American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2012-Nov-15 to 2012-Nov-18

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"Ain’t I A Woman: Black Madonnas, Mammys, and the Performative Aesthetics of Darkness"
 Adkins, Amey.

"Be Your Own Hater": Katt Williams, Neoliberal Politics, and Black Comedy
 Springer, Kimberly.

"Black Sacred Dance and the Reverberations of Christian Sexuality"
 Williamson, Terrion.

"Breathing Towards Lynching Critique: Whooping in Black Pentecostal Praying and Preaching"
 Crawley, Ashon.

"Choice and Coercion: Nationalism and Gender-Nonconformity in the East German Doping Scandals"
 Beauchamp, Toby.

"Community" in the US: Production, Definition, Experience, Culture, (and Service-Learning)
 Duclos-Orsello, Elizabeth.

"French names n' everthing!": Camp, Cosmopolitanism, and Gay Identity in The Gay Cookbook"
 Vider, Stephen.

"From Representation to Inclusion": The Diversification of the US Military for a Future of “Irregular Warfare”
 Mesok, Elizabeth.

"God Damn You All--I Told You So": British and American Visions of the End, 1945-1991
 Roy Vox, Lisa.

"God Will Triumph Mightily": Post-Millennialism and the Business of Preparedness
 McVicar, Michael.

"Going Egyptian" and the Future of Revolution
 Amar, Paul.

"Hindoos" and "Mahometans" in the Democratic Republic: Kinship, Religion, and Modernity in the Early Republic
 Connolly, Brian.

"Just Visiting”: Prison Tourism, Empire, and the Global South
 Davis, Lindsay.

"Modern Villages for Indians": Laura Cornelius Kellogg, Lolomi, and Oneida Placemaking
 Ackley, Kristina.

"Rising Souls, Singing Scorpions": The story of Ramón “Chunky” Sanchez
 Espinosa, Paul.

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A Bad Time for The Empire: Gordon Matta-Clark in the Ruins of New York
 L\'Official, Pete.

A Black Spot on America’s Honor: Anti-Colonialism in Popular Front Ethnic Newspapers
 Zecker, Robert.

A Coincidental Absence: Narratives of Desegregation and Civil Rights at Catholic Universities
 Ardizzone, Heidi.

A Complicated Embrace: Alex Haley's Roots in Egypt, 1979-1989
 Coletu, Ebony.

A Counter-History of Sugar: Cacao and Chocolate in Seventeenth-Century Jamaica
 Kim, Julie.

A Domestic Space Abroad: Touring the Trans/National Realm of a US Military Community in Germany
 Bauridl, Birgit.

A Life Worth Dying (For): Queer Morbidity in Diseased Pariah News and Gary Fisher's Notebooks.
 Ramos, Ivan.

A National Community of Whiteness: Mississippi Segregationists and a New Language of Race
 Berrey, Stephen.

A New Deal for the District: Public Buildings and Municipal Identity
 Sefton, Douglas.

A Nightmare on the Brains of the Living: North Dakota Oil, Native Rights, and Colonization
 Kane, Katie.

A People’s Diplomacy: Vicki Garvin and Third World Solidarity Politics in China
 Gore, Dayo.

A Permanent Nationality: Empire and Black American Emigration
 Fagan, Benjamin.

A Saddlebag Full of Syringes: Rodeo’s Technoscience Frontier
 Vaught, Jeannette.

A University Besieged: The Stakes in Puerto Rico
 Stanchich, Maritza.

A Very Queer 99%
 Nadeau, Chantal.

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B-Boying Behind Bars: A Profile of Batch from The Bronx Boys Rocking Crew
 Johnson, Imani.

Baptism by Fire: Resistance and Community in Puerto Rican Chicago
 Lopez, José.

Bare Labor and the Ends of Social Death: Primitive Accumulation and Modernity
 Dillon, Elizabeth Maddock.

Barely Legal: Call Girls and Cattle Thieves-- Nebraska Plains Law and Justice in Slogum House
 Wenburg, Jillian.

Be Our Guests: Making Meaning out of Race, Labor and Empire during the U.S. Emergency Labor Programs of WWII
 Quintana, Maria.

Beauty and Drains!: Race, Hygiene and the Cultural Politics of Dwelling in South Africa and the US
 Oberdeck, Kathryn.

Before Harvard: Orlando Patterson, The Novel 1960s, and “The Crisis of African American Gender Relations”
 Francis, Donette.

Before We Were “Terrorists”: Iranian Student Activism in 1960s and ‘70s America
 Nasrabadi, Manijeh.

Being a Fad: Black Performance and the Calypso Craze
 Vogel, Shane.

Benevolence Behind Barbed Wire: U.S. Occupation in the Northern Marianas after World War II
 Nebolon, Juliet.

Benjamin Franklin: A Print Libertine in France
 O\'Malley, Maria.

Between the Eagle’s Talon and the Lion’s Paw: Extraditing a Fugitive Slave Accused of Murder
 DeLombard, Jeannine.

Between “High-Risk Behavior” and “Permissive Complacency”: The 2010 Army Suicide Prevention Report in Cultural Context
 Kieran, David.

Beyond Clemente: The Ethno-Racial Politics of Black Latinos and the (US) Baseball Hall of Fame
 Burgos, Adrian.

Beyond Domestic Empire: Internal and Post-Colonialism
 Chavez, John.

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C.S. Giscombe’s Transnational Poetics: Poetry, Cartography, and the Future of the Past
 Jones, Meta.

California Dreamin'? Dimensions of Empire in Eastern Europe
 Luca, Ioana.

Call of Duty? Neoliberal Development, US Empire, and the Rise of Apocalyptic Popular Culture
 Vials, Chris.

Cambodian Donut Shops, Refugee Policy and the Making of Urban Space in Los Angeles
 Curtis, Erin.

Camping, Climbing and Consumption: The Bean Boot, 1912-1945 (Eastern ASA)
 Newcombe, Emma.

Captives of Empire: Captivity and Freedom in the Early Modern Pirate Narratives
 Payton, Jason.

Carbon Empire, Carbon Democracy: Oil and the Geopolitics of the U.S.-Caribbean World
 Jobson, Ryan.

Caribbean All-Stars: Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, and the Rise of the African-American Leading Man
 Edmondson, Belinda.

Cartooning Women in the 1890s and the Fear of Gender Role Reversal
 Prados-Torreira, Teresa.

Celebrating Sexuality: The National Defense Authorization Act (2010) and Military Violence in Guatemala
 Vargas, Maria.

Cells of Starvation: Prison Hunger Strikes and the Limits of Representation
 Kish, Zenia.

Central American Migrants, Transnational Religious Networks, and their Challenge to U.S. and Mexican Nation States
 Cadava, Geraldo.

Chester Himes, Frank Yerby, and the Official Censorship of Boom Writers in Franco’s Spain
 Halloran, Vivian.

Childhood, Animality, and New Geographies of Extinction in the 1970s
 Onion, Rebecca.

Chitra Ganesh’s Storytelling Vs. Narrative: A Queer Decolonial Critique
 Bissonauth, Natasha.

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Daddy’s in Iraq, but I Want Him Back: Children’s Literature Addresses Deployment
 Browder, Laura.

Dancehall’s Urban Possessions
 Ellis, Nadia.

Dancing Neoimperialism/Intercultural Collaboration: The US State Department and Contemporary Black Dance
 Croft, Clare.

Dancing with La Migra: Labor, Agriculture, and Human RIghts in the Great Mexican Airlift of South Texas, 1949-1951
 Orbock, Joseph.

Daughter of Empire: François Jouannet’s Zorada, or the Creole and the Epistolary Novel in the Age of Revolution
 Manganelli, Kimberly.

De Terruño a Terruño: Re-imagining Belonging Through the Creation of Clubs Sociales
 Minian, Ana.

De-occupy America: Relations of justice, equity and sustainability among Natives and non-Natives
 Lasky, Jacqueline.

Dearly Deported: Sentimental Politics and Immigrant Rights
 Das Gupta, Monisha.

Debt & Discipline
 Mahmud, Tayyab.

Decay as Gift: Depictions of Excremental Culture in the Fiction of Ozeki, Proulx, and McCarthy
 Foltz, Mary.

Defeating All the Dark Forces: Anti-fascism, Transnationalism, and American Slavs, 1937-1950
 Batch, Rachel.

Demography and Mark Twain’s Comparative Anti-Imperialism
 Hsu, Hsuan.

Deporting Denizens: Deportations in a Neoliberal Era
 Golash-Boza, Tanya.

Desire, Dictatorship, Diaspora: Queer Critiques of Martial Law and U.S. Empire
 Ponce, Martin.

Detained Documents: Online Torture Archives, Redaction, and Visual Culture
 Nath, Anjali.

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Early Hollywood, American Empire, and the Americanism of George Kleine’s Educational Cinema
 Frykholm, Joel.

Eat or Be Eaten: Resistance, Consumption, Colonization, and Slavery
 Lingold, Mary Caton.

Eco-Cities without Ecology: Constructing Ideologies, Valuing Nature
 Sze, Julie.

Ecological Conflicts, Urbanization and Colonialism in Contemporary Martinique (1980-2011)
 Ferdinand, Malcom.

Ecologies of Perpetual Ruin and Repair: Wasteland, Parks, and Moral Environmentalism in Detroit, Michigan
 Cialdella, Joseph.

Economies of Affect: US, China, and Governing Imagination
 Yapp, Hentyle.

Ecstatic Corona: The Multitemporality of Religious Objects
 Clough, Patricia.

Emersons in Puerto Rico: Sugar, Mahogany, and Tuberculosis
 Lovell, Margaretta.

Empire and Multitudes: the Roles of Social Media in Global Protests
 Boler, Megan.

Empire and Spatial Justice: Viramontes’s Their Dogs Came with Them & Yamashita’s Tropic of Orange
 Wald, Sarah.

Empire's Hold on the Land: Testimonio as Resistance in The Squatter and the Don
 Roybal, Karen.

Empires of Circulation: Chinese Restaurants and Transpacific and Transcontinental Movements of Labor, Goods, and Capital, 1909-1949
 Lee, Heather.

Empire’s Dead: Colonialism, Terror, and the Political Economy of Zombies
 Byrd, Jodi.

Endangered Coastal Towns: Internal Displacement and Environmental Justice in the Caribbean
 Paravisini-Gerbert, Lizabeth.

Enemies of the State: Genet’s Biopolitical Genealogies
 Amin, Kadji.

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Facebook, BBs and Platanos: Dominican Women’s Transnational Present in Santo Domingo
 Quinn, Rachel.

Faces of Martin Luther King Jr. General Hospital: Re-introducing Dr. Sol White
 Simon, Daniel.

Facing Empire: Indonesia, the United States, and the Discovery of a Surfing Paradise
 Laderman, Scott.

Familiar Islands: The U.S., the Bahamas, and the Permeable Boundaries of “Folk” Music
 Cline, John.

Family Fictions: The Imagined Immigrations of Matthias O’Conway, 1780-1830
 Condotta, Kristin.

Fanon’s Psychopolitics and The Fact of Ricanness: “What does the Rican being want?”
 Ruiz, Sandra.

Fantasies of Authenticity
 Robinson, Sally.

Fast Food Nation-Building: Necropolitics and Lateral Agency in the Iraq War
 Ventura, Patricia.

Fathering an Ironic Mix: Imperial Spit and the Decline of Neoliberal Testosterone
 Willett, Julie.

Fear of a Black Planet: Imagining Empire in Turn of the Century Afrodiasporic Science Fiction
 Yaszek, Lisa.

Feeling Colors and Seeing Speech: Black Women’s Choreopoetic Diasporas of Difference
 Sullivan, Mecca.

Feeling from the War Zone: The Affective Labor of Afro-Asian Transnationalism
 Knadler, Stephen.

Female ‘Sheik’ Picked Up As Vagrant: Orientalism, Queer Embodiment, and Citizenship in 1920s California
 Skidmore, Emily.

Feminist Asylums: Petroleum Violence, Sexual Violence, and Legal Imperialism
 Turcotte, Heather.

Fetish: Asian Objects in the Uncanny Valley
 Bow, Leslie.

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Gender, Slavery, and the Limits of Sentimental Rhetoric in Lady Nugent’s Journal
 Rosenthal, Jamie.

Gendered Geographies of Containment and Empire
 Haley, Sarah.

Gendered Intermediacy
 Itagaki, Lynn.

Generic Ambivalences: Post-Fordist Performance in Harry Crews’s Car (1972)
 Pittman, Alex.

Geographies of Race and Nation in the Memín Pinguín Polemic
 Dorr, Kirstie.

Geography and Genre
 Woertendyke, Gretchen.

 Everson, Kevin.

Getting High on Mexico’s Supply: US complicity in Mexico’s Narco-Empire
 Ramirez, Antonio.

Getting a Race-Lift: Whitewashing, Marketing, and Resistance in Children's Literature
 Nel, Philip.

Global Defections; or Live (Crip) Sex Acts
 McRuer, Robert.

Global Hip Hop, Black Feminism and the Queer of Color Critique: An Analysis of Women-Centered Arts-Based Activism in Cuba and Brazil
 Saunders, Tanya.

Global Mutinies on Chinese Coolie Ships
 Pfaelzer, Jean.

Global as Imperial? The (Resur)rection of Global Health
 Birn, Anne-Emanuelle.

Gold Nations: Monetary Crisis and American Economic Knowledge in the Colonial Philippines, 1901-1909.
 Lumba, Allan.

Gone Campin’: The Campy Paradox of Nicki Minaj
 McMillan, Uri.

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Haiti to the Universe: Jacques Roumain, Langston Hughes, and the Radical Politics of Form
 Ehlers, Sarah.

Haiti, Minstrelsy, and the Cultural Politics of Black Sovereignty
 Reed, Peter.

Harriet Wilson’s Prosthetic Authorship
 Franzino, Jean.

Harry Belafonte, Committee for the Negro in the Arts, and Black Arts in the 1950s
 Smith, Judith.

He Said, She Said, But Who’s Right?: Oral History Unlocks Anti-Colonialism in 1960s New Mexico
 Oropeza, Lorena.

Hedging One’s Bets in the Age of Revolution: The Case of Phillis Wheatley
 Carretta, Vincent.

Hemispheric DC, 1917: Working Latino Modernism
 López, Antonio.

Hemispheric Poetics in the Neoliberal Era
 Amich, Candice.

Herman Melville’s “Benito Cereno”: Complacency, Hispanicism, Cosmopolitanism
 Havard, John.

Heroic Bureaucrats: British Imperial Adventure and the Development of Administrative Discretion in U.S. Empire
 Hebard, Andrew.

Hispaniolan/American/Archival/(Pre-)Occupations: Island, Empire and Diaspora in Julia Alvarez and Edwidge Danticat
 Ortíz, Ricardo.

Hoarders: U.S. Neoliberalism’s Prescriptive and Cautionary Tale
 Wingard, Jennifer.

Homesteading on the Philippine Frontier: Re-imagining and Re-inscribing Colonial Geographies during the Transition to Independence
 Miller, Karen.

Hopping the Train: The Orphaned and the Moving in Certeau’s “Traveling Incarceration”
 Curseen, Allison.

Hounds Of The Law: Jack London, Russian Radicals, and the Regulation of Political Thought
 Schwartz, Jesse.

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I Ain’t Got no quarrel with them Vietcong: Muhammad Ali’s Choreography of Resistance
 Guridy, Frank.

I Am… Sasha Fierce: Resistive Alterity and African American Respectability Politics
 Lindsey, Treva.

I See You Modoc Nation: Futurity and Other Modes of Resistance
 Morrill, Angela.

I Think That Maybe I'm Dreaming: Music, Counterculture, and the Renaissance Pleasure Faire
 Rubin, Rachel.

I Want to Be in America?: Urban Integration, Pan American Friendship, and West Side Story
 Nadel, Alan.

I need another world: Queer singer-songwriters in transnational collaboration post-9/11
 Goldin-Perschbacher, Shana.

I, Ben Espinoza, A Speculative Novel
 Pérez, Emma.

Identifying Civil Death: Narrative Strategies in Ethnic American Prison Writing
 Larson, Doran.

Identity Theft: Strip Searching the Boundaries between the Documented and Undocumented
 Schaeffer-Grabiel, Felicity.

If the U.S. is Now, When is Mexico? Disrupting Temporal Cartographies of Race and Empire
 Bebout, Lee.

Imaging “Post-Quake”: Visuality and Performance in the Haitian-Dyasporic Imaginary
 Souffrant, Kantara.

Imagining Archipelagoes: America’s Insular Territories
 Harris, Susan.

Imaginings of Brazil as Racial Paradise in Popular Culture
 Mitchell, Jasmine.

Immigrant House Museums: Historicizing Asian American Experiences in Los Angeles
 Pelayo, Monica.

Imperial Boyhood: Queer Desires, Racial Fantasies, and the Limits of Empire in Absalom, Absalom
 Saunders, Jason.

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Jackass Empire
 Chris, Cynthia.

James Baldwin Abroad and the Trap of U.S. Racial History
 Freeburg, Christopher.

Jamming Against Institutional Violence: The Works of Sandra Maria and Migdalia Cruz
 Herrera, Patricia.

Japanese Dreams for African Girls: The Trope of Travelogue in Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water
 Whaley, Deborah.

John Anson Ford and Global “Interracialism” in Mid-Century Los Angeles
 Kazal, Russell.

John Biggers’s Houston Murals as a Bridge from the Popular Front to the Black Arts Movement
 Smethurst, James.

John Marrant’s Master Narrative: Redface, Whiteface, and Forms of Black Atlantic Critique
 Hickman, Jared.

Juan Placido: The Cuban Martyr Poet of the American Antislavery Movement
 Boutelle, R.J..

Judit Hersko: Pages From the Book of the Unknown Explorer
 Hersko, Judit.

Judson Loves Transsexuals: Trans-Corporeography & Movement Politics
 Vaccaro, Jeanne.

Jungle/Paradise: Race, Empire, and Hawaii’s Vietnam War
 Man, Simeon.


Klansmen, Nazis, and Domestic Terrorists: Affect and the Perpetrator
 Belew, Kathleen.


Labor, Free Labor, and Freedom in the Post–Emancipation Caribbean
 Bogues, Anthony.

Landscapes of Desire: The Limits of Tribal Acknowledgment in Deborah Miranda’s The Zen of La Llorona
 Rifkin, Mark.

Laredo’s Red Men: Approximating Native American Cosmologies and Producing American Empire
 Peña, Elaine.

Learning How to Be Chinese: Chinese Heritage Education in the Mid-Atlantic Suburbs, 1960-1995
 Fang, Jennifer.

Learning to Unlove Andy Gibb: Race, Beauty, and the Erotics of Puerto Rican Male Queer Pedagogy
 La Fountain-Stokes, Lawrence.

Legal Orientalism: China as a (Not So) Legal Subject
 Ruskola, Teemu.

Let's Get Naked in the Sweatlodge: Sexy Futures for Native Feminisms
 Finley, Chris.

Liberian Colonization, Legitimate Commerce, and the Sentiments of Sovereignty
 Lewis, Adam.

Limiting Dissent: Asian American Cultural Politics at the Intersection of War, Empire and Race
 Um, Ji-Young.

Limits of Knowledge in The Known World
 Makau, Lynn.

Linking Struggles Against Racism and Imperialism: The Transnational Activism of Dr. Ana Livia Cordero
 Plácido, Sandy.

Listening In to Web 2.0: Subjectivity, Alterity and Powe
 Aslinger, Benjamin.

Literary Information Warfare: Eileen Chang and Cold War Media Aesthetics
 So, Richard.

Living Landfills: Creative Production, Upcycling, and Complex Communities at Molera, Haiti
 Braziel, Jana.

Long Lance’s Shot: Recollecting Indian Boarding School as Sylvester Long’s Queer Emancipation Strategy
 Cox, Alicia.

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Maganda at Malakas: Gendered Choreographies in Manila
 Perillo, Lorenzo.

Make Every Drop Count: The Neoliberal Logics of Corporate Social Responsibility
 Ciafone, Amanda.

Making History and a Race: Racial Passing in the Civil Rights Era
 Hobbs, Allyson.

Making Lola White: Genre Appropriation in Ruiz de Burton’s Who Would Have Thought It?
 Hernández, Melanie.

Making a Change: Race, Enterprise, and Neoliberal Governmentality on From G's to Gents
 Page, Allison.

Making a Spectacle of Angelino Fútbol, or Not.
 Doyle, Jennifer.

Making the Blackfoot “Savage”: The Creation of an American Mythology
 Hall, Ryan.

Manifest Destiny and Manifest Abuses: Imperialism and Antebellum Prison Reform
 Bernstein, Lee.

Mapping a Cultural(ly) (Painful) Embodiment
 Patsavas, Alyson.

Maria Barberi and the Provocation Defense in 1895
 Frisken, Amanda.

Martin Delany's Sonic Transnationalism: Genres of Poetry and Sound in Blake; or, the Huts of America
 Sowders, Thomas.

Matthew Barney, Animal Visuality, and Empire
 Routh, Mitali.

Mediascapes of Eastern European Migration and US Immigrant Rights Activism
 Sadowski-Smith, Claudia.

Medical Ethics, Political Mobilization and Hunger Strikes
 Shah, Nayan.

Memoir of a Sino-U.S. Migrant: Historical Crossings of a Transpacific Frontier
 Tong, Xiao.

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Narco-Trauma: Students, Mental Health, and the Drug War at the Border
 O\'Connor, Kathleen.

Narcocorridos and the Poetics of Violence and Resistance en la Frontera
 Muniz, Chris.

Narrative Structures of Arab American History
 Albrecht, Charlotte.

Narratives of Immigration and Empire: Representations of Latinos in the Subprime Mortgage Crisis
 Báez, Jillian. and Castañeda, Mari.

Native Missionaries in the Anglo-American Atlantic: Cultural Imperialism and Anti-Colonialism
 Andrews, Edward.

Natural Protest: The Politics of Public Nudity
 Shaffer, Marguerite.

Negotiating Empire: Tobacco Growers in Puerto Rico, 1910-1940
 Levy, Teresita.

Negroes Gone Native: Black American Cultural Production and U.S. Imperialism in the Philippines
 Mendoza, Victor.

Nella Larsen's Booklist
 Hochman, Barbara.

Neoliberal machines/Neoliberal Flesh: Roberto Bolaño 2666 and the Economies of Violence
 Engle, Michael.

 Summers, Brandi.

Neoliberalism and Affective Labor in Jhumpa Lahiri's Unaccustomed Earth
 Koshy, Susan.

Nevèrÿon and the Death Called Utopia
 Floyd, Kevin.

New Wine in Old Bottles: American Literature Before and After the Egyptian Revolution
 El Said, Maha. and Soliman, Mounira.

News from Nevèrÿon
 Rusert, Britt.

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O. Louis Gugliemi's Cityscapes and the Advancing American Art Exhibit
 Stalter, Sunny.

Obeah, Rebellion, and Early Caribbean Literary History
 Wisecup, Kelly.

Objects and Everyday Life: Garbage, Junk, and Refuse
 Yates, Michelle.

Occupy Anarchy: Comic Animals, Playful Reversals, And The End of Empire as We Know It?
 Willett, Cynthia.

Occupy or Decolonize? Internal Struggles in the Occupy Movememt
 Garriga Lopez, Claudia.

Oceans of Plastic: Environmental Knowledge and the Circulation of Waste
 De Wolff, Kim.

Of Sacred Sites and Profane Colonizations: The Shifting Geographies of Hawai'i's Militarization
 Turbin, Laurel.

On Alter Egos and Infinite Literacies, Part 2 (An #AntiJemimas Imperative)
 Johnson, Kismet Nunez/Jessica.

On Decoloniality: Reflections on the Postcolony, Race, and Decolonial Feminism
 Maldonado-Torres, Nelson.

On Force and Freedom in the American Prison Camp: Ellis Island/Koje Island 1952
 Lee, Yumi.

On Strategies of Containment in Africa: Black American Writers and the French-Algerian War
 Rasberry, Vaughn.

Onkel Satchmo Behind the Iron Curtain: The Politics of Louis Armstrong’s Visit to East Germany
 Stein, Daniel.

Operation(s) Geronimo: Past, Present, Future
 Mayville, Sarah.

Oral Histories and Multiracial Coalitions in the UFW and the Black Freedom Struggle
 Araiza, Lauren.

Oral History and the Asian American Radical Tradition
 Fu, May.

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Paper Genocide of the Indigenous Peoples of the Dominican Republic
 Guitar, Lynne.

Parsing the Hawaiian Medley: “Hybrid Girls” in Hawai‘i’s Racial Laboratory
 Arvin, Maile.

Part 150 “Noise Exposure Maps” and the Closing of the Acoustic Commons
 Tschirhart, Peter.

Part of the Economy but Apart from the Nation: Chinese Characters in Anglophone Caribbean Literature
 Dokko, Misun.

Pennsylvania’s Cossacks: World War I, the Department of Pennsylvania State Police and 1919 Steel Strike
 Jones, Gary.

Performing Empire at Plant’s Palace: Tourists and Workers at the Tampa Bay Hotel, 1891-1898
 McGraw, Charles.

Performing Power and Privilege: The Spiritual Itinerant Practice of Amanda Berry Smith
 Brooks, Tisha.

Performing Resistance and Resistance as Performance in Alina Troyano’s Work
 Alvarado, Li Yun.

Performing and Policing Race, Gender and Sexuality along the U.S.-Mexico Border, 1908-1917
 Menchaca, Celeste.

Persona Non Grata: Anger and the Transnational Reception of Jamaica Kincaid’s A Small Place
 Bhalla, Tamara.

Pharmaceutical Suspicion: Toward a Transnational History of Distrust
 Gabriel, Joseph.

Phillis Wheatley and the Revolutionary Transatlantic
 Erkkila, Betsy.

Photography and Urban Ruin: Mediating a Culture of Mourning
 Orvell, Miles.

Photography and the Colonial Gaze: Picturing Puerto Rico under the American Flag
 Katzman, Laura.

Pious Interloper: William Apess, Evangelical Activism, and American Indian Land Rights in Massachusetts
 Meyer, Neil.

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Queer Borderland: Fannie Flagg’s Missouri Trilogy and the Miscegenated Border State
 Harker, Jaime.

Queering the Homeland: Return Narratives of the Gay Mexican-American Diaspora
 Esparza, René.

Queering the Right to the “Lesbian City” in Chako Paul, New York, and Berlin
 Gieseking, Jen.


Rabble to Rebel: Abolition of the Prisoner and a Kinship of Captivities
 Smithers, Stuart.

Race Without Empire: Post-Socialist Neoliberalism on Reality TV
 Imre, Aniko.

Race and Space in Piñones and the Loíza Region, 18th – 19th Centuries
 Giusti-Cordero, Juan.

Race and the "Universal Problem" of Freedom in Richard Wright’s The Outsider and Savage Holiday
 Li, Stephanie.

Race, Emigration, and the African Pioneer in Indian Territory
 Field, Kendra.

Race, Empire, and Development in the Caribbean
 Reyes-Santos, Irmary.

Race, Empire, and Transnational Coalitions: Justo Sierra O’Reilly’s Travels to the U.S.
 Kinnally, Cara.

Race, Intimacy, Nation: Griswold v. Connecticut’s and The Moynihan Report’s Family Ties
 Osucha, Eden.

Racial Repositioning: Religion, the ‘New Negro’, and Chinese Americans under Jim Crow, 1919-1940
 Nie, Phonshia.

Racialized Workers in The Marrow of Tradition: Figures of Empire’s Splendid Failure
 Yang, Caroline.

Racialized and Raceless: Visions of Race After Death in Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Worlds
 Kee, Chera.

Racializing Language, Regimenting Latinidad: Latina/o Ethnolinguistic Emblems in Diasporic Perspective
 Rosa, Jonathan.

Radiant Trash: Rauschenberg, Muniz, and El Anatsui
 Yaeger, Patricia.

Radiating Dependency
 Crosby, Christina. and McRuer, Robert.

Radical Reprints: Black Globality in Amy Jacques Garvey’s “Our Women and What they Think”
 Zackodnik, Teresa.

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Sacralizing Black Epistemologies: Alternative Lexicons of Freedom in Diasporic Slave Communities
 Finch, Aisha.

Sacrificial Violence and Community in Yanick Lahens's Aunt Résia and the Spirits and Other Stories
 Leger, Natalie.

Safeguarding California's Human and Natural Environments
 Dwyer, John.

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and International Black Manhood in 1920s Afro-America
 Hawkins, Robert.

Samuel Delany's Flight From Nevèrÿon and Racial Organization in the Post-Civil Rights Era
 Jerng, Mark.

San Juan-Willimantic Migrations and the Promise and Power of Poetry
 Longo, Teresa.

Sanitary Citizenships: Socio-political Interests in Puerto Rico’s Trash
 Vaughn, Rachel.

Saving Faces: Asian American Responses to the Tiger Mother Controversy
 Ninh, erin.

Say it Loud: Black Girlhood in the Speeches of Alexander Crummell and Anna Julia Cooper
 Wright, Nazera.

Scaling the Cold War: Anticolonialism and the Black Freedom Struggle after World War II
 Munro, John.

Schooling and Opportunity
 Chikkatur, Anita.

Science as Empire and Resistance: The Case of Taíno Genomics and Indigenous Identity
 Bardill, Jessica.

Science, Wonder, and Tourism in the Early Mapping of Yellowstone National Park
 Akerman, James.

Screening Beauty: Hallyu, Medical Tourism, and the Question of Asian Feminism
 Heijin Lee, Sharon.

Securing Manifest Destiny: Transnational Policing of Migrants and Youth in Los Angeles and San Salvador
 Osuna, Steven.

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Taco Trucks, Taquerías and Take-Outs: Constructing Cosmopolitan Whiteness and Nation Belonging through Culinary Slumming
 Burdick, John.

Taking to the Stage: Selling Chinese Goods in Antebellum America
 Davis, Nancy.

Talking Back to the Cold War State: Claudia Jones's Radical Forms of Alienage
 Keith, Joseph.

Talking Back: Native Women’s Oral Histories in the Red Power Movement
 Castle, Elizabeth.

Talking Turtle and Calling Women of Early New Orleans
 Salvaggio, Ruth.

Talkin’ Bout a Revolution-ary Theater: African Diaspora Women and The New Black Festival
 Hodges Persley, Nicole.

Tanya Saracho’s El Nogalar: Staging Soundscapes of Silence and Imperialism
 McMahon, Marci.

Tax Holidays: A Caribbean Genealogy
 Orenstein, Dara.

Teaching Early American Studies in the Twenty-First Century: Content and Pedagogy
 Rushforth, Brett.

Teaching Texas: Education as a Practice of Empire
 Laux, Lily.

Technics of Female Silence
 Yue, Genevieve.

Technologies of Direct Democracy
 Mirzeoff, Nicholas.

Technoracial Modernity: The Panama Canal and Imperial Geographies
 Kim, Jinah.

Television and the Backlash to Busing for School Desegregation
 Delmont, Matt.

Television, Racial Inequality, and “Carpetbagger Justice”: The Peculiar History of the Alabama Educational Television Commission
 Perlman, Allison.

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US Empire, Education, and Americanization in Puerto Rico
 Del Moral, Solsiree.

Unbranding Medicines: Pharmaceuticals and the Making of the Generic Consumer, 1960-1980
 Greene, Jeremy.

Undocumented and Unafraid: Incantations for a DREAM
 Buff, Rachel.

Undoing Damage: Post-War Racial Liberal Discourse and the ‘Negro (Personality) Problem’
 Bost, Darius.

Unexpected Encounters: The Hollywood Origins of the New North Korean Cinema
 Mironenko-Hubbs, Dima.

Unhomely Oklahoma and Toni Morrison’s Paradise
 Maucione, Jessica.

Universalism and the Trials of Imperial Law
 Ben-zvi, Yael.

Universalizing Epistemology: Colonial Experimentation, Cold War Insurgency, and Metropolitan Militarized Policing
 Schrader, Stuart.

Unnatural Allegiances: Whitman and the Twin-Sister of Democracy
 Hyde, Carrie.

Unnatural Natures: Nuclear Reactions in a Post-Fukushima World
 Richter, Jennifer.

Unseeming Intrusions: American Soldiers in the Philippines and At Home, 1898-1914
 Taylor, Stephanie.

Up Against the Paredón: Albizu Campos and Puerto Rican Resistance on Record
 Deutsch, James.

Urban Drug Policy, Radical Critique, and the Political and Philosophical Challenges of Drug Abstinence and Methadone
 Roberts, Samuel.

Useful Knowledge: Railroads, Popular Science, and Sugar Transport in Mid-Nineteenth Century Cuba
 Rood, Daniel.

Utopia and Cultural Imperialism: Re-evaluating Mike Resnick’s Kirinyaga
 Tucker, Jeffrey.


Vanishing Indians/Vanishing Glaciers: Denaturalizing Dispossession in the Alberta/Montana Borderlands
 Brown, Nicholas.

Villagers Abroad: Transnational Localism among Pre-World War II Japanese Immigrants in Southern California
 Konno, Yuko.

Violence and Crime Panics in Europe: Global Diagnostics, Transnational Queer/Trans of Colour Critique
 Haritaworn, Jin.

Violence, Reconstruction, and American Indian History
 Blackhawk, Ned.

Visual Technologies and Farm Worker Futurism, 1934-1974
 Marez, Curtis.

Visualizing Climate Change and the Failure of the Future Imaginary
 Sturken, Marita.

Vivan Los Gallos! Vivan Los Americanos!: Nation, Culture, and Cockfighting in America's Empire
 McGrath, Timothy.


W.E.B. Du Bois, Prisons, and His Formation of Anti-Imperialism
 Campbell, Emahunn.

W.E.B. Du Bois, Rabindranath Tagore, and the Question of Comparison
 Goyal, Yogita.

Walling Ourselves In: Post-9/11 Fiction and the Politics of Fear
 Golubov, Nattie.

Watchdog Diagnostics: The Politics of Policing Sitcom Stereotypes
 Miller, Quinn.

We Are All Workers: Braddock, Pennsylvania and the DIY Urban Aesthetic
 Anable, Aubrey.

We Are Two People in One Body: Crossing Temporal Boundaries in Daughters of the Dust
 Milton, Tasia.

We Feel That the Gay Community Can Take Care of Its Own”: Miami’s Politically Charged Gay Rights Movement, 1980-1995
 Capó, Jr., Julio.

We Must Be Outlaws: The Unbearable Burden of Straight White Man
 Lotz, Amanda.

We Were People of Soul: The Black Panther Movement, Gender, and Soul Power in London
 Ford, Tanisha.

We, Too, the People: Repetition as Resistance in the Cherokee Nation
 Holt, Keri.

West from the Atlantic: Commerce and Cartography in the Early Republic
 Jaffee, David.

What Ever Happened to Ida May?: Race, Childhood, and Empathy after the Fugitive Slave Law
 Mitchell, Mary.

What Should Women Watch? Feminized Productivity and the End of Soap Opera
 Levine, Elana.

What The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook Has to Do with Writing (and Remembering and Resisting)
 Boyd, Janet.

What's Gender Got to Do With It? Remembering Female Pirates in the Colonial Context
 Manion, Jen.

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Yo Protesto:How Roy Brown’s Anti-Vietnam War and Pro-Puerto RicanIndependence Lyrics Reveal Puerto Rican Resistance to the Vietnam War
 McCoy, Erin.
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