SRCD Special Topic Meeting: Technology and Media in Children's Development 2016-Oct-27 to 2016-Oct-31

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- The Giraffe Loves to be Healthy: Studying the Impact of a Children’s TV Program in Ethiopia
 Cole, Charlotte.

9-1-1 Superhero: A Smartphone Application Designed for Teaching Emergency Safety Skills to Children
 Huber, Joelene., Jegathesan, Thivia., Davis, Sarah., Monette, Nicole., Ler, Spencer., Goodman, Michelle., Mistry, Niraj., Campbell, Douglas. and Mihailidis, Alex.

“Everything is changing so fast”: Understanding how parents negotiate media use during the digital age
 Cingel, Drew., Lauricella, Alexis., Beaudoin-Ryan, Leanne., Robb, Michael. and Wartella, Ellen.

“Ew! That robot is creepy!” Children’s perceptions of agency impact feelings about robots
 Brink, Kimberly., Gray, Kurt. and Wellman, Henry.

“Just Get Through It”: Stress, Motivation, and Cheating in an Online Learning Setting
 Montiel, Dulce. and Mota, Claudia.

“Let’s play Dojo!” Videogames as Innovative Interventions in Residential Youth Care
 Schuurmans, Angela.

“Maybe an Astronaut:” Sesame Street’s Efforts on Girls’ Education in Afghanistan and Egypt
 Lee, June.

“Turning Everyday Moments into Brain Building Opportunities”: Vroom and Innovations in Evaluation
 Soli, Margaret. and Kahrs, Michele.


A Feasibility Study on the Effectiveness of a Full-Body Videogame Intervention for Decreasing ADHD Symptoms
 Weerdmeester, Joanneke., Cima, Maaike., Granic, Isabela., Hashemian, Yasaman. and Gotsis, Marientina.

A Full-Body Videogame Intervention Designed to Decrease Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Symptoms
 Weerdmeester, Joanneke., Cima, Maaike., Granic, Isabela., Hashemian, Yasaman. and Gotsis, Marientina.

A House Divided: Parental Disparity and Conflict over TV Rules Have Implications for Children’s Outcomes
 Mares, Marie-Louise., Nathanson, Amy., Stephenson, Laura. and Martins, Nicole.

A Meta-Analysis of Prosocial Media on Prosocial Behavior, Aggression, and Empathic Concern: A Multidimensional Approach
 Holmgren, Hailey., Coyne, Sarah., Padilla-Walker, Laura., Davis, Emilie., Collier, Kevin. and Memmott, Madison.

A National Survey of African American Families Online
 Clark, Kevin.

A Neurofeedback Video Game (MindLight) to Prevent the Escalation of Anxiety in At-risk Children: Two Randomized Controlled Trials
 Schoneveld, Elke., Lichtwarck-Aschoff, Anna. and Granic, Isabela.

A New Look at Gender and Cultural Diversity in Online Social Multimedia Interactive Environments
 Padgett, Robert., Rich, Noel. and Cummings, Taylor.

A New Wave of Survey Methodology: Using Digital technology To Gain A More Comprehensive Assessment of Household Media Usage
 Barr, Rachel., Ribner, Andrew., Coyne, Sarah. and Linebarger, Deborah.

A Novel Tablet-based Intervention for Reducing Perioperative Anxiety in Children Undergoing Surgery: A Pilot & Feasibility Study
 Chow, Cheryl., Van Lieshout, Ryan., Hwang, Mark., Leung, Pauline., Nejati, Nadine., Pope, Eliza., Wan, Stephanie., Michelangeli, Luis., Shahzada, Ali., Buckley, Norman., Reddy, Desigen., Whippey, Amanda. and Schmidt, Louis.

A Picture You Can Handle? How Infants Explore Screen-Projected Images Compared to Photographs and Objects
 Ziemer, Christine., Snyder, Makenna., Snelling, Crystal. and Waite, Autumn.

A Short Intervention Increases Children’s Skepticism Toward Advertisements and the Claims of Others
 Stanley, Susie. and Lawson, Chris.

A Technology-Based Platform to Assess Spanish Reading Abilities: A prevention approach to reading difficulties.
 Melo Hurtado, Carolina., Orellana, Pelusa. and Fitzgerald, Jill.

A micro and macro approach to studying parental mediation: A mixture model and meta-analysis
 Padilla-Walker, Laura., Coyne, Sarah., Collier, Kevin., Holmgren, Hailey., Davis, Emilie., Memmott, Madison. and Keenan, Savannah.

A web-based media literacy education sexual health program for older adolescents
 Scull, Tracy., Kupersmidt, Janis. and Keefe, Elyse.

Adaptivity, Control, and Feedback in Interactive Gaming: Implications for Metacognition and Memory in Middle Childhood
 Ricker, Ashley.

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Battle of the Blocks: Virtual Versus Physical Block-Building in the Promotion of Young Children’s Spatial and Geometric Skills
 Zakszeski, Brittany., Hojnoski, Robin. and Spear, Michael.

Behavioral Self-Regulation Mediates the Associations of Entertainment and Background Television with Literacy Skills
 Linebarger, Deborah., Ribner, Andrew., Barr, Rachel., Lapierre, Matthew. and Piotrowski, Jessica.

Beneficial Effects of Digital Early Literacy Interventions in Preschool Children Born Late Preterm
 Merkelbach, Inge., Plak, Rachel. and Bus, Adriana.

Beyond the Digital Divide: Exploring the Digital Media Practices of Black and Hispanic Youth
 Watkins, S. Craig.

Book-reading in the Age of Apps: Investigating Differences between Traditional and Electronic Books
 Hassinger-Das, Brenna., Mahajan, Neha., Metz, Rachael., Ramsook, Kizzann., Margulis, Katherine., Hirsh-Pasek, Kathy., Golinkoff, Roberta. and Parish-Morris, Julia.

Brazilian children (24 to 36 months) from heavy x non-heavy TV-user families
 Stobäus, Laura. and Seidl-de-Moura, Maria.

Bridging Cognitive Development and Real Classrooms: A Video Methodology
 Begolli, Kreshnik. and Richland, Lindsey.

Building Word Learning and Comprehension Monitoring using E-books
 Day, Stephanie. and Zargar, Elham.


Can Gaming and Texting Lead to Lower Substance Use among Teens?
 Kurek, Anna. and Jose, Paul.

Can I talk to Mickey through my Mobile Phone? Children’s Understanding of the Functions of Mobile Phones
 Wang, Fuxing., Woolley, Jacqueline., Li, Hui. and Xie, Heping.

Capturing and Coding the Content of Adolescents’ Text Message and Social Media Communication
 Ehrenreich, Samuel.

Carrying Forward the Bad: Using Smartphones to Examine Links Between Youths’ Externalizing Symptoms and Emotional Flexibility
 Uink, Bep., Modecki, Kathryn., Correia, Helen. and Barber, Bonnie.

Cell phone communication and adolescent perception of parental knowledge, communication pattern, attachment, and parenting style
 Weisskirch, Robert.

Character Strengths, Media that Teach, and Developmental Milestones: A Review of Literatures
 Felt, Laurel. and Uhls, Yalda.

Checking in on Bobo
 Heise, Megan., Richey, Eve., Smith, Eric. and Lillard, Angeline.

Children Attend to and Learn More from Characters Who Try Hard
 Richert, Rebekah., Schlesinger, Molly. and Franchak, John.

Children as Virtual Block-Builders: Development and Usability Testing of a 3-D Block-Building App
 Zakszeski, Brittany., Hojnoski, Robin. and Spear, Michael.

Children with Autism and Technologies for Collaborative Play
 Ringland, Kate. and Boyd, LouAnne.

Children's Implicit Memory After Varying Levels of Meaningful Interactivity on a Touchscreen
 Huber, Brittany. and Kaufman, Jordy.

Children's Reality Judgments and Word Learning: Effects of Medium and Individual Differences
 Bonus, James., Mares, Marie-Louise. and Peebles, Alanna.

Children's Shared Understanding of Media
 LeBlanc, Lyse. and Séguin, Daniel.

Children’s Future Parasocial Relationships with Media Characters: The Age of Intelligent Agents
 Brunick, Kaitlin., Putnam, Marisa., Richards, Melissa. and Calvert, Sandra.

Children’s Preferences for Touchscreens versus Books in a Learning Task
 Eisen, Sierra. and Lillard, Angeline.

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DEEP: A Meditative and Exposure-Based Virtual Reality Game That Is Controlled by Breathing
 van Rooij, Marieke., Weerdmeester, Joanneke., Lobel, Adam., Harris, Owen., Smit, Niki. and Granic, Isabela.

DEEP: A Virtual Reality Biofeedback Game Intervention for Children At-Risk for Anxiety
 van Rooij, Marieke., Lobel, Adam., Harris, Owen., Smit, Niki. and Granic, Isabela.

Dance Exergaming for Overweight and Obese Adolescent Girls: Building Peer Support and Psychosocial Health
 Staiano, Amanda., Beyl, Robbie., Hsia, Daniel., Katzmarzyk, Peter. and Newton, Robert.

DataSketch: A Tool for Youth to Create Dynamic Data Visualizations with Ink Sketches
 Laina, Vasiliki. and Wilkerson, Michelle.

Dear Diary: Teens Reflect on Their Weekly Online Risk Experiences
 Wisniewski, Pamela., Xu, Heng., Rosson, Mary Beth., Perkins, Daniel. and Carroll, John.

Design Exploration of Soft Tangible Interaction on a Tablet in Young Children
 Seo, Jinsil (Hwaryoung)., Arita, Janelle. and Aldriedge, Stephen.

Designing Educational Games for Preschoolers that Are Actually Educational
 Powell, Melissa. and Reich, Stephanie.

Designing and testing the Image Up App to reduce young people’s harm when sharing images online
 Cardoso, Patricia.

Developing Transmedia Play Experience to Facilitate Spatial Skills of Preschoolers
 Baykal, Gökçe., Veryeri Alaca, Ilgım., Yantaç, Asım. and Göksun, Tilbe.

Developing a New Visuospatial Working Memory Touchscreen Task and Examining Executive Functioning Associations in Preschoolers
 Zimmermann, Laura., Subiaul, Francys. and Barr, Rachel.

Developing of New Media Content to Foster Gratitude in Adolescents
 Lee Storm, Christina. and Schnitker, Sarah.

Development, Testing, and Framing of the CharacterMe App to Build Self-Control, Patience, and Emotion Regulation in Adolescents
 Lumpkin, Matthew., Schnitker, Sarah. and Houltberg, Benjamin.

Dialect: A Technology-Based Platform to Diagnose Spanish Reading Difficulties in Grades K-4th
 Muñoz, Kattia., Melo Hurtado, Carolina. and Fitzgerald, Jill.

Did We Succeed in “Raising Readers”? A Meta-Analytic Review of Ready To Learn Media’s Effects on Young Children’s Literacy
 Hurwitz, Lisa.

Differential Effects of Mobile Phone Use on Academic Achievement by Gender: Evidence from Panel Data from South Korea
 Kim, Jung Eun., Moon, Ui Jeong. and Kim, Ji-Ha.

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Effects of Digital Media Use on Head Start Preschoolers' Self-regulation, and How Parent Co-use Moderates the Effects
 Esteraich, Jan. and Raikes, Helen.

Effects of a Parent Training on the Communicative Competencies of Preschoolers With Language Impairments Reading Print and E-books
 Rees, Kathrin., Rvachew, Susan. and Nadig, Aparna.

Embodied Characters: The Unhidden Persuaders in Children’s Knowledge and Preferences for Foods and Beverages
 Horowitz, Jaclyn., Charania, Sana., Brunick, Kaitlin. and Calvert, Sandra.

Emerging adults' use of sexualization in Facebook profile photos
 Aubrey, Jennifer. and Rill, Leslie.

Enhancing Preschool Math Learning with Touchscreen Digital Tools: The Development and Learning Outcomes of the NGPM Program
 Lewis Pressser, Ashley., Vahey, Phillip. and Dominguez, Ximena.

Ethnic Differences in the Motivations for Engaging in Cyberbullying Among Canadian Adolescents
 Law, Danielle. and Shapka, Jennifer.

Examining Adolescent Cyber-Based Dating Aggression in Real-Time
 Willan, Valerie. and Schwartz, Kelly.

Examining Associations Between Television, Sleep Duration, and Executive Functioning Across Childhood
 Evich, Carly., Jones, Blake. and Linebarger, Deborah.

Examining Young Children’s Inhibitory Control in and Social Responses to Immersive Virtual Reality
 Bailey, Jakki. and Bailenson, Jeremy.

Examining the Effectiveness of Technology as a Distraction Tool for Children Undergoing a Medical Procedure
 Burns-Nader, Sherwood., Joe, Lindsay. and Pinion-Smith, Kelly.

Examining the Feasibility and Fidelity of a Mobile App Intervention Designed to Support Preschool Children’s Self-Regulation
 Finders, Jennifer., Diaz, Guadalupe., Partipilo, Chris., Alonso, Jessica., Wittenauer, Ashley. and McClelland, Megan.

Executing a School-Supported Digital Intervention for Youth: A Three Phase Approach
 Felt, Laurel., Corwin, Zoe., Tierney, William. and Ochsner, Amanda.

Executive Function Mediates the Negative Relation Between Television Exposure and Academic Skills
 Ribner, Andrew., Fitzpatrick, Caroline. and Blair, Clancy.

Experimental Game for Research on Toddler Media Literacy and Game-Based Learning
 Kocurek, Carly. and Miller, Jennifer.

Explaining parental coviewing: The role of social facilitation and arousal
 Rasmussen, Eric., Keene, Justin., Berke, Collin., Densley, Rebecca. and Loof, Travis.

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Falling into the Gender Gap: College Students’ Gender Differences in Collaborative Editing
 Shane-Simpson, Christina., Rhee, Junhee., Massa, Anthony., Cheriyan, Ben. and Gillespie-Lynch, Kristen.

Family learning with technology in lower-income U.S. families
 Katz, Vikki., Moran, Meghan. and Gonzalez, Carmen.

Feathered and Furry Health Communicators: Sesame Street’s Approach to Child Health and Well-Being
 Bucuvalas, Abigail.

Findings From the Ethics Exit Interview: Understanding of Informed Consent and a Discussion of Benefits to Participants
 Meter, Diana., Ehrenreich, Samuel. and Underwood, Marion.

Food Messages Presented in Media Designed for Young Children: Books and Television
 Goldman, Jane. and Descartes, Lara.


Gang Violence on the Digital Street: Case Study of a South Side Gang Member’s Twitter Communication
 Patton, Desmond., Lane, Jeffrey., Macbeth, Jamie. and Smith-Lee, Jocelyn.


Hate Speech Online among Korean Adolescents: Parental Monitoring and Affection and Computer and Cellphone Use in Childhood
 Jang, Juyoung.

Helping Children Understand Characters’ Emotions: Effects on Socio-Emotional Learning and Outcomes
 Peebles, Alanna., Bonus, James. and Mares, Marie-Louise.

How Do Youth Reason about Dynamic Data Visualizations? A Preliminary Study
 Wilkerson, Michelle. and Laina, Vasiliki.

How Parents Use Media Technology to Traverse the Home-School Pathway
 Beaudoin-Ryan, Leanne., Blackwell, Courtney. and Wartella, Ellen.

How Viewing Superhero Programs Influence Aggressive, Prosocial, and Defending Behaviors in Preschool Children
 Davis, Emilie., Coyne, Sarah. and Stockdale, Laura.

How are Digital Media Used and Mediated in the Home? A Mixed-methods Observational Study of Toddlers and Preschool Children
 Domoff, Sarah., Radesky, Jenny., Harrison, Kristen., Lumeng, Julie. and Miller, Alison.


If it’s about me, why do it without me? Genuine student engagement in school cyber safety education
 Cross, Donna.

Impact of Formal-Feature Density on Toddlers' Attention in the Presence of Background TV
 Yoo, Seung Heon., Pempek, Tiffany. and Kirkorian, Heather.

Impacts of Transmedia Use on Parents' Confidence and Children's Positive and Persistent Attitudes Towards Math
 Sanford, Camellia., Swartz, Mallary., Trahan, Keith., Stokes, Paige. and Friedman, Alan.

Implementing and Evaluating Digital Interactives in an Elementary School-Based Character Curriculum
 Hilliard, Lacey., Batanova, Milena., Stacey, Danielle., Robinson, Kathleen. and McClain, AnneMarie.

Implications of adolescent bedtime electronic networking for cyberbullying involvement and sleep
 Skora, Elizabeth., Temkin, Deborah. and Lewin, Daniel.

Improving Preschoolers' Theory of Mind Skills with Digital Games: A Training Study
 Nikolayev, Mariya., Evmenova, Anna., Clark, Kevin., Reich, Stephanie. and Burns, M. Susan.

Increases in Mobile Phone use Predicts Increases in Psychopathology Through Changed Sleep
 Vernon, Lynette., Modecki, Kathryn. and Barber, Bonnie.

Individual Differences in Experiences of Traditional and Cyber Forms of Victimization in Elementary School Children
 Holfeld, Brett. and Leadbeater, Bonnie.

Infant Emotional Engagement in Face-to-Face, Video, and Video Chat Interactions with their Mothers
 McClure, Elisabeth., Chentsova-Dutton, Yulia., Barr, Rachel., Holochwost, Steven. and Parrott, W. Gerrod.

Information literacy and Creativity for Older Children in Taiwan
 WANG, CHIHHUNG., Su, Yu-Chien. and Lee, Yi-Lu.

Inspiration and Aspiration: Women in STEM Careers Reflect on Role Models, Media Portrayals and Influences On Occupational Goals
 Hopper-Losenicky, Kristin. and Dill-Shackleford, Karen.

Interactive Strategy Training for Active Reading and Thinking (iSTART): Timing Game-based Practice
 McNamara, Danielle., Jacovina, Matthew. and Jackson, G. Tanner.

Interactive Tales: World Languages
 Lin, Grace., Cung, Bianca. and Wu, Minnie.

iCharacter: Using Smartphones to Develop Teen Character
 Daugherty, Doug.


Joint media engagement around ethnic media in Latino families
 Pressey, Briana. and Takeuchi, Lori.


Kiko Labs: A Game-Based Intervention Promoting Executive Function and Reasoning in Early Learning
 Wardhana, Grace.


Latent Class Analysis of Electronic Media Use in Adolescents: Gender Differences and Associations with Internalizing Symptoms
 Vannucci, Anna. and Ohannessian, Christine.

Learning Together: Media as a Catalyst for Learning among Hispanic-Latino Families
 Lee, June. and Barron, Brigid.

Learning at Your Fingertips: Reading Comprehension, Mental Workload, and Attitudinal Differences between Computers and iPads
 Janjua, Harsimran.

Learning to Read and Write in the Chat box
 Javorsky, Kristin.

Learning with media across home, school and community settings
 Levinson, Amber. and Barron, Brigid.

Lessons from an Impact Evaluation of Baghch-e-Simsim, a Sesame Street Radio Program in Afghanistan
 Lee, June.

Link between relational aggression on the Internet and oppositional defiant disorder symptoms among girls
 Giroux, Samuel., Chagnon, Samuel., Hamelin-Fortin, Jeanne-Maude. and Guay, Marie-Claude.

Longitudinal Associations in Children’s Involvement as Victimized, Bullying, or Witnessing Cyber Bullying
 Holfeld, Brett. and Mishna, Faye.

Look at that! Skype and joint visual attention development among babies and toddlers
 McClure, Elisabeth., Chentsova-Dutton, Yulia., Barr, Rachel., Parrott, W. Gerrod. and Holochwost, Steven.

Looking for prosocial media effects in the wrong places? Studying children in the lab versus asking about their real experiences
 Mares, Marie-Louise., Bonus, James. and Peebles, Alanna.

Love and Sext in Rural and Urban Populations
 Lekuti, Yemi.


Measuring the Reach of Sesame Workshop’s Cleaner, Happier, Healthier PSAs in Bangladesh, India, Nigeria: Those Darn Foils
 Borzekowski, Dina.

Measuring with Murray: Touchscreen Technology and Preschoolers’ Learning of a Foundational STEM Skill
 Alade, Fashina., Lauricella, Alexis., Beaudoin-Ryan, Leanne. and Wartella, Ellen.

Media Contexts, Mistaken Identities, and Parental Socialization in a Midwestern Sikh Community
 Rana, Meenal., Qin, Desiree. and Vital, Carmina.

Media Use Mediates the Effect of Family Functioning on 5-year-old Children’s Internalizing Problems
 Kim, Seri., Lee, Suhyun. and Lee, Kangyi.

Media-based parenting practices of children and media experts
 Bickham, David. and Lapierre, Matthew.

Methods Paper Symposium: Passive Sensing and Ecologic Momentary Assessment of Mobile Technology Use
 Radesky, Jenny. and Bickham, David.

MindLight: A 3D Neurofeedback Video Game for Anxious Children
 Schoneveld, Elke. and Granic, Isabela.

MiniLetras app: Visual discrimination of letters in Mexican children of 42 and 48 month-olds
 Peyrot, Ixchel., Suárez, Paloma., Alva, Elda. and Ferreira, Ervin.

Mixed-Reality-Based Social Skills Training for Children with High-Functioning Autism
 Ke, Fengfeng., Qi, Cathy. and Lee, Sungwoong.

Multi-Country Measurement of Cyberbullying and Cybervictimization: A Study of Tanzanian, Israel, and Canadian Contexts
 Shapka, Jennifer., Collie, Rebecca. and Maghsoudi, Rose.

Multimedia and Literacy Learning Among Children With Various Disabilities – Lessons Since the Nineties
 Heimann, Mikael., Nelson, Keith., Rudner, Mry., Holmer, Emil., Lundalv, Mats., Muhlenbock, Katarina. and Tjus, Tomas.

MyNoggin: the Development and Pilot Implementation of a Neuroscience Assessment Tool
 Tremaine, Elizabeth., Griesar, Bill., Miller, Michael., Reling, James., Stadeli, Tessa., Uyesugi, Joel. and Wouden, Brittany.


Narratives of Online Racial Discrimination: A Qualitative Content Analysis
 Lozada, Fantasy., Zuckerman, Allana. and Tynes, Brendesha.

National Trends in Technology and Social Media Use among Preadolescents
 Tang, Sandra., Davis-Kean, Pamela. and Miller, Jon.

Negotiating Control of Identity on Social Media
 Stern, Susannah.

Neighborhood Dashboard: An Open Tool for Child Health and Neighborhood Researchers
 Degraen, Donald., Piontak, Joy., Odgers, Candice. and Schöning, Johannes.

New Reasons to Fear the Hamburgler: Product Mascots Promote Poorer Quality Foods Across Media Platforms
 Wartella, Ellen., Alvarez, Aubry., Hurwitz, Lisa., Lauricella, Alexis. and Montague, Heather.

Next Generation Preschool Learning: There are Apps for That
 Orr, Jillian., Flannery, Louise., Dominguez, Ximena., Lewis Pressser, Ashley., Goldstein, Marion. and Vahey, Phillip.


Observing and Interpreting Adolescents’ Health-Related Content on Image-Based Social Media
 Selkie, Ellen.

On-screen or off-screen? The role of retrieval contexts and working memory in toddlers’ object retrieval using touch screens
 Choi, Koeun., Kirkorian, Heather. and Pempek, Tiffany.

On-screen social cues enhance word learning in 12-, but not 17-month-old infants
 Tsuji, Sho., Mazuka, Reiko., Jincho, Nobuyuki. and Cristia, Alejandrina.

Online Racial Discrimination, Adjustment and the Design of Empowering Digital Tools for Adolescents
 Tynes, Brendesha.

Online-only Friends and Their Influence on Substance Use in Young Adulthood
 Negriff, Sonya.


Parent Opinions of Infant-Directed Media Technology Products
 Wooldridge, Michaela., Laurie, Ford. and Shapka, Jennifer.

Parent and Sibling Interactions with Young Children around Video Games: Reconceptualizing Coviewing and Joint Media Engagement
 Siyahhan, Sinem. and Gee, Elisabeth.

Parent, Teacher, and School Communication Patterns and Parent-Teacher Relationship
 Jeon, Hyun-Joo., Walsh, Bridget. and Dove, Meghan.

Parent-Child Conversation Regarding the Ontological Status of a Robot Dog
 Jipson, Jennifer., Gulgoz, Selin. and Gelman, Susan.

Parental perceptions of technology and electronic device use in their toddler’s lives
 Miller, Jennifer., Kocurek, Carly., Paniagua, Deysi. and Suriano, Jacqueline.

Parenting and Adolescent Technology Use: An Examination of Gender Differences
 Ohannessian, Christine., Elsaesser, Caitlin. and Russell, Beth.

Parents or peers? Who initiates early adolescents' initiation into social media?
 Brown, B., Calvin, Angela., Anistranski, Joseph. and Mahgoub, Lana.

Parents report higher quality parent-child interactions when reading print than electronic books
 Strouse, Gabrielle. and Ganea, Patricia.

Parents' role in children's Internet use
 Glatz, Terese., Crowne, Elizabeth. and Buchanan, Christy.

Parent’s Views of the Educational Value of TV: Chinese and Latino Immigrant and White Parents’ Perspectives
 Simons, Cassandra., Sonnenschein, Susan. and Wen, Wen.

Peer Victimization, Academic Self-efficacy and Parental Knowledge: Predicting Adolescent Problematic Online Game Use
 Chen, Yuanyuan., Zhang, Wei., Zhu, Jianjun. and Yu, Chengfu.

Peers Help Externalizing Youth to Dampen Their Emotion-Reactivity to Stressful Events in Everyday Life
 Modecki, Kathryn., Uink, Bep., Barber, Bonnie., Correia, Helen. and Guerra, Nancy.

Personalizing Literacy Instruction using Technology for Teachers
 Connor, Carol. and Wood, Taffeta.

Personas as a Window to Adolescents' Emotional Interactions Online
 Galletta Horner, Christy., Akiva, Thomas. and Galla, Brian.

Popular Educational Apps for Young Children: An Analysis of Product Descriptions and Content
 Vaala, Sarah.

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Qualitative Explorations of How Tanzanian Adolescents Experience and Cope with Cyberbullying
 Onditi, Hezron. and Shapka, Jennifer.

Quality of Electronic Storybooks in Online App Stores
 Sari, Burcu. and Takacs, Zsofia.

Quantity vs. Duration: Investigating the Relation Between Interactive Media Exposure and Memory Encoding
 Ricker, Ashley. and Richert, Rebekah.


REACHing Military-connected Youth: Evaluating the Development and Implementation of a Resiliency and Reintegration Videogame
 Bowers, Edmond., Garst, Barry. and Quinn, William.

Real-time Analyses of Dosage and Treatment Mechanisms during Video Game Play
 De France, Kalee. and Hollenstein, Tom.

Reducing Online Risk Behaviours in Adolescents: The PostFire App
 Baitz, Rachel. and Shapka, Jennifer.

Reducing PTSD Symptoms in Adolescents Exposed to Online Risks Using Active Coping
 McHugh, Bridget. and Wisniewski, Pamela.

Reducing the risk of failure in kindergarten with ABCmouse
 Ponciano, Leslie. and Thai, KP.

Relations among Family SES, Enjoyment of Reading and TV Viewing, and Children’s Vocabulary Knowledge
 Linebarger, Deborah.

Research and Evaluation Support for Effective Digital Resource Production for Young Children in Low-Income Families
 McCarthy, Elizabeth.

Research-Based Recommendations for Healthy Family Boundaries Around Young Children's Consumption of Electronic Media
 Sussman, Joshua. and Potter, Andrew.

Researching Children, Intersectionality, and Diversity in the Digital Age
 Katz, Vikki., Alper, Meryl. and Clark, Lynn.

Retrospective Reports of Parasocial Relationships with Media Figures in Childhood and Adolescence
 Peebles, Alanna., Mares, Marie-Louise. and Calvert, Sandra.

Rural and suburban adolescents' computer-mediated communication patterns and their relationships with parents and peers
 Manago, Adriana., Lawley, Kendall. and Anderson, Glenn.


SIP-AP: Web-based Assessment of Social Information Processing Skills in Children and Adolescents
 Kupersmidt, Janis., Stelter, Rebecca. and Parker, Alison.

STEM Curriculum Standards on Children’s TV: A Content Analysis of Science and Math Programming for Children on U.S. Television
 Beaudoin-Ryan, Leanne., Lovato, Silvia., Olsen, Megan. and Pila, Sarah.

Scaffolding fourth and fifth graders’ learning of text structure strategy using intelligent tutoring
 Wijekumar, Kausalai.

School Psychologists' Role in Supporting Adolescent Girls' Social Media use and Mental Health and Wellbeing
 Papageorgiou, Alana., Fisher, Colleen. and Cross, Donna.

Searching for Traces of Bullying on Twitter
 Bellmore, Amy.

Sedentary Video Game Play Negatively Relates to Executive Functioning Scores in Children
 Flynn, Rachel.

Seeing is believing: Images of gender, age, race and ethnicity on children’s animated television
 Pila, Sarah.

Selective Attention to Interactive and Noninteractive Video: An Eye Movement Study
 Kirkorian, Heather., Choi, Koeun., Etta, Roxanne. and Yoo, Seung Heon.

Self-esteem as a mediator of cumulative risks and problematic Internet use in Chinese adolescents
 Li, Xian Stella. and Newman, Joan.

Self-versus Peer-Perceptions of Cyberbullying and Cybervictimization: Implications for Adjustment
 Ranney, John. and Troop-Gordon, Wendy.

Sensory Curation: Building a Theory of Child Media Selection Based on Multichannel Sensory Affordance
 Harrison, Kristen.

Sesame Street in the USA: A Review of Recent Initiatives & Research
 Kotler, Jennifer., Truglio, Rosemarie. and Betancourt, Jeanette.

Singing for Spatial Skills: Improving Spatial Cognition in Early Childhood with a Music, Gesture, and Vocabulary Teaching Video
 Kalinowski, Robert.

Smartphone ecological momentary assessment (EMA) and intervention (EMI) in tween-parent daily routines
 Swendeman, Dallas., Brink, Amber., Mindry, Deborah. and Russell, Michael.

Smartphone use and mindfulness: Empirical tests of a theoretical connection
 Woodlief, Darren. and Zarrett, Nicole.

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Targeting Reading skills With Digital Media Using Bottom-up or Top-down Strategies: Is a Combination Better?
 Tjus, Tomas., Heimann, Mikael., Gustafson, Stefan., Svensson, Idor. and Fålth, Linda.

Teachers Use of Technology to Understand What Young Children Know and Can Do
 Siebert, Megan., Gaylor, Erika. and Hebbeler, Kathleen.

Technological habits in Mexican children younger than 4 years of age
 Suárez, Paloma., Alva, Elda. and Ferreira, Ervin.

Technology Use During Family Dinners
 Huicochea, Bianca., Reyes, Arelí., Schutt, Devon., Smith, Jessie. and Dyer-Seymour, Jennifer.

Technology to Optimize Communication Outcomes for South African Children with Neuro-Developmental Disorders
 Romski, MaryAnn., Bornman, Juan. and Sevcik, Rose.

Techology in Pre-K: Fostering a Community of Digital Participants
 Welch, Meghan.

Tell me what you think: Elementary and high school children’s moral evaluations and justifications of cyberbullying events
 Leduc, Karissa., Caivano, Oksana., Conway, Lauryn., Gomez-Garibello, Carlos. and Talwar, Victoria.

Testing the Relation between Self-Esteem and Trajectories of Mobile Phone Dependency for Korean Early Adolescents
 Hong, Yea-Ji. and Yi, Soon-Hyung.

Texting as a Tool for Supporting Home-School Connections: Family and Teacher Perspectives
 Snell, Emily., Hindman, Annemarie. and Wasik, Barbara.

The Associations Between College Students’ Instagram Use and Loneliness: Social Comparison Orientation as a Moderator
 Yang, Chia-chen.

The Biological, Psychological and Social Properties Children Attribute to Virtual Agents
 Aguiar, Naomi. and Taylor, Marjorie.

The Communicative Value of Recreational Media Use Among Children with Complex Communication Needs
 Alper, Meryl.

The Contribution of Active Gaming to Black and Hispanic Youth’s Fitness
 Flynn, Rachel., Staiano, Amanda. and Beyl, Robbie.

The Development of Action Representation: Do Young Children Simulate the Actions of Non-Human Co-Actors?
 Nijssen, Sari., Müller, Barbara., van Baaren, Rick. and Paulus, Markus.

The Development of Trust in Internet Search Engines
 Danovitch, Judith., Noles, Nicholaus. and Shafto, Patrick.

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Understanding Identity Formation in Children as Makers
 Chu, Sharon Lynn.

Use of Internet and Child Development in Conflict Environment- Ridden Environment: The Techno-Microsystem
 Bahago, Beatrice., Ozoji, Bernedette., Ahmadu, Yusuf., Mabu, Valentine. and Olusiyi, Leah.

Use of an Animated Video to Foster Understanding of the Internet in Middle-school Students
 Powers, Kasey., Brooks, Patricia., Hochstein, Yonatan. and Blumberg, Fran.

Using Digital Media at Home to Promote Young Children's Mathematics Learning: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial
 Rosenfeld, Deborah., Hupert, Naomi. and Llorente, Carlin.

Using Logging Software to Study A Theoretical Framework on Friendship and Communication Among Emerging Adults
 Yau, Joanna., Reich, Stephanie., Wang, Yiran., Niiya, Melissa., Mark, Gloria. and Warschauer, Mark.

Using Machine Learning to Understand Changes in How Youth Discuss Bullying With Celebrities on Social Media from 2012 to 2014
 Resnik, Felice., Zhang, Wei., Calvin, Angela., Huang, Hsun-Chih., Olson, Chelsea., Toomarian, Elizabeth., Bellmore, Amy. and Zhu, Jerry.

Using Mixed Methods for the Iterative Improvement of an EdTech Reading Program
 Kazakoff, Elizabeth. and Schechter, Rachel.

Using a Dyadic Web-Based Diary Study to Examine Parent-Teen Communication about Adolescent Online Risks
 Wisniewski, Pamela., Xu, Heng., Rosson, Mary Beth. and Carroll, John.

Using an ECD Approach to Develop an Observation-Based Early Childhood Assessment
 Rutstein, Daisy., Siebert, Megan. and Hebbeler, Kathleen.

Using an experience-sampling smartphone app to study emotion regulation
 De France, Kalee. and Hollenstein, Tom.

Using an iPad app to Foster Parent-Child Interactions Around Math and Boost Children’s Math Achievement
 Berkowitz, Talia., Schaeffer, Marjorie., Rozek, Christopher., Beilock, Sian. and Levine, Susan.

Using design thinking to enable young people to develop a technology solution to support sexting behaviour change
 Hawk, Dianne.


Viewing Versus Touching Fantastical Events on a Mobile Device: Short-term Effects on Children’s Executive Function Skills
 Li, Hui., Subrahmanyam, Kaveri., Bai, Xuejun., Xie, Xiaochun. and Liu, Tao.


Watching TV Through Children’s Eyes: Methods for Studying Online Processing of Screen Media
 Kirkorian, Heather.

What Teens with Autism Report About Using Technology to Bypass Challenges: A Mixed Methods Investigation
 Hedges, Susan. and Odom, Samuel.

What is a mentor?: Building the Foundation Web-based Training for Mentees and their Parents
 Stelter, Rebecca., Kupersmidt, Janis. and McNeil, Shiesha.

What kind of adults will our children become? The impact of growing up in a media-saturated world
 Wartella, Ellen., Beaudoin-Ryan, Leanne., Blackwell, Courtney., Cingel, Drew., Hurwitz, Lisa., Lauricella, Alexis. and Uhls, Yalda.

What’s Next for Research on Young Children’s Interactive Media?
 Troseth, Georgene., Russo, Colleen. and Strouse, Gabrielle.

With the Touch of a Screen: Introducing a Computerized Language Assessment for Diverse Preschoolers
 Pace, Amy., Hirsh-Pasek, Kathy., Golinkoff, Roberta., deVilliers, JIll., Iglesias, Aquiles. and Wilson, Mary.


XXXBox: A Longitudinal Study on the Effects of Sexual Content in Video Games
 Essig, Lee., Davis, Emilie. and Coyne, Sarah.


Young Adolescents’ Mobile Technology use Predicts Same-Day and Future Externalizing Problems
 George, Madeleine., Russell, Michael., Piontak, Joy. and Odgers, Candice.

Young Children Attribute Less to a Robot When Asked to Take a Peer’s Perspective
 Severson, Rachel.

Young Children’s Understanding of Food and Beverage Healthiness: Effects of a Character-Based Advergame
 Putnam, Marisa., Brunick, Kaitlin. and Calvert, Sandra.

Young children are not prepared to respond to an emergency in the digital era
 Huber, Joelene., Jegathesan, Thivia., Davis, Sarah., Campbell, Douglas., Phan, Jean., Chow, Roger., Mihailidis, Alex. and Walsh, Catharine.

Young children, iPads, and preschool: A cultural historical activity approach to examining peer interactions during digital play
 Lawrence, Sandra.

Young children’s early literacy learning from online educational games
 Schmitt, Kelly., Sheridan Duel, Laura. and Linebarger, Deborah.

YouthTube: Youth Video Authors as Performers in a Global Community
 McRoberts, Sarah. and Yarosh, Svetlana.
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