American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2013-Nov-20 to 2013-Nov-25

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POW/MIA Activism and the Gendered Politics of Sacrifice after the Vietnam War
 Vong, Sam.

PSY, (Anti)Militarism, and the Transcultural Politics of Masculinity
 Lee, Sharon.

Painting Against Development: Ralph Blakelock and Shantytowns in 1870s New York
 Cao, Maggie.

Participation on Folklore’s Terms: Sacred Harp Singing at the 1970 Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife
 Karlsberg, Jesse.

Passing for Post-Racial: Political Correctness and The Human Stain
 Godfrey, Mollie.

Passing for Tan: Snooki and the Grotesque Reality of Ethnicity
 Gaines, Alisha.

Passing, Suburban Style
 Brown, Adrienne.

Patriots Abroad: Narratives of Chinese Nationalism on the U.S. World War II Homefront
 Li, Robin.

Patsy Mink, Racial Patriarchal Liberalism, and the Hawaiian Democratic Revolution
 Wu, Judy.

Pay Yourself First and Pay it Forward: The Black Girls RUN! Project
 Mitchell, Koritha.

Paying When the Judgment Comes: Human Rights and Black Women’s Civil Rights Activism
 Patterson, Robert.

Pedagogy of the Dispossessed: Remaking Curriculum though Re-Authorship
 Raza, Nadia.

People’s Science: Bodies, Rights, and the "Race for Cures" on the Stem Cell Frontier
 Benjamin, Ruha.

Performative Commons in the Atlantic World
 Dillon, Elizabeth.

Performing the Feminist Mask: Dissemination as Dissent in Narcissister is You
 Osterweis, Ariel.

Permanent Crisis and Technosociality in Bruce Sterling’s Distraction
 Cherniavsky, Eva. and Foster, Tom.

Perspectival Shifts in the Social Change Thought of Dussel and Graeber
 Black, Kelvin.

Petitioning, the Colonizing Influence, and the Right to Remain in Nineteenth-Century Virginia
 Seeley, Samantha.

Petitions, Oaths of Allegiance, and Sovereignty in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Hawai‘i
 Lewis, Adam.

Phantom Limbs and the Times That Bind
 Fretwell, Erica.

Photographs Just a Little Different: Image, Enterprise, and the Scurlock Studio of Washington, DC, 1904-1936
 Piper, William.

Political Exile, Transnational Encounters, and the Debts of Citizenship
 Seidman, Sarah.

Politics without the "Politics": Gender, Race, and Citizenship in Immigrant Women's Clean Air Campaigns
 Kim, Nadia.

Politics, Social Justice, and Economic Impact: Polarized Narratives about Undocumented Youth
 Gerken, Christina.

Post-Revolutionary Affect, Indebted Democracies, and the Consolidation of Zionism in the Post-Dictatorship
 Spira, Tamara.

PostSecret’s Indebted Democracy
 Adams, Katherine.

Postsocialist Debt and Politics of “Out of Time”: Resistance to Speculative Bio-Futures
 Vora, Kalindi.

Predatory Speculation and Techno-Orientalism: A Queer Unsettling via the Transgenic Fish
 Bahng, Aimee.

Present Grief, Future Empathy: Miné Okubo’s Citizen 13660 and the Path to Japanese American Redress
 Stanutz, Katherine.

Preservation or Progress: Development, Power, and the Future of Place in Bells Bend, TN
 Mokos, Jennifer.

Preserving History, Preserving Debt: Time Capsules and the Material Culture of Capitalism
 Murphy, Brian.

Privatization and Irrigation: The Battle for Food and Water in John Nichols’s Milagro Beanfield War
 Maloney-Mangold, Michelle.

Professing Bluesology: Gil Scott-Heron in the Nation’s Capital
 Nielsen, Aldon.

Programmers, Hacks, and Designers: Game Designers and the Creative Economy
 Kocurek, Carly.

Proof Through the Night: The Black Diva, the Stage of State, and the Question of whether or not Beyoncé is a Drone
 Gaines, Malik.

Public Humanities and Democratic Movement Building: Fighting for Free Speech in Postindustrial Bethlehem
 Moglen, Seth.

Putting Debt to Work: Parasitism and the Art of Precarity
 Fisher, Anna.
American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2013-Nov-20 to 2013-Nov-25
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