American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2010-Nov-18 to 2010-Nov-22

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"Altered Spaces, Changing Families: Hansel Mieth and Otto Hagel's Photographs of the Heart Mountain Japanese Internment Camp"
 Linssen, Dalia.

"Asia for Asians": Reworking Race and Empire in the Cold War
 Man, Simeon.

"Attica is Every Prison": Revolt, Reform, and Reconstituting the Racial State
 Mirpuri, Anoop.

"Daring Defeat": Neoliberalism, Critical Discourse, and Rearticulation in the Urban Gym
 Trimbur, Lucia.

"From 'Inhuman' to 'Humane': Soft Power at the Zoo and the U.S. Army CERP Program in Iraq"
 Desmond, Jane.

"Heaven and hell combined to produce chaos”: (Dis)Orientation in the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
 Leikam, Susanne.

"If I win the title, I might tattoo my face." Mike Tyson as a reassembled object?
 Erai, Michelle.

"Never Again: My Short, Eventful Life as a Political Reporter"
 Rotella, Carlo.

"North to the Future: Sarah Palin, Chris McCandless, and the Regional Imagination"
 Spoth, Daniel.

"On Autogenic War: The Case of the US Army's 'Human Terrain Systems'"
 Hill, Mike.

"Reasonable Torture”
 Dayan, Colin.

"Shouldn't he love us, now that we love him?" The Politics of Race and Visual Culture in the Memorialization of Martin Luther King Jr.
 Bruyneel, Kevin.

"Thanks to Berkeley…": Managing Multiculturalism in an Age of Decline
 Raiford, Leigh.

"The Chili Queens of San Antonio": Domestic Space, Consumerism, and Citizenship in the Haymarket and Alamo Plazas
 McMahon, Marci.

"The Least We Can Do:" Child Abandonment and Rescue at the End of the Vietnam War
 Allen, Michael.

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A Certain Acceptable Way of Life: Figuring Community, Subjectivity, and the Limits of “Society” in 1970s Transvestite/Transexual Political Imaginary
 Lewis, Abram.

A Chain[g]ed Man: Televising Lil' Kim's & T.I.'s Transformation from Convict to Convert
 Alexandre, Sandy.

A Change is Going to Come: Speculative Fiction and Development
 Quizar, Jessi.

A Civic Crisis: The American Legion's Boys' State Program, 1935-1945
 Miller, Susan.

A Good Deal of Force: The Autopsies of Joice Heth and Saartjie Baartman
 Barnett, Fiona.

A Part of Islam: Recovering Race and Gender in Muslim America
 Chan-Malik, Sylvia.

A Religious History of American Kitsch
 Lofton, Kathryn.

A Shift in Language: Cultural Criticism of the 1950s to the Socio–Political of the 1960s
 Church, William.

A Short History of American Wiretapping
 Suisman, David.

AIDS, Access, and Activism: Defining Health and Disease Through Queerness and Disability
 Marcum, Andrew.

Accepting Responsibility for Our Neighbors: Solidarity in South Central Los Angeles, 1970-2000
 Rosas, Abigail.

Acts of Spatial Illegality: ‘Illegal Aliens,’ Grassroots Nativism, and Latinas/os in Arkansas
 Guerrero, Perla.

Aesthetic Borders and Invisible Pipelines: Resituating John Updike’s Rabbit in a Petroleum Modernity
 Poll, Ryan.

Affectability and the Pathological Subject: Toward a Critique of the Regime of Rights
 Lloyd, David.

Against the Public: Government Employees, Professional Baseball Players, and the Conservative Turn in the 1970s
 Shelton, Jon.

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Banning Leaf Blowers and Taco Trucks: New Social Struggles Over Space and Control in Neoliberal Los Angeles
 Olmos, Daniel.

Baron de Vastey and the U.S. Press; or the ‘Alpha and Omega’ of Haitian Literature
 Daut, Marlene.

Becoming Indo-Hispano: Land-Grant Activists Confront the Legacies of Conquest in 1960s New Mexico
 Oropeza, Lorena.

Becoming Mainstream, Latino Style
 Castañeda, Mari.

Being Bonita on the Internet: Latina Cultural Citizenship and the Paradoxes of Consumption in Cyberspace
 Cepeda, Maria Elena.

Between Okinawa and the Marianas: De/Militarization in the Post 9/11 Pacific
 Camacho, Keith.

Between the Devil and Modernity: Haiti, Pat Robertson, and the 'Problem' of Haiti's Revolutionary Past
 Salt, Karen.

Beyond Ambivalence? Dutch Writers and Intellectuals on “America” and American Literature, 1918-1948
 Bak, Hans.

Beyond Discourse: American Responses to Slavery, Assassination, & Genocide in the Congo, 1885-2010
 Hickner, Jamie.

Birth of A Nation: Hollywood's Midwifery Role in Romania's Cinema Nation, Viewed from 20 Years After the Revolution
 Nelson, Barbara.

Black Bodies as Bare Life: Toward an Understanding of Police Brutality
 Taylor, Jack.

Black Bodies, Black Soil: Dirt-Eating and the Enslaved Body
 Dotson, Jerome.

Black Cowboys on the Urban Frontier: Hip Hop Masculinity and National Remembering
 Edwards, Cutler.

Black Detective Fiction and Subject History
 Robinson, Cedric.

Black Power in Houston: The Assassination of Carl Hampton
 O\'Brien, Timothy.

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Camp Home: A Space Occupied
 Miyazaki, Kevin.

Can a Serial Killer Be a Hero?: The 'Indian Hater' as American Fantasy of Manhood
 Brophy, Matthew.

Can't Quit Your Day Job: The Liminal Space of the Semiprofessional Musician
 Helb, Colin.

Captive Images, Extended Sight: Transgender Bodies and Surveillance Technologies in the Prison
 Beauchamp, Toby.

Captive Wild Woman: Gender, Evolution, and Atavism in Science Fiction Cinema During World War II
 Jones, Jeannette.

Capturing the Affect of Uprising in Kyle Baker’s Nat Turner
 Wanzo, Rebecca.

Casting the Vote: The Mississippi Freedom Vote of 1963
 McGinley, Paige.

 Donegan, Kathleen.

Caught Between Two Worlds: From Italians in America to Italian Americans
 Marinari, Maddalena.

Censúrarme: Underground Rap and Neoliberal Policing in Puerto Rico
 LeBrón, Marisol.

Chaining the Body to the Space: Carrie Mae Weems’ ‘Roaming Series’ and the Architecture of Corporeal Refusal
 Brown, Kimberly.

Chains of Identification: Sylvia Guerrero’s Relational Testimony and the Gwen Araujo Justice For Victims Act
 Lyons, Laura.

Chains of Slavery, “Structures of Feeling”: Harvesting Florida’s Migrant Labour Activism
 Stephens, Melissa.

Challenging “White Beauty” in Turkmenistan
 Yaryeva, Annagul.

Change through the academic field of American Studies
 Abu Taleb, Hala.

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Danny Lyon’s Southwestern “Photoliterature”: Childhood, Racialized Poverty, and Mixed Media Disguise
 Miller, Joshua.

Dark Tourists and Travelers: Black Heritage Industry and Memory Consumption in the African Diaspora
 Kardux, Johanna.

De facto Discrimination: Silicon Valley Blacks and the 21st Century Color-Line, 1968-1990
 Ruffin II, Herb.

Decolonizing the Pentagon’s New Map: Queer Cartographies of the Long War
 Kapadia, Ronak.

Decolonizing the warrior identity: Linking military service, trauma, and coloniality
 Harper, Mattie.

Denying the Camp: School Shootings and the Production of Ideology
 Kolenic, Anthony.

Deregulating Texas: Enron, Bush and the Contradictions of Neoliberalism
 Benke, Gavin.

Desert Metaphor, Desert Reality: Border Writers Urrea and Castillo on Migration
 Ybarra, Priscilla.

Designing Inclusion: Universal Design and Technology after Disability Rights
 Williamson, Bess.

Developing India: Realism and Modernization Theory in Nectar in a Sieve
 Nadkarni, Asha.

Diasporic Cultural Citizenship: Place and Identity in Cambodian Refugee Migration and Deportation Experiences
 Tang, Shirley.

Dis-Quieting Indonesia: Unclaimed Genocide, Feminist Histories and the Specters of Marxism.
 Vourlourmis, Hypatia.

Dislocative Media Between 2010 and 2012, or, a Waking Dream of Benjaminian Spacetime Travel
 Carroll, Amy Sara. and Dominguez, Ricardo.

Dismantling Privileged Settings: Japanese American Internment and Mexican Bracero Projects at the Crossroads of WWII
 Kim, Jinah.

Do Genes and Chromosomes Make a Family? Queer Crip Responses to Reproductive Technologies
 Kafer, Alison.

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Early American Television and Its Educational Aspirations
 Keeler, Amanda.

Early Civil Rights: Californios and the Battle for Spanish language, Racial Equality, and Political Representation
 Sosa-Riddell, Citlali.

Early Withdrawals
 Johnson, Colin.

Educational Exploration: a Cherokee Study of America
 Nelson, Joshua.

El Espectador del Valle: Newspapers, Public Space, and Latinos in California Suburbs
 Carpio, Genevieve.

Embodying Collapse, Performing Change: Of Tango and Jazz as “Effects”
 Fuentes, Marcela.

Embodying Ecological Change and Chains: Alternative Histories in A. R. Ammons’s and Jack Collom’s Poetry
 Bellarsi, Franca.

Emerging Borders, Diverging Identities
 Concannon, Kevin.

Empathy in Praxis: The Feelings at Work in Victims' Mothers' Testimonios
 Guzman, Georgina.

Entangled Boundaries: Cooperative border policing and the relocation of Japanese in Mexico, 1940-1945
 Eisen, Andrew.

Entanglement of American Discourses on Islamophobia and Palestine
 Al-Bazian, Hatem.

Entrepreneurial Subjectivity in Crisis
 Joseph, Miranda.

Escaping the Chains of Mental State Hospitals and Compulsory Sterilization in California
 Chavez-Garcia, Miroslava.

Estranging the Patriot: US Antifascism and the Struggle against the 1950s Right
 Vials, Chris.

Everything the Children Do Is Political: Black Panther Youth and Agency during the Black Freedom Struggle
 Eckelmann, Susan.

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Failed Dreams: Youth Policy and the Political Economy of Juvenile Punishment in 20th Century California
 Ides, Matt.

Feeling for Oppressed Muslim Women: Moral Outrage and Sympathy in the U.S. Media Post-9/11
 Alsultany, Evelyn.

Female Militance, Violence and the Politics of Internationalism
 Gomez-Barris, Macarena.

Feminism at the Crossroads: A Comparison of Pro-Criminalization and Community-Based Approaches to Domestic Violence
 Ibsen, Beverly.

Feminism on My ‘MiND’: Identity and Innovation on Philadelphia’s Community TV Channel
 Lehman, Katherine.

Feral Pigs Don’t Do Discourse – Crisis, Conservation, and Contested Traditions in Hawai‘i
 Francis, Keala.

Fictive Union: Interracial Intimacies, Globalization, and Paradox of U.S. Multiculturalism
 Cho, Yu-Fang.

Filipina/o is the New Black: U.S. Empire's Sartorial Alterations
 Mendoza, Victor.

Filmic Reconstruction: Historical Memory and the Black Cinematic Public Sphere
 Reich, Elizabeth.

Fine Art/Black Art: Roy DeCarava and the Jazz Image
 Cawthra, Benjamin.

Food Poisoning: The New American Food Documentary Genre
 Jones, Jennifer.

Foreign-Trade Zones and the Circuits of Empire
 Orenstein, Dara.

 Cahill, Edward.

Fright Night: Halloween Blacking Up on College Campuses
 Bean, Annemarie.

From "philippinitis" to quag dab peg: Diagnostics, epidemics, and space in the American empire
 Bascara, Victor.

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G Seven
 Prashad, Vijay.

Gay Nirvana, Hindu Liberation: Christopher Isherwood, Hinduism, and Queer Pulp
 Harker, Jaime.

Gender, Order, and Femicide: Reading the Popular Culture of Murder in Ciudad Juárez
 Volk, Steven.

George Lopez is America's Mexican: Multiculturalism on Stage
 Alvarez Dickinson, Jennifer.

George Wallace as Southern Masculine Icon
 Lechner, Zachary.

Georgia Nigger and the Prison-House of Labor
 Davis, David.

Girlhood in Gwendolyn Brooks's Annie Allen
 Wright, Nazera.

Give Me my Space: Segregation in Chicago’s Slam and Spoken Word Poetry Community
 Johnson, Javon.

Global Brands/Sexy Bodies: Prosthetic Femininity in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies
 Reddy, Vanita.

Global Humanity and its Ghosts: Theorizing Critical Indigenous Interventions
 Arvin, Maile.

Globality and Crisis
 Harney, Stefano.

Gone to Texas: Travel Literature and Foreign Encounters on American Soil
 Kitchens, Joel.


Hacking Border Technologies: Cybraceros and Speculative Futures in Alex Rivera’s Film Sleep Dealer
 Bahng, Aimee. and Nuñez, Gabriela.

Happy Endings: Affirming Gay Sexuality in 1960s Pulps
 Gunn, Drewey.

Harlem Unbound: Affect and the Politics of Interethnic Alliances
 Havlin, Natalie.

Harmony and Balance: Environmentalism and the Organic Movement
 O\'Sullivan, Robin.

Help-seeking and Informal Coping Among American Veterans of Recent Wars
 Smith, R. Tyson.

Hicksploitation and the Rise of Queer Conservatism
 Herring, Scott.

Hidden History of the Revolutionary Pacific: Okinawan Fighters in Pancho Villa's Army
 Heatherton, Christina.

How the 9/11 Commission Report Changed the American Homeland into the World
 Nadel, Alan.

Human Alienation from Nature and the Historically-Unique, Socially-Mediating Character of Labor in Capitalism
 Yates, Michelle.


I Second That Emotion: The Politics of Feeling In and Out of Academic Discourse
 Bayoumi, Moustafa.

Illegal Regionalisms: Juan Soldado, Jesús Malverde and La Santa Muerte
 Martín, Desirée.

Imagining State and Federal Law in Pauline Hopkins’s Contending Forces
 Korobkin, Laura.

Imperial Landscapes, Spectral Memories: Painting Geographies of Diaspora
 Mani, Bakirathi.

Impressions of America in the Tropics: Jazz, Creolization, and the Racial Imagination
 Camal, Jerome.

Impure Analysis
 Simpson, Audra.

In Camden
 Romero, Mercy.

In the “Ghost Tracks” of Postcolonial Futures: Heterotopia and Social Performance in San Antonio, Texas
 Merla-Watson, Cathryn.

Indigenous Nationhood as Transnational Discourse
 Bauerkemper, Joseph.

Insular and Continental Ontologies of American Geography in Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God
 Roberts, Brian.

Internationalism Misremembered: Afro-Chicano Coalitional Politics
 Johnson, Gaye.

Intimacy Against Death: Love, Justice, and Detective Fiction in Desert Blood
 Greenberg, Linda.

Intimidated by Their Elegance: The Free People of Color and the French Theatre in Antebellum New Orleans
 Braun, Juliane.

Intra-Diasporic Encounters: Black American Expatriates and the Search for Africa in Bahia, Brazil
 Commander, Michelle.

Iraq is Not the New Black: Racial Acrobatics and Ethnic Narcissism
 Alkamano, Deborah Najor.

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James Baldwin Abroad: Writing and Directing Race and Sexuality in Turkey
 Raimon, Eve. and Plastas, Melinda.

Jazz Subjectivities in Neoliberal Culture
 Chapman, Dale.

Jews, Catholics, and the Color Line in Jazz Age Houston
 Steptoe, Tyina.

Just Managing: Youth, Insecurity, Risk, and Panic
 Katz, Cindi.


Kika Kila: Mediating Diaspora and Change through the Native Hawaiian (Steel) Guitar
 Troutman, John.


La Española: Intersections of Gender, Sexuality and Ethnicity in the Recipe for New Mexican Township
 Trujillo, Patricia.

Labor Activism and Ethnic Transvestitism: Theresa Malkiel’s Diary of a Shirtwaist Striker
 Antoniazzi, Barbara.

Lavinia Fisher and the Legend of the 'First Female Serial Killer in America'
 Nickerson, Catherine.

Leaving the Outlaws Out: Prop 8 and Assimilationist Desires
 Rohrer, Judy.

Left Hanging: Shame, Sentimentality, and the Yamanaka Controversy
 Ponce, Martin.

Lesbianism in Lock-down: Georgia’s Prison Policy and the Systematic Heteronorming of Women
 Ballew, Gwendelyn.

Less Region, More Local: Reconsidering Nineteenth Century U.S. Locality
 Emerson, Bert.

Letters of Intrigue: Deciphering Carlos Montezuma’s Archive on Citizenship
 Vigil, Kiara.

Letters, Marriage, and Separation in the Early Republic: The Case of Ann Paine
 Gaul, Theresa.

Licensed Begging: Mayor La Guardia’s Street Music Ban and Noise Abatement as Labor Surveillance
 Hawkins, Robert.

Literary Studies, Violence, and Neoliberal Racialism
 Melamed, Jodi.

Little Tokyo U.S.A.: Race, Representation, and Urban Relocations During World War II
 Jenks, Hillary.

Live from Port-au-Prince: TV News, Texting, Telethons, and the Representation of Catastrophe
 Larrieux, Stéphanie.

Living Easy, Living Uneasily: Minority Middle Class Narratives
 Roman, Elda.

Local Artists and Federal Programs: East Texans and the Public Works of Art Project in Tyler, Texas
 Sailor, Rachel.

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Macondo’s Afterlives: Transnational Narratives of Belonging in Contemporary Latin American and U.S. Latino/a Fiction
 Mejia, Silvia.

Magkaisa: Martial Law and the Uniting of Divided Filipino America
 Zarsadiaz, James.

Main Street Remade: Eminent Domain and the Transformation of Port Chester
 Longobardi, Elinore.

Makers of Pleasant Valleys: Plantation Improvement in Georgia, 1837-1860
 Herrington, Philip.

Making Face, Making Space: The Aesthetics of Brown Identity in Jim Mendiola’s Girl In A Coma Universe
 Mendoza Covarrubias, Alexandra.

Managing a Massacre: Bud Dajo and Colonial Discourse in Moro Province
 Hawkins, Michael.

Maoists at the Alamo, Armadillos Underground: Eruption, Corruption, and Change in the Texan 1970s
 Mellard, Jason.

Maquilapolis: A Post-Third-Worldist Intervention Against the Global Production of Disability
 Barager, Jennifer.

Margin of Prejudice: Detroit in Three Phases of Decline.
 Crocco, Andrew.

Masculinizing the Native Land: Nationalism, Loss, and Indigenous Patriarchy in the Anti-Colonial Writings of José Rizal and José Martí
 Santa Ana, Jeffrey.

Material Christianity in a Pluralistic America
 Weiner, Isaac.

Media Crisis, Serial Chains, and the Mediation of Change: Frankenstein on Film
 Denson, Shane.

Melodrama and the Making of Post-9/11 Power
 Anker, Elisabeth.

Memorializing the March on Washington, 1983 : Black Queers and Coalition Politics
 Pritchard, Eric.

Memory Removed: Off-Site 9/11 Memorials, Continuity and Change
 Gessner, Ingrid.

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 Traister, Bryce.

National Crisis, Subversive Stupidity, and the Disintegration of Cultural Memory in Robert Zemeckis’s Forrest Gump
 Martin, Charles.

National Stages, Global Divas, and the Spatial Politics of Diaspora
 Dorr, Kirstie.

Nativism the Brand: Immigrant Detention and the Public-Private Commodification of Xenophobia
 Maffitt, Kenneth.

Navigating by the Whale: Disorientation in the Visual Culture of American Whaling
 Jones, Jamie.

Necropolitics and Rehabilitation: Evangelicals, Technology and Transnational Disability Activism
 Elman, Julie.

Neither Friends, Nor Strangers: Critical Regionalism and the Literary Making of Texas
 Limón, Jose.

Neoliberal Carcerality: Imprisonment, Motherhood, and the Labor Market
 Escobar, Martha.

Neoliberal Hegemony, Popular Genres and the Inexorability of Agency
 Elliott, Jane.

New Criticism as Modernization
 Lee, Chris.

New Media Nonesuch: : The Persistence of American Exceptionalism in the Embrace of New Media
 Tabbi, Joseph.

New Orleans as Thanatourist Spot for Lost Souls?: Poppy Z. Brite’s Hometown Thanapolitics
 Mueller, Monika.

New Trends in Christian Material Culture: The American Pro-Life and Pregnancy Loss Support Movements
 Walsh, Maureen.

Nipsey Russell and the Politics of the Party Album
 Lorts, Justin.

Nursing Home
 Stewart, Kathleen.


Obsolescence and Ecological Crisis: Visual Reconfigurations of the American Scene
 Tischleder, Baerbel.

Odd Tropics: Commonwealth Thinking and Puerto Rico
 Soto-Crespo, Ramón.

Of Wets and Dries: Ethnic Mexican Families and Alcohol in Early Twentieth-Century Los Angeles
 Bravo, Nicolas.

Oil-Shocks and Labor Regionalism
 Ziser, Michael.

Okinawan and Japanese Immigrant Communists in Los Angeles from late 1920s to 1930s
 Yamazaki, Yushi.

Old Wine in New Bottles? Joseph O’Neill as Post-Nationalist American Dreamer
 Saal, Ilka.

On the Frontier(s) of Biometrics: Finding Ways Toward Resistance
 Locas, Marie-Chantal.

Oral Histories, Testimonials, and Memoirs: from the single voice to the communal
 Adao, Deolinda.

Organizing Intellectual Proletarians: Lessons from the Progressive Era University
 Steffen, Heather.

Organizing an American Studies Class on Organizing
 Rudd, Mark.

Orgasmic Utopias: "Barbarella" and the Pleasures of Liberalism
 Young, Damon.

Other/Wise Latinas
 Muñoz, José.

Out Italian-ing the Italians: Gangsterism as Ethnic Emulation and Racial Rivalry in "Black Caesar"
 Kenna, Laura.


Painful Travels: Queer Love, Brown Hate, and the Invention of a Coherent West
 Haritaworn, Jin.

Painting Community: America Tropical and its Multiple Publics
 Saab, A. Joan.

Paisagem Útil : Modernity and the Nation in Brazilian Popular Song
 McGillicuddy, Brendan.

Parting Comments and Last(ing) Words: Testimonial Documentaries by Gay Men with AIDS in the Early 1990s
 Weeks, Anthony.

Past is Prologue: Gendered Racial Terror and the Making of a Southern Imprisonment Industrialization Regime
 Haley, Sarah.

Perfectly Possible: The Ghostly and “Minority” Ways of Knowing
 Davis, Lawrence-Minh.

Performing American Heritage: Folk Festivals, Cultural Diversity, and World War II
 Donaldson, Rachel.

Performing Immigrant and Native Bodies and Decolonizing Cinematic Geographies in Helen Lee's Prey
 Goeman, Mishuana.

Performing the Filipina "Mail Order Bride": Queer Neoliberalism, Affective Labor, and Homonationalism
 Velasco, Gina.

Pile it High and Sell it Cheap: The Global and Home Economics of the Supermarket Revolution, 1929-1941
 Sedgewick, Augustine.

Pillow Angels in America: Bioethics and the Gendering of (Bare) Life, Disability, and Death
 Osucha, Eden.

Place as History: Narrating the Social and Environmental Legacies of the King Ranch
 Cook, Nancy.

Pleasure and Ambivalence in the Carceral Landscape of the “Post- Racial”
 Ioanide, Paula.

Pochos, Jotos, Sissies: Queer Chicano Masculinity from Villarreal’s Pocho (1959) to Bracho’s Sissy (2008)
 Hidalgo, Melissa.

Political Elites, Broken Windows, and the Commodification of Urban Space
 Kramer, Ronald.

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Que Viva la Revolución?: Yaqui Autonomy and the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution
 Guidotti-Hernández, Nicole.

Queer Alimentarity, Political Orality and Reform Food Movements in the Nineteenth-Century United States
 Tompkins, Kyla.

Queer Diasporas, Victimhood and Redress in The (Neo)Colonial City
 Diaz, Robert.

Queering the Apartheid City: Racial Liberalism and Detroit's Suburban Gayborhood
 Bartlett, Jackson.


Race and Affect in the Cold War Kitchen
 Baldwin, Kate.

Race and Architecture in the Pattern Book Era
 Gleason, William.

Race and Indigeneity in Avatar: The Role of Film in Addressing Climate Change
 Adamson, Joni.

Race and the American Playground Movement: A Study of African American Participation on Philadelphia’s Playgrounds, 1884-1914
 Valentine, Deborah.

Race, Place and Chicana/o Politics in a Postnational American Studies
 Torres, Eden.

Race, Region, and the Cotton Commodity Chain in the Nineteenth-Century U.S. South
 Adams, Katherine.

Race, Religion, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
 Khúc, Mimi.

Racial Difference in Alternative Genealogies of Modern Identity
 Tadiar, Neferti.

Racial Disappointment: Heredity Testing in the Collaborative Play "The DNA Trail"
 Kim, Heidi.

Racial Re-remembering in Landscape: The Implications of the New Catherine Foster Memorial Park on the Grounds of Mr. Jefferson’s University
 Grandison, K..

Radio Raheem’s Broken Boom-Box: Artistic and Musical Responses to Police Brutality and Racial Violence
 Almiron, Johanna.

Re-Orienting Japanese Americans: Race and Class in Cold War San Francisco
 Oda, Meredith.

Re-Orienting Race and the Cold War: The Committee of One Million and the Racial Dimensions of American Anti-Communism
 Chang, Jason.

Reading the Colonial and Militarized Landscapes in Guam
 DeLisle, Christine.

Real Things: Misuse and American Modernism at the End of the Poetic Production Line
 Snyder-Koerber, MaryAnn.

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Salons and Cabarets: The Case of Jane Nardal and Josephine Baker in Interwar Paris
 Hardin, Tayana.

Same Materials, Different Story: How Archival Structures Reframe Hernán Cortés
 Coats, Lauren.

Say It Loud, I’m One Drop and I’m Proud! The Color Line and Minority Opposition to Mixture
 Carter, Greg.

Schools, Shackles, and Struggle: Justifying the Educational Answer to the 1980s Crisis of Capital Accumulation
 Laux, Lily.

Science for the Masses: William Ritter and the Science Service
 Olson, Alexander.

Science, Fiction, and American Public Policy
 Yaszek, Lisa.

Screening Urban America(s): Narratives of Local and Global Crisis in The Wire
 Obenland, Frank.

Secularizing Religious Difference: U.S. Feminism, Bosnian Muslim Women, and the Subject of Human Rights
 Atanasoski, Neda.

Seeker Spirituality, Religious Change and the Open Road: Ed Buryn’s Countercultural Guidebooks to “Vagabonding”
 Brazil, Ben.

Sexing the Game: Black Women and the Sexual Politics of Hip-Hop Pornography
 Miller-Young, Mireille.

Shays and Literature: The Crises of Early US Literary History
 White, Ed.

She will ‘Make Good’ or Else: Female Delinquents in Los Angeles’s Juvenile Court, 1920/1930
 Parr, Deborah.

Si tú creías que yo no venía: NuYoRico, Salsa, and Puerto Rican "National" Culture
 Negrón, Marisol.

Signing "Heritage" and Assigning Value along a Crooked Road
 Chaney, Ryan.

Slipping Through the Chains: How African American Adults Navigated Jim Crow Cincinnati
 Merriweather, Lisa.

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Talking Trash: Oral Histories of Food In/Security in an Age of Surplus Production
 Vaughn, Rachel.

Teaching For America: Critical Life Histories of Teach For America Alumni
 Kretchmar, Kerry.

Teahouse of the August Moon and the Politics of Transnational Collaboration
 Kitamura, Hiroshi.

Technics and the Blind Civilization: Slavery, Early Cinema, and the Pedagogy of New Representations
 Jackson, Robert.

Tejano/a Borderscapes: Local and transnational intersections in artistic production
 Nájera, Jennifer.

Testimony’s Multidirectional Links and the Redress of Japanese American Internment
 Paik, A. Naomi.

That “Monster House” is My Home: Race, Immigration, and the Politics of Suburban Development
 Lung-Amam, Willow.

The "Red Indian" Frays the Imperial Passage in Mindanao's "Torrent Deep"
 Delmendo, Sharon.

The (White) Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name
 Pérez, Hiram.

The Abilities Expos: Forming Community within the Mall of Handicapitalism
 Beitiks, Emily.

The Accidental Expatriate: Maya Angelou and the Meaning of Ghana
 Higashida, Cheryl.

The Accidental: Biopower and 'Ecopower' in the Military Complex
 Marzec, Robert.

The Aesthetics of Petroleum II: "Off-Shore" as Global Region
 LeMenager, Stephanie.

The Aesthetics of Work and Industrial Tourism and Along Chicago’s South Shore Line
 Minarich, Megan.

The American Revolution Redux: the Anglo-American Reaction to the Mexican War of Independence (1810-1823)
 Doolen, Andy.

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U.S. Higher Education and Neoliberal Governance: International Students as Neocitizens
 Boggs, Abigail.

U.S. Imperial Adventures in the Early-20th-Century Global Scientific Marketplace
 Bruni, John.

U.S. Imperial Tehran in Exile: Reza Pahlavi in the CIA’s Northern Virginia Suburbs
 Friedman, Andrew.

Un-Chaining Daughter’s Body: Refiguring Black Families in the ‘Post-Racial’ U.S.
 Abdur-Rahman, Aliyyah.

Un-Chaining the Body from the Place: Flying Africans in Spaceships
 Colbert, Soyica.

Un/Public Health: The Biomedical Crisis in Racial Uplift
 Knadler, Stephen.

 Han, Sora.

Undomesticating Ethnic Studies: Palestine in the American Imaginary
 Abdulhadi, Rabab.

Unfathomable Subjects: Country Loving Queers
 Hubbs, Nadine.

Utopia and Romance in the Marchlands: Exquemelin’s Buccaneers, de Lussan’s Journal and the Limits of Narrative
 Payton, Jason.


VOA's Use of Jackie Robinson as the Symbol of Integrated U.S. Society
 Tanikawa, Takeshi.

Ventriloquism, Stand-Up, and Jeff Dunham's Post-9/11 Comedy of Terror
 Mitchell, Rick.

Violence That Has No Name: Cultural Response to the Femicides
 Heiskanen, Benita.

Viral Media: The H1N1 Flu Pandemic as Communicable Disease
 Raimondo, Meredith.

Visual Targets, Cosmic Surveillance, Unmanned (In)Security: Seeing (to) the Banalized Militarization of the US-Mexico Border(land)
 Grondin, David.

Visualizing Climate Change, Crisis and Intervention: A tragicomic history
 Fleming, James.

Visualizing the Southern Slave Trade
 McInnis, Maurie., Nelson, Robert. and Nesbit, Scott.

Vulnerability, Violence and the Vote: On the Cultural Politics of Prison Expansion
 HoSang, Daniel.


War Baby Insurgencies
 Chambers-Letson, Josh.

Water as a "Public Trust" in Hawai‘i: Public-Interest Environmentalism and Native Hawaiian Rights
 Moriwake, Isaac.

We, "Your People": Gay Tourism, Nation, and Philadelphia's Changing Urban Landscape
 Sawyer, Kelley.

Weighing Commensurability: An Examination of Online Responses to Restorative Justice
 Alvarez, Vince. and Lovaas, Karen.

Western Dime Novels and Serial Murder: the Case of Jesse Pomeroy
 Keetley, Dawn.

What We Must Do for Our Country: Homosexual Necessity in the Prison and Military Industrial Complexes
 Ward, Jane.

What is Outside the Social? Thin Description and the Uses of Literature in the Work of Erving Goffman
 Love, Heather.

What’s Lit Got to Do with It? The Reanimation of Water, Land and Sea in the Literatures of Hawai‘i
 Najita, Susan.

What’s Love Got to Do With It?: Affective Contracts in Big Love
 Cole, Alyson. and Burger, Glenn.

When Devastation Isn’t Enough: Threats to Indigenous Sustainability, Climate Colonialism and Environmental In/Justices.
 Martinez, Doreen.

Where’s the Gig At?: Taking Missions and Creating Space with Punk Rock on the Greater Eastside
 Gomez, Jonathan.

Whose Austin Tomorrow?: Real Estate Development and Grassroots Initiatives in a 1970s Sunbelt Boomtown
 Busch, Andrew.

Whose Public? Whose Library? The George Peabody Library Then and Now
 Dean, Gabrielle.


Yo/Yo, Ma: Bilingualism as a Strategy of Seduction in the Music of Cam’ron
 Groman, Winston.

You So Funny: Satire, Wit and Political Critique in the Art of Michael Arcega
 Cox, Lorraine.

Young, Ethnic, Female, Catholic & Radical: Intentional Community and the Catholic Extension Society, 1960-70s
 Duclos-Orsello, Elizabeth.
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