XII International Transformative Learning Conference 2016-Oct-20 to 2016-Oct-24

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“Where Philosophy Ends, Education Begins”: Engaging at the Intersection of Transformation Theory and Richard Rorty’s Philosophy
 Eschenbacher, Saskia.

“Where are you from?” Shifting Identity Interrogation for Interpersonal and Social Transformative Learning
 Gilpin-Jackson, Yabome.


Academic-Practitioner Collaborative Research Projects: Intersections Where Diverse Professional Identities Meet, Providing Opportunities for Transformative Learning
 Kowalski, Rita.

Ancient Future: Paradigmatic Intersections and the Spiritual Turn of Transformative Learning Theory
 Herrmann, Susan. and Sugihara, Megumi.

At the Intersection of Transformative Learning Theory, Systems Thinking, and Learning through Story-telling
 Eschenbacher, Saskia.

At the Intersection of Transformative Learning in the Training of Counsellors
 De little, Madeleine.

At the Intersection of learning and healing: the productive power of the imagination.
 Anderson Sathe, Laurie.


Becoming a Coach: The Transformative Learning and Development of Coach Training Students
 Potter, Penny.

Between continuity and discontinuity: Conceiving the rhythms of transformative learning
 Alhadeff-Jones, Michel.

Beyond Dichotomies in Transformative Learning: Dialectical Relationship between the Social “Urge to Merge” and the Individual Quest for Authenticity
 Mälkki, Kaisu. and Green, Larry.

Beyond “It Gets Better”: Supporting Seminarians’ Crises of Faith Beyond the Classroom
 Kidd, Anastasia.


Caregiving as a Space for Transformation: Crucible at the Intersections of Life, Learning and Systems
 Clark, Donna.

Citizenship education. Personally and professionally transformative teacher education
 Stray, Janicke Heldal.

Coaching for Resilience in Transformative Learning
 Corrie, Ian. and Lawson, Ron.

Connecting Disciplines and Divisions - On the Ground with Transformative Learning
 Cunliff, Ed. and Barthell, John.

Creating Dialogic Conditions for Transformative Learning with Adult Women Students: Taking a Communication Perspective
 Frkal, Robin.

Creative Tension and Transformation through Cycles of Learning: Indigenous, Chinese, and Western Ways of Knowing
 Giebitz, Robert.


Developing Crisis Leaders Through Transformative Learning
 Needham, Deborah.

Developing Trust and Empathy in Diverse Cohorts: A Collaborative Inquiry
 Fichter, Rachel., Harper, Andre. and Papadakis, Maria.

Developing and Releasing Agents of Change: Teaching Adaptive Leadership from the Perspective of Transformative Learning
 Bang, April.

Developmentally Aware Teaching and Learning: Does Letting Go of Transformation Deepen the Overall Transformative Impact?
 Lynam, Abigail.


Engaging Intersections: Mapping the Neuronal Underpinnings of Transformative Learning
 Glisczinski, Daniel.

Evidence of Student Transformative Learning through a Campus-wide Student Learning Record
 Walvoord, Mark. and Hynes, Sharra.

Examining Transformative Learning in Narrative Medicine as an Intervention in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
 Donovan, Courtney. and Donovan, Loretta.

Exploration of the liminal space through undergraduate students’ critical reflections of disability
 Kofke, Marisa.

Exploring "holding" in groups: A new model for understanding collective learning in organizations
 Stashower, Keren.

Exploring Transformative Learning Praxis and Dignity in the Training Context for Lower-Wage Workers
 Baldwin, Cheryl.

Exploring the Crossroads of Transformative Learning and the Family Experience of Terminal Illness
 Schlumpf, Karen.

Exploring the Intersection of the Subconscious and Conscious Through the Use of Mandalas
 Carr, Paul.


Factors at the Intersection of Collaborative Inquiry and Jungian Synchronicity that Reorganize / Transform Classroom Learning
 Lazzeretti, Linda.

Figurations of the other - Self-other-world-relation
 Lehmann, Annika. and Lehmann, Annika.

Finding the intersection of Corporate Governance and a Participatory Worldview
 Aspin, Toni.


Giving a hand- Transforming the lives of first time volunteers
 Willans, Julie.


Individual Transformation Through Organizational and Societal Opposition
 Marsick, Victoria. and Weghmann, Katharina.

Interfaith Dialogue and Perspective Transformation: Promise and Possibilities
 Pope, Elizabeth.

Internet Political Memes, Public Discourse, and Transformative Learning
 McClure, Brian.

Intersections between Law and Education for Transformative Learning based on cultural contamination
 Marzullo, Rossella.


Learning Cities Interaction: Connecting Lifelong Learning through Transformative Action Research
 Scott, Leodis.

Learning within Diversity: Conceptualizing Triple-loop Learning in Managing Diversity
 Kwon, Chang-kyu.

Linking Controversial Issues Education and Transformative Learning
 Sætra, Emil.


Making Meaning: Exploring the Teaching Portfolio as a Mechanism to Promote Transformative Learning
 Plews, Rachel.

Maximising the intersection of voices in classroom and in virtual spaces to promote learning and innovation in higher education
 Mangione, Daniela. and Almond, Nicholas.

Mezirow’s Conception of Critical Reflection: A Critical Review
 Taylor, Edward., Concetta, Tino. and Cimino, Francesca.

Micro-transformations of everyday life: Addressing the transformative potential of the intersection between our meaning perspectives and daily challenges
 Mälkki, Kaisu. and Green, Larry.


Nurturing Living Systems Awareness: Engaging the Diverse Intersections of Community College Online Learning Environments
 Widhalm, Barbara.


Reflections on the Outcomes of a Service Learning Course
 Yamashita, Miki.

Reframing Developmental Tasks in Later Life: Religion, Spirituality, and Paradox in Transformative Learning
 Tisdell, Elizabeth. and Dirkx, John.

Reframing professional challenges through Action Learning Conversation in medical organizations

Researching Transformative Learning: Using the Typology of Transformative Outcomes as a Research Tool
 Hoggan, Chad.

Rights-based Transformative Learning in the Intersection of Various Forces in Rural Cambodia
 Kimura, Rikio.

Riverspeaking: Transformative Learning within a Relational Ontology
 Lange, Elizabeth. and O\'Neil, PhD, Joy.


Silenced Voices That Cry In the Night: The Transformative Experience of Spouses of Wounded Warriors
 Brown, Vicki.

Social Labs as an Opportunity to Foster Transformative Learning
 Vidal De Col, Ximena. and Ogbuchiekwe, Nkiruka.


Teaching for Change: Transformative Learning Theory and Holocaust Education
 Eschenbacher, Saskia.

Technology Use to Promote Transformation for International Students: The Intersection of Emerging and Existing Identities
 Amos, Michelle. and Plews, Rachel.

The Fruits of Transformative Learning: Uncovering Potential Among the Most Vulnerable
 Marquard, Ken.

The Negotiation between Individual and Collective Identity of being a Teacher in the Context of Cultural Transition
 Chung, Wen-Ting., Brem, Sarah. and Husman, Jenefer.

The Neurophenomenology roots for Transformative Learning

The Online Intersection: The Experience of Incidental Transformations
 Mongiello, Alice.

The Role of Reflective Practices in Developing Authenticity in Leadership: Three Year Case Study
 Nakamura, Yoshie. and Klepper, William.

The Shape of oppression: Habits of mind and being in the social context
 Chiang, Amy.

The Theatre of the Oppressed as an imaginative metaphor for Transformative Learning.

The intersection of business and ethics: Transformative learning as a facilitator of ethical behavior in the financial sector
 Fichter, Rachel., Gondek, Adela. and Weghmann, Katharina.

The student as a researcher. Fostering and evaluating students’ meaning perspectives in a collaborative action-research
 Melacarne, Claudio. and Fabbri, Loretta.

Towards an Integrated Conceptualization of Dialogical Action
 Kokkos, Alexis.

Transformation Intersection: Global Place-Based Experience and Transformative Learning Pedagogy
 Mulder, Mark.

Transformative Adult Education in Further Education Sector in Ireland
 Benke, Meg. and Wall, John.

Transformative Learning Theory: One Leg of a Theoretical Triad Grounding a Study of Personal Transformation
 Becker, Annette.

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Understanding Empathy and the Paradox of Diversity as a Force in Transformation
 Kasl, Elizabeth. and Yorks, Lyle.

Understanding the Role of Vulnerability in “Transformative” Executive Development Programs
 Shupe II, Everett.

Unfreezing habits of mind and body: Bodywork practitioners’ contribution to transformative learning theory
 Chiang, Amy.
XII International Transformative Learning Conference 2016-Oct-20 to 2016-Oct-24
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