar, Cheryl.

Imperial Catholic Bodies: Monks, Friars, Authority and Transgression in U.S. Protestant Travel Literature, 1870-1910
 Moran, Katherine D..

In Liberty's Shadow: Refugees, Asylum, and the Bridges that Critical Race Theory Can Build
 Pulitano, Elvira.

In Search of an Abolitionist Discourse on Youth, Violence and Safety
 McCants, Johonna.

Incarcerated Labor: Reformers, Prisoners, and Trade Unionists in Early National New York
 Nash, Jonathan.

Incarcerated in Living Walls: Race, Labor, and Parole in the Great Depression
 Campbell, James.

Incomplete Men: Dismemberment and the American Civil War
 Nelson, Megan.

Infectious Imperialism: Mark Twain, Microbes and the Borders of the Citizen
 Nichols, Rachael.

Integrated Workplaces, Segregated Homes: Gender and Interracial Belonging in the Depression Era Migration Narratives
 Royston Battat, Erin.

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Jazz – a Cosmopolitan Vernacular: National and Transnational Narratives of Tradition and Belonging.
 Dvinge, Anne.


Katrina, You Bitch: Singing the Flood
 Rubin, Rachel.

Kaz, Cohen or Montmorency? Name-Changing in the United States During World War II
 Fermaglich, Kirsten.

Keyword "Literature"
 Hamner, Everett.

Keyword "Race"
 Jones, Jeannette.

Keyword “Gender”
 Hamlin, Kimberly.

Kicked out of Bed for Eating (like) Crackers: The Denigration of Southern Food
 DuPuis, E. Melanie.

Kinsey’s Sexual Taxonomies as Cold War Racial Biopolitics
 Sands, Travis.

Klowox, se asid bateri: Haitian Hunger, Food Economies, Global Divides
 Braziel, Jana.

Kufiyaspottings: Solidarity, Commerce, Banality
 Swedenburg, Ted.


La Maquila-Golondrina or Neoliberalism's Habitat-Fragmenting Habits
 Carroll, Amy.

La Vida Nueva? US Military Bases and Vietnamese and Cuban Refugees, Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas, 1975-1982
 Lipman, Jana.

Laboring Towards Racial Justice: The Black Alliance for Just Immigration and its Strategy of Resistance
 Escobar, Martha.

Landscapes, Maps, and Parangles: R.M. Lacovia, Black Images, and the Poltics and Aesthetics of Pan-African Print Culture
 Hudson, Peter.

Language and Intimacy in Hunger of Memory and Native Speaker
 Lim, Jeehyun.

Latina Digital Beauty: Collective Aesthetics, Commerce, and Cultural Citizenship on the Internet
 Cepeda, Maria Elena.

Latina/o American Visual Culture and Citizenship at HemisFair ‘68
 Fox, Claire.

Let Me In: Markets, Membership and the Civics of Black Popular Music, 1948 -1963
 McGovern, Charles.

Liam Kennedy: What Does America Want?
 Kennedy, Liam.

Liberation through Empire?: The Struggle for Imperial Citizenship in the Early Twentieth Century
 Khaghani, Leah.

Life Imitating Art Imitating Life: The Production and Consumption of Black “Street Vérité” Documentary Films
 Austin, Regina.

Like Being a Little Pregnant: Practices of Belonging and Exclusion in Online Jewish Genealogy
 Sommariva, Ami.

Like Oil and Water: Philanthropic Collaboratives and Farmworker Organizing
 Kohl-Arenas, Erica.

Limits of Tricontinental Solidarity: Robert F. Williams and the Sino-Cuban Rift Concerning the Third World
 Frazier, Robeson.

Lincoln 2.0: Barack Obama, citizenship, belonging, and the politics of racial drag
 Stow, Simon.

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Made in the U.S.A.: Americanizing Aesthetics at Carlisle
 Mauro, Hayes.

Making Belonging through Exclusion: Violence against South Asian Women, Non-Profit Organizations, Methodologies of Culture
 Munshi, Soniya.

Making Bodies Like a Rocket: Enhancement and Evolution of Natural Bodies
 McCullough, Sarah.

Making Philadelphia Safe for “WFIL-adelphia”: Television, Segregation, and Media Citizenship in Postwar Philadelphia
 Delmont, Matthew.

Making Sense of Ethnoscapes and Exploring their Progressive Potential
 Irazabal, Clara.

Making a Home in Utopia: Women, Citizenship, and Belonging in the New Deal Town of Greenbelt
 Searing Young, Megan.

Making an American Citizen: Teaching Citizenship in Social Problem Films of the Progressive Era
 Campbell, Donna.

Mangomania: Power, Hierarchy and Societal change in the U.S.- Mexican Mango Market
 Alvarez, Roberto.

Manly Crafts: Mike Kelley's (Oxy)moronic Gender Bending
 Levine, Cary.

Mark Twain, History, and the Legacies of Laughter
 Hughes, Jennifer.

Mashup as Icon: Shepard Fairey’s “Hope” Portrait of Barack Obama
 Reaves, Wendy.

Masters of the Universe and the Making of Markets: Race, Smartness, and Wall Street Culture
 Ho, Karen.

Max Brooks' "World War Z" and the Zombie Reanimation of Yellow Peril
 Fox, Timothy.

Memory, Narrative, and History: Rosalio Munoz and the Chicano Anti-War Movement in Los Angeles, 1969-70
 Garcia, Mario.

Memory, Nation and Social Transformation in the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission
 Angel, Naomi.

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Nativism and Nationhood: Migratory Birds, Immigrants, and the Making of Ecological Citizens
 Grabovac, Ivan.

Naughtiness and Nationhood. Race, Belonging, and Miss Italia 1996
 Ofori-Mensa, Afia.

Negotiating National Belonging: Afro-Religiosity as a Form of Resistence.
 Garcia-Peña, Lorgia.

Neighbors, Niceness & Citizenship
 Bramen, Carrie.

Nelson Sullivan and his Archive of Fabulous
 Montez, Ricardo.

Neoliberalism, Sex/Race Tourism and Queer Consumption in San Francisco’s Chinatown and Castro Districts
 Boyd, Nan.

Never Again!: Tracing a Politics of Japanese Latin American Redress and Reparations as Global Justice
 Kozen, Cathleen.

New Media and Disposable People
 Marez, Curtis.

Nixon’s War on Drugs and the Militarization of the Los Angeles Police Force: 1968-1973.
 Hinton, Elizabeth.

No Final Struggle: Grace Lee Boggs’s Evolving Concept of Revolution and the Legacy of the Black Power Movement
 Ward, Stephen.

Not One of Us: Denying the Rights of Citizenship to Convicted Offenders
 Leonard, Eileen.

Nothing But Negation: Black Power, New Communism, and the World-Economy
 Birkhold, Matthew.


Obama: A (Nearly) Flawless (Black) Masculinity?
 Neal, Mark.

ObamaPost-racial Blackness
 Singh, Nikhil.

Obama's America: Racial Reflections
 Winant, Howard.

Obamafiction for Children: Imagining the Forty-fourth President
 Nel, Philip.

Obama’s Race Resituated: Historicizing the Exportation of United States Multiculturalism to the World
 Taff, Corinne.

Occupied Bodies: Zombies in William Seabrook’s Memoir "The Magic Island" and the Film "White Zombie"
 Fischer-Hornung, Dorothea.

Oil on Film: New Narratives of Oil Crisis
 Szeman, Imre.

Oil, Bronze, and Stone: Sculptural Monuments to the Petroleum Industry
 Barrett, Ross.

Old Obsessions, Modern Concerns: Re-Evaluating the Dillingham Commission at 100
 Benton-Cohen, Katie.

Old and New Technologies of Feminism
 Juhasz, Alexandra.

On Both Sides of the Bean: Workers in a Coffee Commodity Chain
 Serrano, Orlando.

On the Stage of Empire: The Louisiana Purchase Exposition and the Emergence of a Global Indigenous Consciousness
 Medak-Saltzman, Danika.

One Nation...Indivisible: Double Consciousness and Black Musical Performance
 Redmond, Shana.

Only Two Sides to a Barricade: SDS and the Struggle Against South African Apartheid
 Casey, Caitlin.

Only in America: The Racial Politics of Country Music in a “Postracial” Age
 Pecknold, Diane.

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Paper Persuasions: Religious Conversion and Deliberative Democracy in the Captive Nun Tale
 Fenton, Elizabeth.

Passing for Black: Coon Songs and the Performance of Race
 Schroeder, Patricia.

Patriotism, Stillborn
 Johnston, Steven.

Pauper Extradition and Slave Rendition: The Double Standard of Civil Liberties in Antebellum Massachusetts
 Hirota, Hidetaka.

Performance Art, Racism, and Audience Confrontation: Adrian Piper's The Mythic Being
 McMillan, Uri.

Performing the Scripts of Lyrical Citizenship: Saul Williams and Other Poemcees
 Somers-Willett, Susan.

Perverse Citizenship: The Anti-Domestic Death Drive and Suki Kim's The Interpreter
 Chang, Juliana.

Physiological Democracy: The Bio/Culture of Citizenship, 1861
 Knadler, Stephen.

Picturing the Community: The McRee Town Neighborhood in Saint Louis, Missouri
 Kirouac-Fram, Jaclyn.

Picturing the View from Above: Mapping Identity on the Prairie Empire, 1860-1880
 Peterson Zundo, Mary.

Pinoy Posteriority
 Ponce, Martin.

Placing Humans in Nature: American Environmentalists and Global Population Control
 Robertson, Thomas.

Placing Pictures: Oaxacan Migrants and the Visual Economy of Intimacy
 Schreiber, Rebecca.

Playing the Perpetual Warrior: The Performativity of Hyperviolence in Gran
 Schein, Louisa. and Thoj, Va-Megn.

Post-9/11 Attacks on Academic Freedom: Uncivil States, Citizenship Practices, and the Power of Personal Narrative
 Franklin, Cynthia.

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Queer Bodies, Queer Citizenship
 Skidmore, Emily.

Queering Africa, Queering Diaspora
 Livermon, Xavier.

Queering the Velvets: A Reading of the Exploding Plastic Inevitable
 King, Homay.


Rabbit Raheem: I can’t live without my radio
 Peoples, Gabriel.

Race Suicide and Alternative Figurations of Reproduction
 Jerng, Mark.

Race Transcendence and the Racialized Muslim
 Schueller, Malini.

Race for Empire: Blacks and Arabs in Contemporary American Culture
 Bayoumi, Moustafa.

Race, Empire, and Sugar Tariffs in the Early Twentieth Century United States
 Merleaux, April.

Race-Making in the Shadows: Action and Authenticity in 1970s Prison Radicalism
 Berger, Dan.

Race-ing Homelessness: Social Science and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex
 Willse, Craig.

Racial Performance and Protest on Television: Harry Belafonte’s Network Musical Spectaculars, 1959 and 1966
 Smith, Judith.

Racial/Sexual Terror: Alan Ball and Alicia Erian's Towelhead
 Alkamano, Deborah.

Radical Whiteness: Anti-Racist Organizing and the Transformation of Racial Consciousness
 Middlebrook, Jeb.

Ragging the American Body: Race, Citizenship and the Bodily Economy of Ragtime
 Brooks, Lori.

Rap Music and the Response to Katrina
 Miller, Matt.

Rats, Deviance, and Crowding: Ecological Visions of Race and Overpopulation in John Calhoun’s Rat Cities
 Biehler, Dawn.

Reading Michelle Obama’s Body
 Johnson, Leola.

Reading the Crisis: Political Subjectivities in the Post-PATRIOT Act Era
 Buff, Rachel.

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Salvation and Sacrificial Acts: The Literary Color Line and Claims to Citizenship
 Mott, Shani.

Saving Mr. Jefferson: Slavery, Historiography, and the Sustainability of National Identity
 Brown, Kimberly Juanita.

Scopic Citizenship: Aerial Cinematography in 1950s Hollywood
 Smith, Dina.

Screening Pedophilia: The Value(s) of Virtual
 Harkins, Gillian.

Seeing the 'We': Showing History, Writing Citizenship in 12 Million Black Voices
 Lamm, Kimberly.

Segregation and Incarceration in the African-American Genre of Street Literature
 Graaff, Kristina.

Selling the Faces of Urban Renaissance: rhetorics of diversity in the (re)development of Washington, D.C.
 Maher, Justin.

Selling the Shadow: Okah Tubbee and the Performance of Afro-Indian Identities in Nineteenth Century North America
 Hudson, Angela.

Settler Colonialism, Genocide, Culture and the Problem of Indigenous Citizenship
 Kane, Katie.

Sex and the Single Girl (Over 50 and HIV-positive): Women, Aging, and the Politics of AIDS Prevention
 Brier, Jennifer.

Sex vs. Citizenship: Plessy, Prostitution, and the (re)Invention of the Erotic Octoroon
 Landau, Emily.

Shadow Archive: Lynching Photography, Afro-Modernist Literature, and Black Citizenship
 Faisst, Julia.

Sights of Rape and the Delineation of Modern Borders
 Garcia, Melissa.

Silence and Citizenship in Japanese Internment Camp Writing
 Hathaway, Heather.

Sing Me Back Home: Benefitting Katrina
 Melnick, Jeffrey.

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Tactics of Puerto Rican Cultural Production in East Harlem: Murals, Flags, Casitas, and Gardens
 Enck-Wanzer, Darrel.

Take this Hammer: Odetta, Coffeehouse Publics, and the Tributaries of the Left, 1953-1962
 Jacobson, Matthew.

Target(ing) HIV: Branding an Epidemic at the Minnesota AIDS Walk
 Urquhart, Alex.

Teaching Graphic Novels in a Multicultural Class Room
 Briel, Holger.

Television Drama as Dissent: The Wire as Antidote to Self-Help Ideology
 Peck, Janice.

Testimonial Citizenship: Responding to “International Women’s Issues”
 Boyd, Melanie.

Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola: Transnational Systems of Commodities, Culture, and Activism in Neoliberal India
 Ciafone, Amanda.

The "Thrill" of Not Belonging: Sui Sin Far on Citizenship
 Chapman, Mary.

The ABCs of Chinese Pop: Celebrity and the Performance of Ethnic and Transnational Identities
 Wang, Grace.

The Aesthetics of Counter-Feminine Resistance: Diane Gamboa and the Alien Invasion Series
 Macias, Stacy.

The American Mandate over the Near East, 1919-2009, Or, Why Don’t You Know About This?
 Gurel, Perin.

The Anti-Grotesque, or, a Defense of Normalcy
 Adams, Rachel.

The Band of Mercy: Missionaries, Animal Welfare, and the Moral Economy of Empire
 Davis, Janet.

The Blackfaced Atlantic: McAdoo’s Jubilee Singers and McAdoo’s Minstrels in South Africa, 1890-1898
 Thelwell, Chinua.

The Capital of Cultural Authenticity in the Sovereignty of Tribal Disenrollments
 Barker, Joanne.

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Un-American Nationalism: The 1930s Left and the Etymology of Fascism in U.S. Culture
 Vials, Chris.

Uptown, Downtown, and the Cultural Economy of Place
 O\'Meara, Caroline.


Victory at Last: The End of the Urban Crisis in 1968, 1998, and 2008
 Sowell, Jody.

Video and the Terror of the Visual in Haneke's 'Caché'
 Oishi, Eve.

Virtual Zion
 Stein, Rebecca.

Visibility and Victimization: Hate Crime and the Geography of Punishment
 Hanhardt, Christina.

Vodou Economics: Haitian-American Transnational Relations
 Bergner, Gwen.


Walled Gardens: The Society of Friends and Guarded Education, 1750 – 1820
 Crabtree, Sarah.

Wallowing in the Dirt with William Holbrook Beard
 Greenhill, Jennifer.

Wandering Jews and Strangers in Strange Lands: Representing the Jew in the Early National Theatre
 Nathans, Heather.

We Are All Americans First: Postwar Visions of African American Citizenship in Consumer Magazines
 Haidarali, Laila.

We Can’t Be What GEP Wants Us to Be: Dancing Respectability and Respect
 Sears, Stephanie.

We Want the Funk: Richard Pryor, Black Nationalism, and Shit That’s Funny
 Yates, Kimberley.

What Are You Doing Right Now?: Facebook and The Question of Surveillance as Community-Builder
 Guerrero, Lisa.

What Produced the Mechanized Tomato Harvester? Exploring Masculinity and Expertise in Post-War Food Production
 De La Pena, Carolyn.

What we call a metaphor in our country: Emily Dickinson's Public Sphere
 O\'Malley, Maria.

What’s a Working Girl to Do?: Sex Industry Labor and the Limits of Sexual Citizenship
 Chateauvert, Melinda.

When Rita Moreno's Voice Changes
 Ovalle, Priscilla.

When We Talk English: English-Only Policy and the Indian Boarding School Movement
 Emery, Jacqueline.

When a (Black) Man Loves a (Black) Woman: The Cool Way Barack & Michelle Re-define Black (Man-Woman) Love
 Lewis, Nghana.

Where Whales Were Mountains: Sovereignty and Indigenous Environmentalism
 Schweninger, Lee.

Which Way Utopia? Delany, Douglass, and African American Experimental Politics
 Eckel, Leslie.

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You Are Being Watched (By a Spinster)?
 Love, Heather.

You Can’t Catch Me If You Can’t: Gender Transgression and the Permeability of Power in "The Aggressives "
 Green, Kiana.


Zombies Rule: Anarchism, Environmentalism, and the Zombie Metaphor
 McTaggart, Ursula.
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