American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2015-Oct-07 to 2015-Oct-12

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"A North-Side View": Fugitive Slave Narratives, Migration Journalism, and Sentimentality in the Americas
 Park, Stephen.

"A displaced person of American democracy”: Black Medical Citizenship in the 1940s
 Waggoner, Jessica.

"American Horror Story: Racial Capitalism, U.S. State Formation, and the Mexican Revolution"
 Heatherton, Christina.

"Boys will be boys”: Black and Blue in Claudia Rankine’s Citizen: An American Lyric
 Pak, Yumi.

"Dwell, Detect, Destroy": Marketing the Drone in the Post-9/11 Era
 Andersen, Carrie.

"Every Step You Take is to Die in Here”: Life Without Parole in California Prisons
 Lenz, Colby.

"I Went Completely to the Wolves": Misery and Grief in the Writing of Farley Mowat
 Rutherford, Stephanie.

"I'm Not Crazy, I'm Chosen": Pentecostalism in Orange is the New Black
 Connolly, Andrew.

"If there is any cause it is the large and excessive work they must do": the Disaster of Cocoliztli and the Relaciones of the Sixteenth Century
 Westbury, Jerusha.

"Incarceration is Colonization:" On Violence Against Indigenous Women
 Himada, Nasrin.

"It’s gonna get severe up in here": Ballroom Cultural Performance and Black Queer Space.”
 Bailey, Marlon.

"Los Invisibles Inmigrantes of the Post-Katrina New Orleans Reconstruction Apocalypse Blues”: A Performance of Misery
 Simons, Rosanna.

"Prove It": Disabled Asian Americans
 Chang, Yoonmee.

"The City is the Black Man’s Land": Billy Abernathy’s Photographs of a Black Futurity
 Baker, Marissa.

"The Oneness of the Jewish People": Jews, Civil Rights and Apartheid in the U.S. and South Africa
 Feld, Marjorie.

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A Brutal Embrace: Domesticating Lynching in American Visual Culture
 Autry, La Tanya.

A Category Called Queer: Identity and Governmentality in Youth Prisons
 Landsverk, Kaveh.

A Connection That Feels More Like a Separation: Feminism, Race, and Technologies of the Group
 Philbrick, Ethan.

A Crisis of the Sensorium: Sound, Nonsense, Politics
 Wilson, Ivy.

A Different History of “Hooligan”: Enduring Misery and Unsettling Transnational Resistance
 Ciugureanu, Adina.

A Document of Exile: Finding the Dalai Lama in a Family Photo
 Yang, Chi-ming.

A Giving Plague: Samuel Delany and the Anti-Prophylactic
 Barounis, Cynthia.

A Happy Land, Far, Far Away: Poetic Delay and Critical Lament in Krazy Kat
 Owen, Ben.

A Hellhole and A Love Supreme
 Latta, Judi.

A Hot Mess! Fabulosity and Pathos in Queer Migrant Lives
 Manalansan IV, Martin.

A New “Safety Net”: Immigrant Owned Board and Care Homes for the Indigent Mentally Ill after Deinstitutionalization
 Nazareno, Jennifer.

A Part-Time Hustle in the Solution: Alternatives to Displacement and Black Out-Migration
 Jones, Omi.

A Path of Decent Pleasures: On the Time of Black Affective Historiography
 Weekes, Omari.

A Politics of Divestiture: Resisting Kenneth Anger's Fireworks
 Robinson, Michelle.

A Quiet Place: Leonard Bernstein and the Politics of Sexuality in Reagan’s America
 Yoshihara, Mari.

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Backwater Blues: Bessie Smith, Performance, and Racialized Medical Misery
 Fleming Jr, Julius.

Bad Auditions
 Herrera, Brian.

Bare Life? Slow Death? Premature Disability? Theorizing Imperial Injury in Muriel Rukeyser’s The Book of the Dead
 Sibara, J.C..

Barebacking and the Essential Risk of Existence
 Ricco, John.

Bearing the Misery and Pain: Wafaa Bilal’s Shoot an Iraqi
 Ege Tatar, Elif.

Because the Internet: Childish Gambino's Posthuman Aesthetics
 Nishikawa, Kinohi.

Becoming Pedro: Racial Play at South of the Border, 1950-1961
 Márquez, Cecilia.

Before Plessy: Black Women, Public Travel, and the 19th Century Railroad
 Thaggert, Miriam.

Being Ralph Ellison: Remaking the Black Public Intellectual in the Age of Civil Rights
 Bland, Jr., Sterling.

Bending Ears with that Old/New Southern Slouch: Outkast’s Sonic Hip Hop South
 Bradley, Regina.

Between Sex and Maternity: Prison Photography and the Abject Sentimentality of Incarcerated Pregnancies
 Tapia, Ruby.

Betwixt and Between South Africa and the United States: Biomedical Opposition to Skin Lighteners
 Thomas, Lynn.

Beyond Cold Sex Wars
 Ding, Naifei.

Beyond Recognition: Civil Society and the Debate on Urban Realism
 Hisayasu, Curtis.

Beyond Vietnam: Vietnamese Antiwar Organizing and Solidarity in the US
 Fu, May.

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Can the Object of Rendition Speak?: Black Sites and Blacked-Out Language in Mahamedou Ould Slahi's "The Guantanamo Diaries"
 Wald, Gayle.

Can the Settler Colonialism Paradigm account for Indigenous America Today?
 Saldaña-Portillo, María Josefina.

Carceral Environments and the Racial Environmental State
 Miyake, Keith.

Caribbean Crossings: Precarious Genealogies in Zora Neale Hurston's and Katherine Dunham's imagined Haiti
 Colwill, Elizabeth.

Cartographies of Indigenous and Settler Commiseration: Affinities for a Moʻo ʻĀina Beyond the Settler State
 Fujikane, Candace.

Categorizing to Cast Away-The Violence Imposed on Young Women of Color with Disabilities in a Carceral State
 Annamma, Subini Ancy.

Cats, Babies, and Other Hurtable Creatures
 Cecire, Natalia.

Caveat Emptor: The Louisiana Purchase and Catholic Conflict in the Early American Republic
 O\'Donnell, Catherine.

Celebrity Skin: The Enfreakment of Blackness as Intellectual Property in The Hangover 2
 Osucha, Eden.

Charting the Territory: Space and Power in the Iraq War
 Hristova, Stefka.

Child’s Play: Child Stars and Child Labor
 Warwick, Jacqueline.

Choosing Neighborhoods, Finding "Good" Schools: Race, Class and Educational Trajectories in Chicago
 Lewis, Amanda.

Chopped and Screwed, Slowed and Throwed: DJ Screw's Politics of Vibration
 Boon, Marcus.

Church Closures and Casino Capitalism: Landscapes of Loss in Postindustrial Bethlehem, PA
 Taft, Chloe.

Cinematic Geographies in films on the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women: Razing the Monumentalizing that Marks Us for Death
 Goeman, Mishuana.

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Dancing the “Other”: Performance of Monstrosity in Nora Chipaumire’s "Miriam"
 Szaniawska, Aleksandra.

Darkness Falls Across the Land: Vincent Price, Michael Jackson and the Dawn of Zombie Neoliberalism”
 Saab, A. Joan.

De/Colonizing the Image: Photography, Geronimo, and Resistance in Leslie Marmon Silko’s Almanac of the Dead
 Fischer-Hornung, Dorothea.

Deadly Perpetuities
 Thompson, Kara.

Death Certificate: The Death and Rebirth of the Violent Black Radical
 Morris, Kevin.

Declining Misery: Remaking the Southern Gothic with Rural Florida’s Hmong and Korean Farmers
 Kim, Joo Ok.

Decolonizing Affects: Settler Self-Transformation and Indigenous Affective Refusal
 Goodman, Caroline.

Deep Throat's Secret War: the FBI, the Weather Underground, and America's 'Crisis of Confidence'
 Chard, Daniel.

Dehumanization as a Failure to Respond
 Razack, Sherene.

Deinstitutionalized American Studies: Teaching Justice in Social Movements
 Hoechst, Heidi.

Deleuze Under Water: The Feeling of Swimming and Settler Colonial Sense
 Clare, Stephanie.

Detroit: A story of resistance
 Howell, Sharon.

Devastating Optimism: Landscapes of Renewal from Ida B. Wells to HUD HOPE VI
 Quesal, Susan.

Difficult Feelings, Disruptive Affects, Networked Connections: Mediating Queer Youth Misery and Desire Online.
 Driver, Susan.

Difficult Subjects. Talking Sh*t. At the Crossroads
 Foster, Tonya.

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Eating the Corpse of the World: Ecology and Cannibalism in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road
 Huebert, David.

Educating through Racial Pathology: Disciplinary and Behavior Modification in Schools and the STPP
 Adams, D..

El Oaxaqueño Newspaper: Reading, Translating, and Circulating the Mexican Indigenous Experience
 Alberto, Lourdes.

Elder Companions and Quasi-Public Employees: Racialized Gender and the Devaluing of Home Care Work
 Boris, Eileen.

Electronic Warfare: Detroit Techno’s Musical Resistance against Mental Dystopia
 Gail, Dorothea.

Embodied Sacrifice: Representations of Dis/ability, Recovery, and National Service
 Cowing, Jessica.

Embodiment, or the Loving Intimacies of Carbon
 Johnson, Robert.

Emigration, Maroonage, and Transcolonial Citation in the Provincial Freeman
 Lewis, Adam.

Ending in Misery: From Howells’ Criticism to Wharton’s Fiction
 Bode, Rita.

Enemy Combatants: The Torture Memos as Asian American Culture
 Raymundo, Emily.

Engendering the Case History
 Hainze, Emily.

Engineering the Choreography of 21st-Century U.S. Warfare
 Behm, Jessica.

Enqu(ee)r(y)ing Minds Want to Know: Is You Gay?!; or, An Episodic Moment in a Single Ladies' Life
 Durham, I. Augustus.

Enslaved Neighbors: Marie Joseph-Angélique, Marie Manon, and Intersections of Blackness and Indigeneity in Canada
 Macgillivray, Emily.

Enslaved, Clothed, and Cold: The Material Eco-Culture of Slavery in Antebellum Maryland
 Perry, Tony.

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Failure to Plan or Planned Failure? Urban Planning and Gentrification on the Lower East Side
 Amato, Rebecca.

Failures of the American Century
 Edwards, Brian.

Faithful Witnessing as a Practice of Decolonial Deminism
 Figueroa, Yomaira.

Fall Dead Like a Specimen: Traumatic Recognition in the Work of Dionne Brand
 Schaeffer, Tesla.

Fantasy in the Gachimuchi Fandom; or the Production of Pleasure in Pain in Japanese Popular Culture Post-World War II
 Cheang, Kai Hang.

Feelin' the Spins: The Meeting of Vertigos in Puerto Rican Feminism
 Rodriguez, Judith.

Feeling Yellow: Responding to Yellowface in Contemporary Musical Theatre
 Galella, Donatella.

Feminist Disability Bioethics: Theorizing Citizenship through the work of Joseph Beam, Essex Hemphill and Audre Lorde
 Day, Ally.

Ferguson in Europe? (Re)Producing Contemporary Protest Movements in German Classrooms
 Hertlein, Saskia.

Ferguson/Palestine: Blackness and the Substrates of Settler Democracy
 Feldman, Keith.

Fighting Angry: “Cool” Violence in the Dancing of West Side Story
 Belgrad, Daniel.

Filipina/o Excess: Televisual Representations of Queerness, Multiraciality, and A-Coastal Diaspora
 Sarmiento, Thomas.

Fixing Broken Windows: Racial Isolation, the Achievement Gap, and the Ideological Architecture of Whiteness as Property in Education Reform
 Aggarwal, Ujju.

Flights to—and from—Canada: The Misery of Exile and Expropriation in Narratives of ‘Uncle Tom'
 Redding, Arthur.

Flock Expressions: Bird Sentinel Technologies and Mapping the Networks of Vulnerable Systems.
 Kim, Gloria.

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Gaza Protests and the Politics of Fracture Across the Green Line: Protesting Together, Apart
 Bishara, Amahl.

Gentrification Sure Tastes Good!: The Sensory Devouring of Multiculturalism and the Miseries of Exclusion
 Burdick, John.

Geography, Empathy: Octavia Butler and the Perils of Sharing
 Decker, William.

Geolocating AIDS on Gay Apps: Geosocially Networked Identities, Representations, and Surveillance
 Cheng, Jih-Fei.

Ghost Photography in the War on Terror: al-Jamadi, Abu Ghraib, and the Biopolitics of Detention
 Miller, Andrea.

Ghost Ships: The Spectre of Afro-Asian Labor and Death at Sea
 Goffe, Tao.

Giving Voices to the Body as a Community: Lucille Clifton’s Poetry on the Female Body
 Dudley, Dana.

Good Kid, Mad City: The Politics of “The Good Kid” in 1980s Chicago
 Todd-Breland, Elizabeth.

Governing Through Addiction and the Making of Patient-Criminals: Therapeutic Incarceration before the War on Drugs
 Roberts!, Samuel.

Graffiti Alongside the Law: Meeting of Styles Wiesbaden
 Bruce, Caitlin.

Green Alchemy: Conversion Ecologies at Treasure Island
 Crysler, C. Greig.

Grieving Black Mothers Lifting the Netted Veil of Multiculturalism and Post-Racialism
 Miller, Channon.

Grotesque Environments in Barbara Gowdy’s Domestic Fictions
 Lousley, Cheryl.

Guantánamo and Fort Snelling: Examining Corresponding Histories and Historical Memories
 Miron, Rose.


Handling Digital Witnesses: Battered Women’s Testimony and the Conquest of Voice and Image
 Moore, Kelli.

Harriet Jacobs’s Philosophy of Wrong and Other Abolitionist Loopholes in National Narratives of Freedom
 Syedullah, Jasmine.

Head-and-Shoulder Hunting in the Americas: Lobotomy’s Visual Archive
 Posner, Miriam.

Health Care Policy in Dystopia
 Barrish, Phillip.

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now: Social Misery and Didactic Resistance in Sex Criminals
 Smart, Andrew.

Helmets, Cleats and Shoulder Pads: Hmong Youth Making Their Mark in America through Sports
 Vang, Chia.

History in Chains: Crimes of Property and Historic Preservation in Richmond VA
 Luria, Sarah.

Home is Where the Harm is: Propagating and Punishing Nostalgia in the Civil War
 Graham, Daniel.

Homeland Orientations and the Continuing Significance of “the Filipino Exile” in America
 Mariano, Joyce.

Housekeeping’s Depressive Domesticity and Feminine Mobility
 Wilhelm, Julie.

Housing Crises in Upstream Colour (2013) and Walden (1854)
 D\'Amico, Cristina.

How Did Gender and Sexuality Become Weapons on the American Religio-Political Scene?
 Sheldon, Myrna.

How Does Trauma Travel? The Case of Demetria Martínez's Mother Tongue
 Bramen, Carrie.

How to Feel about War: Conduct, Intimacy, and the Politics of Military Life
 MacLeish, Kenneth.

Hull-House Conversations in Place, Across Time: Textual and Material Memory as an Avenue to Social Action
 Robbins, Sarah.

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If You Surrender To The Air: On Morrison, Birds and the Black Masculine
 Bennett, Joshua.

Imaging Race: "Brain Stories" about Prejudice and Identity
 Staub, Michael.

Imagining Cuba in El Imperio: The Venceremos Brigade and Cuba’s Influence on the U.S. Multi-ethnic Left
 Latner, Teishan.

Imagining Syrians: Philip Hitti and the Making of an Arab American Intellectual
 Tawil, Randa.

Imagining the Filipina "Trafficked Woman": The Politics of Filipina/o American Solidarity
 Velasco, Gina.

Impasse Miseries, or Archiving the End of a World
 Shomura, Chad.

Imploding Oppositions in Takao Ozawa v. United States
 So, Christine.

Improvising the Autobiography: Sidney Bechet and Intermedial Life Writing
 Teague, Jessica.

In Darkness, Prejudice is Born: Slavery, Race, and the Pedagogies of Television
 Page, Allison.

In the Business of Misery: Race, Policing and Making 'Gay L.A.'
 Ellison, Treva.

In the Camp’s Shadows: Intimate Economies in the Bracero Program
 Loza, Mireya.

In the Interval of Surveillance, Contagion, and Immortality: Temporalities of Misery and Resistance in HeLa Research
 Harvey, Sandra.

In the Name of Security: Biopolitics, Race, and the Sanction of Violence
 Pokornowski, Steven.

Indentured German Migrants' Narratives of Exploitation and Matriculation into Citizenship in the Early American Republic
 O\'Keefe, John.

Insecure Freedom: Precarity and Agency in Informal Labor Migration
 Hwang, Maria.

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Joan Little and the 1970s Anti-Rape Movement
 Raiford, Wanda.

John Fitch Queered: Steam, Manhood, Failure
 Bascom, Benjamin.

John Hall’s Fence: Volcanic Eruptions and Imperial Anxieties in Nineteenth-Century Hawai‘i
 Leavelle, Tracy.

John Howard Yoder Is Dead: Sexual Violence and the Haunting of the Mennonite Church
 Krehbiel, Stephanie.

Jukebox and Coffin: Rethinking Robert Frank’s The Americans
 Wang, Peter Han-Chih.

Jumping the Slave Ship: Black Anarchy and Unrecognizable Practice
 Tenorio, Sam.


Katrina in the Eye of the Beholder: Hurricane Katrina Tourism and the Commodification of Disaster
 Pinkston, Caroline.

Killer Gestures: The Visual Language of Misery as Difference
 Marks, Maxine.

Kiss Me, Kill Me: Whiteness, Privilege, and Food Allergies
 Gill, Michael.

Knowing the History of These Buildings: Medical Miseries and the Production of Prisoner-Patient Consent in Alejandro Morales’s The Captain of All These Men of Death
 Perreira, Christopher.


Labor Resistance and Arab Nationalism: Yemeni Americans and the Farm Worker Movement
 Alamri, Neama.

Labor Unions, Insurgent Stories, Engaging Violence
 Meiners, Erica. and Quinn, Therese.

Laugh Until It Hurts: Rape Jokes, Queer Laughter, and the Comedy of (Black) Masculinity
 Bruce, La Marr.

Laughing at the Sky: Drones, Secrecy and Belonging in Contemporary America
 Szpunar, Piotr.

Layers of Return and Reproduction: Terezín Art, Queer Family, and Critical Holocaust Studies
 Gelfand, Rachel.

LeRoy Neiman’s TV Sports Paintings: Kitsch, Masculinity, and 1970s Sports Television
 Vogan, Travis.

Legacy as “Living On”: Nuclear Immiseration and Artful Endurance
 Krupar, Shiloh.

Legal Gaslighting/Performing Criminality: Miserable Tactics for Surviving Continuums of Domestic and State Violence
 Danylevich, Theodora.

Lewis Clarke and the Color of Disability
 Franzino, Jean.

Liberal Economics and Neurasthenia
 Sawaya, Francesca.

Liberating the Body: Title IX and the Promises of Legislative Feminism
 Tsaconas, Emily Hella.

Life Magazine’s Affective Economy and the Emergence of Neoliberalism
 Bassnett, Sarah.

Life Writing of the Spirit and of the Sociotope: Transnational Hip-Hop Autobiographies
 Balestrini, Nassim.

Like a Nuclear Shockwave: WMDs as an Ideological Forcefield in the War on Terror
 Jarmakani, Amira.

Lindon Barrett, W.E.B. Du Bois, and The Temporal Structure of Racial Violence
 Barnhart, Bruce.

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Maintaining Hierarchy in Predominantly White Organizations: A Theory Racial Tasks
 Wingfield, Adia.

Making #BlackLivesMatter: (Re)producing Misery and Performing Resistance through the Death (and Afterlife) of Michael Brown
 Powell, Kashif.

Making and Thinking: Craft History and Practice as Undergraduate Research in American Cultural Studies
 Marsh, Maureen "Lilly".

Making words walk: Reading Joséphine Bacon’s Poems as Tshissinuatshitakana
 Bryant, Rachel.

Managing Intuition: The Rhetoric of Right Brain/Left Brain in Managerial Discourse
 Lussier, Kira.

Managing Safety: Exploring Community-Police Partnerships in Chicago
 Roc, Marco.

Manhood Is Burning in Morrison’s Sula and Fisher’s Antwone Fisher
 Young, Vershawn.

Mapping and Resisting the Contours of Dominance: Barrio Education Policy Work and State Power in this Era of Racial Capitalism
 Mayorga, Edwin.

Marginalized on American “Main Streets”: Locating Misery and Resistance in Discourses of Small-Town Identity
 Mieras, Emily.

Maroon Flight and “Locations of Not Here” in Dionne Brand’s In Another Place, Not Here
 Cummings, Ronald.

Marooned: Naturalism, Surplus Life, and the Biopolitical Turn
 Haines, Christian.

Mass Producing Misery at Ford: 100 Years of Shop-floor Struggle from Highland Park to Hangzhou
 Esch, Elizabeth.

Material of Misery: Dress and Racial Violence in the Era of Emancipation
 Weicksel, Sarah.

Matters of Life and Death: Redeeming Biomedicine in an Age of AIDS Globalization
 Shahani, Nishant.

Melancholic Stagnation as Ethnic Life Writing in Carlos Bulosan’s America Is in the Heart
 Schueller, Malini Johar.

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NSFW: Contemporary Social Media and the Curating of Black Queerness
 Poulson-Bryant, Scott.

Narrative Disidentification: Forms of Subjectivity in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon
 Romagnolo, Catherine.

Narrative Play and the Politics of Difference in Earl Lovelace’s Salt
 Kini, Ashvin.

Narrow Islands of Despair: Carlos Bulosan and the Subaltern Archipelago of U.S. Empire
 Keith, Joseph.

Nat Turner’s Body: A Revisionist Historiography of Biopower
 Byock, Ashley.

Necroaesthetics and Misery in Teju Cole’s Seven Short Stories about Drones
 Rhee, Jennifer.

Neo-Naturalism: Narratives of Risk Determinism
 Hsu, Hsuan.

Neoliberal Ableism and the American Girl Brand
 Schalk, Sami.

Neoliberal Cold War Biomedicalization of Human(ity) and Terror
 Lin, Chien-Ting.

Neoliberal Fatherhood and the Ideology of Post-nuclear Family in Robert B. Parker’s Early Autumn
 Sekiguchi, Yohei.

Neoliberalism and Emergent Transnational Asian-Latino Migrant Labor Solidarities
 Rodriguez, Robyn.

New Farmers: Big Tech’s Greening of its Data Centers
 Hogan, Mél.

New Naturals: Black Women’s Hair in the 21st Century
 Cobb, Jasmine.

New Negro Typologies: Wartime Ergonomics and the Production of The Negro Problem in Progressive America
 Lawrie, Paul.

No Accounting For Misery: Los Angeles Stories of Transformative Justice Against Fictions of State Accountability
 Hwang, Ren-yo.

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Objects of Compassion? Irish Famine Orphans in Quebec and Boston
 Battenfeld, Mary.

Ocean-Bound Borderland and Transnational History: Japanese Transmigration via Hawai‘i
 Takai, Yukari.

Of Subjectivity and Truth-Telling: Jack Henry Abbott’s In the Belly of the Beast
 Vanderwees, Chris.

Oil Frontiers in Outer Space?: Geological Reconnaissance Satellites and the Global Energy Crisis
 Black, Megan.

Oil Futures/Petro-Fabrics
 Robertson, Kirsty.

Oil Landscape Photography and the Performance of Resistance
 Roehl, Emily.

Oil, Art and the (Re)production of Misery: The Case of Frank Stella in Iran
 Mameni, Sara.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard Environmentalism: The Staten Island Secession Movement and Wu-Tang Clan’s 36 Chambers, 1990-1993
 Nugent, Patrick.

On Beauty and the Miseries of Multicultural Institutions
 Brickley, Briana.

On Learning and Traveling: Pedagogies of the Women’s Student Dormitory at Qatar University
 Al-Saleh, Danya.

On Transmitting Ideology: Political Site and Sound
 Alvarado Saggese, Megan.

On the (Extra)Legal Killing of Eric Garner and the Law’s Imaginary Archive
 Goldberg, Jesse.

On the Corner with Miles: Tracing the Queer Afro-South Asian Political Visions of Miles Davis
 Powell, Elliott.

On the Entanglement of the Human and Capital
 Limki, Rashné.

Online Therapy, Post-Disaster Therapeutic Governance, and Resilient Subjects
 Mathias, Jeffrey.

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Paint it Red: Indigenous Internationalism and the Global Climate Change Movement
 Estes, Nick.

Painting and Producing a Rockwellian Main Street: One Canvas, Myth-spinning and Stockbridge, MA
 Makker, Kirin.

Partus Sequitur Ventrem: “Making Generations” in Gayl Jones’ Corregidora and Brazil’s 1871 Free Womb Law
 Khanmalek, Tala.

Pathways of Resistance: Tracking Mobility and Alternative Identity Performance in Early Twentieth-Century Suburbs
 Scarlett, Sarah.

Performing Colonialism: The Construction of a Settler Colonial City at Detroit’s 1901 Bicentennial
 Mays, Kyle.

Performing Death Work: Life Chances and the Emotional Labor of Policing
 Jackson, Jessi.

Performing Sorrow, Performing Resistance: The Via Dolorosa in Chicago
 Martinez, Anne.

Performing the Self(ie): Visual Life Writing and the Protest against Immiseration
 Fackler, Katharina.

Performing “Modern” Wounds: Giving Voice to the Asian Adoptee in Modern Family
 Jones, Rachel.

Philippine Photographs and the Tsunami of History: Seeing Leyte and Samar
 Balce, Nerissa.

Photographing the Cold War Gothic
 Stuelke, Patricia.

Photography Between Shame and Desire or How to Photograph People Without Shaming Them
 Zandy, Janet.

Photography, Chinese Workers, and the Construction of the Transcontinental Railroad, 1865-1869
 Khor, Denise.

Picasso's Black Canvas: Verbatim Theatre as Sexuality Education Towards Collective Action
 McCready, Lance.

Pictures of Resistance: Recasting Labor and Immigration in the Global City
 Mata, Irene.

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Queer Migration and Place-Based Identity in Rigoberto González’s Butterfly Boy
 Wald, Sarah.

Queering Like a State: Unsettling the Archives of National Belonging
 Somerville, Siobhan.


Race, Class and Tragedy: Du Bois, World War 1 and the Global Wages of Whiteness
 Toscano, Alberto.

Race, Indigeneity and the Postmodern Continent
 Day, Iyko.

Race, Nature, and Indigeneity in Colorado Sugar Beet Fields
 Perez, Bernadette.

Race, Sex, and the Fortress University
 Mirpuri, Anoop.

Race-radical Black feminists’ transformative justice activism: Enacting decolonial resurgence
 Palacios, Lena.

Racial (Re)Productions and the Performance of Misery in the Classroom
 Salt, Karen.

Racial Bias: The Black Athlete and the War on Drugs
 Runstedtler, Theresa.

Racial Misery and (Mis)Perception: Milestone Comics, Xombi, and the Curious Case of David Kim
 Kee, Chera.

Racial Trauma in The Drawing of the Three and Frankie & Alice
 Whaley, Deborah.

Racial-Pathologization and the Rise and Potential Fall of the Carceral
 Ben-Moshe, Liat.

Racializing Hawaiians, Indigenizing non-Hawaiians: Discourses of Settler Colonialism in Hawai’i
 Rohrer, Judy.

Radical Immaterialism: Christian Science Healing in the Late Nineteenth Century
 Mas, Catherine.

Radical Migrations: Indian Anticolonialism in North America and Across the Pacific
 Sohi, Seema.

Radio Condón: Tres Hombres Sin Fronteras Airs Misery and Resistance on the Spanish-Language Community Airwaves
 De La Torre, Monica.

Re-Citing the Social Problem
 Womack, Autumn.

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SILENCE: Collisions of Personal Tragedy and Structural Violence in 1950s Women-in-Prison Films
 Davis, Lindsay.

Safe for Whom? The Safe Streets Act and Criminalization of Ontario's Homeless Population
 Gulliver-Garcia, Tanya.

Saved in Henceforward: Blackening Whiteness and the Rise of the Black Cyborg in America
 Carter, Bryan.

Saying yes to abjection? Race, Psychoanalysis, and Identification
 Marriott, David.

Scaling Back or Scaling Up?: Tracking the Lessons of the Louisiana Carceral State
 Pelot-Hobbs, Lydia.

Schools of Abolition and an End to Misery
 Fanuzzi, Robert.

Screening Jackie Robinson
 Baker, Aaron.

Seasonal Sex and the Always of Desire
 Kahan, Benjamin.

Secret Archives: Ephemeral Interfaces of Social Media Sharing
 Hall, Kimberly.

Seduction and the Resistance of Heteronormativity in The Lecturess
 Nichols, Marcia.

Seeing Spectacular State Violence Anew: The Shadow of Hurricane Katrina in "The Dark Knight Rises"
 Ben-Youssef, Fareed.

Seeing off the Street: From Yard to House in V.S. Naipaul’s Miguel Street and A House for Mr Biswas
 Parsard, Kaneesha.

Self-determination as Resistance: Overcoming the Misery of the Stain-Glassed Ceiling
 Moultrie, Monique.

Sensate Queerness in the Boy Harem
 Lim, Eng-Beng.

Sense of Things
 Jackson, Zakiyya.

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Taiwan Revolution: Taiwanese Leftists and Cold War Quandaries in the Diaspora
 Cheng, Wendy.

Technology, Surveillance, and Transnational Trafficking: Securing the Nation Through Narratives of (In)security
 Fukushima, Annie.

Telling Her Story: Women’s Quaker Life Writing in the Eighteenth Century
 Desiderio, Jennifer.

Tense Proximities, Unruly Memories: Queer Filipino/as and the Canadian Multicultural State
 Diaz, Robert.

Terrence Malick’s ‘Heideggerian’ Cinema and the Naturalization of Settler Sovereignty
 Cornellier, Bruno.

Testimonio at 50
 Escobar, Guadalupe.

Testing the Limits of Inclusion: Race, Risk, and the Invention of Safer Sex
 Butler-Wall, Karisa.

The (Re)Production of Colonial Misery: A Way of Indigenous Hawaiian Resistance?
 Williams, Liza.

The (Re)production of Misery through Music: Agency and Appropriation in the Music of Billie Holiday and Amy Winehouse
 Hall, Jeanette.

The Aesthetic Response to Torture in Emily Dickinson’s Poetry
 O\'Malley, Maria.

The Afterlife of Princess Kaʻiulani
 Teves, Stephanie.

The All-Indian Pueblo Council and International Indigenous Polities
 Markwell, Sam.

The Alpioneers and the Settler Colonial Spirit of the Gay Liberation Front
 Belcher, Christina.

The Anthropocene as Aporia: Sugar, Styrofoam and the Before and Afterlives of Slavery
 Nyong’o, Tavia.

The Appeal of Cuba: The 1968 Havana Cultural Congress and U.S. Intellectual Culture
 Hardesty, Michele.

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Uncivilized Affects: The Queer Arts of Ridiculization in the Hemispheric Americas
 Rault, Jasmine.

Under Surveillance: US Women Writers of Color and Narratives of Self-Making in the Age of Global Media Capitalism
 Thoma, Pamela.

Understanding Racial and Colonial Violence
 Briggs, Laura.

Uneasy Intimacies in the Urban Midwest: African Americans and Mexicans/Mexican Americans in Multiracial Chicago, 1910-1940
 Mora, Anthony.

Unseeable Tragedy: Looking at Bhopal and the Work of Visual Culture.
 Mannur, Anita.

Unsettling Domesticity: Native Women Derailing U.S. Indian Policy in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1926 – 1946
 Keliiaa, Caitlin.

Unsupported Lives: Witnessing Disability and Infrastructural Neglect in Detroit and New Orleans
 Kim, Jina.


Value City: Prison Closures and the Remapping of Carceral New York State
 Morrell, Andrea.

Versioning Mexico Since NAFTA: Two Accounts on Gender, Sexuality, Technology, and the Body
 Jimenez, Gabriela.

Vertical Solidarities? Women’s Relational Architectures in Education
 Todorova, Miglena.

Vibrant Naturalism: The Unbecoming Political Ecologies of African American Misery
 Knadler, Stephen.

Vieja: Portraiture and Testimonio
 Rodriguez, Juana.

Violence, Commemoration and Reconciliation: Huron, Iroquois and Jesuit relations in Joseph Boyden’s The Orenda
 Roza, Mathilde.

Visibility is a Trap: Camera Phones, Body Cameras, and the Visual Regime of Surveillance
 Reynolds, Caitlin.

Visible Culture: The Toronto AIDS Memorial and the negotiation of personal grief and public anger
 Stanworth, Karen.

Visual Control: The Inversion of Motion Blur and the Thrills of Speed on the Page
 Beil, Kim.

Visual Intifada: Art, Censorship, and the Racialized Discourse on Palestine in the United States
 Cable, Umayyah.

Visualizing Genealogies of Power: The Reproduction of U.S. Empire in Representing Afro-Koreans in Korean Films
 Lee, Joo Young.

Visualizing Partition in Globalization: Media, Exilic Memory, and Transnational Intimacies
 Daiya, Kavita.


Warrior Mothers and In/security Moms: Motherhood, Neoliberalism, and Autism
 Desai, Jigna.

Wartime Production and Its Afterlife at the Brooklyn Navy Yard
 Jacobs, Rebecca.

Water and Race in the American Southwest: Undermining Navajo Water Rights to the Colorado River
 Curley, Andrew.

Ways of Seeing: A Transnational View of America
 El Said, Maha.

What About the Husbands?: Raymond Parks, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Courage of Misery
 Gourrier, Francis.

What Happens When Misery Becomes Political?: The Case of Contraception and Nella Larsen’s Fiction
 Olwell, Victoria.

What Vietnam Did for Susan Sontag
 Aguilar-San Juan, Karin.

When Blackface Went Local: Racial Anxiety and Amateur Minstrel Shows in the U.S. North, 1940-1954
 Berrey, Stephen.

When Grief Eats You Whole: Black Maternal Grief, Silence and Suicide
 Williams, Rhaisa.

When Treatment is Punishment: The Medicalization of Morality in the New War on Sex Workers
 McTighe, Laura.

When You Act Like a ‘Boy’ and Love Like a ‘Man’: Black Girls and the Precarious Performance of Boyhood
 Cox, Aimee.

When the Men Came: New Histories of Violence after the Civil War
 Williams, Kidada.

When--and Where--Do #BlackLivesMatter?: Negotiating Normality and Urban Space from the MOVE Crisis to Ferguson
 Stein, Melissa.

Where the Western meets the Apocalypse: Deadwood, The Walking Dead, and Genre
 Keeler, Amanda.

White and Islam: Fluid and Contradictory Racial Logics in Kurdish America
 Thangaraj, Stanley.

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Yoko Ono’s Tears, Or The Art That Makes You Hurt: Capitalism, Misery, and the Art of Destruction
 Rozario, Kevin.

Your Psyche May Be Monitored: The Rise of the Hotline
 Musser, Hannah.


Zainichi Koreans in the era of Global(ized) ‘War on Terror
 Ha, Kyung Hee.

Zombies, Fences and Human Communities
 Murphy, Meredith.
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