American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2011-Oct-20 to 2011-Oct-24

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"A Common Citizenship of Freedom": What Black Power Taught Chicago’s Puerto Rican Independentistas
 Berger, Dan.

"America's role in the war": The OWI, Hollywood, and Military Reparation in WWII Films
 Delmendo, Sharon.

"America—Disguising Hypocrisy as Democracy": Immigration and National Belonging in Contemporary Black Performance Poetry
 Bauridl, Birgit.

"Aw, aw! Ah’m colored!": Writing Blackness, Writing Childhood
 Soto, Isabel.

"Canaanites, Cowboys, and Indians" Reconsidered
 Warrior, Robert.

"Hold Still": Redeemed Children, Unstable Geographies, and the Meantime
 Huerta, Monica.

"Our Mohammedan Wards”: Bishop Brent and the Mission of the Moro Educational Foundation in Sulu
 Marr, Timothy.

"Queer for Uncle Sam": Anita's Ambivalent Citizenship in West Side Story
 Paredez, Deborah.

"Real Democracy at Work": Multiracialism and Supplanted Narratives of Dominance in Post-WWII Hawaii
 Woo, Susie.

"The Racio-Social Network": The Asian Model Minority Myth and Its Origins in the Postwar Digital Industries
 Nakamura, Lisa.

"The Real Heaven on Earth for a True Collector": Redemptive Narratives of Collecting Material Culture
 Sheumaker, Helen.

"The Stands Bereft of People": The Labor and Politics of World Cup Stadia
 Jelly-Schapiro, Eli.

"To Tie Me to One of My Parts Is to Loose Me": Jean Toomer, Racial Identity and Family Ties
 Hobbs, Allyson.

"Tu Voz TV": Mexican Migrants, Self-Representation and Documentary Video
 Schreiber, Rebecca.

"Why Negro Girls Stay Single:" Gender, Sexuality, and the Left in Pauli Murray's Shifting Politics
 Gore, Dayo.

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A Bond of Solemn Obligation: Thomas Paine and the Fragility of Community
 Horwitz, Howard.

A Chronotope of Mud: Martin Delany’s Blake, the Weekly Anglo-African, and the African American Picaresque
 Fagan, Benjamin.

A Colorful Aesthetics of Poverty: “Culture of Poverty” Writing, Colorful Digressions, and a Sociological Understanding of Latina/os
 Londoño, Johana.

A Community of Internet Performers: Miranda July’s and Harrell Fletcher’s Learning to Love You More
 Balestrini, Nassim.

A Conversation with Fred Wilson, conducted by Lisa G. Corrin
 Corrin, Lisa.

A Eurasian Disciple of the Harlem Renaissance: The Life and Work of Cedric Dover (1904-1961)
 Mukherji, S. Ani.

A Genealogy of Queer Anti-Imperialism
 Hobson, Emily.

A House Is Not a Home: Unsettling the Architecture of Colonial Horror
 Byrd, Jodi.

A Japanese Twain and an American Dime Novelist: Kuni Sasaki’s Adaptations of Metta Victor’s Novels
 Ishihara, Tsuyoshi.

A Light Remix: Film Re-makes and Multiracial “Colorblindness”
 Tsuchida, Diana.

A Manifestation of Settler Colonialism: Creating Constant Conflict and Uncertainty
 Shihade, Magid.

A Model of Respectability: Black Women’s Periodicals and the Mental Hygiene Movement
 Ahad, Badia.

A Mother’s Love: Gold Star Mothers and the Sacrifices of Citizenship
 Garza, Irene.

A N*gga Moment: Blackness as a Way of Rethinking the Hyper-Masculine
 Johnson, Javon.

A New Historiography of Latina Sterilization: Legal and Cultural Logics, 1910s-1946
 Lira, Natalie.

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Barack Obama, Our First Woman President?: Gender Anxiety and the American Dream
 Young, Vershawn.

Baraka in Cuba: Remapping the Black Arts Movement
 Ewing, Elizabeth.

Basquiat after Dial: Bridging the Gap between Black Labor and Critique
 Jackson, Shona.

Behind Closed Doors: The (Im)possibility of the African Diasporic Home
 Lamothe, Daphne.

Being Good Isn’t Always Easy: Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield and Janis Joplin in the 1960s
 Hamilton, Jack.

Beyond Fluidity: Circulations and Cultures of the Deep Ocean
 Starosielski, Nicole.

Beyond Scripture: Book Groups and Religious Reading Practices
 Ronald, Emily.

Beyond Tantric Tricks: Racialization of Asians and Asian Americans on Sacred Sex Websites
 Saraswati, L. Ayu.

Beyond a Cutout World: Ethnic Humor and Discursive Integration in South Park
 Marx, Nick. and Sienkiewicz, Matt.

Beyond the "Post-Civil Rights": White Reconstruction and the Prison Regime
 Rodriguez, Dylan.

Beyond the Black Heritage Trail: Race, Place, and Public Memory in Boston and Beyond
 Raimon, Eve. and Jackson, Cassandra.

Biopolitics, Animal Studies, and the Liberal Subject
 Boggs, Colleen.

Birthright Battles: Historicizing Efforts to Eliminate the 14th Amendment
 Gutierrez, Elena.

Black Is the New Green: Communities of Color in Contemporary Food Justice Movements
 Hope, Analena.

Black Presidents Past: An American Fantasia
 Osucha, Eden.

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Camp Unity: Camp and Popular Front Aesthetics and Reception
 Smethurst, James.

Campaigning for Obama in California, Texas, and Beyond: The Politics of Race and Gender Relationality in the Post-911 Era
 Kim, Nadia.

Cancer Alley: How Environmental Racism in Louisiana Leads to Human Rights Violations
 Boutte, Charity.

Capitalist Aesthetics: Americans Look at the London and Liverpool Docks
 Thorton, Tamara.

Capturing a City, Claiming Belonging: Issei Photographers in Seattle, Washington, 1924-1929
 Lee, Shelley.

Caryn Campbell: A Case Study
 Brottman, Mikita.

Catholic Political Philosophy & Revolutionary Print Culture in 1812 Spanish Texas
 Coronado, Raul.

Caught between Diasporas: Rafael Serra’s Entanglements with Discourses of Race and Nation in Cuba and the US
 Fuste, Jose.

Ceaselessly Restless Savages: Cannibalism and Empire in the Slavic Immigrant Press
 Zecker, Robert.

Censoring and Sanitizing War Trauma: Psychiatrists, the Military, and Public Opinion during World War II
 Plant, Rebecca.

Central America and the New Geographies of Empire
 Kreyche, Emma.

Cesar Chavez and the Dilemma of Black Power
 Araiza, Lauren.

Charlotte’s Evolution: Integrating Global Culture into a Southern City
 Graves, William.

Cherishing the Divine Within: Faith and Social Justice in Baltimore, MD
 Duncan, Ann.

Chicas, Divas, and Dirty Girls: Tranforming Latinidad in the Chica Lit Works of Sofia Quiñtero, Mary Castillo, and Michelle Serros
 Hurt, Erin.

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Damsels, Demons, and the Sensationalized South: Ned Buntline’s Civil War
 Sawin, Mark.

Darker Than Blue: Chester Himes and Black Visual Culture
 Gillespie, Michael.

De-Sexualized Bodies, Torture and Trauma in the Guatemalan Civil War
 Vargas, Maria.

Dean of Invention: High-Tech Normalcy and Disabled Devices
 Beitiks, Emily.

Deception in Early American Art and Politics
 Schweighauser, Philipp.

Decolonization, Cultural Citizenship, and Black Liberation in Trinidad
 Castor, N. Fadeke.

Defending Indigenous Territorial Rights and the Struggle of Resources in the Lacandon Jungle
 García Aguirre, Miguel Angel.

Degrees of Incarceration: The Effects of Political Prison on Palestinian Communities
 Bishara, Amahl. and Al-Azraq, Nidal.

Deliver Us from Evil: The Role of Religious Institutions in Reparation and Transformation of Post-Genocidal Societies
 Waller, James.

Depicting Distant Suffering: The Politics of Images & Evangelical Humanitarianism in the Age of American Imperialism
 Curtis, Heather.

Designed to Fit (In): Virtual Fitting Rooms and the Cultural Construction of Biorobotics
 Pham, Minh-Ha.

Desiring National Bodies: Historical Imagination and the Neoliberal Erotic in Axis Powers Hetalia
 Hijazi, Skyler.

Developing the Historical Sense: The Material Culture of the Historical Imagination, 1880-1920
 Carter, Sarah.

Diasporic Desires for a “Free Vietnam”: The Vietnamese Refugee Community and Humanitarianism
 Vo Dang, Thuy.

Digital Display Technologies in Mainline Media Ministries
 Fenimore, James.

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East Meets Black: Asian and Black Masculinities in the Post-Civil Rights Era
 Chon-Smith, Chong.

Ecologies of War: Dispatch from the Aerial Empire
 Hill, Mike.

Eichmann in America: The "Uncivil" Imagination as a Challenge to Empire's Evil
 Franklin, Cynthia.

El Museo del Norte: Local Memory and Transformation in Latina/o Detroit
 Cotera, Maria. and VonBokel, Aimee.

Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy, Oral History Pioneer
 Boyd, Nan.

Emmett Till’s Disappearance in the White Press
 Berger, Martin.

Empire Expressed: Literary Form in the Covert Capital
 Friedman, Andrew.

En-gendering Justice? Expert Knowledge and Women’s Prison Reform
 Thuma, Emily.

Epidemiology and Early American Studies
 Silva, Cristobal.

Error of Commission: The Roman Catholic Church and the Rwandan Genocide
 Le, Suzanne.

Eulogy of the Pequot War
 Rosha, Rekha.

European Others: Queering Ethnicity in Postnational Europe
 El-Tayeb, Fatima.

Evangelical Conversion Narrative and the Trope of America as an Addict in Denial
 Cannon, Eoin.

Everything Is Connected: Syriana, the Oil Encounter, and the War on Terror
 Hardesty, Michele.

Excavating Cultural Landscapes: A Study of Washington D.C. Stadiums in an Age of Urban Renewal
 Leiva, Priscilla.

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Feeling Biomedicalization: Affect in "The DNA Age"
 Grzanka, Patrick.

Feeling Natural: Affect, Affective Labor, and Colonial Legacies in the Philippine Call Center Industry
 Padios, Jan.

Feeling Sorry for Themselves: Ex-Gays, Post-Abortive Women, and Christian Right Compassion
 Burack, Cynthia.

Feminism and Cultural Translation: On the Coloniality of Gender and the Decolonization of Knowledge
 de Lima Costa, Claudia.

Feminist 'Sorority' against Feminicide: Natural Resources, Militarization, and the 'Project Mesoamerica' (Plan Puebla-Panamá)
 Cacho, Norma.

Filipino Nationalism and Tutelary Colonialism: Camilo Osias’s Readers and Post-colonial Modernity
 Schueller, Malini.

First [Black] Hair: Strategies of National Universality around Michelle Obama’s Hair
 Warner, Kristen.

Food Security as the Next Tradable Commodity: U.S. Investment in African Agricultural Land
 Kish, Zenia.

Forming the East-West Center: Hawaii and Cold War Cultural Diplomacy
 Lui, Mary.

Fossil Fuels and Sandstorms from the Grassland: Historical Imagination, Environmental Transformation, and Cultural Reparation
 Chung, Tzu-I.

Foucault and the Bag Lady: The Backlash against Anti-Psychiatry
 Staub, Michael.

Framed and Shamed Bodies: Looking at Photographs of Lynchings
 Baker, Courtney.

Fred Wilson and the Rhetoric of Redress
 Copeland, Huey.

French Africans in Ojibwe Country: 19th Century Fur Traders Negotiating Fluctuations and Transformations of Identity
 Harper, Mattie.

From "Paper Integration" to Community Control: Developing Black and Puerto Rican Political Independence in Schools, 1966-73
 Lee, Sonia.

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Gaming the Cold War: The Call of Duty Video Game Franchise and the Crisis of Historical Knowledge
 Von Eschen, Penny.

Gatekeeping Manhattan: Exclusion, Detention, and the Assisted Return of Immigrants in Nineteenth-Century New York City
 Hirota, Hidetaka.

Gayness as Property: White Gay Activism and the Delinking of Sexual and Urban Disorder in Washington, D.C. 1975-1985
 Holmes, Kwame.

Gendered Knowledges & the Conservation of Biocultural Diversity: Resisting World Bank Supranational Projects
 Posada, Alberto.

George Lippard and the Literature of Esoteric Socialism
 McKanan, Daniel.

George Washington Williams, King Leopold II, and African American Emigration to the Congo
 Dworkin, Ira.

Gilbert Hernandez and the Uses of Iconoclasm
 Orchard, William.

Glass Media: Material for Reflection and Restoration
 Medlock, Paige.

Go-Go Live: The Musical Life and Death of a Chocolate City
 Hopkinson, Natalie.

God Ble$$ Ameri©a: Contested Ownership of an Iconic Song
 Kaskowitz, Sheryl.

God Loves Them as They Are: How Religion Helped Pass Gay Rights in Wisconsin in 1982
 Rottmann, Andrea.

Granite Battles: The Ritualized Performance of History in South Dakota’s Stone Memorials
 Heuson, Jennifer.


Hamlin Garland: Mass-Mediated Son of the Middle Border
 Gleeson-White, Sarah.

Handed Down from Our Mothers: Sex, Law and Motherhood in Eighteenth-Century Maine
 Allukian, Kristin.

Hannah Elias, Passing, and Racial Identity in Plessy-Era New York
 Hicks, Cheryl.

Hard Times in the Land of Plenty: Imagining American Studies at the Land-Grant University
 Faflik, David.

Hark the Noisy Streets: The Nineteenth-Century Sounds of Baltimore
 Deutsch, James.

Healing the Diaspora Consciousness:Homecoming of the Chinese Legendary Hero Fa Mu Lan in America
 Liu, Xiaohong.

Health Activism Then and Now
 Silvers, Cleo.

Henry Darger’s Artistic Repurposing of the “Waste Products of Humanity”
 Trent, Mary.

Hip Hop, Public Diplomacy and Indigenous Islam
 Aidi, Hishaam.

Historical Imagination and the Borders of Intimacy: Asian American Voters in the Prop 8 Debate
 Raimondo, Meredith.

History & the “Deep Opacity of Contemporary Technics”
 Hodge, James.

History and Solidarity: Beyond Identity Politics
 Wolfe, Patrick.

Hoarding Knowledge: Excess and the Ethel Index
 Snyder, Donald.

Hornbook, Picture Book, Comic Book, Facebook: Historical Perspectives on New Media and Childhood
 Cassidy, Margaret.

Horror in Appalachia, or, What Happens When Suburban Whites Take a "Wrong Turn"
 Satterwhite, Emily.

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Imagination and Narrative in the City: The Wire as a Tool for Social Change
 O\'Neill, Katie.

Imagination and Transformation in Alarm Will Sound’s 1969
 Shank, Barry.

Imaginative Routes: Communication/Visual Technologies and Latin/a American Transnational Motherhood in Almudena Carracedo’s "Made in L.A."
 Vera-Rosas, Gretel.

Imagine That: Settler-Colonialism, Native Women, and Urban Indian Identity
 Robertson, Kimberly.

Imagined Kinship and Queer Families: Neocolonialism, American Studies, and the Personal Politics of Diaspora
 Wesling, Meg.

Imagining Belonging: South Asian Migrant Children as Consenting Citizens of America
 Dar, Anandini.

Imagining Community: Museums, Social Media, Democracy
 Wong, Amelia.

Imagining Elena: A Performance of Clinical Interpretation
 Dennis, Marissa.

Imagining Neoliberal Brotherhoods: Jeffrey Sachs, Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, and Indigenous Resistance in Bolivia
 Geidel, Molly.

Imagining Race in the Art World: Sofia Maldonado’s Conversations with Heritage, Cosmopolitanism, and Mobility
 Arzumanova, Inna.

Imagining Reparations for African American Slavery: Albion W. Tourgée’s Pactolus Prime
 Karcher, Carolyn.

Imagining Rural Sexuality in the Depression Era: Child Brides, Exploitation Film, and the Winstead-Johns Marriage
 Syrett, Nicholas.

Imagining War and Peace: Martial and Pacifist Iconography in Colonial Pennsylvania
 Erben, Patrick.

Imagining an Abrahamic America: Muslim Moderation and the Transformation of Histories
 Hicks, Rosemary.

Imagining the Commons: Gordon Matta-Clark's Urban Renewal
 Harris, Laura.

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James Weldon Johnson’s Soundscape of Modernity: Black Manhattan
 Morrissette, Noelle.

Jayne Cortez, Post-Dialect Poetry, and Lyric Mainstream
 Rippeon, Andrew.

Joseph F. Smith and “Black Jane”: Challenges to the Formalization of Mormon Racial Identity (1908)
 Mueller, Max.

Jovita Gonzalez and the Dilemma over Mexicanness
 Aranda, Jose.

Juanita Bynum: Black Religiosity and the Making of a Good Christian Girl
 Williamson, Terrion.

Just Food? The Right to Nutrition in the Prison-Industrial Complex
 Underwood, Elissa.

Justice Will Be Done Either Here or From Above: God's Intervention in Puerto Rican Sexual Citizenship
 Abad Merced, Erika.


Kinship and the Unsensed Sensation of the Novel
 Bentley, Nancy.

Kiva Culture: Christian Evangelicals and Online Humanitarianism
 McAlister, Melani.


L.A. Gets Physical: Nanette Francini, Jane Fonda and the Rise of California Fitness Culture
 Kelleher, John.

Latina Magazine Has Food Issues
 Cordova, Cary.

Lavando y Planchando: Puerto Rican Women’s Work and the Development of the Welfare State, 1940-1970
 Amador, Emma.

Legends of Unity: Identity, Sports, Romanticism
 Sougal, Degane.

Let Me Clear My Throat: Dissecting the Human Animal at Mid-Century
 Cline, John.

Lewis Mumford, Freeway Flier: Midcentury Planning as Regional Humanism
 Jackson, Robert.

Liberalism and the Question of Theft
 Aarons, Kieran.

Liberation Hall: History, Memory, and Black Student Radicalism in Newark, NJ
 Uyola, Rosalie.

Liking and Likeness: Across the Color Line in Warhol
 Flatley, Jonathan.

Listening in the Cold War Years
 Vazquez, Alexandra.

Listening to Change: Radio, Humor, and the Future of Cuban Miami
 Laguna, Albert.

Literary Black Power in the Caribbean
 Keresztesi, Rita.

Little Lindy Is Kidnapped: The Crime of the Twentieth Century
 Doherty, Thomas.

Little Senegal Is Alive and Well and Living in Harlem: Searching for a Lingua Franca among Rachid Bouchareb’s Africans in America
 Jaji, Tsitsi.

Locating Political and Psychic Desire in the Prison Town
 Mitchell, Joshua.

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MacArthur on My Mind: Reflections on Community and Martial Affect in the Korean Diaspora
 Choi, JoonHyun.

Madam Zajj and U.S. Steel: Duke Ellington's Calypso Theatre
 Vogel, Shane.

Made in the U.S.A.: Fiction and Commerce at the Robe Factory of the Second Ku Klux Klan
 Lennard, Katherine.

Mails, Rails, and Armies: The Spectacle of Modernity and the Intimacy of Early Film
 Gardner, Jared.

Making It Do, or Doing Without? : Representing the Migrant Mother during the Great Depression
 Goggans, Jan.

Making Love: Commercialized Sex and the Construction of Idealized Love
 Owens, Emily.

Making Price Mean Less: Books, Value and the National Industrial Recovery Administration
 Turner, Catherine.

Making Wildlife Traffic: The Emergence of an Illicit Commodity in Early Twentieth-Century America
 Cincinnati, Noah.

Making the Indian New(s): Popular Print Culture and the Politics of Transformation in the Late 19th-Century
 Scheckel, Susan.

Managing Democracy: Technocratic Aid, Governance, and the Philippine State
 Woods, Colleen.

Manifold Music: On Markets and the Limits of Racial Exchange
 Redmond, Shana.

Mankind, Manhood, and the Protest Fiction Debate
 Godfrey, Mollie.

Manufacturing Democracy: Israeli Pinkwashing in the United States and the Propaganda of Public Relations
 Cable, Umayyah.

Mapping the Debates over Abortion Coverage in Health Care Reform: An Intersectional Approach to Critical Discourse Analysis
 Mann, Emily.

Marching Black and Gay for MLK: Black LGBTQI Movement Building in Los Angeles
 Green, Kai.

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Narrative Acoustics: ‘Free’ Writing Black Consciousness
 Mathes, Carter.

Narrative Practice: Writing between the Lines
 Donegan, Kathleen.

Narrative Technologies: Representing Digital Labor on American Television
 Hashmi, Mobina.

Narratives of Dispossession: West Baltimore, Agency, and the Neoliberal City
 Choflet, Robert.

Narratives of White Male Innocence and Injury: The Politics of Cultural Memory in the Backlash against Affirmative Action
 Pierce, Jennifer.

Native Claims
 Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne.

Native Gothic: Fictive Indians in Unexpected Places
 Bauerkemper, Joseph.

Nature, Technology and Violence on the Rio Grande
 Markwell, Sam.

Neo-Slave Narratives Out of Canada
 Paul, Heike.

Neoliberal Temporality: Time-Sense and the Shift from Pensions to 401(k)s
 Hardin, Carolyn.

New York City’s "Lonely Crimes" Narrative in the Sixties and Seventies
 Tochterman, Brian.

North American Mosque: The Emergent Icon of Postulated Identities
 Haider, S. Gulzar.

Nothing Is True; Everything Is Permitted: The War on Terror’s Factual Fictions
 Carroll, Hamilton.

Nuyorican Women Artists Remember Julia de Burgos
 Perez, Vanessa.


ONE NATION UNDER CHEMURGY: Cultivating a Colloidal Commonwealth
 Acciavatti, Anthony.

Obama Street Art: Civic Icons, Collective Memory and the Visual Politics of National Identity
 Noble, Stuart.

Of Cannibals and Snuff Films: Bare Life, Bioethics and Brazilian Anthropofagia
 Isfahani-Hammond, Alexandra.

Of Golden Eagles and Sarcophagi: The Spectacularized Terrain of a Carnival Cruise Ship
 Kolberg, Stephanie.

On Skid Row: Bowery Bums and the Politics of Waste
 Gilger, Kristin.

On Strike, Shut it Down!: Faculty and the Third World Student Strike at San Francisco State College, 1968-1969
 Smith, Sara.

On the Boulevard: Chicana/o Cruisers and the Racial Metropolis, 1965-1980
 Gonzalez, Jerry.

On the Ethics of Impersonal Narcissism: James Baldwin and Leo Bersani
 Tuhkanen, Mikko.

On the Intransigence of Transit: Marian Anderson’s Performance in News Pictures
 Feman, Seth.

Opium, Alcohol, and Methodists in Singapore
 Scott, David.

Oral Ethnography and Queer Generations: Learning from Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold
 Cvetkovich, Ann.


Pacific Transformations of Blackness: Blacks Reimagine Race and Belonging in Hawai‘i
 Sharma, Nitasha.

Panoramas of the Future: War, Industry, and American Moving Panoramas, 1840-1865
 Jones, Jamie.

Parlor Tricks: Nineteenth-Century Youth and Early Moving-Image Media
 Bak, Meredith.

Participatory Art as Political Repair: “Education and Democracy” by Group Material
 Rounthwaite, Adair.

Passing Down the Aisle: Gay Marriage through Subterfuge in the 1970s
 Lefkovitz, Alison.

Passing as Fraud: The Theft of Whiteness in Early Twentieth Century America
 Smith-Pryor, Elizabeth.

Passing as Post-Racial
 Dawkins, Marcia.

Passing for Cuban/American: Expatriate Cubanismo in Achy Obejas’ Ruins
 Concannon, Kevin.

Paternal Solicitude and Haitian Emigration: The First American Occupation
 O\'Brien, Colleen.

Peer-to-Peer Lending: Can Social Networks Redeem Credit Markets?
 Pauwels, Marie-Christine.

Penetrating Secularism: Lived Experiences and Cultural Practices of American Christian Auto-modifiers
 Kung, Chien-Chen.

Performance and the Oral History of Slavery: The WPA "Ex-Slave Narratives" of the Interwar Years
 Corbould, Clare.

Performing Metaphors of Illness in Chay Yew’s A Language of Their Own
 Diaz, Robert.

Performing Redress: Military Sexual Slavery, Tribunals and the Transpacific Politics of Memory
 Son, Elizabeth.

Personal Style and the Performance of Radical Political Dissent
 Portwood-Stacer, Laura.

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Quaintifying ‘Her Wavering Image’: Sui Sin Far and the Publishing Industry
 Hsieh, Lili.

Queer Foreclosure: Limiting Hip-Hop, Framing Black Men
 McCune, Jeffrey.

Queering the First Citizen: Dishonorable Discharges and Legacies of Imperialism in James Barr’s Quatrefoil
 Guzaitis, Christine.

Queerness in the Wilderness: Rural Lives of Female-Bodied Men at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
 Skidmore, Emily.


Race and Affect in Richard Wright’s Savage Holiday
 Stringer, Dorothy.

Race(ing) to Globalization’s Frontier: Coca-Cola’s Expansion and Alliance with the U.S. Military during WWII.
 Hymson, Laura.

Racial Order and Reorder: Tracing Genealogies of the ‘Post-Racial’
 Mukherjee, Roopali.

Racialization and Asceticism in Hardcore Punk
 Cullen, Shaun.

Radiation Laboratories and Ecosystem Ecologies in the Nuclear Pacific
 DeLoughrey, Elizabeth.

Radio Free Baltimore: Neoliberal Transformation on the Local Public Airwaves
 Loviglio, Jason.

Raggedy Ann and the Racial Scripts of Book-Doll Combinations
 Bernstein, Robin.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Alan Greenspan, and Panic Rhetoric in America
 Kopec, Andrew.

Raza Rockabilly: Reclaimed Space, History, and Identity in Contemporary Los Angeles
 Centino, Nicholas.

Re-Evaulating the Pequot War
 Rogers-Stokes, Lori.

Re-Greening Bronzeville: Recovering African American Environmental Imagination during the Great Migration
 McCammack, Brian.

Re-Imagining America: Jeff Smith, Herman Melville, and National Dreamscapes
 Hughes, Jennifer. and Nel, Philip.

Re-Imagining Editorship: Itinerant Literacy and Protest in Motion
 Carr, Jane.

Re-imagining Peace and Repatriation, from “Palestine” to “America”
 Ra\'ad, Basem.

Re-inventing Authenticity: Big Brother and the Holding Company’s Cheap Thrills as Haight-Ashbury Counterculture Statement
 Fulton, William.

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SAYcred LAYdy Revisited: Lorraine Sutton and Nuyorican Poetics
 Noel, Tomas.

Saving King/ Drew: Black Activism, Health Care and the Future of South L.A.
 Greene, Sean.

School Desegregation in America's 'Most Segregated' City
 Todd-Breland, Elizabeth.

Science and Struggle: Biomedical Research as Activism
 Bliss, Catherine.

Science in the Small Town: National Security Transformations
 Armstrong, Melanie.

Sculpture, Performance and Racial Affect
 Brody, Jennifer.

Secularity and American Sacred Space
 Howe, Nick.

Self-Defense against the State of Exception
 Verinakis, Theofanis.

Selling America to Asians: The America Today Magazine and Cultural Diplomacy in the Cold War
 Yeh, Chiou-Ling.

Selling the Sun: Promoting Solar Housing in American Culture, 1933-1968
 Shreve, Sara.

Semaphoric Texts: The Chappe Telegraph in the Early Republic
 Wertheimer, Eric.

Sensitive Citizenship, Passing, and Other Nervous Conditions
 Fretwell, Erica.

Settling Desire: (Post-)AIDS Visuality, Masculine Properties, and the Desire of Geopolitics
 Cheng, Jih-Fei.

Sewage Farming, Sludge Composting, and Recycling Rhetorics: Historical and Contemporary Cosmologies of Nature
 Cortez, Marisol.

Sex Scandals among Religious Leaders: Healing the Breach
 Dolch, Sally.

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Tasting Identities: Food Practices, Music and Identity Choices of Puerto Rican U.S. Colonials in Hawai‘i
 Poblete-Cross, JoAnna.

Techno-Cosmopolitanism at Leland Stanford Junior University
 Simpson, Rich.

Territory: Indigenous and Western Juridical Concepts before the Resolutions of the OAS's Inter-American Court of Human Rights
 Gómez Gutiérrez, Rosalba.

The 2012 President Election: Muslim Civil Rights or More of the Same?
 Billo, Zahra. and Awad, Nihad.

The Affective Labor of War: Gendered Counterinsurgency and U.S. Female Engagement Teams
 Mesok, Elizabeth.

The After-Image: Frederick Douglass in Visual Culture
 Trodd, Zoe.

The American University in the World: Academic Freedom and the Middle East
 McGreevy, Patrick.

The Armenian Genocide Memorial: The Role of Religion in the Reparation and Transformation of a Community
 Okonyan, David.

The Art of American Aquaculture: Thomas Eakins in New Jersey
 Rigal, Laura.

The Autonomous Eye: Cybernetics, Perception, and Bio-politics
 Halpern, Orit.

The Axis of Islamophobia: The Network since 9/11
 Blumenthal, Max.

The Biopolitics of Transformation: Lycanthropy and Thresholds of Indistinction in Charles Brockden Brown's Edgar Huntly
 Miller, Nicholas.

The Black Panther Party and the Fight against Medical Discrimination
 Nelson, Alondra.

The Blackness of Physics: Abstract Embodiment and A Van Jordan's Quantum Lyrics
 Wright, Michelle.

The Blank Check of History: Mary Francis Berry and Memory Debts
 Tillet, Salamishah.

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 Schulman, Sarah.

Ugly Feelings: Affect, Canonicity, and American Literature 1800-1820
 Faherty, Duncan.

Uneasy Duets: Contemporary American Dances about Israel and the Mideast Crisis
 Rossen, Rebecca.

University of Radicalism: Leavenworth Penitentiary and the Magón Brothers
 Heatherton, Christina.

Urban Blight as Opportunity: Appropriation and Transformation in Pittsburgh’s Hill District
 Robick, Brian.


Vanishing Acts: Black Absence, White Longing, and the Affective Terrain of Reparations
 Avilez, GerShun.

Venturing Off the Beaten Path: Tourism, Authenticity, and Virility, 1960-1980
 Popp, Richard.

Victory Culture and the U.S. Wars on the Environment: 1945-1962
 Franklin, H. Bruce.

Visible Queers, Disappearing Nation: Transgender Filipino Domestic Workers and the Return of the (Silent) Nation
 Ray, Kasturi.

Visual Occupations: Security Regimes and the Art of Seeing
 Gomez-Barris, Macarena.

Visualizing the U.S.-Mexico Boundary Survey
 Menchaca, Celeste.

Vital Bodies and Vital Consciousness in Samuel Delany
 Floyd, Kevin.

Voices from the Depths: Interiority and the Representation of Aquatic Animals in Science Fiction Literature
 Jue, Melody.


Waging Wars and Founding Universities: American Empire and Its Higher Educational Mission after 1898
 Bascara, Victor.

Walkers in the City: Mexicans, Pedestrian Cultures, and Transitory Spaces in Noir Era Chicago
 Amezcua, Mike.

Walking the Talk: Technology, Terror, and Art as a Criminal Act
 Donahue, Evan.

War Haunts: Imperial Memory and Ghost Tourism Aboard the USS Hornet Museum
 D\'Harlingue, Benjamin.

War Photography and the Transformation of U.S. Imperial Power
 Vo, Chuong-Dai.

War, Empire, Vaccines, and Nanotechnology: Representations of Gender in Post-9/11 Discourses of Scientific Nationalism
 D\'Arcangelis, Gwen.

Way Out West: Marketing Gay Male Culture in California Bar Ads, 1963-77
 Hilderbrand, Lucas. and Wlodarz, Joe.

We Shall Not Be "Dipt in Blood": The Quaker Peace Testimony in Pennsylvania and Colonial Violence on the Cultural Margins of Empire, 1680-1720s
 Goode, Michael.

Well Nye Over: The Strange Career of an American Studies Program
 Stowe, David.

What Is a Digital Sound Object?
 Daniel, Drew.

What Role Does Religion Play among Filipino Immigrants? Imagining a Different Self-Understanding of Modernity
 Manalang, Aprilfaye.

What Women Want (To Do): Wedding Planning and the ‘Postindustrial’ Economy
 Hudgens, Molly.

What You Wanna Be… A Pay Lawyer? Black Masculinities as Tangible to School Success
 Moore, Heather.

What’s in a Map?: Reimagining Social Worlds Under Segregation in Los Angeles
 Seong-Leong Quintana, Isabela.

White Is the New Black: New Genealogies of Subjection in the Conservative Imagination
 Wanzo, Rebecca.

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Yakama Women Elders Discuss Indigeneity & the Tensions of Teaching Indigenous Language and Cultural Practices
 Jacob, Michelle.

YouTube (Pre)Occupation: New Media and the Israeli Military Occupation
 Stein, Rebecca.


Zion’s Nature: The Religious Imagination and Ecological Transformation in Mormon Literature
 Menning, Nancy.

Zombie Biopolitics: Colonial Geography, Race, and the Spectacle of Torture
 Dillon, Elizabeth.
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