American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2011-Oct-20 to 2011-Oct-24

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Pacific Transformations of Blackness: Blacks Reimagine Race and Belonging in Hawai‘i
 Sharma, Nitasha.

Panoramas of the Future: War, Industry, and American Moving Panoramas, 1840-1865
 Jones, Jamie.

Parlor Tricks: Nineteenth-Century Youth and Early Moving-Image Media
 Bak, Meredith.

Participatory Art as Political Repair: “Education and Democracy” by Group Material
 Rounthwaite, Adair.

Passing Down the Aisle: Gay Marriage through Subterfuge in the 1970s
 Lefkovitz, Alison.

Passing as Fraud: The Theft of Whiteness in Early Twentieth Century America
 Smith-Pryor, Elizabeth.

Passing as Post-Racial
 Dawkins, Marcia.

Passing for Cuban/American: Expatriate Cubanismo in Achy Obejas’ Ruins
 Concannon, Kevin.

Paternal Solicitude and Haitian Emigration: The First American Occupation
 O\'Brien, Colleen.

Peer-to-Peer Lending: Can Social Networks Redeem Credit Markets?
 Pauwels, Marie-Christine.

Penetrating Secularism: Lived Experiences and Cultural Practices of American Christian Auto-modifiers
 Kung, Chien-Chen.

Performance and the Oral History of Slavery: The WPA "Ex-Slave Narratives" of the Interwar Years
 Corbould, Clare.

Performing Metaphors of Illness in Chay Yew’s A Language of Their Own
 Diaz, Robert.

Performing Redress: Military Sexual Slavery, Tribunals and the Transpacific Politics of Memory
 Son, Elizabeth.

Personal Style and the Performance of Radical Political Dissent
 Portwood-Stacer, Laura.

Peter L’Enfant to Martin Luther King Jr.: City of Possibilities
 Buerger, Jan.

Photographic Detonations: Angela Davis and the Circassian Beauties
 Lewis, Sarah.

Photography Begotten: Religion and Technologies in America before 1839
 Lindsey, Rachel.

Picturing Freedom, Black Visuality and a Peculiarly “Ocular” Institution
 Cobb, Jasmine.

Pirate Citizen
 Salazar, James.

Pixelated Prayers: Christian Worship in Second Life
 Spencer-Hall, Alicia.

Pixelated Wars: Invisibility, Digitalization, and Militarization in American Culture
 Hristova, Stefka.

Play It Again!: The Phonograph and the Re-imagination, Reparation, and Transformation of Black Protestantism, 1925-1941
 Martin, Lerone.

Please Touch: Taxidermy and the Desire for Connection to Wild Animals
 Dwyer, June.

Pluralism and Sovereignty in the Long War
 Singh, Nikhil.

Pluralism, Space, and Region in American Religion
 Carrol, Bret.

Political Stories of Place: The Intimacies and Contentions of Harlem’s Vito Marcantonio
 Shukla, Sandhya.

Possessing Los Angeles: Legal and Religious Opposition to Spirit Mediumship in the Early Twentieth Century
 Dyson, Erika.

Post-Katrina New Orleans: Where Art, Crime, and Commerce Meet Disaster
 Piano, Doreen.

Print, Labor, Market, Fame: The Invention of Popular Authorship
 Erickson, Paul.

Prison as a Border
 Dent, Gina.

Prisons without Meds: Investigating the Secret World of Psychotropics inside U.S. Prisons
 Hatch, Anthony.

Prisons, Pain, and Punishment: The Iranian Prison in U.S. Discourses
 Nikpour, Golnar.

Privatization, State Control and Philanthrocapitalism: How Neoliberal Educational Transformations in Baltimore Reinforce Racial Inequity
 Laux, Lily.

Producing Knowledge in Turbulent Times
 Rosen, Nir.

Property, Privilege and the Colonial Legacy of the Osage Mineral Estate
 Dennison, Jean.

Public Personas and Media Images of Mixed-Race Actresses: Brazil and the United States
 Mitchell, Jasmine.

Public Relations against Prejudice: Richard Rothschild and the Making of the Intergroup Relations Movement.
 Kelley, Michelle.

Pushing the Body and Saving the Earth: The Subcultural Origins of Mountain Biking
 McCullough, Sarah.
American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2011-Oct-20 to 2011-Oct-24
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