UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23

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Can Principals With An Online Degree Get Hired?
 Richardson, Jayson. and McLeod, Scott.

Can Socially Just Practices be Measured? An Examination of a Transformative Survey Study
 Kose, Brad.

Can Teachers Use an Interim Assessment System to Help Students Learn?
 Wayman, Jeff., Shaw, Shana. and Cho, Vincent.

Case Study of an Urban Leadership Development Partnership: Understanding and Leveraging Comparative Advantages
 Lemons, Richard. and Lachman, Andrew.

Challenges and Promises for Educational Leadership in Inuit (Eskimos) school settings
 Lapointe, Claire. and Langlois, Lyse.

Changes in the Wind: Providing Rural School Leadership Development
 Enomoto, Ernestine.

Character in Action: Making the Case for Authentic Instructional Leadership
 Beard, Karen.

Coaching Principals: A Model for Leadership Development
 Mavrogordato, Madeline. and Cannon, Mark.

Cognitive Load and School Culture: Multi-Case Studies during School Culture Building
 Peterson, Kent. and Liou, Yi-Hwa.

Collaborating for Continuous Improvement: Results from Missouri’s Educational Administration Preparatory Programs’ 2006-2008 Statewide Survey Initiatives
 Friend, Jennifer., Watson, Robert. and McCarther, Shirley.

Collective Learning from Success as Perceived by School Superintendents
 Schechter, Chen.

Collegiate Achievement Mentoring Program: Service Leadership for the Next Generation of Educational Leaders
 Ohlson, Matthew.

Communities in Transition Supporting Bilingual and Bicultural Students Beyond the Classroom: Developing Leaders with Cross-cultural and Global Competencies
 Lew, Maria.

Community Learning Exchange: An Exercise in Leading and Learning for Community Change
 Guajardo, Francisco.

Concepts and Uses of Power by Educational Leadership Students: Catalysts and Barriers to Group Learning
 Garrard, Judith., Krzemienski, Joyce., Mountford, Meredith., Maslin-Ostrowski, Patricia. and Acker-Hocevar, Michele.

Confronting the Attribution-of-Causality Problem in Three Mixed-Methods Studies of the Impact of Educational Reforms
 Donmoyer, Robert. and Galloway, Fred.

Connecting leadership and sustainability in a large scale school improvement program:Reflecting on innovative practices and partnerships
 Foster, Rosemary., McRae, Philip. and Wright, Lisa.

Connecting with Parents: Principals' and Teachers' Leadership in Establishing Social Networks
 Wanat, Carolyn.

Constructing New Meaning and Realizing Change: Experiencing Growth through the Conduit of Distance Learning Technology
 Beaty, Danna., Sherman, Whitney. and Crum, Karen.

Corruption in the Higher Education Industry: Legal Cases in the Context of Change
 Osipian, Ararat.

Creating Professional Learning Communities: The Work of Professional Development Schools
 Sudeck, Maria.

Critical Choices in Educational Leadership Program Redesign:Learning How to Create Transformation Using a Mantra
 Sundstrom Allen, Ann., Szlizewski, Lucian., Buskey, Frederick., Jorissen, Kathleen. and Jacobs, Jacqueline.

Cultural Dimensions of Leadership That Impact Learning and the Learning Environment
 Moore-Steward, Thelma. and Jindra, Susan.

Curriculum Leadership in a Conservative Era
 Ylimaki, Rose.
UCEA Annual Convention 2009-Nov-18 to 2009-Nov-23
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