American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2013-Nov-20 to 2013-Nov-25

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"The Most Fabulous Straight Man Ever": Cee Lo Green’s Politics of Hypervisibility
 Heard, Danielle.

"We were union people... I forgot what union that is": Remembering Organized Labor and the American Economy on the World War II Home Front
 Rigelhaupt, Jess.

"You Can’t Trace My Footsteps As I Walk The Other Way": Grace Jones, Black Camp, and the Aesthetics of Slipperiness
 McMillan, Uri.

'A Little Nursery Tale': Immaturity as Dissent in Melville's Redburn
 Edelstein, Sari.

“A War...Fought By Poor White Men”: Methamphetamine Hits the Mountains
 Rubin, Rachel.

“Ain’t Nobody’s Business”: Transforming Abuse into Capital
 Farr, Brittany.

“Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But the Rent”: American Studies through Black Feminist Praxis
 Brooks, Daphne.

“All Black Politics is Guyanese Here”: Afro-Asian Origins of Black Internationalism in the Post-WWII Atlantic
 Ambikaipaker, Mohan.

“But Isn’t It Too Polish?”: Translatability of Second-World Revolt and the Debts of Solidarity
 Starosta, Anita.

“Celebrity Rehab,” Rodney King, and the Visual Economy of Racial Violence in Television
 Sung, Wendy.

“Core ‘ngrato,” a Wop Song: Mediated Renderings and Diasporic Musings
 Sciorra, Joseph.

“Déclarez aux reporters que vous adorez l’Amérique”: The French Theater in New York, 1912-1916
 Maurer, Elisabeth.

“Gangnam Style” and Viral Legacies of Empire
 Ahn, Patty.

“How should they spend their single years?”: The At-Home Daughter Movement and Human Capital
 Shively, Elizabeth.

“I Imagined Many Moons in the Sky Lighting the Way to Freedom”: Miscegenation, Schizophrenia, and Passing in Janelle Monae’s Metropolis
 Cardenas, Micha.

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A Capital Campaign: The Common Core State Standards and the Education Debt
 Williams Barron, Courtney.

A Case of Monstration: Al Jazeera English's Broadcasting of Social Media Content during the 2011 Egyptian Uprising
 Youmans, William.

A Chance to Live: Mexican Farmworkers and the Right to Good Health and Housing
 Martinez-Matsuda, Veronica.

A Crime Against the Future: Fetal Injury, the Unborn, and the Radiation Scare of the 1950s
 Zaretsky, Natasha.

A Debt of Gratitude: “Art + Community” Equals the Tuesday Night Project
 Ishii, Douglas.

A Debt to Society: Meritocracy and Assimilation
 Ramirez, Catherine.

A Doctor’s Fortune: An Inheritance of Black Bones
 Foreman, Gabrielle.

A Future for The Race?: Cyborgs, Androids, and the New Miscegenation
 Agloro, Alexandrina.

A Human Debt: U.S. Presidential Campaign Rhetoric and the Narrative of Competition between Children
 Smith, Aidan.

A Leprosy Album: Medical Photography in America’s Tropical Empire
 Imada, Adria.

A Place Reeking with Rottenness: The Valente Detention Home and Contemporary Private Immigrant Detention
 Hernandez, David.

A Place where “Patience has its limits”: Black Lawlessness and Jackson’s Radical Repayment
 Aranke, Sampada.

A Psychogeography of Latina/o Radicalism: The Politics of Latina/o Landscapes
 Cordova, Cary.

A Sudden Bright Anger: Maritta Wolff and Working-Class Dissent during the U.S. Mobilization for World War II
 Vincent, Jonathan.

A Wall of One’s Own: Latinas Reclaiming Spaces, Subverting Economies, Empowering Communities
 Méndez-García, Carmen.

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Bad Behavior and Unpaid Debts: Revisiting My Own Private Idaho
 Geidel, Molly.

Bad Debt as Good Business: Credit Card “Losses” and Credit Card Growth, 1958-1992
 Hyman, Louis.

Baltimore Knows Best: The Politics of Policing Urban Black Adolescent Female Bodies, Sexual Citizenship, and Desire
 Stevenson, Stephanie.

Battling Blood Jim Crow-ism: The NAACP, China, and the Black Press During World War II
 Means Coleman, Robin.

Beacon, Blindspot, or Bait and Switch: Framing Labor Exploitation as Slavery across Social Movements
 Beutin, Lyndsey.

Because of You, New Orleans is Coming Back: Tourism and Recovery in Hurricane Katrina's Aftermath
 Thomas, Lynnell.

Becoming in Kind: Race, Gender, and Nation in Pit Bull Worlds
 Weaver, Harlan.

Being (Post)Human: Mechanization, Militarization, and Human Rights in Chicana/o Science Fiction
 Bachran, Daoine.

Being Cellular: Henrietta Lacks and the Humanist Subject
 Brown, Jayna.

Being Sonia Sotomayor and Other States of Debt
 Lima, Lázaro.

Between "Hindoo" and "Negro": South Asian Muslims, Race, and Citizenship in Early 20th Century US Cities
 Bald, Vivek.

Beyond Bling: Television, Violence, and the Narco-Imaginary
 Amaya, Hector.

Beyond Evidence: Vietnam and the Unmaking of Documentary
 Blair, Sara.

Beyond a Neoliberal Logic: The Unadorned Dissents of Occupy Theater
 Mahmoud, Jasmine.

Beyond the Logic of International Indemnity: How an American-educated Korean Became an Anti-American Leader
 Suh, Chris.

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C.L.R. James and the Theory of Empire
 Smith, Andrew.

Calculated Violence: Sikhs, Muslims, and Racial Logics
 Singh, Balbir.

Capital Artifacts: The Value of Anatomical Bodies in Spectacles of North American Colonization
 Quinney, Charlotte.

Care+Debt=Love?: Affective Formulas, Care Labor, and Other Queer Matters in the Filipino Global Diaspora
 Manalansan, Martin.

Carl Van Vechten and the Harlem Renaissance: A Black Story with a White Face
 Bernard, Emily.

Challenging a Failure of Imagination
 Piepmeier, Alison.

Charles Chesnutt, Sonic Memory, and Racial Terror
 Stadler, Gustavus.

Chemical Claims: Tracing Hormonal Surveillance of Gender and Sexuality
 Beauchamp, Toby.

Chicanafuturism and Flying Sombreros: The “Alie(nation)” of Latina/os in the U.S.
 Morales, Orquidea.

Chimpanzee Sanctuary: “Surplus” Life and the Politics of Transspecies Care
 Ahuja, Neel.

Chocolate City and its Vanilla Suburbs: Commuter Taxation and New Routes for Anti-Black Racism in the Austere Seventies
 Holmes, Kwame.

Climate Slavery and the Limits of the Debt Model
 LeMenager, Stephanie.

 Herring, Scott.

Cold War Demands: Post-war Medical Expansion and the Burdens of Latino Migrant Physicians, 1945-1965
 Mckiernan-Gonzalez, John.

Collaborative Sampling: The John Coltrane Quartet’s Favorite Thing
 Corey, Alexander.

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DIY Identities: American Neoliberalism and the Politics of Home Improvement
 Pettit, Jennifer.

Dark Finance and Odious Debt: The Chase National Bank in Cuba, 1926-1935
 Hudson, Peter.

Dark Matters: Branding, Biometric Technology, and the Surveillance of Blackness
 Browne, Simone.

Data Goes Pop: The Secret of Transparent Democracy
 Birchall, Clare.

De-Occupying Hawai'i: The Politics of "Security" in a Touristic and Militarized State
 Williams, Liza.

Deadbeat Dads and Daytime Television: “Worthless” Men in a Neoliberal Logic of Failure
 Razzano, Kathalene.

Death and Taxes: Municipal Photography of South Bronx Ruins
 L\'Official, Peter.

Death, Dissection, and Debt: Postmortem Souvenirs from Enslaved Bodies
 Berry, Daina.

Debt Disputed: Environmental Justice in Recent American Popular Culture
 Schneider-Mayerson, Matthew.

Debt Imperialism, Settler Modernity, and the Necropolitics of the Promise
 Kim, Jodi.

Debt Resistance: A Challenge for Organizers
 Ross, Andrew.

Debt Written in Stone: Economies of Racist Violence from Warsaw to Harlem
 Zaborowska, Magdalena.

Debt and Denial: Early America and its Veterans
 Cooper, Benjamin.

Debt and Disability in Harriet Wilson’s Our Nig
 Carmody, Todd.

Debt and Homage in Transnational Korean Cinema after the IMF Crisis
 Jeon, Joseph.

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Early Video Games and PCs: Leisure and Labor in the American Home
 Newman, Michael.

Economic Exuberance: Speculative Finance and Waste in San Francisco’s Dotcom Boom
 Andrews, John.

Economies of Vulnerability: Humanitarian Imperialism and Performance in the Burmese Diaspora
 Hue, Emily.

Edward Bellamy and the Politics of Foresight
 Pietruska, Jamie.

Eighth Army Culture
 Klein, Christina.

El tabaco se ha mulato: Contraction and Translations of Race between Science and Culture
 Cheng, Jih-Fei.

Ellis Island and Japanese Internment: "New York has a Concentration Camp of its Own"
 Pegler-Gordon, Anna.

Embracing the Vagaries of Social Movement Information Design
 Schaffzin, Gabriel.

Empty Boys: Imaging War Trauma
 Nudelman, Franny.

Empty Orchestra: Karaoke’s Plastic, Parasitical Echoes
 Tongson, Karen.

Endeavors for The Common Good: The Communitarian Foundation of Frontier Republicanism and the Populist Push West
 Pawlikowski, Melissah.

Energy Scarcity, Time, and Neoliberalism in the 1970s
 Wellum, Caleb.

Entrepreneurial “Success” in the Face of Economic Decline and Debt
 Valdez, Zulema.

Environmental Justice in Deep Time: Universal Histories, Local Economies
 Evans, Rebecca.

Envisioning Immanent Possibilities: Dystopian Science Fiction, Radical Democracy, and the State of the Debt
 Smith-Casanueva, Brent.

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FBI Minstrelsy and COINTELPRO Counterliterature
 Maxwell, William.

Faculty Joint Appointments and the Working Conditions of Interdisciplinarity
 Somerville, Siobhan.

Faith Moves: Belief and the Body in Bill T. Jones’s "Chapel/Chapter" and Toni Morrison’s "Paradise"
 Wingard, Leslie.

Faith in Fertility: A “Natural Family” Economy
 Trimble, Rita.

Faith in the Posse: Genealogies of DIY Security
 Light, Caroline.

Favor ... or ... my right: Martin Freeman’s Debt of Gratitude to the American Colonization Society
 Hart, William.

Feeling Greater Mexico
 Soto, Sandra.

Feminization and Racialization of Poverty: International Surrogacy, the Reproductive Caste System, and Global Inequality
 Banerjee, Amrita.

Fifty-Three Splendid Panoramic Views: The Racial Politics of James Presley Ball's Touring Antislavery Exhibition
 Gonzalez, Aston.

Filial Workers and Caring Laborers: Tracing Indebtedness in Young Women's Labor Subjectivity in South Korea
 Song, Jesook.

Financial Analysis and U.S. Conservative Support for Fascism in the 1930s
 Vials, Chris.

Fleeing Care: Secret Doctors, Runaway Migrant Workers, and the Cold War
 Lin, Chien-Ting.

Follow the Americans: Philip Jones Griffiths’s Vietnam Trilogy
 Kennedy, Liam.

Following the State on the Dance Floor of the Nation: The FBI at the Hollywood Canteen
 Tucker, Sherrie.

Football First: The Discourse of Culture and Athletics in the Jerry Sandusky Scandal at Penn State
 Bronner, Simon.

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GMOs and the Commodification of Border Subjects within Fantasy Fiction
 Millán, Isabel.

Gaston Neal and the Black Arts Movement in Washington, D.C.
 Smethurst, James.

Genderfuck and the Boyfriend Look: The Queering of Second-Hand Dress, 1960-1978
 Le Zotte, Jennifer.

Generation Chernobyl: The Role of the Chernobyl Children in the Commitment to Mitigation of Disaster in Germany and the United States
 Arndt, Melanie.

Geography as Payback: DC Between Empire and Decolonization
 Friedman, Andrew.

Ghetto Encampment: Cambodian Refugees in the Hyperghetto
 Tang, Eric.

Ghosts of Tom Joad: Finance Capital and the Return to the Real
 Balthaser, Benjamin.

Gift Economies, Cultural Debts, and “Asian-inspired” Fashion
 Tu, Thuy.

Glitter and Gender Fluidity: Protest Poetry from Greenwich Village to Zuccotti Park
 Girard, Melissa.

Global Hunger in the U.S. Imagination
 Chandra, Sarika.

Go to Work, Don’t Worry: Economies of Affect and Violence
 Carr, Jesse.

Goldwater’s Left Hand: Tracing Racial Genocide in the Archive of (post-1950s) White Reconstruction
 Rodríguez, Dylan.

Groove Theory: A Vamp on the Epistemology of Funk
 Bolden, Tony.

Growing Up Into Climate Change: Children’s Knowledge, Children’s Fears, and the Politics of Science Education
 Onion, Rebecca.

Growing Up in the Societies of Control: Population Racism and the Becoming-Prison of School
 Gill-Peterson, Julian.

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Hamra in the Homeland: Israel-izing U.S. State Exceptionalism and the War on Terror
 Lubin, Alex.

Hemispheric American Visual Cultures: From the State-Private Network to Neoliberalism
 Fox, Claire.

Historicizing Anonymity: Bulosan, Padmanabhan, and the Corporeality of Imperial Debt
 Maerhofer, John.

Historicizing Boycott Politics: Anti-Colonial, Anti-Apartheid, Anti-Occupation
 Hassan, Salah.

Histories of State-Sanctioned Toxic Violence and the Corporeality of Dissident Memory
 Walsh, Bryan.

Hmong Refugee Cosmopolitanism: (Re)Imagining Southeast Asia through a Stateless Perspective
 Moua, Chong.

Hole in the Head Gang: Nuclear Worker Toxic Debt and the Biomedicalization of Military Remains
 Krupar, Shiloh.

Holy Ground: Woody Guthrie’s Unsung Lyrics
 Allen, Ray.

Home Productivity: Domestic Labor, Game Development, and the Making of Sierra On-Line
 Nooney, Laine.

Home is Where the War Is: Yellow Peril, Neoliberal Governmentality, and the Video Game Homefront
 Park, Terry.

Honoring Dr. Du Bois: W.E.B. Du Bois, Martin Luther King, and the Black Radical Tradition
 Ford III, James.

How Silence Spoke for Lucy Parsons
 Wright, Tom.

How a Brand Built a Movement and a Movement Built a Brand
 Froehlich, Nancy. and Marks, Andrea.

Hypothecation: Debt Bondage for the Neoliberal Age
 Seigel, Micol.


I Know It When I Can’t See It: Paraphilia, Immunity, Surplus
 Lukes, Heather.

I Was A Sickly Body: Disability and Ownership in Mary Prince
 Stuckey, Amanda.

Identifying Palestine: Emigration, Citizenship, and the New World Order (1925-1930)
 Bawalsa, Nadim.

Images of Food in the Philippines During the American Period, 1898-1946
 Orquiza, Jr., René Alexander Disini.

Imagining NPR’s National Publics: Latinas/os and Neoliberal Models of Social Regulation
 Noel, Hannah.

Immigrant Rights Owed: Family Reunification Reform and Multicultural “Family Values”
 Perry, Leah.

Imperial Debt in American Literature: Coolies, Opium, and U.S.-China Trade Relations of the Long Twentieth Century
 Lee, Amy.

Imperial Producers: Filipino Jazz Musicians in 1920s Colonial Asia
 Schenker, Fritz.

In Debt
 Barker, Joanne.

In Debt to The Poor of New York: Dion Boucicault and the Panics of 1837/1857
 Deutsch, James.

In Our Own Words: Negotiating Dialectics of Shame and Pride in Black Men’s Military Narratives
 Drake, Simone.

In Pursuit of Property: Homeownership and the Material Practices of Finance after World War I
 Knewitz, Simone.

In the Lord's Hands: Spirituality, Vulnerability, and Black Womanhood in Lynching Dramas, 1914-1933
 Ng, Samuel.

Indebted to MTV?: Ethical Capitalism and the Problem of Student Debt
 Ouellette, Laurie.

Indebted to the Ogallala Aquifer: Hydrology, Sovereignty, Documentary Poetry, and the Keystone XL Pipeline
 Siegel, Eric.

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Jesus : Christians in the Age of Debt
 Moreton, Bethany.

Jewish and Palestinian Chileans facing Pinochet: Ideological and Diasporic Discordances under Dictatorship (1973-1988)
 Baeza, Cecilia.

Jumping Through Hoops: Class, Race, Conflict and Brooklyn’s Barclay Center
 Newman, Roberta.


Koden: Emily Hanako Momohara’s Performance of Obligation
 Chambers-Letson, Joshua.


Labelle: Funk, Afrofuturism, Feminism and the politics of Flight and Fight
 Royster, Francesca.

Laboring on the Color Line: Cultural Workers in the Age of Blackface Minstrelsy
 Runstedtler, Theresa.

Langston Hughes’s Front Porch: A Dream (House) Deferred: Representing African-American Families and Layers of Debt
 Lyle, Anndretta.

Langston Hughes’s Travels in Cuba and Mexico: Reimagining Afro-Latino Liberation in the Harlem Renaissance
 Phillips, Carmen.

Latina/o Conspiracy!: Hemispheric Activism and the Cold War
 O\'Neill, Kimberly.

Latinidad as Transnational Marketing Construct and Performative Category: Latina/o Youth Interpret Los Tigres del Norte and Calle 13’s “América”
 Cepeda, María Elena.

Latino Lay Healing and Sociomedical Networking as Collective Dissent
 Tenorio, Ramona.

Laughing from the Left: Crockett Johnson’s Barnaby and the Limits of Satire as a Means of Dissent
 Nel, Philip.

Laura Cornelius Kellogg, The (Lolomi) Industrial Village Model, and America’s Debt to the American Indian
 Stanciu, Cristina. and Ackley, Kristina.

Leaders of a Pan-American Century: American-Sponsored Education and Pan Americanism in Mexico, 1920-1970
 Jardno, Taylor.

Learning at Your Fingertips: Architecture, Disability, and Tactile Modernity in the Early Twentieth Century
 Serlin, David.

Learning to File: Efficiency, Office Workers, and the Emergence of the Filing Cabinet
 Robertson, Craig.

Legacy Preferences: On The Politics of Mixed Race Student Organizing
 Allen, Aaron.

Liberty's Austerity: National Panic and the Liberalization of the Antebellum U.S. Public Sphere
 Cowley, Christopher.

Life is Elsewhere: Shifting Citizen Bodies in Rafael Acevedo’s Exquisito Cadaver
 Maguire, Emily.

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Mad at the State: Precarity, Affect, and the Latvian Diaspora Politics
 Dzenovska, Dace.

Made Men: Unpacking the Mental Health Consequences of Everyday Racism, Masculinity, and Emotional Stoicism among Black Men
 Powell, Wizdom.

Magic Touch: Transaction Apps and the Political Economy of Swiping
 Palm, Michael.

Maintaining Racial Hierarchy with Efficiency: Merging Mississippi’s Public HBCUs with a Clear Racial Consciousness
 Heusel, Jennifer.

Making Beats, Making Wakes: Loss, Memory, and Style in the Music of RZA and DJ Premier
 Hamilton, Jack.

Making Debt
 Joseph, Miranda.

Making Laughter: Collective Dissent in Hurston’s High John de Conquer
 Ellis, Juniper.

Making a Face: Customization, Animation, and Legacies of Oppression in Video Games
 Phillips, Amanda.

Malingering Negros and the Germ of Laziness: Labor, Disability, and Racial Management in the World War One U.S. Military
 Lawrie, Paul.

Managing Fantasy Football: The Pleasures of Debt and the New Geography of Spectatorship
 Gilbert, Daniel.

Mask, Song, Veil: Literary Models of Black Performative Identity in Dunbar and Du Bois
 Batiste, Stephanie.

Material and Discursive Forms of Network Neutrality, 1960-1985
 Schaefer, Peter.

Metropolitan, Inc.: Public Subsidy and Private Gain at the Genesis of the American Art Museum
 Ott, John.

Mindy Kaling and Television Multiculturalism
 Subramanian, Janani.

Ming Wong and the Queer Labor of Self-Fashioning
 Young, Damon.

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NAFTA, Quebecois Separatism, and the Indigenous Response of Peter Blue Cloud’s Poetry
 Park, Stephen.

Nam June Paik and the Aesthetics of Interventionist Media
 Zinman, Gregory.

Narrating Debt: Market, Myth, and the Global Financial City
 Meissner, Miriam.

National Desires: Producing Childhood Through Histories in 19th-century America
 Ocasion, Gina.

Native Dissent and Debts of Imperialism: Choctaw Women, Violence, and Health Disparity in the Southeast
 Rand, Jacki.

Negotiating Cultural Representations through the Smithsonian Folklife Festival
 Cadaval, Olivia.

Neoliberalism as Style: Alex Haley, Hunter Thompson, and Countercultures
 Worden, Daniel.

New England’s New Old Past and African American Public Memory Projects
 Raimon, Eve.

No Longer Can I Stay, It’s True: The Politics of Hearing Harmony in Marshallese “Free Association” Diaspora
 Schwartz, Jessica.

No Taint of Professionalism: Bicycle Racing, Scandal, and Social Privilege in Early 20th-Century Washington, DC
 Bloom, John.

Nonsynchrononous Collective Resistance
 Hristova, Stefka.

Nunca más sin nosotras: Mexican and Mexican-American Women in the U.S-Mexico Border Labor Force
 Lopez, Maria.


Object Entrepreneurs: Disability Improvisation in a Hostile Marketplace
 Ott, Katherine.

Objects of Knowledge, Subjects of History: Science and Self-Making in Contemporary Narratives of Slavery
 Kaplan, Sara.

Occupying Personal Technologies: Protecting and Producing the Public through Protest
 Schulte, Stephanie.

Occupying the Same Time and Space: Laboring Debt, Land Debt, and Embodied Debt
 Yang, Wayne.

Of Monsters and Moralism: Diagnosis and the Switch-Points of Vile Sovereignty
 Harkins, Gillian.

Oh, I feel, I feel, I feel: Moravians, Wasted Labor, and the Afterlives of Enthusiasm
 Conti, Gino.

Oikos and Infrastructure: Servicing Infinite Debts, Service Work, and Fugitive Slaves
 Mitropoulos, Angela.

On Comedy and Eugenics: Imagining Disability in an Age of Prediction
 Estreich, George.

On Transition and the Timetable
 Nguyen, Mimi.

On the Trail and Trial of a Palestinian Diaspora: Mapping South America in the Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1967–1972
 Tofik Karam, John.

On the Wrong Side of the Revolution: Muslim Intellectuals and the Question of Dissent
 Grewal, Zareena.

One Neighborhood, Two Cultures, Three Narratives: Class, Gentrification, and Multivocalism in a Post-Industrial Mill Town
 Puglia, David.

One for One?: Investigating Consumer Models of Social Entrepreneurship
 Sussman Rumph, Rachelle.

Onticide: Toward an Afro-pessimistic Queer Theory
 Warren, Calvin.

Open Borders, Closed Form, "Infinite Jest"
 Hurley, Jessica.

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POW/MIA Activism and the Gendered Politics of Sacrifice after the Vietnam War
 Vong, Sam.

PSY, (Anti)Militarism, and the Transcultural Politics of Masculinity
 Lee, Sharon.

Painting Against Development: Ralph Blakelock and Shantytowns in 1870s New York
 Cao, Maggie.

Participation on Folklore’s Terms: Sacred Harp Singing at the 1970 Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife
 Karlsberg, Jesse.

Passing for Post-Racial: Political Correctness and The Human Stain
 Godfrey, Mollie.

Passing for Tan: Snooki and the Grotesque Reality of Ethnicity
 Gaines, Alisha.

Passing, Suburban Style
 Brown, Adrienne.

Patriots Abroad: Narratives of Chinese Nationalism on the U.S. World War II Homefront
 Li, Robin.

Patsy Mink, Racial Patriarchal Liberalism, and the Hawaiian Democratic Revolution
 Wu, Judy.

Pay Yourself First and Pay it Forward: The Black Girls RUN! Project
 Mitchell, Koritha.

Paying When the Judgment Comes: Human Rights and Black Women’s Civil Rights Activism
 Patterson, Robert.

Pedagogy of the Dispossessed: Remaking Curriculum though Re-Authorship
 Raza, Nadia.

People’s Science: Bodies, Rights, and the "Race for Cures" on the Stem Cell Frontier
 Benjamin, Ruha.

Performative Commons in the Atlantic World
 Dillon, Elizabeth.

Performing the Feminist Mask: Dissemination as Dissent in Narcissister is You
 Osterweis, Ariel.

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Queer Tourism and Late Capiatlism
 Boyd, Nan.

Queering the Object of Knowledge
 Stryker, Susan.

Queering the Value(s) of Asian American Chick Lit: Racialized Debt and Feminist Dissent
 Hong, Caroline.

Questions of the Future in Agent Orange Documentaries
 Sibara, Jennifer.


Race and Interdisciplinarity
 Chuh, Kandice.

Race and Species: Pestilent Japanese and Mexican Plant, Insect, and Human Immigrants, 1910-1929
 Shinozuka, Jeannie.

Race and the Aesthetics of Value: John Jones and Kerry James Marshall
 Neary, Janet.

Race, Debt, and the New American Caste System
 Karjanen, David.

Race, Labor, and Diaspora: Lessons from the Puerto Rican Case
 del Moral, Solsiree.

Race, the Housing Market, and the Problem of Embeddedness
 Hernandez, Jesus.

Racial Cleansing: Everyday Violence and Social Purity in the Laundries of the Second Ku Klux Klan
 Lennard, Katherine.

Racialized Rightlessness and the Criminalization of the Unprotected
 Cacho, Lisa.

Re-constituting the State: Latin American Strategies for Resisting Neoliberalism
 Garriga Lopez, Claudia.

Re-thinking Fanon’s "Godmothers" and Sapphire’s "Old Man in Drag": Toward a Black Transgender Reading Practice
 Snorton, C. Riley.

Re/Bound: Rules, Respectability, and Representations Under the Reign of Rene Portland
 Slaughter, Michelle.

Re/Constructing Indian?: The Debts and Legacies of Representations of Native Americans in Oklahoma, 1911-1924
 Magrath, Emily.

Re/Designing the House Beautiful: Neoliberal Economies of Value in the Domestic Space
 May, Stephanie.

Reading the Archive, Looking for Bones
 Walters, Wendy.

Reading the Cross-Cultural Worlds of Marcus Garvey and Vito Marcantonio in Twentieth-century Harlem
 Shukla, Sandhya.

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SCLC Goes to Washington: The Poor People’s Campaign in Local and National Politics
 Pearlman, Lauren.

SPAM Nations: Cultural Politics of Canned Meat in the United States and South Korea
 Ku, Robert.

Sampling among the Margins: Hip Hop, Indian Film Music, and the Sonic Life of Debt
 Powell, Elliott.

Sang Vo v. City of Boston: Tenant Organized Lodging House
 Inouye, Karen.

Saving Face: Shame, Humiliation, and the Affective Economy of War
 Mendible, Myra.

Saying Thank You to the Troops: On the Militarization of Gratitude
 Adelman, Rebecca.

Scenes of Loss: Imagining Alternative Forms of Historical Experience
 Sisavath, Davorn.

Scrap or Salvage?: Contesting the Past and Future of Admiral’s Row, Brooklyn
 Jacobs, Rebecca.

Searching for Caushun: Homo Thuggery and the Search for Queer Black Masculinity
 Clay, Andreana.

Seduced by Success: Sutton Griggs’s Female Consumers and the Black Economy
 Williams, Andreá.

Seeing Beyond the State: Visual Culture and Anarchist Alternate Worlds
 Streeby, Shelley.

Seeing Guantanamo, Blown-Up: Banksy's Installation in Disneyland
 Nath, Anjali.

Sell Your Love Steep: Prostitution, Indebtedness, and other Transnational Transactions in Rumbera Iconography
 Gutiérrez, Laura.

Send in the Trolls: Anonymous and the Crowdsourcing of Dissent in the Steubenville Rape Case
 Sammond, Nicholas.

Sensational Girlhood: Sentimental Convention in Laura Jean Libbey’s Ionie, the Pride of the Mill
 Bennett, Kathryn.

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TIAA-CREF Divest: A Current BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) Campaign in Historic Context
 Vilkomerson, Rebecca.

Taking the Port, Claiming the Sky, Seeking the Feminine
 Faini, Maria.

Taking the Wrong Side: Massive Resistance and the Moral Universe of History
 Hangen, Tona.

Talking Back: Vine Deloria Jr., Indigenous Methodologies, and the Future of Indigeneity in American Studies
 Klopotek, Brian.

Target: Biomedical Hotspotting and Racialized Indebtedness
 Ehlers, Nadine.

Targeted Homelands: Networked Visions of the U.S. Drone War in Pakistan
 Parks, Lisa.

Teaching Texas: Disguising Debt in the School to Prison Pipeline
 Laux, Lily.

Techno-Orientalism and Critical Realism: China Mountain Zhang, Science Fiction, and the Naturalistic Turn in American Realism
 Fan, Christopher.

Technopolis: Building Neoliberalism in Austin, Texas
 Busch, Andrew.

Tehching Hsieh, In Good Faith
 Kee, Joan.

The "Importance of Being Ordinary": Governmentality and Biopower in Gay Marriage Politics
 Rohrer, Judy.

The "Impossible Bride": (Re)producing Romanticism ,Desire, and Misogyny in Chicano Paño Arte
 Kramer, Jasmine.

The Affective Byproducts of “Social Death” Frameworks
 Ioanide, Paula.

The After-life of "J-Def": Ghetto Violence, Political Resurrection, and Public Mourning in Barrio Pilsen
 Márquez, John.

The Afterlife of Slavery and the Problem of Human Freedom
 Weinbaum, Alys.

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Under the Volcano: Gordon Parks, the Bergman-Rossellini Romance, and Postwar US-Italian Relations
 Cawthra, Benjamin.

Universal Design and the National Museum: Representing Knowledge, Culture, and Belonging
 Hamraie, Aimi.

Unlearning Colonial Tutelage: The Limits of Filipino Dissent in Linmark’s Leche
 Schueller, Malini.

Unless Someone Like You Cares a Whole Awful Lot: Ecological Apocalypse as Children’s Entertainment
 Canavan, Gerry.

Unsettling Debts: Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and the Labor of Settler Colonialism
 Arvin, Maile.

Unsung Songs of the "Swinish Multitude": Transnational Tunes of 18th-Century Political Protest
 Goodman, Glenda.


Visual Economies of Sex Trafficking
 Hua, Julietta.

Voces Móviles and the Precarity of Work and Play in Online/Offline Spaces
 Cong-Huyen, Anne.


W. E. B. Du Bois’s Paradigm of Refusal in the 1930s: A Transpacific Context Considered
 Onishi, Yuichiro.

War Porn and the Affective Price of YouTube Combat Videos
 Pettegrew, John.

War, Labor, and the Gift of Citizenship
 Paik, A. Naomi.

Warhol’s Queer Liking
 Flatley, Jonathan.

Warm Data: Redacted Archives and the Sensorial Life of U.S. Military Prison Documents
 Kapadia, Ronak.

We Are All Geoengineers Now!: Fracking Our Way Into the Anthropocene
 Brown, Nicholas.

West Indian Through and Through, and Very British: James and Coloniality in Theorizing Caribbean Independence
 Makalani, Minkah.

What Do Professors Owe?: Public Funding, Private "Partnerships," and the Restructuring of the University
 Voekel, Pamela.

What Does Citizenship Mean for People with Mental Disabilities?
 Belt, Rabia.

What Matters Who’s Speaking?: Black Intellectuals and the Optimism of Critique
 Mitchell, Nick.

What's Your Number?: Retirement Investing and Financial Value Capture
 Hardin, Carolyn.

What's “Neo” About Neoliberalism? Or, Rumors of Fordism's Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
 Heideman, Paul.

What’s Wrong with Diversity? What the University Can Learn from Inclusive Education
 Adams, Rachel.

When Theory Meets Heart: The Rolling Jubilee as a New Methodology for Debt Resistance
 Brown, Pamela.

When Viewed from the Other Side of the Mountain: The "Hillbilly" Stereotype in Twenty-First Century Films
 Olson, Ted.

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You Break It, You Fix It: Climate Debt and Reparations
 Orenstein, Karen.

You Cannot Grow Lilies in Ash-barrels: The Cultural Politics of African-American Yards in Detroit, 1916-1930
 Cialdella, Joseph.

You Listen But Don’t Ask Question: Listening for the Sounds of Hawaiian-ness
 Fellezs, Kevin.

You Owe Me My Blackness: Sexuality, Race, and Passing in ZZ Packer’s Drinking Coffee Elsewhere
 Adams, Derek.

Your Work is Not Here: Solidarity Tourism in Occupied Palestine
 Kelly, Jennifer.
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