American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2013-Nov-20 to 2013-Nov-25

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DIY Identities: American Neoliberalism and the Politics of Home Improvement
 Pettit, Jennifer.

Dark Finance and Odious Debt: The Chase National Bank in Cuba, 1926-1935
 Hudson, Peter.

Dark Matters: Branding, Biometric Technology, and the Surveillance of Blackness
 Browne, Simone.

Data Goes Pop: The Secret of Transparent Democracy
 Birchall, Clare.

De-Occupying Hawai'i: The Politics of "Security" in a Touristic and Militarized State
 Williams, Liza.

Deadbeat Dads and Daytime Television: “Worthless” Men in a Neoliberal Logic of Failure
 Razzano, Kathalene.

Death and Taxes: Municipal Photography of South Bronx Ruins
 L\'Official, Peter.

Death, Dissection, and Debt: Postmortem Souvenirs from Enslaved Bodies
 Berry, Daina.

Debt Disputed: Environmental Justice in Recent American Popular Culture
 Schneider-Mayerson, Matthew.

Debt Imperialism, Settler Modernity, and the Necropolitics of the Promise
 Kim, Jodi.

Debt Resistance: A Challenge for Organizers
 Ross, Andrew.

Debt Written in Stone: Economies of Racist Violence from Warsaw to Harlem
 Zaborowska, Magdalena.

Debt and Denial: Early America and its Veterans
 Cooper, Benjamin.

Debt and Disability in Harriet Wilson’s Our Nig
 Carmody, Todd.

Debt and Homage in Transnational Korean Cinema after the IMF Crisis
 Jeon, Joseph.

Debt and Its Theories
 Nealon, Christopher.

Debt and the Democratic Dream: Albert I. Cassell’s Chesapeake Heights on the Bay
 Sefton, Douglas. and Cassell, Charles.

Debt in an Expanded Field: The Debt Visualizations of Cassie Thornton
 La Berge, Leigh Claire.

Debt, Race, and the Proslavery Critique of Capitalism
 Mesle, Sarah.

Decolonizing Indigenous Histories?: (Re)Reading “The Queen of Pamunkey” in Colonial Archives
 Rogers, Tyler.

Deconstructing the Groove: Meshell Ndegeocello and the Politics of Funk in Post Civil Rights America
 Kernodle, Tammy.

Demolition Futures: Camden's Real Estate
 Romero, Mercy.

Demystifying Linderella: Racialized Competition, Immigrant Experience, and Religious Debt
 Yu, Kale.

Denaturalizing Debt in Voth’s Photographic Archive: Decolonizing Hopi History by Recentering Life Narratives
 Cox, Alicia.

Designing the “American Dream”?: European Immigrants and Mid-Twentieth-Century U.S. Commercial Culture
 Logemann, Jan.

Detroit Rising: The Invisibility of Structural Racism in Neoliberal Narratives of Renewal
 Kinney, Rebecca.

Devices of Affective Surveillance
 Yoldas, Pinar.

Dhan Gopal Mukerji’s Debts
 Elam, James Daniel.

Diasporic Leninism: Asian American Marxists and the Politics of Anticolonialism
 Mukherji, S. Ani.

Disabled Veterans and the End(s) of Civil War Romance
 Boggs, Colleen.

Dispossession Beyond Empowerment: An Alternative Ethical Grammar of Dispossession in Oscar Zeta Acosta’s Revolt of the Cockroach People
 Ravela, Christian.

Documenting Diaspora: Performance, Photography, and History in Annu Matthew’s An Indian From India
 Mani, Bakirathi.

Documenting the Undocumented
 White, Melissa.

Domestic Economies: The Mass Marketing of Military Spouses
 Cohler, Deborah.

Don’t Call Her No Tramp: The Feminist Funk Power of Betty Davis and Renée Stout
 Greene, Nikki.

Dorothea Lange’s Hill House Photographs: Visualizing Interracial Resistance to Agrarian Debt Peonage
 Battat, Erin.

Dream Homes, Borrowed Credit, Material Excess: Desire, Debt, and Home Ownership in 1940s Film
 Thompson Hajdik, Anna.

Drones, Counter-Surveillance, and the Transnational Fold: Adam Harvey’s "Anti-Drone" Wear
 Rhee, Jennifer.

Dry your tears and ARISE!: Poetry and the Sojourn for Truth and Justice, Washington, DC, 1951
 Bibby, Michael.

Du Bois and Medicine Science: Literature and the Culture of Dissent
 Zittlau, Andrea.

Du Bois’s John Brown and Political Prophecy
 Scales, Laura.

Dying Race, Living Culture
 Dent, Gina.

Dying from Improvement: Redemptive Gestures in an Inquiry into the Death of an Aboriginal Man in Police Custody
 Razack, Sherene.
American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2013-Nov-20 to 2013-Nov-25
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