American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2011-Oct-20 to 2011-Oct-24

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ONE NATION UNDER CHEMURGY: Cultivating a Colloidal Commonwealth
 Acciavatti, Anthony.

Obama Street Art: Civic Icons, Collective Memory and the Visual Politics of National Identity
 Noble, Stuart.

Of Cannibals and Snuff Films: Bare Life, Bioethics and Brazilian Anthropofagia
 Isfahani-Hammond, Alexandra.

Of Golden Eagles and Sarcophagi: The Spectacularized Terrain of a Carnival Cruise Ship
 Kolberg, Stephanie.

On Skid Row: Bowery Bums and the Politics of Waste
 Gilger, Kristin.

On Strike, Shut it Down!: Faculty and the Third World Student Strike at San Francisco State College, 1968-1969
 Smith, Sara.

On the Boulevard: Chicana/o Cruisers and the Racial Metropolis, 1965-1980
 Gonzalez, Jerry.

On the Ethics of Impersonal Narcissism: James Baldwin and Leo Bersani
 Tuhkanen, Mikko.

On the Intransigence of Transit: Marian Anderson’s Performance in News Pictures
 Feman, Seth.

Opium, Alcohol, and Methodists in Singapore
 Scott, David.

Oral Ethnography and Queer Generations: Learning from Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold
 Cvetkovich, Ann.
American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2011-Oct-20 to 2011-Oct-24
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