American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2016-Nov-16 to 2016-Nov-21

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"A Liquid Grave": Theorizing Black Life in/as the Abyss
 Palmer, Tyrone.

"A True and Exact History of Early African Diasporic Music"
 Lingold, Mary.

"Attica Is": The Green Haven Think Tank and the Carceral War of Position
 Burton, Orisanmi.

"Beautiful in Space and Flight": The Visceral Celebration of Drone Technology in Digital Spaces
 Andersen, Carrie.

"Comrades Help Me": Art, Performance, and Queer Memories of Cold War American Culture
 Lecklider, Aaron.

"Do the Negroes Need Us?: Black Contestations of German Culture"
 Edwards, Paul J..

"Eat It: Queer and Brown Affect in Nao Bustamante's Indigurrito
 León, Christina.

"Narratives of Interiority: Black Lives in the U.S. Capitol 1919 - 1942"
 Austin, Paula.

"On the Closet and Community in Black Gay History"
 Mumford, Kevin.

"Point me in the direction of the car": Navigating Place and Space in True Detective
 Walker, Jessica.

"The blue blue line, or, towards a critical history of the university police"
 Schwartz-Weinstein, Zach.

"There’s Nothing Worse than a Houseful of Women": Parodying Black Urban Matriarchy
 Williams, Jennifer.

"These Hawaiians of Ours": Kinship and Sovereignty in a Kanaka Maoli Travel Narative
 Warren, Joyce.

"These are people who had it hard': The New Neo-Slave Novel in the Sunbelt Prison Classroom.
 Alexander, Patrick.

"Thoughts on Weird Collections"
 Rabinowitz, Paula.

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A "Hypochondria of the Heart”: Nostalgia, Activism, and the Archives of HIV/AIDS
 Cifor, Marika.

A Chinese Slavegirl in the US after the Passage of the Fugitive Slave Act
 Chapman, Mary.

A Home at the End of the World: Black Women, Afrofuturist Feminism, and the Apocalypse
 Morris, Susana.

A Humanized Economy: W. E. B. Du Bois and Cooperative Economics
 Hunt, Irvin.

A Morning for Jimmy (1960): Black Youth, Vocational Guidance, and the Politics of Jazz
 Kelley, Michelle.

A Mother’s Bill of Rights: Labor, Domesticity, and Communist Representations of Motherhood During the Depression
 Ford, Melissa.

A Neighborhood of Neighborhoods: Diversity, Change, and Preservation in Boston’s South End, 1950 to 1983
 Born, George.

A Paradigm Displaced: What the New Right Saw in American Studies
 Bauer, AJ.

A Place to "Raise the Soul": Examining Amiri Baraka’s Urban Housing Initiatives in Post-1967 Newark
 Pittman, Elizabeth.

A Real Person: Border Violences in Machete and Machete Kills
 Windell, Maria.

A State of Flight: Mobility and Freedom in Palestine
 Griffin, Maryam.

A Taste for Palestine: The Transnational Business of Eating Indigeneity
 Sharif, Lila.

A 'Crisis of Public Myth'? Continuity of the Frontier Myth in 1970s American Cinema
 Mayer, Hervé.

A “horde of native Hawaiians” and Telescopes on Mauna a Wākea
 Casumbal-Salazar, Iokepa.

Abjection, Race, Masculinity: The Nonhuman Futurity of Zone One and The Road
 Sugg, Katherine.

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Bachata as a U.S. Latina/o Home: Hybrid Musical and Linguistic Latinidades in Mexican Chicago
 Gorman, Lillian.

Backpacks, Knapsacks, and other White Liberal Baggage
 Nyong\'o, Tavia.

Backyard: At Home with Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Running Fence
 Warner, John-Michael.

Bambi as Queer/Chinese Dreamscape
 Yang, Chi-ming.

Barking with the Stars: Canine Companion-Species as Representations of Citizenship in Cold War Era Discourse
 Leone, Angela.

Bataan Redux: The Refugee Processing Center and the Place of Filipino Work
 Diaz, Josen.

Bearing Light and Time: Reproductive Justice and the Abject Maternal in Prison Photography
 Tapia, Ruby.

Beasts of Desire: Encountering Animals without Innocence
 Rosenberg, Gabriel.

Beginning in the “Middle of Nowhere”: The Role of Land in Making Appalachian Religious Histories
 Hudson, Andrew.

Belonging in the Midwest: Exposing the Hidden Legacies of the Great Migration
 Sdunzik, Jennifer.

Benedict Arnold’s House: The Making and Unmaking of an American Home
 Macaluso, Laura.

Betabeleros in Anglo Colorado: Citizenship, Indigeneity, and the Limits of State and Company Coercion, 1917-1927
 Perez, Bernadette.

Better than "Miss Anne": Black Women Railroad Workers
 Thaggert, Miriam.

Between Toombs County and Tombs of the Press: Life and the Lynching of Amy Mallard
 Gray, Erin.

Beyond Anti-assimilation: Transgressive Possibilities within Mexican-American Generation Literature
 Hernandez, Melanie.

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Cambiar Permaneciendo y Permanecer Cambiando: Mayan Women in Post-1994 Chiapas
 Soto, Silvia.

Camptown Biopolitics of Disavowal: Korean-American Transgenerational Traumas in Fox Girl’s America Town
 Woodcock, Nicolyn.

Can Illegality be Mirrored?: Puncturing Impossible Reflections
 Brady, Mary.

Captivated: Abolition, Absolution and the Economics of the Evangelical Fight Against Sex Trafficking
 Pendleton, Kimberly.

Carceral Conservationism: Contested Landscapes and Technologies of Dispossession at Ka‘ena Point, Hawai‘i
 Mei-Singh, Laurel.

Carcerality and Trans Feminine Life around 1900
 Heaney, Emma.

Caring Parents, Moral Panics, and Political Horizons: The Politics of Redistribution, Schools, and Policing
 Aggarwal, Ujju.

Carrying Nasser's Portrait: Politics of Arab Nationalism in the Farm Worker Movement
 Alamri, Neama.

Cartography and Mo‘o‘āina as Method at the Intersection of Indigenous and Settler Colonial Studies
 Fujikane, Candace.

Carwaq tukniuq
 Swensen, Thomas.

Case Studies in Anticommunism/Antiradicalism/Antiblackness
 Burden, Charisse.

Cassils: The Powers That Be (Artist's Talk)
 Cassils, H..

Categorically Wrong: (Multi)Racial Homelessness in the University
 Allen, Aaron.

Catholic Praisesongs of Migration: African Americans and the Making of a Catholic Homeplace
 Williams, Alexia.

Centering Sport in American Studies: Finding an Intellectual Home
 Cohan, Noah.

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Daddy's Girl
 Fenton, Zanita.

Dame Más Gasolina Liquor and Reggaetón Energy Drink: Contemporary Latin Urban Branding of Reggaetón
 Rivera, Michelle.

Dances, Scorpions, Make Up, & Graffiti: Youth Culture in Japanese Internment Camps
 Saporiti, Julian.

Dancing as Home: Ruth Ellis and Black Queer Longevity in Detroit
 Fair, Freda.

Danger Came Smiling: Feminist Art and Popular Music as Visual and Aural Articulations of ‘Home’
 Buszek, Maria.

David Lane’s White Nationalism and the Utopian Future of the White Race
 Chan, Edward.

De-Normalizing Embodied Toxicity: The Case of Kettleman City
 Sze, Julie.

Dear Folks at Home: African American Women Organizers, Food Drives, and the Spanish Civil War
 Donlon, Anne.

Decentering the Settler in Settler Colonial Studies
 Brandzel, Amy.

Decolonial Digital Flows: Agua-cines [Water-cinemas]
 Benfield, Dalida Maria.

Decolonizations, Interrupted: On the Unhomely Status of Filipinos in the U.S. as Japan Occupied the Philippines
 Bascara, Victor.

Decolonizing Imagination: Improvisations on Anti-Black Violence
 Barrow, Kai.

Decolonizing Imperial Ecologies: Imploding and Exploding Environmental and Homeland Terrorism in Lunar Braceros and Sleep Dealer
 Valencia, Sonia Ivette.

Decolonizing Praxis with Women of Color Organizing for Reproductive Justice
 Zavella, Patricia.

Decolonizing Queer of Color Bodies: The Narrative and Dance Technique of David Roussève/REALITY
 Williams, Alessandra.

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Earth Art Cowboys: Michael Heizer, Robert Smithson, and the Construction of A Western Identity
 Rife, Michaela.

Ecological Disaster and Asian American Illness Narrative
 Lee, James.

Ecologies of Practice in the Post-Military Cinema of Beatriz Santiago Muñoz
 Arbona, Javier.

El Corno Emplumado and the Greater Mexican Café
 Soto, Sandra.

El México Que Se Nos Fue: Deportation, Migrant Melancholia, and Dislocated Subjectivities
 Lopez, Maria.

El Vaivén? Puerto Ricans and Shifting Meanings of Home
 Figueroa, Taína.

Embodying the Abject and the Intimate in Sex Museums
 Goddard, Margaret.

Empire, Race, and Settler Colonialism: BDS and Contingent Solidarities
 Hu Pegues, Juliana.

Enchanted, Shocking Temporalities: Vietnamese Sniper Women and Cold War Chronobiopolitics
 Ly, Lynn.

Endangered Spaces: The Many Homes of Malcolm X
 Kharputly, Nadeen.

Entangled Matter: Narrating Time and Space at the End of the Anthropocene
 Raymundo, Emily.

Ethnic/Americana: Roots Music and the Cultural Hegemony of Home
 Swiatlowski, Mathew.

Ethnodigital Sonics and Maker Culture in Understanding African Music in Seventeenth-Century Jamaica
 Rath, Richard.

Ethnofuturism and the Archeology of the Future
 Mameni, Sara.

Ethnographic Reclamations and The Embodied Practice of Coming Home
 Cox, Aimee.

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Failing at Family, Taken from Home: Native Youth Removal Through Juvenile Justice, Adoption, and Education
 Benson, Krista.

Fallout Country: The Reservation and the Space-Time of War in Silko’s Ceremony
 Hong, Mai-Linh.

False Profits?: The Economies of Humor and Home on the Borderlands of Down East Maine
 Robinson, Peter.

Far From Sanctuary: African American Travel in Mid-Century America
 Hobbs, Allyson.

Farmworker Fitness: Racial Citizenship, Labor Necessity, and Environmental Justice in Farmworker Obesity Discourse
 Wald, Sarah.

Fashioning Latinx Transnationalism: The Body Politics of Cuban Dandyism
 McDaniel, Shawn.

Fashioning and Selling Your Little Girl’s Dream House: The Domestic Economies of Multimedia American Suburbs on Bravo’s Real Housewives Franchise, 2006-2016
 Overby, Whitten.

Fathers and Doctors Controlling Women’s Bodies: The Politics of Abortion in The Cider House Rules
 Sekiguchi, Yohei.

Fatima Meer and the Ford Foundation: Politicizing Black Women’s Associational Life
 Willoughby-Herard, Tiffany.

Fear as a Calculus of Innocence: Carceral Feminisms, Secure Communities, and Narratives of Safety
 Munshi, Soniya.

Feeling American: The Politics of Narration in Jose Antonio Vargas’ “My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant”
 Silber, Lauren.

Feminism in Black and White: Antagonism and Alliances in the Work of Alice Walker
 Strongman, SaraEllen.

Feminism, Sexual Selection, and Future Domesticity in Hugo Gernsback’s Magazines
 Sharp, Patrick.

Feminist Intersectional Thought: Historicizing Gloria Anzaldúa and Situating Chicana Scholarship in the Canon
 James Hernández, Francisca.

Ferguson, Missouri: The Legislation and Enforcement of Race, Place, and Home
 Sharron, Kelly.

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Games Families Play: Computer-Mediated Board Games in the Neoliberal Home
 Hilu, Reem.

Gender Disparities in Crime and Punishment
 Schmid, Anastazia.

Geographies of Exclusion Revisited
 Hristova, Stefka.

Get Out My Sister’s House!: Viral Performance and the Search for Black Privacy
 Peoples, Gabriel.

Getting On Doing Time: Old Age Homes On Screen
 Ciafone, Amanda.

Giving Voice to Hmong American Women: Aural Media as Home in the Diaspora
 Lopez, Lori.

Globalizing Sexual Assault Medical Forensic Exams: The Politics of Documenting Harms in Conflict Zones
 Morse, Jaimie.

Go Ahead, Get Off My Lawn: The Korean War, The Gift of Freedom, and Guarding the Home/front in Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino
 Park, Terry.

Going in Reverse: The Post-"Plessy" Railroad in Charles Chesnutt’s The Colonel’s Dream
 Ferguson, Lydia.

Gonzo as Critique: Against the Racial Politics of New Journalism
 Ravela, Christian.

Gothic Stories of Native American Displacement: Frontier Homes and the Domestication of Settler Colonialism in the Early U.S.
 Van Wormer, Justin.

Grandpa Won’t Read Your Ethnic Studies Dissertation: Making Community History Accessible Through Digital Documentation
 Gow, William.

Graphic Identity: Vernacular Urban Graphics and Gentrification in Los Angeles
 Stern, Arden.

Greenwashing the White Savior: Cancer Clusters, Supercrips, and McFarland USA
 Minich, Julie.

Grieving from a Distance: Death and Loss in the Marshall Islander Diaspora
 Mitchell-Eaton, Emily.

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HIV Criminalization and 'Tiger Mandingo': How Gay Rights Kicked AIDS to the Black Curb
 Thrasher, Steven.

Habitability and Precarity: The Dimensions of Care in Extraterrestrial Life Detection
 D\'Silva, Alston.

Happy Families for Efficient Workmen: Federal Standards for Defense Housing during World War II
 Anderson, Michelle.

Harper Lee and Sentimental Civil Rights Fiction
 Wanzo, Rebecca.

Haunted Homes: AIDS, Chrononormativity, and the Futures of the Queer Past
 Huebenthal, Jan.

Haunted Houses: Acknowledging Absences in the Public History of Colonial Williamsburg
 DiBenigno, Mariaelena.

He Was Dead, But He Was Nice: Class and Place in Latina Gothic Romance
 Hedrick, Tace.

Healing the Broken Body: Mother Teresa, the Pilgrimage to Calcutta, and the Transnational Dimensions of U.S. Politics
 Chamberlain, Julie.

Healthy Habits at Home: Fitness Television and the Shaping of Postwar Domesticity
 Butler-Wall, Karisa.

Hemispheric Entanglements: Refashioning Afro-Latinidad in the Americas
 López Oro, Pablo.

Heroes of the Open (Third) World: Killing as Pleasure in Ubisoft's Far Cry Series
 Patterson, Christopher.

Heymishe Socialists: Radical Yiddishkayt, Home Building and Memory in the U.S. South
 Parshall, Josh.

Historical Anxieties, Ethnic Fraud, and the (Im)Possibility of Political Integrity
 Roshanravan, Shireen.

Historical Contestants in On the Shoulder of Giants
 Sheppard, Samantha.

Historiographic Refusal: Indigenous Enslavement in Settler Colonial New England
 Rogers, Tyler.

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I Ain't Got Long to Stay Here
 Crawley, Ashon.

Illustrating the Transnational: Uncovering (Neo)Imperial Traces in Visual Narratives of Vietnam
 Landis, Winona.

Imagined Commenting: The Construction of Black Queer Community within YouTube Counterpublics
 Day, Faithe.

Imagining Blackness, Reading Blackface: Amateur Blackface Minstrelsy and the Disappearance of Color in Print, 1860-1900
 Barnes, Rhae Lynn.

Imagining a New Home Front: Aspen’s Goethe Bicentennial and the Legacy of the Holocaust
 Lange, Julia.

Immigrants And Radicals Go Home: US Domestic Policy and the Intimacy of Domestic Space in the Pages of the Saturday Evening Post
 Schwartz, Jesse.

Imperial Charisma: Gendered Disavowals in Contemporary Japan
 Owens, Christina.

Imperial Weather: The Pentagon’s Climate Change and Junot Diaz’s Case for Haiti
 Zeigler, James.

Impossibly Home: Misrecognition, the Frontier, and Scenes of Racial Identification in Oscar Micheaux’s" Symbol of the Unconquered"
 Reich, Elizabeth.

In the Shadows of Empire: Diasporic Homecoming and the Politics of Folk Culture
 Owens, Imani.

Incarcerated Boys and Reproductive Injustice: The Neglected Stories of California’s Eugenic Sterilization Campaign, 1919-1952
 O\'Connor, Kate.

Incorporating Feminists: Constructing Consent for a Corporatized Agenda for Girls and Women in the Global South
 Moeller, Kathryn.

Indian Minneapolis: (Re)claiming Indigenous Space Through the Building of Urban American Indian Infrastructure
 Suarez, Sasha.

Indigeneity as an Access Point: The Inter-American Indian Institute and Technologies of Control and Surveillance
 Escobar, Raquel.

Indigenous History in the International Arena
 Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne.

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James Baldwin and #BlackLivesMatter on Racialized Violence and Disavowal
 Beard, Lisa.

Je Me Souviens: Blackness, Indigeneity, and Ethnicity in Quebec
 Latella, Stephanie.

John Rechy in New Orleans: Sexualities, Economies, and the Pre-Gay Liberation South
 Adams, Thomas.

Joking for Jesus: Finding a Church Home in Instagram Videos
 Ford, VaNatta.

Joseph Plumb Martin and the Written Ends of Revolutionary Violence
 Greene, James.

Juan Patricio, Dis/Possessed
 Kazanjian, David.


Kenneth Pietrobono: Field Guide to the Modern Landscape (Artist's Talk)
 Pietrobono, Kenneth.

Kent Monkman’s Landscapes: Unsettling Colonialism and Queering the Native Body
 Heap of Birds, Shanna.

Korean German Guestworkers and Postcolonial Ideas of "Home"
 Kim, Helen.

Kumeyaay Nation: Breaking Borders and Carving Out Spaces to Return Home
 Vazquez, Cynthia.


L.A.’s Rasquache Historiographers of the Invisible
 Ponce de León, Jennifer.

La Porte En Arrière: Backdoor U.S. Music Diplomacy in 1974 Latin America
 Decosimo, Joseph.

La Via Campesina and Agrarian Reform in North America
 Davis, Helen.

Laboring Towards New Activisms: Agricultural and Maquiladora Workers in the Colorado Delta
 Aguirre, Michael.

Laboring at Home: An Exploration of Working-Class Literature by Women
 Larsen, Haley.

Land, Labor, and Domesticity, and Great Lakes Abolitionism
 Schoolman, Martha.

Land-Labor Ecology: Contesting Anti-Immigration Environmental Risk Discourse in Viramontes’ Under the Feet of Jesus
 Wolfson, Roberta.

Learning from Losses: Black Freedom Movements for Guaranteed Jobs and the Rise of Mass Incarceration
 Stein, David.

Leaving Home, Going Home: The Commodification of Retirement in MLB and the Farewell Tour
 Newman, Roberta.

Liberating Study from the University’s Carceral-Educationist Bounds: A Critical Genealogy of ‘the Dropout’
 Meyerhoff, Eli.

Life During Wartime: Being At Home in Spaces of Occupation
 Cerrato, Jay. and Rogers, Jessica.

Lifestyle: Dissident Sexualities, Urban Political Economy, and the Genealogy of a Contested Category
 Murphy, Ryan.

Light and Life: Color and Aesthetics in Antebellum American Science
 Rossi, Michael.

Limits and Possibilities in the Struggle to Confront Criminal Record-based Discrimination
 Burch, Melissa.

Listening to the Voices of Crown Heights: Using Oral Histories to (Re)Claim Spaces
 Ali, Zaheer.

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Magnification and the Microbiopolitical: Glass Mediations and U.S. Empire in Twentieth-Century Virology
 Cheng, Jih-Fei.

Maids, Class, and Wartime Citizenship
 Delano, Page.

Mailing Copies Home: The Archive of the Penal Press
 Mitchell, Joshua.

Make Yourself at Home: Hispanic Atlanta Catholics Create (a) Sanctuary in/from the World
 Padilioni, James.

Making Detecting a Family Business: Negotiating Female Freedom Within Marriage and the Postwar Crime Sitcom
 Martin, Catherine.

Making Home Work: Television as Labor Technology
 Hughes, Kit.

Making Homes on Stolen Lands: Racialized Migrants, Complicities, and Pernicious Continuities
 Upadhyay, Nishant.

Making Roots: The Creation of an American Phenomenon
 Delmont, Matt.

Making Whiteness at Home in Hawaiʻi: Chinese-Hawaiians in Early Twentieth Century Sociology
 Arvin, Maile.

Making a Home Wherever We Go: The Politics of Whiteness in Southeast Asian Backpacking Culture
 Choi, Esther.

Making a Queer Home for the “Aberrant”: Deinstitutionalization, Skid Row, and “The Dragons”
 Ramos, Nic John.

Making ‘Black Noise’: Bombastic Rap Personas and Black Vernacular Humor
 Jackson, Lauren.

Malcolm X and Indigeneity: The Discourses of Black Indigeneity and Indigenous Erasure
 Mays, Kyle.

Managing Trans Migrants: U.S. Immigration Detention Standards and Abolitionist Strategies
 Josephson, Tristan.

Marching for Spatial Justice? Civil Rights Protests and the Iconography of Mobility
 Fackler, Katharina.

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Na'nizhoozhí: Exposing the Historical and Contemporary Violence in Gallup, New Mexico
 Gomez, Myrriah.

Name That Attunement: (Re)Composition and Emotional Pedagogy in IWW Song Culture
 Forbes, Tara.

Narrating Alaska’s First City: Historicizing Frontier and Home in The Ketchikan Story Project
 Rawlins, Justin.

Narrating Homeland Orientations in Martial Law and Beyond
 Mariano, L. Joyce.

Narratives of home and longing in Los pobladores nuevomexicanos y su poesía, 1889-1950
 Fonseca, Vanessa.

Nashoba’s Transatlantic Failure: Fanny Wright’s Defense in Print
 Rattner, Ashley.

Natural Women: Toward a Queer Female Soul Aesthetic
 Lordi, Emily.

Navigating Belonging, Access, and Privilege on the Llano Estacado
 Roybal, Karen.

Neoliberal Humanitarianism and the Geopolitics of Home
 Atanasoski, Neda.

Neoliberal Islam and the Deployment of Marginality
 Savci, Evren.

New Media, Activism, and Indigenous Environmental Governance: Politics and the Minnesota-Wisconsin Wolf Hunt
 Carroll, Clint.

New Science: U.S. Interrogation Techniques, Feeding Tubes, and Guantánamo Bay
 Velasquez-Potts, Michelle.

New World Grammars: The ‘Unthought’ Discourses of Black Conquest
 King, Tiffany.

Nick Joaquin and the Paradox of Home
 Espiritu, Augusto.

No Entry: Illegal Search Doctrine and the Literature of Home Invasion
 Sligar, Sara.

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Obama’s Immigration Legacy: Representations of Belonging and the Criminalization of the Undocumented
 Noel, Hannah.

Obesity and (Un)fit Homes: Health and Belonging in a Settler Nation
 Cowing, Jessica.

Of Graphite, Silver, and Mesh: DL Alvarez and Nao Bustamante’s Brown America
 Montez, Ricardo.

Oily Bildungsroman: Industrial Settlement and the Proper Human on the Louisiana Coast
 Chambers, Alex.

On Chinese and Disability Exclusion in 1882 Immigration Law: Angel Island and the Meaning of Home for Troubling Bodies
 Wu, Cynthia.

On Culture
 Estes, Nick.

On Go Pro: Visual Culture, Outdoor Sports, and the Politics of Consuming Mountains
 Coleman, Annie.

On the Apocalyptic Tone of Hip-Hop Philosophy: Aesthetic Form and the Prophetic
 Ford III, James.

On the Imperial Grammars of Blackness: African American Literature After 9/11
 Edwards, Erica.

One Bad Bitch?: Morality Narratives and the New Cult of True Black Womanhood
 Brown, Kimberly.

Organizing against Permanent Impermanence: Braceros' Fight to Claim a Rightful Home in California
 Hazelton, Andrew.

Our Daily Bread: On Industrial Food Production and a Southern Religious Community
 Robinson, Michelle.

Our Home, Our Land: Unrecognized Tribes Unsettling Colonialism in California
 Chilcote, Olivia.

Outlier: The Case of Austin’s Declining Black Population
 Tang, Eric.

Outsourcing Affect and the Affects of "Outsourced"
 Nadkarni, Asha.


Pamela Colman Smith and the Fortunes of Misreading
 del Valle Schorske, Carina.

Passing Through and Being Caught: Memory, Health, and Healing in Simon J. Ortiz’s From Sand Creek
 Teuton, Christopher.

Passive Citizenship and Detroit's "Walking Man"
 Irwin, Matthew.

Patenting the Medicine Wheel: Indian Medicine Companies and the Panacea of Allegedly Corporate Tribesmen
 Chacon, Heather.

Paternalism, Imperialism, and Islam: John Park Finley’s Mission in the Southern Philippines
 Marr, Timothy.

Patterns of Order: The Cybernetic Border before Drone Technopolitics
 Chaar-López, Iván.

Paws in Prison: Coding Unwanted Bodies Behind & Beyond Bars
 Clark, Meredith.

Performing Tropicality
 Noel, Samantha.

Performing the Global Cypher: B-Boying, Black Aesthetics, & Soulful Dancers
 Johnson, Imani.

Philanthropy and Education Advocacy: Social Justice or Marketized Solutions?
 Jani, Nirali.

Photography and Vietnamese Resettlement: Narrating Refugees for Americans
 Way, Jennifer.

Physics of Blackness: Beyond the Middle Passage Epistemology
 Wright, Michelle.

Picking Up the Gun: Spectacular Performances of Gun Ownership in the United States
 Livingston, Lindsay.

Picturing the Periphery of War: Red Cross Workers’ and Nurses’ Cold War Snapshots in the Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project
 Gustavson, Andrea.

Pirated Paperbacks and the Uttermost West: Regional Sensibilities in Tolkien Fanzines of the 1960s
 Glaubman, Jane.

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QTPOC Language, Sex Worker Discourse, and the “Mainstream Audience” in Tangerine’s Reception
 de Villiers, Nicholas.

Queer Citizenship and the Nativist Imaginary: The Case of Willa Cather
 Clark, William.

Queer Hysteria
 Morgenstern, Hayley.

Queer of Color Critique and Jennicet Gutiérrez’s Interruption
 Vargas, Deborah.

Queering Consumption Time: Tracing “Nước” in Ly Hoang Ly’s "I will teach my daughter these rituals"
 Duong, Natalia.

Queering Nowhere/Home: Asian American Girl Runaway Narratives
 Lee, Peggy.

Questioning Home & Obligation: Witnessing the Trafficking of Asian Diasporas into Domestic Servitude
 Fukushima, Annie.

Quilombismo: The Entanglements of Blackness and Indigeneity in Brazil
 Henson, Bryce.


Race and Opportunity in Two Days in April
 Harrison, Guy.

Race, Disavowal and Iranian Nation-Making
 Malaklou, M. Shadee.

Race, Distance, and Moral Deliberation
 Miller, Jerry.

Racial Bias: The Black Athlete, the War on Drugs, and Big-Time Sports Reform
 Runstedtler, Theresa.

Racial Projections on the Silent Screen: James Weldon Johnson and the Race Comedy
 Solan, Yair.

Racial Uplift, Eugenics, and the Disarticulation of Home during the Interwar Years
 Sherman, Shantella.

Racial Violence in the Neoliberal Multiculturalist Classroom: Making Violence Visible through Race Radical Reading Practice
 Hotz, Alysse.

Racialized Play, Caught in Real Time
 Fine, Peter.

Racializing the Intractable Pedagogical Subject in Colonial Philippines and Occupation Japan
 Schueller, Malini.

Racism, Illegality, and the “Problem” of Immigration
 Cisneros, Natalie.

Radical Moves: The Puerto Rican phase of Ana Livia Cordero's Activism
 Placido, Sandy.

Radical Renters and Evicted Tenants: Articulating Belonging, History, and Home in the Era of Airbnb
 Gordon, Constance.

Ramones: East Meets West
 Ashton, Hilarie.

Re-Imagining Home in the Early Women’s Prison
 Hainze, Emily.

Re-Inhabiting the Plantation Romance: Octavia Butler’s Wild Seed and the Historiography of Slavery
 Vermeulen, Heather.

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Sacred Memories Enshrined: Memory, Fraternity, and Protected Spaces in the Grand Army of the Republic
 Kopelman, Rachel.

Safe Places: Black Queer Women and the Performance of Gendered Borderlands
 Carney, Christina.

Salvage Futures: Camden's Brownfields
 Romero, Mercy.

Sarah Kemble Knight: Women, Home, and the Public Sphere
 Brunjes, Ann.

Sartorial Politics: Aloha Wear During World War II and Cold War Hawai‘i
 Sasaki, Christen.

Savagery Repositioned: “Indianizing” the Cherokee Nation in Elias Boudinot's “An Address to the Whites”
 Cooke, Jason.

Saving Little Manila: How Community History Helped to Save Filipina/o America’s Most Historic Neighborhood
 Mabalon, Dawn.

Scarred by Freedom: Analyzing the Impact of Freedom Summer on Childhood
 Coffey, Michele Grigsby.

Scheherazade and the Limits of Inclusive Politics in Arab American Literature
 Shomali, Mejdulene.

Screens of Signification
 Rodríguez, Juana.

Sea Coolies in U.S. Empire: Maritime Exile and Racial Formation
 Chang, Jason.

Searching for a Home in the Homeland: National Security and Public Schooling in Neoliberal Times of War
 Nguyen, Nicole.

Security From Below: Negotiating Violence and Vulnerability in a Puerto Rican Community
 LeBrón, Marisol.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil: The Disabilities of Color Blindness in an Antiblack World
 Tyler, Dennis.

Self-Colored Affect and the 'Post-Black' Theater
 Post, Tina.

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Technologies of Be/longing: Documenting Storytelling Practices and Productions
 Lee, Jamie.

Televising Black Citizenship: Local Media and Community Control in Post-Rebellion Detroit
 Sullivan, Annie.

Televisual Discretion: Domesticity, Intimacy, and Collectivity in Postwar American Women’s TV
 Goldstein, Leigh.

Telling Home and History: Winter Counts and Ledger Art in the Northern Great Plains
 Kane, Katie.

Tents, Encampments, and SROs: Making Home Through Dark Sousveillance
 Welch, Kimberly.

Terror Landscapes: Tracing Latina/o Monsters Theory
 Calvo-Quirós, William.

Terror, Trauma, and Tragi-Comedy in Spike Lee’s 21st Century Cinematic Works
 Muyumba, Walton.

Terrorists and Tyrants: Terror and TV in the Age of Obama
 Young, Cynthia.

That Real Mexican Tang: Chili Powder and Chili Queens in Progressive Era San Antonio
 Knerr, Kerry.

That Time When Natural History Supported Black Sovereignty: William Hamilton, British Botanist, & Translator in the Kingdom of Hayti
 Daut, Marlene.

The "Corridor of Death" and the Politics of Visibility on the US-Mexico Border
 Murphy, Kaitlin.

The "Original Point 4 Program": Analogy, the Future Farmers of America, and the Settler-Imperial Condition
 Ayazi, Hossein.

The After-Life of the Black Literary Left
 Washington, Mary Helen.

The Analytic Constraints of Settler Colonialism
 Barker, Joanne.

The Arrest of Tatanka Iyotanka
 Brazen, Darcy.

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U.S. Empire and Japanese Latin American Critique
 Kozen, Cathleen.

US Open? David Foster Wallace, Tennis, and the Crisis of Meritocratic Thinking
 Lawrence, Jeffrey.

Un/Natural Silences: Donor-Requested Destruction in the Lesbian Archives
 Wood, Stacy.

Unarmed Hands or the Failure to Sign?: Southeast Diasporic Art and the Humanitarian Gesture
 Hue, Emily.

Undisciplining Racial Science
 Farooq, Nihad.

Undoing Undocumented Paradigms: Trans-Indigenous-Migrant Formations
 Martínez, Rafael.

Unequal Affections: The Homosociality of Rescue Feminism in Chinatown’s Mission Home
 Hobson, Emily.

Unhomely: The Postwar Roots of a “Familial” Neoliberal Story
 Trimble, Sarah.

Unruly Appetites: Food, War, and Peace in New England’s Borderlands, 1675-1750
 Cevasco, Carla.

Unsettling Home: American Studies and the “Balkanization” of Queer
 Manolova, Velina.

Us. Vs. Him: The Curious Case of Michael Johnson and HIV/AIDS in Missouri
 McCune, Jeffrey.

Uses of the Profane: Regional Development, Racialized Confinement, and the Letter
 Luk, Sharon.

Utopian Socialism in the Seventh Ward: Fin de siècle Cooperative Organizing in New Orleans
 Gessler, Anne.


Valuating Williamsburg Story by Story: Newspaper Narratives of Gentrification
 Erbacher, Eric.

Vexed Solidarities: Vietnamese Israelis and the Question of Palestine
 Espiritu, Evyn.

Video Queens: Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons and the advent of the home workout
 Tsaconas, E..

Vietnam in America: The "Wild Man" Trope and the Post-War Racial Uncanny
 Tam, Hao Jun.

Violations of Home: The Tohono O’odham Nation, Migrant Border Crossings, and Settler Common Sense
 Madrigal, Raquel.

Violence and the Macabre in the Contemporary Western
 Nelson, Andrew.

Viral Delay/Viral Display: Chicano Art’s Domestic Parasites
 Hernández, Robb.

Visions of the Grotesque from the Antinomian Crisis to the Anti-Abortion Movement
 Farrell, Molly.

Visual Storytelling and Nationalizing Narratives: Islamophobia and American Identity in Three Post-9/11 Non-fiction Comics
 Cox, Sandra.

Visualization, Geomancy, and the Challenge of Knowing HAARP
 Jacobs, Karen.

Visualizing Ho-Chunk Cultural Performance, Tourist Encounters, and Survivance in Wisconsin, 1879-1960
 Lonetree, Amy.

Visualizing Home Healthcare: Producing (In)visible Patchworks of Care at Home
 Gray, Amanda.

Visualizing the Rust­-Belt City: Mapping the Politics of Survival in Detroit
 DeLeon, Joseph.

Về Nước / Coming Home: A Race-Conscious, Feminist, Transnational Critique of the “Coming Out” Narrative
 Nguyen, Thao.


Waiting, Carrying, and “That Place of Learning About Nothing”
 Huang, Vivian.

Waking Up (with) Tongolele: Tactile Erotics and other Transactions in the Queer Archives
 Gutierrez, Laura.

Walled Up: A Political Sociology of Contemporary National Barriers
 Mena, Olivia.

Wanamaker’s American House: Period Rooms, the Museum, and the Department Store, 1900-1925
 Hole, Heather.

We Still Call It Home: Complicating the Flint Water Crisis
 Ross, Jennifer.

Welcome (to my) Home: The Material Culture of “Ethnic” Restaurants in Contemporary Queens, New York
 Quintero, Andrea.

Welcome Home, Welcome All: Removal, Land, and Community in the Chickasaw Cultural Center
 Rule, Elizabeth.

We’re all ICE Now: Legal and Ethical Ambiguities of Medical Deportations
 Park, Lisa.

What Does it Mean to Matter?: A Qualitative Look at the Influence of Natural Mentors
 Kelley, Margaret.

What No One Hears on the Other Side: Troubling Affinities with Siouxsie Sioux’s Orientalist Performance
 Lee, Summer.

What is this “Black” in Black Twitter?: Race, Difference, and the Production of a Virtual Vernacular
 Monk-Payton, Brandeise.

What's Inside: Unitards, Trailers, and the Undoing of Debi Thomas
 Rand, Erica.

What’s in the Roots?: Identities and Narratives of the Napa Valley
 Soto, Lilia.

When Do Colonies Count as ‘America’? Securing and Resisting the ‘home-land’ in Oceania
 Frain, Sylvia.

When Home Becomes a Prison: Exiling Kanaka Maoli Lepers to Kalaupapa
 Day, Leanne.

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XicanIndia/o Commies: Detribalization, Neo-Tribalizations, and the (Inter)National Question in XicanIndia/o Poetics and Politics
 Olguin, Ben.


Yo Soy Hip Hop: Transnationalism and Authenticity in Mexican New York
 Castillo-Garsow, Melissa.

You Can Never Go Home Again: On Racial Epistemologies of Belonging and Homelessness
 Henderson, Aneeka.
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