American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2011-Oct-20 to 2011-Oct-24

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MacArthur on My Mind: Reflections on Community and Martial Affect in the Korean Diaspora
 Choi, JoonHyun.

Madam Zajj and U.S. Steel: Duke Ellington's Calypso Theatre
 Vogel, Shane.

Made in the U.S.A.: Fiction and Commerce at the Robe Factory of the Second Ku Klux Klan
 Lennard, Katherine.

Mails, Rails, and Armies: The Spectacle of Modernity and the Intimacy of Early Film
 Gardner, Jared.

Making It Do, or Doing Without? : Representing the Migrant Mother during the Great Depression
 Goggans, Jan.

Making Love: Commercialized Sex and the Construction of Idealized Love
 Owens, Emily.

Making Price Mean Less: Books, Value and the National Industrial Recovery Administration
 Turner, Catherine.

Making Wildlife Traffic: The Emergence of an Illicit Commodity in Early Twentieth-Century America
 Cincinnati, Noah.

Making the Indian New(s): Popular Print Culture and the Politics of Transformation in the Late 19th-Century
 Scheckel, Susan.

Managing Democracy: Technocratic Aid, Governance, and the Philippine State
 Woods, Colleen.

Manifold Music: On Markets and the Limits of Racial Exchange
 Redmond, Shana.

Mankind, Manhood, and the Protest Fiction Debate
 Godfrey, Mollie.

Manufacturing Democracy: Israeli Pinkwashing in the United States and the Propaganda of Public Relations
 Cable, Umayyah.

Mapping the Debates over Abortion Coverage in Health Care Reform: An Intersectional Approach to Critical Discourse Analysis
 Mann, Emily.

Marching Black and Gay for MLK: Black LGBTQI Movement Building in Los Angeles
 Green, Kai.

Materiality, Aesthetics, and the Early Anglophone Atlantic
 Rezek, Joseph.

Mediating Moral Motherhood in Sentimental Home Health Guides
 Nichols, Marcia.

Memories of U.S. Imperialism: Institutionalized Histories in the Home
 Caronan, Faye.

Memory's Moral Economies: Grief, Remembrance and Reparative Desire in African American Historical Fiction
 Hussen, Aida.

Memphis: Innovation, Entrepreneurialism, and Governance in the Global Economy
 Rushing, Wanda.

Mexican American Fastpitch: Nation, Gender, and Ethnicity at Play in Amateur Softball
 Chappell, Ben.

Middle Significations: Aesthetics, Signs, and Imperial Omissions
 Baker, Houston.

Midterm Election 2010 TV Commercials: Undocumented Immigrant Youth as a New “National Threat”
 Ramirez, Marla.

Mining Shakespeare
 Erickson, Peter.

Mixed Race as Post-Race on YouTube
 Agloro, Alexandrina.

Mobile Media Narratives: Community Histories and Oral Storytelling for the Mobile Phone Era
 Farman, Jason.

Mobility, Bodily Sovereignty, and Work: A Missionary's Claims for Gendered Transnational Citizenship
 Robbins, Sarah.

Mobilizing Sisterhood, Transnationalizing America
 Boggs, Abigail.

Montage and Melville: Documentary Rhetoric and Jay Leyda’s The Melville Log
 Gustavson, Andrea.

More American than You Ever Thought of Being: National Belonging and Colonial Resistance in the Work of D'Arcy McNickle and Richard Wright
 Balthaser, Benjamin.

More than a Game: Black Labor in the Sports-Industrial Complex
 Runstedtler, Theresa.

Moving On: Andy Warhol and the Exploding Plastic Inevitable
 King, Homay.

Muchachas Michoacanas: Portraits of Adolescent Girls in a Transitory Town
 Soto, Lilia.

Muddy the Waters: Other Stories of Love and Theft in the Making of the Delta Blues
 Retman, Sonnet.
American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2011-Oct-20 to 2011-Oct-24
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