UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23

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"Am I Not a Leader?": Exploring Identity and Representation of Black Women in Educational Leadership
 Horsford, Sonya.

"Successful" Principals: A Contested Notion for Superintendents and Principals
 Crow, Gary., Bartholomew, Samantha., Murtadha, Khaula. and López, Gerardo.

“I could have been in the streets, but I got interested in college.” Narratives of high poverty, high minority public school graduates in the pursuit of higher education
 Reddick, Richard., Welton, Anjalé., Alsandor, Danielle., Denyszyn, Jodi. and Platt, Spencer.

“It’s not just going to collect dust on a shelf:” Faculty perceptions of the applied dissertation in the new CSU Ed.D. programs
 Auerbach, Susan.

“This is one of the areas that I struggle with understanding”: Aspiring Administrators Reflect upon Sexual Orientation
 Marshall, Joanne. and Hernandez, Frank.

“Uncovering Equity: An Examination of Hartford Magnet Schools As a Response to the Sheff Decision”
 Heinen, Ethan.


A Model for Creative and Significant Dissertations
 Marshall, Catherine.

A Case For Professional Learning Communities (PLC's) and Servant Leadership
 Geurin, David., Watson, Robert. and MacGregor, Cynthia.

A Case Study Investigation of the Impact of Communicative Technologies on Classroom Technology Integration
 Watkins, Nicole. and Craige, Brenda.

A Comparative Analysis of School Principals’ Leadership Styles and School Impact in the USA and Kuwait
 Wiseman, Alexander., Alsafran, Eissa. and Brown, David.

A Comparison of Elementary, Middle, and High School Principals’ Teacher Selection Practices
 Grove, Sharmaine. and Stronge, James.

A Comparison of Essential Elements of Administrator Retirement Systems
 Bathon, Justin., Toutkoushian, Robert. and McCarthy, Martha.

A Dialectic of Social Justice: Learning to Lead through Reflection and Dialogue
 Tooms, Autumn. and Brooks, Jeffrey.

A Generational Case Study of Parental Involvement of Parents from Diverse Backgrounds
 Cooper-Baker, EdD, Gustava. and Martin, Barbara.

A Leadership Conditions Framework
 Ikemoto, Gina. and Russell, Jennifer.

A New Paradigm in Urban School Leadership: Principal as Community Leader
 Khalifa, Muhammad.

A Partnership for the Design and Delivery of High Quality Online Professional Development
 Harper, Robert. and Evers, Nancy.

A Photovoice Examination of How Principals Influence Teachers’ Perceptions of ELLs
 Astorga, Angie.

A Pilot Study to Examine Guatemalan Primary School Principals' Perceptions of their Work
 Borden, Allison.

A Profile of Clinical Faculty in Educational Leadership Programs
 Hackmann, Donald. and McCarthy, Martha.

A Qualitative Exploration of the Demands and Constraints of Department Heads
 Wisdom, Vickie., MacGregor, Cynthia. and Watson, Robert.

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Balancing Accountability and Ethics: A Case Study of an Elementary School Principal
 Hall, Dottie. and Ovando, Martha.

Beyond University-District Partnership: Co-Constructed Program Curriculum
 Anderson, Meg., Bonkovsky, Rachel., Vasquez, Dania., Gagnon, Laurie. and Jones, Albert.

Bolstering Student Engagement Through the Inclusion of Voice: A Case Study of Data-Driven Decision Making
 Kennedy, Brianna. and Datnow, Amanda.

Boundary Spanning: A Key to Systemic Reform in Special Education Service Delivery
 Scanlan, Martin.

Breaking Student Drop Out Rates with MACE: The MacArthur Academy of Creative Education Success Story
 Valdez, Patrick. and Zellner, Luana.

Building Bridges Between Knowledge and Practice: A Case Study on The Development of a University-School District Leadership Preparation Program Partnership
 Myran, Steve., Crum, Karen., Bowmaster, Rick. and Clayton, Jennifer.

Building Instructional Leadership Teams: Embedded Professional Development in Urban High Schools Paul V. Bredeson University of Wisconsin-Madison
 Bredeson, Paul.

Building True Linkages through University Collaborative Urban Leadership Project
 Young, Michelle., O\'Doherty, Ann. and Gooden, Mark.

Building University-district Partnerships: A Comprehensive Redesign of the EdD program in a Southwestern state
 Jean-Marie, Gaetane. and Garn, Gregg.

Building a four-factor hierarchical structure for explaining vice-principals’ career aspiration
 Kwan, Paula. and Walker, Allan.


Can Principals With An Online Degree Get Hired?
 Richardson, Jayson. and McLeod, Scott.

Can Socially Just Practices be Measured? An Examination of a Transformative Survey Study
 Kose, Brad.

Can Teachers Use an Interim Assessment System to Help Students Learn?
 Wayman, Jeff., Shaw, Shana. and Cho, Vincent.

Case Study of an Urban Leadership Development Partnership: Understanding and Leveraging Comparative Advantages
 Lemons, Richard. and Lachman, Andrew.

Challenges and Promises for Educational Leadership in Inuit (Eskimos) school settings
 Lapointe, Claire. and Langlois, Lyse.

Changes in the Wind: Providing Rural School Leadership Development
 Enomoto, Ernestine.

Character in Action: Making the Case for Authentic Instructional Leadership
 Beard, Karen.

Coaching Principals: A Model for Leadership Development
 Mavrogordato, Madeline. and Cannon, Mark.

Cognitive Load and School Culture: Multi-Case Studies during School Culture Building
 Peterson, Kent. and Liou, Yi-Hwa.

Collaborating for Continuous Improvement: Results from Missouri’s Educational Administration Preparatory Programs’ 2006-2008 Statewide Survey Initiatives
 Friend, Jennifer., Watson, Robert. and McCarther, Shirley.

Collective Learning from Success as Perceived by School Superintendents
 Schechter, Chen.

Collegiate Achievement Mentoring Program: Service Leadership for the Next Generation of Educational Leaders
 Ohlson, Matthew.

Communities in Transition Supporting Bilingual and Bicultural Students Beyond the Classroom: Developing Leaders with Cross-cultural and Global Competencies
 Lew, Maria.

Community Learning Exchange: An Exercise in Leading and Learning for Community Change
 Guajardo, Francisco.

Concepts and Uses of Power by Educational Leadership Students: Catalysts and Barriers to Group Learning
 Garrard, Judith., Krzemienski, Joyce., Mountford, Meredith., Maslin-Ostrowski, Patricia. and Acker-Hocevar, Michele.

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Defining Indian Education: Empowering the Indigenous Voice
 Johnson, Wayne. and Krumm, Bernita.

Deliberative Capacities of Educational Leaders: Exploring the Possibility of Influence at the State Level.
 Brewer, Curtis., carpenter, bradley. and Young, Seth.

Democratically Accountable Leadership: Tensions, Overlaps, and Principles in Action
 Mullen, Carol.

Designing public school diversity policy post Seattle: In search of a legal logic of action
 Torres, Mario. and Qin, Lixia.

Despised by Women; Devalued by Men: Blurring the Lines of Race and Gender in Leadership. A Black Woman Scholar Reflects on her Journey Researching “Great Men” Leaders
 McClellan, Patrice.

Despite working in a highly multicultural environment teachers continue to maintain deficit attitudes to diversity within their classrooms (Australia)
 O\'Bree, Meredith.

Developing Capacity for Democratic Ethical Curriculum
 Furman, Gail.

Developing Micropolitical Competencies through Issue Memos
 Jorissen, Kathleen.

Developing Professional Learning Communities in Rural Districts
 Horton, James.

Developing Visionary Leaders: A Qualitative Investigation of Principals’ Views
 Hemmen, Janene., Edmonson, Stacey. and Slate, John.

Developing critical consciousness through teacher leader preparation: A university and district partnership
 Bradley-Levine, Jill.

Developing laboratories of practice: An interim assessment of a redesigned internship in a university-school districts partnership
 Crawford, Jon., Wasonga, Teresa. and Howell, Charles.

Developing leaders and districts: An interactive analysis
 Orr, Margaret., Byrne-Jimenez, Monica., Lemons, Richard. and Lachman, Andrew.

Diamonds in the rough: How personal experience, professional knowledge, and environment shaped first year experiences of four deans
 Kramer, Bruce. and Enomoto, Ernestine.

Different roads lead to teachers' organizational and professional commitment
 Bogler, Ronit. and Nir, Adam.

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Ecological Sustainability: A Blind Spot in Educational Leadership Learning and Practice
 Kensler, Lisa.

Ecological and Social Justice: A Framework for Leading for Sustainability
 Shields, Carolyn. and Kose, Brad.

Educating Vulnerable Girls: Understanding Challenges in a Girls Center of Excellence in Kenya
 Ongaga, Kennedy. and Ombonga, Mary.

Education Sin Fronteras: Understanding Undocumented Immigrant Latina/o Students’ Experience of School Membership
 Rodriguez, Jesús.

Educational Leaders Empowering Students to Become Global Citizens
 Murakami Ramalho, Elizabeth.

Educational Leadership and African-American Student Alienation during the Transition to High School
 Brooks, Jeffrey.

Educational Leadership: A Glocal Perspective
 Brooks, Jeffrey. and Normore, Anthony.

Educatonal Leadership Faculty, Student and Practitioner Perceptions of Cultural Responsiveness
 Gordon, Steve. and Ronder, Erin.

Effects of Surname and Type of Job Experience of Applicants on Screening Decisions of Female and of Male Middle School Principals for an Assistant Principal Position
 Young, Ila. and Sever, Wesley.

Embracing New Traditions in Education by Invoking the Ethic of Community
 Bass, Lisa.

Emotional Intelligence, a Necessary Component of Educational Leadership Programs, as Perceived by Professors of Educational Leadership
 Sanders, Sarah., Johnson, Shirley., Robles-Pina, Rebecca. and Steve, Busch.

Encouraging social justice coherence through cultural autobiographies: Innovative, provocative reflections on racial identity
 Mendez-Morse, Sylvia. and Valle, Fernando.

Engaging Education Leadership Students in Micropolitical Simulations of School and Community Dynamics
 Brown, Kathleen.

Entrepreneurial Leadership: Energising innovation in an inner city academy in England
 Woods, Philip. and Woods, Glenys.

Ethical Challenges in Educational Leadership
 Lopez, Rosita.

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Factors that Encourage or Impede Advancement or Attainment of Leadership Positions by Muslin Women wearing Hijab
 Hollwell, Victorie. and Martin, Barbara.

Faculty Change to Support an Innovative Ed.D. Program
 Painter, Suzanne.

Faculty Trust in Middle School Students: What does a teacher’s trust mean for a student’s school experience?
 Kensler, Lisa.

Failing Forward: Lessons of the Career Ladder System (Zhiji Zhi) for the Principal Professional Development in China
 Walker, Allan. and Qian, Haiyan.

Failure to Improve: Examination of Schools Unable to Benefit from External Assistance
 Stringfield, Sam.

Female educational leadership scholars talk back: What’s really happening in leadership preparation programs and what we can do about it
 Mansfield, Katherine., Welton, Anjalé., Lee, Pei-Ling. and Young, Michelle.

Films for a New DEEL-Documentaries and other Cinematic Media for use with Educational Leaders
 Polizzi, Joseph.

Findings: A Case Study on the Barbara L. Jackson Scholars Mentoring Program
 Grant, Ed.D., Cosette.

Forming Collaborative Partnerships on a Statewide Level to Develop Quality School Leaders
 Doolittle, Gini. and Leake, Donald.

Fostering department chair instructional leadership capacity: A strategy for sustainable high school reform
 Klar, Hans.

From success to sustainability in Australian schools
 Gurr, David., Drysdale, Lawrie. and Goode, Helen.


Gender Entrapment and the Black Female Principal
 Witherspoon, Noelle.


Hiding Behind Democracy and Sacrificing Equity
 McKenzie, Kathryn.

Hollow Hope: Urban School Leaders Unveiled
 McNeal, Laura.

Honky Leadership: White Administrators in a Black School
 Brooks, Jeffrey.

How Accountability Initiatives affect Principal Leadership
 louis, karen. and Robinson, Viviane.

How Are Principals Living their Professional Standards? A Study of Principals’ Practices
 Militello, Matthew., Fusarelli, Bonnie., Alsbury, Thomas. and Warren, Thomas.

How Does District Principal Evaluation Affect Learning-Centered Principal Leadership? Evidence from Michigan School Districts
 Sun, Min. and Youngs, Peter.

How Does the Organizational and Policy Context of Schools Influence New Teachers’ Visions of High-Quality Math Instruction?
 Smith, Thomas., Tobin, Kerri., Hochberg, Eric. and Bose, Enakshi.

How Effective Rural Superintendents Conceptualize Balance Among Personal, Family, and Professional Life
 Klatt, Roger.

How Leaders Build Systems of Support for Classroom Teachers Working with English Language Learners
 Elfers, Ana. and Plecki, Margaret.

How Leaders Invest Staffing Resources for Learning Improvement
 Plecki, Margaret., Lochmiller, Chad., LaSota, Robin., Knapp, Michael., Castaneda, Tino. and Halverson, Thomas.

How Leadership Teams Members’ Roles and Responsibilities Influence Teachers’ Learning Environments and Perceptions of School Leadership and Initiatives
 Dexter, Sara.

How One Historically Underperforming, Rural, Predominantly African American High School Achieved Academic Success
 Maxwell, Gerri. and Scheurich, Jim.

How School Administrators and Teachers Respond to School Choice Policies
 Kim, Wang Jun. and Youngs, Peter.

How White Female Elementary Teachers Construct Their Perceptions of Black Male Students in the Elementary Classroom
 Woods, Leigh.

How White Female Teachers Construct Their Perceptions of Black Male Students in the Elementary Classroom
 Woods, Leigh.

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Impact of an authentic campus experience on rural parents: Implications for the development of partnerships
 Ellis, Shelly. and Gammill, Shellie.

Implications of a Teacher Pay-for-Performance Program
 Shepherd, Julie.

Improving Leadership Preparation Programs’ Theory to Practice Linkages
 Tucker, Pamela., Dexter, Sara. and Scott, Amy.

Improving Leadership for Learning by Developing a Cohesive Leadership System
 Ikemoto, Gina., Augustine, Catherine., Gonzalez, Gabriella. and Russell, Jennifer.

Increasing Student Achievement by Creating Technology-Enriched Learning Communities
 Williams, Leslie., Atkinson, Linda., Cate, Jean. and O\'Hair, Mary John.

Increasing school autonomy: Using policy inducements to impact schools’ relationships with the central office.
 Mayer, Anysia., Cobb, Casey., Donaldson, Morgaen., Tucker, Shuana., James, Marlon., Kass, Vanessa. and Irizarry, Jason.

Individual Academic Optimism of Secondary Teacher: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis
 Fahy, Patrick., Wu, Hsin-Chieh. and Hoy, Wayne.

Innovative Public Engagement Practices and Partnerships: Lifting Stakeholder Voices in Education Accountability Policy
 Knoeppel, Robert., Brewer, Curtis., Wills, Monica., Lindle, Jane., Witte, James. and Pargas, Roy.

Innovative Teacher Evaluation
 Heinen, Ethan.

Institutional Barriers to School Reform – How Persistent Structures Influence School Reform
 Willis, Chris.

Instructional Leadership As Practiced By An American and A Chinese Principal
 Sun, Qian.

Instructional Leadership and Assessment for Learning: A Case Study
 Hollingworth, Liz.

Instructional Leadership in a High-Poverty High-Performing Rural School
 Stephens, David., MacGregor, Cynthia. and Watson, Robert.

Intentional Succession Planning: Lessons from Two Districts with Comprehensive Systems to Support Leadership Transition
 Russell, Jennifer. and Sabina, Lou.

International Professional Development: Globalizing Leadership Capacity
 Orozco, Ph.D., Linda.

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Just-in-Time Pedagogy: Teachers’ Perspectives Related to Response to Intervention
 Wilcox, Kathleen. and Murakami Ramalho, Ellizabeth.


Knowing “How” Is More Than Knowing “That”: A Study of Educational Leadership Expertise
 Huff, Jason.


Lack of Human Connections amongst Today’s Students: Fostering the Unmet Socioemotional Need of Belongingness
 Gaines, Tenille.

Leaders Support for Effective Instruction
 Goddard, Yvonne. and Goddard, Roger.

Leadership Along the P-20 Pipeline: Connecting Schooling Contexts and Campus Communities to Improve Student Learning
 Horsford, Sonya. and Dancy, T. Elon.

Leadership Conditions as One Element of a Cohesive School Leadership System
 Gonzalez, Gabriella. and Augustine, Catherine.

Leadership Preparation for Global Learning: Matching Good Intentions with Good Practice
 Fine, Janis.

Leadership Responsibility
 Ärlestig, Helene., Bishop, Pamela. and Starratt, Robert.

Leadership Supports for Evidence-based Teacher Professional Learning Communities
 Cosner, Shelby.

Leadership and Parental Involvement: How Sudanese Immigrant Parents Participate in the Education and Upbringing of their Children in the U.S. Educational and Cultural System
 Telli, Godfrey.

Leadership for College Readiness: Examining Superintendents’ Perspectives
 Yamamura, Erica. and Saenz, Victor.

Leadership for Improved Algebra Teaching & Learning: The Importance of Leadership Content Knowledge
 Carver, Cynthia.

Leadership for Learning at the High School Level: Leveraging the Role of Department Chair as Instructional LeaderCarolyn J. Kelley University of Wisconsin-Madison
 Kelley, Carolyn.

Leadership for Learning in 21 OECD Countries: Four Recommended Policy Levers and Follow-up Impact Survey
 Moorman, Hunter.

Leadership for Learning, Learning for Leadership: building bridges in principal preparation
 Trovato, Charlene. and Guilleux, Francois.

Leadership for School District and Business Partnerships: A New Institutional Analysis
 Bennett, Jeffrey.

Leadership for Student Learning
 Cate, Jean., Atkinson, Linda. and Slater, Janis.

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Managed and Unmanaged Instructional Reform as an Environment for Leading Instructional Leadership Teams in Urban Schools
 Feldman, Sue., Yeh, Theresa. and Knapp, Michael.

Managing Teacher Champions: Enterprising Teachers Facing School Administration
 Eyal, Ori. and Yosef-Hassidim, Doron.

Mandated State Standards in Educational Leadership: Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Get State Program Approval Without Them!
 Mountford, Meredith., Acker-Hocevar, Michele. and Maslin-Ostrowski, Patricia.

Mandated University-District Partnerships: Strategy for Innovative Change or Intentional Dismantling of Programs?
 Browne-Ferrigno, Tricia.

Math and Science Academic Success in Four Large, Diverse, Urban High Schools
 McKenzie, Kathryn., Scheurich, Jim., Skrla, Linda. and Rice, Delores.

Measuring Principals’ Decision-Making Knowledge and Skills through Cases
 Dexter, Sara. and Tucker, Pamela.

Measuring School District Effectiveness: Looking Beyond Test Scores
 Stichter, Kenneth.

Mentoring Principals Around Leadership Practices
 Saban, Joseph. and Wolfe, Susan.

Middle School Performance Indicators and Their Relationship to School Accountability Ratings and Student Achievement
 Lunenburg, Frederick.

Moral Leadership in Schools: The Ecological Dimension
 Furman, Gail.

Moving towards Evidence-based Teacher Professional Learning Communities
 Cosner, Shelby. and Cunat, Mary Beth.


Needed: More African American Female Academicians – How Mentoring Prepares More African American Women for the Professoriate in Educational Leadership at Predominantly White Institutions
 Grant, Ed.D., Cosette.

New DEEL Curriculum Re-Design at Two Institutions
 Buskey, Frederick. and Polizzi, Joseph.

Nontraditional Public School Teachers: What Does the Data Tell Us About Who They Are and The School Districts in Which They Work?
 hart, christina.

North Carolina’s African-American Males and No Child Left Behind: A statistical analysis of the achievement gap on race and gender.
 Hill, Frederick. and Miller, Daniel.


On the Front Line: Complexities of Promoting School Reform Through the Eyes of Urban Principals
 Tucker, Shuana., James, Marlon., Mayer, Anysia., Donaldson, Morgaen., Cobb, Casey., Irizarry, Jason. and Kass, Vanessa.


Parents Involved and Race-Conscious Measures: The Case of Nine
 Oluwole, Joseph.

Parents, principals and teachers:Negotiating messages about academic achievement in two elementary schools in Florida
 Rutledge, Stacey.

Partners in Pedagogy: Urban School Leaders, Teachers, Students and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
 Halx, Mark.

Partners in Progress? Teacher Unions, Education Reform and Social Partnership in England
 Stevenson, Howard.

Partnerships and Internships: How Partnerships between Districts and Universities during Internship Development and Implementation can Increase Learning Gains
 Reyes-Guerra, Daniel. and Mountford, Meredith.

Perils and Promises of the Principalship: Novice African American Female Principals in Urban Schools
 Jean-Marie, Gaetane.

Perspectives on the Principal's Role as Instructional Leader: A Review of the Literature
 Katterfeld, Karin., Colby, Glenn., Cobb, Paul. and Smith, Thomas.

Playing Without a Coach: Distribution of Instructional Leadership in a High School Science Department
 Nordin, Timothy.

Positive “Intrasection” of Race and Class: Instituting an Insurgency Model for a Radicalization of Praxis
 McCray, Carlos.

Post-Punctuation Politics: The Evolution of Charter School Policy in North Carolina
 Lewis, Wayne. and Young, Tamara.

Power and Collaboration-Consensus/Conflict in Literacy Leadership: Status Quo or Change?
 Ylimaki, Rose. and Brunner, C Cryss.

Pre and in-service teacher beliefs about children from diverse backgrounds: Why what teachers believe (still) matters (Australia)
 Zyngier, David.

Preparing Chinese School Leaders: What really works?
 Huang, Tiedan. and Barber, Margaret.

Principal Influence and Faculty Trust: The Organizational Hand that That Fits The Efficiency Glove
 Flores, Adrian., Smith, Page. and Merchant, Betty.

Principal Influence, Academic Emphasis and Collegial Leadership: Links to Student Achievement in Middle Grades Schools
 Coleman, Howard. and Roney, Kathleen.

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Quality School Leadership: The Disconnect Between Research, Policy, and Practice
 Barkowski, Elizabeth.


Race Still Matters: An Analysis of Paradoxes in an Urban Middle School
 Beachum, Floyd.

Re-Examining Social Responsibility
 Begley, Paul., Goddard, Tim. and Leeman, Yvonne.

Reclaiming the education doctorate: Three cases of processes and roles in institutional change
 Perry, Jill.

Redesigning a Leadership Preparation Program based on the Performance-based Preparation Model in England
 Tighe, Ronda. and Berry, Jami.

Reexamining the Research: Leadership for Educational Equity and Excellence
 Beachum, Floyd. and McCray, Carlos.

Reflecting on innovative practices and partnerships: An interdisciplinary doctoral program in educational leadership with the potential of closing the achievement gap
 Normore, Anthony. and Cook, Lynne.

Reflections on a New DEEL Graduate Course: Profiles in Democratic Ethical Leadership
 Gross, Steven.

Reflective Practice in Educational Leadership: Implications for Improving Student Learning
 Barnett, Bruce. and O\'Mahony, Gary.

Relationships matter: Action research and leadership for social justice
 Jacobs, Jennifer. and Yamamura, Erica.

Reshaping Structures and Cultures for Teaching and Learning: Challenges and Opportunities for High School Leadership Reform Mark Blitz University of Wisconsin-Madison
 Blitz, Mark.

Reshaping a School Crisis Response Culture: Evolution of a Crisis Management Team
 Liou, Yi-Hwa.

Rethinking Leadership at the speed of change: Principal self-efficacy, learning organizations and their influence on student achievement
 Evans, Andrea., Hesbol, Kristina. and Crane, Corinna.

Revisiting Linear, Relational, Organic, and Prophetic Conceptions of Principal Instructional Leadership: Exploring a Grounded Theory
 Reitzug, Ulrich. and West, Deborah.

Revitalization of the Community Learning Center of an Urban Appalachian PreK-12 Public School
 Miura, Yoko.

Rose at Twenty: Reflections on Two Decades of Reform
 Knoeppel, Robert. and Wills, Monica.


Satisfaction levels among International Students in Korea; A case study of students at K University
 Kim, Min-jung. and Jung, Joo Young.

School Culture, Principal Expertise, and Emotional Intelligence
 Kerrins, Judith. and Cushing, Katherine.

School Leadership in Transition: Transforming the Principal Internship
 Berkey, Timothy. and Hutto, Nora.

Secondary English Language Learners: The Principal's Role in Providing Quality Instructional Leadership for ELLs
 Bustamante, Rebecca.

Seeing in 5D: A Conceptual Framework for Understanding Adaptive Expertise in Observing, Analyzing, and Improving Teaching and Learning
 Copland, Michael. and Blum, Dina.

Spiritual W.E.A.P.O.N.S: The Role of Black American Religio-spirituality in the Administration of Black Female Principals
 Witherspoon, Noelle.

Statewide Induction and Mentoring for New School Leaders: A Longitudinal Study of Student Achievement and Improvement in Schools Led by Missouri Administrators Mentorship Program Graduates
 Watson, Robert., McCarther, Shirley. and Friend, Jennifer.

Strategic Human Resource Management for Student Learning: Lessons from an Urban High School
 Scribner, Jay., Smylie, Mark. and Mosley, Heather.

Structure, culture, leadership: Prerequisites for successful schools in Sweden
 Johansson, Olof.

Student Composition in Charter Schools: The Intersection of State Policy, School Practice, and Parental Choice
 Villavicencio, Adriana.

Student Perspectives on Barriers to Learning: Creating Spaces and Places for Active Engagement
 Reed, Cynthia.

Student Strip Searches: The Legal and Ethical Implications of Safford Unified School District vs. Redding for School Leaders
 Torres, Mario., Brady, Kevin. and Stefkovich, Jacqueline.

Students’ Experience in the Job Hunting Process and College Career Supports in Japan
 Nakajima, Yuri.

Superintendents’ Experiences and Local Memories of Accountability
 O\'Rourke, David.

Supporting Leaders in Urban Schools: The Case of New Leaders for New Schools
 Hamilton, Laura., Gates, Susan. and Ikemoto, Gina.

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Tackling Florida Educational Leadership Standards
 Black, Willliam. and Karanxha, Zorka.

Teacher Beliefs and Practices in the United States and China: A Comparative Analysis
 Grant, Leslie., Xu, Xianxuan., Stronge, James., Little, Catherine. and Sun, Yaling.

Teacher Expectations and Principal Behavior; Responding to Teacher Acquiescence
 Khalifa, Muhammad.

Teacher Networks and the Role of the Mathematics Coach: How Institutional Factors Influence Coach Centrality
 Gibbons, Lynsey. and Garrison, Anne.

Teacher Orientations towards DDDM
 Park, Vicki.

Teacher Perceptions of the Impact of a Standards-Based Evaluation Process on Their Teaching Performance
 Schumacher, Gary.

Teacher Professional Learning Community: Understanding Its Relationship to School Choice and School Conditions
 Cannata, Marisa. and cravens, xiu.

Teacher Professionalism in the Era of Accountability
 Kim, Suyun.

Teacher Trust of Mentor Scale Development
 Mitchell, Roxanne., Celano, Fino. and Tarter, C..

Teaching with attitude: Characteristics of teachers who work with linguistically diverse students
 Ray, Juliet.

Technological Change and Youth Digital Media Culture: Leadership Challenges in an American High School
 Peck, Craig., Mullen, Carol., Lashley, Carl. and Eldridge, John.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of District-University Partnerships for Preparing Future Principals: Multiple Perspectives from Cohort Stakeholders
 Fulmer, Connie.

The Birds and the Bees Go to Washington: The Federal Role in Sex Ed
 Norman, Scott.

The Borrowing Of NAEP In SOUTH KOREA
 Lee, Jun-Hee., Sohn, Heekwon., Shin, Won Hak. and Jeon, SangHoon.

The Challenges of a Declining School
 Orr, Margaret.

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Understanding Experts: Using Scenarios to Measure Educational Leadership Expertise
 Huff, Jason.

Understanding Feedback From Teachers on Leadership Effectiveness: Do Teachers and Principals Agree
 Goldring, Ellen. and Goff, Peter.

Understanding Lived Experiences of Secondary School Principals Regarding the Influence of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership Practices
 Harris, Sandra., Keith, Marc. and Farrow, Vicky.

Understanding School Leaders’ Data Use as a Response to Environmental Pressures, Resources, and Opportunities
 Knapp, Michael. and Feldman, Sue.

Understanding the Challenges of Studying School Decline
 Duke, Daniel.

Using Case Studies to Enact Micropolitical Leadership
 Allen, Ann.

Using Data to Improve Student Achievment: Do Principals Have the Necessary Skills?
 Byrd, Jimmy.

Using Teacher Walkthroughs to Improve Instruction: A Leadership and School Capacity Building Collaborative
 Jorissen, Kathleen. and Sundstrom Allen, Ann.

Using social justice principles as a foundation for educational leadership doctoral education
 Lopez, Jose. and Collay, Michelle.


Viviendo En Las Sombras: Understanding Undocumented Immigrant Latina/o Students Sense of School Membership
 Rodriguez, Jesús.


What Kind of Book is Needed?
 Johansson, Olof., Merchant, Betty. and Walker, Allan.

What Role does District Administration play in the Implementation of Professional Learning Communities?
 Horton, James., Martin, Barbara. and Thomas, Doug.

What do HIGHLY QUALIFIED Teachers Need to Know to Serve Students with High-Incidence Disabilities?
 Yates, Dr. James., Pazey, Barbara., Shelby, Liz., Bach, Mary., Cusson, Megan., Locson, Lynn., Whetstone, Nicole., Altobelli, Joan., Cadle, Susan., Fugate, Katherine., Langford, Lyndon. and Ruiz, Veronica.

What does (or should) ethical educational leadership look like within a culturally, technologically and economically diverse society?
 Bredeson, Paul., Langlois, Lyse. and Trnavčevič, Anita.

Why Care About Lyda Hanifan? An Exploration Into Educational Leadership
 Johanek, Michael.

Witnessing a crack in the California Master Plan for Higher Education: The historical and political contexts shaping the CSU Doctorate in Educational Leadership
 Andre-Bechely, Lois.


Yes, but Does it Mean Anything? The Policy Community’s Lukewarm Reaction to Results from Three Qualitative Studies and What Might Be Done to Change the Response
 Shields, Carolyn.

Young Women’s Leadership Academy: A Portrait of Leading for Learning
 Mansfield, Katherine.
UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23
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