UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23

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A Model for Creative and Significant Dissertations
 Marshall, Catherine.

A Case For Professional Learning Communities (PLC's) and Servant Leadership
 Geurin, David., Watson, Robert. and MacGregor, Cynthia.

A Case Study Investigation of the Impact of Communicative Technologies on Classroom Technology Integration
 Watkins, Nicole. and Craige, Brenda.

A Comparative Analysis of School Principals’ Leadership Styles and School Impact in the USA and Kuwait
 Wiseman, Alexander., Alsafran, Eissa. and Brown, David.

A Comparison of Elementary, Middle, and High School Principals’ Teacher Selection Practices
 Grove, Sharmaine. and Stronge, James.

A Comparison of Essential Elements of Administrator Retirement Systems
 Bathon, Justin., Toutkoushian, Robert. and McCarthy, Martha.

A Dialectic of Social Justice: Learning to Lead through Reflection and Dialogue
 Tooms, Autumn. and Brooks, Jeffrey.

A Generational Case Study of Parental Involvement of Parents from Diverse Backgrounds
 Cooper-Baker, EdD, Gustava. and Martin, Barbara.

A Leadership Conditions Framework
 Ikemoto, Gina. and Russell, Jennifer.

A New Paradigm in Urban School Leadership: Principal as Community Leader
 Khalifa, Muhammad.

A Partnership for the Design and Delivery of High Quality Online Professional Development
 Harper, Robert. and Evers, Nancy.

A Photovoice Examination of How Principals Influence Teachers’ Perceptions of ELLs
 Astorga, Angie.

A Pilot Study to Examine Guatemalan Primary School Principals' Perceptions of their Work
 Borden, Allison.

A Profile of Clinical Faculty in Educational Leadership Programs
 Hackmann, Donald. and McCarthy, Martha.

A Qualitative Exploration of the Demands and Constraints of Department Heads
 Wisdom, Vickie., MacGregor, Cynthia. and Watson, Robert.

A Study of Superintendents in Denmark: Preliminary Findings.
 Moos, Leijf.

A Study of the Superintendent of Schools in Norway
 Paulsen, Jan., Høyer, Hans. and Hjertø, Kjell.

A Study on Superintendent Leadership in General Education in Finnish Municipalities.
 Risku, Mika., Kanervio, Pekka. and Alava, Jukka.

A Thematic Analysis of Carnegie Project Outcomes Data on the Professional Practice Doctorate
 Syed, Syraj., Perry, Jill. and David, Imig.

A case study of principal communication strategies and skills for building trust in an urban elementary school
 Choi, Shangmin. and Rah, Yeonjai.

A comparative analysis of administrative credential programs, the ISLLC standards, and on-the-job learning in the development of leadership expertise
 Davis, Stephen. and Leon, Ronald.

A study of the Superintendent of Schools and Leadership for Learning in Sweden
 Johansson, Olof. and Nihlfors, Elisabet.

A systemic effort to understand how teacher leaders’ beliefs and practice about children from diverse backgrounds can shape school improvement (USA
 Nelson, Sarah. and Guerra, Patricia.

A “tale of two cities”: Comparing resource costs and community engagement in two levy campaigns.
 Ingle, William., Johnson, Paul. and Petroff, Ruth.

ACLU Class Action Lawsuit Exposes Inaccurate and Inequitable High School Graduation Rates
 Watson, Terri. and Brown, Kathleen.

Accelerating and Amplifying the Development of Beginning School Principals
 Freeman, Paul., Sheckley, Barry. and Lemons, Richard.

Access Granted: An Analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court Winkelman Case and the Implications for School Leadership
 McNeal, Laura.

Accounting with Arguments: Documenting the Design of a New Professional Doctorate in Educational Leadership
 Rezzetano, Kristin., Bleil, Jessica., Schreiber, James. and McCown, Rick.

Administering “At-Risk” Policies: Implications for the Instructional Leader
 Hemmer, Lynn.

Aesthetics and the Social Imagination in Educational Leadership Preparation
 Kramer, Benjamin. and O\'Malley, Michael.

An Analysis of an Urban District Leadership Academy for Principal Recruitment and Professional Development
 Bell, Jennifer.

An Assessment of Pay Discrimination for Female Middle School Principals in the Public School Setting
 Young, Ila., Reimer, Donald. and Young, Karen.

An Examination of the Influences of Gender and Organizational Structure on Transformational and Transactional Leadership
 Peters, April.

An Expansion of a Scholar’s Social Justice Perspective: A Meeting at the Crossroads
 Reed, Latish.

An Exploratory Analysis of the Ethnic, Linguistic, and Racial Transformation of Long Island, New York: School District Responses and Implications for Language Programs
 Caldas, Stephen. and Baralis, Christy.

An Exploratory Study of the Impact of Professional Development on Shared Leadership in Rural Schools.
 Dean, Sharon. and Meiller, Brook.

An M & M (Moderator & Mediator) Model of Principal Leadership Effect on Student Achievement
 Huang, Tiedan., Barber, Margaret. and Wiseman, Alexander.

An ‘Interdisciplinary’ Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) at a Comprehensive University in Southern California
 Normore, Anthony. and Slayton, Julie.

Analyzing principal influence tactics from a cross-cultural perspective: Do preferred influence tactics and targeted goals differ by national culture?
 Duyar, Ibrahim.

Analyzing the Longitudinal K-12 Grading Histories of Entire Cohorts of Students for Data Driven Decision Making
 Bowers, Alex.

Approaches to Data Use in Districts and Schools
 Leithwood, Kenneth., Anderson, Stephen. and Strauss, Tiiu.

Are Schools Resilience Enough to Close the Racial Achievemen Gap?
 Walker, Ida.

Aspiration Lost: Perceptions of Women about the Superintendency
 Ottino, Krista. and Brunner, C Cryss.

Aspirations and Value Conflicts: Rural Superintendents’ and Community Members’ Perceptions of Quality Education
 Rey, Janeil.

Assessing Long Term Sustainability in Professional Learning Community Innovation
 Mawhinney, Hanne.

Assessing the assets of a rural school and community: School-community improvement for learning
 Boone, Mike.

Authentic Leadership, Teacher Empowerment, and School Climate: A Descriptive Study
 McMahon, Elizabeth. and Henderson, James.
UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23
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