American Studies Association Annual Meeting 2017-Nov-08 to 2017-Nov-13

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"Brown is the New Black:" Juan Crow and the Erasure of Black Suffering
 Marquez, Cecilia.

"Come Aboard Our Ship of Folly”: Kate Millett and the Mad/Queer Aesthetics of Anti-Psychiatry
 Hilton, Leon.

"Even if they don’t know how they know it": The Popularity of Hamilton
 Martin, Desiree.

"I am Afraid for My Life and My Home": On Joseph Beam’s Queer Transformation
 Roane, James.

"Is That Story True?”: Charles Chesnutt’s Satire of American Innocence
 Dawley, Megan.

"Learn or Die": Anarchist Ideology as Dissent in Octavia Butler's Parable of The Sower
 Dunning, Stefanie.

"Meet, Help, Become, a Slave…to Better Understand History": The Entanglement of Agency, Race, and Empathy in Flight to Freedom
 Page, Allison.

"Public Foes": Secularism and Vice Suppression in Nineteenth-Century New York
 McCrary, Charles.

"The Sensations of the People”: Hamilton’s Habitual Citizen
 Horwitz, Howard.

"'This is a Man’s World': Black Cultural Nationalism and Revolutionary Domesticity”
 Moses, Janee.

#BlackGirlMagic and the espnW Partnership with Marvel Comics
 Miller, Nicholas.

(Dis)Trusting an Unquiet Nisei Woman: American Treatment of Miya Sannomiya Kikuchi during World War II
 Yamamoto, Eriko.

(Do No) Evil Empire: Google, Colonial Cartographies, and Indigenous Resistance
 Montoya, Sarah.

(En)Gauging Dross: Notes on Cities and the Credit Crisis
 Krupar, Shiloh. and Crysler, Christopher.

(Re)Imagining Dystopian Borderlands in Sleep Dealer: Surveilling, Engineering, and Affecting Chicanx Through the Digital
 Barrera, Sergio.

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A "Union for the Poor": The Labor History of Welfare Activism in Detroit
 Ramaswamy, Robert.

A Burden on Future Generations? Challenging the Neoliberal Critique of Government Deficit Spending
 Cooper, Melinda.

A Burst of Brilliant Color: W. E. B. Du Bois and the Art History Slideshow in the Black Radical Tradition
 Dingwall, Christopher.

A Chaldean Safe Haven Dream: Posing as Alt-Right, Islamophobic, and Jew
 Hanoosh, Yasmeen.

A Crow Among Gulls: Harm-Reductive Abolition Against Los Angeles' K6G-Gay/Transgender Jailing
 Hwang, Ren-yo.

A Different Kind of Lady: Jill Johnston’s Diva Performance Onstage and in the Archive
 Croft, Clare.

A Genealogy of the School-to-Prison Pipeline: Pedagogies of Race, Disability, and Debility
 Laux, Lily.

A Measure of Race Relations: Influenza and Chicago’s Public Health Ordinances, 1910-1918
 Schlabach, Elizabeth.

A New Model of Television News: Faith-Based News, "The 700 Club," and the Religious Right
 Lausch, Kayti.

A Pedagogy for White Nationalists: Or, A Pedagogy of Our Ruin
 Mowatt, Rasul.

A Seat at the Table: Carrie Mae Weems’ Kitchen Table Series and the Articulation of Black Feminine Autonomy
 Gray, Jonathan.

A Telepathic Chicago Cop Meets a Telepathic Black Woman: Science Fiction as Pedagogy of Dissent
 Cardenas, Micha.

A Terrible American Beauty is Born: The Poetics of US Protest From the Wizard of Oz to the Women’s Marches
 Wicke, Jennifer.

A Textbook of Wrath: An American History Textbook Authored by Japanese Scholars to Counter Hate
 Izumi, Masumi.

A Tsunami of Feeling: ACT UP New York and Affective Biopolitics
 Huebenthal, Jan.

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Babies at Breast: Pedagogy, New Media Flows, and the Politics of Breastfeeding
 Nathanson, Elizabeth.

BadHombreLandsNP: Race, Environment, and the National Park Service Social Media Resistance
 Wald, Sarah.

Bakla (Homoerotic) Anxiety and the Haunting of American Colonial Education in the Philippines
 Schueller, Malini.

Balang’s Dance: Puro Arte as Queer Affect
 Mecija, Casey.

Barefoot Septons against Lawful Containments: Envisioning Non-liberal Knowledge Dissemination and Practices of Care
 Parry, Amie.

Barrios of the World: Aztlán, Cuba, and Revolutionary Dissensus in the Chicana/o Left
 Olguin, Ben.

Beauty’s Violence: Tina Chow, Minimalist Restraint, and Visual Genealogies of the Cold War Eurasian
 Daniher, Colleen.

Becoming a Desirable Citizen: Hines Ward in American and Korean Media from the 1990s to the Present
 Lee, Joo Young.

Before the Thaw: The Politics of Cuban Popular Culture in 21st Century Miami and Havana
 Laguna, Albert.

Being Incommensurable: The Decolonial Orientations of Brownness
 Melgoza, Raul.

Bernardo de Sahagún’s Colloquios with Aztec Elders: Missionary Pedagogy Meets Indigeneity and Dissent
 van der Woude, Joanne.

Beyond bad Apples, Toward Black life: Resisting the Implicit Bias Framework Through Abolitionist Pedagogy
 Petersen, Amanda.

Beyond the Black Body: Examining the Photobooks of Aaron Siskind and Roy DeCarava
 Graves, Lauren.

Beyond the Social Model: Exploring Dementia as Debility in Disability Studies
 Yoshizaki-Gibbons, Hailee.

Biomedical Embodiment and Blackness in the Paintings of Mark Bradford
 Arthur, Marc.

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Caging the Rust Belt: Deindustrialization and Carceral Development in Small and Medium Counties in the United States
 Norton, Jack.

Caked Make-Up and Skin Sounds: The Flesh of Yellowface in Mila Zuo’s Carnal Orient
 Lee, Summer.

 Dorr, Kirstie.

Camouflaged Chameleons: On the Pedagogies and Power of Hybrid and Intersectional Subjects in Academia and Popular Culture
 Osman, Wazhmah.

Camping in the Winthropocene: Settler Colonialism and early New England
 Field, Jonathan.

Campus DisOrientations: Critical Soundtracks on Dissonance and Sound Art Pedagogies
 Valenzuela, Cecilia.

Can You Hear Me Now? Performing Non-Dialogic Communication
 Veronelli, Gabriela.

Canine Contaminations: Douglass, Hurston, Cujo
 McLaughlin, Don James.

Capturing the Quotidian: Brooks and the Mundane World
 Morrison, Amani.

Carry the Light to the Masses: The International Workers Order’s Proletarian Children’s Schools
 Zecker, Robert.

Cartographic Transfers: American “Mappery” and the Refuge of Transitional Objects
 Brueckner, Martin.

Centering Indigeneity and Radical Self-Love as a way to Counter Settler Colonialism
 McCoy, Meredith.

Centering Indigenous Approaches to Environmental Justice Pedagogy
 Juhasz-Wood, Christina.

Chicana Narrative of Dissent: Corporeal Containment and Sexual Excess in Castillo's Give It To Me
 Hernández, Bernadine.

Chicana/o Activism in the Great Outdoors
 Nuñez, Gabriela.

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DIY Healthcare: Undocumented Disabled Immigrants and the Disappearing Safety Net
 Park, Lisa.

Danced Pedagogies for Queer Haitian Survival
 Chapman, Dasha.

Dancing with Italians: Chicago’s Italians in Fact and in the Fiction of Willard Motley
 Gardaphe, Fred.

Darkrooms of Dissent: James VanDerZee's Glamour Photography
 Spinner, Cheryl.

Dawnland Dissent: Digitizing Maine Tribal Newsletters as Red Pedagogy
 Senier, Siobhan.

De-Politicizing Popular Art: Hamlin Garland and the Failure of Populist Art Criticism in the 1890s
 Johnston, Matt.

Death in the Academy: Transgender Necropolitics, Commodity, and Higher Education
 Erlick, Eli.

Decolonizing Solidarity in Trump’s America: Pedagogies From the Past and Aspirations for the Future
 Robinson, Kathryn.

Defiance and Futurity in School Superintendents’ Reports and Activist Education Proposals: 1910-1930
 Newmark, Julianne.

Defying Logics and Leading the Deplorables: Making Rhetorical Sense of Ann Coulter’s Twitter
 Vandermeade, Samantha.

Deleted, Withheld: Anti-Archives of Climate Activism
 Evans, Rebecca.

Delicate Negotiations: Power, Meaning, and Dissent in Constructing the Conviction Script
 Burch, Melissa.

Delicious Destruction: Breakdown and ReValue in Big Food Science
 Tracy, Sarah.

Demands in Dissent: Pelican Bay California Prisoner Hunger Strikes and the Refusal to Live and Die in Submission
 Camacho, Angelica.

Depression as Radical Resistance in Black Hole, The Diary of a Teenage Girl, and Cruddy
 Miller, Rachel.

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Early 20th Century Pageants as Embodied Forms of Political Dissent
 Hartmann, Johanna.

Eclipsed: Darkness and Light in the Sexualized Drug Economy of Moonlight
 Watkins-Hayes, Celeste.

Eco-Asia: The Politics of Place in the Poetry of Angel Island
 Lee, Julia.

Emancipatory Pedagogies of the Black Freedom Struggle and the Cuban Revolution
 Seidman, Sarah.

Embodying Radical Pedagogy: The School for the Movement of the Technicolor People
 Coan, Jaime.

Emory Douglas—Black Panther Revolutionary Artist and Visual Theorist for Party Agendas
 Morgan, Jo-Ann.

Empowerment in Numbers?: The Quantitative Tradition in U.S. Academic Labor Criticism
 Steffen, Heather.

Empty Space: Unsettling Empire in Arab Detroit
 Dolan, Thomas.

En (Avant) Garde!: Black American Artists for and Against Black Aesthetics
 Fletcher, Kanitra.

Entanglements of Grief, Welfare, and Black Motherhood
 Williams, Rhaisa.

Environmental Graphic Memory: Visualizing Slow Violence and the Militarized Environment in GB Tran’s Vietnamerica
 Santa Ana, Jeffrey.

Environmental Justice and the Mid-Century Crisis of the Discourse of Rights
 Mangrum, Benjamin.

Epistemic Exploitation and Policing States: Knowledge, Dissent and Abolition
 Brown, Michelle.

Erotic (Dis)Identification in the Journals of Philip C. Van Buskirk
 Knip, Matthew.

Escaping Efficiency: Eugenic Music Studies and Their Dissenters During the Interwar Period
 Modell, Amanda.

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Facts Forum and the Long History of 'Post-Truth' Conservatism
 Bauer, A.J..

Faith Forward: Interfaith Dissent for Progressive Racial and Economic Justice in Dallas
 Hancock, Jennifer.

Family Albums: Visualizing Non-normative Kinship during Medical Incarceration
 Imada, Adria.

Fan Communities as Communities of Self-Education and Dissent
 Duggan, Jennifer.

Fantasies of Nina Simone
 Stein, Jordan.

Fantasies of Opposition, or, Why we Love to See the Hulk get Angry: Superhero Comics and the Affective Imaginaries of Racial Justice
 Jerng, Mark.

Fashioning Cancer: HeLa Cell Artwork and the (Il)Logics of Genealogical Exclusion
 Moore, Marlon.

Feeling Environments: Embodied Pedagogy in a Toxic Climate
 O\'Laughlin, Lauren.

Feeling Human, Feeling Black
 Palmer, Tyrone.

Feeling Past Politics: Becoming a Person in Puritan Verse
 Schwartz, Ana.

Feeling through Ramble-Ations and D’FunQT Times: Performance and the Politics of Queer Trans/national Family Storytelling
 Pérez, Kimberlee.

Feminist Theory and Race in the Transatlantic Imaginary
 Sawaya, Francesca.

Ferguson, New Orleans and Cairo: The Roots and Routes of Conflict Graffiti
 Lennon, John.

Fighting Daffodils: The Resistant Pedagogies of Michelle Cliff’s Abeng
 Yates-Richard, Meina.

Figuring the “Criminal Alien”: Dissent from an Abolitionist, No Borders Perspective
 Loyd, Jenna.

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Gaining Critical Awareness with the Young Lords Collection
 Martinez, Susana.

Gayl Jones, Black Hysteria
 Andrews, Lindsey.

Genevieve Gaignard: Performing Race through Self-Portraiture
 Sims, Delphine.

Geographies of Athletic Black Girls in Film: From The Fits to T-Rex
 White, Samantha.

George Engelmann, the Missouri Botanical Garden Archives, and the Unmaking of Monsanto’s Empire
 Hannickel, Erica.

Gettin’ Loose: Nina’s Pedagogies of Anger and Performances of Diaspora
 Hill, Edwin.

Gimme a Beat!: Janet Jackson, New Musical Technologies, and Vibrationally Breaking the Silences on Black Life in 1980s America
 Capetola, Christine.

Girl Hunting: White Slavery from Text to Movement
 Fisher, Laura.

Gloria Anzaldúa, Rhetorical Plasticity, and the Means of Agency
 Montes, Amelia.

Going Rogue: The National Park Service’s “Alt” Twitter and the Reinforcement of Settler Ecology
 Whitson, Joseph.

Governing the “Super-User 1%” as Debt Burden: Critical Pedagogies of Medical Hot Spotting
 Ehlers, Nadine.

Graphic Muslimah in Circulation: Considering Contemporary Graphic Images of Muslim Women in Popular Protest
 Mayer, Najwa.

Grassroots Community Pedagogies in the Classroom: Decolonizing Latina/o Education in the U.S
 Zepeda, Arturo.

Grounded Solidarities: Native Communities Confront the North Dakota Pipeline
 Olwan, Dana.

Gulf to Gulf: On Crude Aesthetics
 Mameni, Sara.


Habeaus Literature: Guantanamo Diary and the Work of Memoir
 Nath, Anjali.

Hacking the Inimical of Post-Cold War Time: Mr. Robot, the Trumpocalypse, and the Doomsday Machine
 McElroy, Erin.

Harlem in Images and Criticism: Ralph Ellison, Gordon Parks, and Social Space
 Tusler, Megan.

Harry Potter and the Warriors for Innocence: Adolescent Revolt Through Erotic Fanfiction
 Fazekas, Angie.

Hashtag Feminism as Consciousness-Raising: Analyzing the Rhetorical Strategies and Affective Elements within Women’s March Tweets
 Ames, Melissa.

Have A Light, Make A Match: Queer Matchbooks, the Archive, and “Perverse” Pedagogies
 Cheung, Erica.

Hawai`i Island’s Saddle: Shaping the Landscape, Deepening the Conflict, & Protecting Resources
 Rosenfeld, Christine.

He Said Nothing: Interiority and Quietude in Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight
 Drake, Simone.

He Zhen’s “Women’s Revolution”: A Vision from Anarchist Communism in Natural Justice
 Liu, Jen-peng.

Heaven on Earth: Queer Temporalities, the 1980s, and "San Junipero"
 Mannur, Anita.

Helen Keller, Straddled
 Fretwell, Erica.

Hemispheric Blackface: Black Womanhood, Performance, and Racial Difference in Colombia
 Roper, Danielle.

Hemispheric Korean Americas: Diasporic Refusal among Korean Descendants in Mérida, México
 Lim, Rachel.

Heritage of Memory: War Trauma and Intergenerational Haunting
 Joh, Anne.

Hetero-transnationalism, Queer Diaspora: Generational Subjectivity in Adichie’s Americanah
 Lombardi, Bernie.

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I Can’t Take This to Wal-Mart
 Gómez, Reid.

Identifying Black Literary Resistance to Health-Based Racial Profiling in the Short Fiction of Frank Yerby
 Sibara, Jay.

Illicit Intimacies at Bagdad: Mexican and African American Archival Longings on the Confederate-Mexico Borderlands
 Klein Hernandez, Kris.

Illustrating Dissidence Through a Queer of Color Children’s Critique
 Millan, Isabel.

Imagining Cold War Memory: Bathesda’s Fallout and a Generation that Never Knew the Soviet Union
 James, Eric. and Lingo, Sarah.

Imperial Feminism, Queer Futurity, and Tony Kushner’s Homebody/Kabul
 Monson, Tyler.

Impossible Feeling: Race, Power, and the Deferral of Empathy in Enlightenment Critique
 Pullagura, Anni.

Improvisation as Pedagogy of Dissent
 DiPiero, Dan.

Improvisation as Radical Dance Pedagogy: The Experimental, Cross-Cultural Practice of Choreographers of Color
 Williams, Alessandra.

In Moonlight, Perpetually Outside
 Wooden, Isaiah.

In Bavaria, Only We Native Blacks Can Appear: German Satire Turns its Eye to America
 Edwards, Paul.

In Correspondence: Ray Johnson’s Mail Art as Mimetic Critique
 Gosse, Johanna.

In Defense of Black W/Holes: Toward a Life in Free Verse
 Grey, Cornel.

In Other Worlds
 Arondekar, Anjali.

In the (Moon)light Masculinity Fades: Moonlight and the Limitations of Black Masculinity
 Tracy, Maurice.

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James Baldwin and the Race Novel
 Hisayasu, Curtis.

James E. McGirt and Southern Boundaries: Dialects, Plantation Landscape, and Restricted Uplift
 Okuda, Akiyo.

Jewels from the Hinterland: A Study in Arts-based Storytelling
 Green, Naima.

Joaquín Murieta’s Illiberal Acts: Recognition, Resentment, & Dissent
 Berger, Jason.

Juanga Studies: Queer Altarities and the Public Memory of Juan Gabriel
 Nava, Pau.

Juke: Analyzing Chicago's Tactical Music of Self-Possession
 Royston, Reginold.

June Jordan’s Poetics of Ascent and Dissent in Soldier: A Poet’s Childhood
 Jones, Meta DuEwa.


Killing Children, Honour Crimes, and Pinkwashing in the Making of War
 Kouri-Towe, Natalie.

King Coal and Queen Silver: Resource Extraction and Spectacular Pedagogy in Late Nineteenth-Century Colorado
 Rife, Michaela.

Knowledge that Haunts: Ghostly Lessons of Slavery in Ursula de Jesus’ Las Almas del Purgatorio
 Padilioni, James.

Korean American Terroir: Urban Ecologies in Korean America
 Joo, Rachael.


LaToya Ruby Frazier and the Politics of Visibility
 Schnurr, Ryan.

Land, Labor, and Plantation Ecology in the Caribbean, 1834-1845
 Mallipeddi, Ramesh.

Landmarks of Dissent: National Park Service and the LGBTQ Heritage Initiative
 Sikk, Helis.

Language and Identity in Transpacific Mixed-Race Families
 Welty Tamai, Lily Anne.

Latinidad’s Intersections: Chicago’s Neighborhood Councils and their Mid-Twentieth Century Encounter with Latinos
 Amezcua, Mike.

Lazzarato and the Accounting of Debt, Time, and Labor in the Financialized University
 Joseph, Miranda.

Learning Through Redaction and Affection in Sadie Barnette’s Aesthetic Materialism
 Aranke, Sampada.

Learning about Lynching: Technologies of Transmission and Experiential Learning
 Gaddis, Elijah.

Learning and Unlearning Between the World and Me and Hunger of Memory: Confronting Neoliberal Multiculturalism
 Cadena, José Héctor.

Learning from Domestic Violence: Private Vulnerability and Public Avenues of Dissent
 Danylevich, Theodora.

Learning to Re-read Noir: Gendered Performance and Feminist Dissent in Leigh Brackett’s No Good from a Corpse
 Smith, Erin.

Leave it to Linus: Charles Schulz’s Peanuts and Parents as the Children of the Fifties
 Kopin, Joshua.

Leisure Time: Mobility’s Utility in Carceral Space-Time and Its Effect on Dissent
 Tenorio, Sam.

Les Cenelles and the Poetics of Dissent
 Braun, Juliane.

Lesfic: The Fall of Feminist Bookstores and the Rise of Online Lesbian Reading / Writing Communities
 Harker, Jaime.

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Mad Sex; or, Mad Black Women and the End of the Phallus
 Bruce, LaMarr.

Made for Whites by Whites and Other Fabrications
 Murr, Jonathan.

Making America Racially and Ethnically Tolerant: Rehabilitating and Desegregating Children’s Literature in the Post-Depression U.S.
 Garibaldi, Korey.

Making Dead to Let Live
 Rosas, Gilberto.

Making Evidence Count: Contested Regimes of Quantitative Evidence in Pharmaceutical Regulation
 Junghans, Trenholme.

Making Home, Away From Home: Photography and Transnational Domesticity at Robert College
 Wolfson, Elizabeth.

Making Incarcerated Bodies: Clinical Intake Practices in New York City Jails
 Ludwig, Ariel.

Making Space for Insurgent Pedagogy: Black Vernacular and a Poetics of Relation in June Jordan’s His Own Where
 Drakos, Ayanna.

Making Space on Campus: Policing, B/ordering, and Disability as Pedagogical Strategy
 Mitchell-Eaton, Emily.

Mapping Access: Against Pedagogies of Simulation
 Hamraie, Aimi.

Mapping Adolescent Rebellion: Sag Harbor and the Intersection of Dissident Subcultures and Dominant Pedagogies
 Batzer, Benjamin.

Mapping Criminalized Queerness in New York: From Safe Spaces to Prisons
 Gallegos, Joe.

Mapping Northern Black Children’s Labor onto Nineteenth-Century America’s Social, Economic, and Political Landscape
 Webster, Crystal.

Mark Menjivar’s Retorno and the Alternative Post-war Archive
 Reinoza, Tatiana.

Marketing Pure Food: The Spectacle of Food Production at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, San Francisco, 1915
 Miller, Bonnie.

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Narrative and Transgender Studies in the Neoliberal University: On the Possibilities of the Refusal-to-Narrate
 Powell, Michelle.

Narratives of Belonging and Exclusion: Nationalism, Blackness and Citizenship in Afro-México
 Agbasoga, Ashley.

Narratives of Dissent in Ana Castillo’s Sapogonia and Massacre of the Dreamers
 Roybal, Karen.

Nat Turner’s Relics and the Pedagogy of Revolt
 Allison, Christopher.

Nationality Doubtful: The Jazz Internationalist Pedagogy of Claude McKay's Banjo
 Lowney, John.

Native American Literary Nationalisms and Sovereignty, the Groundwork for a Pedagogy of Dissent
 De Vos, Laura.

Negotiating Girl Power: Normative and Transformative Community-Based Feminist Pedagogy at Girls’ Rock Camps
 Dougher, Sarah. and Pecknold, Diane.

Neither “Nudges” nor “Liberty”: Evaluating the Subject of Behavioral Economics in Social Policy
 McDonald, Robert.

Neoliberalism Strikes Back: Crossborder Migration from the Global South to the United States and Europe
 Sadowski-Smith, Claudia.

Neutralizing Dissent: Liberalism, White Nationalism, and the Violence of Tolerance in the Post Trump University (Or, How We Did and Didn't Learn a Thing from the Postwar-McCarthy Years)
 Hotz, Alysse.

Nina Simone and the Pedagogy of Minoritarian Performance
 Chambers-Letson, Joshua.

Nnedi Okorafor’s Utopian Ecology: A Case for Human Extinction
 Edoro, Ainehi.

No Touching in the Archive: Homophobic Racism in Nineteenth-Century Visual Satires
 Heintz, Lauren.

No to “Love?"—Octavia Butler’s Bloodchild and Its Literary Ancestors, Harriet Wilson’s Our Nig, Harriet Jacobs’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl...
 Japtok, Martin.

Nonhuman Teacher: The Irrational Pedagogy of Fermenting Bacteria and the AIDS Virus
 Linds, Justin.

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OJ Simpson and the Workings of White Patriarchy in the Post-Civil Rights USA
 Guridy, Frank.

Object Lessons: Personal Adornment and Dissent in Multiethnic New York City
 Quintero, Andrea.

Occupational Hazards: Race, Labor, and US Military Policing in Okinawa
 Woods, Colleen.

Oceanic Feelings: Ecology, Affect, and Asian American Studies
 Suzuki, Erin.

Octavia Butler, Black Quantum Futurism, and the Black Eco-Poetics of Disaster and Resistance
 Hester Williams, Kim.

Of Stilettos and Big Guns in Rodriguez’s Machete
 Windell, Maria.

Of Zombis and Other Lessons: Toni Cade Bambara and Erna Brodber's Pedagogies of Crossing
 Kaplan, Sara.

Of ‘Decolonial Refusal’ and ‘Abolitionist Skepticism’
 King, Tiffany.

Off Your Asses and into the Gas Fields: Lessons in Citizenship for “Poor White Men”
 Bloom, Nicholas.

Off the Tracks: Teaching and Researching Black Women's Travel Narratives
 Thaggert, Miriam.

Oil Booms and Busts, Prisons Boom and Boom: The Political Economy of Louisiana Prison Expansion
 Pelot-Hobbs, Lydia.

Old Nubia, New Egypt, and the Cadence of the “Black Land”
 Azeb, Sophia.

On Breaking Silence: Ethnographic Activism for Survivors
 Krehbiel, Stephanie.

On Capitalist Masochism, Financial Domination, and the Racialization of Consent
 Pittman, Alexander.

On Care and Murder: Feminist Pedagogy and Asian American Masculinity in Julia Cho’s Office Hour
 McMaster, James.

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Pack Metaphors: Opaque Animality and Kinship in Justin Torres’ We the Animals
 León, Christina.

Pale Vision of a Red Record?: Violence and Anti-Violence in the Classroom
 Kotch, Seth.

Palestinian Armed Resistance as Revolutionary Praxis
 Mogannam, Jennifer.

Panther Teacher: Sarah Webster Fabio’s Black Power
 New, Michael.

Paranoid Black Femininity and the Postwar Writerscape
 Edwards, Erica.

Paranoid Encounters: Conspiracy Theory, Neoliberalism, and Ethnographic Fieldwork
 Bell, Sierra.

Passing, Subversion, and Narratives of Lynching in Mat Johnson’s Incognegro and George Schuyler’s Black No More
 Crabtree, Mari.

Patria over Profits: The Story of Cuban Boxing Champion Teófilo Stevenson
 Abreu, Christina.

Pedagogies of Audiencing, Pedagogies of Assent: Emerging Norms of Popular Culture Engagement in the Digital Era
 Stanfill, Mel.

Pedagogies of Black Duration: Performing and Re-Imagining Embodied Archival Affects
 De Berry, Misty.

Pedagogies of Climate Security: Insuring Smallholder Farmers on the Frontier of Finance
 Eddens, Aaron.

Pedagogies of Containment: The Green Revolution and the Agrarian Life of Race
 Ayazi, Hossein.

Pedagogies of Dissent on the Reservation: Older Than America and Rhymes for Young Ghouls as Corrections to Colonialist Education
 Beadling, Laura.

Pedagogies of Dissent: Love and Hip Hop, Black Lesbian Illicit Eroticism, and the Southern Black Ratchet Imagination
 Glover, S. Tay.

Pedagogies of Indifference: Queer Theory, the New York School, and the Question of Commitment
 Goldsman, Aaron.

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Quantum Lyrics
 Jordan, A. Van.

 Ochoa, Marcia.

Queer Arousals in Contexts of Racialized Harm
 Martinez, Ernesto.

Queer Fandom: The Performance of Local Versus Networked TV Exhibition
 Christian, Aymar Jean.

Queer Immunity and the Politics of Community
 Nadeau, Chantal.

Queer International Intimacies in Monique Truong’s The Book of Salt
 Tam, Hao Jun.

Queer Literalism: The Task of Analogy in Crip/Mad/Queer Studies
 Lukes, Heather.

Queer Time and the Promise of Nostalgia in Transparent
 Glaser, Jennifer.

Queering Native American Histories: A Re-Interpretation of Warrior Women and Womanish Men
 Grant, Deanne.

Queering the (Inter)National Classroom: Andragogies and Pedagogies of Compliance and Resistance
 Rivera, Christopher.

Queering the Dunes: Modernity, Tourism, and Henry Blake Fuller’s Arcadian Dissent
 Titman, Nathan.

Queers and Competing Tourist Markets in Miami and the Caribbean, 1920-1940
 Capo, Julio.

Questioning “Media” in a Media Studies Classroom: Disability, Difference, and Audiovisual Experience
 Ellcessor, Elizabeth.


Race, Creativity, and Labor Organizing in Vaudeville's Jim Crow
 Miller, Rachel.

Racial Plasticity and the Formlessness of Refusal: HeLa Cells and Synthetic Hormones at the Limit
 Gill-Peterson, Julian.

Racial Terror: Lynching in Virginia, 1877-1927: Digital Scholarship as a Pedagogical Tool to Teach Racial Oppression
 De Fazio, Gianluca.

Racial and Global Diversity in the Neoliberal University
 Kwon, Soo Ah.

Racialized Violence and Cross-Class Alliance in Quentin Tarantino’s Allohistories
 Hagelin, Sarah.

Racing the Diaspora: Jewish Anti-Zionism and Racial Thought in Mid-Century Proletarian Literature
 Balthaser, Benjamin.

Racist Humor without Hatred? Lisa Lampanelli and the Articulation of a Post-Racism Fantasy
 Perez, Raul.

Radical Blackness as Pedagogy: Revisiting Coalition Building in Militant Black and Brown Movements of the Mid-20th Century
 Phillips, Carmen.

Radical World-Making: How Creator Ownership in Comics Makes Space for Othered Bodies
 Stiverson, Hanah.

Ramadan in Space Time: Sonic Infrastructures of Afro-Arab Solidarity
 Lubin, Alex.

Randolph Bourne and Rights Discourse
 Garcia, Jay.

Re-Imagining Japanese Female Migration to the Americas
 Welch, Shannon.

Re-Mixed Beats: Floodsongs / Poetic Dissent in Douglas Kearney’s The Black Automaton (2009) and Patrick Rosal’s Brooklyn Antediluvian (2016)
 Pereyra, Jewel.

Re-Visioning Trans Erasure: All That Glitters Linda Murkland and Violent Forgetting
 Angermann, Sascha.

Re-collecting Camp: Trashy Object Lessons of Orientalist Kitsch
 Eng, Christopher.

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Sacred Dissent: For Queers’ Sake and On Queer Stakes in Black Religious Studies
 Greene-Hayes, Ahmad.

Sand; or Anti-Atomic Identity in Neo-Internment Narratives
 Huang, Michelle.

Sandra de la Loza’s Action Portraits: Pedagogies of Dissent Through a Visual Remix
 Davalos, Karen Mary.

Schooling TV Viewers with Wild (and Funny) Tongues: Cristela Alonzo and Grace Parra
 Beltran, Mary.

Science and Silence: AIDS, Black Feminisms, and the Resounding Queer Radical Imagination
 Cheng, Jih-Fei.

Screening Palestine: Historicizing the Role of Film as a Teaching Tool in Palestine Activism in the United States
 Cable, Umayyah.

Second Generation Latina/o Southerners: Racialization, Education, and Marginalization
 Guerrero, Perla.

Securing Punk(s): Building a (Feminist) Taqwacore Culture of Dissent in the War on Terror
 Mayer, Najwa.

Seeing and Hearing Frederick Douglass: Photography, Words, and Resisting Archival Silence
 Kirby, Rachel.

Seeing is Believing?: Interrogating Visuality as the Language of Resistance and the Digital Circulation of Black Death
 Rim, Megan.

Sensorial Errancy in Beatriz Santiago Muñoz’s Post-Military Cinema and The Head Killed Them All
 Neyra, Rachel.

Sesshu Foster's Atomik Aztex: Towards a Transdimensional Liberation
 Valencia, Daniel.

Settled Exclusions: Negotiating Gender, Sexuality, and Chinese Racialization in the Settler Colonial Archive
 Wang, Yuhe.

Settler Colonial Seduction: White Possession as Epistemic Innocence
 Morton, Erin.

Sex-Segregated Sport and the Contradictions of Opportunity in American Intercollegiate Athletics
 Jackson, Victoria.

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TRANS RIOT: Disrupting Neoliberal Multicultural Perceptions of Gender/Sex through Christopher Lee’s Documentaries and Porn
 Chen, Jian.

Take a Walk: Teaching Dissent and the Everyday
 Drabinski, Kathryn.

Tatreez and Turath: Gendered Aesthetics of Palestinian Resistance
 Shomali, Mejdulene.

Taught Happiness: Advice to Freedmen, Disciplining Enjoyment, and Black Joy
 Millan, Diego.

Teaching "Trump Feminists"
 Josephson, Tristan.

Teaching Dis/ability in Trump's America
 Diedrich, Lisa.

Teaching Docility: Performance, Pedagogy, and Discipline in Public Education
 Masterson, Jessica.

Teaching Exclusive (?) Pasts for an Inclusive Present: 'Multidirectional Memory' as Pedagogical Practice
 Hansen, Lauren.

Teaching Freedom through the Improvisative: Pedagogies of Dissent at the Girls’ Jazz and Blues Camp of Berkeley, CA
 McMullen, Tracy.

Teaching Human Rights in the Literary Studies Classroom Today
 Moore, Alexandra.

Teaching Latino Film in the End Times
 Fojas, Camilla.

Teaching Militarism, Normalizing War: The Postfeminist, Postracial Truths of Warrior Women
 Vavrus, Mary.

Teaching Reading: The Book, the Body, and Nineteenth-Century U.S. Education Reform
 Stuckey, Amanda.

Teaching Refusal in the Arab American Feminist Classroom
 Karem Albrecht, Charlotte.

Teaching Simultaneity Queerly: Intersectionality, Matrix of Domination, and Multiple Jeopardy
 Thomsen, Carly.

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Umzabalazo: Performing Black Queer Resistance in South Africa’s Student Uprisings
 Brown, Andrew.

Un-learning the Postmodern and the Popular in Bill T. Jones’s Choreography for Broadway
 Nereson, Ariel.

Unburied Dead and Watery Graves
 Kim, Jinah.

Underground Comics and the Aesthetics of Dissent
 Chute, Hillary.

Undetectable: HIV/AIDS Activism, Biomedical Development and Archival Consequences
 Cifor, Marika.

Undocumented Youths’ Testimonios as a Form of Narrative Dissent
 Batzke, Ina.

Uneventful Reading: Richard Wright, Cedric Robinson, and the Necessity of Decolonial Black Critique
 Karageorgos, Konstantina.

Unfeeling as Dissent: Affective and Effective Tactics by Disaffected Women of Color
 Yao, Christine.

Unfinished Revolutions: Cuba in the Contemporary U.S. Radical Imagination
 Latner, Teishan.

United Against Nature: Oil Pageantry as Modernist Teaching Tool
 Stanford-Mcintyre, Sarah.

Universal Design in Early America, A Digital Project
 Altschuler, Sari.

Unlearning U.S. Migration on Tohono O’odham Lands: Anti-colonial Praxis, Comparative Ethnic Studies, Critical Indigenous Studies
 Madrigal, Raquel.

Unlearning ‘the Criminality of Education’: Toni Cade Bambara & the Cultural Work of Decolonization
 Savonick, Danica.

Unmade According to His Image; or, Night for Day: Radical Black Writing and Film in Spite of the Human
 Bell, Kevin.

Unmanifesting ‘Destiny’: Black Female Corporeality as Sites of Ecological Dissent
 Murdock, Esme.

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 Chasin, Alexandra.

Vietnamese Refugee Settlers and the Temporality of Settler Militarism on Guam
 Espiritu, Evyn.

Violence Against Black Bodies
 Robinson, Stacey.

Virtual Pedophilia and the Crisis in Policing
 Harkins, Gillian.

Visual Culture, American Slavery, and the Materiality of Dissent
 Fox-Amato, Matthew.

Visual Data: Factual Error
 Lubin, Joan.

Visualizing Black Boardinghouses and the Colored Conventions Movement in the Digital Age
 Lacy, Anna.

Visualizing Migration, Enfleshing Migration: Alternate Paradigms of Central American Gender and Sexuality
 Bonilla, Angie.

Vito Russo’s Our Time and the Politics of Queer Public Access
 Herold, Lauren.

Voguing Queens at Elizabeth High: Jersey Queer Latinx Students Centering Oppositional Pedagogies, 1980s-1990s
 Avivi, Yamil.


W. E. B. Du Bois, The Black Flame, and the Art of the Novel
 Porter, Lavelle.

Wages Due Feminist Activists
 Verklan, Elizabeth.

Walking Tour of the Young Lords’ Lincoln Park
 Potts, Derek.

Wanted! The Fugitive Aesthetic of Black Liberation
 Syedullah, Jasmine.

War Games: Virtual Drones and the Production of American Empire
 Andersen, Carrie.

War in the Fifth Domain
 Darda, Joseph.

Water is Life: Resistance, Representation and More-than-human Relationships
 Whiteduck, Mallory.

We All Walk that Line: Labor’s Decline and the New Precarity in American Workplace Dramas
 Behrent, Megan.

We Shall Overcome: Septima Clark and the Creation of the Citizenship School Model
 Senefeld, Emily.

Weaved Through our Tissue—Tracing a Genealogy of Affect Theory Through Women of Color
 Benitez, Molly.

What Was American Civilization? Consensus, Dissensus, and the Beginnings of American Studies
 Rewers, Mario.

What’s Eating J. D. Vance?: Hillbilly Elegy as Hillbilly Horror
 Rosenberg, Gabriel.

When Does a Crisis Begin? Race, Gender, and The Subprime Non-Crisis of the late 1990's
 Strolovitch, Dara.

When Hermits Were Queer: Solitary Counterpublics and the Early Republic
 Bascom, Benjamin.

When Legality Becomes Dissent: The Non-Profit Industrial Complex, Anti-Trump Resistance, and Dystopia
 Choi, Esther.

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Yardsticks of the Future: Domed Stadiums and New Racial Visions in Houston and Beyond
 Leiva, Priscilla.

You Can’t Fix a Broken Foundation: Race, Gender, and Housing under Nixon
 Taylor, Keeanga.
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